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No. 133913
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  How many copies a game need to sell on this modern age to satisfy Publishers?

I just asking this because for what i hear, prototype 2 sold like 2 million copies on the first 2 weeks, and activition said "mmm, no, your development team is lame, we close you down"

And tomb Raider sold like 4 million copies and Square was like "mmmm, this game was a complete failure, this was a complete waste of time"

the games need to sell 10 million copies so the publisher say "mmmm, not bad, could be better, but is fine"?
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>> No. 133914
Depends on the budget, naturally.

Generally, I think doubling how much was spent is considered good.

Breaking even isn't good, neither making less money than what was spent (of course).
>> No. 133919
Activision is a bunch of cunts, if it's not selling like COD then it's bad.

With Tomb Raider I can't remember if it was because of the money they spent on marketing or it didn't hit their predicted sales goal.
Not hitting a predicted goal isn't bad but they expected it to do better, Capcom does this way too often.

In most cases games don't sell.
>> No. 133921
even i think on some games, is spend more money on publisity than the game itself
>> No. 133924
It needed to sell as much as Call of Duty to cover their extravagant marketing costs and excessive dev budget.

Because either it needs to be the best game of the year or it's a failure.

And now we'll never have Prototype 3. But don't you worry the yearly sequel to Hall of Shooty is coming right up! Because that's what you want, to shoot at brown people behind boxes in a hallway, not wreck havok like if the Hulk got taken over by The Thing.
>> No. 133925
I thought Tomb Raider sold well? Aren't they making a sequel?
>> No. 133926
when it was a 3.7 millions square said "it was a faiulure"

then, after revealing the sequal, and how they get the support of microsoft, they are saying "it sold well"...

probably they just said "meh, we made money after all, we didnt sold the 10 million copies we wanted, but we made money."
>> No. 133930
It failed to meet projected total.
It was a 4th of what they wanted.
Why do you think they accepted the exclusivity money for the sequel? MS probably paid more than whatever they would have made in PlayStation sales.
>> No. 133931
>It was a 4th of what they wanted.
>> No. 133935
File 142568673126.jpg - (9.63KB , 301x168 , images.jpg )
Isn't Bamco the ones that do DBZ?

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