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So I've made a game. Took me about a day to make it, now I'm throwing it all over the blagowobs.

I haven't been on Ponychan in a long time. And I never really posted on /g/. And, honestly, this game has absolutely nothing to do with pones. But hey, it's worth trying.

Here's a link to the home thread for the game:

I made it with the Pico-8 "fantasy gaming console", which is a fancy way of saying it's made with a game engine that is built to act like something between an Atari and an NES. You can play it over the Internet by clicking the "play" link on the page above, or (if you have a copy of the Pico-8 Fantasy Gaming Console) you can download the image in this post, which conveniently contains the code for the game as well as the fancy picture.
The Pico-8 is a bonus thingy that you get if you buy another game called Voxatron. It's really neat if you wanna just hack together a game real quick. Like I said, this one took me one day.
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