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Lets us discuss how overpowered this silly weapon is shall we.

Pros : Lets you jump from absolutely anywhere allowing you to extremely easily mount every monster every few minutes with virtually no effort or need for the monster to be positioned in a place via manouvering.

Has both Blunt and Cutting mechanics, allowing you to slice off tails , and at the same time, cause dizzying like a hammer by repeatedly smashing le insect into the monsters head, which with a speed insect is insanely easy to do very quickly.

Has a near infinate combo when fully buffed , oh did i mention the buffs, lets mention the buffs. I mean why not, they are so easy to power up with the nectar on "most" monsters, especially after a mount topple or trap, allowing you to infinately hit over and over until the monster decides to hit you. No to mention the armour , damage and movement speed go through the roof once up.

Has a homing device of sorts, with the little sticky ball thingy (I forgot the name im tired), which allows you to aim the kinsect on monsters flying or on higher elevation with no effort as it homes in, meaning you hit hier head with the targeter and toplol, free stuns.

You can choose whatever element you want for the insect regardless of the basic weapon, of which there is actually also a good paralysis/sleep and poison version, thus actually allowing you to use both an element and status effect at the same time (Dual blades being the only other weapon to do this afaik and thats rare).

All that flipping around looks cool :p

Cons : It cant block. And um... hmm.. im sure there must be another somewhere.

No one is forced to use the weapon of course, i do , because im a scrub (Im not ive solo'd all the MH to full completion except the Wii Tri version) , actually i picked it because i liked the idea of a combat staff, yet, i can see no reason for Crapcom to have actually given this weapon pretty much every utility you can think of bar blocking , which you really dont need to do with the right armour sets anyway. Why on earth would you not use it? What were they thinking ?

Im sure somepony or two will point out some counter argument to my rant, but honestly whats you opinion on the Weapon?
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>> No. 134010
What rank are you?
>> No. 134013
Im Hr4 but thats entirely because ive been doing all the offline quests first , half my achievement card is allready filled and ive solo'd Crimson Fatalis and all the 10 stars lol. I'll be concentrating on GH quests to unlock G rank now.

Seriously though, the wep is just too good for its own good imo. I can use all the weps, i kinda suck with the charge blade tho, not really given it enough time, but i just cant see a point in using anything else because of the Glaives utility. If i get a regular bunch of people to play with i'd switch to LBG or Hunting Horn as i like support , but solo wise, this thing makes most stuff a joke
>> No. 134025
It also gives high Grade Earplugs when fully buffed too

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