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File 142814392413.png - (181.41KB , 688x594 , 9e2.png )
134015 No. 134015
Voting for new character in Smash Bros. 4 is happening now!

Please vote for:

- Lip from Panel de Pon
- Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Country 2
- Ashley from WarioWare
- Jill from Drill Dozer
- Kumatora from Mother 3
- Inklings from Splatoon
- Toadette from Mario Kart Double Dash
- Captain Toad from Captain Toad
- Klonoa from Klonoa
- Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia
- Geno from Super Mario RPG
- Crono from Chrono Trigger
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>> No. 134016
Hey, what about Black Shadow from F-Zero? Captain Falcon is still the only F-Zero representative...
>> No. 134019
i voted for Mallow from Super Mario RPG

some of those like, Inklings, Klonoa, and Captain Toad could be cool
inklings might be better as an assist trophy
>> No. 134021
File 142840944889.jpg - (21.29KB , 640x498 , 1035280-krystalstand1.jpg )
Am I the only one in this world who's wanting to see Krystal from Starfox?
>> No. 134022
File 142841852606.jpg - (192.53KB , 753x1061 , another_krystal_by_froggiechan-d6jqmdj.jpg )

and why you think is that a good idea?
>> No. 134023
Pretty sure that furries all over the world are stuffing the ballot with her name as we speak.

And failing, because they're typing LIRERSADTYSADLKJ because they forgot to take their fursuit gloves off.
>> No. 134024
Mark my words: regardless of the actual voting results, the winner will be Wolf, Snake, Pichu or Roy.
>> No. 134026
what about renamon?
>> No. 134027
File 142843651178.png - (616.82KB , 894x894 , 17267.png )
Krystal is now an official character for the Starfox series. I think her magic powers with her staff would be great and her final smash would be like, using tricky or something staff related.

In regards to the furry community, it's thanks to the fur eggheads who are the ones that ruined the furry community wearing their fursuits and are into friendship. It's absolutely disgusting what the furry community is now. What happened to the amazing community...

Wolf and Snake were already playable characters in brawl so I highly doubt that they will be brought back into smash bros Wii U. The other two though, I can see Pichu and Rox being assist trophies.
>> No. 134028
>tfw no bayonetta

I see how it is Nintendo.
>> No. 134029
File 142845013541.jpg - (431.32KB , 1126x724 , Bayonetta-Nintendo-Costumes.jpg )
well, it would be hard to keep bayonetta personality, and at the same time be kid friendly.

if not impossible.
beside, i think the creator of bayonetta dislike smash brothers.
>> No. 134030
>Wolf and Snake were already playable characters in brawl so I highly doubt that they will be brought back into smash bros Wii U
>Lucas and Mewtwo are also veterans being brought back
>> No. 134031
File 142852176988.png - (20.22KB , 406x257 , MJ4L.png )
It's all about Mike Jones, baby! Where else will we get a young man hero who uses baseball bats and yoyos as weapons? An all American hero, to boot!
>> No. 134039
File 142868932494.jpg - (48.39KB , 400x300 , B705A4D6-902B-40F7-9304-B9ECD97DA04E.jpg )
My vote was for a horse & rider from EVR Race (1975), Nintendo's first-ever video game.

I figured, if Smash is celebrating the history of Nintendo games, let's celebrate it to the very beginning.

Also, their arcade years are currently only repped by assist trophies.
>> No. 134042
File 142873654511.jpg - (234.79KB , 1623x2048 , 10582751_838513376243143_7449056330572290595_o.jpg )
I thought we all agreed to vote for Sonichu?
>> No. 134043
File 142876175602.jpg - (58.58KB , 822x591 , 2015-04-10 13_34_48.jpg )
That makes me wonder how many people are actually doing that.

I bet the employees who have to sort through the votes have a drinking game going on.
>One sip for every Goku.
>One sip for every Shrek.
>One sip for every Ridley.
>One sip for every joke request.
>Finish your drink for every completely incomprehensible vote probably by a little kid.
>> No. 134046
I'm imagining a room full of Nintendo employes dead from alcohol poisoning.
>> No. 134048
File 142893247254.jpg - (8.55KB , 240x149 , imagesQ6S4GJXT.jpg )
>Would vote for Phoenix Wright if he could.

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