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File 142698128287.jpg - (60.72KB , 800x450 , 800.jpg )
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So, I found out recently that Netflix and Saban have teamed up to resurrect an old 80's favorite: Popples! What are Popples you may ask? Popples were a cute line of stuffed animals that was concieved by the same company that developed Care Bears. They were marsupial-like, in that they had a pouch which their bodies could be stuffed into, hence becoming a ball. There was an animated series that aired from 1986 to 1988, which became extremely popular, and actually was competition for Care Bears, possibly 80's MLP!
Now, they're bringing them back, with a new animated series, to debut later this year. My question, /gala/, is this: Based on the pic showing the new versions of the Popples, would you consider watching the first episode? Or would you need to wait a while?

File 142668184889.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )
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>> No. 1815050
Ah, that's right, I always wanted a capture card...I should think about money for that as well, I always wanted to record video games. I'll watch for a bit.

It's one of those games that is just addicting like that.

That's a shame, there are a lot of DS games out there.

Good to know.
>> No. 1815051
I think it was also, i didn't want to be staring down at tiny screens for a long time, this being before I got a smartphone, but even now, I don't like playing games on the smartphone.
>> No. 1815054

File 142669227403.png - (1.30MB , 1500x800 , Summer café.png )
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Why Hello there and welcome to the How Are You threads, HAY for short. Where we talk about our days, and how you are doing.

now when springs/summer is almost here and people can sit outside enjoying the warm sun with some good friends.

Why not stop by, talk about your day, or just hang around meeting new and meet old people.

Old indoor cafe version:
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>> No. 1812442
File 142692203197.png - (1.12MB , 864x1024 , 176616 - artist-caashley custom derpy derpy_hooves plush plushie Plushies toy.png )

>lightly massages your temples..

>> No. 1812443
File 142692205257.png - (159.15KB , 372x877 , 596026__safe_solo_anthro_queen+chrysalis_glasses_pixiv_love+heart_suit_tie_business+suit.png )
About to resume the sleep you left, I feel. I think my aides are kicking in about now. A bit earlier than

I like being open-minded with things, especially music!
I listen to electronic garbage, mostly :P
And yeah I think I'm about to sleep whether I want to or not, sorry for cutting short
>> No. 1812571
File 142694370116.png - (631.93KB , 4266x3041 , good_morning_pinkie_pie_by_ookami_95-d4vnjfe.png )
Hi. :3

File 142637015551.png - (168.32KB , 600x705 , 131465578685.png )
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Cos nothing says friendship better than a nice big slurrrrp or two!

So come on in and slobber.. err.. tell us about your day! Everyone's welcome! We won't bite.. just lick!
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>> No. 1808134
Tuning isn't tricky, it's just whenever I get a guitar (and bass, obviously) I take it to get professionally set-up in the tuning I had planned for it. I asked for this one to be set up a full step down, in D Standard but they set it up to standard anyway and since it's a two hour drive from here I couldn't exactly go back and have them do it again (even though they offered)

I decided since it's a five string, it's better to keep it in standard anyway but since it's set up for standard I can't really tune it down without the strings picking up too much slack to play.

So a second bass in D standard would be ideal, but of course.. money.

Not really, just randomly browsing. Right now it's Pokemon stuff. I was actually maybe going to check out one of your vids next since I've never actually watched 'em.

>> No. 1808135
File 142669231641.png - (229.77KB , 999x1024 , You did what.png )
Morning. How's it going?
>> No. 1808136


File 142621973535.jpg - (112.07KB , 600x480 , 1393960056551.jpg )
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>> No. 1808071
File 142666367905.jpg - (316.99KB , 440x669 , thousand sons.jpg )

Probably sad he doesn't have more of them to kill

When you hold a grudge powered and dark-magic fueled hateboner for 10,000 years, things get a bit weird like that
>> No. 1808082
File 142666619346.gif - (429.31KB , 500x500 , spaaaaace.gif )

It seems the devs bought into the fanwank about the difficulty

>> No. 1808096
also new thread even tho this is superded


File 142613917124.png - (406.91KB , 750x762 , 131006664139.png )
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Ya got it.

Ya flaunt it.

Ya work it.

Ya taunt it.

Just come on in and be faaaaaabulous with us! Tell us about your day, anything and everything. You go girl!
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>> No. 1803136
Well, I'm sure puppies are better but dogbreath is worst breath
>> No. 1803141
File 142637030681.png - (147.83KB , 801x601 , full.png )
yeah, it can get pretty bad if you don't take care of it. lol
>> No. 1803142
File 142637032070.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317) (2).png )
New thread thingy!

File 142583510495.jpg - (337.01KB , 1280x1415 , emerald herald in a nutshell.jpg )
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>Be wary of OP
>Try posting
>Fatty ahead
>Tripcode ahead
>Praise the Sunny!
>Amazing post ahead

>I did it!
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>> No. 1800689
File 142622061098.png - (135.69KB , 512x512 , Party Hard, Tangerine is finally going to sleep.png )
>> No. 1800691
File 142622136592.jpg - (276.28KB , 1600x900 , 2015-03-13_00001.jpg )
Had his faith failed, this quest would have most likely failed as well, but luckily that didn't happen!
After all, these nightmarish creatures CAN be felled, they CAN be beaten.
>> No. 1800698
Forgot to say I made a new thread.

File 138922292851.jpg - (255.65KB , 1280x720 , pgbl-xnpp149.jpg )
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What do you do when you're stuck?
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>> No. 1798519
Hi, this side of you.
>> No. 1798702
Herro Adrbeay!
>> No. 1799427
Hello, flamboyant English speaker.

File 142593015229.gif - (729.11KB , 1280x720 , the_fun_is_still_bubbling_by_snapai-d7jryas.gif )
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Welcome everypony!
This is HAY thread.
You come in here, talk about your day...ponies or any other topic.

Everypony is always welcome to hop in and chat.

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>> No. 1799235
File 142613916503.jpg - (61.64KB , 680x564 , c51_png.jpg )

I can't find anything relating to this online. Maybe it's just a bug. And maybe it has something to do with daylight savings?

I'm going to reinstall it and see if that fixes it.
>> No. 1799237
File 142613920942.png - (446.06KB , 576x320 , procedure check before start.png )
Could be.
some smaller bugs.
hope it will help!
>> No. 1799238
File 142613929358.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )
New thread thingy:

File 142564985029.gif - (679.86KB , 800x450 , t5e4868_174132__UNOPT__twilight-sparkle_animated.gif )
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Season 5 of MLP: FiM goes out on 4th of april!
Hiatus is almost near the end, everypony hyped about it or is it just me?

Season 5 hype train :

Season 5 trailer :

Oh, also this is How are you thread...feel free to jump in and just talk about your day or w/e topic you want to, everypony is welcome!

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>> No. 1795482
File 142592940128.jpg - (2.86MB , 4608x3072 , CIMG0318.jpg )
True, true, true.
all about tires and balance.
okies. you Do take care. thank you for the chit chats!
>> No. 1795502
File 142593021873.png - (117.89KB , 900x852 , 32263.png )
>> No. 1795597
File 142593254079.jpg - (72.09KB , 903x884 , 142472799630.jpg )

File 142428932085.png - (756.21KB , 1181x1583 , EMBLEM 4.png )
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Welcome stranger, comrades and lurkers alike!

This is The Order of The Insomniacs, ready to accept and entertain the newest of people to the oldest of legends. Packed with exciting daily madness, your dose of unhinged chaos and of course the magical aura of this thing we call 'friendship'.

So why not introduce yourself? Make a few friends, relieve yourself of chronic boredom or even just chat along! There's a lot of oppurtunities to start up a conversation, so don't be shy! Whether be it spontaneous roleplay or your usual babbling, anything goes.

And remember, treat everyone with respect and maintain your manners.

Have a great day!
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>> No. 1795186
File 142591463022.jpg - (14.42KB , 236x237 , 3800143823904ab15a10697949fdb62e.jpg )
Morning Flurry!
>> No. 1795211
File 142591621446.jpg - (59.07KB , 300x300 , tumblr_mjuoppQCXL1roaol2o5_400.jpg )
Good morning.
>> No. 1795243
new thread


File 142586841824.gif - (829.19KB , 500x281 , tumblr_m2y7uxtkKo1rskeexo1_500.gif )
1794578 No. 1794578 [View]

File 142547395359.png - (78.67KB , 391x341 , tumblr_nknxyqoQoS1sqeayuo1_400.png )
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The stories aren't in right now, please leave a message.
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>> No. 1793661
>> No. 1793671
File 142583569135.png - (60.76KB , 658x586 , Screenshot (89).png )
um... n-nuh-uh... I have other, less l-lewd cats to draw...
>> No. 1794002
File 142585103882.gif - (357.49KB , 821x684 , 407539.gif )
>How's the sexy kitty doing? Still buried in butter?

It's just like my fanfics.

Afternoon, 'stroy.

File 142049917505.png - (30.93KB , 799x532 , 140993695013.png )
1717073 No. 1717073 [View]
This is the official /chat/land serial. If you see another thread direct them here. Everypony equal, everypony loved.

/chat/ will rise again.
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>> No. 1769148
To me turn-offs actually appear more powerful than turn-ons.
>> No. 1769817
you start. i don't have any. unless you count being asexual but that doesn't count.
>> No. 1791958
File 142571462403.png - (92.05KB , 300x360 , pink pone is ded and so is this thread.png )
not bumping because ded.

>bumping out of sheer irony

File 142522661443.png - (160.94KB , 1020x784 , derpy__by_pinkiemina-d5mrdix.png )
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13.8 billion years ago when the universe was freshly EXPLODED, something happened that forced a perfect series of events leading to the an animation error in the first episode of Friendship is Magic. Just sit back and think on that for a moment. All those years, all the space debris that could have wiped out Earth as we know it, the potential universe changing errors, and this one survives and thrives! Friends, Citizens of Ponyville, fandom people, those just here for the questionable pony images, it's time to celebrate.

Also welcome to HAY,
So how is everypone?

Old thread :

Last edited at Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 09:18

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>> No. 1790794
It was very charming.
>> No. 1790796
File 142564933240.png - (403.72KB , 576x320 , Just in case.png )
had to re watch it so i found an tR thus the screen caps :3
>> No. 1790807
File 142564987967.jpg - (5.56KB , 241x222 , 742309__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_clothes_vector_dress_a+canterlot+wedding_bridesmaid+dress_sto.jpg )

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