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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost to the annals of time
Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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File 141480754381.jpg - (156.85KB , 1500x1000 , EMBLEM 3.jpg )
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Welcome stranger, comrades and lurkers alike!

This is The Order of The Insomniacs, ready to accept and entertain the newest of people to the oldest of legends. Packed with exciting daily madness, your dose of unhinged chaos and of course the magical aura of this thing we call 'friendship'.

So why not introduce yourself? Make a few friends, relieve yourself of chronic boredom or even just chat along! There's a lot of oppurtunities to start up a conversation, so don't be shy! Whether be it spontaneous roleplay or your usual babbling, anything goes.

And remember, treat everyone with respect and maintain your manners.

Have a great day!
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>> No. 1645561
File 141591138131.gif - (10.37KB , 500x200 , tumblr_neylsbdZrf1ry25ofo1_r1_500.gif )
That sounds mind numbing.
>> No. 1645578
Meh a little. Though I'm using a series of spreadsheets to ensure data integrity within our database system
>> No. 1645871
new thread btw


File 141533186397.jpg - (470.94KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_ne8h16tGJf1tnydxio1_1280.jpg )
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“Throw a stick, and the servile dog wheezes and pants and stumbles to bring it to you. Do the same before a cat, and he will eye you with coolly polite and somewhat bored amusement. And just as inferior people prefer the inferior animal which scampers excitedly because someone else wants something, so do superior people respect the superior animal which lives its own life and knows that the puerile stick-throwings of alien bipeds are none of its business and beneath its notice. The dog barks and begs and tumbles to amuse you when you crack the whip. That pleases a meekness-loving peasant who relishes a stimulus to his self importance. The cat, on the other hand, charms you into playing for its benefit when it wishes to be amused; making you rush about the room with a paper on a string when it feels like exercise, but refusing all your attempts to make it play when it is not in the humour. That is personality and individuality and self-respect -- the calm mastery of a being whose life is its own and not yours -- and the superior person recognises and appreciates this because he too is a free soul whose position is assured, and whose only law is his own heritage and aesthetic sense.”
― H.P. Lovecraft "Cats and Dogs"

Seeing as how the previous thread ended on the subject of cats I thought it fitting to start the new one on the same breadth.
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>> No. 1640924
File 141567976713.png - (141.32KB , 900x740 , 164923.png )
Well that makes things simple.
>> No. 1640929
File 141567993509.png - (255.63KB , 569x480 , you're fine.png )
Well, imagine my surprise at finding comfort watching cartoon about amazing technicolor miniature equines! I never though that would hook me, but then, I treated it like I would any other show or anime...I marathoned what I could, and couldn't stop watching. By the time I got to Winter Wrap Up, I was broken, just smiles and tears the whole way through, and had the best sleep in a while because of it. And this site, it's changed me for the better, I've learned so much and grew as a person. It's amazing knowing just how much could happen from all of this.
>> No. 1640944
File 141568042322.jpg - (145.62KB , 623x623 , 231790.jpg )
Oh man, I was hooked by the time I got to that song too. Weird to think how much we can do now via the internet. and that sometimes we really can help people we haven't even seen.

New Thread Thisaway:

File 141531136512.png - (1.79MB , 4799x3893 , sunset_shimmer_and_sunset_shimmer_by_hampshireukbrony-d6qbs1c.png )
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Why not? She's been popping up more in our beloved HAYs? So Sunset edition go!

Whether your flavor of Sunset is a teenage girl or an adorable pony? Um... do people even like that raging she-demon? I don't know where this stuff comes from. Just come in and tell us about your day. :3

Don't like Sunset, sorry, it was inevitable. :P

Old somewhat Sunset filled thread....
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>> No. 1639363
File 141562551460.png - (173.37KB , 693x696 , Mother_Celestia_nuzzles.png )
*Holds close and snuggles*
how is?
>> No. 1639364
File 141562562764.png - (510.91KB , 800x533 , 139691989679.png )
*nuzzles cheek*

Ish okay.

How's you?
>> No. 1639366
*murrs' okay, okay is good^^
bout the same have cleaned some rooms
NEW THREAD>>1639365

File 141511214658.jpg - (10.37KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
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Hit 'em right between the eyes. With... talk of how you're doing today and stuff.

Dashstarter target exceeded:
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>> No. 1633623
File 141532246579.png - (210.39KB , 957x1024 , colgate-filly-wink-brush.png )
Hello invisible person!

We could all use more of that ;)
>> No. 1633624
and I typed noko instead of sage. I think that means I need sleep
>> No. 1635060
Damn, is my time setting screwed or has no one posted in here for like 12 hours?

File 141507482731.png - (336.10KB , 644x495 , 00-Vangoh.png )
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Whether you suck at puns, or blow at puns, they are fantastically exhalerating.

What did the vegetarians say when they saw meat being eaten in a movie theatre?
Lettuce Leaf...

No? How about this one?
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>> No. 1633837
File 141533203669.png - (253.90KB , 725x1200 , I don't even.png )

Works pretty sketchily for me, too. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.
>> No. 1634269
What do you call people who scam you out of your story? Prose cons!
>> No. 1636210
File 141547314221.jpg - (292.33KB , 1526x989 , AJ-Caption-Shire.jpg )

File 141486229570.jpg - (52.14KB , 573x594 , 139923359237.jpg )
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Kinda like that crazy kickstarter fad, except more awesome. Just talk about your day, for every post, Dash's awesome ego goes up +1. There's even different goals here....

-1 post - Dash claimed first, #DealWithIt
-50 posts - Dash made the thread 20% cooler
-100 posts - Rainbow Rocks 2: SPOILER ALERT a 70 minute movie of Dash rocking... as a pony.... on a stool
-500 posts - Dash's ego is massive.
-1000 posts - I don't even know anymore!

Old awesome-less thread:
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>> No. 1628888
File 141511158481.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )
Need new thread..
>> No. 1628891
File 141511195387.png - (122.46KB , 600x600 , STAR TREK!!!!!.png )


>> No. 1628895
Here ya go chaps



File 141486012527.jpg - (237.18KB , 850x852 , marie piano.jpg )
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Music has been part of human history since forever.
But how much does it affect our mind and body?
As most might know already, a lot!

Classical music might be the most notable one:
It helps with anxiety, fear, depressions, even heart diseases, improves concentration, creativity and productivity. It even affects our immunity system positively, helps with pain, stress and insomnia.

Rock&Pop has shown to improve mood and wake you up while meditation music does the contrary. Jazz happens to be more complex and requires a certain concentration that actually can stress a fair share of people and thus finds rarely use in therapy. Folklore may cause trust and feelings of safety however does work the other way around if it happens to be too alien for you. Spiritual, due clear voices and the spiritual background will most often work against stress and cause meditation-like effects and is uplifting in general.

- Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Joachim Trappe, Deutsche Herzstiftung (german heart foundation).
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>> No. 1628599

Awesomesauce! What about?

Nightnight Windy!
>> No. 1628611
>> No. 1628621

File 141467914074.png - (0.99MB , 894x819 , AJ and Big Mac.png )
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Welcome to the How Are You Thread, where everyone is welcome, so come on in and say Hi!

Just don't let the thread get to 3000 posts, otherwise...
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>> No. 1623461
File 141486423776.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
oh, stupid me... but that´s no news
>> No. 1623490
File 141486493291.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
I falled out for dinnars
>> No. 1623493
File 141486501245.png - (827.64KB , 1236x841 , 139473543436.png )

File 141456493150.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )
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It's the story thread

Why do I always have to make new ones?
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>> No. 1623275
File 141486020887.png - (168.20KB , 1239x996 , 135525695602.png )
Oh, okay. Fun times.


I know. I'm just waiting.
>> No. 1623277

thanks :3
>> No. 1624857
File 141492145739.jpg - (367.96KB , 854x480 , WiiU_screenshot_GamePad_017D8.jpg )
What is wrong with this game's difficulty when I can spend so long on one mission and then pull off scores like this in a mission from the same area on the first try?

File 141220701663.jpg - (156.85KB , 1500x1000 , EMBLEM 3.jpg )
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Welcome stranger, comrades and lurkers alike!

This is The Order of The Insomniacs, ready to accept and entertain the newest of people to the oldest of legends. Packed with exciting daily madness, your dose of unhinged chaos and of course the magical aura of this thing we call 'friendship'.

So why not introduce yourself? Make a few friends, relieve yourself of chronic boredom or even just chat along! There's a lot of oppurtunities to start up a conversation, so don't be shy! Whether be it spontaneous roleplay or your usual babbling, anything goes.

And remember, treat everyone with respect and maintain your manners.

Have a great day!
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>> No. 1621549
File 141478869206.jpg - (245.22KB , 612x750 , Uzumaki_Naruto_full_831384.jpg )
Yeah, just one for right now.
It's set up pretty nice and forces people to get in groups of six and work together.
The next one should be showing up here very soon.
>> No. 1621776
File 141479380399.jpg - (462.16KB , 756x856 , 1347074698039.jpg )
Good, a game like that needs a lot of those. Especially for that community...
>> No. 1622402
new thread


File 140685847027.jpg - (18.22KB , 501x376 , 405771332.jpg )
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hello and welcome to the BOO!!! scared you didn't i.

Scary Remix:

Skywares fav song:


a Fail so hard that it's very being is horror:

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>> No. 1626535
File 141498564778.jpg - (99.66KB , 672x800 , 1388432848230.jpg )
>> No. 1626865
File 141499792743.png - (477.49KB , 1024x1277 , f31b818bd486d8d696d0300c1afb0aad.png )
Rad site.
>> No. 1627074
new thread because FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY!

Come and post my little pony fwiends!

File 141444105837.png - (65.19KB , 375x360 , sticker,375x360_u1.png )
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Limited edition prints, also known as LEs, have been standard in printmaking from the nineteenth century onwards. A limit to the print run is crucial, as many traditional printmaking techniques can only produce a limited number of best quality impressions. This can be as few as ten or twenty for a technique like drypoint, but more commonly would be in the low hundreds - print runs of over a thousand are regarded as dubious by the serious art market for original prints, even though with many techniques there is no loss of quality.

Edition sizes higher than about 500 are likely to be of print reproductions of paintings, of much less value, though some modern techniques blur this traditional distinction. As in other fields, the use of the concept has become largely driven by marketing imperatives, and has been misused in parts of the market. In particular, lithographic, photogravure, rotogravure, and giclee reproductions of prints, derived from photographs of an original print, which are most unlikely to have any investment value, are often issued in limited editions implying that they will have such value. These need to be distinguished from the original artist's print, carefully produced directly from his work, and printed under the artist's supervision.

Welcome to the HAY, the one and only place for HAY-ers and neighHAY-ers alike. Stick around! Have a good time! And don't let the thread reach almost 3000 posts!

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>> No. 1619044
File 141467892165.png - (124.54KB , 900x648 , Sweetie scared 2.png )
A PONY themed thread?
Have you gone mad!?
>> No. 1619045
File 141467903564.png - (340.17KB , 900x836 , bigderpsmile-(n1299747666669).png )
>> No. 1619047



File 141422393013.jpg - (80.38KB , 732x800 , drinky.jpg )
1610177 No. 1610177 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
This thread dedicated to the best of drinks.

Also come and talk and stuff
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>> No. 1616971
File 141456439894.gif - (50.02KB , 265x148 , 379407__safe_twilight+sparkle_animated_meme_plot_princess+cadance_a+canterlot+wedding_extreme+sp.gif )
>confirmed plots
>> No. 1616972
File 141456463259.png - (276.53KB , 549x401 , stoppu.png )
It's not just 'complicated'.

The game has a literal build where in one turn you pee enough to flood the world. There is no logic in the game.
>> No. 1616974
new therd


File 141415402370.jpg - (34.56KB , 312x480 , Stack_4.jpg )
1608344 No. 1608344 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hey there everyone. Do you like stacks? Don't know what i'm talking about? Well maybe you stack some stuff up or you like CS or you fall off your skateboard Now you have to go and do all these things

Anyway, this is the HAY thread, so you get in here and tell us How You Are. You know you want to, you hopeless, depressed, insomniac. Get in here!

2935 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 1613930
File 141444189695.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Well, if thats what you're best suited for and wanna do, sure. But all of this does apply to just meeting and chatting rather than doing outright interviews, too.

And for the record, new thread. Might wanna move over there.
>> No. 1613940
File 141444203782.png - (352.17KB , 571x657 , I want to hold a mirror up to society and then win the record for worlds largest mirror.png )
Nah, I'm actually fine in that regard. I've met quite a few musicians already and have no trouble doing so in the future as well, it's the obligation part that freaks me out. Though it does open the door to those cases where it's not as simple as just 'running into them as they mingle with the crowd' or 'hanging out by the tourbus' heh.

It's funny but, I'm not at all as uncomfortable approaching the musicians as I am, y'know, normal people.

Yeaaaaah, I guuuuueeeess.
>> No. 1614386
'Sup, y'all, how're you doing? A lot of old faces I see here.

Last edited at Mon, Oct 27th, 2014 16:41

File 141391094536.png - (2.93MB , 1920x1080 , Twilight_Story.png )
1603299 No. 1603299 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
This is a thread about stories, and the people who tell them, write them, and live them. Come in, and share your life and time with others, in peaceful coexistence.

See here [] for an archive of stories long past.
2469 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 1610179
i mek new threrd

>> No. 1610224
File 141422639029.jpg - (44.03KB , 600x938 , 554961_562677127131085_1000056094_n.jpg )
I won. I'm starting a new game with Saikar, Noble, and Adwin. I have got to find a way to stream these. it would make it way more interesting.
>> No. 1610227
Adwin tries to buy the red set from Saikar for $457. Saikar refuses

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