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I had a Pokémon dream last night.

I dreamt I was playing a Generation VI Pokémon game. In the game I earned or won the Silph Scope (I'm not sure how I got it) however in my dream it functions differently than simply "use for response" items. When worn it switches the game to first person view and allow me to tap pokémon that were hiding in trees, bushes or behind things.

I dreamt that on my journey I went to a house similar to Old Chateau and put on the Silph Scope. As I explored the rooms and corridors, the walls looked rotted and what looks like the letter "R" splattered in blood on the walls. All the while the Silph Scope was picking up dark spirits haunting me as well as some sort of cthulu pokémon hunting me.
It was like a horror version of Pokémon Snap but off-rail.
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