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  Ingress is an augmented reality game by Niantic Labs, an internal startup within Google, in which the entire world is the playing field.

Yes, the real world. Every inch. Wherever there is a site of interest - a library, a statue, street art, the park - an ordered data stream known as Exotic Matter bleeds into our universe through Portals. These portals can be controlled, and are constantly fought over and linked together by two factions; The Enlightened and the Resistance, green and blue respectively.

With your GPS-enabled smartphone, you can join the fight for either side. See and interact with the world on an entirely different level. Capture real areas as your faction's territory, modify existing portals, make their resources work for you. Force yourself out of the house because you need to go destroy the enemy portal at the mall. Meet new friends, who are conspicuously staring at their phones while glancing up at statues. And generally, have a ridiculous amount of fun.

Here, we discuss the game in general, give advice to new players, compare local situations, et cetera. Both ENL and RES are, obviously, very welcome!
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i tried to use it.
t didnt start up eaxly, and then give up
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Sorry, but I can't help but think of the fanfic series by that name wherein ponies and humans ingress into eachother's worlds to copulate.

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