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File 140070411815.png - (375.34KB , 894x894 , TKC emblem toppled.png )
1369441 No. 1369441
For those that remember: Welcome back!

For those that do not:

Does the party not stop until you arrive?
Does your arrival inspire crickets to play their song in loud approval?
Does your mind just cease to function whenever you're faced with those strange "other people"?
Well be welcome regardless of the answer, there's bleach and more, a general thread in the widest sense of the word.
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>> No. 1369457
File 140070446076.jpg - (240.56KB , 600x888 , Suigintou_full_1582798.jpg )
Um... wut?
>> No. 1369479
File 140070510511.gif - (2.02MB , 250x166 , a5dGybN_460sa.gif )

Well we used to have a thread here by the same name, but mlpchan's mods and i have run into some trouble so i figured i'd try to set up stall here.

That and mlpchan's pretty dead and everybody keeps whining about the same thing on and on, today was the straw that broke the camel's back i suppose.

Anyhoo, how are you? 'T is a place to have a chat after all, think of it of something not unlike a bar.
(...though you've gotta bring your own alcohol if you want any)
>> No. 1369481
File 140070515413.png - (328.11KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2013-03-31-02h25m09s141.png )
TKC's here now?
>> No. 1369487

...Well if the posters are here then yeah, got a thread named TKC and am one of the (sorta) original posters so it is certainly a TKC that is here.
>> No. 1369488
Who the fuck are the thread killers?
Was it some kind of constant /k/ and /pol/ whining? Back when I tried mlpchan that was a good half of any board.
>> No. 1369493

...Think so? Never visited those.
>> No. 1369495
File 140070545999.jpg - (720.00KB , 950x534 , Suigintou_full_1629680.jpg )
I'm good, just hanging out and stuff.
>> No. 1369502

Sounds good, no upcoming or recent events to keep your mind busy?

...Also did i even introduce myself?
I'm Reaver, element of insanity, nice to meet you.
>> No. 1369506
File 140070566931.jpg - (333.48KB , 600x600 , Suigintou_full_1613613.jpg )
Nah, not really, mang.
...and it's good to meet you too, Reaver.
>> No. 1369509
File 140070581595.gif - (837.18KB , 240x131 , 1391314627517.gif )

Eh, sounds a bit boring for my tastes bit then again i'm boring more often than i'm not too...

...Play any games? What sort of interests?
Heck how's this site going nowadays?
Just arrived after all.
>> No. 1369518
File 140070604315.jpg - (823.54KB , 1300x800 , Suigintou_full_615858.jpg )
Oh hell yeah, I play tons of games.

The sites been... decent, nowadays. There's still some cool people here and such.
>> No. 1369521
The site seems to be trucking on. Occasionally some old folks stop by and we seem to have more anons than we used to. Strangely enough there's been virtually no drama lately what with most of the drama causing folks leaving in the past couple of months.
>> No. 1369529
File 140070629063.jpg - (292.11KB , 850x606 , sample_ff1e2e0f59f8cba7d41877ffa5bbdb1a.jpg )
serial threads are gay but hello and welcome back.
>> No. 1369544

Which ones?
And that's good to hear, with all the silence at mlpchan it's nice to have some conversation on an imageboard... conversation that doesn't devolve immediately. :p


Well if the drama's spent then it's spent, no?
And that all sounds like it's not inherently bad, so that's good. :p
>> No. 1369548

Well it's an easy way to have a general discussion/talk/whatever, a meetup place of sorts.

Once people get to know eachother well enough we could play games or something even... it's really just whatever you wish to make of it, with never a limitation to form.
>> No. 1369555
File 140070694681.jpg - (407.16KB , 1000x1000 , Suigintou_full_1561078.jpg )
Way too many... some of my favorites are:
Duke Nukem 3D
Final Fantasy 6
Killing Floor
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
Crusader: No Remorse
Metal Gear Solid 3
Age of Empires II
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Unreal Tournament
Sim City 2000
Diablo II
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Grand Theft Auto IV
Max Payne
Tales of Phantasia
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Last edited at Wed, May 21st, 2014 14:19

>> No. 1369560
File 140070706078.gif - (30.60KB , 325x325 , pusheen_selfie 1.gif )
>today was the straw that broke the camel's back i suppose
Well you have a much stronger back than I.
>> No. 1369562
File 140070712036.png - (112.73KB , 389x482 , Fenne16.png )
>> No. 1369564
Yah. It's not inherently bad at all. A little boring at times but much more relaxed and chill than it used to be.
I suppose it could be something to do if you're bored. I mean, I saw the thread on /oat/ and I'm bored enough I could go for a thread with activity.
>> No. 1369576

7 feet tall and as recalcitrant as they come means i've gotta have a strong back. x)

...But yeah, with the slow death of that place it had already lost much of its flair, besides a few friends, Anonthony included, were still there and having fun.

But even that dwindled in time... and as time went on it seemed to me that Anonthony was starting to develop emotional problems, and indeed the site had attracted some very nasty posters aswell, as mentioned here: >>1369488

...So yeah, today was my day i suppose.


A fennekin... hmmm... Ika?
>> No. 1369578
You ever try doom wads? GZDoom is a good option for modern computers and there are tons of good wads out there. I'm a big fan of hell unleashed, brutal doom, and Doom II.
>> No. 1369581
File 140070742039.png - (424.15KB , 449x438 , Hiiiii~!.png )
I recall this thread, but it must have been a really long time since it was here on Ponychan. When was it last here?

As a part-time /gala/nt in a corner of /gala/ that is unlike the rest of the place, I can do a one-post greeting to show support, and wishing that the old (or current but not yet moved back) regulars return.
>> No. 1369583

Hmm, filtering means less heads for laughter i suppose...

And that's one thing that's very positive too about a thread of such a design: A very low threshold for drawing people to talk.

Again: It's not unlike a bar, no set subjects, no expectations of quality, no pressure nor identification beyond what you want. :p
>> No. 1369584
File 140070747008.png - (155.16KB , 376x471 , Fenne9.png )
Yeahhhhh no
>> No. 1369587
File 140070756994.jpg - (15.55KB , 256x177 , image.jpg )
Holy shit is this still going
>> No. 1369588
File 140070757092.jpg - (111.17KB , 1280x720 , Suigintou_06_10.jpg )
I never got much into Doom mods, still love the original games though, I generally use Doomsday as my source port of choice, though.
>> No. 1369589

It's been a long time indeed, but thank you for the welcome back!

I doubt all that many will follow me back as there were very few left anyway and even my farewell message was modded away so i doubt they could find me here.

I've alerted those that i remembered as still being active but i doubt if even those bother coming here, there was really barely any activity aside from short bursts every so many days.
>> No. 1369593

Oh... does that mean you're not him or that you're not comfortable using that name anymore?

In either case glad to have you here.


The last thread made on mlpchan dates from november though, and was made by me too, so i wouldn't call it "going".

A boneyard knows more activity than that place did most of the days.
>> No. 1369596
File 140070774859.gif - (51.73KB , 300x300 , pusheen_best friends 1.gif )
I wish Thony the best, he's a total bro.

Yeah, I kinda ditched it when my serial died (couldn't even keep enough traffic to justify making daily threads anymore) and I saw what /oat/ had become. In actuality their /oat/ actually has/had a lot more interesting threads than ours, but it was just the same shitty posters jerking each other off in most of them.

Skulltag with friends was great fun for trying out highly rated Doom mods.
>> No. 1369605
File 140070797472.jpg - (20.47KB , 231x287 , image.jpg )

This place is looking more like a boneyard as I roam from board to board.

I look around and see a lot of new faces.
>> No. 1369607

Was at the very least, as of late it seemed to me that he was developing some emotional problems, perhaps even having the stability of his own addled.
Think that this in combination with his regular complaints about loneliness and complaints about the place he's in means that he's not taking the military life very well.

And i'm as stubborn as people get there and fond of taking apart arguments too, so i had quite a bit of fun with the extended arguments and guiltily helped them continue on... then again it was either that are having their nonsense constantly rubbed in your face.
>> No. 1369609

Boneyards know few faces, most have rotted off after all.

So i wouldn't call this a boneyard. :p
>> No. 1369612
File 140070819890.jpg - (69.78KB , 650x450 , image.jpg )


Oh wait I'm not on /chat/.
I retract my statement.

I've seen more life in a morgue than /chat/.
And I spend a lot of time in morgues.
>> No. 1369619
File 140070831788.jpg - (82.55KB , 600x600 , pusheen_catster.jpg )
It can be tough on a fella, he probably just needs a girlfriend. I've heard from a reliable source that that feel when no girlfriend can be quite the bitter feel.

And I love getting in tough arguments too, just not the type that Toybox and Sersys like.
>> No. 1369620

Eh, haven't had the chance to grace one with my presence yet and hopefully will not for at least about half an age as i don't plan on visiting one without being dead.

Still that does sound quite dead, then again with all the serials having been filtered out i can sort of imagine.
>> No. 1369624
File 140070848529.jpg - (62.89KB , 800x491 , image.jpg )

Yeah like, clearly no ones migrated here instead.
Or if they have they've just given up entirely.
I still see some old faces now and then but not too many.
>> No. 1369627

Eh, don't know that feel despite having never really had a girlfriend, just don't desire a relationship, so might be that that's it.

And it's true that the both of those drag on things where i might keep to just defense of a single point and all points brought up by the opposing party.

Still, it was Sersys' permabanishment today that drove me here, he might be infuriating but when one fails to show any sign of self control or rationalism against Sersys then i will still be forced to side with Sersys.

...On top of that it's sort of a problem if you invalidate your only selling point that is "being completely free to post things on save for what is literally illegal" when site traffic is that dead.
>> No. 1369631

Eh, people just move on, and once i'm rid of my health problems i'll probably be quite a bit busier too.

But there are many ways to waste time, perhaps they've simply found that they prefer another.
>> No. 1369645
File 140070899486.jpg - (15.24KB , 244x245 , pusheen_catventure time.jpg )
I used to have that "lesser of two evils" attitude with TNAF. I've found that it's not constructive at all. I understand the desire to respond to posts and not posters, but if somebody is so conducive to a toxic environment with their own irrationality then it doesn't help the situation to side with them just because somebody else is being even more irrational.
>> No. 1369648

Hmm, perhaps, i guess i'm just really stubborn. x)

Still, they're both past for me, at least for the moment.
>> No. 1369654
File 140070934377.jpg - (52.88KB , 650x450 , image.jpg )

That's true.

I've found that I used to use this place more when I was in school.
Now a few years later thrown into the working world it's hard to find the time.
>> No. 1369661

Eh, university's just another kind of school, one with more freedom in regards to ordening the time.

Add to that plentiful stalling, eternal headaches and i have plenty of reasons to search for distractions.

...Not that it's a good thing that i do this, but in practice i won't do anything better anyway, heck attempting to work in certain states results in the very depressive situation of me staring at a screen for about 2 hours with literally nothing happening because the mind's jammed and hurting with every attempt.
>> No. 1369669
Ah yeah. Doom mods are pretty cool to keep the game fresh but I've never seen any with as good level design as the original games.
Ah true. University seems to be kinda high school 2.0 nowadays, especially socially. As far as free time goes, I've lost most of my free time due to 50-60 hour workweeks and find that I use what little time I have much more constructively nowadays.
>> No. 1369672

Socially that's very true, practically it's true too for me since for it to be anything more than just an advanced continuation on highschool you need to invest a lot of your own time.
Which i can't really do when i can barely face the bare curriculum due to constant headaches and exhaustion.... so yeah.

And using time constructively when you have so little is very understandable, heck even now nothing makes me happier than when i can work succesfully.
>> No. 1369684
That sucks with the medical problems. And chronic pain is one of those things that you have to solve the underlying issues, popping pain pills constantly isn't a good idea long run.
I found with college it wasn't until I got into my upper levels that it started to really feel like college. Up until then it was just high school 2.0 and the sudden increase in required workload hit me hard.

I hate how I did the neet thing for a couple years and I completely wasted my endless freetime. Now that I'm working I suddenly realize how valuable that freetime was.

Last edited at Wed, May 21st, 2014 15:17

>> No. 1369694

Wouldn't even mind it so much if it did not mess up my capacity to think and work, heh.

And yeah, i've found that out... and trying to out-man endless things is not a viable option either, since it's not gonna stop or give you a break.

Fell very harshly a long time ago, vertebrae messed up, messing about in neck from time to time now to see if that fixes things... thing is that they return to their faulty position with time due to how long ago it was, heh.

(initially i didn't even realise there was a problem... or at least not that that was the cause of the problem)

And that's very true, but even while knowing that i still find that i can not work... then again i have the excuse of pain and the like.
Which still feels like an excuse and seems like an excuse to me despite not being it, which is frustrating as hell.
>> No. 1369705
File 140071161560.png - (38.11KB , 188x250 , thumb (6).png )
Hi guys how it going, what is TKC?
>> No. 1369710

The TKC is a place where you gather up with people just to talk, a bar but free-er as it were... oh and you have to bring your own drinks, am even out of bleach. (that was the old drink of choice... as a joke, to help people forget x) )

It's open to everyone and you can pretty much do whatever you want, from just talking to discussing whatever topic suits your interests best to setting up skype calls and playing games... to even a bit more misschievous things, but those are not fit for spoken of on this site. :p
>> No. 1369726
Good thing I BYOB bring mah own bleach care for a glass?
>> No. 1369741

Heh he... well if you insist.

...Also i ought to introduce myself in case i've not met you before (i'm a master of forgetfulness so it's a precautious habit really):
Name's Reaver, Dreamreamver for full, pretty long-term member of the TKC, game developer, endless learner, investor, dutchman and mountain-that-rides-a-bicycle, nice to meet you.
>> No. 1369745
File 140071313287.jpg - (13.76KB , 187x270 , tell me your secrets.jpg )
I'm not quite enough of an oldfig to have posted in this serial when it used to be here, but I'm enough of a general fig to crash a clubhouse and say hi.

Hi. What's up? What's this serial about? Why did it move back from MLPchan? Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
>> No. 1369753
I don't get the cheap shit either this goes in my stomach not in my washer. Nice to meet you Reaver, game developer that's pretty neat. I am DJ poster on Pchan and part time college student :D
>> No. 1369756

Welcome oh not-so-wrinkly fig, it's really just a general thread, a thread to talk in and talk about literally whatever... which granted is hard to start at with no pre-defined subject, which i should've thought of as all the old-figs are not here, so talk starts a bit slower...

As to why "we" are here: mlpchan's pace was quite dead... and the thread there was quite undead, add to that growing distaste for the site's visitors and its main moderator and it takes just a single event to be convinced to switch back to this place.

As to why we had left this place in the first place: Several prominent members who are no longer here had problems with the mods, and mlpchan is superior technical-wise... supposedly.
>> No. 1369758

Oh yeah, studying ict aswell, but already have made one (rather unimpressive but still suitable for sale) full sized game.

...So whaddaya study?
>> No. 1369764
File 140071388533.jpg - (2.79KB , 250x187 , :|.jpg )
To be fair, I think a half-rotten banana is technically superior to our chan. Ponychan is not coded well.

And fair enough! How's MLPchan been? Did the courting of /mlp/ evacuees ruin the place?

If it's been a long time since you've visited, you should probably be aware that we're a lot more edgy then we were in the 2011/2012 days. Sad, but nothing lasts forever.
>> No. 1369770
File 140071407296.png - (602.08KB , 487x596 , 1.png )
Nothing now semester starts in Fall, but I wanna take a few things like philosophy. Sweet what kind of game is it?

Last edited at Wed, May 21st, 2014 16:18

>> No. 1369778

Yeah, still as always it's about the people, not the tech and that's what drove me back.

...And i'm afraid so, i make a practice of it not to learn someone background before i've gotten to know them just to give all a fair chance.
Besides it wasn't really them, it was just dying in general, with less and less ground between oversensitive people, overly empty people and the overly offensive people.

It didn't blow up or anything, it's still there as always, but today's incident made me beyond weary of the site and its inhabitants aswell as providing me with the practical reason of having come to distrust the main mod there.

I'll not lie: A falling out between me and anonthony is the main reason i've left, at a certain point you draw a line and he crossed it with both feet.

Oh and i can appreciate a little bit of edge, just gotta keep it in check a bit to keep it reasonable.
But a little bit doesn't hurt.
>> No. 1369783

Ah yes, am dutch myself so rather than being able to pick all the courses you pick a general direction first and then are suggested quite a lot of relevant courses for that study... but beyond that you have access to any other course too of course.
Still. not wise to tread outside the beaten path if you don't do too well, such as myself due to various reasons.

But philosophy can be awesome, have you read the classical philosophers in previous school level?
>> No. 1369788
File 140071461894.gif - (965.39KB , 260x180 , SURPRISE (Case Conflict).gif )
>Yeah, still as always it's about the people, not the tech and that's what drove me back.
Yeah. I mean, technologically we suck, but do we really need our imageboard to be coded with precision expertise? It's an imageboard, not a guided missile system. It barely matters.

>Besides it wasn't really them, it was just dying in general, with less and less ground between oversensitive people, overly empty people and the overly offensive people.
Yeah, those kinds of slow fades really suck.

We were all kinda watching the /mlp/ exodus to /anon/ and going "...ehhh it's a bold move, but..."

>I'll not lie: A falling out between me and anonthony is the main reason i've left, at a certain point you draw a line and he crossed it with both feet.
Makes sense. If you don't mind talking about it, I'm mad curious about the specifics. Don't feel obligated, though, if you'd rather not.

>Oh and i can appreciate a little bit of edge, just gotta keep it in check a bit to keep it reasonable.
Yeah, we're definitely not 4chan level or anything. Moderation is more lax, but the same general principles apply.
>> No. 1369792
Hehehe not at all high school failed me and public school can bite me. I took a language and that was Latin and I dropped out the same year.

Last edited at Wed, May 21st, 2014 16:27

>> No. 1369797
File 140071481892.jpg - (104.52KB , 1280x1280 , :3.jpg )
Oh, and welcome back. You seem like a super chill poster and I hope you stick around.
>> No. 1369810

Ah, such a pity... eh, had latin and greek, followed greek until the final examinations, read plato mainly, kept me going for the greek. :p



And i wasn't, never been interested in cross-site politics, i'm a practical person in such regards... and not one who needs people to come to me, i can move to people far more easily. :p

As to anonthony: Well i've played games with him, he's a nice guy, but of late he's been complaining and whining about his place at the base and being lonely and the like while getting ever more sensitive and emotional when reacting, today going as far as to (in my eyes) ban someone that chronically disagreed with him.(Sersys)

Now i can understand the move, personally i liked Sersys but he's as offensive as people get, but the way he did it was beyond all regards for decency, on top of that he's let others go for graver insults; it seems very much as if he failed to control his emotions and banned him out of spite.

On top of that his argumentation whenever he got into conflicts started to deteriorate and deteriorate badly, with great frustration at every inch and loss, frustration beyond what even i can enjoy, frustration that made me more worried for him than anything else.

And then there's the straw; when he had banned Sersys i disagreed with him, openly spoke against him; he locked the thread and removed the responses.

I spoke of that; same reaction.

I said -in the relative un-bumping privacy of the TKC there- that i was reconsidering my stay in mlpchan and told them i could be found here if people missed me... and he deleted even that.

Oh and there was a half second ban with the message "this is a message".

I thought basta; basta basta basta.
No more patience, when he's sorted himself out, when he's away from that base, then i'll give it another shot.

Before that no more.

>Yeah, we're definitely not 4chan level or anything. Moderation is more lax, but the same general principles apply.

And that sounds positive actually, i like a varied populace.
>> No. 1369813

Many thanks... and let's hope i don't disappoint too badly then, though then again i am most often a mirror to the general behaviour of others... and they seem chill enough to make me chill with them. :o
>> No. 1369846
Epic :D *hands glass of bleach*, on the house.
>> No. 1369860

Dank je wel!

Ad fundum!

>Drinks it all


>Passes out, snores and absconds from the thread to sleep
>> No. 1370530
File 140073158383.jpg - (97.36KB , 700x700 , hayase3.jpg )
>> No. 1370536
Goodnight sweet prince we will still be here tomorrow :D
>> No. 1370982
File 140074078829.jpg - (80.46KB , 981x1200 , 6949882-portrait-of-death-in-a-business-suit-on-a-dark-background.jpg )
lol he wasn't kidding, he really actually made another one. what a world we live in.
>> No. 1371193

Spehs, how nice to see ya.


I'm not funny enough to kid.
>> No. 1371293

>Oh and there was a half second ban with the message "this is a message".

Hey, I know of these. Those tend to be, you know. Messages. Like it says. It's how admins communicate with specific users. It's not actually a ban.

Anyway, does TKC really need to be recreated here? It's dead on mlpchan, and if this even gets some life into it it won't be TKC since there's no posters to keep the thread culture consistent with that. If you want to create a serial, you might be best advised to create an actual new serial.
>> No. 1371475
File 140077791682.jpg - (422.10KB , 700x800 , Madotsuki 370.jpg )
>Anyway, does TKC really need to be recreated here? It's dead on mlpchan, and if this even gets some life into it it won't be TKC since there's no posters to keep the thread culture consistent with that. If you want to create a serial, you might be best advised to create an actual new serial. this seriously legit?
>> No. 1371486

Ban message is not a friendly message and Anonthony had plenty of other options.

As to recreating the TKC: Why the heck would i create any serial that doesn't bear the name?
It's not taken as the other one's dead and if it weren't it's still made by me, i could delete it if that would please you... so yeah, gonna side with Virus here.


Heyo Virus.
>> No. 1371499

"Ban message" is hardcoded into the chan software. These zero time bans are used as private messages, showing you a screen with some text the admin wants you (and only you) to see but not actually preventing you from posting. You probably should have read it more carefully... unless "this is a message" was the only thing on there, which would be weird.

There's two ways this can go. It'll either be an empty husk or something with no actual relation to the old TKC despite the name, so this idea seems to mix pointlessness with a vague possibility of confusion. Do as you like though, I honestly don't care one way or the other.
>> No. 1371501

That was indeed the only thing that was on there, so yeah it was weird. :p

And i did plan on doing as i like, the TKC on mlpchan was a husk anyway and with the activity there it seemed very unlikely to be filled again.
As to things being different: Times change, perhaps this will work and perhaps it will not, but at least it has more chance here than it had there due to the difference in activity.
>> No. 1371502
File 140077945816.jpg - (61.14KB , 255x502 , Madotsuki 720.jpg )
Hey there. deleted the other tkc? Why?
>> No. 1371507

Eh, felt like it, that and having two TKCs made by me but only one visited by me feels weird.
That and it was from November anyway, if they care enough then they'll make a new edition there, if not then not.
Besides over half the posts there were jokes about how dead it was, heh.
>> No. 1371508
File 140077971973.png - (92.85KB , 276x483 , 139796852095.png )
Hello, I am greeny. I kill threads.
>> No. 1371514





You smell like death.


>> No. 1371517
File 140077990084.png - (59.36KB , 215x250 , 36090__250x250.png )
I am death!
>> No. 1371518
File 140077990320.png - (0.98MB , 2500x2000 , Madotsuki 406.png )
That and people were talking in it.

Just cause you aren't going there, doesn't mean it has to die. I was having fun with it and liked it.

Did you forget there was a reason why we left Pchan?
No you don't.
>> No. 1371519
File 140077994535.png - (64.38KB , 214x250 , 33070__250x250.png )
people make up the posters in threads.
so... I indirectly kill threads.
>> No. 1371521
File 140078000234.jpg - (63.67KB , 357x817 , Madotsuki 731.jpg )
When was the last time you killed a thread?
>> No. 1371522

I forgot the reason we left to be honest, the only reason i left was because most left.
And with most gone and me having a reason to leave mlpchan i returned here.

As to talk: I did not read before i removed it, but i apologise for interrupting any conversations.
Still you should be able to resume them in a newly made TKC should you choose to.
>> No. 1371524
File 140078005588.png - (64.09KB , 250x250 , 41364__250x250.png )
you didn't get the joke did you?...

probably a few months ago.
>> No. 1371527
File 140078015006.jpg - (70.75KB , 271x519 , Madotsuki 713.jpg )
You leave me speechless sometimes.

No, I got the joke.
But you only kill like me, and that's it.
>> No. 1371529
File 140078020851.png - (56.71KB , 203x250 , 314785__250x250.png )
well... I threaten everyone else.
>> No. 1371532

I consider that a good thing.
>> No. 1371533
File 140078024774.jpg - (195.54KB , 600x800 , Blush.jpg )
I feel special.
Love you greeny
>> No. 1371535
File 140078028926.jpg - (364.95KB , 600x752 , Madotsuki 841.jpg )
Trust me, It's not a good thing, far from it.
>> No. 1371537
File 140078033060.png - (52.83KB , 250x250 , 32732__250x250.png )
you r the speshulest to my penis.
>> No. 1371538

The joke of the last post is that i disagree with you on plenty of things, most likely including this one, but it is a good thing that you are "speechless" as this prevents drawn out arguments and the like.
>> No. 1371547
File 140078075374.jpg - (208.91KB , 677x515 , 42228504.jpg )
Kinder words have never been said to me.
No, again, it's not.
You leave me speech less cause of how oblivious you are to all of this, yet you act like you know what is going on.

Again, there is a reason we left this place, something you don't even remember. And now that YOU feel uncomfortable with one thing on MLPchan, you try to push it back.
>> No. 1371552

You assume i know so little, that's fine but it's your choice honestly and not one that leads to relevant discussion if you attempt to attack my presumed obliviousness.

Besides you can just re-make the TKC on mlpchan if you still don't wish to be here; if others agree they will follow you.
But with so few around at all their opinions' worth dwindles... let them protest themselves if they disagree, as so far i've seen only you.
>> No. 1371555
File 140078109470.png - (44.00KB , 226x250 , 13280__250x250.png )
vi help, I'm bored.
>> No. 1371557
Also it's time for dinner after which i've promised to go to my student society stuffs, i'll handle responses afterwards.

Good evening.
>> No. 1371558
File 140078114584.png - (913.54KB , 467x600 , 1362347435991.png )
God, you can be a dumbass.

I'm out.
Draw things.
>> No. 1371559
File 140078117832.png - (196.64KB , 1024x1024 , that one face.png )
>> No. 1371844
File 140078910082.jpg - (52.45KB , 450x450 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo3_500.jpg )
lol is there are already people slinging shit in this one too. stop being children
>> No. 1371854
File 140078961268.png - (514.37KB , 766x621 , Fenne59.png )
>> No. 1371860
File 140078979712.jpg - (96.24KB , 504x523 , 1de64fca0f6814c6a79e6e9df30532a2.jpg )
How does this have so many views and I've never even heard of this chick before?
>> No. 1371868
File 140078995139.png - (64.54KB , 676x477 , Fenne94.png )

Hab this
>> No. 1371893
File 140079064735.gif - (156.72KB , 640x360 , f2369376.gif )
Thats bretty neat. I like this song by her
Only because it's in that commercial for Vikings that they played nonstop and got stuck in my head.

>tfw no new Vikings till 2015
>> No. 1371908
File 140079098700.png - (137.67KB , 410x488 , Fenne20.png )
>Her voice

She's pretty hot too
>> No. 1371913
File 140079120954.jpg - (20.34KB , 500x505 , tumblr_inline_n5u7l9jegU1r6cz05.jpg )
>>1371854 bro wtf i was listening to this right now
>> No. 1371995
File 140079510745.png - (0.99MB , 720x480 , 55.png )
okay, now this can't be real lol holy shit
>> No. 1372156

Hahaha, wait... you've deleted that other TKC? Wow, that's petty. Good job!
>> No. 1372159
>> No. 1372169
File 140080243582.jpg - (80.48KB , 656x1172 , 38328952.jpg )
Apparently it's back here too, huh. Well, fucks raised, 0.2
>> No. 1372177
File 140080324250.png - (964.07KB , 2151x1758 , 30584157.png )
>Even seeing this place still gives me the nervous shakes.

Yeah wow I'm glad it's ogre.
>> No. 1372184
File 140080343938.jpg - (33.99KB , 276x277 , 1383618127353.jpg )
u wot
>> No. 1372187
File 140080363413.png - (150.09KB , 523x507 , glaceon_aria_by_clefdesoll-d5s27sq.png )

Does this look like the kind of face that is going to explain itself?
>> No. 1372190
File 140080371303.gif - (403.94KB , 400x381 , 1383601722449.gif )
I don't know, haven't touched pokemon since Sapphire, and even that was borrowed and I didn't know half the things in it
>> No. 1372191
File 140080378845.png - (136.61KB , 1024x694 , weenie_glaceon___commission_by_rox1n-d7i6fe1.png )

Consider yourself.. lucky? They're remaking that game now I believe.
>> No. 1372193
File 140080389294.jpg - (301.98KB , 1333x1000 , 1386610138248.jpg )
I heard, not gonna get it. I don't even have a 3DS. Kinda want to get one for Fire Emblem and SSB though
>> No. 1372200
File 140080415854.gif - (948.38KB , 500x500 , tumblr_inline_n5cvgdJVMl1qjvb39.gif )
let's fight
>> No. 1372205
File 140080426298.gif - (607.11KB , 480x270 , f1691104.gif )
>> No. 1372210
File 140080439625.jpg - (142.85KB , 450x300 , cutcaster-photo-801049891-Comical-man-in-helmet-and-skeleton-mask-with-computer.jpg )
why she lick that sword. prolly dont taste good. what dummy.
>> No. 1372222
File 140080474711.jpg - (23.71KB , 500x281 , iris heart.jpg )
It's a whip, maybe she dropped it in food or something
>> No. 1372233
File 140080510806.jpg - (24.50KB , 450x319 , stock-photo-a-skeleton-sits-at-a-desk-typing-on-a-laptop-computer-194556.jpg )
nah, it looks clean. she's prolly just mad poobrained.
>> No. 1372238
File 140080518599.jpg - (30.88KB , 385x385 , 1383626564172.jpg )
Maybe, look at this face
>> No. 1372260
File 140080581584.jpg - (126.50KB , 374x540 , FOT-1001019.jpg )
what is she a baby? only babies drool. disgusting, 0/10
>> No. 1372267
File 140080598040.png - (691.24KB , 1280x720 , f2123840.png )
Yeah look, she even crawls around
>> No. 1372269
File 140080618005.jpg - (157.22KB , 450x300 , cutcaster-photo-801056153-The-skeleton-picks-in-a-nose.jpg )
-10/10 i could fights her to death easy
>> No. 1372273
File 140080628635.jpg - (1.08MB , 1024x1280 , 1386609565778.jpg )
But you are a skeleton, therefore already dead. She wins by default
>> No. 1372298
File 140080673393.jpg - (44.50KB , 600x600 , skeletonPreview01_jpgfeb4ffc4-e5d8-4240-916f-b9f870a4a7f4Large.jpg )
additionally, i can't be killed again so im invincible so im actually undefeatable and i win already
>> No. 1372301
File 140080681378.gif - (116.21KB , 400x375 , 1399565262526.gif )
But you already lost when you died before
>> No. 1372309
File 140080700467.jpg - (36.03KB , 450x358 , stock-photo-a-computer-created-image-of-earth-being-grabbed-by-a-skeleton-it-could-represent-dea.jpg )
but she didnt kill me so it doesn't count.
>> No. 1372318
File 140080716720.jpg - (500.93KB , 1400x2000 , 1400357818137.jpg )
But you're disqualified for being already dead. You need to fight in something else, like rock paper scissors or mario kart.
>> No. 1372354
File 140080810121.jpg - (24.50KB , 450x319 , stock-photo-a-skeleton-sits-at-a-desk-typing-on-a-laptop-computer-194556.jpg )
that's BOGUS
>> No. 1372358
File 140080814092.png - (46.73KB , 225x250 , you again.png )
>> No. 1372371
File 140080840121.jpg - (28.35KB , 400x330 , thumbs-up-skeleton-10259099.jpg )
haha bro
>> No. 1372374
File 140080846618.jpg - (140.48KB , 1024x1170 , rarity is a sk8r grrrrrl.jpg )
I know all of this "bro" stuff, "brother". How about we perform us a "high-five" right now?
>> No. 1372376
File 140080851940.jpg - (20.46KB , 370x229 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo8_400.jpg )
bro..... let's do it
>> No. 1372381
File 140080862690.png - (186.02KB , 512x512 , 131259607949.png )
Put it up, as they say!
>> No. 1372382
File 140080875098.jpg - (33.92KB , 400x300 , Skeleton03.jpg )
>> No. 1372385
File 140080883393.png - (95.34KB , 640x360 , 130629919171.png )
Mmhmmhm, this is fun, dear--I mean, "rock on", "dude".
>> No. 1372388
File 140080904754.jpg - (28.69KB , 348x470 , stock-photo-skeleton-repent-108174926.jpg )
yeah bro

now let's hit that jig
>> No. 1372389
File 140080909429.gif - (272.50KB , 202x237 , 131954890690.gif )
Aw yiss. I've "got" the "moves".
>> No. 1372396
File 140080946551.gif - (752.74KB , 460x254 , tumblr_inline_n4oa86wihv1rfc5zx.gif )
bro you're on fire
>> No. 1372399
File 140080956919.png - (531.83KB , 997x720 , 132016911506.png )
Where? WHERE? I don't want to be on...

...oh, you meant figuratively. Heh, heheh, I-I knew that.
>> No. 1372400
File 140080965898.gif - (390.18KB , 160x144 , tumblr_inline_mz02ph6N3K1rp57hl.gif )
alright bro check out THIS SICK MOVE
>> No. 1372402
File 140080970016.png - (285.21KB , 700x700 , 130779893898.png )
Marvelous! I mean, "awesome", "bro".
>> No. 1372409
File 140081001487.gif - (1.34MB , 392x400 , tumblr_n5xy6q84co1rqd0kpo1_r2_400.gif )
>> No. 1372413
File 140081011882.png - (70.28KB , 640x480 , screw this i'ma faint over here.png )
Ahhh, I'm tired, what should we do?
>> No. 1372418
File 140081028537.gif - (38.20KB , 501x328 , tumblr_ml0ye0pAkk1qcwuqfo1_1280.gif )
who knooowwsss
>> No. 1372429
File 140081069106.jpg - (553.73KB , 1920x1082 , not actually the worst possible thing.jpg )
I know, I'll go to bed.
>> No. 1372430
File 140081072389.jpg - (16.57KB , 250x238 , tumblr_n59xt5f7Q61r94eboo1_250.jpg )
sick move
>> No. 1372828
Are we slinging shit here?
>> No. 1372937
File 140082132811.png - (43.63KB , 192x250 , thumb (39).png )
Sup bros I need some help. Started posting in this thread and they flamed me. So now I think the thread is derailed and shit here,

>tfw I didn't mean to start such a thing, don't pass around the bleach just yet I don't think it is kill.
>if it isn't kill I certainly pissed some people off, place is like a fuckin hornets nest.

Last edited at Thu, May 22nd, 2014 22:06

>> No. 1372969
Hello Thread.

I saw this and wanted to see what it was like.
>> No. 1372984
File 140082404729.jpg - (80.46KB , 981x1200 , 6949882-portrait-of-death-in-a-business-suit-on-a-dark-background.jpg )
greetings  children
>> No. 1372985
>> No. 1372991
File 140082435191.jpg - (6.57KB , 113x168 , 8029750-monster--skeleton-thinks-like-him-to-enter-the-internet.jpg )
how's  it  hanging  broham
>> No. 1372995
meh idk
>> No. 1373002
Hey S K E L E hows it hangin'?
>> No. 1373007
>inb4 nothing but LoL talk and homoerotica
>> No. 1373009
File 140082554318.jpg - (19.87KB , 450x319 , can-stock-photo_csp0041597.jpg )
why  meh  my  bro?

I  am  the  skeleton.  i  am  the  best  ever.

Nah  this  thread  is  all  about  the  skeleton  now.
>> No. 1373011
jus tired.
>> No. 1373031
File 140082645946.jpg - (6.57KB , 113x168 , 8029750-monster--skeleton-thinks-like-him-to-enter-the-internet.jpg )
bro  maybe  get  some  sleep
>> No. 1373069
File 140082964886.jpg - (10.93KB , 339x149 , Satsuki1.jpg )
My oh my oh long it has been since I have seen this particular thread?~
>> No. 1373087
File 140083085511.jpg - (37.37KB , 300x470 , stock-photo-terrible-dude-in-a-mask-of-the-skeleton-with-a-protective-helmet-54202642.jpg )
I  dunno  bro  how  long  you  been  gone?
>> No. 1373115
File 140083178465.jpg - (8.10KB , 184x184 , Satsuki20.jpg )

I am absolutely dreadful when it comes to marking time but...roughly, it has been a good year or so since I have even seen the logo. Even longer since I have actually posted in the thread itself. In fact, for the longest time I have thought the TKC was a mere memory.

How very neat it is to see it again. A pleasant surprise to see in my random bit of chan browsing.
>> No. 1373119
File 140083193071.jpg - (60.81KB , 336x450 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo2_400.jpg )
What was your old handle, if you dont mind me askin?
>> No. 1373130
File 140083249388.png - (108.02KB , 752x1063 , Rarity4.png )

I had once, and still go by, the name "Yuppie". Or Yuppiebrony, if I am going to go even further back. Again, it has been a very long while, and I don't often have time to venture out much, with the exception of my rp hobby.
>> No. 1373136
File 140083268040.png - (490.24KB , 801x592 , 147.png )
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yuppiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm cardigan, if you remember!
>> No. 1373145
File 140083298354.jpg - (109.99KB , 800x534 , wipeawaythetears.jpg )
>mine countenance whereupon watching two oldfigs reunite and remember each other
>> No. 1373154
File 140083323506.gif - (479.98KB , 500x309 , Rarity14.gif )

What what wha?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



Seriously. It has been FAR too long! Way too long! Its so good to see you again!

Now a merely pleasant surprise has just turned wondrous. Goodness have you been?! I trust you have been well since the many, many years between our last chance to talk~
>> No. 1373170
File 140083358064.gif - (114.02KB , 170x170 , tumblr_inline_n58nc56VIq1r7v7ez.gif )
Yeah dude it's been forever! Good to talk to you again though, for sure. I've been great! Been building myself a career sort of in music and releasing music and visual art for awhile. Besides that, just been taking it easy and enjoying time with friends. How about you though? How have things been with you?
>> No. 1373185
File 140083419493.png - (241.44KB , 522x1024 , Celestia3.png )

It is funny you should mention music...I believe it was you actually who introduced me to porcupine tree. If memory serves me correctly. A band I often listen to when I wish to reminiscence on older times. I also remember the passion you had for music itself...I am glad you are finally starting to make headway with it. The art though, I don't remember. A new interest? or maybe my memory is simply eroded? I would not be surprised!

I myself am doing well enough. On top of my aforementioned RP ventures, I have been busying myself recently with a paralegal certification program. Something I hope will fund further education into the legal field itself. Beyond this, I have been keeping myself busy with both family and friends. Seems I can hardily get a free moment now a days.

Ups and downs, much like anyone. I look forward to all this effort finally paying off.
>> No. 1373200
File 140083466841.jpg - (953.34KB , 1800x1800 , kill andy mom 3.jpg )
Dude yeah, I love porcupine tree. So glad you've got such positive memories associated with them. Does my heart good :')

I've kind of just started dabbling in visual arts to accompany my art and I've really started to love pairing visuals with music. Me and another music friend of have been tossing around the idea of doing a visual album sorta like pink floyd's the wall or animal collective's oddsac.
>Pic is an example of some of the stuff i make. it's the album cover for my most recent release!

How are those RPs going? I remember when we did that RPG with firebyte at the helm. Jeez that was fun.

Also awesome to hear about your education! I hope it's going swell.
>> No. 1373218
File 140083569807.png - (104.86KB , 539x700 , FrostartbyDeersoup.png )

Plenty of good memories to be had, looking at old music~ It feels nice to be able to speak again to the one who helped make them. If you would allow me my one more little moment of sap tonight.

And that sounds like a capital idea...paired up with what seems to be a budding talent, as far as the art goes. I very much enjoy this piece! It is worlds better than what I could ever do. It almost reminds me of a mountain, overlooking a forested lake side in the evening. At a glance at least. Keep up the good work...pairing the audial and visual is a stroke of genius if you ask me. I am going to have to check out the album attached to the art!

And yes, I do remember the Firebyte campaign. It was a good game, and a great story. At the moment, my most current and active rp would be "The Sixth age". A sort of pony cyberpunk adventure where I play this pony and, most recently, one other. A corporate themed crime boss in the spirit of Lex Luthor, and her younger sister, and aspiring mage, or "caster". The one other thing I seem to have time for these days, though it has been awhile since I have been so engrossed in an experience.

And speaking of far my coursework has proven very fascinating~ In particular, my brief introduction to contracts has me very excited. It is going well so far, and your best wishes are very much appreciated.
>> No. 1373229
File 140083608308.gif - (13.98KB , 416x416 , 1396787680434.gif )
agh thank you so much for the praise. if you wanted to see the music that goes with it, it's all here

Cyberpunk is the coolest, that sounds like a ton of fun.

It's also excellent when you find studies to actually be something you can get joy from. I'm really glad to hear that.
>> No. 1373240
File 140083638022.gif - (2.71MB , 480x270 , funny-game-glitch-parkour.gif )



Yuppie told me to say hai, so yeah, Ima go kill Nazis now buhbai.

Last edited at Fri, May 23rd, 2014 02:14

>> No. 1373241
File 140083646489.png - (60.10KB , 225x282 , tumblr_inline_mqo82n2Sc01qz4rgp.png )
there goes my hero
watch him as he goes
>> No. 1373246
File 140083655587.gif - (4.32MB , 300x227 , giphy.gif )
>> No. 1373248
File 140083665173.gif - (2.04MB , 400x308 , aaron-paul-price-is-right.gif )
>> No. 1373251
File 140083674856.jpg - (14.18KB , 184x273 , Fit in.jpg )

>Transgender horror story

I am in love with it already<3 On the merits of the song itself though? So far so very good....



You magnificent beast you.

Watch as she goes

Away....out into the night.
>> No. 1373257
File 140083690553.jpg - (26.05KB , 500x355 , Exterminate ALL the brutes.jpg )
>> No. 1373259
File 140083699447.gif - (16.70KB , 178x130 , 542372__safe_solo_animated_glasses_pixel+art_rarity+takes+manehattan_spoiler-colon-s04e08_deskto.gif )
Yeah the title is probably a little topical, but i really like to write exactly what i feel, yknow? I'm glad you like it though C:
>> No. 1373266
File 140083722083.png - (87.76KB , 250x210 , 1375307041617.png )
(what is up dude i haven't talked to you in forever)
>> No. 1373267
File 140083723956.gif - (400.10KB , 500x471 , Satsuki17.gif )

The riotous nature of the title aside, I am very much enjoying the song attached to it~ It has a very neat sort of beat to it. It almost makes me feel...nostalgic. What was the inspiration at the time?
>> No. 1373273
File 140083747467.png - (22.79KB , 100x100 , tumblr_inline_my4tu2AjrI1s55cuw.png )
I thought this thread died a long time ago.
>> No. 1373274
File 140083750466.jpg - (102.36KB , 355x431 , 133126534169.jpg )
I battled with my gender identity for a really long time without even really knowing it, I think. It ended up really well and now I am very comfortable with it, but for awhile it was touch and go. I lost a couple of friends and I got made fun of at school but I got past it. The song name sorta comes from the idea that there are a lot of people that don't have it as easy as me and have to transition with their body as well as their metal identity, and there are a lot of really closedminded people out there that are willing to make trans people's lives a living hell or a sort of "horror story" if you will. that's where the title comes from.
>> No. 1373276
File 140083756531.png - (71.29KB , 342x454 , 14.png )
It did, and probably will be dead again very soon, but we'll see!
>> No. 1373280
File 140083768723.png - (91.96KB , 330x330 , 138126380170.png )
>The song name sorta comes from
>that's where the title comes from.
haha redundancy
>> No. 1373281
File 140083772166.gif - (640.55KB , 160x300 , tumblr_mxzekbU3AF1t8c8xzo1_250.gif )
Oh. I notice you said you're trans. Coincidentally, I was just bummed out because my support group meeting for tomorrow got cancelled. I didn't just pop in here for that reason, though. It was a coincidence; I swear.
>> No. 1373291
File 140083804631.png - (287.39KB , 700x700 , 138123542282.png )
Oh, i'm not trans. I thought about transitioning for awhile, but I think I set pretty midway in the spectrum. I'd say I'm genderfluid or androgyne or maybe even polygender.

Sorry to hear about your cancelled support group though!

Wanna talk about something to kill time? That's what this thread is for!
>> No. 1373295
File 140083821053.gif - (895.42KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mxxnhfolfe1t8c8xzo1_500.gif )
Oh, my mistake. I suppose I just misread your post. Sorry.

I would kind of really like to talk to kill time, thank you. What are you up to? Is it late for you?
>> No. 1373298
File 140083831193.png - (210.99KB , 700x600 , 138118515101.png )
Don't worry bout it. You could say it's late OR early right now! almost 6 am, but i haven't gone to bed yet. I'm just listening to music right now and thinking about how it's sort of absurd that the last time i posted in this thread on this board was like a year or two ago. How bout you?
>> No. 1373299
File 140083841988.png - (190.22KB , 512x512 , Satsuki12.png )

It seems the art is not the only new thing I am to learn about you. I had no idea that you were trans! Though I have not a single shred of an issue with it, though I am sorry to hear it has been the cause of some rocky patches. Given just how seemingly intrinsic gender roles are to many, even the slightest deviance can seem outlandish. To the point where people feel the need to shun and alienate. It really is a horror story for many. Glad to see it be touched up on somewhere...another part of the tragedy, in my opinion, is just how willing everyone is to sweep the issue under the rug. A pity given the unique perspective, I believe, trans folk can offer.


Ah mortal enemy. And not just for myself it looks like!

Forgive me if I seem loopy. My mind is kind of sort of borked at the moment XD
>> No. 1373301
File 140083863176.png - (26.06KB , 100x100 , tumblr_inline_my4twoJFWd1s55cuw.png )
I'm just switching out the contents of my purse into my old one. It has more pockets. That's about all there is going on tonight.

Are you going to bed any time soon?
>> No. 1373302
File 140083866696.png - (147.72KB , 420x500 , 138123282617.png )
Again, I'm presenting trans, but i totally agree. It is an issue i feel super strongly about.

I probably should've specified I'm not trans! I goofed up.

Dude I'm loopy too i've been up for like 24 hours i'm pretty out of it.
>> No. 1373303
File 140083876537.png - (22.79KB , 100x100 , tumblr_inline_my4tu2AjrI1s55cuw.png )
Wait, what do you mean by "presenting trans?"
>> No. 1373304
File 140083878390.png - (174.40KB , 500x500 , 138123110344.png )
An eventful night, for sure!

I dunno! I kinda wanna go for a walk while the sun is coming up. And I also really want to get some stuff recorded, so I doubt I will in the immediate future, no.
>> No. 1373305
Hmmm, that's quite a bit of activity, very nice. :>


You ought to see how often people say that about you... enfin, perspective is not something you seem to have.
>> No. 1373307
File 140083888123.jpg - (325.71KB , 800x500 , Cirno7.jpg )

Some things never change! Still having trouble sleeping? I remember you used to post about in the threads, after super terrible bouts of insomnia...I hope there has been some improvement on that end.
>> No. 1373308
File 140083890270.png - (281.76KB , 600x600 , 138123106771.png )
As in actually transitioning physically with surgery and hormone treatment. I feel enough male and female in me at the same time, that I've sort of stopped caring about my physical outward appearance? So I basically just present male to other people to keep thing from getting to complicated, but if someone asks, I'll tell them that I'm genderfluid.
>> No. 1373309
File 140083897874.jpg - (17.63KB , 306x419 , 3.jpg )
stop slinging shit, let it lie. who cares who cares who carreeesssssssssss

Oh yeah, I sleep way better now. I'm just staying up for the hell of it right because I have ZERO RESPONSIBILITIES!
>> No. 1373310
File 140083899555.png - (25.64KB , 100x100 , tumblr_inline_my4tuaoajO1s55cuw.png )
Not quite that eventful, but I do have a comic that I still need to do more work on.

Oh, okay. Sounds like you've got a full morning ahead of you.

So you are undergoing HRT?
>> No. 1373311

Also good morning to you two, though here it's minutes to midday.
>> No. 1373312
File 140083910095.gif - (2.28MB , 183x272 , 1392176679844.gif )
>> No. 1373313
File 140083910329.png - (131.57KB , 400x450 , 138126906666.png )
A comic? Are you an artist/writer?


I meant to say I'm NOT presenting trans I'm A BIG DUMMY
>> No. 1373314

How's you doing?

...Also just for reference: What time is it where you are? Here it's 12:00 but i just woke up all the same because i'm a lazy ass.
>> No. 1373316
File 140083935273.png - (290.10KB , 500x550 , 138123965139.png )
hi hello happy goodmorning
>> No. 1373317
File 140083937950.jpg - (40.52KB , 768x314 , Beware_The_Frozen_Heart.jpg )
I'm trying to be. This comic is actually a pet project of mine. It's a transgender educational comic presented through the superhero genre. I'm excited to get to it, but I'm forcing myself to take it slow so I can do it right. I plan on using any money I make from it for my own transition.

It hasn't been my week.

Here it's 0500. I don't know when I'm going to bed, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not for a few hours.
>> No. 1373320
File 140083947305.png - (235.14KB , 894x894 , rarity_loves_you_by_galekz-d5txfw8.png )

Well that is good! Sleep is such a dreadful requirement anyways. If there is one thing I hope modern future super science can eliminate, it is sleep. Let the party literally last all night, into the day, another night, and day after that as far as I am concerned. It would be so much more fun~

Though unfortunately, I am in dire need of it. I am saddled with some chores to do tomorrow that require me to operate beyond the zombie state. It was very good to speak with you again, Cardigan. I really hope to get the chance to do so again soon enough. Perhaps soon I will have to pop in again to say hi to you, and many other old friends lurking and posting about?

Whatever the case may be, I wish you the best of evenings...or mornings! Too tired to time zone properly. Goodnight!
>> No. 1373322
File 140083947758.png - (305.45KB , 720x720 , 138123925964.png )
Dude that's so awesome. I really hope that turns out great. Because I mean if it's informational, that's great, and if it helps you out too then that's even better!
>> No. 1373323
File 140083953398.jpg - (127.08KB , 500x485 , 133126384420.jpg )
Goodnight sleep well!! See ya soon.
>> No. 1373326

Happy good mornong to you too, weather at least seems good enough.

How's things going?


Fair enough, might consider skipping bed completely then, just to get that rhythm to change.

Slept around that time myself, though that was 7 hours ago for me.
>> No. 1373327

Good night!
>> No. 1373331
File 140083988242.gif - (2.69MB , 252x320 , 1392177850230.gif )
When I was questioning my gender, I was doing a lot of research online, and I found a web comic. It was called Between the Lines. I enjoyed it at the time, but it gave me a lot of misconceptions about being trans because it made things look easier than they actually are. I want my comic to be something a confused kid stumbles upon while doing research, and hopefully it'll be accurate enough that they'll get answers and realize that being trans is more than just fitting that stereotypical narrative that gatekeepers and cis people seem to think is the sole determinant of a trans person.

I fully plan on hosting this online for free, but after I've published enough of it, I'm going to update the artwork so it's all consistent, fix dialogue and/or any errors I find, add in some extra scenes where I think they might be helpful, and publish and sell it as a book. That way people can still view it for free, but they also have incentive to buy it. And there'll also be typical merchandise that I'll eventually start selling.

I don't really care about a schedule. It's not like I have anything to be awake for.
>> No. 1373332
File 140084001799.gif - (43.04KB , 300x300 , tumblr_mf9knh9pMH1qcwuqfo1_400.gif )
Things is great. Things is always great.


That is very admirable. I wish you a lot of luck. Seriously, if that goes well, I'm sure it will help a lot of people.
>> No. 1373333

Ah, well alright then, some sort of rhythm seems to help people enjoy things a bit more, if nothing else it helps them a bit more pleasantly through those moments when they are awake anyway.
>> No. 1373337
File 140084030429.gif - (0.97MB , 245x160 , Don't Shut Me Out, Elsa.gif )
Thank you. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and I can't wait to see it actually come into fruition.

What are you doing?
>> No. 1373338

Good, good.

Here it's okay too, will be travelling homeward for the weekend soon so gotta clean up and crap, still gotta do breakfus and stuff like that... oh and after 12 midnight here i will have Diablo 3 working most likely, so i could then play that again... but before that there's an assignment that i'm gonna try to finish but that i can't possibly succeed at. mainly because i'm a total ass that fails to sleep in time or work before it's too late, as that would mean braving headaches when there are things! to be done.
(though i did have fun doing things and was awefully glad i didn't bother to try to work with the way my head hurt yesterday and the days before, still hence my predicament today)
>> No. 1373339

Waking up, being in a state of just-about-to-eat-breakfast and dreading an assignment that i need to finish.
>> No. 1373342
File 140084052115.jpg - (124.74KB , 1280x568 , 72786983444.jpg )
When does your semester end? What's the assignment?
>> No. 1373344
File 140084059019.png - (141.85KB , 736x619 , tumblr_n4u0q0SINt1qcwuqfo1_1280.png )
Oh sick diablo. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to play much this weekend cuz im most likely going to be hanging out with my BROS and celebrating my new album with a listening party. we'll see though.

So other than that and the purse, watcha doin?
>> No. 1373346
File 140084067849.gif - (1.16MB , 245x160 , True Love.gif )
Nothing. That's it. Are you not interested in hearing about the comic?
>> No. 1373347

Semester ends in 5 weeks or so, the assignment is a programming assignment that needs to function efficiently.
(...elsewise it'll take an infinite amount of time to run)


Fair enough, just figured i'd tell ya, besides i'm gonna see if they changed some more to it since their last patch thingy before the expansion.
>> No. 1373350
File 140084081755.gif - (102.54KB , 600x477 , tumblr_mcqlq3yOhC1qcwuqfo1_1280.gif )
Oh no, sure! Tell me about it.

They added permanent 100% increase on legendary drops.
>> No. 1373352

...Well considering that i never saw any of those drop before and that legendary loot can only be obtained through random drops i'd say that's a good thing. :o
>> No. 1373355
File 140084106153.png - (99.48KB , 1200x750 , trixie has become young and wonders what's over there.png )
Stuff went ahead and happened here, I see.

Last edited at Fri, May 23rd, 2014 03:31

>> No. 1373357

Hai Sus.

...It's a bit less dead than we're used to, no?
>> No. 1373359
File 140084119558.gif - (1.34MB , 392x400 , tumblr_n5xy6q84co1rqd0kpo1_r2_400.gif )
The golden times are upon us broseph

a lil bit
>> No. 1373363
File 140084132088.png - (74.16KB , 300x300 , trixie is great.png )
I don't know.
You depend on the TKC too much for your own entertainment.


anyway I must to class and work and life
>> No. 1373366
File 140084140392.gif - (1.67MB , 245x145 , 70752715848.gif )
Are you a CS major?

Well the story is going to follow a college-age transgirl and her transition. She also happens to be a superhero, but that really takes a backseat to the rest of her life. She puts her personal life ahead of fighting crime, so there are no super villains or anything. In her personal life she'll be stealth, but in her public life she'll be openly trans, and even an advocate for trans rights.

I'm going to try representing all different sorts of trans people through her support group members, who will make up the majority of the supporting cast. I want to represent all different kinds of trans people like, late transitioners, early transitioners, trans people who have no hope of ever passing, trans people who prefer to be androgynous, trans guys, etc... The point is to show that trans people come from all walks of life, just like cis people do, so that confused, questioning kids don't get any false impressions or think they have to rigidly fit one certain narrative to be trans.
>> No. 1373372

...Do they still make that harsh sound when they drop? If so i can imagine it sounding silly. x)


Eh, maybe, but i just visit from time to time, i like it when it's going well.
And currently i'm visiting a bit more often since it's just started and all.

Other than just coming here for random talk when procrastinating or having nothing else to do i don't rely on it at all, at the start i used it mainly to see if i could find people to game with and that hasn't changed much to be honest.


Eh, nope, not even sure what that means... then again i might be if it means something under a different name.
I'm dutch so it's all called something different here.
>> No. 1373373
File 140084177417.png - (72.27KB , 500x262 , tumblr_n5wutv3Vdy1qcwuqfo1_500.png )
That's very respectable and noble of you, I'd say. It's a very real problem for people to even feel alienated in the trans community for not fitting a mold. That's a really good concept.
>> No. 1373379
File 140084212556.png - (139.66KB , 300x300 , Sister.png )
CS is Computer Science.

Thank you. I don't want to be an activist who goes to rallies and stuff, but I do want to help people. This is really the best way for me to do that. I particularly like the idea of publishing it as a book so I can go to ComicCon and sell copies at a booth, and hopefully teach some people a few things there.
>> No. 1373380

Ah, we call it ICT. (Information and Computer Technology... "Informatie en Computer Technologie")

But yeah i study it, but not at a master level yet.
>> No. 1373382
File 140084230270.gif - (1.31MB , 250x300 , There Are Too Many Expressions in Here.gif )
What year are you?
>> No. 1373385
File 140084236708.png - (373.69KB , 702x563 , tumblr_n56w2sqWT71qcwuqfo1_1280.png )
Respect. Everyone's got a different way of helping, and I'd say this is a great one.

Duh it's great.
>> No. 1373388
File 140084248482.gif - (471.02KB , 245x300 , tumblr_my16g9lrk61swp3bdo1_250.gif )
Do you read any comics?
>> No. 1373390

Second, though in this whole second year i've accomplished but a fraction of what i did in the first, my health has been a major cause of that.
>> No. 1373391

Hehe, ought to be entertaining then.


Also what do you study? :o
>> No. 1373392
File 140084267507.gif - (742.69KB , 245x180 , tumblr_my11wwq7UF1swp3bdo4_250.gif )
That's understandable. I missed roughly five weeks of classes this past semester because I was on anti-depressants that made me want to kill myself. I didn't think I'd pass this semester, but my grades were actually fairly decent thanks to some forgiving teachers.

I study art. I want to be an animator for Disney.
>> No. 1373394
File 140084276445.jpg - (253.20KB , 831x987 , tumblr_mqfcbffSpL1qcwuqfo1_1280.jpg )
Not really. Superheroes aren't really my thing. I like a lot of the weirder zines and webcomics that are out there though. Stuff like Girl Mountain, Ebbits and Gunshow are some of my faves. At the risk of sounding disgustingly pretentious, I'm mostly a big fan of experimental or outsider art.
>> No. 1373399

Eh, this is not so forgiving; being able to model logical sequences is vital for this sorta thing and that is precisely what is disrupted by the headaches.
Oh and it's fairly unpleasant to even attempt any work while suffering headache and being exhausted, who'd have guessed? :p
Trying to fix it still, perhaps it'll pass and perhaps it won't... gotta try all the same.

And that's very nice, a practical sort of vision for the future too... myself i'm not sure, i'd like to work for some dutch or english company, maybe go indie a bit, got plenty of ideas after all... but we'll see, first things first and that's fixing the headache and keeping this show going in a slightly less shameful manner.
>> No. 1373402
File 140084310595.jpg - (87.76KB , 640x492 , 500-likes-for-wonder-woman-without-her-bra_o_1077200.jpg )
Oh. I suppose I'm fairly mainstream when it comes to comics. I love superheroes, and I've really gotten into Wonder Woman. I adore Wonder Woman. I wanna dress up as her for a convention, or a costume party, or something.

Have you talked to doctors or something?
>> No. 1373405

Of course, but just a headache doesn't really tell them all that much... and the way diseases are treated by the healthcare systems here doesn't really work at all with vague problems.

So i set off on my own poked various experts and found out several possible causes for it, one of which that can even explain the varying nature of it, pitifully it's an old wound so it can't really be fixed easily permanently, the problems return.
>> No. 1373407
File 140084338767.png - (156.75KB , 460x460 , 138118799252.png )
They still don't drop that much though lol.

Wonder woman is a good'n with a great message a lot of the time too. If I had to pick a popular superhero to like, it'd be her I think.

Mainstream aint bad. Different strokes, yknow?
>> No. 1373409

...Still, twice the chance as before, heh.
>> No. 1373410
Yeah, but even so. I beat diablo on expert yesterday and only got two legendaries
>> No. 1373412

Hmm... eh, maybe you're just an unlucky pooper. x)

But it's always a roll of the dice, even before all this i've seen legendaries drop twice in a row in a single dungeon for some people.
>> No. 1373413
File 140084366090.jpg - (53.83KB , 531x800 , wonder-woman-614-variant.jpg )
Oh. I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.

I find her particularly inspirational. I'm really happy DC did their New 52 thing because it made it so easy to pick up WW. Otherwise I wouldn't know where to begin, which is the same problem I'm having with all Marvel heroes.
>> No. 1373414

Heh, no need to say anything, still we could continue on about the plans for the future, as i'm quite interested in how you animate.
I can create 3d models in blender and the like and toy a bit with its animation functions, but i suspect that's just a crude approximation to the techniques professional animators use.
>> No. 1373416
File 140084390162.gif - (752.74KB , 460x254 , tumblr_inline_n4oa86wihv1rfc5zx.gif )
Yeah, it is definitely noticeable.

I think that does contribute a lot to me not wanting to get into superheroes and comics. Tooooooo much material. I also really like supporting indie artists and experimentalists, but it probably mostly comes down to me being way too lazy to get into as much material as there is
>> No. 1373418
File 140084415696.jpg - (876.63KB , 1280x960 , wonder-woman-0.jpg )
Actually, most professional animation companies that do 3D animation use ZBrush, I hear, which is very similar to Blender. I've used the free version of ZBrush, but it was slow to use even on the computer it was installed on. There's no way in hell my computer would be able to run it.

So far I've only done 2D animation. One piece I did was a 23 second video where I hand drew all 273 frames and scanned them into the computer. It was a lot of work, and I made several mistakes that I didn't notice until I saw it in motion. The most glaring one was that when I was trying to make a woman inhale deeply, it just looked like her breasts were inflating and then deflating. I still want to fix the mistakes and add to it when I get the chance, but it would cost a lot of money to get all the paper I need for the whole video.

I don't really mind having a lot of material because it means if I don't like one thing that's going on with a hero I like, I'll just read another thing about him. Like with X-Men. I don't like the sounds of what's currently happening in the regular Marvel universe, so I'll stick with the Ultimate universe for my X-Men. I think once I get past the daunting part of finding a jumping-on point, everything will be easier.

I also like indie work on principle, but so far I haven't seen any indie comics that I'm interested in looking into.
>> No. 1373420

Hmmm, well that's good.

...Did ya convince Tony and Kamina to buy it yet?


ZBrush huh? Gotta remember that then.

And that's really neat... also do you need special paper or something? Because at an office centre you can buy packs of 500 a4 sized pieces of paper for... well... about 3 euro, so about 4 dollars, probably less, it's pretty cheap.
>> No. 1373421
File 140084460549.png - (214.91KB , 700x600 , 138118513266.png )
I think another contributing factor for me not getting into the medium is kind of just a personal dislike for the format itself. I have a hard time following the action in comics cuz they can be sorta cluttered and i have kind of weird eyes.

Yeah I understand. It's hard to find the real golden stuff in the sea of indie work there is out there.
>> No. 1373422
File 140084467623.png - (171.88KB , 395x310 , 133123109503.png )
Tony has it, but he wants to buy a copy for kamina and he refuses to install it until then
>> No. 1373423
I hope it makes you happy one day to be the opposite sex
>> No. 1373425



Odd, but it does explain it, heh.
>> No. 1373427
File 140084487246.jpg - (1.25MB , 1457x3195 , wonder_woman_by_Andora.jpg )
There is a specific animation paper that has holes punched on the bottom to fit on the pegs of a light disk. ( But since I neither have a light disk nor that kind of paper, I just used regular 12"x9" tracing paper. I still don't have a light disk, but I do now have a glass drafting table that I can shine a light through for my animation needs.

Yeah, I get that. I do often have to spend several minutes looking at a page to understand exactly what's going on. But I can't pretend I don't enjoy seeing Wonder Woman kicking her opponents' asses, and not just because it's nice to see the bad guys lose.

Uh, thanks.
>> No. 1373429
File 140084510429.png - (169.69KB , 500x500 , 138119600653.png )
Oh yeah. If the art style is especially good and there's lots of clean lines, i dont have much trouble. it's just when it's really muddy and dense.
>> No. 1373431

Fair enough, art finds it way... though that's really more relevant for the archaïcal version of the word art, which is more alike to "work".

Bottom line: You find a way to do what makes you happy, and that's good.

...But it does explain the problems with costs, still a way's a way.

Also blender's supposedly quite light for such a program, i'll just link several tutorials and summarising pages that helped me, though i am not sure which did what again.
>> No. 1373432
File 140084537813.png - (733.17KB , 771x1036 , rolling_stone_wonder_woman_render_by_american_paladin-d63lp1q.png )
Speaking of art style, I have a Wonder Woman comic, and on one page Wonder Woman is drawn with really broad shoulders, (as is normal), but the rest of her body from her chest down is disproportionately small. I can't really explain it, other than that she mostly looks like a capital T with arms, more so than any average, well-proportioned people do.

I'm not going to be using any 3D art programs right now. I want to get used to animating in 2D as a concept first, and when I decide to get a 3D animation program, I'll probably get a new computer specifically for creating art. But thanks for the tutorials.
>> No. 1373433
File 140084554932.png - (256.39KB , 720x720 , 138119100243.png )
Huh. That's wild.
>> No. 1373435
File 140084583957.jpg - (39.83KB , 640x390 , 640x390_6686_Disneypocalypse_2d_cartoon_castle_genie_apocalypse_disney_little_mermaid_aurora_car.jpg )
I can't say I'm surprised. Mainstream comic artists are under a lot of pressure to get their issues out quickly. The Amazing Spider-Man just started its run in May, and it looks like it's going to be a twice-monthly thing because issue #2 just came out. I don't know if Marvel always goes twice a week or if it just depends on the title, but even if the artist doesn't do all of the work in that two week period, I'm willing to bet the majority of it does get done in that time.
>> No. 1373436

Fair enough, still i find that it works motivating to reach further than you can grasp, just to see what is within reach.
>> No. 1373437
File 140084601315.png - (249.99KB , 630x630 , 138126991536.png )
gud talking to u guys
>> No. 1373439

Good night, sleep well!
>> No. 1373440

Huh, where'd the name go?
>> No. 1373441
File 140084646396.gif - (672.35KB , 250x130 , Even Princesses Have Embarrassing Moments.gif )
I was under the impression that that's what I was doing.

Anyways, I'm gonna go to bed now too.
>> No. 1373442

Good night.
>> No. 1373789
File 140086896252.gif - (955.03KB , 360x360 , 1400400660909.gif )
Shit now it's DEAD again.
>> No. 1373917

A petty, butthurt induced counterfeit on another chan not lasting? Why, I never.
>> No. 1373933
File 140087385181.jpg - (80.46KB , 981x1200 , 6949882-portrait-of-death-in-a-business-suit-on-a-dark-background.jpg )
bro this where the original came from and the one on mlpchan's dead too. I get the motivations behind making this weren't the most noble, but you're being just as petty by perpetuating this shit slinging. get outta here with that and turn on your chill ffs.
>> No. 1373947

I know full well where it came from. Is this petty? Perhaps. Do I care? I do not. A bit of relaxing shitflinging at a deserving target is the only value I can see myself getting out of this thread so hey, why not do it - after all, as the OP has graciously demonstrated by many things all the way up to deleting an actually active (for a change) TKC on mlpchan because he "didn't feel like keeping up with two TKCs" this is a fully acceptable mindset here. Feels a bit refreshing, honestly.
>> No. 1373959
File 140087489312.jpg - (60.81KB , 336x450 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo2_400.jpg )
I bet you're super fun at parties.

That thread was only active because me and some other assholes were shitting in it because we were in a skype call. And then there were like 10 more posts in it after it was done and then it got deleted. Who gives a fuck. This is a shitty subcommunity on an imageboard devoted to cartoon horse. Stop taking it seriously. Literally no one has been wronged or inconvenienced in any way other than "shit, now i gotta post my horsecocks on a DIFFERENT website!"

Basically, turn on your chill and realize how pointless this is to get heated over.
>> No. 1373975

That's a lot of words speaking out against a strawman. Amusing myself by watching this inevitably crash and cheering that on is hardly taking anything seriously.
>> No. 1373991
File 140087594590.jpg - (26.08KB , 370x229 , tumblr_inline_n3xtr0rd771rjb5nz.jpg )
You're right, it was optimistic to assume you actually were heated. But to garner some perspective here, you're getting thrills off of watching a subculture on an imageboard for ponies falter because most of the old members are elsewhere now. Sick. Fresh. Hella.

Like I said, bet your tons of fun at parties BROUGH
>> No. 1374019

Nope, I'm getting them from seeing a stolen thread falter and thus dickery not being rewarded. It strokes my feeling of things being right with the world in a small way.

The way I see it, this is not actually TKC. This is a knockoff borne out of butthurt and unbelievable amounts of self-centeredness and arbitrariness of a single user who, if I recall correctly, didn't even come into TKC until a long time after it's moved to mlpchan. It's also complete with him appropriating classic injokes and then clumsily forcing them here... while deleting the original thread for self-absorbed reasons. And he could have simply just... moved away, without any of that. And made an actual new serial of his own, if he wanted that, rather than doing this.

What's so wrong about rooting for this knockoff failing? In my view the actual TKC, whatever shape it's in (it's not a good shape admittedly and I don't exactly plan on posting there much), is still on mlpchan.

Anyway, can't really talk much more, will have to bail in a short while.
>> No. 1374031
File 140087718316.jpg - (43.83KB , 341x450 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo1_400.jpg )
You're wrong about most everything you typed here. Son don't even know what he about. This isn't a knockoff. It's people from the thread reconnecting. Never come back, son. Till you learn chill.
>> No. 1374036
File 140087727878.jpg - (19.69KB , 348x470 , stock-photo-skeleton-pirouette-108174956.jpg )
I'd also like to reiterate that I've basically been on board with this since it's conception. Get out my house bruv
>> No. 1374056

Well, this is how I see things, since you spoke of perspective. The existence of this thread isn't about reconnecting. It's about our OP acting as if TKC and everything connected to it was his own to do with as he pleased, paying absolutely no respect towards anyone else who was ever part of this subcommunity.


Oh that is very impressive. Hmm... then again, do you really want to play that card? I've been here back when it looked like this:
>> No. 1374059

...holy shit it's been over three years already. This has been an... interesting time.
>> No. 1374073
File 140087827256.jpg - (8.67KB , 170x236 , skeleton_computer.jpg )
He's not doing that though. He's making another facet of the TKC that he can enjoy with other friends and potentially make new friends without having to interact with people he doesn't like. Why not? The TKC can still be made on MLPchan so no harm done. If you really have to be so self-righteous about it, maybe you should just straight up leave and stop being such a shitter bruv. Let folks do what they gonna do and stop crying.
>> No. 1374085

...You know, your attempts at gloating are amusing, it is telling about what sort of a person you are.

But i had no illusions about how it would go; I start over, it is active when i drag it into activity as there are few to keep it going when i am not here, but in time others might join and new ones might take root.
This might work, this might not, not a problem; it's just a thread after all and i liked the atmosphere of the old one so here i am with an attempt to recreate it for reasons aplenty.
>> No. 1374091

Also hai Cardi, can't stay long because of things but i figured i'd check on how it was going... well i think i can't stay long, but that depends really.
>> No. 1374098
File 140087872988.jpg - (48.04KB , 700x545 , upper_body_skeleton_computer_artwork_F0010063.jpg )
heyooooooo watcha up to?
>> No. 1374102

I disagree. This is exactly what he's doing. Him deleting the one on mlpchan sealed that for me.

>Let folks do what they gonna do and stop crying.

And same to you!


You just do what you will. I'm out!
>> No. 1374109
File 140087887867.gif - (128.24KB , 498x410 , tumblr_inline_n4oe5uIOTS1qh3c83.gif )
Okay but you're wrong don't come back
>> No. 1374115

...Is my presence here not evidence that i do?

Oh and were you not the one that asked me to delete it?
I mean it was a valid comment, having two made by me is odd and therefore that was resolved.


Eh, finished showering, coding (...or rather: A starebattle with code) and for the rest preparing for the relaxation that the weekend brings.

>> No. 1374117
File 140087910127.jpg - (37.24KB , 528x480 , Emtional-Skeleton19.jpg )
about to take a shower. i really should do some yardwork but it's already kinda late in the afternoon and if i do yardwork after my shower ill just have to shower agaaaiiiinn
>> No. 1374121
Hey is your logo supposed to be some kind of ripoff of /k/? Looks that way, guns might be useful for thread killing.
>> No. 1374122

Heh, know the predicament... but just getting to that yardwork is often just a lot harder than it seems. x)
>> No. 1374125
File 140087922851.jpg - (146.50KB , 1066x1300 , skeleton-paying-bills-29165561.jpg )
As i recall, it was a remade version of the CMC patch with the halo reach logo on it cuz the guy that started it up.... really liked halo reach????
>> No. 1374128

NobleSix that guy was called i think, so indeed he loved Halo a lot. :p
>> No. 1374133
File 140087938866.jpg - (44.50KB , 600x600 , skeletonPreview01_jpgfeb4ffc4-e5d8-4240-916f-b9f870a4a7f4Large.jpg )
Yeah but i dont remember why he made our logo the halo reach logo. I guess he just REALLY liked halo
>> No. 1374136
Halo reach is cool.
>> No. 1374139

His name was a derivative or even direct borrowing from a character... or group of characters in Halo, i think.

Had an irl friend who was a fan of exactly the same, plus i liked the original Halo a lot so i always kept half an eye open for that series.
>> No. 1374149
File 140087977962.png - (373.69KB , 702x563 , tumblr_n56w2sqWT71qcwuqfo1_1280.png )
I hardly remember it. I'd say I should play it again, but I don't really have much interest/know where it is.
>> No. 1374158
File 140087990532.png - (47.53KB , 500x252 , tumblr_n440rrhK4H1qcwuqfo1_500.png )
Yeaaaah I remember that now.
>> No. 1374177

Heh, my memory is odd sometimes for remembering such little details.
>> No. 1374193
File 140088067759.jpg - (37.37KB , 300x470 , stock-photo-terrible-dude-in-a-mask-of-the-skeleton-with-a-protective-helmet-54202642.jpg )
Yeah I feel you. Sometimes I'll forget entire general concepts and then remember small details of stuff bit by bit. S'weird.

Brb gonna go dick around in a construction site
>> No. 1374199
Same don't have an xbox.
>> No. 1374202

Heh, misschief in the making? :p

Have fun!


...Hmmm, a little anon, but you do seem nice enough and at least not grumpy.

You familiar with the TKC?
>> No. 1374213
Lol nice well I am not rude. No just lurking.
>> No. 1374223

Nice enough for me for someone i don't know, used to a poorer kind of anon i suppose. :p

Anyhoo it's all in a bit of disarray, have told my story at the start of the thread but i'm not exactly aware what the peeps on the other side of it tell, hence the not always friendly conversations.

...Were you by chance the anon that plays europa universalis?
>> No. 1374308
File 140088399976.jpg - (62.29KB , 720x1280 , spoiler.jpg )
ate pizza at the construction site, fuck humanity, abort all children
>> No. 1374314

...Eh, you could just start by not eating so many trees.

Thought of the day: If people put less trees up their butt would there be more trees left?
>> No. 1374329
Sounds fun what with mlpchan being dead and all. No that wasn't me.
>> No. 1374347

Eh, they were pretty dead, maybe my leaving brought to movement enough commotion to instill some life again. :p

But yeah, 't was time for me to leave and this place doesn't seem half as dead as that one.
>> No. 1374521

I do seem to have a way with irony, though as of late it bites me more often than it used to. x)

Oh well, in any case i'll be sleeping now, cya until tomorrow.
>> No. 1374527
See ya and I sincerely hope things work out well for you here you guys are cool :^)
>> No. 1374579
File 140089473968.gif - (287.32KB , 183x160 , 75c1k.gif )
>> No. 1374588
File 140089514883.jpg - (43.83KB , 341x450 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo1_400.jpg )
Nice of you to... drop in.
>> No. 1374591
File 140089521348.gif - (206.79KB , 102x117 , 75c4s2.gif )
I'm stuck. I can't get out.
>> No. 1374595
File 140089539685.jpg - (52.45KB , 450x450 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo3_500.jpg )
Nice, nice.
>> No. 1374602
File 140089557326.gif - (769.31KB , 500x200 , Elsa Won the Snowball Fight.gif )
Aren't you gonna help me out?
>> No. 1374604
File 140089565765.jpg - (32.48KB , 500x375 , tumblr_n5fmsxyon71qf6niwo1_500.jpg )
Let me consult with the board.
>> No. 1374609
File 140089577264.png - (33.93KB , 141x218 , Anna Angry.png )
>> No. 1374615
File 140089585094.jpg - (24.50KB , 450x319 , stock-photo-a-skeleton-sits-at-a-desk-typing-on-a-laptop-computer-194556.jpg )
Board says no.
>> No. 1374621
File 140089600243.jpg - (139.00KB , 1920x856 , frozen-disneyscreencaps.jpg )
I thought you liked me.
>> No. 1374671
File 140089736570.jpg - (20.46KB , 370x229 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo8_400.jpg )
This is out of my small, bony hands.
>> No. 1374688
File 140089767938.gif - (749.39KB , 500x267 , Watching Time Go By.gif )
I'm so bored fuck everything.
>> No. 1374694
File 140089782264.jpg - (28.07KB , 300x470 , stock-photo-a-skeleton-sits-at-a-desk-typing-on-a-laptop-computer-194563.jpg )
Me 2 bruh. Life's hard.
>> No. 1374706
File 140089808355.gif - (760.00KB , 245x300 , tumblr_my16g9lrk61swp3bdo2_250.gif )
Do you wanna talk again?
>> No. 1374711
File 140089821371.png - (116.52KB , 300x300 , steamicon3.png )
>Be me
>Havin dream
>I am a beautiful skeleton with strong bones, all the ladies love me
>Suddenly, everyone looks to one way
>It's like...
>A skeleton demigod
>Every girl that's on my bone cock goes to other skeleton.
>Realize it's him
>He killed my vibe
>Wake up and feel depressed.
Fuck you.
>> No. 1374718
File 140089846388.png - (560.56KB , 1000x883 , trixie is cheesy.png )
This is not great and powerful enough
>> No. 1374719
File 140089846514.jpg - (80.46KB , 981x1200 , 6949882-portrait-of-death-in-a-business-suit-on-a-dark-background.jpg )
sure, what about?

>> No. 1374722
File 140089849698.gif - (177.21KB , 400x400 , tumblr_mh2f5mn4WU1qcwuqfo1_400.gif )
>> No. 1374724
File 140089855821.gif - (1.42MB , 400x200 , tumblr_mxdulj0JHZ1qhk1e5o3_400.gif )
I dunno. What are you up to?
>> No. 1374727
File 140089871918.jpg - (149.13KB , 1280x1280 , tony and i playing league.jpg )
shut the fuck up you prissy little bitch jesus christ
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i thought it was an okay dream
>> No. 1374739
File 140089905894.jpg - (60.81KB , 336x450 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo2_400.jpg )
Trying to coordinate some fun activities with friends but it's not working.

How bout you

nope nope stop talking go to jail
>> No. 1374752
File 140089931409.gif - (1.02MB , 260x146 , I Remember This Part Most Vividly From Years Ago.gif )
Looking at things online. My sister is watching Arrow, so I can't even watch TV right now.
>> No. 1374756
File 140089941569.png - (298.92KB , 520x460 , endingcardep6.png )
Do I pass go?
>> No. 1374760
File 140089951450.gif - (401.39KB , 238x305 , tumblr_n5rbuqfswK1rv8mhvo1_250.gif )
Yeah "looking at things online" seems to be the general fallback when there's nothing to do
>> No. 1374767
File 140089967632.png - (769.21KB , 1280x1141 , trixie has always had blue mane and tail, what do you mean.png )
I say no

I'm not posting Rarity
>> No. 1374770
File 140089974666.png - (129.28KB , 488x295 , 7j4zGlS.png )
There isn't really much to look at in the first place. It sucks because I can't spend any money, but sites like eBay or Amazon are my go-to websites when there's nothing else.
>> No. 1374780
File 140090012809.png - (62.88KB , 978x876 , tumblr_momox7zPpd1qcwuqfo1_1280.png )
No no no

Ugh that's the woooorst. Don't do that to yourself.
>> No. 1374783
File 140090020719.png - (23.85KB , 600x810 , catthoughts.png )
But... the collars...
>> No. 1374801
File 140090073790.gif - (955.03KB , 360x360 , 1400400660909.gif )
No money = no stuff
>> No. 1374808
File 140090090266.gif - (494.64KB , 500x374 , IMG_0364.gif )
I have a ten dollar Walmart gift card, though.
>> No. 1374818
File 140090114615.gif - (1.34MB , 392x400 , tumblr_n5xy6q84co1rqd0kpo1_r2_400.gif )
Oh that's different
>> No. 1374826
File 140090147050.gif - (352.43KB , 245x200 , I'm Afraid to Knock.gif )
I have another card that might have $4 on it, so that's nice too. I get a free $14.
>> No. 1374844
File 140090215802.png - (276.59KB , 900x918 , Skeleton_01_by_pelleron.png )
woo free monneeeeeyyyy
>> No. 1374846
File 140090220951.png - (68.01KB , 900x861 , trixie the disappoint.png )
All of the money I get is free
only I spend a few hours every day to get it
>> No. 1374849
File 140090234991.jpg - (33.08KB , 299x470 , stock-photo-a-skeleton-sits-at-a-desk-typing-on-a-laptop-computer-194562.jpg )
that's not free money lame o
>> No. 1374850
File 140090240218.png - (58.01KB , 300x337 , trixie resents that comment.png )
I'm not spending anything to get it... aside from maybe transportation...
>> No. 1374854
File 140090263842.png - (834.24KB , 1920x844 , Anna--Nobody in This Room Can Tell I'm Not Wearing Underwear.png )
I'ma buy myself a nice collar next time I go to Walmart.
>> No. 1374969
File 140090727705.jpg - (286.97KB , 800x600 , 1400868698912.jpg )
Aw shit I missed Yuppie
>> No. 1374979
File 140090774503.png - (118.94KB , 700x651 , more sad.png )
Aw damn, I missed Yuppie..
>> No. 1375171
You guys are the worst
>> No. 1375190
File 140091785053.jpg - (20.46KB , 370x229 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo8_400.jpg )
Wrong! I'm the best.
>> No. 1375251
File 140092088271.jpg - (294.85KB , 786x1076 , And Hides Behind Him.jpg )
>> No. 1375267
File 140092319486.gif - (833.91KB , 145x110 , 1400571131309.gif )
>> No. 1375268
File 140092324908.png - (301.82KB , 616x534 , It's Possible She Wants You Too.png )
Hi again, Reaver.
>> No. 1375269

Ohai, you the same anon as yesterday i assume? :o
>> No. 1375271
File 140092352041.jpg - (292.74KB , 1920x1080 , 2.jpg )
Yeah, that's me.
>> No. 1375273


...Why not wear a name though? Makes it easier to converse.

All the same i'm just waking up and about to have breakfast, what's your plans?
(...and the time for that matter... eh... 7 hours behind right?, so about 5 am?)
>> No. 1375278
File 140092387048.jpg - (17.80KB , 381x364 , This is ADORABLE.jpg )
I used to have one, but Ponychan seems to have fucked up and won't keep it, and rather than put it in every time I get online, I just leave it blank. It's Anna, though. You'll know me because I either post as Anna or Ariel, and rarely as some other Disney heroine.

And today I'm probably going to play some video games or something. I'm not sure. It's about 0430 here.
>> No. 1375282

Remembered the time correctly, nice.

And i'll try to remember that about the pictures, which game ya gonna play?
>> No. 1375286
File 140092421492.jpg - (648.55KB , 1614x1054 , It's Dangerous to Go Alone; Take This.jpg )
Probably Pokemon. It's what's in my purse right now, which is right next to me, and I don't feel like getting up to get the rest of my games. I really should find a convenient and compact way to carry a larger library of games in my purse without taking space away from the important things, though.
>> No. 1375290

Pokemon X/Y? Got most pokemon games too.

And i sorta don't know the feeling since i've got a labtop.
>> No. 1375293
File 140092446525.jpg - (468.20KB , 1460x1076 , It Was at That Moment When Eric Realized Something Was off.jpg )
Yeah, I've got X, Y, HeartGold, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf in my bag right now.

It's great having a bag I can put items in when I'm on the go. Like snacks and shit.
>> No. 1375296

Eh, am tall and i've got pockets and sleeves.
Could rob a store and still seems as if i'm carrying nothing at all. :p
Personally i only have the new zelda and pokemon Y, so eh.
>> No. 1375299
File 140092483861.jpg - (400.39KB , 1418x980 , Peace Offering.jpg )
Well I don't have the luxury of men's jeans' pockets. I barely have pockets at all.

I just like keeping all of my DS and 3DS games on me, even if I haven't played them in a while, because I like having the option of playing whatever I want whenever. Right now I'm keeping them all in a drawstring bag, but that bag is pretty big, and I hate digging through it because I inevitably end up touching all the connectors on the cartridges.
>> No. 1375300

Eh, there are plenty of women's clothing things with pockets, but most women choose not to wear them, the option's there but it's simply not picked. (which i personally find pretty odd)

And fair enough i guess, i spend most of my time with a computer at hand anyway so it wouldn't be necessary for me.
>> No. 1375371
File 140093376935.jpg - (58.32KB , 700x600 , trixie wants to be taken to a good home.jpg )
Buy all the games digitally!
>> No. 1375408
File 140093913624.jpg - (12.82KB , 677x428 , Megara.jpg )
Shit and stuff
>> No. 1375412
File 140093937372.gif - (370.45KB , 700x589 , rarity bobs to the song in her mind.gif )
>It's you
>> No. 1376050
File 140096950594.jpg - (103.52KB , 512x512 , no fun allowed.jpg )
I heard some people were having fun.
>> No. 1376076
File 140097037599.gif - (390.18KB , 160x144 , tumblr_inline_mz02ph6N3K1rp57hl.gif )
No fun, not ever.
>> No. 1376085
File 140097072462.jpg - (11.45KB , 245x175 , art-63.jpg )
>> No. 1376091
File 140097083535.png - (49.32KB , 179x169 , tumblr_n34shgg96Y1twuq4yo1_250.png )
Bro that GAME THO. I didn't think anyone else played it.
>> No. 1376092
File 140097089482.png - (727.15KB , 900x900 , tumblr_mrp500U2Qp1sdiy4yo1_1280.png )
>Liking Okage



>> No. 1376096
File 140097097081.gif - (1.34MB , 392x400 , tumblr_n5xy6q84co1rqd0kpo1_r2_400.gif )
Yeah bro.

>> No. 1376105
File 140097108212.gif - (787.55KB , 433x279 , basically.gif )
Remember the part where Kisling says the thing and it was funny?
>> No. 1376144
File 140097188933.jpg - (28.69KB , 348x470 , stock-photo-skeleton-repent-108174926.jpg )
Yeah bro. I love that one, bro.
>> No. 1376160
File 140097220036.jpg - (63.15KB , 410x550 , cumblr_mrrhkjjMcG1qdtdy1o1_500.jpg )

ur based
>> No. 1376171
File 140097250507.jpg - (33.71KB , 500x351 , based oooohhh.jpg )
bro i've touched based god irl OF COURSE im based
>> No. 1376177
File 140097261964.jpg - (27.24KB , 403x403 , das it.jpg )
das it mane

i can't compete

i'mma go walk off into the desert until i emerge as based as you or die

>> No. 1376186
File 140097276884.jpg - (14.60KB , 448x386 , 1373681795688.jpg )
good luck my son
>> No. 1376623
File 140098590931.jpg - (28.07KB , 300x470 , stock-photo-a-skeleton-sits-at-a-desk-typing-on-a-laptop-computer-194563.jpg )
So uh.

U guyz like memez?
>> No. 1378320
...Interbutts not working, computer frustrating.

Hai throd.
>> No. 1378601
File 140106844045.png - (867.74KB , 5576x5576 , 181488__safe_vector_spitfire_wonderbolts+academy_spoiler-colon-s03e07_uniform_artist-colon-freak.png )
Due to recent amounts of drama about the moderation of /gala/ !!Angel Bunny and I will be taking over as moderators of /gala/ seriels, if you have an issues within the seriel regarding another poster or groups of posters, please contact one of us specifically.
>> No. 1378611

>> No. 1378735
File 140107133681.jpg - (20.46KB , 370x229 , tumblr_mt5pb61jIA1rmrojmo8_400.jpg )
THE  SKELETON™  here,  requesting  the  immediate  banning  of  all  nerds  and  dorks.
>> No. 1380077
File 140112422375.png - (168.51KB , 667x789 , 1358894364996.png )
>> No. 1380420
File 140113193179.jpg - (146.50KB , 1066x1300 , skeleton-paying-bills-29165561.jpg )
I can't believe this. I make a perfectly valid request and it goes ignored by the powers that be.
>> No. 1380453

But they did enact it, they separated all nerds from the cool guys.

Seems you didn't make the cut.
>> No. 1380465
File 140113401426.jpg - (37.24KB , 528x480 , Emtional-Skeleton19.jpg )
>> No. 1380469

There there, don't be sad now... at least we're all 1% here and all those cool eggheads are the 99% who work for us, remember?
>> No. 1380488
File 140113516779.jpg - (19.69KB , 348x470 , stock-photo-skeleton-pirouette-108174956.jpg )
Fuck that kill all nerds i'm not about NO DORK SCENE FOR CHILDREN
>> No. 1380511

Suicide is illegal though.
>> No. 1380657
File 140114032399.jpg - (48.04KB , 700x545 , upper_body_skeleton_computer_artwork_F0010063.jpg )
dont stop no skeleton like me bro martyrdom is cool ill be sick as hell in my grave
>> No. 1380781
File 140114434296.gif - (1.96MB , 350x227 , 140113879690.gif )

Not as cool as the man who rode a pig to battle.

He didn't win but his pig did get him out alive only to eat him later.
>> No. 1382928
Bonk, my internet is butts and my creativity too.
>> No. 1384349
File 140129871717.jpg - (80.46KB , 981x1200 , 6949882-portrait-of-death-in-a-business-suit-on-a-dark-background.jpg )
So what's the policy for making new serial thread entries? I don't know what the pchan rules are anymore
>> No. 1384383

...There are rules?
>> No. 1384390
File 140130026596.png - (880.04KB , 1600x713 , bgpaDWZ.png )
There are no Ponychan rules about that. It's entirely up to the thread how often they want to make a new one. /Pony/ After Dark makes a new one every day. The LGBT HAYride makes a new one just before the thread is deleted. The Story Thread makes a new one every time the old one hits autosage.
>> No. 1384397

...Ah, like that.

Yeah, i guess we could do with plenty of new issues, would attract attention and might keep it going.
>> No. 1385016
File 140132036709.jpg - (28.07KB , 300x470 , stock-photo-a-skeleton-sits-at-a-desk-typing-on-a-laptop-computer-194563.jpg )
Now I know
>> No. 1386865
We should make a new one after every 5 posts
>> No. 1387139

But you are the posts.
>> No. 1389105
Just saw the movie "The Purge".

It was pretty bad.

...How's peeps?
>> No. 1389280
File 140150135402.jpg - (4.96KB , 240x200 , images.jpg )
bro this is a late response but i'm great, just dyed my hair again and it looks HELLA how are you
>> No. 1389295
File 140150200824.png - (127.84KB , 338x344 , perception check.png )
>> No. 1389297

What color's it now?
Oh and i'm pretty good for a change, had a fun evening with friends and yesterday i went to a play with my family, a new one about Anne Frank... and for a change it was dutch theatre stuff that i could appreciate, as in it was not crap but actually good.

The decor literally containing the achterhuis (the place where she hid) in full size turning around and moving about on a platform, they used fragments of propaganda films from both sides of the war aswell as from other journalistic thingies.

Oh and it had a pretty macabre "twist" that wasn't a twist; it's told by an all-grown-up version of Anne who sits in a cafe in Paris where she talks to a friend from her youth... but in the end it's revealed to be just a hallucination as she's dying from exhaustion, exposure and typhus.
>> No. 1389299

Ohai Kamina.
>> No. 1389775
File 140151092299.jpg - (35.66KB , 450x343 , 10490633.jpg )
It is way more blonder

That sounds p dark bro.

>> No. 1389809
File 140151186437.jpg - (431.75KB , 900x841 , artorias_bbq_by_menaslg-d5ok9gh.jpg )
>> No. 1389814
File 140151206233.png - (57.62KB , 1410x435 , beroough.png )
>> No. 1390428

Nice... have never dyed my hair, i like it as it is i suppose... that and i'm all for "don't fix what ain't broke". :p

And yeah, it was, but it was honestly the best play i've ever seen... not that says much as i'm not one for theatre, still it was a theatre play i actually liked versus countless ones i disliked... that might be more telling.
>> No. 1391876
File 140158661141.jpg - (25.17KB , 400x400 , 140152201836.jpg )

Fuck today.
>> No. 1391954

>> No. 1392544
Goddamn you horsefuckers made it back here.
>> No. 1392803

In some shape i suppose. :p
>> No. 1408166
>> No. 1418192
File 140292335726.png - (148.14KB , 350x500 , no.png )
>no posts for over a week
>then no posts for almost a week, again
>> No. 1419871
*peeks nose in*
>> No. 1420154

>Dust and echoes

...I should visit this more often if i want it to live, then again it didn't have much life in it even before it came here.
>> No. 1420164
File 140300697139.png - (37.48KB , 171x202 , 130357959599.png )
Good job.
>> No. 1420195

Eh, i've been busy with plenty of things, mostly threads on /oat/ when it comes to posting on this site.

Might get to it when i feel like doing it. :p
>> No. 1420201
File 140301093616.png - (123.84KB , 675x600 , rarity is indeed fabulous.png )
Forget it.
>> No. 1420263

Eh, it's just one of those things i might get to sometime.
>> No. 1427148
File 140339485721.jpg - (40.97KB , 499x341 , 1400370695466.jpg )
>> No. 1428850
File 140347895044.jpg - (19.05KB , 460x287 , awrW22y_460s.jpg )

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

...Or something.

Hai Flour.
>> No. 1431750
File 140364636829.jpg - (791.18KB , 2000x2000 , I mustache you a question.jpg )

And Cthulhu waits dreaming in R'lyeh and all that good shit.

This thing is literally begging for the sweet release of death though.
>> No. 1431761

Meh, that or revival.

But i'm too lazy to drag it back to the land of the living for now, so it stays undead for now.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 24th, 2014 14:55

>> No. 1512508
File 140822101756.jpg - (343.85KB , 483x700 , D1.jpg )
>> No. 1512731

I am Groot.
>> No. 1520097
File 140857893555.png - (132.40KB , 500x413 , tumblr_mzi8u86S281smz509o1_500.png )
This thread just won't quit, will it?
>> No. 1520270
File 140858806020.png - (289.27KB , 1026x769 , 21471902.png )

All good things must come to an end.

Therefore this shan't,
>> No. 1520373
File 140859169800.png - (410.54KB , 600x539 , tumblr_n847upNAk81qlpahho1_1280.png )
Every end is but a new beginning.

That's how it will always be, and we live with it, and do our best to, well make the best of it.
>> No. 1522272
File 140869544771.jpg - (264.98KB , 2048x1366 , hot dog man.jpg )
fucking rip already got damn
>> No. 1522765
File 140872360070.gif - (17.00KB , 200x220 , 140459864881.gif )

You speak as if this thread's existance is not the nail in the coffin.
>> No. 1522840
File 140872677908.jpg - (49.21KB , 500x500 , tumblr_nakxorTX9C1sjsnweo1_500.jpg )
Thread just needs to die now.

This is the very last know existence of the tkc, and it doesn't look good.
>> No. 1523125
File 140873874748.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )
Da fuq...

This thing has been around since May?

I think this is a record for deadness..
>> No. 1524999
File 140883542987.jpg - (61.50KB , 333x450 , quo non chi moin.jpg )
fuck y'all
>> No. 1525031
File 140883729426.jpg - (67.38KB , 482x700 , 140754097066.jpg )

Dun care.
>> No. 1526427
File 140892657371.png - (224.64KB , 1280x622 , hw7My8K.png )
I can't wait to wish it a happy b-day
>> No. 1526430
File 140892690309.gif - (1.08MB , 316x195 , hell.gif )

This ...would be sorta neat actually, heh.
>> No. 1527181
File 140899461538.jpg - (17.92KB , 640x480 , tumblr_naqf1fW1Fk1thypn5o1_1280.jpg )
No, it was a joke.

I swear if this thread is still alive in 2015
>> No. 1528205
File 140908926570.jpg - (196.91KB , 2048x1366 , seven days at super viking man's.jpg )
Dude, that can actually happen.
Holy shit.
>> No. 1528544
File 140911331786.png - (113.61KB , 500x500 , tumblr_inline_nau0mj9RIy1sb1sbm.png )
It's already a quarter of the way there.
>> No. 1528727
File 140913641395.jpg - (8.07KB , 160x215 , 1407989082410.jpg )
I can still shitpost here.
>> No. 1529176
File 140917232646.jpg - (67.06KB , 939x911 , GG.jpg )
Dude let's shitpost on each other.
>> No. 1530016
File 140924109021.png - (112.72KB , 279x281 , 14.png )
That is an adorable sweater
>> No. 1530060
File 140924381783.png - (149.81KB , 500x589 , tumblr_navwoxf4Sf1rj5agxo1_500.png )
The dawn of the shipost.
>> No. 1533077

Well at this rate we're pretty damn sure to get there.

Also am back from vacation in Germany, a good reminder for me that germans are best appreciated from a distance... preferably from the other side of the border.
>> No. 1540146
File 140995949784.jpg - (27.05KB , 400x500 , spam.jpg )
1d1000 = 744
1d1000 = 871
1d1000 = 510
>> No. 1548573
File 141063061638.png - (86.06KB , 900x861 , VSL4.png )
Gentlemen, retrieve your guns and your whiskey, for what we have created is a monster.
>> No. 1550113
File 141071791848.jpg - (184.00KB , 553x893 , 001.jpg )
shut th efuck up
>> No. 1550239

How about you both shut up, otherwise i might need to make a new one sooner or later.
>> No. 1564437
File 141162080614.png - (698.12KB , 500x662 , captain luffy waving.png )
I hope not to be so late to say hello.
>> No. 1564540
File 141162453820.jpg - (88.93KB , 500x667 , travel.jpg )
I'll return later.
>> No. 1564541
File 141162471851.png - (17.42KB , 327x325 , mew1.png )
Hey it's TKC! Hey TKC!
Where's that bleach, yo?
>> No. 1564560
File 141162588549.jpg - (33.38KB , 500x441 , Mewtwo Rider.jpg )
Maybe the bleach is hidden somewhere in the laundry room? I would love to chat with you, but time to sleep for me.

I hope see you tomorrow.
bye Cookie
>> No. 1564580
File 141162709351.jpg - (15.31KB , 292x350 , mew-hugging-mewtwo.jpg )
I hope to see you too, Metapacoy! Sleep well :)
>> No. 1564656

Ohai Paco, TKC is kill, this is The killed club now.



Heya crumbs.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 25th, 2014 03:57

>> No. 1565115
File 141167899340.png - (4.20KB , 493x402 , 1289786896971201.png )
man, the first threads killers club thread was the bomb.
I miss Cherry Sundae.
'Sup all.
>> No. 1565156

I don't remember that Cherry, unless you're talking about something to eat.
...And i don't remember you either... well... your name seems very vaguely familiar.
>> No. 1565175
File 141168129088.jpg - (144.34KB , 426x562 , heh smile.jpg )
Sure thing, cookie
Dreamweaver, long time no see.

Doing wonderfull and you?
>> No. 1565189

Doing sorta well too, not too great but still a great improvement over what was.

Currently am a bit tired though as i've slept pretty poorly and had a day with too much math for my pained brain. :p
>> No. 1565197
File 141168231864.png - (371.04KB , 500x300 , radio.png )
Good to hear that

I understand the feeling for maths.

I can't understand it very well and is pain for my head.

I'm good with the basics but if you ask me about advanced maths, I'll answer with 2 + 2 = Fish
>> No. 1565200

Yeah... eh, for me when i'm tired/headaching constructing even the easier functions gets very hard and slow.
Plus i often feel as if i'm not doing it right, and often when i feel like that i'm right about that.
But the more complex the material discussed the less capable of giving straight answers people seem to become. :/
>> No. 1565203
File 141168269136.gif - (1.13MB , 400x225 , drinking and reading.gif )
I see.

Then firend, I wish you patience and the power of clear understanding in maths.

So tell me what improvements have you've done?
>> No. 1565213

Well as you might recall i was suffering from endless headaches which was accompanied by an extremely clouded mind... and i still am, but at least my mind is clear a lot more often now, though the pain still persists.

Still, this means i can actually work and improve again... and it gives me real hope that i might improve to a point where i do not have to suffer endless headache anymore. :p

I even have some fragile hope for actually continueing my studies succesfully.

And you?
Last i heard you had finished your studies and went on to get a job or something along those lines, has that continued as positively? :o
>> No. 1565244
File 141168376165.png - (622.02KB , 500x579 , champion.png )
Yes I remember that about your headaches´but hey! that's a good beginning in a future those headaches will be gone.

Yes I finished my studies, I graduated in January as a Graphic Designer. I lost 25 Kilograms in a year. In June I got a job as a Assistant Quality Control in a company who makes female clothes and in December I can tramit my degree as Graphic Designer.

So yes I can say everything is positive and great for me.
>> No. 1565266
File 141168425665.jpg - (13.01KB , 209x219 , 1321912528478.jpg )
>> No. 1565268

Sounds brilliant, very happy for you. :>

Now i just gotta work hard so that i might do something alike, hehe.


Heya Peanut.
>> No. 1565270
File 141168429604.jpg - (11.47KB , 168x151 , 1310496048625.jpg )
That was fast.
>> No. 1565272

You happened to pop up as i was writing my response. :3
>> No. 1565278
File 141168456980.png - (496.09KB , 799x444 , DKT7q6t.png )

Well if you dare and you believe you want to change and improve, you can.

>> No. 1565279

I'm a bit sceptical, but there's no use in not trying. :p
>> No. 1565284
File 141168471901.jpg - (86.92KB , 960x720 , avatar aang sokka jugo de cactus.jpg )
Yep, if you don't try, maybe you will never know the results.
>> No. 1565313
File 141168546571.jpg - (673.39KB , 985x784 , greentea.jpg )
Feels nostalgic being here where all started....
>> No. 1565560

It's a bit of a memorial over here with how dead it is though.

Also was busy playing games, sorry.
>> No. 1565703
File 141170194267.jpg - (32.77KB , 960x402 , MIilo Scorpio.jpg )
In TKC being death is a common habit.

And Kill is our sport the best killer wins.

Is ok, I was playing games too.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 25th, 2014 20:26

>> No. 1566323

True enough.
>> No. 1581891
File 141272044082.png - (8.80KB , 122x132 , 1.png )
This is weird, looking back at it.
I spent like 3 years talking with y'all, then it just dies.
Watching how it is is weird, it's been a while since I last seen it and it's only 25 replies, damn.
This is weird.
>> No. 1582362
File 141273323328.jpg - (64.74KB , 720x800 , d04ed12c9b4acf5a7378df30e0508dc6.jpg )
You're weird
>> No. 1582663
You're gay
>> No. 1582692

Yer all gay weirdos.


Eh, people got bored of it i guess.
Oh well, too cool for the old toys or something i guess.
>> No. 1583692
File 141281347687.gif - (972.89KB , 500x250 , yep im back.gif )
Kinda is very hard to keep alive a thread with only Dreamreaver and me.

Would be more easier if more people appears and makes 5000 post per second in this thread.
>> No. 1584294
File 141285537806.png - (26.81KB , 800x800 , lurk.png )
Wht dis still doing here
>> No. 1584401

There is no respite for the damned.
>> No. 1589332
File 141309644847.png - (99.94KB , 317x361 , 141.png )
Pretty normal for me at this point I guess but it was definitely cool ya'll. Talk to you never again maybe or maybe I will who knows.
>> No. 1589452

Bai eggs.
>> No. 1601551
File 141379758594.gif - (4.15MB , 250x141 , fcf7104443d82c60e296d0c3d47cc7ac.gif )
>> No. 1601568
File 141380019669.png - (32.26KB , 476x476 , 131032__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_table.png )

Gross, Squeakers.
>> No. 1601569

Goddamnit Greeny.
>> No. 1610924
File 141427085812.png - (730.45KB , 800x524 , Toothless (430).png )
>> No. 1610964
>> No. 1654209
File 141635391176.png - (2.84MB , 1920x1080 , 495102__safe_spike_sad_dragon_rain_skeleton_egg_artist-colon-assasinmonkey.png )
I still think of you. I miss you.
>> No. 1654222
File 141635446905.gif - (4.62MB , 420x420 , octopus dreams of nautical sheep.gif )
>> No. 1660854
File 141675859157.jpg - (21.39KB , 202x204 , k4-139162362943.jpg )
>mia faccia quando it's not kill yet
>> No. 1661123
File 141677883419.jpg - (139.17KB , 750x750 , 1370567650289.jpg )

It's pretty kill tho.
>> No. 1661124

Less kill than expected
>> No. 1661129
File 141677904674.png - (259.57KB , 435x492 , fghjkl.png )

What, ya expected me to have deleted this thread by now?
>> No. 1661132


Completely wiped out
>> No. 1661143
File 141677958664.jpg - (209.22KB , 978x779 , fluttershy medic.jpg )

If it's dead anyway, why bother to bury it?
>> No. 1661145

I always assumed burying the dead was the standard course of action.
>> No. 1661149

Well, with dead creatures it serves a purpose yes... i've never seen someone bury a conversation just because it died.

Sure, it might get cleaned up sooner or later, but that's about it.

Plus i intend to keep one around until the /gala/ system gets torn down.
>> No. 1661152

Have fun with that
>> No. 1661154

Eh, it's not really an activity to have fun with, or even an activity considering that this is the most action this thread's seen in months.
>> No. 1661155

Don't have fun with that then.
>> No. 1661623
File 141680007622.png - (0.99MB , 1202x899 , dog.png )
I think you should kill yourself, Dilbert.
>> No. 1689863
File 141859720861.jpg - (217.60KB , 1280x1101 , 1414374231084.jpg )
>its still here
>> No. 1689879

There is no death, only TKC.
>> No. 1700182
File 141923666683.jpg - (179.50KB , 720x739 , uxmisquare.jpg )
Oh my god it's still up.
>> No. 1702828
File 141943156184.jpg - (446.27KB , 1920x1080 , 028.jpg )
Death will outlive us all.
>> No. 1703194

Naw, death'll die before the end too.
>> No. 1704583
File 141959124298.png - (563.16KB , 569x802 , CIA.png )
>> No. 1704601
File 141959824628.jpg - (3.82MB , 480x270 , gutM93k.jpg )
May 21st 2015 we are on our way!
>> No. 1704860
File 141962309647.jpg - (97.53KB , 1920x1080 , The fire rises.jpg )

Have we started the fire?
>> No. 1705011
File 141963537060.gif - (1.06MB , 320x172 , que.gif )

It was always burning since the world's been turning.
>> No. 1717108
File 142050134350.png - (448.32KB , 900x668 , 139186181171.png )
Hi TKC. I will be joining you over here. Since /chat/s deletion /oat/ hasn't been the same and since making it and deleting the board again in a 24 hour period I came up with a /chat/land serial. I'm not a native to /gala/ but I have found it comfortable here in TKC.
>> No. 1717110

Except that this place is pretty dead.
Still waiting on the rework of the way serial threads are treated on this site, before that i've no faith in trying to rekindle this stuff.

So for now it's more of a memorial or a memockable or something.
>> No. 1717113
File 142050190790.png - (302.19KB , 948x843 , 139186182894.png )
Sad I haven't lurked here for some time so I wouldn't know that. TKC is where I met you Reaver. What kind of rework of serial threads? Is this serial dead or do you mean /gala/?
>> No. 1717117

This thread is fairly dead yes, it was made some 8 months ago or so and still exists after all.

As to the rework: Serials seem to sort of wither and die without a proper influx of new people, even the ones that don't do that so clearly still do it slowly... and even then not very slowly.

Plus it might help provide the basic level of activity needed to keep new people interesting in the chan, and it'd clear up another obsolete part of the site.
>> No. 1717118
File 142050259540.png - (426.13KB , 744x1074 , 139186041523.png )
Just an observation serials seem to be a big part of the pony fandom they pop up on every chan imaginable. This is also one of the more active boards on this site. Do you think when the new season is out traffic will pick up?
>> No. 1717119
File 142050286644.jpg - (56.07KB , 650x536 , 138318793784.jpg )
>that GET

Last edited at Mon, Jan 5th, 2015 17:08

>> No. 1717120

Traditionally it always sparked at least a little, but i'm not sure.
As stated this form of managing the board and the serials is like pumping blood through a vessel that's clogged both ways.
>> No. 1717122

Eh, never been a fan of gets.
>> No. 1717125
can you give me a tl;dr version of this because I haven't been kept up to date.

nice dubs :^)

ok I will not check them if you are not a fan of this.
>> No. 1717127

A very long time ago blah blah people complained frontpage was hogged by serials blah blah even more shit arose, great schism and mlpchan came into existence amongst with a few others i think.
Moved there with a couple of people i appreciated here, over time that place suffered a bit more than this one attracting /pol/ level people for one and quite a few of the original people i appreciated there either left or became less appreciatable and finally i left too after a falling out with the main mod there which reduced my respect for him as a mod far below what i would accept from any mod.

So i came back here, found this old and crappy system still intact and saw that it was just one of the many things that had taken a toll here.
With the removal of /chat/ and /dis/ i've hope they might undo this mistake aswell, as while the first complainers had a point there are far less worse solutions to this problem as was illustrated on mlpchan via a system of tags, which basically boils down to: #serial marked threads only jump to the front page if they become active after having been inactive for a prolongued period of time.
Doesn't needlessly reinforce ongoing discussion but makes it easier to have practically useful serials.

Also don't worry about the gets, i just meant i don't keep track of them and will as such just not care about them save in the context of a game or something.
>> No. 1717132
File 142050496841.png - (766.63KB , 2000x2000 , 139186155191.png )
I see I know most of that. We should come up with solutions instead of what happened to /chat/ and /dis/ where they became so rotten they were deleted. We should have a system like MLPchan but I also heard they have trouble keeping some of their serials alive. I don't know how valid that is. I think I heard it from Mikie. If we pressure the mods for change and come up with ideas we might get something useful done. I will say I don't mind things as they are as long as I get to hang here. I have a one track mind when it comes to problems and solutions and would much rather get things done than wait. The use of tags is a good one. The way /oat/ is right now we could almost have a good system with serial tags. Someone should do it. #serious and #non-pony already exist just add #serial and make sure it bumps to the front page.

I wouldn't worry we will have someone fix this in time. Serials are practically all in the pony fandom we cannot live without them. I like GETs I don't know why I am not a poster over at GETchan. Probably will be someday just I haven't made my way there. I all but forgot /gala/ was a thing. when /chat/ was deleted the first time I should have come up with a serial but I didn't think of it. Come to think of it I am the only one who made a serial at all.
>> No. 1717137

Well you're welcome to stay, this thread is in my watchlist so i'll respond but i doubt we'll draw many others... then again who knows who might still be watching, some of them have tried to leave countless times.

As to solving the problems of ponychan... discussion might indeed be the best way forward right now, still i prefer mlpchan's system to this one.

And the practice of making serials is somewhat diminished due to them being banished here at every attempt. :p

But it's late here and i gots to go, which doesn't mean i leave right now but might just be gone over the course of the next 25 or so minutes.
>> No. 1717538
File 142052127877.png - (372.52KB , 800x871 , 139874498378.png )
Hey something actually happened in this thread earlier!
>> No. 1717575
File 142052230490.jpg - (32.87KB , 639x354 , 140036871296.jpg )
Hullo psuedo rarity.
>> No. 1717639
File 142052390084.png - (96.09KB , 816x979 , kiryuin_ragyo_by_derpkaleidoscope-d75kjna.png )
How pleasant. No matter how dead it may seem, nothing can truly keep down the TKC. This makes me happy.
>> No. 1717701
I guess. I just sort of remembered this was a thing. I came here to post my /chat/ serial feel free to visit us.
>> No. 1717732
File 142052678787.png - (718.68KB , 626x900 , kill_la_kill__ragyo_kiryuin__by_lightning_seal-d7b376o.png )

Thank you for the offer. I may just do that. A bit sad to see this place so barren, I admit.
>> No. 1717784
it makes me really sad and I am not from here. then again I get to see /oat/ the way it is now.
>> No. 1717800
File 142052942510.png - (160.23KB , 667x1197 , kill_la_kill__ragyo_kiryuin_sketch_2__by_lightning_seal-d7c99us.png )

I remember this thread back in its hayday. It was a lot more active then, though I suppose the entire chan was more active as well. Both seem to have become shells of their former selves. Truly unfortunate.
>> No. 1717810
File 142053028428.png - (227.04KB , 515x515 , 4d1fba5d9ed5f6a4d29d23a6804322da.png )
This hiatus is killing us go ask anywhere. Unfortunate agreed.
>> No. 1718055

The dead may never die in this land.


Yes, i was just as surprised as you are.


This is as active as it's been in months, heh.
>> No. 1718356
File 142056821773.png - (675.06KB , 900x1200 , bamboodog - shattered glint.png )
Hey what's up?

I generally have Pchan open all the time, I just never thought anyone was active in this thread whilst me being around
>> No. 1718475

Eh, i've it open most of the time too when the computer's on anyhoo, but in general i'm surprised by any activity here, it really is quite dead.
>> No. 1719319
File 142060249762.png - (399.52KB , 759x672 , tiara2.png )
I don't mind slow but we need a little activity now and then.

Not a whole lot coming through to post my /chat/ general. You?
>> No. 1719659

Well, i'm here, you're here, if we talk others might join and the thread might live again.


>> No. 1719662
Threadkiller-in-chief reporting in. I had a nickname in the old country which was thready mcthreadkiller-san.

I love to talk what should we talk about? I'm fucking pissed everything I do on my laptop has to be a 4 hour long chore. Jailbreaking my fucking smartphone and installing skyrim mods just makes me want to have an aneurism already so I can end up in the hospital and never have to look at this god forsaken screen ever again. Until I go home and have a relapse.

I really need a new laptop I am getting one in a month, if I ever make it through that

How do we get people to join my topics aren't interesting as you can see.
>> No. 1719761

Eh, i've had a few names too, but only Reaver refers to threadkilling even remotely... think i even took it on because i needed a more generic and edgy nickname to use commonly, and this one had been bestowed upon me by some peeps due to some things i did, albeit in dutch.
(note that the entire bestowed name was/is "Dreamreaver")

And eh, sort of know the feel, though i've never had much patiency for (what i perceive as) the drudgery of skyrim, 'sides it bugs out way too often for me, regardless of playing it of good or bad computers.

And i hope you'll last until the new labtop. :p

Personally more of a fan of desktops though i have a labtop that used to double as a gaming thingy, very powerful graphics card mainly meant for scientific calculations... turned out that with some tweaking and extreme additional cooling it served as a gaming graphics card too.

As to how: Effort, keeping conversations running, pointing people this way, generally just making use of the place.
>> No. 1730130
File 142128202418.jpg - (55.52KB , 460x575 , spoiler.jpg )
Lessee if this elicits a response.

>Sets off avalanche arrow
>> No. 1730887
File 142132735928.png - (232.06KB , 342x235 , Memory 1.png )
Since responses are such awaited: I wonder if there's a particular reason why the building the man stood on, had a business in the lower floors named "Zayal Erotic Shop". Could there be a connection?
>> No. 1731011

Good eye, might be that it was all a promotion for pee-sex themed porn or something.

Not even sure if that's a thing, but hey.
>> No. 1734484
File 142152159187.gif - (88.35KB , 640x360 , Far-Cry-3-Blood-Dragon-02.gif )
I claim this thread in the name of Neon!

No more dull colors here, only bright and florescent ones from now on!
>> No. 1734489
File 142152206931.png - (519.80KB , 502x403 , Hey, Flash.png )
I'm on the case. Neon wings and bright scenery coming up!
>> No. 1734494
File 142152243037.jpg - (54.38KB , 927x579 , cypher-technoir4.jpg )
Whoa, whoa, the scenery can't just be bright. We need to have dark palette to contrast the the bright neon colors, to make it look much seedier and more edgy, and rad.
>> No. 1734510
File 142152554025.png - (272.82KB , 479x242 , The day after tomorrow is tomorrow.png )
Okay. Here's a swarthy cave entirely lit up by a neon-blue gem and some background-contrasting body colours, coming up on aisle seven!
>> No. 1734521
File 142152735029.gif - (42.83KB , 620x300 , tex.gif )
Close enough I guess.
>> No. 1737865
File 142171436479.jpg - (23.12KB , 320x256 , Grasping hand.jpg )
All manner of curious visitors?
What dost thou seek in this dead realm of bereaved hopes and dreams?
>> No. 1738473
File 142175535915.png - (418.52KB , 599x353 , The cliffs of Dover.png )
Just a place to quickly reply to other peoples' ideas, primarily when I don't have 40 minutes+ to spend on writing a Fillychan reply. That's all. Don't read too much into it.
>> No. 1738517
File 142176525665.png - (194.35KB , 500x569 , tumblr_inline_n4p9kmjkpo1r1i8m3.png )
Back in my day this place used to be something, now it's just a graveyard.
>> No. 1738638

A haunted graveyard it seems thoug, too haunted to not make me wonder what'd happen should a new season hit and /gala/ be abolished.


Fair enough, you're welcome all the same.
>> No. 1738641
>> No. 1738642


It's dinnertime and i haven't eaten yet.

Lemme get some subway or something, be right back.
>> No. 1738678
Food was had.
>> No. 1738680
>> No. 1738686


What are things
>> No. 1738702
things are k
i'm at work.
sup reev?
>> No. 1738713

Gud, and as always. :p
Just had fud, gut still rumbling for some reason tho.
Thinking of playing some Leegue, might see if there's peeps that are up for that.
>> No. 1739663
File 142182822392.jpg - (56.53KB , 500x377 , Favim_com-9485.jpg )
>> No. 1741451

...Thought that said "cat insurance quotes".
>> No. 1746666
home insurance quotes online []
>> No. 1746678
File 142230611482.png - (6.91KB , 120x78 , Toothless (483).png )
It's been over a year since the TKC was a thing.
>> No. 1746886

It had been faltering for far longer though.
Last real activity was less than a year ago, not in this thread though.
>> No. 1747610

Which makes me wonder why you can't just let it fucking die.
>> No. 1747926

Things die on their own though, i had planned to sort of keep it here as a silent reminder.
But people like you, me and Peanut keep prodding it.
>> No. 1748548
File 142243715662.jpg - (7.71KB , 300x168 , Greyjoy.jpg )

What is dead may never die.
>> No. 1748558

But rises again harder and stronger.

You were thinking of dicks there, weren't you?
>> No. 1750278
File 142258376800.png - (222.57KB , 263x286 , thumbsup.png )
You can't kill an Idea.
>> No. 1750280

...Damnit now i actually feel like watching that movie again.

Also if this one dies in the founding of the new ponychan i'm gonna use it as an excuse to make yet another one. :3


Last edited at Thu, Jan 29th, 2015 19:11

>> No. 1750290
File 142258460882.jpg - (93.42KB , 634x900 , neato burrito.jpg )

Well they do happen to have a bit of a history with the Greyjoys~
>> No. 1750292

Pinky, not dick.
>> No. 1761295
I like looking at this topic ever so often just as one would look at a museum. So cray.
>> No. 1761305

>> No. 1761307

I swear you're always lurking, Reav
>> No. 1761356

It's on the watchlist, so it pops up with a dingly sound.

Either that or i'm just lucky as i was playing LoL.
>> No. 1827155
File 142776795027.gif - (17.00KB , 200x220 , 140459864881.gif )
Tomorrow it'll be just a month and 21 more days until the cycle is complete.
>> No. 1843896
File 142905788535.jpg - (60.78KB , 640x508 , 2ve6wqpxiojk.jpg )
>Le shitpost
>> No. 1849806
File 142947695651.jpg - (21.40KB , 149x292 , 1371165620407.jpg )
dank memes pls

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