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File 133700442879.png - (170.74KB , 586x435 , Applebloom Hat.png )
96348 No. 96348
Just because she isn't a main pony doesn't make her any less important. If anything, she is more important! Need proof? Hats are important. She is a hat. Told you.


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>> No. 96352
File 133701010988.jpg - (129.89KB , 512x512 , CloudsdaleCrasherv2.jpg )
Can we have a Spitfire version of these?
>> No. 96353
File 133701041027.png - (177.11KB , 761x1049 , Pinkie Pie 21.png )
I bet if you wrote a poem to NewAgeRetroHippie how much you love their scattergun reskins, they would gladly do so for you.
>> No. 96356

Would gladly do so but I am bad at literature x3
(no seriously I am horrible)

And unfortunately I can only hope it will be done since this is a request thread, oh well.
>> No. 96361
File 133701985734.png - (277.04KB , 1406x1600 , 88626 - blank_flank spitfire wet wet_hair wet_mane.png )

Do you think he will make me some cooler Spitfire FaN skins if I actually do though? I might consider umproving my literal skills...

On the other hand maybe this pic will motivate :3
>> No. 96363
File 133702298184.gif - (3.71MB , 320x480 , changeling_disguise_wip.gif )
Obligatory repost.
I still need to make a better sprite for this.

This isn't a request thread, it's an everything thread.
>> No. 96365

Everything sounds good :3
>> No. 96386
I'll get to work on one when Steam decides to work after randomly freezing.

Define what cooler is and I'll try.
>> No. 96399
File 133705166644.png - (386.69KB , 1514x408 , applestetson.png )
Not going to lie, I'm actually going to submit this one.
>> No. 96403
File 133705457087.jpg - (50.49KB , 600x376 , SHUT UP AND TAKES MAH APPLES.jpg )
>> No. 96405
>> No. 96410
File 133705906379.png - (30.61KB , 424x406 , 365_day_97_fluttershy_by_korikian-d3dgv5u.png )
Perfect replacement for the Texas Ten Gallon...
Looks like I need to find myself a new engie hat.
>> No. 96420
File 133708478795.png - (275.94KB , 460x449 , 51102 - artist Mn27 fluttershy smile.png )

Oh my, realy? Thank you :3

As for the FaN skin, I only have the Spit-a-Fire one that exists already, I was thinking of something like.. umm.. paint the wooden stock in the same way you painted it on the Scattergunskins, a yellow color and maybe have her cutiemark on the barrels or the back of the wooden stock. ^.^
>> No. 96459
File 133712533652.png - (334.70KB , 900x750 , TheTwoChoices.png )
I made two versions of the Scattergun. Which one do you like better?
>> No. 96460

Hmm, a more orange-ish yellow color would make it look a little less bright, but I love both of them <3

Thanks for your effort ^.^
>> No. 96461
File 133712722943.png - (185.31KB , 900x900 , OrangishYellowSpitfireCloudsdaleCrasher.png )
Is this what you were looking for?
>> No. 96463

Perfection. Yes, this is the best! <3
>> No. 96472
Here you go.
I'll get started on the FaN, too.
>> No. 96476

Amazing! I'll get to using it right away! :3
>> No. 96483

You should use the same color on the FaN wooden stock too btw, it's cool :3

And great skins, I don't realy know how to thank you :>
>> No. 96496
File 133714178890.gif - (922.32KB , 225x225 , know what I\'m sayin.gif )

Could try sexual favours.
>> No. 96497
File 133714230295.png - (182.27KB , 900x655 , rarity_with_glasses_by_whifi.png )
Hey hey whoa, what's going on here? I've been making these threads for month's now, what do you think you're-
>Thread was made two days ago

Oh. Uh...well. Carry on then.
>> No. 96526

Time to study gypsy magic potions then.. hmmm...
>> No. 96648
File 133722208285.png - (290.56KB , 500x500 , medic.png )
Hello there! I've actually never posted on this site before, but I do lurk from time to time. You may or may not remember this video, which featured user Vannamelon voice acting Fluttershy acting as a medic:

Well I am happy to say that me and Vanna were able to make this it's own soundpack! huzzah! Here's a link:

There's still some things that could be much better I know, but at least it's (imo) much better than the one currently up on mlptf2mods which has like, 40% of everything being Fluttershy's "yay" (not really).

Download and enjoy! :D
>> No. 96669

>> No. 96671
File 133722922109.jpg - (209.22KB , 978x779 , PonyFluttermedic2.jpg )
>> No. 96672
File 133722937686.jpg - (17.20KB , 476x400 , flutter yay.jpg )
Impressive, a bit tinny quality though. But a lot of really good reads.
>> No. 96674
That number... It is beautiful....

Anyway, Are you going to do aim to do one for everypony? If I can improve my mic, I'll try doing Manly Spike or Big Mac
>> No. 96684
File 133723803125.png - (137.60KB , 618x618 , flutt.png )

Yes! Yes I am very much wanting to do a set for everypony. I just need people who are willing to voice act (I'd try myself but......... yeah).
>> No. 96695
File 133724785434.png - (451.42KB , 916x700 , c3bfaf15.png )
Is this a bit to bland for a melee?
>> No. 96702
No custom .vcd's? Well at least it's good to finally have a sound pack like this.

I might make a Big Mac one myself if my mic doesn't pick up too much background noise.

Compared to a shovel and a pickaxe? Of course not.
The handle seems a bit skinny though, and the cap on the bottom seems too fat, but it's otherwise looking solid.

If I didn't already have my Bookualizer installed, I'd totally install it. :d
>> No. 96721
File 133726818090.png - (307.76KB , 1280x720 , ab dissapointed.png )
I would love to contribute... but I can't do Spike for beans and my Big Mac sound like Fat Albert.
>> No. 96723
Just for clarification, who gets credited for the creation of this lovely voice pack? As in names and roles.

Yeah it looks a little plain but as Zarkith notes, it's more than what the shovel and pickaxe offer.
>> No. 96728
.vcd files are for the mouth animations right? I have no idea how to animate, so it was a no-go for me. If somepony else is willing and able to do so however, I say go for it.

Vanna did the voices, and I spliced and put the files together. :)
>> No. 96730
File 133727466931.gif - (640.00KB , 335x468 , yes.gif )
>my Big Mac sound like Fat Albert.

Contact Mr. Poniator.
>> No. 96737
I wish. My VA career seems to do anything but get me work :(. Also, I was being sarcastic meaning that my Big Mac just plain sucks.
>> No. 96764
File 133730202341.jpg - (73.08KB , 800x533 , fb52a47dba3d8919d56508a5eb328701.jpg )
Interesting Idea feeding off of the 'Different Characters for Classes'

I feel Shining Armour should be Promote since Spike is under age. Also, Shining Armour is a badass.
>> No. 96775
File 133730375578.png - (179.16KB , 900x900 , Spit-A-Fire.png )
Then there would be blue everywhere, even on a red Soldier.

Don't know why this took so long.
>> No. 96786



Lets just make some TF2 weapons for him and wait until there is another Important Char. in Season 3 that is of the Hot Color Scale
>> No. 96798
File 133733065138.png - (417.21KB , 800x600 , shiningpack.png )
Here is the pack in progress as of now, thoughts? Me and Kibble are still trying to decide a good rocket launcher and have very different opinions.
>> No. 96803
I still say the cap on the bottom of the Mace is too wide.

The banner seems like it's got way more polygons than it needs considering it will never be seen up close enough to notice most of the details.
>> No. 96805

Amazing! Thank you for the effort and I do not mind how long it took, besides you are doing it out off good will, that's all I need to know :3

As for the Shining Armor stuff they should realy be team colored if somepony made some. lol blue on red soldier x3
>> No. 96808

I saw the concept you guys did and Really felt it was... overdone. I would stick with the Party cannon mod I have installed if you guys did that.
>> No. 96867
Lyra pan is broke, one of my friends told me.
>> No. 96873
Can somepony tell me how to change certain skins on weapons to another? Say putting the The Octavian (Ambassador skin) on a Revolver?
>> No. 96887
You don't, usually. You could hex the weapon model, but that's just messy and weird.
And the Revolver uses a separate model system anyway, so it's impossible in your case.
>> No. 96888
File 133739592006.png - (244.68KB , 1402x1417 , mac russian.png )
I can do a decent Big Mac, although, it'd kinda defeat the purpose if he had a Russian accent. :V

(If this is an actual thing now anyway)
>> No. 96906
File 133739968518.png - (151.23KB , 640x360 , ab big smile.png )
as soon as I find work, I'll pay you $20 to do my voice mail message.
>> No. 96914
File 133741067923.png - (49.82KB , 301x292 , pinchy_wat.png )
Who said it had to be Russian?

Oh well, I tried recording a few Big Mac lines, but my mic is just too damn terrible.

All you have to do is rename the .vmt, not like it would actually look good or anything though.

>the Revolver uses a separate model system
>mine countenance whereupon reading that
>> No. 96917
Dude thats a pretty spot on Big Mac you have going on there.
>> No. 96924
File 133742358925.png - (2.57MB , 1920x1408 , PonyFortressRarimac.png )
Dude, you've got one hell of a Big Mac impression going on there.

>> No. 96929
>rename the .vmt
Oh Luna that would look awful
>the Revolver uses a separate model system
The Revolver still uses the v_model and w_model system, instead of the c_model system which all the other new weapons use, the Ambassador included.
That's why you can see three arms at once on the Revolver and not any other weapon.
This is amazing. Just saying.
>> No. 96939
File 133744727530.png - (109.06KB , 598x568 , Big Mac.png )

YES! If this was an actual job, I would say, You've got the job!

But no he doesn't have to have a Russian accent. When it comes to voicing these characters, I think Vanna set a pretty good standard. Like, imagine playing your pony character, but set into the roles of their tf2 character. They'll have the mind of their tf2 character, while retaining their pony personality.

For instance, Fluttershy says things like "Oktoberfest!" and "Dummkopfs!" and "Los Weiter!" in her own Fluttershy voice, rather than actual German. She's still Fluttershy, just in the role of the Medic.

So just imagine Big Mac, in his own country voice, saying things like "I will squash you like a bug" and "Did you think I would forget you?!", and stuff.

Maybe I should start writing some lines. What's the best way to contact you Mr. Buddy Vox?
>> No. 96940

Going back to the DJ glasses mod, Can it be done with the Scouts 3D glasses?
>> No. 96943
File 133745138638.jpg - (76.38KB , 593x800 , 3c165758996741edee2a6d595ce4143f.jpg )

If my fav skinner is still here, is there any possibility we can also have similar skins for the Stock sniper rifle and the Sydney Sleeper? (Spitfire skins ofc)

Sorry to pester you all the time by the way >.<
>> No. 96946
Thanks everypony, and that Big Mac is epic!
>> No. 96948
File 133745715349.jpg - (180.89KB , 950x612 , 4fb7a896b10bc.jpg )
Somepony just submitted this.

Didn't make it, just redistributing.
>> No. 96953
I have that in my inbox and could not be more pleased.

That sounds awesome!
>> No. 96955
That has nothing to do with materials. Hence the wat.
>> No. 96958
File 133746595731.png - (171.57KB , 500x500 , 1333561148689.png )
did the recent change to the Pan (fixing the placement or whatever) break the Lyra-Model?
I see Lyra as the BP icon, but all anypony's holding is the Pan. I had it working last week
>> No. 96960

Yes, there was a Pan patch since some classes held it funny.
>> No. 96961
Just reinstall, and it should work.
>> No. 96990
is star a secret brony?

For all that didn't notice. He uses jarainbow. Of course this doesn't mean anything but I find it neat that it is used by a rather popular youtuber in the tf2 scene
>> No. 96991
File 133748548069.gif - (171.16KB , 480x400 , PonyTwilightSnipah2.gif )
I'm not sure if STAR is (the Rainbow Jarate has been around since before MLP), but Shibby definitely is. He's used multiple pony images in his video thumbnails.
>> No. 97046
File 133753641748.png - (1.19MB , 800x600 , shiningmisc.png )
I could hex it no problem when it is released. Also, I lowered the size of the pommel as requested and we are moving on to working on the misc.
Orange is everything new.
and here is the new mace
>> No. 97049
>Opens it in HLMV
>10,381 polygons

And if it doesn't work, it'll give LightDasher an excuse to reduce the polycount. :3
>> No. 97060
File 133754127183.gif - (79.67KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lsgs6yRvKs1qglk3d.gif )
voice acting is very good! your other videos are..questionable >_>;
>> No. 97098
Thats not his videos they are the voice actor's videos.
>> No. 97099
well "her" videos. my bad.
>> No. 97107
File 133758277965.gif - (655.42KB , 400x336 , 130989650879.gif )
Had an idea to edit certain Spy-cicle sounds to add in Rainbow Dash's voice to match this mod:

And this came out:

Basically, when you backstab somepony and they freeze, Rainbow says "20% cooler."

When you lose your Spy-cicle due to fire, you hear her say "I don't believe it!"
>> No. 97116

This is realy hilarious, a friend that plays spy might enjoy it x3

Btw, can we have some of your awesome skins for the Sniper Rifle and the Sydney Sleeper? (w/ Spitfire of course :3)
>> No. 97125
File 133761993476.jpg - (121.63KB , 1158x709 , mac snake.jpg )
I could use it. As a recent college graduate, I've gotta pay those loans somehow. XD

The email in my name is what I use for all of my voice work.
>> No. 97130
I get the feeling I'm forgetting to work on something...but what is it?
>> No. 97148
File 133764298087.png - (440.30KB , 800x600 , shiningmisc3.png )
Sorry if I am posting this to much but here is some more progress! Decided to see what all the pieces would look like together.
and here is the misc alone
>> No. 97150
File 133764379005.png - (127.26KB , 508x273 , Pinkie and Pinkamena.png )

Pinkie and Pinkamena Cremator's Conscience?
>> No. 97157
File 133764577997.jpg - (46.88KB , 350x674 , Untitled-2.jpg )
Sup everypony.

Havin' a new hat here for rocking the battlefield with at least 20% more style.

Comes in 2 flavors; rainboomin' and weather patrol

So get yourself this fancy hat and wear it with pride

I wish I could get one to wear it with pride at least

Rainbow runner

the black holes are actually not in the game. its a weird glitch with the sews of the hat that apparently arent quite closed
>> No. 97189
- Reduced polycount (& fixed for pan updates if you have to) Lyrapan.
- Pinkie's mane backburner.
- >>97150
- Something that isn't just KP-ShadowSquirrel's models. :v
>> No. 97287
File 133773199470.png - (233.11KB , 700x394 , Pinkie Pie 11.png )
>> No. 97399
File 133782008334.png - (221.70KB , 600x714 , 8857acab.png )
How's this for a new concept?
>> No. 97403

Liking it, Liking it.

Dr. Hooves Rocket Launcher it looks like, VERY ORIGINAL! Means I would have to change my Party Cannon to use this, But I still give it a 9.5/10

I prefer this over having the Entirety of Canterlot on my shoulder.
>> No. 97404
That looks nice... except for the hour glass... I'm not sure why, but I really don't like the hour glass.
>> No. 97405
Seemingly good reception, I will start modeling it tonight! It is for the shining pack but could of course be used independently as just a Doctor whooves item.
>> No. 97449
File 133784494724.png - (109.34KB , 1000x1000 , Untitled-2.png )
I got bored. I have no idea how to make it work ingame, and I can't find any tutorials onlines, any help? also, I can post a link to a .svg or a .psd, or anything else Photoshop saves as, if needed.
>> No. 97490
  I made a soundpack specifically to go with the Fluterkrieg model(s). Enjoy.
>> No. 97510
What exactly are you requesting...?
>> No. 97514
I think to have this replace the Sniper's hud icon.
>> No. 97883
File 133822821101.jpg - (49.28KB , 512x512 , preview.jpg )
I have to abuse this thread to shamelessly self-promote my first work: The partner look

It's a headwear item for the hoovy as you can all see and I would so much appreciate if you would visit it and rate it and all that stuff so it might even get published if enough people approve of it.

Much appreciated, Twinkly eyes
>> No. 97916
File 133824693227.png - (149.89KB , 538x600 , PonyFortressPinkiePyroCherrychanga.png )
Is Heavy supposed to the pimento in an olive? lol
>> No. 97957
The colours don't quite seem to match that of the olive and the toothpick on the Sandvich, I'd recommend directly sampling from it.
>> No. 97976
File 133829405677.png - (104.11KB , 640x480 , axe.png )
Slight changes as I have been working on plenty of other things. The shining mace is now more of an axe as it looks less plain.

Kind of a obvious plug but if you want to see all the stuff I am working on as I am working on it, I would recommend checking out my Tumblr.
>> No. 97998
File 133830954350.png - (407.16KB , 1057x489 , Fluttershy Ambassador WIP.png )
New Age Retro Hippie is making a few mod requests for me, i figured this one would be the best to show off its progress so far.
>> No. 98020
File 133832760319.gif - (1.79MB , 400x395 , PonyFluttershyWant.gif )
>> No. 98032
File 133833988893.png - (184.88KB , 900x900 , Fluttershy Ambassador.png )

woop woop
>> No. 98048
File 133834894022.png - (96.95KB , 2450x1944 , 133314130582.png )
Salute good sir!
>> No. 98051
File 133834992218.png - (174.45KB , 512x512 , jackofalltrades1.png )
here it is
rate up if you want
>> No. 98052
Just a heads up, it's Defense.
>> No. 98055
I bet you spell Armour without the u, as well. Silly America and its desire to be "unique" and "edgy" by cutting out letters in its words.
>> No. 98056
>> No. 98057
File 133835188418.jpg - (60.65KB , 641x359 , SadBloom.jpg )
Mod version?
>> No. 98060
File 133835333212.jpg - (34.83KB , 599x488 , america-fuck-yeah.jpg )
You know it, and don't cha forget it
>> No. 98061
File 133835341768.png - (141.55KB , 834x543 , PonyFluttershyRarity.png )

Now my Rarishy shipping shall be COMPLETE.
>> No. 98065
Can we get a first person view?
>> No. 98078
File 133838144130.jpg - (72.57KB , 897x829 , yay.jpg )
>> No. 98110
File 133838568719.jpg - (56.08KB , 552x722 , asdasdasd.jpg )
>> No. 98112
File 133839018085.jpg - (120.56KB , 1024x768 , 440_screenshots_2012-05-30_00001.jpg )
Here you go.
>> No. 98152
File 133841260412.jpg - (698.99KB , 1440x900 , initializingequestria.jpg )
It took me a while, but I finally managed to get the loading screen to work properly.
Also included is a box (pictured) in the top-right under the map name, and such. It was a little hard to see the text without it, due to the light background. Note that some of the longer custom map names may go outside the box.
Comes in widescreen and 4:3 versions.
There's also a version without the box, if you want. Just apply that folder over the version of your choosing.
>> No. 98165

Is that me and Zarkiths Harm-onic Vow, But improved! Thanks and Nice job twinkly eyes! If I ever meet you in real life, You get a big hug and Ice Cream. :)
>> No. 98184
I bet you dont know basic history

At the time Britain and America had their spat, that "extra u" bs wasnt around. It was armor, not armour.

Over time you silly brits changed the language to add the "u" (just like how you moved onto metrics and left us with imperial). The reason we dont use it is because thats just how it was when we stopped being you guys, and like with imperial, we dont particularly feel the need to follow with you on your changes of everything.

tl;dr learn history and figure out that our english is more pure than yours.
>> No. 98197
File 133843214221.jpg - (258.44KB , 1500x1000 , the more you know pinkie.jpg )
Actually, I'm Canadian, so I'm totally not a "silly brit". Secondly, most spelling differences are the result of one Noah Webster publishing his dictionary An American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828. Up until then, the standard was set by Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language, published in 1755.

tl;dr: Go read it, it's only a paragraph long.
>> No. 98207
File 133843721953.jpg - (68.41KB , 300x450 , PonyPinkieNoOneCares.jpg )
>> No. 98212
File 133844089549.png - (29.48KB , 281x280 , you lying.png )
>> No. 98215
File 133844113737.png - (292.75KB , 800x519 , WIP.png )
>> No. 98216
Oh my god.

I always rock the Ambassador. And even though I wouldn't be able to see this texture because I use an FPS optimizer, this would still be good for the chuckles.
>> No. 98222
File 133844494716.png - (69.76KB , 423x433 , PonySpy4.png )
But I just put the Fluttershy one on! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY AWESOME AMBY SKINS?!

Good thing I always use it.
>> No. 98223
File 133844504736.jpg - (19.71KB , 300x220 , PonyPinkieNope.jpg )
>> No. 98225
File 133844784768.jpg - (30.55KB , 341x324 , 130003294965.jpg )

I actually had no wind of this being done already as it is not listed on the mlptf2mods homepage. However I might pull this back now that I know
>> No. 98237

It is not up there since the site has not updated in a LONG time. The difference I see is your head is smaller or base is bigger, you have the marble look and the Different Plaque.

>> No. 98238
File 133847139738.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , flutter hmm.png )

Well right now it is not in the state of being publishable anyways, as the lighting is applied wrong in the actual game unlike in blender. ( picture 1 is blender, picture 2 sourcesdk) And I have no idea how to fix this. Of course if anypony has an idea I would love to know what to do
>> No. 98239

I love you. I really do. Shittons.

Now what must I do for a matching shortstop? (and possibly and update of the old gradient Wonderbolt Popper)
>> No. 98241

Only the third still even works, and that's because it overwrites the model for team colour support.
>> No. 98264
File 133849157009.jpg - (22.74KB , 345x266 , Hmmm.jpg )
The Zecora/other ponies showing up in the tip looks really bad, remove that or at least make it fit the box. The rest of it looks great. Is widescreen just 16:9? I remember there being issues with an older version of that on my 16:10 monitor.

Another thing, how do you get transparent boxes? TF2 on my desktop doesn't do that and I can't for the life of my figure out why. Would make organizing my backpack a helluva lot easier...
>> No. 98275
File 133849876875.png - (92.14KB , 770x196 , bazkip.png )
For the tips, I have some choices here. Which do you think looks better?
Alternatively, I could just get rid of the box entirely. I could try shrinking the character images as well, but I'm not sure how well that would turn out.
Widescreen is both 16:9 and 16:10. I'm using a 16:10 monitor right now, and can report no problems besides minor stretching of the image (which I can fix later on). (As a sidenote, I don't recall ever releasing an old version of this.)

As for the "transparent boxes," not sure what you mean. If you're referring to how I got them on the screen, I just set the border in the .res file as "TFThinLineBorder" and it became transparent on its own.

Though the backpack pop-ups are pretty annoying. I can look into making those transparent.
>> No. 98281
File 133850240251.png - (163.98KB , 751x1064 , fluttershy_vector_by_issyrael-d3ec9yo.png )
I personally like how the box only around the text looks, but that's just me.
>> No. 98295
Hopefully I'm not repeating something that somepony already said, but has Starswirl's hat been modeled as a replacement for the Point and Shoot yet?
>> No. 98297
Sadly it was never released, or even finished from what I can tell.
>> No. 98330
File 133853446245.png - (29.52KB , 441x351 , lol_idling.png )
The one where it fits in the box looks better.
Dunno who made it, all I remember was that somepony made something along these lines and it looked really wonky on my monitor

Also I had a stupid moment with the transparency thing. When I hover over items on my laptop the popup box is semi-transparent, on my desktop it's not and it's always bugged me. I forget that I don't have the problem for the loading menu.

In other news what are you smoking, I wasn't even on an idle server
>> No. 98338
Damn... I'd download that in an instant if somepony got on that.
>> No. 98451
Since we had people who liked both versions, I'm releasing both.

Though I got rid of the option to remove the box that appears under the map details. We really only need two options.
>> No. 98518
File 133862567906.jpg - (47.00KB , 300x300 , candyman.jpg )
Promoting my work once more, I know I am a bad person...

Could you please go and upvote this item on steam. I would love to get it into the actual game. And if you are patient there might be a surprise in for all of you later on.
>> No. 98556
File 133865977555.png - (75.67KB , 512x512 , c_shortstop_large.png )

Disregard this, did it myself! Couldn't be happier.

Download if anypony wants it:
>> No. 98592
File 133867318313.jpg - (44.16KB , 440x423 , asdawrawre.jpg )
Okay guys.

As promised here is my little surprise for all of you

The cutiemark:

It is a medaillon for the scout's bracelett and currently replaces the sign of the wolfs school. If anypony wants to hex it on other models please feel free to do so. Especially on the regular scout model which gave me issues while recompiling.


>> No. 98593
File 133867333669.jpg - (15.23KB , 409x473 , rthgbfvc.jpg )

Sorry I derped...

Here is the actual screenshot for the colored version
>> No. 98611

Aww, I was wanting to learn modeling by making this. Oh well, this is better than anything I could make.
>> No. 98665
File 133870495873.png - (280.36KB , 640x720 , 130028816465.png )

I'm sorry. But there are still 8+ cutiemarks that you could do.

And modeling really isn't all that hard. It is like riding a bike: once you grasp the concept it's a piece of cake.

I suggest you watch helljumpers tutorial on that. It took me a while to understand the basics but after that it's fairly simple stuff.
>> No. 98667
What he said, Helljumper's tutorial got me into modeling.

Al thought, I can't model cutie mark to save my life.
>> No. 98676
File 133871559680.png - (366.60KB , 750x750 , AllVersions.png )
Holy cow what is all this
>> No. 98709

That actually hurts it's so good. Oi.
>> No. 98717
File 133876367579.png - (71.98KB , 543x768 , DAT ASS!.png )
>> No. 98722
File 133876729852.jpg - (214.68KB , 800x799 , PinkieRage.jpg )
no mods no! i cant aim with the ambassador! Noooooooooooooooooooo
>> No. 98744
File 133877822107.png - (108.08KB , 900x682 , Twilight Sparkle 13.png )
Awesome! Of all the backlogged content I have seen, this brings me the most joy. Seriously, thank you.
>> No. 98766
Hey, did Sparkwire ever release those pocket pony things?
>> No. 98779

of course not
>> No. 98780
File 133880143240.png - (109.79KB , 792x738 , PonyPinkieLOL!.png )
>> No. 98789
File 133882713615.png - (129.66KB , 452x482 , 132507975594.png )
Line ends back there.
>> No. 98915

Hey twinkly eyes, You mind if I add you on Steam?
>> No. 98952
We need a sound file mod that replaces the songs on the Bostom Boombringer.

Also a sound for picking up health like there is for ammo.

What the sound should be, I have no idea.
>> No. 98959

A Gulp or Soundcue?

Also, Is it possible to mod Unusual Effects? I had a friend ask me if I could make something that puts Rarities face on a Orbiting Heart effect.

It also got me to thinking up new Unusual effects including 'Rainbow' 'Peaceful (Orbiting Butterfly)' 'Dazed (Circling Birds) and 'Chance (Orbiting Dice)'
>> No. 98977
File 133888258077.jpg - (15.20KB , 400x240 , HNI_0091_JPG.jpg )

It think its possible to mod unusual effects although I'm not too sure on the subject matter. You might need to create your own particles via a program like 3DsMax.


I'll probably come up with something unless somepony out there wants to ninja me.
>> No. 99044
File 133891945291.jpg - (22.27KB , 374x488 , Pinkie_nope-(n1304635479835).jpg )
>via a program like 3DsMax.

Particles can be modded in two ways: Either by replacing the materials (.vtf files) referenced in the particle, or going into tools mode (starting TF2 with the -tools launch option) and screwing around with them there.
Unusual effects are like any other particle, so yes, they can be modded.
>> No. 99115
File 133896844236.png - (436.27KB , 3228x2728 , Derpy Hooves 10.png )
So after realizing I should stop being a complete derp about this whole thing, I have saved the webpage of the last thread and will continue to save the threads from here on out so that I don't loose anything.

On a related note, if you have already been saving the threads, I would love a copy if possible.
>> No. 99168
File 133902414136.png - (30.92KB , 154x146 , DJ_Pon-3_Eyes.png )
Well I made some sounds for the Boston Boom Bringer and etc.

Get it here and please let me know what you think:
>> No. 99177

Is it me, or is it really loud?

Also, how many sound files are there for the Boombox, out of curiousity?
>> No. 99181

There is 4 files for the Boston Boom Bringer.

Here is an updated link, hopefully it isn't too loud for you:
>> No. 99192

Out of curiousity, what's the time limit on the sound files, if there is one?
>> No. 99215
Sounds can be as long as you want them to be, it's just you'll want them to be of similar length to each individual file so the sounds don't overlap.
>> No. 99222

If that's the case, then...


I'm real sorry, but can you do another version for me, with a few changes? Those being:

Changing the Winter Wrap Up part of the Boom Bringer to 0:Temera59 to 1:04 from here

Making the ammo pick up sound Fluttershy's "Squee", what I had for it before, but that sound pack overwrote it and the squee isn't on the website for some reason.

Finally, make the health pickup Apple Jack's "Whew" sound from Dog and Pony Show, about 8:30 into it, if possible?

I'm sorry, but I finally figured out what I want, but if you don't want to, that's alright.
>> No. 99250
>> No. 99260
File 133912221904.jpg - (72.37KB , 702x655 , _5374-.jpg )
Just got a Genuine Pip-boy from TF2 Warehouse.

I didn't make this skin, but I like using it.
>> No. 99266

That's awesome, really, almost perfect, just one problem, and you'll probably hate me for this, but the part of One Trick Pony isn't actually the right part I was talking about.

I meant the part where it goes, "One trick pony's only got one song, One trick pony plays it all night long" for the second time, with the constant sound tone in the background.

I'm sorry, I should of elaborated more, and if I knew how to do this stuff myself I would, and I really appreciate it, but if you're tired of dealing with me, that's fine.
>> No. 99442
File 133926225133.jpg - (106.25KB , 1280x720 , 440_screenshots_2012-06-09_00001.jpg )
Thread is on the 3rd page.

>> No. 99454


*180 degree turn*

>> No. 99455
Also, New Weta_Workshop things posted.

Brace yourself. We might have an Update Imbound!
>> No. 99457
Links? Pics? Proof? Can't find anything on their website.
>> No. 99467

The Misc. and Hats are out on the Steam Workshop. Example:

Plus, In the TF2 Item scheme: New items were spotted but disappeared 6 minutes later
>> No. 99495
Just noticed something, the Pick Pocket's Pony Pistol replacement for the Winger is only supposed to use the Rainbow Dash option, while the normal pistol and Lugermorph relacements use everything else.
>> No. 99607
File 133942603158.jpg - (56.24KB , 500x818 , 161728 - artist john_joseco filly Lyra.jpg )

A AK-47 isn't a SMG.
>> No. 99608
Hummm...well that got out of hand then. Oh well. More options I suppose?
>> No. 99609
File 133943478306.jpg - (52.42KB , 450x806 , Sinestrohatersgonnahate.jpg )
Black Ops 2 now with Akimbo Ak-47s/
>> No. 99693
File 133952392621.png - (14.78KB , 306x349 , FUUUTUUUURE.png )
From what I've heard, everything is chrome in the future.[WIP]
>> No. 99728
File 133955333887.jpg - (200.99KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-06-13_00002.jpg )
The parabombs

Currently replaces: a whiff of the old brimstone.
can of course be hexed freely by anypony.

Please note:
This is a very high polycount model and would probably make your game load longer. So please take that into account and maybe refrain from using it if you think your computer couldn't handle it.

I am sorry it got so high polycount but the parasprite was originally planned to be a weapon and only one and therefore i t was well within the general polycount limit, however I will try to create lower res parasprites for the stickybombs.

I am also taking comissions now, so if you would like to suggest an idea please feel free to do so.

Also excuse my lazy screenshot and maybe I have packed it wrong as it is pretty late right now. Sorry
>> No. 99730

Pinkie and Pinkamena Cremator's Conscience please.

Been wanting one so bad.
>> No. 99736
File 133956676954.png - (176.68KB , 894x894 , It\'s___BEAUTIFUL.png )
>> No. 99742

Isn't somepony making those already?
>> No. 99744

Been off and on again'd a few times before, and I haven't seen an update on it in a while, so I dunno.

If it is still in progress, then nevermind. I just tend to ask for it when I can.
>> No. 99750
Anypony looking for Discord Dispencer music?
>> No. 99753
"The file link that you requested is not valid. "
>> No. 99782
Sorry if I look like I am doing nothing, But I have 3 major exams coming up.

But I am working on two projects that I might need help on since I am still idiot to applying the mods and making them work (All I can do is make the model basically)

But only after School is out if I need it, And the Pinecone is considered being tossed out since I cannot find a way for it to look cartoony and flat.
>> No. 99808
File 133964166380.png - (257.89KB , 600x600 , well___um___by_blazecake-d4byj5h.png )
Sorry the pinkie and pinkamena misc hat thing is taking so long, I just need to rig the model and it's done.

Anypony got the name of the file?
>> No. 99810

It's fine, I just hadn't heard anything on it in a while so I thought maybe it had been scrapped.
>> No. 99851
What if Sparkwire finished the Pocket Ponies and he doesn't to share?

Nah, He wouldn't do that...
>> No. 99904
File 133973537207.png - (105.56KB , 420x297 , colt.png )
I've posted this a few times already but I still really want to see this.
>> No. 99919
File 133975223762.png - (228.98KB , 945x945 , PonyRarityOhYou6.png )
You mean like if he made a fully animated, custom pony hat for somepony, and didn't share that either?

>> No. 100101
Only a week left, And I might not be allowed access my Main Computer for modeling!

I use my Familys PC for making weapons and my sisters are starting to dominate it after I had a few harsh words to explain stuff like "There are 5 TVs in this house that play that channel and I need to use this without distraction from your horrible sitcoms." As well as, "Stop downloading useless files, I have to delete them all the time to stop the PC from overflowing" and "DON'T WATCH THAT YOUTUBE VIDEO" (They try and watch pokemon videos [Despite not playing any and then bitching about how they can't understand or want me to beat it when I have them try] but there they shitty ones made by people who are bucked up in the head with Vore and Scat).

... Anyway, My sisters are dominating it since I have to wait until they are finished playing (Which is around 9-10 seeing as my parents are busy with other stuff). And if they jump off early to do something else and leave EVERY SINGLE ELECTRONIC RUNNING (Gamecube, Parents Laptop, Game on the computer, etc.) and then I jump on after turning off those as it costs LOTS of money to run these things, I have to get off when they return or they will 'sniffle' and start screaming their little heads off until I exchange harsh words with my parents and they go back on to watch pointless crap.

Anyway, First World Problems aside and Ranting aside: I am hoping to get somepony to help me later with a weapon before the Summer Sale.
>> No. 100104
Looking for help? I'm willing I suppose, depends on what it is and weather or not it's going to the workshop. (I was burned a few weeks ago by somepony I helped make a weapon not crediting me. valve is pretty good at taking that shit down though. But I'm done with the workshop at this point.)
>> No. 100109

Retract that... just got another offer from a friend. They always wait until I agree to help somepony else...
>> No. 100111
Does anypony know how to use the particle editor? I've trying to change the color of the rocket's smoke trail, but just that. Colouring the vtf changes other smoke effects, like the one when a spy is disguising.
>> No. 100122
File 133990837551.png - (196.28KB , 1366x768 , Earth Ponies Pride.png )
Also, a little skin I was working on.
>> No. 100159
File 133994187747.gif - (1.51MB , 256x256 , spoiler.gif )
Hey guys guess what I started working on again.

Add -tools to the launch options and select Particle Editor from the tools drop down menu. You'll want to edit the "rockettrail" system (and rockettrail_! to be safe, it was probably just left in during development) in "rockettrail.pcf".

I'll let you figure the actual editing out for yourself since for the most part it's WYSIWYG. Here's a hint though: you'll want to use multiple, copypasted children to achieve the effect you're looking for.
>> No. 100179
Is it gonna be usable without having to delete/paste it while joining a game?
>> No. 100180
I find this interesting.
>> No. 100186
Thanks Valve. :>

Since it even happens on sv_pure 0 servers, I assume it's something leftover from the beta.

I'll try emailing Valve about it, but for now you have to constantly re-install the mod for it work.

Also here's a fix for the Cakerate particles. If none of you noticed what was broken, I'm not explaining what was fixed.

This is actually kind of critical too, so if it went onto the site before the update that would be p. cool. There also needs to be a note saying that the particles will be incompatible with unusual hat effect mods.

I was going to use a silly image in this post, but when I went to Ponibooru... ;-;
>> No. 100230
I'm pretty damn certain somepony in the TF2 Emporium on Facepunch found a way around that.
>> No. 100285
Got a link?
>> No. 100298
Yeah it will be up with the update. You can count on that...some day...
>> No. 100323

Applied a small fix to this file. Downloadlink is still the same. So if you downloaded it already you should download and reinstall it for the fix to apply. Thank you
>> No. 100342
Facepunch links don't work on Ponychan for some reason. Just Google it. Current Emporium is the 47th.
>> No. 100353
The original Loading Screen link no longer works. Here's the new one:
>> No. 100362
File 134009027977.png - (82.61KB , 900x900 , The Disk Scratcher.png )

>> No. 100383
Couldn't find anything from a google search, unless you were suggesting I use google to find the emporiums. In which case, there's no god damn way I'm searching through every single emporium thread.

Plus we already solved the facepunch link problem a few threads ago by using url shorteners.

Anyways, I fiddled around with the particles_manifest.txt and got it to work, so I'll be releasing it once I make a suitable preview image.

Peter, are you okay with using gifs for the preview image?
>> No. 100385
Oh, I just meant for you to ask in the thread.
>> No. 100391
File 134013396088.jpg - (91.50KB , 740x679 , applejack.jpg )
>> No. 100392
Nifty! But if you're gonna be using those models, you might wanna get rid of all the tris those models have.
>> No. 100397
File 134013504008.png - (265.46KB , 1100x1000 , SHUT UP AND TAKE MY GEMS.png )
>> No. 100410
I'd rather just continue waiting for Pocket Ponies if people are just going to half-flank mods like this.

Create your own models, don't just scale down and pose the gmod ponies. *cough* LightDasher *cough*
At least heavily reduce the polycount when you do. Those models are designed to look good, not to run well. 4k polys for weapons and 1k for cosmetics is a good rule of thumb.

I'm too busy 0 post lurking FP to post there. :V
>> No. 100417

implying this has anything to do with ponies and therefore belongs on the mlp page.
>> No. 100420
File 134014344244.gif - (1.51MB , 256x256 , changeling_final.gif )
Are you saying it doesn't?
>> No. 100451
File 134015663897.png - (24.08KB , 512x512 , Backpack_Pocket_Lint[1].png )
we must poni guiz
>> No. 100457
File 134016088769.gif - (94.29KB , 500x270 , 47c7c232-b3cd-4d99-adf4-de5d3ff6c18d.gif )


>> No. 100464
So. Nopony knows what's up with those things yet, huh? It can't be Valve just adding literal garbage drops, there's gotta be SOMETHING to it.
>> No. 100465
File 134017921181.png - (37.79KB , 512x512 , 134015663897.png )
There we go, took hours of work but there's my first contribution in several months. 2mucheffort4u2takecredz4.
>> No. 100467

Pocket Ponies will come eventually. All the models are done and animated, they just need texturing at this point.
>> No. 100538
File 134022185381.png - (90.37KB , 404x404 , PonyGabeNewellPony.png )
So basically, we're running on Valve Time? Gotcha.

I look forward to pocket ponies in 2019.
>> No. 100544

2019? You are a very optimistic person.
>> No. 100546
File 134022536773.png - (113.85KB , 385x385 , PonyRarityBigSmile.png )
I try to be.
>> No. 100560

Do I actually have you on my friendslist?
>> No. 100563
File 134023806200.png - (222.73KB , 700x700 , PonyRarityConcerned.png )
Not that I know of?
>> No. 100578

dont look up to me like that. Maybe you should add me sometime
>> No. 100583

Because twinkly eyes is awesome :D
>> No. 100676
File 134031881761.gif - (1.60MB , 256x256 , changeling_release.gif )
It's finally done, and it works without any constant reinstalling nonsense!

-Replaces the Spy's disguise smoke effect.
-Has the same start and stop time as the original to prevent cheating.

Note: If you already have a modified particles_manifest.txt, just change "!particles/disguise.pcf" to "!particles/disguise_changeling.pcf" and you'll be good to go. (It's on Line 28)
>> No. 100734
I am now inspired to finish the Changeling Spy weapon recolors.
>> No. 100883
File 134040552098.jpg - (1.35MB , 1280x1707 , Rarity-O.jpg )
Tonights the Night. BIG-O ACTION!
>> No. 100952
>> No. 100986
Except tonight isn't Monday
>> No. 101008
It is in the future.

You know what else is in the future? ROBOTS
>> No. 101016
File 134044179419.jpg - (245.15KB , 640x791 , Twilight_Sniper.jpg )
Because it seems relevant.
>> No. 101028
File 134046214074.jpg - (183.53KB , 1280x1024 , finally got it.jpg )
So, it's come down to this. I recently made a new friend from the legion of ponys VSH server, and after discussion she wanted me to finish something I started, a short circuit skin I was gonna make and have it be my last. Then I got bored and did other this but here it is:
>> No. 101039
File 134047469236.jpg - (63.90KB , 450x480 , aj cactus.jpg )
that's just sick.

Not the money grubbing, the concept art. It makes me feel ill just looking at it.

(the money grubbing is pretty bad though)
>> No. 101045
File 134047631435.png - (68.70KB , 998x655 , snapshot.png )
This has nothing to do with ponies and i apologize if thats going to piss somepony off, but is it possible to port a model to tf2 from spiral knights? I'd be interested in getting the Warmaster's Rocket Hammer to replace the Maul.
>> No. 101047
It's possible, just convert the model to smd format and run it through StudioMDL.

Well, it's more complicated than that, but yes, it is possible.
>> No. 101049
How would one go about converting .dat to .smd?
>> No. 101050
Find a modeling program than can open the .dat and export it to OBJ or (if possable) smd. google is your friend here, I don't get paid enough to teach anymore.
>> No. 101051
The original format doesn't matter as long as you can import it into modeling software that has SMD exporting plugins available for it. (<-- 3DSMax)
>> No. 101052
It's so dumb though, they don't even need money to make a 3D model and texture. Sure, making the facial expressions is tedious and time-consuming, but it can be done if you dedicate yourself. It would get done even if you have no money in your pocket.
>> No. 101054
And TF2 could've been made with no money, but some people like getting paid for their work.
Granted, yes, he's done other stuff for free (that I don't really like), but it wouldn't hurt to try and do something like this. So he did.
>> No. 101065
Making a whole game is quite different than making a client-side modification that only bronies would use. To make a whole game, they'd need to have a budget to buy modeling programs and/or texturing programs and they'd need to hire voice actors and people who can code in C++. The guy making the mods has everything he needs, he's just trying to milk bronies out of their money so it can "be used toward the project" even though, like I just said, he has all the assets he needs to make the modifications at his disposal. He isn't gonna use the money donated to him to make the model, he's gonna buy himself some nice stuff with it and make the model with stuff he's already payed for, or worse, he'll make the model with stuff he torrented.
>> No. 101068
In a real job situation, not only do you have to pay for the software (yeah, already gotten here), you have to pay for the employee you hired with the talent to make a model/texture. He has the talent, and this would be for his time put into making it.
It's an odd request, but I'm not entirely opposed to it.
Sidenote, he apparently used to work at a game company, according to the page
I think I'm just going to drop the issue after this
>> No. 101069
bah, call me bitter, I make all my mods for free. The fact that some people will just throw $300 at the screen for something like this makes me sick.

alright, I'm done
>> No. 101070
I'd understand if it were like $10 - $30, but $300 is too much for a client-side mod no one else would see unless they have it installed on their end.

I don't know what makes me more angry, the fact that he can make it right now with no money being donated to him, or that he's already nearly half-way to his intended $300 through donations to people who don't know how to be smart with money.
>> No. 101092
So hey, me again. Got bored the other day while listening to the Bass Cannon music from Epic Wub Time, and ended up making a soundmod for the Cow Mangler.


Also, no regrets to throwing money at that project. Just putting that out there.
>> No. 101103
Link is a 404. I need that, too.
>> No. 101121

You can always send a message and ask.
>> No. 101215
File 134057728709.png - (201.02KB , 385x454 , 1e44f598b2bc2fec5be73c8c25cb0328.png )

Yes, please! :D

I mean...If you umm...don't mind...
>> No. 101224
Okay, Trying to make my life easier by Decompiling a mod. But I am doing the wrench which has a v_model and w_model. Do I have to work with both of them?

Using this to help me
>> No. 101242
Sorry for bringing this up again, but he has responded and said the money will go towards food and motivation.

Am I the only person who sees how wrong this is? I mean shouldn't he have a job that he earns money with to buy the food? I can sort of understand motivation, so that the people who donated get something cool to play with, but really, I don't think he should get money like this when plenty of other people model stuff in their free time and get NOTHING with the exceptions of people who've gotten items in TF2.

All in all, it's cool he's making a mod for bronies, I just think it's somewhat wrong that he's asking for donations when he could get a job to pay for money.
>> No. 101251

Maybe he is a Canadian like me? I have been having problems trying to find work where I live and it seems that way in almost every small town across Canada according to other Canadians. Big companies seem to be only wanting to hire experienced people with no other option then say those trying to get into the working world.
>> No. 101253
File 134060762705.jpg - (5.43KB , 100x100 , not sure if trolling.jpg )
You don't go complaining about when people give money to pony artists, toy-makers, or plushy-designers, do you? I certainly hope not. Why are you getting so upset when it's a TF2 modder? People see he's doing work, good work that they want to support, so they give him money. Same as most other creators of goods or works. Yeah, he's doing what amounts to asking for donations, but if people like his work, what's it any business of yours that they tell him that with their wallet instead of their words?

As for your other "complaints", do you really think he doesn't have a job? 300 bucks is nice, but really it's nothing but supplemental income - it's not enough money to live off of. On the other hand, let's assume you're right and he doesn't have a job. He needs this money to buy food, he may be lying in some alleyway somewhere (because 300 certainly isn't enough for rent). He's living in these conditions and you're complaining that he's asking for money?
>> No. 101262
But you see, people who draw make something completely different and original, people who make plush toys and custom pony figures spend money on materials like paint, thread, fabric and base toys.

Making mods in TF2 is so completely different than all those things it really stumps me as to how you can compare them.
>> No. 101263
Actually, what I've realized is that everypony who has donated to him/is in support of him making a mod that isn't visible to anypony else is just blinded of how bad that really is because of ponies. Do any of you realize, that Sparkwire, Quinn or somepony else could make these for free? They could probably do a better job too (no offense to Kflank) but what I think and a whole bunch of other people think is that he's cashing in on a fandom to get money to buy whatever he wants with, and you all basically let him take your money.
>> No. 101265
File 134062308599.jpg - (290.22KB , 800x600 , rainbow_dash_v2_with_links_by_kassgrein-d4o0rd0.jpg )
>People who make plush toys and custom pony figures spend money on materials like paint, thread, fabric and base toys.
"People who make TF2 mods spend money on materials like computer hardware, software licenses, and sometimes even websites".
You said it yourself in your loaded question on his page, he's bought all the software he needs legitimately and owns his licenses.

>It really stumps me as to how you can compare them.
They all take time, effort, know-how, skill. In all of them, you create things. That's enough for a comparison to be drawn, and a completely valid one at that.

>[He's] making a mod that isn't visible to anypony else.
I quote, from the very page you linked. "You will get the model 15 days before official release... ...and in the download page at Deviantart once the mod done." He's releasing it publicly, and for free. The people who donate get a thank-you and early access. That's it. Every other mod he's made is also free for download, by the way.

>...anypony else is just blinded [by how] bad [it] really is.
"I don't like it, everypony else who does is just a blind fanboy"? I mean sure, he's no Ayesdyef, but his models objectively aren't bad. People have different tastes, and just because you don't like them doesn't mean they suck. Personally, I'd rather see his models used instead of the big bulky ones on the PF2 servers I visit.

>Do any of you realize, that Sparkwire, Quinn or somepony else could make these for free? What I think and a whole bunch of other people think is that he's cashing in on a fandom to get money to buy whatever he wants with, and you all basically let him take your money.
They could, most likely, but I don't see them actually doing it; do you? Not to mention, it IS free, despite your numerous and frequent claims otherwise. The fact is, he's investing time and effort into this, and just because people want to support that doesn't mean that he's a money-grubbing slimeball OR that they're monetary idiots.
>> No. 101268
>> No. 101272
File 134063209584.gif - (496.84KB , 500x270 , tumblr_lf3hoxLY4A1qesc3io1_500.gif )
>> No. 101279
File 134064329412.jpg - (24.70KB , 598x336 , PonyBrohoofGlamorous.jpg )
>> No. 101281


>> No. 101284

4 bucks a mod...

If they were good, I would do it. Not Coloring over a weapon modding, But Making a new weapon.

I'll give you $12 for a map
>> No. 101286
I wasn't sure my faith in humanity could drop any lower. Thanks for clearing up that concern from my life.
>> No. 101293
File 134065032269.png - (273.28KB , 2004x2173 , Implied Facehoof large.png )
>> No. 101294
File 134065166981.jpg - (37.06KB , 500x500 , I must say this leaves me dumbfounded.jpg )
You'd pay 20 bucks for a voicemail message (>>96906), but somepony else paying 4 bucks for a TF2 mod is faith-shattering and depressing?

Careful, your inner hypocrite is showing.
>> No. 101295
* insert snappy comeback here*

PS: I was exaggerating when I said that. Also, are you my mother? She's the only person I know that would being up something so obscure and obviously a joke to try to insult me.
>> No. 101296
File 134065216758.jpg - (154.65KB , 600x582 , Scout is not amused.jpg )
I don't see your rage about the guy wanting compensation for creating a mod. It's basic supply and demand. He makes pretty high-quality stuff, and people want it. Where's the harm?
>> No. 101297
ok, it's good to know that if I ever decide to make a separate name here, I can charge all of you guys for my mods.

easy money.
>> No. 101298
My point still stands that if other people make awesome mods for free, he could too.
>> No. 101299
File 134065285909.jpg - (106.01KB , 1280x1024 , Heavy is srs.jpg )
Way to dodge the question completely, guy.

I ask again: Where's the harm? To me, it's no different from an artist taking commissions. People want what they've got to offer, and if they can make some extra cash from it, more power to 'em. These full-body character mods obviously take a lot of time to create.
>> No. 101302
Previous comment deleted to make way for this
>> No. 101303
your answer is here...

One person does it, more people do it, suddenly, those of us without cash to burn on things that aren't actually real no longer have mods.

It's called a cascade effect.
>> No. 101304
sorry, hippie deleted the post he made and made me look like even more of a jackflank. I work hard to make myself look like a jackflank, I don't need help thank you very much. >:C
>> No. 101305
File 134065353627.gif - (425.78KB , 499x265 , Who gives a shit_.gif )
Thanks for the 404'd link.

When we start seeing a plethora of mod creators asking for cash, THEN I'll worry. This one guy? Not so much.
>> No. 101306
I basically said that I'd be learning how to model, and that I'll be making the mane 6's manes for hats, but I'll need $100 to get started on it.
>> No. 101307
I reserve my right to be pissed off at what ever I want to be pissed off at.

anyway, is this "discussion" over yet? I'd like to get back to playing TF2 now.
>> No. 101308
File 134065376676.gif - (498.49KB , 500x204 , ALLLLLLRIGHTY THEN.gif )
I don't know, you tell me. Are you done making overblown accusations and ridiculous generalizations?
>> No. 101310
last word :P
>> No. 101314
File 134065396796.png - (134.64KB , 546x547 , PonyTrixiePancakes.png )
>> No. 101315
File 134065404923.png - (257.70KB , 622x580 , ab cake.png )

(seriously, I'm done now)
>> No. 101316
File 134065406052.jpg - (41.62KB , 482x475 , That was just a little bit stupid.jpg )
Once again, get it through your head. He is doing this for free. He is releasing his mod for free. He opened a page for those wanting to donate to him and support his work. That's it.
>> No. 101318
I read through the project page and saw this:
"The project cover the first version only, any updates and bug fixes aren't included in the project."

So if an update breaks the mod, he won't fix it.


I must be blind, because I didn't see anything about him working on it already.
>> No. 101321
Oh, I see what you mean.
"it will be hosted so you can download it and play for free"
Free for those who didn't donate.
>> No. 101324
Free for those who did not voluntarily give him money, yes. Also, he's released bugfixes and updates for his mods in the past; he doesn't just leave them to rot. "This project" most likely refers to the Ulule rewards, and getting things early.
>> No. 101337
File 134065673566.png - (154.56KB , 617x469 , kidding_me.png )
>He needs this money to buy food, he may be lying in some alleyway somewhere (because 300 certainly isn't enough for rent). He's living in these conditions and you're complaining that he's asking for money?

Wait what

If he was living like that he would definitely not have access to a computer in order to make these mods
>> No. 101338
File 134065689326.jpg - (47.82KB , 600x338 , 130082437332.jpg )
Can somepony assist me on how to make transparent materials?

I know the theory behind but I am running against a wall here.

In blender I applied 2 different tga files to the model, covering different parts of it ( the parts I want transparent and the ones that ar solid of course) now I compile it and get all the files ready but when I open the model in source sdk it only loads the first vmt and not the "glass.vmt"

My theory is that the issue is somewhere within blender so can somepony give me advice how to properly assign 2 material files to 1 model in blender?

Much appreciated.
>> No. 101343

>"People who make TF2 mods spend money on materials like computer hardware, software licenses, and sometimes even websites".
You said it yourself in your loaded question on his page, he's bought all the software he needs legitimately and owns his licenses.

He already has the programs and hardware needed to make these, as he's made the Rainbow Dash Scout and such before.

>They all take time, effort, know-how, skill. In all of them, you create things. That's enough for a comparison to be drawn, and a completely valid one at that.

Fair enough, but modeling is clicking. You don't need skills to click a mouse.

>I quote, from the very page you linked. "You will get the model 15 days before official release... ...and in the download page at Deviantart once the mod done." He's releasing it publicly, and for free. The people who donate get a thank-you and early access. That's it. Every other mod he's made is also free for download, by the way.

It won't be visible to people who don't have it installed. Sure, he's releasing it publicly, but he's still $300 richer because of a modification. The previous mods he made, sure, they were free, but that has no relevance to this particular one.

>"I don't like it, everypony else who does is just a blind fanboy"? I mean sure, he's no Ayesdyef, but his models objectively aren't bad. People have different tastes, and just because you don't like them doesn't mean they suck. Personally, I'd rather see his models used instead of the big bulky ones on the PF2 servers I visit.

I wasn't saying the model was bad. I was saying how he's getting money for unprofessionally making a mod is bad.

>They could, most likely, but I don't see them actually doing it; do you? Not to mention, it IS free, despite your numerous and frequent claims otherwise. The fact is, he's investing time and effort into this, and just because people want to support that doesn't mean that he's a money-grubbing slimeball OR that they're monetary idiots.

The reason they don't do it is because they make mods for FUN, not for personal gain. Unless they've gotten items they've made added in TF2, they get NO MONEY WHATSOEVER. If people want to support this guy, sure, but it kind of pisses me off when somepony is going to donate $50 so he can start making a Fluttershy medic ,which would be cool and fitting, it's just that their money could be used for something REAL, they could buy a real plushy with the money and know that the money they bought it with is going to somepony who spent time and money making something REAL. The people making plushies and custom toys could make a mistake and completely mess up the thing they're making, which could possibly result in needing to restart, so they'd need to spend more money on supplies. Like I've said, the guy making a playermodel, all he really is spending is time. If they make a mistake, ctrl+Z. Even I could spend a week or so learning how to model and rig, all it is really is clicking. The mod he's making will be free to download, yeah, but it doesn't change the fact he's $300 richer because of people who throw their money at anything pony related.
>> No. 101354
File 134065878902.gif - (143.50KB , 125x125 , Stewie head turn.gif )
Fair enough, but modeling is clicking. You don't need skills to click a mouse.

Welp, there go my bullshit indicators.

You say that as if it takes no skill to model. Oh sure, anypony can slap together a model and claim to have made something, but to create something that's high quality is another thing entirely.
>> No. 101358
Anypony can make a model, it's just that people who take time doing it create good ones.
>> No. 101365
File 134065935374.jpg - (52.74KB , 854x480 , Why the long face.jpg )
That's the key word: Time.

This guy is asking for people to voluntarily -- and I have to stress that word -- send him donations for his time spent working on a high quality model. It's still going to be available to those who don't donate.
>> No. 101366
File 134065944126.png - (268.19KB , 599x588 , let me explain to you.png )
>He already has the programs and hardware needed to make these, as he's made the Rainbow Dash Scout and such before.
Yes, and once plushie-makers buy their start-up material, they don't need to buy a lot after every single plushie. Funny how that works.

>Fair enough, but modeling is clicking. You don't need skills to click a mouse.
Did you seriously just say modeling doesn't take skill? I don't even need to point out why that's wrong.

>It won't be visible to people who don't have it installed.
How is that at all relevant to the point it's trying to refute?

>It kind of pisses me off when somepony is going to donate $50...'s just that their money could be used for something REAL. ...the money they bought it with is going to somepony who spent time and money making something REAL.
Just because something is a file on a computer makes it worthless? Just because it's not tangible, you can't hold it or feel it, makes it worth less than something you can? Time and effort were still invested into it, same as anything else people pay for.

>Anypony can make a model, it's just that people who take time doing it create good ones.
This again?? "I mean sure, he's no Ayesdyef, but his models objectively aren't bad. People have different tastes, and just because you don't like them doesn't mean they suck. "
>> No. 101368
In this thread: People having a round-table discussion discussion while burrying posts that are genuinely related to modeling/modding
>> No. 101369
File 134065966825.png - (318.62KB , 700x700 , 133293405796.png )
>Yes, and once plushie-makers buy their start-up material, they don't need to buy a lot after every single plushie. Funny how that works.

But programs don't get used up. You buy it and you have it to use forever. Of course, newer versions will usually come out, but those purchases won't be as frequent as fabric and are not necessary.
>> No. 101373
File 134065973701.png - (177.94KB , 583x352 , PonyTwilightDealWithIt2.png )
It's a discussion about pony mods, in a pony mod thread.
>> No. 101374
I'm going to say it once, and once more only. You are all blinded at how this guy has made quite a bit of money for doing something a ton of other people do for free. I know the mod will be free to download when it's done, it's just that he's made $300 because of the brony community when people who are more deserving of it get nothing.

The only reason you are all defending him is because he's making a pony mod. You are all blinded at how he could take advantage of all this in later mods, asking for more donations in later mods.

You should all get your heads out of the sand and realize this:

He shouldn't get money for making a mod. For fuck's sake, he could make this in an hour with NO FUNDING. You are all, for defending this guy, idiots. I'm just saying that now, you are all idiots. This isn't a commission, he didn't make this for one person, not specifically what somepony asked for, he's actually possibly already made the full mod, and just asking for money to release it.

If this wasn't pony related, you'd probably all see why this is horrible.
>> No. 101375
I think the problem here is a matter of precedence. Art, toys and plushies are things which have almost always required payment in order to receive. TF2 mods, however, have always been done for free.
>> No. 101376

It is a discussion about wether it is morally acceptable to ask for money for mods or not. It just coincidentally has something to do with ponies. Also this discussion is not going anywhere ever. There wont be a point where one party says "Oh yes you are totally right how could I have not seen that" and both parties will always stick to their sides. Therefore this discussion is unnecessary and we should focus on creating things rather than arguing over money. Theres enough places to do that.
>> No. 101379
I wouldn't have such a problem with it if pretty much everypony in here wasn't defending the guy.
>> No. 101380
File 134066016407.gif - (879.08KB , 175x144 , WHO GIVES A SHIT.gif )
Oh no, you called us idiots. Surely I'm going to see the error of my ways because you reached your rage point.
>> No. 101381
I'm saying what's true. You're all idiots because you're defending a guy who's made $300 because of a modification.
>> No. 101384
File 134066112536.gif - (1.60MB , 350x197 , Speechless.gif )
Uh-huh. You dislike a thing, therefore everypony must dislike that thing. Obviously there's interest in it, or he wouldn't reach that point in the first place.

It's not like you're going to stop the mod if you keep complaining about it.
>> No. 101385
File 134066114490.jpg - (64.54KB , 600x529 , bro, you're making it hard to tolerate.jpg )
I've tried my best to refrain from mudslinging, but if you insist...

You're an entitled flankhat. Just because some people do things for free, anypony who doesn't is evil and shallow? What the hay kind of thinking is that? If other modders set up a little donate button on their tumblr, or deviantart, or their own personal websites, I'm certain there would be people who would show their support the very same way. You want to know something? I'm not going to use the mod, I have others I use that I personally think are better. I see nothing wrong with what he's doing, I'm not "blinded" by pony as you so succinctly put it. I've seen other people do roughly the same thing with non-pony mods, and my position now is the same as it was then. There is nothing wrong with donating to support somepony who, in your opinion, is doing good work and motivating them to keep doing so.
>> No. 101387
I never once said I hate the mod.
>> No. 101389
File 134066167773.gif - (529.98KB , 320x240 , CUT IT OUT.gif )
You're grasping at straws. You called everypony who supported it an idiot, and blasted the guy for asking for money to work on it.
So if you like the mod itself, but hate the guy for asking for money, guess what? You don't have to send him a single cent! It'll still be free for everypony who didn't contribute!

Amazing how that works. Now stop whining.
>> No. 101391
File 134066187804.png - (112.56KB , 557x352 , 131674132359.png )
>> No. 101396
What did you do Discord...LOOK AT THIS^^^^^
>> No. 101397
File 134066264243.png - (119.22KB , 549x347 , 131674112575.png )
I'm jsut enjoying the show at this point, my part is over.
>> No. 101404
This is Horrifying and Hilarious at the same time,


Ok, I want to point one thing out. Go over to Minecraft Mods and look at how many people have donation tabs up on some of the popular mods. That is exactly like this...
>> No. 101406
File 134066643922.png - (751.79KB , 990x1200 , onions_on_the_internet_by_pixelkitties-d50popj.png )
>The current state of affairs

I'd love to get more involved, but that's never worked out for me or anypony in the past.

How's the popcorn, 1Pony? Mind sharing?
>> No. 101407
Minecraft mods are usually quite involved though, I assume that these are the mods that alter/add gameplay elements and whatnot? TF2 mods don't really have the same depth, which is why it seems a bit odd to ask for money.
>> No. 101409
File 134066673833.png - (114.30KB , 553x348 , 131674124241.png )
*hands a second box*
>> No. 101410
File 134066694671.png - (69.54KB , 500x500 , 136885 - popcorn derpy_hooves artist_shinmera.png )
Why thank you.
>> No. 101415
>> No. 101416
File 134066887093.jpg - (39.34KB , 581x478 , 130090621527.jpg )
On other news. I got the transparency problem fixed.

>> No. 101417
Somepony told me there were problems with the Lyrapan...

Can somepony show pictures? it looks fine to me.
>> No. 101520
It probably just looks oddly positioned now that the pan uses the Saxxy's animations.
(Also could you please reduce the polycount while you fix it? :3)

It's the same on a conceptual level. How the final product affects the game isn't the point so much as the time invested.
One involves modeling, texturing, and a bit of scripting while the other involves Java programming. As different as those are, skill, technical know-how, and time are all factors in a mod.
>> No. 101538
File 134073297411.png - (163.19KB , 894x894 , Rarityshrug.png )
I would imagine Minecraft mods of that sort would require more time and effort than a TF2 mod. Not entirely certain, but I believe that's fairly likely to be the case.
>> No. 101545
And NewAgeRetroHippie would imagine that modeling and rigging a custom playermodel can be done in a day with a few mouse clicks, but he knows just as much about modeling as most of us in this thread know about programming in Java.

I'm not saying you're wrong though, but no matter how much time and effort gets spent it still gets spent.
>> No. 101555
But I know how to program in Java
>> No. 101559
>> No. 101560
Well we've already got threads on that but sure let's talk about it to change the subject

Glad to see some good workshop submissions for once, but shame what they did to the Brawler's Blaster.
>> No. 101561
sorry, I tend to avoid the rest of ponychan. most people aren't all that friendly anymore.
>> No. 101738
File 134083743063.jpg - (78.07KB , 730x649 , tumblr_m6anaypSYl1r6xotxo1_1280.jpg )
Working on the last piece of my Vinyl set. What do you guys think of the concept?
>> No. 101739
not bad, though I can't see what it has to do with vinyl, the treble clef makes me thing octavia, but the weapon is rough and angular, not at all refined like I would think of her.
>> No. 101742
Neon bar in the actual gun, cutiemark lever, volume control, equalizer on the drum and the unicorn horned style handle. The clef was added as the Vinyl x Octavia pairing is pretty popular and the angler-ness was added to seem hightechish. I am pretty much abstained entirely from using any unartstyle fitting colors or designs so that is as reference filled as I could get it.
>> No. 101746
oh I have nothing agents the design, but the elements you stated are too subtle to make the connection to the character. Honestly, you might be better off just making it and submitting it to with workshop saying it has nothing to do with ponies. the style and form are quite nice and it would go well with to Boston boom bringer.
>> No. 101757
It;s pink so it MUST be mony related, right?
>> No. 101780
File 134084809584.jpg - (185.26KB , 1440x900 , PonyPinkiePyro2.jpg )
I wonder how long it'll be until somepony mods the balloonicorn to be look like MLP ponies
>> No. 101782
File 134084815279.png - (109.34KB , 1000x1000 , PonyDerpySniper.png )
to be look. Derp.

to look*
>> No. 101786
File 134085050774.jpg - (196.90KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-06-28_00001.jpg )
I would like to introduce our biggest pony mod contributor: Gabe newell. He reskinned the entire world!

>> No. 101787
>implying this has anything to do with ponies
>> No. 101790
File 134085134525.jpg - (59.30KB , 339x254 , Wet Blanket.jpg )
>> No. 101791

sorry didnt know pyroland is serious businnes
>> No. 101805
Well these new mods are just asking to be ponified.
>> No. 101808
I highly doubt it, but is it possible to trigger pyroland without using the goggles in any way? It kinda sucks that they have to use up a misc slot, since I have load outs on some of my chars (pyro especially) that I love so much.
>> No. 101814
There are Pyro exclusive weapons that trigger it.
>> No. 101819

I noticed that when I unboxed my strange rainblower, but that unfortunately won't help when I use my Derpy masked sniper, my Wonderbolts scoot, or the Backburner.

Though I am glad I can wear my normal stuff with the Rainblower.
>> No. 101822
Well the balloonicorn triggers it but that takes a misc slot too.
>> No. 101825
File 134087530896.jpg - (69.17KB , 500x545 , 126577.jpg )
I really dread the day when all you see is strange rainblowers called "Rainbow dashes rainboom blaster" or something like that. For some reasons those kind of things are just horribly annoying, of course it doesn't affect me so what do I care.
>> No. 101827

I wish this'd fit for the Rainblower:

Name - "You used to wonder what friendship could be"

Description - "Until I shared its magic with thee."

Unfortunately, that damned name is too long.


Not to mention it's ungodly expensive any way you get it.
>> No. 101840

Wait a second... if I take out the "You" and just have "Used to wonder what friendship could be," it fits!

I find my name for my Rainblower!

Now I am in need of a name/desc tag.
>> No. 101847
I'm going to update the Bookualizer's textures after Bronycon.

For those of you using it before then, just remember that RED is the Escape Plan and BLUE is the Equalizer.
>> No. 101851
File 134090309746.jpg - (415.29KB , 1779x1864 , eceb_inflatable_ballonicorn.jpg )
Please, it is possible?

There's already a 3d model in GMOD, so it would be easy
>> No. 101852
Link me to the Gmod version and I can give it a whirl.
>> No. 101855
>> No. 101856
got it, now I'm jsut digging around looking for the ingame models. why is nothing in the update labeled properly?
>> No. 101861
File 134090619966.png - (60.31KB , 325x427 , umAi5[2].png )
Here you are, for all of your... um... "needs".
>> No. 101872
Can you upload it to Mediafire please, or dropbox?

For some reason, my google stuff is in japanese, and i don't know how to change it because, it is in japanese.
>> No. 101874
>> No. 101875

Thanks! I wonder if there's a way to add jigglebones to her legs or tail...
>> No. 101876
there is, I'm just not bothered, I already broke the animations.
>> No. 101915
File 134093226356.jpg - (128.99KB , 894x894 , 130634448655.jpg )
>> No. 101921
I am sorry I was so worked up over it. It's just that some people, including me, found it weird that somepony would be asking for donations to make a mod.
>> No. 101923
File 134093372171.jpg - (25.65KB , 560x508 , bryburn duhh.jpg )
Ok, I managed to wade through all of... THAT. Here are some of my counterpoints.

>Today some ******* ruined my ulule project page and since the admins don't answer to the offensive comment removal, it's as good as dead.

Ern't there, saw you had a bit of an argument (one you could have walked away from rather easily mind you), saw now comment that could "ruin" the project.

>I'll talk in they for the ones who don't like me, but not use the term "you". I don't want to confuse the people who supported me on this tread

love you to

>it took nearly all my time over better paid options

Wait wait wait. Let me get this stright, you passed up PAYING jobs to do these things? You jsut thre out any and all sympathy I had for you at all.

>At that point, i just found out that i wasn't enthusiast right now, i was doing a drudgery, but on the other hand, many people asked me nicely to do more ponies. What do?

Stop making them, like a normal person.

>How about also spiting on the doctor for charging them a consultation? He tries to scam the money in exchange of advices!

Diffrence: His advice could save my life.

>Or kicking the Maid too? She just bring them dishes!

Diffrence: the maid dose something tangiable that helps in real life

>If time is as seriously useless as they said, how about they give all their drops earned stuff from TF2 to somepony who respect only when it's free, then grief them as soon as they ask something low in return after the 5th full free gift ? As a reply they'll said yes of course, but out of the context, they will not.

Sorry, it's obivious english is not your first language... but could you maybe rephrase this so I know exactly how this applies to anything?

>Anyway, i'll remove that ulule project page. I can't do this with so much worries over my head, and a particular one who blackmail me of reporting Valve of this for Term of service violation

Ah, and here is where we git to the nitty gritty. I'm not 100% sure how you make your mods, if you used valve made assiets or not, but if you do, asking for money for that IS copyright infringement. But again, I don't claim to know if you do or don't do this.

>Gamebanana, Tf2wh, Tf2outpost, reality augmented tf2 on iphone, i don't know how many youtube video have ads on it, they do a profit on ads for some, on premium/middlecredit system on others. With TF2 as their centerpiece of benefit.

Finnaly, a valid point. Of cource, I still bitch about these people to.

Seriously, you said your self, you passed up PAYING jobes to make these mods. That means one of 2 things:

1. You were planing on making money off of this in some way, shape or form at some point.

2. You are REALLY stupid when it comes to money.

That's my piece
>> No. 101924
File 134093374615.png - (279.20KB , 700x700 , PonyRaritySad4.png )
I'm sorry to hear you've decided to stop progress on it. Will the people who donated get their money back?
>> No. 101925

Wow I missed a lot.

Yeah, if he passed up a paying job to make these, I think he deserved all the hate he got.


He can prove he isn't a money grubbing crook if he does.
>> No. 101926
ulule dosnt take any money unless the goak is met. these people never paid a dime.
>> No. 101927
It's around pledging, that means it only charge you once the project reach the goal. Before that no you don't get charged.
>> No. 101930
File 134093525240.jpg - (40.25KB , 790x678 , PonyRarityBook3.jpg )
Ah, I see.
>> No. 101931
I could have sworn that it reached $300 though.
>> No. 101933
somepony probably withdrew their pledge. as long as it's before the end date of the fund raiser, they can do that.
>> No. 101934

Welcome to the internet I guess.

If you can't deal with haters andparasprites well thats not the right place for ya...
>> No. 101939
File 134093853942.gif - (82.65KB , 169x119 , 133733368798.gif )
I have no idea whats going on.

Can it be time for mods again?
>> No. 101946
I know i know don't feed theparasprites.
But damn. sometimes you have to defend your positions!
>> No. 101947
That's why i'm taking distance from my pony mods.
Can't believe even in a MLP chan you could get assaulted byparasprites.
>> No. 101957

I respect your decision. You have been a great modder and I have loved your mods. I have nothing to say but that I support you 100% so far.
>> No. 101961
File 134095351551.gif - (20.75KB , 256x256 , fluttershy_clap256x25_pixel_by_mihaaaa-d3hwkrx.gif )
a Flying Fluttershy would be nice to!
>> No. 101980
File 134096913423.png - (169.68KB , 1600x1511 )
Both of you, stop.
If I see any more of this pointless arguing from either of you, I'm going to issue bans. Consider this a warning.
>> No. 101981
File 134097230018.png - (247.03KB , 512x671 , scattergun.png )
And on that happy note, it's time for content!

So, as you all know, the Brawler's Baby Face's Blaster (such a cheesy name...) has actually been put in the game now. So it wouldn't be best if everypony ran around with two weapons that have the same exact model. But we still want our reskins, too. So what I did is port over the old reskins onto the new weapon. I don't have the weapon myself yet, but it seems to work okay in itemtest.

It may be best to delete the old files as well. If you need to, use the download currently on MLPTF2Mods for reference of files you need to remove.

Report any problems you might have to me, since I'm not perfect and all that
>> No. 101985
Don't worry, I got my fill of entertainment. If you read my post I said I was done anyway.

if there was another low poly model I could do it with, I'd be glad to. But I'm seriously no good ad body-type models.
>> No. 102016
File 134099827983.png - (119.88KB , 386x386 , implying.png )
I know this is all over but I just wanna say...

>How about also spiting on the doctor for charging them a consultation
>Paying for doctors

Oh Americans you so silly
>> No. 102018
Oh btw, Sniper's SMG went c_model so the mods we've got for that will be broken now. May be some other broken mods as well.
>> No. 102024
File 134100285351.gif - (10.00KB , 380x378 , Working Mare.gif )
I approve of this edition.

Also, does anypony know of any good reskins for the Degreaser/Axstinguisher?
>> No. 102027
File 134100393193.png - (259.37KB , 750x750 , Filly\'sFaceBlaster+Dashie\'sPocketPistol.png )
I made the Blaster a while ago. When they went official, I decided to make a skin for the Pistol to finish the set.
>> No. 102031
I think you put up the wrong download link.
>> No. 102033
That I did. Whoops.
>> No. 102034
Thanks for the heads up.
>> No. 102084
File 134107561394.jpg - (491.17KB , 860x860 , 1296836287726.jpg )
I request a Dərpy Ballonicorn
>> No. 102085
I didn't make that model, I simply ported a premade model. I refuse to use KPshadowsquirrel's models because of the absolutely ridicules polycount.

Find a low poly model and I'll give it a shot
>> No. 102106
Anypony want me to change the balloonicorn image in the pyro taunt to another pony?

I feel like doing that, but not sure which pony to change it to.
>> No. 102108

Given the rainbow that appears, I'd say Dashy, or perhaps Dərpy. Definitely a pegasus that enjoys making use of air time.
>> No. 102124
File 134110327912.jpg - (196.61KB , 1280x1024 , RainbowDash.jpg )
Also includes a Dərpy version, there are screenshots for both inside.
>> No. 102126
that is AWESOME! Uhm any chance of a Fluttershy one?
>> No. 102128
*Bangs head on desk*

This Toothbrush is getting annoying
>> No. 102129
File 134110599195.jpg - (190.52KB , 300x450 , 69 - caption no_one_cares pinkie_pie.jpg )
But seriously, I have no idea what you're talking about
>> No. 102130

I am currently trying to Mod the Wrench into a Toothbrush and I am trying to learn by failure as I have found no guide in modding C_items and w_items. Only how to build from scratch.
>> No. 102133
The teamcoloured flames breaks both the Rainblower fire, as well as the taunt for it, making both invisible. Would there be any way to fix it so you can still have the other flamethrowers teamcoloured, and leave the Rainblower alone?
>> No. 102136
Also, would you mind taking another whack at this, Commander G?

>> No. 102137
File 134111542521.png - (50.26KB , 450x660 , tumblr_m5nezcf1Aq1qc5ffho1_500.png )

it's always a "can you make a fluttershy version?" why is it never "can you make a pinkie veresion?" or "can you make a rarity version?"

Say please and I will ;D
>> No. 102165
File 134115401000.png - (97.71KB , 601x397 , 95508 - artist%253AJessy fluttershy.png )
Pleeeeeeease? Sorry Fluttershy is my favorite pony :P
>> No. 102166
File 134115483098.png - (119.64KB , 500x608 , 134102440387.png )
Eeh..sorry if i have been "asking" to much :(
>> No. 102172
File 134116553914.png - (318.62KB , 700x700 , 133293405796.png )
Wait, you're straight up taking the wrenches model and trying to modify it? Dude, just freakin model a toothbruth from scratch, it's gonna be a heck of a lot easier.

You can bring in the wrench model to use for size comparison, but seriously, make the model yourself.
>> No. 102183
No it's fine~ helps me with my vectors~

Before I do this, anypony want any other pony? or should I just do the rest of the mane 6?
>> No. 102193
Celestia/Luna would be neat
>> No. 102197

Well, Ok. I am still learning so I am not the brightest at modeling TF2 Weapons.

Also, Looking for Shotgun ideas that are Dentist related.
>> No. 102198
File 134119055183.jpg - (55.26KB , 1000x1000 , 16911 - drinking Lyra madmax sitting.jpg )
Hows everypony doing.
>> No. 102206
File 134120243961.jpg - (119.22KB , 1280x600 , arena_granary0001.jpg )
Pinkie sounds perfect
>> No. 102214

Doin' purdy good round here, how about yourself. Haven't seen you in some time.
>> No. 102215
I think a shotgun fashioned of out of a giant toothbrush may work
>> No. 102220
File 134121844743.png - (240.19KB , 1096x593 , 179806 - changeling changelings Chrysalis knife pun queen_chrysalis spy Team_Fortress_2 tf2 twil.png )
Any changeling items/weapons currently in the works right now? I'm really interested in seeing what's they look like for the spy, especially something for Your Eternal Reward.
>> No. 102221

There is a Chrysalis knife, though it doesn't seem to be on the site.

On the note of spy things, wasn't there a Dead Ringer thing that replaced the spy ragdoll with a Rarity one, or no?

Probably not in hindsight, as it'd be pretty obvious.
>> No. 102224

And by knife, I mean a Your Eternal Reward.
>> No. 102225
New or old Luna?
>> No. 102226

>> No. 102227
File 134124178912.png - (248.38KB , 888x835 , teenie_tickleshy_color__d__by_diegotan-d55oeto.png )
I'm gonna work on a gentleman's Ushkana skin.
>> No. 102230
File 134124258824.png - (170.33KB , 2106x2408 , princess_celestia_vector_by_xain_russell-d4xclmn.png )
Good, because I just made both xD
I'm doing the mane 6, plus both lunas, pink celestia (that hair is complicated for me to do like this =_=) and Trixie
And maybe Lyra later
>> No. 102232
File 134125427705.jpg - (200.59KB , 1280x1024 , Derpy.jpg )
Okay, here is version 2, it contains

the mane six including Rainbow Dash from the last (and Fluttershy, for the person who wanted it) Season 1 and 2 Luna, Celestia and Trixie
Any more requests?
>> No. 102238
I made a YER and Revolver skin based off Chrysalis. Right now I'm making skins for every other Spy weapon. I'll give a link when they're all done.
>> No. 102241
File 134126323639.jpg - (503.25KB , 1600x1600 , 133205520803.jpg )
A job well done!
>> No. 102259
File 134128403062.jpg - (52.35KB , 697x960 , 149426_431423346870665_405375719475428_93564301_59910287_n.jpg )
This weapon's going to be perfect.
The kind of weapon of which I've dreamed since I was small...

Everypony will shout 'MEDIC'!
A heavy eating his sandvich,
What they don't know is that I'll back stab them all...
>> No. 102289
Hey guys, I just got back from Bronycon!

Just before I left I noticed some odd behavior with the Bookualizer's skins, and I'll be looking into it as well as adding a bloodstained cover for the new equalizer later today.

I have plans. ;D

Why not modify the particle effect so it includes multiple ponies? Add me on steam if you need help with the particle editor.
>> No. 102344
Gotta love Valve and their hiding things for a long time.

These are legitimate, as you can see some of the heads in the Engineer Update video.
>> No. 102355
>> No. 102380
We have passed over 404 posts. Great work people.

New thread can be found here >>102379
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