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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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File 141761196049.jpg - (654.26KB , 2560x1919 , XLHyDmh.jpg )
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Welcome to Story Thread home of the story, can I take your order?
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>> No. 1679509
File 141794442516.gif - (754.07KB , 432x343 , aj61.gif )
Oh no!

Heh, thanks.
>> No. 1679516
>> No. 1679975

File 141725073476.png - (401.17KB , 629x651 , pinkie interesting story~.png )
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>mia faccia quando this thread


Also, it has a link over down here...

...but it doesn't have a green hat which is disappointing~
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>> No. 1674224
File 141761195354.gif - (106.40KB , 360x427 , it's no lie misa in the crowd said meh any harm in CARAMELLDANSEN!.gif )
Yayety yay.

How's your day shaping up?
>> No. 1674227
File 141761199914.png - (68.92KB , 512x512 , Hoof bump!.png )

Probably boring, but eh, lately that's a given.

How is yours going?
>> No. 1674228

File 141720660033.jpg - (94.47KB , 894x894 , 130329868180.jpg )
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Are you aware why the HAY is Star Wars themed this Friday? You will be.

Now then, how is everyone?

Old thread:
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>> No. 1673525
File 141755977927.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
>Implying that's not a good thing
The only issue is that grinding is a pain in the ass.
>> No. 1673528
Good! It's meant to be!

Why did the Pinkie Pie?

Because like this joke, she doesn't even make sense!
>> No. 1673732
File 141757049709.png - (148.61KB , 346x346 , Cosmic Spark blank.png )
My mind totally broke.

My laptop fell to the ground from my bed (fell asleep that way) and I spent 15 minutes trying to reload to a previous save, from before my laptop fell.

File 141693210846.gif - (76.94KB , 720x360 , globe3t.gif )
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How are you?

Where are you? Where have you been? Where do you want to be? What are your favorite places on Earth?

Old thread
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>> No. 1667792
File 141720629096.png - (1.40MB , 921x867 , AlittleTwidash.png )
Indeed , indeed :3
Thanks c:

Yeah I guess it does...but myeah, when it comes to parties, always hide a 5L orange juice somewhere..its good to have fresh juice with no alcohol mixed in it just in case. :3
No need to apologize :)

Oh, you wouldn't know how much it helps xD
owww, you should get something sweet! or your blood sugar might drop to critical lvls!!
(Well I had some chocolate a month ago or so)

>> No. 1667794
File 141720660034.png - (690.43KB , 1280x990 , vinyl and neon.png )

for my friend,s always^^

sounds like a good plan. just hide it somewhere cool place, ok?

no... i don´t im bad at mixing stuffs.
pfff ive lost enough blood daily so not knowing any difference
now this may chock you but i haven´t had chocolate for like years-
>> No. 1667795
File 141720662260.jpg - (59.88KB , 1024x768 , large.jpg )
New thread!

File 141681145734.jpg - (101.22KB , 750x579 , 716.jpg )
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In the future, stories will be written by androids able to process upto one kilobyte of information a minute!
With these ultra powerful processing abilities, stories will be written and edited so fast, there will be no need for humans to contribute to literature.
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>> No. 1743235
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>> No. 1745898
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File 141592205710.jpg - (156.85KB , 1500x1000 , EMBLEM 3.jpg )
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Welcome stranger, comrades and lurkers alike!

This is The Order of The Insomniacs, ready to accept and entertain the newest of people to the oldest of legends. Packed with exciting daily madness, your dose of unhinged chaos and of course the magical aura of this thing we call 'friendship'.

So why not introduce yourself? Make a few friends, relieve yourself of chronic boredom or even just chat along! There's a lot of oppurtunities to start up a conversation, so don't be shy! Whether be it spontaneous roleplay or your usual babbling, anything goes.

And remember, treat everyone with respect and maintain your manners.

Have a great day!
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>> No. 1664039
File 141696889384.png - (204.90KB , 313x428 , It's the most wonderful time of the year.png )
I would've expected a new thread by now
>> No. 1664043
File 141696898324.jpg - (103.15KB , 907x718 , 1340531179496.jpg )
That sounds magical

Making it right now
>> No. 1664049
new thread niggas


File 141650589108.jpg - (48.02KB , 799x614 , twitired.jpg )
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Sometimes you wanna ask people how they're doing so badly that there's just no time for sleep. Let's stay up until we hallucinate.

Old Thread: >>1651972
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>> No. 1663272
i'll do it
>> No. 1663273
File 141693207160.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Hmm.. anon making the thread... this worries me.
>> No. 1663275


Last edited at Tue, Nov 25th, 2014 09:18

File 141650905128.png - (188.84KB , 644x569 , tumblr_neyjv858TE1r3r84uo1_1280.png )
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Oh you don't want this thread, it was posted on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.
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>> No. 1661718
File 141680413875.png - (419.27KB , 784x689 , umad3.png )
I will be shortly streaming Massive Chalice for the enjoyment of some at the following address:

Attendance is optional.
>> No. 1661799
File 141680980548.png - (231.98KB , 569x480 , this is where i sleep.png )
>> No. 1661829

File 141623326233.png - (179.82KB , 927x940 , SS_252.png )
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Howdy! How are things going? Doesn't matter what your answer is, we're here to listen. Unless we're asleep. But we're usually here.

Expect lots of sunshine and moderate chocolate

Old Thread: >>1646753
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>> No. 1656662
Guess that's my cue to drop. Cheers.
>> No. 1656673
That's just the danger of them fancy words boy.

>why we bother?
'Cause most people are scared as fuck of the alternative.
>> No. 1656676
You one delusional muthafucka. Would you like for some creepy ass guy to eat your kids? Huh?

File 141623764235.jpg - (235.26KB , 1600x696 , homeland_security_by_undyingnephalim-d6rmc79.jpg )
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I don't know what I'm supposed to put here, aside from this link:

So, new thread! Gotta love that new thread smell...
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>> No. 1656711
File 141650778769.jpg - (11.50KB , 288x306 , protip.jpg )
>> No. 1656714
File 141650784149.gif - (61.82KB , 275x200 , 40153-I-know-I-have-a-gif-for-this-s-Q0MH.gif )
>mia faccia quando
>> No. 1656752
New thread

File 141567106953.png - (207.97KB , 1208x1035 , Cutest fluttershy point ever(1).png )
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the safest and most active board. c:

hi ponies! i was just wondering... what are all of your threads about? Maybe, you can share a little about each of your lovely /gala/ threads, and tell us all a little about yourself.

i am thinking, it might be nice to have some more interaction between threads in a new thread... and eventually, expand back out into new threads, while still posting and enjoying your gala homes.

does that sound like a fun idea, maybe?
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>> No. 1653807
File 141633758238.jpg - (82.84KB , 397x700 , 140107235591.jpg )
no you don't
>> No. 1655703
File 141644510442.png - (22.93KB , 521x385 , 91882__safe_rule%252B63_sad_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice.png )
>> No. 1655922
File 141645557361.jpg - (97.07KB , 500x500 , 5ad6b32130d556d3d4f8dc394e4816cc.jpg )
would you like the last say?

File 141596424341.jpg - (86.14KB , 720x540 , Darla_Dimple.jpg )
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Gonna make your momma proud!

Welcome to the HAY thread. Come on in and tell us how you're doing, talk to your buddies... but no matter what you do, just remember to do it big and loud!

Old thread over here:
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>> No. 1651969
File 141623294981.png - (1.21MB , 902x975 , SSC_285.png )

I wish there were something I could do to help
>> No. 1651970
File 141623313219.jpg - (162.07KB , 879x1024 , SS_322.jpg )
It's the mess I made, and I have to clean it up.
>> No. 1651973
New Thread:

File 141594208705.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )
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>> No. 1652023

A lot of these were pre-order bonuses, which is understandable, but not all of them.
>> No. 1652024
Make a new thread before I burst with rage


Also pay attention to your steam messages
>> No. 1652026

I made the thing?

File 141568021854.png - (2.40MB , 3200x2400 , 130343925987.png )
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Hello there.

I'd like to welcome you to the latest iteration of The Story Thread. Take a seat, say hi, read some stories if you like, but y'all best behave yourselves now. And remember to have fun every now and then. Not too much fun, though, that's just silly.

Got some stories below, take a look:
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>> No. 1646533
File 141594241222.png - (118.94KB , 289x310 , 132620095872.png )
The best part? It's completely not sinister at all.
Pffft! Haha!
>> No. 1646774
>> No. 1647656
Crimmy can't have energy drinks anymore. They make me sick, and been the cause of issues health wise with my dad.

Oh and yeah, so my dad had to have a test done... We hope the results don't come back saying he has cancer.

So uh... Hi.. What's up? I'm on a phone so I might miss someone saying hi

File 141562581678.jpg - (150.64KB , 900x900 , Happy cleaning.jpg )
1639365 No. 1639365 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Now when we are nearing us winter and soon what to be big holidays, How about making the home or threads more clean? some people do spring cleaning why don´t we do winter cleaning?
fresh, sparkling, clean,

Light up the fireplace. start sorting decorations, start hunting for an tree.Early you say? rubbish!

How are you doing?
sit down at the table, or why not the big comfy couch, have a chit chat, meet old friends meet new friends. Everyone is welcome in here
i will just be in the kitchen grabbing the ginger breads

Old soon to be sparkly room:
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>> No. 1646752
File 141596387751.jpg - (73.74KB , 600x600 , fox-window_2488028k-600x600.jpg )

Yeah, you are Austrian, aren’t you? I can’t remember.

It’s easy to summarize things when so little has occurred.

Frozen pizza is O.K. sometimes. I ate a plain cheese one, so it was bland, but it was the only pizza that we had left. I always cook my pizze, but usually for a small amount of time because our portable oven is somewhat powerful. If I cooked it for fourteen minutes instead of thirteen, it would have been close to being burnt on one side.

Gah, I don’t like rethinking about food after I ate. Kind of like how I’m uninterested in sex after I… well, you know.
>> No. 1646754
Austrian? Haha, that's a funny way to pronounce Australian. Still, this makes me think that you know me. I don't know you, Anon. You're Anon

I think that you'd make a pretty bad food critic then. Aren't all frozen pizzas just cheese? They say that they're something else then you get them out and it's just cheese and sauce. I'm OK with that. I like to microwave, annoying how your oven really cooks one side. No fan in it then?
>> No. 1646755
Since no one else is gonan do it



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