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No. 133885
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  Has Anypony played "Darkest Dungeon" ? It seems to have pretty good reviews and I'm looking for a game to get myself off of steam.

The premise seems kinda interesting - a turn based RPG with pretty flawed 'heroes' whose flaws come out or even exacerbate in stressful situations.
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>> No. 133886
i would like, but i will wait a little longer, because i mostly feel it will be better later.

even if it have alot of meat now.

it is a really cool game. i would like to rip it off and make an ios version, which less punishing factors, so it isnt a rip off, and because the ios market couldnt handle it like it is.

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>> No. 133890
it looks neat but I was considering waiting too, I hear there is only 20-40 hours of content
>> No. 133904
20-40 hours of content is a lot :o

I'm currently playing it and played 14 hours so far, but it really puts other early access games to shame.

It's pretty cheap as at the moment, and pretty damn fucking good.
>> No. 133905
yes i know. is accesable, and really good.

but i was thinking. what would be better?

get the most of it when the game is more develop.

or play now, and wait a long time, and just say "i hear the game finally have more stuff" and try to play back again?

better get the most of it on my first experience, the most classes, the most psycho traumas, the most items, the most enemies.

or at least that is my reasoning.
>> No. 133975
so, I've noticed that I've been commenting back to the narrator either in my head or verbally... this game really fucks with you in a fun way XD

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