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1559157 No. 1559157
Gales, pails, snails and fails,
What would our ponies be without tails?
Plots in array, a shamefur dispray,
EMF sucks at poetray.
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>> No. 1559159
>> No. 1559160
File 141132494419.png - (141.32KB , 900x740 , 164923.png )
Hello new Story Thread.
>> No. 1559163
File 141132499274.gif - (967.42KB , 490x367 , e67.gif )
>> No. 1559164
File 141132499324.png - (125.80KB , 1024x1024 , Gift from Greeny.png )
Oh Yes~
>> No. 1559166
File 141132501191.jpg - (119.95KB , 800x800 , nom.jpg )
>> No. 1559167
File 141132502643.png - (19.95KB , 318x354 , ♫What a lovely tune♫.png )
Also you guys are aware that that OP link is 404'd, right?
>> No. 1559169
File 141132503073.png - (157.51KB , 1549x1761 , rump.png )
>> No. 1559171
File 141132506990.png - (1.21MB , 900x900 , 337391.png )
Yes. But I like it.
>> No. 1559174
File 141132512781.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
It's an age-old tradition.
>> No. 1559181
File 141132537861.png - (52.23KB , 866x900 , VSL12.png )
Just checking.
>> No. 1559183
File 141132553042.jpg - (893.68KB , 744x1052 , field.jpg )

>> No. 1559184
File 141132557822.png - (61.57KB , 640x400 , 133024865250.png )
>> No. 1559187
File 141132565891.jpg - (1.75MB , 2507x3541 , lily.jpg )

Can you help me set up this fusionplasmamegasuper reactor on my space station?
>> No. 1559188
File 141132568549.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
>> No. 1559189
File 141132574735.jpg - (464.03KB , 1095x1600 , butterflies.jpg )

I need an automatic power system for my space station in minecraft

I was wondering if you could do all this since i'm rapidly reaching my "can't be assed to" point.
>> No. 1559191
File 141132579106.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
I can barely even work redstone!
>> No. 1559192
File 141132594882.jpg - (64.92KB , 726x933 , kneel.jpg )

Oh, damn.

Well, that won't work then I guess.

I guess you could come and install all the 10,000 airlocks and levers I need for the station?

Granted, I don't really even want levers since they don't work well with airlocks.
>> No. 1559195
File 141132613839.png - (102.33KB , 800x766 , PlotBowstring.png )
I don't even know how that mod works.

And I'm getting in the bath anyway.
>> No. 1559197
File 141132619592.png - (399.92KB , 700x774 , snowy saber.png )

Well basically you spend ten years mining stuff, making a space rocket, get into space and then suffocate as the oxygen system sucks ass...

Okay bai.
>> No. 1559219
File 141132731705.gif - (1.71MB , 400x225 , M_Z SKL Gun Kata.gif )
Where is everyone!?
>> No. 1559222
File 141132764827.jpg - (129.71KB , 597x800 , #1 king.jpg )

>> No. 1559230
File 141132786378.png - (168.20KB , 1239x996 , 135525695602.png )
>> No. 1559234
File 141132855606.jpg - (52.46KB , 500x426 , 155805.jpg )
>> No. 1559240
File 141132905496.png - (342.33KB , 2500x1985 , Clemency.png )

What's up guys?
>> No. 1559244
File 141132916928.jpg - (211.48KB , 1500x1500 , 194696 - artist zikkrat.jpg )
Not too much. How are you?
>> No. 1559246
File 141132919224.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
Nothing much. You?
>> No. 1559247
File 141132922034.png - (332.44KB , 704x396 , head down.png )

Probably heading to sleep
>> No. 1559248
File 141132930182.png - (363.33KB , 1056x1066 , twi_book16.png )
>> No. 1559250
File 141132932346.png - (163.25KB , 1280x1280 , UGUUU~.png )

I'm good, fooling around here and there since it's Sunday.


Flirting with some people here and there.


I hope you rest well!
>> No. 1559251
File 141132935300.png - (114.35KB , 1600x1200 , 174 captioned, nobody will get this joke, now fixed.png )
>> No. 1559254
File 141132942199.jpg - (158.32KB , 1259x1260 , BasketWeavingClassesStartIn4Minutes.jpg )
oh a new thread
>> No. 1559255
File 141132945804.png - (134.22KB , 1000x1250 , 166111__artist-karpet-shark.png )
Hi, Wheat. Having a nice day?

A good day to rest indeed. Not getting into trouble, I hope.

Howdy, Simple. How are you today?
>> No. 1559256
I got the humble bundle 12, and have been playing steam dig most of the afternoon

but now I need to do some editing/writing stuff.... i guess.
>> No. 1559257
File 141132951134.png - (398.54KB , 2241x2500 , Plotting.png )

Only in the fun kind of problems~


> hugs
>> No. 1559259
File 141132954243.png - (191.33KB , 1366x768 , hug me brother.png )
>Hugs back.
>> No. 1559261
File 141132969322.jpg - (104.59KB , 1181x1181 , 340445__artist-smehoon.jpg )
Good to have a little change of pace in there. Writing something fun?

I'm sure.
>> No. 1559263
File 141132975079.jpg - (13.26KB , 293x303 , dash113.jpg )
Hi again everypony.

Looks like we need a new place to put up our old stories.
>> No. 1559265
File 141132979170.png - (141.32KB , 900x740 , 164923.png )
Hey, Alex. Hopefully we still have our old stories somewhere.
>> No. 1559266
File 141132980021.jpg - (105.36KB , 512x512 , CommunismIsARedHerring.jpg )
yes, I needed some mindless relaxation. But now that's done... back to work, I guess!

I don't know yet, I will do some editing first and that will take a while yet.
>> No. 1559267
File 141132984802.png - (107.92KB , 343x391 , dash310.png )
Hi Kyle. Sure, I got a copy of all of them.
>> No. 1559273
File 141133018457.png - (895.63KB , 1500x1074 , 588081.png )
Yay, something productive!

Well editing isn't so bad. I like it.

Heh, good 'cause I don't.
>> No. 1559276
File 141133023807.jpg - (84.58KB , 512x512 , DefendTheBreach.jpg )
after editing half the summer, I hope I'm at least better at it!
>> No. 1559279
File 141133040522.png - (92.59KB , 850x793 , Facehooving hard.png )
>A game is on offer.
>The trading cards for said game are 20p each.
>Open Notepad and start copying down prices.
>Suddenly remember it'll probably only drop two of those.
>Game is £3.

well fuck my brain
>> No. 1559282
File 141133046140.png - (215.96KB , 467x551 , 164032 - artist sir-dangereaux.png )
And faster! You'll breeze through it.

>> No. 1559284
File 141133051911.png - (168.45KB , 1275x1000 , dash428.png )
Or ... maybe I don't. I seem to have lost my copies when doing my last back up.
>> No. 1559287
File 141133061372.jpg - (621.19KB , 984x1864 , rank 4, wherein bowstring unlocks disabling shot.jpg )
Can't brain today.

Have the dumb.

£2.40 overall isn't bad.

But fuck it I have better things to spend £2.40 on

Like um


Paying 3 times that for DLC for 3 factions for a game that I'll probably never play as

Or something
>> No. 1559289
File 141133067778.png - (110.60KB , 715x615 , 172929 - Artist Autonomous-Zed.png )
Hm, well the first two are on EqD. And I have some of the other ones in varying states of completion.

Or you could buy three cookies.
>> No. 1559293
Yep! You?
>> No. 1559294
File 141133077736.png - (98.26KB , 835x800 , Bowstring just found this thread.png )
Or I could pay 7p to give a Scottish guy I know U.K skins for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which he doesn't even own just to remind him that he's here forever.

Sounds like a plan.
>> No. 1559297
File 141133087815.jpg - (47.70KB , 900x488 , 427077__artist-stileelits.jpg )
Pretty nice. Doing anything fun?

>> No. 1559299
File 141133093477.png - (129.03KB , 1018x1304 , your honour, the prosecution wishes to request AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png )
Best use of 7p ever!

fuck i could've got 1/3 of a small chocolate bar for that
>> No. 1559300
File 141133094815.png - (183.89KB , 407x402 , blues4.png )
I took dad fishing this morning, then we had some family over, they just left right now. It was nice!

>> No. 1559302
File 141133105175.jpg - (79.70KB , 600x630 , dash248.jpg )
Only the first one is still available in working condition on Equestria Daily.

The second and third one have links that aren't working anymore either.

I found a version of our second story which I saved just to make sure.
>> No. 1559304
File 141133110604.png - (820.88KB , 1600x1200 , 185936__.png )
Tease though you might, you were a bit scared at the prospect of losing them for a second there. Or so they say.

That is nice. Catch anything?

Videogames! I think I might play some XCOM.
>> No. 1559307
File 141133120602.png - (131.11KB , 450x450 , blues1.png )
A nice red drum!

I might watch somebody play some XCOM myself.
>> No. 1559308
File 141133139387.jpg - (46.93KB , 475x333 , 135119638792.jpg )
Well we'll just have to compile what we have and check with Keeper and Zefarian as well.

A musical fish indeed.

They're better than I was, I hope.
>> No. 1559311
File 141133166211.jpg - (61.92KB , 500x321 , xcom.jpg )
>> No. 1559314
File 141133188942.jpg - (259.07KB , 1280x1024 , 140598773272.jpg )
I doubt it! I bet they never sent seven rookies on a terror mission. And then grenaded half of them.
>> No. 1559320
File 141133228646.png - (962.81KB , 960x686 , 1406438771972.png )
That type of thing is more common than you'd think.
>> No. 1559322
File 141133233148.jpg - (74.87KB , 612x336 , rooks.jpg )
We've all done it. Really I think that was your best way out of that situation.
>> No. 1559324
File 141133254645.jpg - (118.08KB , 527x802 , 139972160080.jpg )
Given the end result it probably would have been better just not to go. But we have to protect the humans!
>> No. 1559325
Long War.
In which case, you must have brought along Flash/AP grenades, so you mustn't have done too bad.
>> No. 1559327
File 141133264320.jpg - (103.16KB , 776x430 , crysalids.jpg )
If you wanted to lose a funding nation.

All chrysalids and seekers.
>> No. 1559328
File 141133267628.png - (39.48KB , 550x400 , 134375750506.png )
Nyeh. Bored. Sleeping.
>> No. 1559329
File 141133271064.jpg - (79.48KB , 600x750 , Bravery.jpg )
Nnnnnope! I took one step and triggered three pods of seekers and a pod of chrysalids. I believe at one point four rookies were being strangled at once.

Well I lost the nation anyways when everyone died.

>> No. 1559331
File 141133273617.gif - (392.93KB , 320x240 , Uhh__Yesss.gif )
>tfw I remembered that NASCAR is on today (In my state...again)
>> No. 1559338
File 141133303392.jpg - (25.71KB , 500x333 , 130452179156.jpg )
Yay, cars and fast times!
>> No. 1559341
File 141133313531.jpg - (35.44KB , 474x351 , 1411219572923.jpg )
>12th crash happened
>> No. 1559345
File 141133322315.png - (198.99KB , 894x894 , smile16.png )
Tell those reckless fools to slow down!
>> No. 1559347
...You didn't bring Flashbangs and AP Grenades?
You deserved to die. I mean, Lids need to be Flashed, Blown Up, and only shot when inviting them with overwatch.
Also, Shotgunners for Terror Missions.

What's the current plan for Terror?
>> No. 1559351
File 141133333519.png - (255.80KB , 750x700 , 141130470899.png )
You should watch.
>> No. 1559352
File 141133341999.png - (45.82KB , 626x700 , Greylight Shocked.png )
>What's the current plan for Terror?

I vote PANIC
>> No. 1559353
File 141133345623.png - (78.21KB , 247x354 , 141130626020.png )
>> No. 1559355
Night night!

That's XCOM, baby!

How is it?

>> No. 1559357
File 141133352220.png - (198.10KB , 900x900 , 167205__artist-tex.png )
Hey woah, let's all just calm down. I brought all AP grenades and didn't give them any good equipment 'cause I knew they would die. I killed the Chrysalids with a volley of grenades as soon as they showed up but we couldn't handle all the seekers. I was going to give them all shotguns, but rookies can't equip shotguns. I had to bring all rookies 'cause everyone else was fatigued.

Nah, I like games and things.

Let them eat the civilians so that you can live!

It sure is.
>> No. 1559358
File 141133355098.gif - (1.00MB , 257x199 , I have recived the dickens.gif )
>> No. 1559364
I was doing Xenonauts and I had a base defense the same day as a terror mission.

It went poorly.

Who's winning?
>> No. 1559367
Joey Logano
>> No. 1559370
File 141133385770.jpg - (52.46KB , 500x426 , 155805.jpg )
I love base defense. Did you at least keep them out of your base?
>> No. 1559371
File 141133385932.jpg - (6.72KB , 216x234 , 133790549281.jpg )
706 words. Not bad for an hour and a half. I'll have to write more later. I'm nearly done with this chapter.

Hi, Story. What's everypony up to?
>> No. 1559374
File 141133391616.png - (122.11KB , 1018x1304 , Cocoa - A bandwagon so Noble that I put my hoof up.png )
Fatigued soldiers can still fight. They take wounds at the end of the fight, but it's worth the risk when there's no other options. Also, you should have a good enough rotations so that you are never left with just rookies. Just PFCs waiting for upgrades.

If I was forced to bring only 7 rookies, bring 5 Flash/AP, 1/2 Flash/Scanner, and then the 1 Flash/Trophy.
Basically, give them Flash Grenades.
Panic is for rebels and those caught on fire, which often overlaps.
Also, you can only panic in a Terror Mission if you get hit. If you're not kiting the Lids and retreating while flashing...
>> No. 1559379
Who are you cheering for?

I did! After savescumming.

Three guys had few enough holes in them to go try and save Warsaw! That went about as well as you'd expect.

Sounds good!

Just sitting around resting on today.
>> No. 1559380
File 141133412114.jpg - (8.54KB , 257x196 , 133858428257.jpg )
yeah. me too. I gotta shower soon, but after that it's a nice evening with some friends, and then maybe some more writing later on.
>> No. 1559382
Tony #14

He has 1/10000000000000000000000% Chance of winning today's race.
>> No. 1559383
File 141133421043.png - (146.62KB , 1363x914 , Rebel Cleansing Tool.png )
Well, I was suggesting that the member nations panic, though we can also make the enemy panic with flamethrowers and stuff though.

Though, you're right about terror missions. The odds of anyone getting hit and panicing are low, because getting hit is usually insta death.
>> No. 1559384
File 141133423127.jpg - (89.05KB , 955x720 , 162988.jpg )
Discussin' some mad game stratz, bro.

I know, I know. I had a covert op coming up and the terror mission was in a country that was going to drop out soon anyways. Actually it might have been in a country that had already dropped out. I went in expecting to fail, besides flash grenades don't work on seekers and there's only so much you can do when you've got four men being strangled.

Aw, that's no fair! Did they at least save some dudes? Can you save civilians in a terror mission in Xenonauts?
>> No. 1559389
File 141133453630.png - (208.61KB , 1366x768 , Cocoa - As an accountant, I can tell you that these figures are in the wrong currency.png )
Friendlies will panic, not the target.
But really... You're not going to be in too much of a threat with terror missions. Lids instakill and move fast, but if you avoid triggering too many pods and flash them...
Also, Flamethrowers are the key.
Battle Scanners uncover Seekers, turning them into strong drones at best. Throw one when you discover a pod, and you have a few out-of-cover aliens to take easy shots on.

In fact, add that to the list of necessary items. Along with HE, Rockets, Medkits (especially with Red Fog), and Flashes. (And Acid).
>> No. 1559391
File 141133464058.jpg - (19.26KB , 199x254 , HA HA, TIME FOR HAPPENING.jpg )

>> No. 1559393

Ah well! That happens.

No, you only save them by killing all the aliens before the aliens kill them.

>The sole objective of this mission is to destroy all extraterrestrial units within the combat area. Tactical nuclear weapons have been deployed to the area for use if we fail.

Poland wasn't too happy about my failure and lost too much funding and personnel to recover.
>> No. 1559394
File 141133478587.jpg - (23.03KB , 519x259 , XCOM-Council.jpg )
Wait, what? They NUKE the area if you fail to kill like 8 aliens in half a city block? This freaking council.
>> No. 1559395
Well, different council. That one is set in cold war times.
>> No. 1559396
File 141133486548.png - (164.03KB , 1330x1556 , 133645553529.png )
>> No. 1559397
I actually had something there, but then I had to refresh.
>> No. 1559398
File 141133492153.png - (150.30KB , 1018x1304 , Greyshy-OM-OM-OM.png )
Oh, it was okay to nuke people back then. Carry on.
>> No. 1559399
Also, in LW you know if you do it in a country that has left.
4-5 Zombie pods.
>> No. 1559400
>> No. 1559401
File 141133499633.jpg - (41.46KB , 427x231 , 1408834261176.jpg )
Tony lost.
>> No. 1559402
File 141133514491.png - (3.73MB , 3200x2400 , 192018__artist-ter0k.png )
Yeah, I didn't think there would be that many seekers at once, though. I discovered three pods at once. Didn't have rocketeers, HE is all right but I was anticipating chrysalids and I couldn't take shotguns, medkits mean nothing when you expect everyone to die a hero because almost everything will one-hit them also I don't do Red Fog, didn't have acid yet, and I expected the chysalids all to die by AP(which they did), floaters to be too high to flash, and seekers to be immune to flash. These are all things I would have done on a normal terror mission, but this was not a normal terror mission.

You're done!

Hmmm, well at least they got all the aliens in the end.

Oh, I know. I had a terror mission in my good campaign that had four pods of just zombies.
>> No. 1559408
Its only a tactical nuke. Its not like it will sterilize the whole metro area.

So a nice relaxing weekend then! That's good to hear. What are you all planning on doing later?

Maybe next time?

I learned a lot about base defense and funding in the process.
>> No. 1559410
File 141133551076.png - (38.97KB , 482x581 , 246991__artist-autonomous-zed.png )
See? That's not so bad. It's a learning opportunity!
>> No. 1559416
File 141133618367.png - (216.36KB , 750x750 , Ember Storm - Curious - Princess Sparkly Cuddler.png )
>> No. 1559418
File 141133646745.png - (205.10KB , 1200x939 , sp3 - artist briskby artist rose.png )
>> No. 1559419
File 141133654363.png - (239.97KB , 830x467 , aj_free muffin spectacles.png )
Learning is good!

>> No. 1559424
File 141133681007.gif - (472.26KB , 512x512 , 129730.gif )
No matter what.
>> No. 1559427
Hi hi. How goes?
>> No. 1559428
Fine, fine. I'm probably off to play games. Hope things are going well over there.
>> No. 1559446
File 141133861030.jpg - (34.77KB , 447x497 , Fcuk I'm hihg! Le'ts ship usres!_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 1559447
File 141133866787.gif - (456.42KB , 300x226 , Gasp!.gif )
>> No. 1559448
File 141133868809.png - (107.40KB , 512x512 , It's not hugraping if Tangy is willing~.png )
>> No. 1559450
File 141133874327.jpg - (6.21KB , 234x216 , T-Thanks bro.jpg )
>> No. 1559452
File 141133898258.png - (68.75KB , 594x838 , Necklight.png )
That game did have a good Hyrule Field theme, that's for sure.
>> No. 1559455
File 141133907767.png - (36.41KB , 512x512 , Excited Tangerine is excited.png )

One of my favorite songs from the game. And loving what they have done to it in Hyrule Phantasmal Significant Others.
>> No. 1559458
File 141133918284.gif - (498.93KB , 500x281 , NUKED ALOST.gif )
Brb, shower.
>> No. 1559468
File 141133950561.png - (80.84KB , 561x570 , VSL16.png )
>> No. 1559475
File 141133965400.png - (1.42MB , 1200x850 , Everypony Sing Now!.png )

Hi Jesus.
>> No. 1559478
File 141133968866.png - (137.40KB , 647x896 , ♫Tavi' Plushie♫.png )
Guten abend.
>> No. 1559482
File 141133983439.png - (151.85KB , 358x636 , Tangerine loves her tuuuuuuuuuubes.png )
Paging any Metroid fans:

T-Shirt on the left. Should I?
>> No. 1559485
File 141133990293.jpg - (27.65KB , 377x360 , 1411273985900.jpg )
>mine countenance whereupon my tulpa watched this video when I was showering.
>> No. 1559486
File 141133990628.png - (234.14KB , 922x700 , Greylight Ehh Skeptical.png )
It's a bit much.
>> No. 1559487
File 141133990711.png - (296.39KB , 900x664 , VS631.png )
How much is shipping?
>> No. 1559489
File 141134002778.gif - (87.38KB , 643x504 , fwip.gif )

But I don't have enough Metroid t-shirts. This would be the third one, actually.


Shipping is magic. Also, I dunno, haven't checked, says "Delivery from 3€!"
>> No. 1559494
What are the other two?
>> No. 1559495
File 141134010307.png - (163.60KB , 700x700 , VS519.png )
Hmm... $15 is relatively cheap for a printed shirt.

Personally, I'd bookmark it and save it for when you want to buy 3-4 shirts from there and do a batch order to make it worth it. Shirt's okay, but depending on how badly you want it, I'd hold off for a bit.
>> No. 1559498
File 141134021267.jpg - (373.16KB , 900x900 , pr43724-900x900-b-p-061526[1].jpg )

The "Iron Aran" one that was linked here a few weeks ago...
>> No. 1559500
File 141134032455.jpg - (25.65KB , 800x695 , Super_Metroid_Samus_Aran__80106_1365165259_1280_1280.jpg )

And one similar to this one I got ages ago.


Main problem is that that site does a different shirt a day. It won't be available tomorrow.
>> No. 1559501
File 141134041152.gif - (27.20KB , 250x250 , Greylight-Hairball.gif )
Oh! Nice image, didn't realize it was a shirt.

Now this is more like it for nerd game shirts though. Heh heh, I like this.
>> No. 1559502
File 141134046088.png - (118.42KB , 492x500 , VS459.png )

Well, on a scale of mental scarring to bathing in kittens, how bad do you want it?
>> No. 1559506
File 141134058800.png - (56.29KB , 341x512 , Cyoot.png )

I had a feeling you'd like that one, yeah.


Eh. It's a bit overdone, as in, the picture has too much stuff on it. But it's Metroid. I'm kinda torn.
>> No. 1559509
File 141134067446.png - (129.48KB , 600x600 , VS347.png )
Then I'd say no. Save your money for something you really want, or lunch or something.
>> No. 1559511
File 141134071949.jpg - (34.77KB , 447x497 , Fcuk I'm hihg! Le'ts ship usres!_jpg.jpg )

>> No. 1559583
File 141134263040.png - (42.62KB , 577x547 , Ember Storm - Yawning - Sebass and Eponymous.png )
>> No. 1559603
File 141134323143.gif - (500.02KB , 397x223 , catsokka.gif )

ATLA stream in 15 minutes!
>> No. 1559604
File 141134324726.jpg - (116.23KB , 700x1135 , Sai'Kar by Aquarake.jpg )
Maybe I should just expression viewer as actual Sai'Kar, if this is the type of thing people like Rake are able to make.
>> No. 1559608
File 141134331931.png - (20.43KB , 492x500 , VSL5.png )
>> No. 1559610
File 141134340690.jpg - (152.89KB , 722x720 , Rainbow happy big smile.jpg )
Expression Viewer: The Last Airbender. Beluga's been streaming it every Sunday for about a month or so.
>> No. 1559612
File 141134346551.png - (161.99KB , 613x714 , ♫Giggle at the Musics♫.png )
Oh, cool. I'll keep that up.
>> No. 1559613
File 141134348148.png - (384.77KB , 1000x900 , Rainbow angry stressed.png )
>Expression Viewer

The "Ava" and the "tar."
>> No. 1559614
File 141134351073.png - (97.72KB , 365x450 , Greylight Considering.png )
Yeah, we're... midway through season 1? They did some backstory shenanigans last week.
>> No. 1559616
File 141134356676.png - (150.67KB , 572x586 , VS570.png )
I've seen the whole show like 3 times anyway.
>> No. 1559618
File 141134362274.png - (297.55KB , 525x630 , Rainbow explaining.png )
Actually, if Beluga continues streaming like he's been, the season finale should be next week.
>> No. 1559619
File 141134362585.png - (180.56KB , 700x579 , Greylight Dramatic Hoof.png )
You and everyone else on the planet. I swear, people only stream stuff that I haven't seen and I vaguely talk trash about. But I guess it does mean I get to watch some stuff I've never seen before with friends, so its all good.
>> No. 1559624
File 141134373617.png - (777.71KB , 900x780 , ♫Interesting♫.png )
Everyone hasn't seen something.

I haven't seen any of the BTTF movies. Or Game of Thrones. And I don't watch Star Trek. I get a lot of crap for that.
>> No. 1559632
File 141134386616.jpg - (41.55KB , 246x282 , Rainbow happy smile 4.jpg )
I've never seen Star Trek either, but I'd probably love it, considering I'm a huge sci-fi nerd. I would suggest we stream it, but we're already doing two streams a week plus the occasional game stream. Perhaps something we could do in the future, though.
>> No. 1559639
File 141134401789.png - (19.95KB , 318x354 , ♫What a lovely tune♫.png )
I'd offer to, but I wouldn't know where to start or what's good.
>> No. 1559641
File 141134409070.jpg - (231.77KB , 853x480 , 1372372425874.jpg )
I've only seen little bits and pieces of Trek. Star Wars vs Star Trek was totally a full-scale war when I was growing up, with the re-rerelease of the trilogy and the prequels, and I ended up firmly on the Wars side, so even *knowing* too much about Trek was a bit of a black mark. Which was very silly in retrospect, but ya know, kids.

I think I've grown to like Trek more for their capital ship designs. I think I'm developing a starship fetish fascination. Pic related.
>> No. 1559643
File 141134414413.png - (127.36KB , 768x768 , Tangerine is thinking about shipping science.png )
>> No. 1559647
File 141134425021.png - (649.36KB , 1273x715 , RvB_frigate_FFG.png )
>capital ship designs
Do you like this design?
>> No. 1559649
File 141134428480.png - (112.45KB , 521x500 , ♫No one must know♫.png )
I don't care much for either. I like both, but I don't nerd out on futuristic sci-fi much.
>> No. 1559652
File 141134440938.png - (210.07KB , 1700x1700 , Greycat 2.png )
Welp, added to the wiki...

> entering the atmosphere

But it has some potential there.
>> No. 1559654
File 141134451505.jpg - (223.71KB , 800x480 , Tomodachi Tang.jpg )
Also finally remembered to copy this over from the 3DS.
>> No. 1559668
File 141134505460.png - (30.66KB , 350x402 , Positively Dashing.png )
>> No. 1559672
File 141134515982.jpg - (107.53KB , 464x600 , VS568.jpg )
>> No. 1559744
File 141134821072.jpg - (27.22KB , 500x442 , propane bender.jpg )
>> No. 1559745
File 141134824348.png - (30.91KB , 233x282 , ♫So much Bass♫.png )
>> No. 1559776
File 141135034793.png - (197.12KB , 515x669 , Mega Lucario - Fluffy.png )
Ponies aren't the only things with nice tails.
>> No. 1559780
File 141135050235.jpg - (895.34KB , 2560x1920 , nekomimi_anime_fox_girls_anime_2560x1920_animalhi_com.jpg )
It's never been in question that foxes have the best fluffy tails.
>> No. 1559785
Maybe but what about cats?
>> No. 1559790
File 141135120724.gif - (435.12KB , 500x279 , tumblr_inline_mpiz09zfdr1qz4rgp.gif )
Nope foxes.
>> No. 1559791
File 141135136233.jpg - (96.85KB , 856x795 , new5.jpg )
I return
>> No. 1559792
File 141135138444.png - (38.90KB , 317x440 , ♫Perform This Way♫.png )
>> No. 1559793
File 141135146249.png - (183.89KB , 407x402 , blues4.png )
He hath returned!
>> No. 1559805
File 141135188764.jpg - (47.55KB , 536x414 , 001.jpg )
whats up?
>> No. 1559810
File 141135214167.png - (178.77KB , 512x512 , 99RedBallons.png )
>> No. 1559811
File 141135218744.png - (131.11KB , 450x450 , blues1.png )
Not lots, you?

>> No. 1559812
File 141135226674.jpg - (1.51MB , 1224x1716 , 99bd4f08aa630a16b919c76ab3fb01b198a9dd09.jpg )
Sup Simple?
>> No. 1559814
File 141135230716.jpg - (58.40KB , 512x512 , Cityscape.jpg )

finished watching 'I know that voice!' on netflix, it was very entertaining.
>> No. 1559822
What's that show about?
>> No. 1559823
voice actors and their job.

which means being very silly.
>> No. 1559825
File 141135289145.jpg - (44.24KB , 319x505 , so happy.jpg )
hi simple
>> No. 1559827
File 141135297947.jpg - (123.63KB , 512x512 , Cannonballs.jpg )
good evening crim, hw've you been
>> No. 1559829
File 141135298370.png - (30.05KB , 154x183 , blue crystals.png )
A whole lot 'o nothin!
>> No. 1559832
File 141135309731.png - (89.21KB , 616x555 , 47.png )
fine, you?
>> No. 1559834
File 141135322164.jpg - (46.69KB , 512x512 , EmptyNoggin.jpg )

getting sleepy, I don't want to go to work again already! I
>> No. 1559838
File 141135345432.jpg - (70.98KB , 700x717 , I lost the game.jpg )
I wish I had a job
>> No. 1559840
File 141135370556.png - (9.54KB , 57x46 , 2nd-deg-avatarring.png )
I haven't had a job, but I've been working a lot lately. That's really all I can say about that with a clear head. The whole job-searching process does seem a bit convoluted.
>> No. 1559843
File 141135386000.png - (226.14KB , 503x547 , blues3.png )
That's something my dad has been telling me about the system he grew up under. It had an incredible number of horrible flaws, but something they did was consider employment a welfare issue. You gave your application to the state and they handled finding a matching job.
>> No. 1559848
File 141135401928.jpg - (49.42KB , 456x483 , thinking.jpg )
see my thing is that I have a crappy resume. little experience and I am highly undesirable with no training in anything that is hiring.
ah. also hey daybreak
>> No. 1559856
File 141135431836.png - (37.79KB , 274x303 , Oh it's this again.png )

I sorta want to go to work again, but I have all tons of time off. They tried to call me this morning while I was asleep, but I figure if it was important they'd have called back. It's not really an option for me to call them back because I'll just reach the customer service desk and they have no idea who called me.
>> No. 1559862
File 141135445678.jpg - (38.11KB , 512x512 , DrunkRoses.jpg )
it is not a job you could sustain yourself on. I still have to find a real one.

where was this?

job hunting sucks

>> No. 1559863
File 141135448459.png - (42.64KB , 945x945 , blues2.png )
That is literally everybody initially.


Communist Cuba.
>> No. 1559866
>> No. 1559873
That's a fascinating system. I suppose some people would consider it restrictive, but I suppose that if you are looking for anything, and take what you will get, it makes sense. If you have the will to do something else, you probably won't wait for an employer to permit you.

Hello, likewise. I thought you had a job recently, but I could be confusing you with someone else. And I sympathize with your problems.

Indeed. I have found putting myself to various tasks much more enjoyable than bumming around for employment. And by keeping myself busy lately, I feel a bit more momentum towards some personal labor efforts.
>> No. 1559883
File 141135522370.png - (183.89KB , 407x402 , blues4.png )
Before the crackdowns got really bad they figured out some clever crime solutions! For example, they rounded up all the prostitutes and hired them as taxi and truck drivers. I don't think anything else put as much of a dent in the brothel problem as that.
>> No. 1559887
File 141135538498.png - (304.45KB , 1000x800 , Lucario - Goodnight.png )
>> No. 1559890
Night, Aura.
>> No. 1559891
Interesting solution, though I'm somewhat doubtful the Taxi one would have been foolproof.
>> No. 1559896
I don't mean to present it as a perfect solution. It was a desperate act after nothing else had worked.
>> No. 1559898
well goodnight

true, but having money to keep at bay those student loan sharks is handy. We'll have to catch up again sometime.

>> No. 1559899
File 141135626902.jpg - (774.59KB , 1280x1280 , 14.jpg )
>> No. 1559901
ugh... I was feeling full right up to this moment, now my stomach tells me I'm starving... wtf
>> No. 1559902
File 141135643497.png - (135.69KB , 512x512 , Party Hard, Tangerine is finally going to sleep.png )
>> No. 1559903
File 141135645170.png - (11.01KB , 178x305 , I don't know what I'm looking at here.png )

That happens sometimes. My body sucks at reminding me to eat.
>> No. 1559904
File 141135646809.jpg - (47.55KB , 536x414 , 001.jpg )
but its true.
I have one job that isn't official because it was a church and the people who run that church are jerks.
the second job sounds amazing even if it was a 6 month job (it paid $12.50 an hour) and I get asked "Why not go to that job?" a lot or just told to go back to them (they wont hire me now).

the third job I was kind of fired from, though I also was going to quit.

then there is the schooling.

the schooling alone makes me look like I am just taking this job and will ditch it when I get the "$12/hr pharmacy job"

>> No. 1559905
but I had eaten and was very full.
>> No. 1559907
File 141135655921.png - (183.89KB , 407x402 , blues4.png )
Maybe it was something you ate?

Night night, Tangy.

But things are going to be pretty nice once you get that pharmacy job!
>> No. 1559910
a can of chicken and wild rice cambels soup. Now I have to eat something again to shut my stomach up. blarg
>> No. 1559913
File 141135682674.png - (91.58KB , 961x800 , why did you post that.png )
That job isn't happening, and as far as I am concerned it never will.

Everything was based on a whim and vocational rehab paying for the tests, but to many things have happened that it is an impossible job. I can't achieve it, vocational rehab screwed me over to by not responding when it was important that I needed help. and now that its been months they have said "no we wont pay for this part of the stuff you need, you did it in the past" but I need it now because they dragged their feet.

It's dead, that future is gone, some other Crimson in another reality has it, but I don't I can't get it.
I can't wait for it anymore to happen, I can't sit around saying "it will happen soon" while life is moving on and I need to move with it.
>> No. 1559916
File 141135722452.png - (70.70KB , 500x512 , blue flower.png )
Maybe your stomach wants some carbs?

Jeeze, Crim. Sorry, I didn't know.

I don't know enough to give any sort of meaningful advice, but if I know anything about your abilities I know that you'll be able to turn this around and straighten things out for yourself. It might take a little effort, ingenuity, and luck, but I believe its something you can do. For what its worth, all of us here are cheering for you!
>> No. 1559919
File 141135734346.jpg - (47.62KB , 677x337 , kid_icarus_ess.jpg )
I feel extremely full. I would tell you why, but I don't think I should tease you with a "what I ate" recap. In short, there was a wedding, and lots of leftovers.

Indeed. I should actually consider keeping a journal again, because I'm very quick to forget the things I've done.

The attitude of some congregations toward funding has made working for the church increasingly a work of charity. The thing that actually pains me about such a state is that it puts those who work in the church very much to the test, where they will either become extremely strong, or come to despise their work. Moreso, when the church workers are poorly paid because the people give grudgingly, then the people have a spiritually damaging practice. Even accentuating the problem is frustrating at times, because concerns over money, especially over money simply maintaining the organization of the church, create a damaging impression of the church both for those within and from outside.
>> No. 1559920
I'm optimistic about your eagerness to act. I hope that it helps to fuel you.
>> No. 1559922
File 141135781322.jpg - (34.88KB , 393x300 , make the visions go away.jpg )
its okay, no one knew and it hasn't been talked about out loud. it is why I havent been around though. been kind of depressed because of it (and the surgery) and I didnt want to complain here

it actually is because I had the job but when I found out years later that the pay I was getting wasn't the full amount (I was young and the money went to my parents anyway). I was just a janitor and was getting (or supposed to get) $7/hr.

come to find out that the bastard music leader was taking the role of lead janitor and made the pastor give him the pay to distribute and I got a lot less.
so someone else was getting my pay.

that and they said I was a volunteer later.
>> No. 1559928
File 141135835523.jpg - (27.16KB , 247x293 , Only a fool would not buy a crossbow.jpg )
and yes, I did call someone who is a music leader in a church that name. He made that happen when he chose to misuse his position and ignore responsibility.

what he has done should only be proof that he should not have been allowed to lead
>> No. 1559929
File 141135841413.png - (129.99KB , 403x226 , 1002221_243261995853486_1874178177_n.png )
Oh boy, I know that feeling, but we're all friends here. Nobody is going to be mad with you that you had a bad day.

All this stuff that's gone wrong, its not your fault. Its one big run of bad luck. But that's the funny thing about luck; good luck or bad, it never lasts forever.
>> No. 1559940
File 141135943189.png - (134.90KB , 900x900 , 13.png )
thanks wheat
>> No. 1559944
Well, so long as the world turns, we will have to endure leaders both good and bad. Sometimes it's the hardest thing to cope with.
>> No. 1559945
File 141136010971.png - (42.64KB , 945x945 , blues2.png )
Sure thing. I know my fancy words don't turn your situation around or do a whole lot that needs doing, but I believe in you and sometimes that's worth hearing.
>> No. 1559951
File 141136092246.png - (449.18KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2014-09-11-05h24m02s191.png )
Heeeey. What's up, /story/?
>> No. 1559953
File 141136107765.png - (556.57KB , 768x1024 , 3DS_KidIcarus_3_char10_E3.png )
Ah, just chillin' out-of-state. What's the story, Admiral?
>> No. 1559954
File 141136109690.jpg - (47.55KB , 536x414 , 001.jpg )
>> No. 1559955
File 141136116456.png - (31.74KB , 332x435 , We do sell that in a large size, yes.png )

Your blood-alcohol level.
>> No. 1559956
File 141136117756.png - (135.26KB , 675x1185 , scootagrin_by_smlahyee-d4mpexs.png )
Whoo! 1400 words. it's a good night.
>> No. 1559957
>> No. 1559958
File 141136136181.jpg - (63.97KB , 500x485 , Royal Family.jpg )
You. You're the story.


How'd you guess?
>> No. 1559959
File 141136140545.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )

My German/Irish heritage has equipped me with a sixth sense that tells me roughly how intoxicated people are.
>> No. 1559961
File 141136149000.jpg - (88.60KB , 449x1023 , Drunk.jpg )
Well I've had less than a shot so far, so you're probably overestimating.
>> No. 1559962
File 141136152161.png - (31.89KB , 363x468 , I don't know the answer to that one.png )

It's very rough.
>> No. 1559967
File 141136168198.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )
Also, to answer the question more seriously. New Civ game.

Ashurbanipal, archipelago, 6 player map, Emperor difficulty. Gonna really try for that Great Library...
>> No. 1559971
File 141136196925.png - (2.84MB , 1732x840 , Capture.png )

Behold, the entirety of my island!
>> No. 1559972
File 141136208700.jpg - (187.79KB , 614x343 , gladwings.jpg )
I thought I was the punchline! I could be both, though. Incidentally, there is an abridged bible called "The Story" published by Zondervan. I just first seen glimpsed it as I've been wandering about out-of-state.

Hail the Emporor! I have an Emperor difficulty game where I am Korea, desperately trying to out-research my rivals.

Oh dear. Definitely have to be clever to work with that.
>> No. 1559973
Crabs 2. The crabbening. Gotta get crabs. Go crabst?

Pls. Assyria don't need no great library.

You can go stright for the military techs and let your unique pick up the slack. I think. If I remember that thing right.

Making a beeline for the tech techs undermines making a beeline for the military techs and STEALING the tech techs.
>> No. 1559975
File 141136243216.png - (3.53MB , 1914x1050 , Capture.png )

Currently on a track for a turn 51 Great Library, which is not at all sufficient and I'm probably completely screwed.


That's certainly an option. It'll be a bit before I can attack anyone from this position, though, and I was planning on a cultural victory this time, using my militaristic advantages to steal great works. Gotta have the Library to hold 'em, though, and that matching bonus is important, too.
>> No. 1559976
File 141136253976.png - (3.53MB , 1911x1042 , Capture.png )
As expected, didn't at all make it...
>> No. 1559977
File 141136260669.png - (122.11KB , 1018x1304 , Cocoa - A bandwagon so Noble that I put my hoof up.png )
I hate that country.
Assur and whoever controls it is a bad country. In my first game, I found the second Island (my first Island was China/Egypt/England/Self(Korea) with two parties at war. I befriended the others, Mohawks/Danish, and ended up being party to war with them. They gave me Jerusalem to stop my army from attacking. Then they attacked me again and I demanded another city before they stopped. Then they attacked again and I just took their capital.

I hate them, but they gave me a good base on the second Island (and a good bit of space for War with the nearby Huns).
>> No. 1559982
yeah, I imagine you can still figure out some way to get established, but I'm pretty doubtful you'll have many world wonders to help you with a food-heavy production-light layout.
>> No. 1559983
File 141136302944.jpg - (64.92KB , 726x933 , kneel.jpg )
>> No. 1559984
File 141136317819.png - (120.89KB , 739x1024 , large (13).png )

I'm trying for The Great Lighthouse now, and it's looking like I might actually get it. It doesn't have top priority like the Library or all those religious buildings have, but it's immensely useful for my navy.

Unfortunately someone stole my God of the Sea pantheon, so I don't get that, either...


I don't know that I've ever really encountered the guy, but all of them really tend to blur together for me, anyway.
>> No. 1559985
File 141136325064.png - (26.70KB , 584x488 , I cry every time.png )

Nope. Beaten by a turn. Why do I even try? Especially on maps like this.
>> No. 1559988
File 141136346234.jpg - (216.10KB , 595x842 , black dress.jpg )

Git gud son
>> No. 1559993
File 141136465258.gif - (404.05KB , 362x345 , dash34.gif )
Good morning everypony.
>> No. 1559995
File 141136481032.png - (1.33MB , 1197x546 , Bingo3.png )

G'morning, you two.
>> No. 1559998
File 141136498151.jpg - (15.21KB , 399x318 , dash76.jpg )
Hello there, how are you?
>> No. 1559999
File 141136500292.png - (134.90KB , 900x900 , 13.png )
>> No. 1560000
File 141136506101.png - (49.75KB , 599x600 , 114897__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )

Not too bad. You?
>> No. 1560001
File 141136516563.png - (174.57KB , 500x250 , happy.png )

>> No. 1560002
File 141136522247.jpg - (395.22KB , 1280x720 , dash262.jpg )
Hello there!

I'm fine, thanks. Back at work.
>> No. 1560016
File 141137014715.jpg - (20.20KB , 440x474 , 280237__safe_oc_meme_edit_team+fortress+2_ice+pack_demopan.jpg )

Not a whole lot, but I still managed not to respond for over an hour. Mostly just checking on Grepolis and trying to plan things out. You?


I am still off from work because my hours have been cut that drastically. The deli's a pit!

Thank god I'm so close to freedom.
>> No. 1560059
File 141138274741.png - (76.25KB , 512x512 , BoxBouncingIsSafestInAVaccum.png )
good morning to those that will come. It is before work and I am awake early and my computer turned on. But not by much before work, but I figured I'd say good morning!

I hope everyone will have a good Monday today! Enjoy your day!
>> No. 1560060
File 141138279239.png - (47.20KB , 457x507 , 74582__safe_rule%252B63_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice_awkward.png )

Have fun at work, Simple.
>> No. 1560084
File 141138608290.png - (48.99KB , 553x358 , VS44.png )
I'm too old It's too early for this shit.
>> No. 1560085
File 141138612452.jpg - (20.20KB , 440x474 , 280237__safe_oc_meme_edit_team+fortress+2_ice+pack_demopan.jpg )

What shit might that be?
>> No. 1560087
File 141138616986.jpg - (80.78KB , 600x600 , Toiletrine Foamie.jpg )
>> No. 1560089
File 141138620988.png - (43.62KB , 290x253 , ♫Has anyone really been as far♫.png )
Still getting used to getting out of bed the moment I wake up so I can write down my dreams with relative clarity.

I don't think I slept enough to sleep off all that booze last night.

>> No. 1560092
File 141138627397.png - (62.89KB , 700x658 , Oh god it's in the raccoon wounds.png )

Stop hanging out in the toilet, Tangy, that's gross.


I have done that precisely once. I could do it more often, but most of my dreams are better left forgotten, I think.
>> No. 1560096
File 141138648072.png - (30.95KB , 547x293 , VS43.png )
Same. I've decided to do it in the name of weird dreams, and eventually I want to start lucid dreaming. I think I saw my first shred of that last night, which is impressive as I've only been doing this for a week.

Oddly enough though, my dreams haven't been as strange as they were in the past. I don't know if it's the rehabilitation from trying to remember them or the fact that I'm writing them down or they just never were as crazy as I remembered them, but they're slowly becoming more... normal. I think. I don't know, I really don't have a yardstick. It still feels weird, though.
>> No. 1560157
File 141139605991.jpg - (455.21KB , 759x1749 , 1410947850552.jpg )
>> No. 1560158
File 141139608193.jpg - (216.10KB , 595x842 , black dress.jpg )
>> No. 1560159
File 141139612472.png - (405.13KB , 600x600 , 1410332364834.png )
>> No. 1560160
File 141139616029.jpg - (464.03KB , 1095x1600 , butterflies.jpg )

>> No. 1560161
File 141139618131.jpg - (179.78KB , 421x720 , 1410915257803.jpg )

Being bored. You?
>> No. 1560162
File 141139623213.jpg - (39.05KB , 640x360 , almost blush but not quite.jpg )

>> No. 1560163
File 141139628897.jpg - (2.70MB , 4400x7272 , 1410684753240.jpg )

Cool beans.
>> No. 1560164
File 141139634790.jpg - (592.36KB , 764x1052 , lily back.jpg )

gonna do anythin?
>> No. 1560165
File 141139646277.png - (111.80KB , 440x411 , VS634.png )
>> No. 1560166
File 141139655395.jpg - (1.18MB , 1920x1080 , 1410828727590.jpg )

maybe Dark Souls.


Also a good one!
>> No. 1560167
File 141139662849.png - (144.12KB , 1080x802 , 1358005291328.png )
>> No. 1560168
File 141139688551.jpg - (330.80KB , 600x850 , another lily.jpg )

Ooo okay
>> No. 1560172
ocular albinism is a serious disorder.
>> No. 1560174
File 141139921394.gif - (13.70KB , 250x232 , ERMAHGERD TANERGENE COKIIE.gif )
>> No. 1560175
File 141139929744.png - (332.44KB , 704x396 , head down.png )

>> No. 1560176
File 141139932536.gif - (87.38KB , 643x504 , fwip.gif )

>> No. 1560177
File 141139938691.jpg - (446.34KB , 675x975 , lily looking.jpg )

>> No. 1560178
File 141139943224.jpg - (34.77KB , 447x497 , Fcuk I'm hihg! Le'ts ship usres!_jpg.jpg )

>> No. 1560179
File 141139949781.png - (312.93KB , 704x396 , srs.png )
>> No. 1560180
File 141139994712.jpg - (543.67KB , 712x796 , e1738053db54e92a94b890ec6ebbd17f.jpg )
>> No. 1560181
File 141139996028.png - (113.36KB , 350x277 , 111111111.png )
>> No. 1560182
File 141140002524.png - (128.11KB , 800x820 , Frickin Adorable Tangy.png )

srs, yes!

How are you?


That's cute. Hee hee.

Hi best Mena!


Soy sauce!

Hi Rakedenza!
>> No. 1560183
File 141140011203.jpg - (452.54KB , 640x800 , 9c6634dd6bbfd1e74230a2a2a248e0b5.jpg )

Hey best Tangy.

>> No. 1560184
File 141140026328.png - (166.58KB , 900x703 , ____what_______by_draikjack-d4tz2fu.png )
Hi Cookerine Tangie! What's new with you mang? :D
>> No. 1560185
File 141140026429.png - (351.71KB , 704x396 , looking up.png )

>> No. 1560186
File 141140029018.png - (205.46KB , 900x851 , cadence___don_t_waste_my_time_by_alex4nder02-d4xnqna.png )
Tiny girl is tiny.
>> No. 1560187
File 141140034011.jpg - (455.21KB , 759x1749 , 1410947850552.jpg )

Yes, yes she is.
>> No. 1560188
File 141140034851.png - (88.67KB , 1468x720 , I'ma lurk in this cloud.png )
>> No. 1560190
File 141140041939.png - (753.49KB , 1920x1080 , Someteathing someteathing fetishes fetishes_wp1080.png )


How are you today?


Nothing, really. Boring and tiring day.






We see you, you know.
>> No. 1560191
File 141140047028.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
I know. Hence why I posted.

How are you, Tangy?
>> No. 1560192
File 141140052721.png - (3.27MB , 1920x1080 , 1410673024512.png )

I'm doing alright. Back's aching a little. Should go for a walk. Feeling alright, mate?

Also, best use of tea right there.


Hey Minxy.
>> No. 1560193
File 141140055818.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
Hey to you too, Dragon. How's it going?
>> No. 1560195
File 141140073181.jpg - (116.08KB , 800x695 , 133909373699.jpg )
>Dat pictured
I drew a sketch for Saikar
He's paying me to color it :D
>> No. 1560197
File 141140082941.jpg - (285.58KB , 1200x1126 , 1410341013086.jpg )

Sexy Samus is the best Samus.


>> No. 1560198
File 141140086641.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
Same. You're talking Samus?
>> No. 1560199
File 141140091118.png - (274.18KB , 1073x1024 , 140422625490.png )
Also saveworthy picture, even if the composition is wonky.

Not hating on it, just trying to have an opinion about composition.
>> No. 1560200
File 141140092803.png - (205.85KB , 335x307 , 1410798277216.png )

I guess.
>> No. 1560201
File 141140094255.jpg - (55.81KB , 526x502 , what.jpg )
>Dat Pic...
>> No. 1560202
File 141140095455.png - (450.75KB , 782x1022 , 1410672749157.png )

What's composition?
>> No. 1560203
File 141140099552.gif - (2.20MB , 357x238 , 1410767379346.gif )

Zelda is Sheik and Link is a princess.
>> No. 1560204
File 141140103513.png - (450.89KB , 3264x2448 , 138739636746.png )
Honestly never really got the deal with her. Or at least the sex appeal part.

She's a badass, though.
>> No. 1560205
File 141140109331.png - (128.11KB , 800x820 , Frickin Adorable Tangy.png )

I'm good. Bit bored, might vector a bit.


Yeah. Walking a bit is good for your back! I'm decentish.

Minimena is adorable.


I saw. That was a pretty good one!


Sexy Samus is good in my book.


Rake has an unresolved R63 fetish.

Also Sheik is canonically female now, at least in the US, soo.
>> No. 1560206
File 141140109741.jpg - (57.54KB , 397x586 , what am i looking at.jpg )
Oh God that could be a theoretical debate for hours and hours.

My definition is "arranging the elements in a picture within an enclosed border that reads as a cool abstract picture if you blur out all the details, as well as the subject matter being cool."
What's going on in that pic? Srsly where is that from? And was that actually on the news or something?
>> No. 1560207
File 141140115931.png - (178.38KB , 1018x1304 , Fluttershy - Disregard hooves acquire creepy smile.png )
I live
>> No. 1560208
File 141140116696.png - (198.71KB , 963x898 , My Tangy is SO hugged.png )
I would approve of this.

>> No. 1560209
File 141140118787.jpg - (119.95KB , 800x800 , nom.jpg )
>> No. 1560211
File 141140121553.png - (36.41KB , 512x512 , Excited Tangerine is excited.png )

Metroid Prime 3. Samus is fighting a Phazon infection the whole game. Eventually she removes her helmet and begins puking Phazon as one of the side effects.


We happy!


>> No. 1560214
File 141140136469.png - (96.70KB , 800x800 , VS251.png )
>There's a nip in the air. Cold won't be good for my crops.
>You know what's wrong with Skyrim these days?
>Have you ever made your way to the Cloud district?

You are why it should be legal to punch people.
>> No. 1560215
File 141140137288.png - (757.70KB , 2330x3000 , Fluttershy - I'm so fly you can suck my juice.png )
Hey Mags!

Hi Tango!

What's up everyone? How goes the Monday?
>> No. 1560216
File 141140139417.jpg - (379.68KB , 886x1000 , 1410672825107.jpg )

You don't get the sex appeal behind a character with an athletic build in skimpy clothing?


Decentish? Not getting too much mother aggro today, are you?

Minimena is best Mena, heehee.

Could use more Sexy Samus. Should go image hunting sometime.


Theoretically speaking, of course?

That's a nice definition, though.

Also, in that pic... the scene is from Metroid Prime 3 and the news bit is part of a meme.


Hey Noblestar.


I loved that game. Should dig it out and play it again.
>> No. 1560218
File 141140144169.jpg - (87.39KB , 818x715 , yellow you say.jpg )
I have the strangest pseudoboner.
>> No. 1560219
File 141140146874.jpg - (82.87KB , 682x709 , squee.jpg )
D-Do not.
>> No. 1560220
File 141140148304.png - (399.92KB , 700x774 , snowy saber.png )
>> No. 1560221
Well theoretically speaking the last composition class I went to by THIS GUY who's far more wiser than I am and better at art couldn't define it, except arranging puzzle pieces of the picture around to make it look just right. My definition has inclusion of limits. But I guess that's a given, since a piece of paper isn't an infinite medium, but a bound one.

I need to start taking classes again... sigh :<
>> No. 1560223
File 141140165720.png - (126.48KB , 379x603 , courtesyofatomsplit.png )
I'm not saying that. At all. I don't know. I'm just not too attracted to her for some reason.

Maybe because she kinda has no personality beyond 'blam blam shoot the aliens' that I know of.
>> No. 1560225
File 141140174260.png - (31.89KB , 363x468 , I don't know the answer to that one.png )

Canned responses from bad actors bother me.
>> No. 1560226
File 141140174485.png - (735.38KB , 3000x2240 , Fluttershy - Lounging about.png )
Heh, you got it. Hi there Dragon!

How have you been?
>> No. 1560227
File 141140178942.gif - (357.49KB , 821x684 , 407539.gif )

I'm out of food. I should not be this bad at feeding myself.

>athletic build

Sorry, that just kills it for me.
>> No. 1560228
File 141140181351.png - (164.61KB , 1017x1200 , SHIPS.png )

Over the internet?


Mainly boring. How's the Noblest Pirate doing?


Mother is incredibly bitchy. I'm ignoring her.

And yes. Sexy Samuses for everyone!

I should actually finish Skyward Sword, reached that part in Hyrule Warriors and I don't know half of the people there.


She doesn't grow tentacles or anything.


What? You know it's true.


>Maybe because she kinda has no personality beyond 'blam blam shoot the aliens' that I know of.

>> No. 1560229
File 141140181367.png - (197.16KB , 789x1012 , 137760818179.png )
Hi Flutterpirate!
>> No. 1560231
File 141140189206.jpg - (195.81KB , 716x985 , why.jpg )

>> No. 1560233
File 141140192923.jpg - (165.91KB , 640x960 , Light of Aether.jpg )



Why aren't you?


You'd have to play some Metroid games to know what her personality is like.


Ah, sorry to hear.

And yeah, go finish Skyward Sword sometime.

>Samus's personality

Honestly, I loved her character before Other M and despite that game being a train wreck, I still love her character.
>> No. 1560235
File 141140198175.jpg - (78.14KB , 908x598 , facehoof.jpg )
Lack of freetime and getting in the habit of trying to improve my own skills without always relying on a teacher.

KINDA failing.
>> No. 1560236
File 141140199117.png - (98.26KB , 835x800 , Bowstring just found this thread.png )
>I should not be this bad at feeding myself.
This is why we need fucking cake teleporters.

>Sorry, that just kills it for me.
Somehow I knew you were going to say something like that.

What if she didn't have an athletic build, though?


I would, but I only own Prime, and as far as I know all she does in that game is grunt and go 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' and echo when she dies.
>> No. 1560238
File 141140212070.png - (653.79KB , 2342x2999 , Fluttershy - Speak no evil.png )
Hey Mondo! I'm bad at feeding myself as well, haha...

I'm doing alright, just figuring out what I want to do today.

Hi there Rake Cadenza!

Ah, I know that feel.
>> No. 1560239
File 141140218157.jpg - (332.88KB , 577x819 , sit.jpg )

Been having lectures every week now.

Should head back to the library tomorrow to devour more books.
>> No. 1560240
File 141140218584.png - (659.82KB , 1259x2004 , 1410505116007.png )

That's rough, buddy.


The Metroid games have always been about telling a story through gameplay. There usually isn't any dialogue, and the player is meant to infer what Samus is like through the action that happens in the game.

Speaking of which, I need to replay Metroid Prime, too. And Metroid Prime 2.

... I ought to ask Epony if he still has the copy of Trilogy I gifted him.
>> No. 1560243
File 141140222629.png - (116.93KB , 800x782 , March of the Minimenas.png )
>> No. 1560245
File 141140228797.gif - (885.10KB , 480x270 , 1410393241031.gif )

That's adorable.
>> No. 1560246
File 141140230185.png - (707.52KB , 2807x3000 , Fluttershy - What was in those brownies.png )
Devour books, acquire knowledge!
>> No. 1560247
File 141140237071.png - (18.98KB , 397x398 , Howl at the moon.png )
>What if she didn't have an athletic build, though?

She might end up sexier, but still not really "attractive". I dunno. Soldier types don't do it for me, either.


I'm debating whether to eat instant mashed potatoes again or wait until my room mate gets home and request fast food somewhere.

On an unrelated note, I cannot find the second start of 3-7. I've got the first one, and the third one, and the second should logically be between there somewhere, and I just ain't seein' it.
>> No. 1560249
File 141140241786.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
>the player is meant to infer what Samus is like through the action that happens in the game
Let me see here.

>Metroid NES
She just shows up on this planet and starts killing everything until it blows up. Evidently doesn't like Cheerios.

>Metroid 2
>Playing that game.

>Super Metroid
She takes a fucking metroid to a space station and leaves it there.

Then when one of the guys she killed earlier comes back she goes to another planet and blows that up too.

Also still doesn't like Cheerios.

She enjoys recording things to her logbook.

>Prime 2

>Prime 3

>Other M
Remembuhs black guys.
>> No. 1560250
File 141140244696.png - (203.32KB , 810x986 , ____cadance___oh_you______by_rainbowplasma-d4xh790.png )

Ah Other M. I played enough of the demo at E3 to know that game was kinda crap. Also silent protagonists are blank slates for the audience to relate to or live vicariously through. Other M shat on this like... well... Samus vomiting out phazons.
Totally how it works.
>> No. 1560251
File 141140251576.png - (587.94KB , 3000x2761 , Fluttershy - Ooooo, balloon.png )
I just realized, I should try streaming again. I got my mic to do some noise cancelling, so it could work, and I don't really have anything better to do. Now to figure out what to play.
>> No. 1560253
File 141140255158.png - (142.72KB , 1366x768 , yes or yes.png )
Heh. I love your perception of physical beauty.

Also, no. Soldiers don't do it for me either. Unless they're tomboyish and not just 100% serious and troubled. In which case, yes.
>> No. 1560254
File 141140264092.png - (70.10KB , 411x393 , But wait.png )



The funny thing about it to me is that I'm pretty sure the fandom would've been fine with Samus talking and stuff if they'd actually, y'know, not made the story and characters shit in that game.

Anthony is seriously the only one that doesn't suck in that game. Samus Adam sucks, KG sucks, Lyle sucks, James sucks, the other guy sucks, MB sucks, MB's mom sucks...

The game is utterly devoid of likable or interesting characters, and the story suffers for it.
>> No. 1560255
File 141140270704.jpg - (621.19KB , 984x1864 , rank 4, wherein bowstring unlocks disabling shot.jpg )
I don't know. All I know about her conduct in the games is her shooting shit with her pew-pew cannon.
>> No. 1560257
File 141140273360.png - (241.14KB , 894x894 , cadance_by_foxtail8000-d4xszdd.png )
I should try writing music.
I'm getting creatively antsy.
>> No. 1560258
File 141140276453.png - (125.57KB , 640x612 , Psymena.png )

Do it!
>> No. 1560261
File 141140290447.jpg - (19.49KB , 259x194 , download.jpg )

Steel Thy Shovel!
>> No. 1560263
File 141140297541.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
Is Shovelpurgis Nacht good?
>> No. 1560264
File 141140297825.png - (2.08MB , 1200x900 , Tank Riding.png )

Always a good game to stream.


Eh, s'alright. It's probably just some crazy fan nonsense from me anyways.
>> No. 1560265
File 141140302814.jpg - (20.20KB , 440x474 , 280237__safe_oc_meme_edit_team+fortress+2_ice+pack_demopan.jpg )

Game of the Year.
>> No. 1560266
File 141140306452.png - (450.89KB , 3264x2448 , 138739636746.png )
And it's probably just me not knowing the games.

I should get into it. After I finish Fallout 3 and Mass Effect and Oblivion and Skyrim and...

>> No. 1560267
File 141140307476.png - (116.91KB , 1018x1304 , Noble's Face When Tangy~.png )

>Anthony is seriously the only one that doesn't suck in that game.

Seriously. Anthony was badass. He confronted fucking Ridley with an unloaded Plasma Cannon.

I fiucking cheered when he turned out to be alive at the ending. Incredible comeback, that one.
>> No. 1560268
File 141140317836.png - (27.64KB , 575x468 , 282195__solo_oc_questionable_artist-colon-the+weaver_food_ice+pack_hot+dog_please+be+mayo.png )

Absolutely. It currently has no competition in my mind.
>> No. 1560270
File 141140320321.png - (188.60KB , 1018x1304 , Fluttershy - My hoof smells like cinnamon.png )
You should, I would love to hear what you make!

It looks tempting, but I already have a ton of other games to choose from.
>> No. 1560272
File 141140324568.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
Huh. I see, then.

...hehe. I should talk to you more.
>> No. 1560273
File 141140326271.png - (201.49KB , 1200x1268 , Spicemena.png )

I can't think of any game in 2014 that could compete with it.


Totally badass.

Me too. Even his bit in the end where he gave Samus a thumbs down as a joke was nice.
>> No. 1560274
File 141140331182.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
I see. I'll give it a shot if I can find it cheap.
>> No. 1560276
File 141140337971.png - (181.66KB , 1200x1142 , The happiest mena this side of Rocky Mountains.png )

it's $15.
>> No. 1560277
File 141140342137.jpg - (13.03KB , 183x179 , yay.jpg )
It'll totally be not ambient and not house-y with cutpastey same lines. And probably on a piano.

Honestly I want to make something like this

I can play
Guitar (noob)
Harmonica (noob)
Egg shaker
Irish Flute (noob)
Alto Saxophone
>> No. 1560278
File 141140342247.png - (128.11KB , 800x820 , Frickin Adorable Tangy.png )

Silly Mondo, Bayonetta 2 isn't out yet.


I still think they should make a Metroid Other M Director's Cut that fixes the story and the first person switch nonsense. Make it for the 3DS, even. The game has some horrible things, but can be salvaged.
>> No. 1560279
File 141140345605.png - (36.66KB , 515x592 , 174904__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack_ask+ice+pack.png )

Probably! Perhaps I should just lurk less and actually post.


There's still a few months left, so maybe something'll come up. I mean we got Smash and Beyond Earth this next month here, those could definitely be solid.

As of now, though, nothin'. There's hardly been releases this year at all, in fact, so even if it wasn't as amazing as it is, it's got nothing for competition.
>> No. 1560280
File 141140349659.png - (42.64KB , 634x700 , VSL7.png )
>lurk less and actually post.

>melts back to the shadows
>> No. 1560281
File 141140349745.png - (35.01KB , 678x545 , vink.png )
It's the equivalent of $18 here.

Do it. I liked it when you fawned over me.
>> No. 1560282
File 141140350765.png - (463.20KB , 1920x1688 , LegendOfGreylight.png )

Make something like this instead:
>> No. 1560283
File 141140351128.png - (203.32KB , 810x986 , ____cadance___oh_you______by_rainbowplasma-d4xh790.png )
Silly Tangy. That's not how you spell "Smash Bros"
>> No. 1560286
File 141140360200.png - (2.66KB , 128x128 , DeisIcon.png )

Bayo 2 could definitely contest it, yeah.

>Metroid Other M Director's Cut
>Fixes everything

I'd buy it!


There was Destiny, but from what I've heard it's pretty average.


We linking music now?
>> No. 1560288
File 141140369485.gif - (106.40KB , 360x427 , it's no lie misa in the crowd said meh any harm in CARAMELLDANSEN!.gif )
>> No. 1560289
File 141140370406.jpg - (78.14KB , 908x598 , facehoof.jpg )
>That picture
>not having a tilde sword.
>> No. 1560292
File 141140381784.png - (76.00KB , 512x512 , In the name of the Cookie, I will ship you!.png )

Can you punch God in the face and into the sun in Smash Bros?




It's the Sword of a Thousand Tangys, actually.
>> No. 1560294
File 141140393510.png - (410.09KB , 1131x707 , Enchanted, I'm sure!.png )

That's two sales! Now we just need to convince a million other people it'll be worth it, too.


When does Bayo 2 come out, again?
>> No. 1560296
File 141140400433.jpg - (34.77KB , 447x497 , Fcuk I'm hihg! Le'ts ship usres!_jpg.jpg )

23rd October IIRC.

I'm actually buying it twice. One digital (Both games), one the limited edition they are releasing on Europe.
>> No. 1560297
File 141140408745.png - (459.68KB , 1800x1538 , Anarchy_30.png )
And finished with rebel pony.
>> No. 1560299
File 141140413389.png - (29.69KB , 1311x276 , Sword of a Thousand Tangys.png )
>> No. 1560300
File 141140416392.jpg - (546.47KB , 1600x1200 , Space Captain Garlock.jpg )
Good Morning History.
>> No. 1560301
File 141140417057.png - (166.58KB , 900x703 , ____what_______by_draikjack-d4tz2fu.png )
Crikey... her cutie mark is an anarchist symbol?

Predestination much?
>> No. 1560302
File 141140419987.png - (272.41KB , 500x700 , encha_by_keterok-d6igp0l.png )

Ah, I see. What's the LE come with?


I like her earrings! Hoop earrings are so cute.


Heya Star.
>> No. 1560303
File 141140422421.png - (113.36KB , 350x277 , 111111111.png )
You should melt it down and reforge it with the damascus shipsteel
>> No. 1560304
File 141140424107.png - (249.45KB , 1366x768 , pounce.png )

Oh look an excuse to post this image.

>> No. 1560305
File 141140429139.png - (64.89KB , 388x420 , Fortuna - Scouting for Mares, I'm a one-roll wonder, BONK!.png )
Yo sup, rookie?
>> No. 1560306
File 141140429206.png - (230.21KB , 1300x790 , Completely innocent cosplay.png )

Yes, that one!


Morning Meido Star.


Well she's called Anarchy, too. The writing was on the wall.


And hoop earrings are amazing.


Or TungstOTPten.
>> No. 1560307
File 141140436129.png - (409.57KB , 1080x802 , 1358005121009.png )
>Calling me a rookie.
>Posting a TF2 image.
...I'll assume that wasn't intentional.

Um. I'm eh. I assume you're okay, from the way you're acting.
>> No. 1560308
File 141140443475.png - (127.56KB , 350x336 , tumblr_mxddp2LIwA1sfg6f3o1_r1_400.png )

Ooh, that is pretty sweet. I kinda wish I lived in Europe now, so I could pick that up.

Heehee, yeah.
>> No. 1560309
File 141140450176.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
Do you even know who you're talking to here? I mean, I'm kinda a big deal.
>Pokes with bat
Yo, sup?
>> No. 1560310
File 141140450118.png - (216.14KB , 1200x979 , United Poni Shipping.png )

Hyrule Warriors also got a LE including Link's scarf here.

I passed on it because digital download.
>> No. 1560311
File 141140457854.png - (1.05MB , 1280x960 , enchantress_dota_2_by_andre_anna-d69miw0.png )

An actual, physical scarf?
>> No. 1560312
File 141140460822.png - (64.19KB , 1100x900 , THIS IS NOT HOW SHIPPING WORKS!.png )

Don't be a meanie, Coco. Or I'll withdraw your Licorice privileges.


>> No. 1560313
File 141140464980.jpg - (105.12KB , 1013x789 , tumblr_mjgnjzavdt1rt2j9do1_1280.jpg )

Heh, that would've been nice. Ah well.
>> No. 1560314
File 141140466183.png - (101.50KB , 835x800 , Bowstring can't believe that bullshit.png )
...are you saying I'm heavy?
>> No. 1560316
File 141140468637.png - (109.66KB , 517x496 , FortunaTrixie.png )
Alright, alright, I'll chill. Talking about chill, how's the weather?
>> No. 1560317
File 141140468711.jpg - (80.74KB , 630x378 , 630x[1].jpg )
>> No. 1560319
File 141140474251.png - (137.51KB , 1365x777 , yhalothar.png )
Do I get privileges?
>> No. 1560320
File 141140474654.png - (637.78KB , 1280x720 , Welcome home, Master.png )

What's up?


I'm home, Master.
>> No. 1560321
File 141140476149.png - (138.92KB , 400x371 , Come get healed!.png )

Very nice! But it looks awfully short.
>> No. 1560322
File 141140476311.png - (225.43KB , 1257x1393 , Fortuna Acrylic has a more epic style.png )
Nah, you're medic, meaning that you're constantly dealing with idiots thinking you'll pocket them to both your deaths, focus fired by the enemy, and like an engineer, except with sentry guns that cannot aim.
>> No. 1560323
File 141140480192.png - (42.99KB , 160x160 , ooh.png )

The orange part kinda looks like the Imperial standard.

>> No. 1560324
File 141140489073.png - (136.38KB , 1018x1304 , pondering the definition of a Noble cause.png )
Talking. Watching annie may. You?

Only Engineers just kinda sit in one spot. Medics get to move around. See the sights, y'know?

Also yay I'm a medic. Um. Ze healing is not as revarding as ze hurting...
>> No. 1560325
File 141140490401.png - (198.71KB , 963x898 , My Tangy is SO hugged.png )

Pretty shitty, to be honest. Cold as fuck, but still raining.


>Checks e-mail
>You've received a gift!
>oh ho ho ho

You're awesome!

Thanks <3

I'll do something cute for you in return.


No, Licorice gets Minxy privileges.


How was your day, cutie?


We clearly need smaller necks.


It's the Hylian symbol since Skyward Sword, I think.
>> No. 1560326
File 141140499451.jpg - (652.06KB , 2553x2180 , into battle.jpg )

Close enough

>burns the scarf

>> No. 1560328
File 141140510389.png - (309.79KB , 1024x1024 , green greens is a pretty cool stage but battlefield is better.png )
Heh... ♥

Thank you. I'll be eagerly anticipating.

>No, Licorice gets Minxy privileges.
>Achievement Unlocked: Become Tradable Commodity
>Achievement Unlocked: Become Sub to Subbiest Sub
>Achievement Unlocked: Become Trident Submarine
>> No. 1560329
File 141140511062.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
You also get a crossbow.
RainyxTangy OTP~~~

Do you enjoy bad weather like Minxy and I do?
>> No. 1560331
File 141140519410.png - (142.72KB , 1366x768 , yes or yes.png )
And glasses. So yay.

Also, bad weather is the real good weather.
>> No. 1560333
File 141140521697.png - (669.14KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-09-22-13h57m41s209.png )

Just torrented a new episode of my trap anime, it took like, less than a minute.


Decent, it's getting better.
>> No. 1560335
File 141140527617.png - (129.03KB , 1018x1304 , your honour, the prosecution wishes to request AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png )
Trap anime? Is that the one with Madoka-but-not-also-a-guy or is this a different one?
>> No. 1560336
File 141140532761.png - (128.11KB , 800x820 , Frickin Adorable Tangy.png )

>Achievement Unlocked: Become Trident Submarine

It's a pity I'll never get to that part on the comics at this rate, heh.


I enjoy rain. Not when the weather is hot. I can't cuddle under a blanket like this.


Trap anime helping?
>> No. 1560337
File 141140542698.png - (144.12KB , 1080x802 , 1358005291328.png )
...I really need to read your comics.


Really seriously. I do.

I'll find the time when I can remember.
>> No. 1560338
File 141140544998.jpg - (893.68KB , 744x1052 , field.jpg )
Speaking of false empires...

I think ill go off to play some civ5

>> No. 1560340
File 141140553764.png - (151.83KB , 322x388 , aj85.png )
Good evening everypony!

Please use the following link to find our stories in the future!
>> No. 1560342
File 141140557269.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
Got it.
>> No. 1560344
File 141140568952.jpg - (33.33KB , 730x439 , hh25.jpg )
Thanks, Scoots.

Alas, our 5th story seems to be gone unless someone bothered to copy what we had so far at some point.
>> No. 1560345
File 141140574647.png - (126.48KB , 379x603 , courtesyofatomsplit.png )
>> No. 1560346
File 141140576454.png - (1.00MB , 1280x720 , Saved.png )

Kind of, it's almost done though, it has been a fun ride thus far.


Same one.
Poor guy was being molested, again.
>> No. 1560347
File 141140580330.png - (110.00KB , 272x310 , aj113.png )
How's it going?
>> No. 1560348
File 141140580679.jpg - (126.73KB , 611x800 , 141037102043.jpg )
Seems like it's an episode-ly thing.
>> No. 1560349
File 141140580999.png - (52.94KB , 376x340 , VS415.png )
That's a lotta reading material.
>> No. 1560350
File 141140583813.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
Okay, for once. And for you?
>> No. 1560351
File 141140584148.png - (114.08KB , 447x447 , Tangerine Cookie approves of your shenanigans.png )

Got it boss!
>> No. 1560352
File 141140592171.png - (615.91KB , 643x726 , aj153.png )
We were very busy back in 2011/2012.

Just fine, I guess I'll play some Wasteland 2 soon.

>> No. 1560355
File 141140610837.png - (339.38KB , 578x403 , VS617.png )
Part of me wants to jump in and start helping, but the other part of me just can't reconcile writing pony fanfiction.
>> No. 1560357
File 141140616422.png - (418.72KB , 540x715 , aj142.png )
With our final story having disappeared now would be the perfect time to start a new one though.
>> No. 1560360
File 141140630152.png - (72.00KB , 487x323 , g5916.png )
Also I'm upgrading Licorice now.
>> No. 1560362
File 141140635230.png - (110.91KB , 800x815 , Delicious yellow plot.png )
>> No. 1560363
File 141140636731.png - (157.94KB , 403x316 , VS11.png )
We'll see.

I had an old story about the 3 Princesses and even older gods, but it never went anywhere...
>> No. 1560365
File 141140638705.png - (503.47KB , 927x588 , Sad Simon.png )

It's conflicting...
He ended up crying and running off this time.


Hopefully, Sai will like her now~
>> No. 1560366
File 141140642124.png - (136.36KB , 1366x768 , biting hooves is infinitely more painful than biting nails.png )
Well, fuck.

I mean, I wouldn't do that myself, but fuck.
>> No. 1560368
File 141140643475.jpg - (34.77KB , 447x497 , Fcuk I'm hihg! Le'ts ship usres!_jpg.jpg )

Sai will like Licorice in the last comic. If I get that far.
>> No. 1560370
File 141140652130.png - (490.93KB , 845x627 , aj18.png )
We had the princesses' parents appear in our 2nd story.

Looking good.
>> No. 1560371
File 141140652559.png - (521.30KB , 1000x1000 , 1346746051631.png )
>More Licorice.
>> No. 1560374
File 141140668177.gif - (668.92KB , 500x500 , 627571__safe_solo_princess+celestia_animated_chibi_one+word_long+neck_wiggle_long+pony_lava+lamp.gif )
Clarity is Love
Clarity is Life

I thank him for the stories he has bestowed upon us.
>> No. 1560376
File 141140674803.png - (105.33KB , 609x630 , Fortuna - I feel cute today! Yay.png )

>Tangy wants to cuddle Rainy under a blanket

That reminds me, I once went around my brother's friend's house (I played games with the guy), I found them wrestling under the covers in a bed. They insist that that was what happened.
>> No. 1560378
File 141140678971.png - (691.10KB , 1276x720 , vlcsnap-2014-09-11-15h03m27s245.png )

Is she going to pierce the Heavens?


That didn't felt good.
Now I gotta wait until next week for the conclusion.
It's going to be a looooooong week.
>> No. 1560379
File 141140679938.png - (146.96KB , 1366x768 , the die will only be cast after i cross the rubyshine.png )

>> No. 1560380
File 141140686563.png - (26.70KB , 584x488 , I cry every time.png )
I still cannot find this star.
>> No. 1560381
File 141140687862.jpg - (143.51KB , 945x945 , hh19.jpg )
Hi TRK! What's the thread without its stories?
>> No. 1560382
File 141140688498.png - (217.86KB , 512x512 , Fortuna Autumnsong did this amazing piece of art.png )
The untitled story was called "A Voyage Away From Home" and I can confirm writing the bit that was written by Kyoko.
In fact, I have that excerpt saved on my laptop.
>> No. 1560383
File 141140690167.png - (191.33KB , 1366x768 , hug me brother.png )


Look up.

>> No. 1560386
File 141140709296.jpg - (143.34KB , 900x700 , tumblr_mq49jvKhel1rcy28bo1_1280.jpg )

The camera won't tilt up any higher, though.
>> No. 1560387
File 141140714565.png - (126.48KB , 379x603 , courtesyofatomsplit.png )


>> No. 1560388
File 141140716350.png - (168.55KB , 943x847 , I ain't crying.png )
We were a hollow shell of what we used to be.

But now we are whole! We have been made useful once more!
>> No. 1560393
File 141140728603.png - (165.11KB , 1200x475 , Licorice Celine Cookie_VT30.png )
>> No. 1560394
File 141140728968.png - (360.89KB , 720x720 , aj137.png )
Oh yes, that was the name! I'll change that.

I think you went by the name Kyoko long ago, didn't you?
>> No. 1560395
File 141140738623.png - (136.97KB , 859x929 , rbd!.png )
I'll help better this time!

Should I dig up my old star chart?
>> No. 1560396
File 141140740054.png - (309.79KB , 1024x1024 , green greens is a pretty cool stage but battlefield is better.png )
Coco was Kyoko way back when I was fucking 'Rarity, Princess of /oat/', I think. And maybe for a little while after I resurrected EMF Scootaloo.
>> No. 1560398
File 141140743400.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
pose her cutely pls
>> No. 1560399
File 141140747637.png - (498.68KB , 1295x2315 , 137360769189.png )

>princess of /oat/
>> No. 1560400
File 141140748467.png - (710.72KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2014-07-25-13h47m10s239.png )

God, that's cute.
>> No. 1560401
File 141140751141.png - (31.89KB , 363x468 , I don't know the answer to that one.png )

And I've thought about just looking it up on GameFAQs, but I feel like I can find it on my own.

But I obviously can't, so I don't even know.
>> No. 1560403
File 141140755510.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
Heh. Mellowbloom and I were there a year and a half before you.

I'll still kiss your hand if you want though.
>> No. 1560404
File 141140758845.png - (112.94KB , 368x345 , aj123.png )
I didn't know that was you.

Now start a new story!

Yay! Alas, the only thing of our final story is the little piece you've written. I had extra saved that one.
>> No. 1560405
File 141140764291.png - (410.09KB , 1131x707 , Enchanted, I'm sure!.png )

Too cute by half!
>> No. 1560407
File 141140767607.jpg - (1.09MB , 1020x2088 , when the cake shop shuts and you have nothing to eat.jpg )
Yeaaaah, it wasn't a fun time. It was when I first started being angry on the internet. Before that I was pretty much a hundred percent placid.

I was also Rainbow Cash. And everyone called 'EMF'.
>> No. 1560410
File 141140780803.gif - (615.98KB , 672x378 , hh54.gif )
You'll always be EMF Scootaloo for me.
>> No. 1560411
File 141140788791.png - (234.58KB , 1024x1284 , rbd_fillywave.png )

In that case we'll just need a new story!

>> No. 1560414
File 141140794235.png - (219.54KB , 450x434 , 491.png )
And in a way I'm glad of that.
>> No. 1560416
File 141140801490.png - (764.50KB , 1280x1554 , tumblr_n752kf4QUn1ro3jhto1_1280.png )

For me you'll always just be Minxy~
>> No. 1560418
File 141140810770.png - (35.01KB , 678x545 , vink.png )
And in a way, I'm glad of that too... ♥
>> No. 1560419
File 141140811152.jpg - (80.70KB , 609x339 , cmc83.jpg )
We should write a goofy CMC adventure.

>> No. 1560421
File 141140813804.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
>> No. 1560422
File 141140815461.png - (40.52KB , 200x247 , 200px-Snails2.png )

I had an awesome idea for a CMC story where they're superheroes!
>> No. 1560424
i remember ema emb emc emd eme and you...
>> No. 1560425
File 141140823508.png - (142.59KB , 394x356 , 30.png )
I remember all those and EMS.
>> No. 1560427
File 141140829479.png - (37.41KB , 406x373 , KyokoTheUnicornDaily.png )
And >this was my first OC.
Her story is basically that she doesn't do a lot of magic, but she's actually the best at magic. Her cutie mark is the void itself.

Yeah, she was a sue.
>> No. 1560428
File 141140833917.png - (135.69KB , 512x512 , Party Hard, Tangerine is finally going to sleep.png )
>> No. 1560429
File 141140835142.jpg - (205.73KB , 404x600 , WhiteWholeWheatL_001.jpg )
This was my first OC.

I'm not very good at this.
>> No. 1560431
File 141140838002.png - (126.48KB , 379x603 , courtesyofatomsplit.png )
>'Shaky first OC' added to list of stuff I wish I had.

>> No. 1560432
File 141140843455.png - (74.10KB , 282x270 , 130376034696.png )
Also bleh.

Clarity I stole half your reaction images for this folder so there.
>> No. 1560434
File 141140848967.png - (140.42KB , 900x542 , rainbow_dash_points.png )
Clarity has the best Rainbow reaction folder!
>> No. 1560435
File 141140851825.png - (50.93KB , 200x200 , 130759610666.png )
This would appear to be the case.
>> No. 1560436
File 141140855532.png - (208.61KB , 1366x768 , Cocoa - As an accountant, I can tell you that these figures are in the wrong currency.png )
Kyoko is the only OC with no appearance in the main Coco!Canon, though she does pop up for a second in the Dark!Canon.
>> No. 1560438
File 141140863148.png - (136.38KB , 1018x1304 , pondering the definition of a Noble cause.png )
...I should make an EMF!Canon.

One day.

...what was that thing we said we were going to work together on? I remember it was something, but I can't remember what.
>> No. 1560439
File 141140868083.jpg - (36.33KB , 582x395 , all137.jpg )
Sounds good. Want to start?

Hehe. I made an OC for Clarity once but never got as much as a backstory for her.
>> No. 1560441
File 141140871637.png - (32.26KB , 476x476 , 131032__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_table.png )

Egads, no, I'm about to pass out. Maybe tomorrow I'll attempt to scribble something down.
>> No. 1560443
File 141140879298.png - (88.33KB , 400x319 , caAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAke.png )
It thought it was the actual King Aurthur.
>> No. 1560444
File 141140879330.jpg - (65.04KB , 960x768 , dash322.jpg )
Oh, don't worry. 80 % of my Rainbow Dash images I stole from others posters, too. There are few originals I cropped.

Oh, thank you. I don't have that many though.
>> No. 1560445
File 141140881319.jpg - (54.00KB , 288x430 , Cocoa - Basically every meal I eat is in bed.jpg )
Tell me about her.
Indeed you should.
I have 4: Coco/Dark/PADIsland/Medieval

Tell me about her.
>> No. 1560446
File 141140884032.png - (138.92KB , 400x371 , Come get healed!.png )

I don't have a pic of my first OC anymore, but she was a blue unicorn with blonde hair. I made her because of some online tabletop stuff and also Terraria.

I was actually going to write a pony Terraria fic at one point, but stopped. All I really came up with were character ideas and one or two scenes.

Scurvy, Captain of the Blood Orange is pretty much the only one whose character I actually remember well. Because he's the only one I ended up writing, I guess.
>> No. 1560447
File 141140892162.jpg - (621.19KB , 984x1864 , rank 4, wherein bowstring unlocks disabling shot.jpg )
Hehe. I stole from the thief, then.

Then I will. Probably. I'll ask your opinion when I get a decent bit fleshed out.

I don't think it was that. More recent. Though we should still do that at some point.
>> No. 1560448
File 141140892769.jpg - (29.81KB , 401x373 , clarity.jpg )
Here she is! I had envisioned her as an actor of sorts.
Yay for unoriginality. She never even got her cutie mark.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014 11:02

>> No. 1560451
File 141140907687.png - (1.84MB , 2500x1846 , Cocoa - Art as the ocean tide envelopes us in its beauty.png )
Heh, interesting. I was going to write a Kyoko fic.
In fact, I did for a bit.
See next post.
Okay. I'll revise it so it doesn't resemble the original.
Is good. Needs work, though.
>> No. 1560452
File 141140916517.png - (230.39KB , 550x451 , dash434.png )
You did!

Thanks. I'm rather myself though anyway.
>> No. 1560453
File 141140921615.png - (206.13KB , 354x374 , Lookit all dem fucks.png )
So that it doesn't resemble the original but is about ten times better.

Yeah, I think I'll let you do that. Um... what constitutes a !Canon, anyway?
>> No. 1560454
File 141140926791.png - (297.52KB , 751x464 , twi201.png )
It begins.
>> No. 1560460
File 141140950770.png - (70.32KB , 499x650 , Cocoa - Basically, my day is going pretty well.png )
Okay, I tried posting my terrible story but it's about 3 times over the character limit. Hold on...

A canon is a world. Fortune has a place in all 4 canons, and they cannot be the same world. One canon has her as her normal life, the true story. One has her in a dark world. One has her as part of a mimetic island that's actually a monster fueling the residents with illusion. And one of them involves her being in the past.

A canon must be a world within itself, a world that sparks a story. Basically, stories that happen at the same time in the same world are parts of one canon. Stories that happen in different worlds, that do not overlap, happen in another.
>> No. 1560462
File 141140951847.png - (52.23KB , 866x900 , VSL12.png )
So are there like, requirements for the stories?

Barring the obvious, like not porn, too violent, etc
>> No. 1560463
File 141140956371.jpg - (436.64KB , 800x654 , lilying.jpg )

It must contain stories
>> No. 1560467
My Little Pony Fanfiction: The Lectio Luna.
[This Fanfiction requires prior knowledge about Ponies. Such as knowledge about Cutie Marks, Pegasus Ponies and Canterlot. Also, all of this is non-canon and included merely to support the plot. I do not own My Little Pony, Hasbro does. Also, a slight warning: While non-main characters are named in the standard pony convention (Honey Blossom and so forth), I prefer the raw power of Japanese names for primary characters. Ohh, and I am a fiction writer first and foremost, and thus I care more for the story than the style set by the show. This is practically a completely different story set in Equestria. Why? Ponies took over my life.]
Kyoko watched the mist fall upon the town. It was the time to face her destiny. She was worried, she was anxious. She had to embrace her fate. The near silent clang of her necklace echoed in her mind, she looked down at it and spoke.
“For the princess.” She had decided not to give up. Determination and passion echoed in her voice. She was scared, she was ready. She rushed towards the source of the mist…
When Kyoko was born, her parents knew she was special.
Unicorns don’t usually cast magic until they mature enough and are taught how to. Kyoko was using magic before she could talk. Growing up in Canterlot at first seemed like an easy job, but she became scary due to her magical powers.
Kyoko was a dark purple unicorn with black and dark pink hair. She always wore her straight hair over one side of her face, making her seem slightly darker than her brightly-coloured classmates. The only bright part about her appearance was her eyes, which were a luscious green.
She was accepted into Magic Kindergarten in an instant, meeting all criteria before she was 2. Unfortunately, her unique way of looking at things, magical ability and dark appearance caused her to be shunned by the others, as she disliked the day time and was known for wandering around in the moonlight.
For many years, she was caused a witch, as her powers grew and grew despite her attempts to keep them weak enough to control she found herself accidentally using magic to do everything, not even picking up the food to eat it. When she was 12 and it was time to choose a school, something terrible happened.
She found herself plunged into a trance and so much magical energy poured through her veins that she forgot everything that happened that day. She awoke to see the Princess looking down at her in pity, as fire raged around them.
“Young pony, I have some grave news to tell you. Your parents are missing.” The moonlight blue caused Kyoko to turn away, a lone tear dropping from her eyes. “Come with me and I will find you a place to live.”
From that moment on, Kyoko lived with foster parents. She hated Celestia for telling her that her parents had gone but she hated that she got her cutie mark in that dreadful haze even more. She was accepted into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns but found the others too weak to care about the lessons.
While she was at this school, she had her first visit to Cloudsdale. A land in the skies which was beautiful and inhabited by Pegasus ponies as far as the eye could see. While the others took a tour, she walked off and explored on her own, as she found the area fascinating.
“Yet another one asked you out! I hate you!”
Three fillies were picking on another Pegasus. The fillies seemed to be annoyed at how beautiful the Pegasus was, as she was tall yet not giant and had wonderfully big wings. The others were attacking her with their hoofs as the pink Pegasus cried. Kyoko did not hesitate.
A bolt of lightning flashed from her horn and hit the cloud beneath one of the fillies. The fillies turned towards the source and then found themselves floating through the air towards Kyoko.
“Never pick on another.” Kyoko spoke with a deep, dark, voice. She allowed herself to be bullied as she did not care too much about herself, but bullying others was wrong. Her passion against those who bullied was reflected in her speech, which struck fear into the fillies.
As soon as she released her grip, the three young ponies flew away as fast as their wings could carry them. Kyoko turned around and was about to walk away when she heard a quiet voice behind her.
“Thank you.” Kyoko froze. Usually when she used magic she found that everyone ran screaming. “What’s your name?”
Kyoko turned to face the pony, a bright pink Pegasus with a golden yellow mane that flowed down her body like the warmth of the sun itself, which was her cutie mark. “I’m Kyoko from Canterlot. What’s your name?” She spoke with a warm yet vaguely regal air, much unlike the tone she used before.
“I’m Kyra.” Kyra still seemed a little timid but seemed to be a little excited.
“Kyra, don’t let anyone get you down. Be happy.”
Kyra was stunned as Kyoko walked away. She knew that Kyoko was a nice person from the way she acted but she looked too dark. Still, she pledged that she would follow those words and never let anyone get her down.
Kyoko enjoyed the rest of the trip. The patterns of the snowflakes were invigorating and wonderful. When it was time to go, she pledged that she would return during the holidays.
For the next year, Kyoko returned to her daily life of going to school, not being allowed to practice any spells in case she went into a trance, being isolated from the group and gazing into the stars all night asking for forgiveness and about her cutie mark.
The next summer holidays, the foster parents allowed Kyoko to visit Cloudsdale again, as she wanted to see the Pegasus ponies work on the weather and perform tricks. While she was there, she met up with Kyra, who was a lot more confident at this point. Kyra let Kyoko stay round her house while she was in Cloudsdale, which allowed her to see the Snowflakes in the moonlight.
And this pattern continued for many a year. Terrible times at school but visiting Cloudsdale during the holidays. Were the holidays not so sparse, she may have become good friends with Kyra but as the school year grew longer, she found herself seeing less and less of her only friend.
One glorious morning, before the sun rose in the blackened sky, Celestia saw Kyoko sitting on the edge of Canterlot, gazing at the moon as she always did.
“My great student Kyoko, are you okay?”
Kyoko sighed; the one who told her that her parents were gone was behind her. “No, I am not okay. I just feel too lonely all the time. Only the moon makes me feel happy.”
Celestia smiled as those words were uttered. “My little pony, do you want to meet the one in control of the moon?”
Kyoko turned around; a lone tear on her face reflected the moonlight. “But your sister was banished. Are you going to banish me?” Kyoko considered this, a place that she adores becoming a place for her. She would have a friend up there.
“No way!” Celestia reassured Kyoko, despite Kyoko secretly hoping to go to the moon. “Soon, she will return to Equestria. I have ordered another of my students to foil her plan of bringing eternal night. If everything goes as I plan, she will return to Canterlot by this weekend.”
>> No. 1560468
File 141140959692.png - (450.89KB , 3264x2448 , 138739636746.png )
I see. That's easy. I've made a few of those without even realising it.
>> No. 1560469
File 141140962308.png - (38.90KB , 317x440 , ♫Perform This Way♫.png )
Never would have guessed.
>> No. 1560472
File 141140969266.png - (198.11KB , 441x506 , dash469.png )
Nope. You just write as little or much as you want and the next person continues from there. We never tried to mess up the others' pieces though.

Like, when one guy writes that Apple Bloom leaves the house the next one doesn't have her just turn around and head back inside.
>> No. 1560473
Kyoko smiled, eternal night seemed like a fun idea to her. But she wanted to meet Luna even more. “So, I’ll meet the one who I admire most soon?”
Celestia nodded and flew away. For the next few days, she was happier than ever before. At school, she seemed more cheerful and her fellow fillies commented on the change in personality. Eventually, on a dark night just before dawn, she noticed that the sun wasn’t rising.
For hours, she watched the moon while the other ponies were in a panic. Eventually, a fellow student named Honey Blossom and two of her friends approached Kyoko.
“What did you do you Witch?” She yelled it at Kyoko, who was too focused on the moon to react.
“I did nothing.” She answered honestly.
“I don’t believe you. You’re always going on about how night time is better than day time. While everyone else is panicking, you are here acting like nothing’s going on… No, you seem to be revelling in this darkness.”
Kyoko turned around and faced the golden coated pony. The two light blue unicorn friends of hers were charging up some magic and more and more townsfolk who hated her were gathering around, preparing to attack her to bring back the light. Kyoko contemplated using her powers, but then had a realisation: If she were to be attacked, all the other ponies would be happier. She sighed.
A bolt of lightning hit her and she fell over. She blacked out but felt some ropes tying her up as she fell unconscious.
She woke up in what appeared to be a jail. She wandered over to the window, where she saw many ponies in distress chanting. The moonlight was still shining in the sky and so she smiled, despite the calls.
“Burn the witch! Burn the witch!” The crowd of twenty ponies joined in the chorus. Kyoko sighed and remarked to herself how she would only use her magic to escape if they did try to burn her.
The ponies were getting angrier and angrier when suddenly the sun brightened up the sky. The crowd began to cheer and for an hour they partied, forgetting about the girl locked in the prison.
Celestia and a dark blue Alicorn flew down and landed in Canterlot. The other Alicorn was small, childishly small even and seemed to be quite sorry for something.
“Citizens of Canterlot, my sister has returned from the moon and shall from this day forth be treated as a princess. She has a message for you all!”
The Alicorn looked at the crowd and said to them in a quiet yet not too quiet that it could not be heard voice, “I’m sorry for causing the night to last too long. Please forgive me.”
After that, all the ponies started to talk to Luna as she walked back to the castle. Kyoko remained in that prison, forgotten completely.
The next day, as lessons were starting, Celestia called out the register.
“…Honey Blossom, Jumpy Harp, Kyoko…” She looked at the seat that Kyoko usually sat in. “Anyone know where Kyoko is?” She asked the class.
Honey Blossom and one of the light blue unicorns looked at each other nervously. “Errmmm… She’s in jail.” Most ponies in the class looked down in shame, remembering what they did.
Celestia was shocked. “Why is she in jail?” Looking directly at Honey Blossom, who recoiled in fear.
“We put he in there to try and stop the night.” She was now shaking in fear.
“What?” Celestia abandoned all sense of sophistication when she heard that. “Why would you be so heartless?” All the young fillies quaked in fear as Celestia grew angrier.
“S-s-she’s… She’s not like us. She’s different. She stays up all night and never talks to anyone. She’s a witch.”
Celestia sighed. “I’m not like you. I have both wings and a horn. And you guys don’t know why she stays up all night. She lost her family and she noticed that her powers were becoming uncontrollable so she removed herself from everyone to protect everyone. She never talks to any of you because you all avoid her and she is not a witch, just a powerful pony.”
With that, she flew out of the classroom. The fillies in the class began to feel sorry for Kyoko and they realised that they actually knew nothing about her. Even Honey Blossom began to feel bad about what she did.
Celestia arrived at the prison to see a small pony covered in dirt huddled in the corner crying. When she asked the guards why she wasn’t released, the guards looked into the cell and said that they knew nothing about a pony being in that cell, and that she hadn’t made a sound all day.
“Kyoko? Why didn’t you escape?” Celestia acted how she normally did, being all sweet and kind. The filly looked at the princess and wiped a tear from her eyes.
“They were happier thinking I was evil. They were happy talking to your sister. I’m nothing.” She stood up and began to walk to the exit of the cell.
“Kyoko, you’ll never be bullied by them again. Here.” She used her magic to float a bag so that it fit snug around Kyoko’s neck. “It’s your new uniform.”
Kyoko looked at Celestia. “What’s going on?”
“Kyoko, you haven’t learnt a thing from me. The white uniform in there is a rare uniform I only give out to my most trusted students, with a young filly named Twilight Sparkle being your predecessor. The dark uniform is the uniform made just for you. You will be taught by your own personal tutor.”
Kyoko began to feel a little sad. “So, I am no longer worthy of being taught by a princess?”
Celestia chuckles. “No Kyoko, my sister will be your teacher. Go home and go to sleep, you are now in the night school.”
Kyoko tried to smile but couldn’t due to exhaustion. She ran home as fast as her hooves could carry her. She jumped right into bed and fell asleep instantly. She was so tired, she didn’t even dream.
Dusk came and Kyoko woke up. The sky was turning black. Remembering what she was told, she put on the dark uniform, a black cape with the words “Lectio Luna” embroidered in golden lettering on it. She arrived at the school to see a note on the door: “Kyoko, please come to the castle.”
She rushed to the castle. She was stopped by the guards who told her that she could not pass. They then saw her cape and allowed her access. Kyoko visited the castle a few times before and wasn’t too impressed with it. She did, however, find the garden and the view from the towers to be beautiful.
She entered the grand hall; a massive staircase was in front of her and at the top of it stood Celestia, looking down at Kyoko with a smile. Kyoko walked slowly up the stairs, trying to contain her excitement.
“She is waiting for you in the Castle Library. I shall walk you there.”
And so, the two of them walked towards the library to meet Luna, climbing a staircase fitted with a luscious red carpet with a heavenly gold trim up many a stair while doing so. The view of the sun setting over Canterlot was truly a majestic sight, and the view from the tall tower made it ever more amazing.
The two magical ponies opened the door to the library, revealing what had now become the classroom of the Lectio Luna lessons. The room was a wonderful collection of books, some about history, some about magic and some of which were fiction. A titan of a window on one of the walls showed the majesty of Canterlot and the kingdom beyond, covered by a glowing sunset.
>> No. 1560476
On a platform in the middle of the room stood a winged unicorn that seemed to be getting taller and having her hair changing into something far more celestial than the beautiful yet bland light blue mane from before. The entire kingdom was soon coated in a dark blanket of nightfall, and the Alicorn stood gallantly in the centre of the golden platform, her height now reaching that of her sisters.
“Luna, your student is here.” Celestia left the room as Kyoko slowly walked over to the golden platform, nervous yet determined. Luna saw Kyoko and turned her head in embarrassment.
“We are sorry for what we did.” The dark blue Alicorn spoke in a deeper voice than the little filly that Kyoko had heard when she was locked away but the feeling of remorse was still ever prominent. Kyoko committed an act of which was a rarity for her, she smiled.
“I love the night; it carries great beauty within the mystery that is itself. The sun may brighten the land but the moon is what truly shines, as during the day the sky is blue and bright but at night the sky is a wonderful black, creating a perfect contrast within absolute reality.”
Luna raised her head and looked towards the small dark filly. Never had she heard such a beautiful speech about the wonders of the night. From the hallway, her sister smiled, happy that Kyoko had the ability to bring hope to one who had been alone for so long.
“We praise thee, young Kyoko, for thy speech most divine.” A smile reflected upon Luna’s face like the reflection of the moon in the mirror, “Thou art truly deserving of becoming a member of the Lectio Luna.”
Kyoko felt a feeling of joy she never could experience around the princess she had previously studied under. “Thank you, my princess.” She bowed as she said ‘Princess’, still in awe of the Alicorn she had admired forever.
And so Luna taught Kyoko a lot about magic, realising that she had a lot of potential. Luna explained a few things about her own powers as well, like how she grows taller and more Celestial in the night and smaller and weaker during the day. Kyoko was allowed to practice magic once more, as the princess had the power to quell the rage that occurred when Kyoko overused her power.
As the summertime approached, Kyoko received a letter from Kyra once more asking if she was allowed to go to Cloudsdale once more during the holidays. Kyoko awoke before sunset that evening, as she grew accustomed to sleeping in the day and awaking moments before nightfall.
As Kyoko passed the school, she encountered Silver Shine, the mother of one of her ex-classmates. Silver Shine recognised her and, due to Kyoko’s rage being known throughout Canterlot, called her a witch. Kyoko walked on pretending she did not hear but the moment she was out of sight, a lone teardrop fell from her eye and hit the road below.
As she approached the Castle gates she saw a familiar filly walking her way. Honey Blossom, the bully from before. They had not spoken since she joined the Lectio Luna over a month beforehand and therefore turned her face away from the golden filly that bullied her.
“Kyoko?” Honey Blossom sounded regretful, remembering what had happened that dark night and what Celestia had said the morning after. The mere thought caused her voice to crack. “I’m sorry for what I did. Life must have been hell for you.”
Kyoko stopped and faced the filly. “Thou art forgiven. To forgive is the most important part of any wrongdoing. And thus, I forgive thee and thank thee for your apology.” Due to how much time she spent with Luna, she forgot that the archaic terms were no longer employed, even in Canterlot. As she did every evening, she cantered to the tower library, where her princess was waiting to raise the moon.
“Kyoko? Thou art early. We do not raise the moon for another two hours.” Luna was puzzled at the appearance of her student, as Kyoko was rarely in at such an early time.
“Forgive me Princess,” The purple unicorn bowed as she spoke, causing her black and pink mane to cover her eyes, “I am excited, as I just received a letter.”
“Oh?” The young Princess was enthralled by this information; she was not used to seeing Kyoko so excited, “Pray tell.”
“Yes, your highness.” Kyoko was used to the formal manner of speaking that must be observed when speaking to such an important pony, and enjoyed using the royal Canterlot voice more than more modern styles. “I have been invited to my friend’s house this coming holiday. She is a Pegasus, from Cloudsdale. May I have permission to attend?”
Luna thought about the studying that Kyoko could be doing over this time but quickly responded, “Yes Kyoko, the Lectio Luna are entitled to holidays just like everypony else.” Kyoko smiled which was a rare sight.
Kyoko began to experiment with her magic, and for the next few hours she tried to make a book read itself, which was achieved a few minutes before Luna caused nightfall. Now that her teacher was at full strength, Kyoko stopped her experiments and got ready for the lesson.
“Now, onto thy next lesson: Cutie Mark Magic. A very impor…”
The library door opened, a young yet posh-looking earth pony entered the room. Her pink bowtie and matching eyes were the first things that Kyoko noticed. The dark grey mane and light grey coat made her look dignified yet one of the most important aspects of her appearance was the purple treble clef which formed her cutie mark.
“Sorry to interrupt you, my Princess, but I am here about the music.”
Luna was the one to respond, standing up taller than she ever did when she taught Kyoko, “THY PRESENCE WAS NOT EXPECTED! DOTH THOU WISH TO RECITE A PERFORMANCE FOR US AND OUR FINE STUDENT?” Kyoko was taken back by this sudden change in her princess’ personality, as she was usually a lot quieter. The power behind the voice knocked some books off of the shelves, some of which making a massive bang as they hit the floor.
Octavia adjusted her bow, seemingly unfazed by the change in personality. “Forgive me, princess, but I have not brought any instruments with me.” Her eyes flickered towards Kyoko, who was looking at Luna in a puzzling manner. “Ah, is this the famous young witch of Canterlot?”
“WITCH? SHE IS NOT A WITCH! SHE IS MERELY A UNICORN WITH GREAT POWER!” Luna bellowed, lightning flashing outside as she finished her final sentence. “IF THAT CONSTITUTES A WITCH THEN WE ARE ALSO A WITCH!”
Octavia still seemed unfazed and bowed. “My apologies Princess. I heard that there was a young witch in Canterlot when I played at Sapphire Shores party a few nights ago. She seemed to fit the description.”
Octavia gave a humongous bow, quite a feat for those who stand on four. She then left, as dignified as ever. Kyoko may have imagined it but she believed that she heard some cheering along with the clopping.
“Kyoko? It is time to start the lesson.” Luna stood back in her normal place, the moonlight glistening off her mane. She noticed a small tear roll down Kyoko’s cheek. “Kyoko?”
Kyoko felt like she could cry, she looked at the moon she loved so dearly and then averted her gaze, no longer able to bear the pain that it brought her. “A witch, that’s how Canterlot sees me. I am a witch.” The tears began to form a waterfall, streaming from her eyes like a river. “They’re not wrong. I am a witch. A monster no less. I am not suited for this world.”
Luna was shocked. Despite her appearance, Kyoko had always been a very happy student up until that point. “Kyoko, thou art not a witch. You weigh more than a duck and so, ‘tis not so.”
Kyoko smiled, she admired her princess so much that even the slightest word of encouragement brought a grin to her face, even during her darkest times.
>> No. 1560477
File 141140976507.png - (96.70KB , 800x800 , VS251.png )

Collaborative writing has always been something of a train wreck in my experience, but I guess I can always give it a try.
>> No. 1560478
File 141140977935.png - (21.02KB , 366x427 , 468233__safe_solo_rule+63_snails_artist-colon-the+weaver_spice.png )

Yeah, remind me when I wake up that I'm supposed to write something. I've got most of a scene in mind I can jot down.
>> No. 1560479
File 141140980219.png - (40.34KB , 385x312 , Smiles.png )

I'm not really sure it's supposed to turn out all that great, honestly.
>> No. 1560481
File 141140983033.png - (136.38KB , 1018x1304 , pondering the definition of a Noble cause.png )



That's, uh...

>Kyoko, please come to the castle.
I've baked a cake for you.

Yours truly, Princess Toadstool.

Peach ♥
>> No. 1560484
File 141140990661.gif - (157.32KB , 200x194 , twi112.gif )

What made it difficult was that you had to read through the whole thing if you wanted to continue the story. Once it had gotten to a certain length few people bothered to add.
>> No. 1560485
File 141140990898.png - (378.44KB , 1000x973 , dafuq more angles edition.png )
...ah, what the hay.

A mare walked down the long, cobbled street. The street was very busy at this time of the day, but she didn't really care. She was lost inside her own world - a world that consisted of two things: the sound of her own four hooves beating repeatedly on the footpath, and her thoughts.

She absentmindedly looked up. The sky was the usual dirty, dingy type of yellow colour, with clouds of a similar hue scattered aimlessly within. Since it was a decently windy day, the clouds were drifting slowly westwards. She knew that they weren't supposed to drift around without pegasus-related input, but that was what they'd done in this part of Equestria for a couple of years now. Science still hadn't discovered why yet. The only other place that happened was the Everfree Forest, and that was nothing like the city.

The city had been founded a couple of hundred years back. A group of industriously-minded noblemares latched onto it immediately, and it wasn't long before the once-pristine agricultural village of Clopton had transformed into an environmentalist's worst nightmare. Not that there were many environmentalists anymore. They'd all retreated into their shells years ago, and had long since given up hope of ever seeing a blue sky in Equestria ever again.

The mare didn't like the government very much. In her view, they'd shamelessly ignored the needs of the ponies just to get more money. Thanks to them, the majority of ponies were now working in factories. Or if it wasn't a majority, it seemed to be. Whatever the case, the ponies at the top were now stinking rich, and the ponies at the bottom had to have meals made up of kitchen scraps to compensate.

The closest to a middle ground there was were the families of former or current soldiers. Soldiers were in high demand - the griffons had invaded a sizable portion of northern Equestria some twenty-five years ago, easily overwhelming the miniscule garrison stationed there, but had failed to hold their positions and were swiftly driven back from whence they came. The remainder of the war so far involved the Equestrian Army making a long and bloody push through their lands, and that came at a cost of hundreds of dedicated mares and stallions per year. It said something that there were fewer wounded than killed, though the mare wasn't sure whether it was about the griffons or the Equestrians.

Her father had only been one of the wounded. Him and his squad had walked straight into an ambush, wherein the enemy had tried to prove that sabres were more effective than rifles at close range. They had almost succeeded, too, leaving her father with gashes in his side and one of his hooves that would have killed him were it not for her mother, a field doctor. He survived, was honourably discharged, and even managed to buy a decent house with his wages. With the remainder of his savings and her mother's kind offer to treat illnesses at bargain prices (and she usually succeeded), the family lived a relatively stable life.

That said, she was sure they didn't talk about the things that happened three years ago. She knew she didn't.

The mare was just about to start thinking about something else, when almost walking into a door snapped her back to her senses. Slightly embarrassed, she leant against a nearby wall and took a moment to reacquaint herself with her corporeal form.

She was a pegasus, she was sure of that. Her wings were firmly closed, and she was adamant that that was how they stayed. Her white coat looked far grubbier than she would have liked, but there wasn't a lot she could do about that without being some kind of noblemare. One thing she could maintain, however, was her scarlet mane, and that was something she did on a regular basis. She wore a very simple kind of dress that looked straight out of yesteryear, which was probably because it was straight out of yesteryear. Oh, and some saddlebags, of course.

The dress had been passed down from her mother. It was a solid lilac colour with a shiny golden trim. The mare was of similar shape and stature to her mother, so there were no problems with the fit, and she quite liked the colour as well. But the general style was just... different. She couldn't think why or how. She thought maybe it was the type of thread, but she didn't know for sure. If she wanted to know, she'd have to ask a seamstress.

Anyway, as nice as the dress was, she didn't like having to wear it every day, and it was better to get something new than get arrested for 'public nudity'.

That was why she was outside the clothes shop, after all. She entered the door.

If you ever hear me talking about 'some steampunk fanfic', I'm talking about this shit right here.
>> No. 1560487
File 141140999220.png - (118.42KB , 492x500 , VS459.png )
Well, no, but... Eh.

Granted, I guess my previous experiences were all with 12 year olds who really couldn't write a book report to save their mothers' lives.

Makes sense.

I'll just have to write up a lot to begin with then~
>> No. 1560490
File 141141008299.jpg - (24.57KB , 426x398 , rbd_hah.jpg )
>This is practically a completely different story set in Equestria. Why? Ponies took over my life.

>> No. 1560492
File 141141014115.png - (210.66KB , 1067x749 , dash454.png )
Once the story was done we always did lengthy editing sessions.


Oh noes!
>> No. 1560494
File 141141017601.png - (136.36KB , 1366x768 , biting hooves is infinitely more painful than biting nails.png )
>> No. 1560499
this drawing makes feel sad
>> No. 1560500
File 141141029252.png - (450.89KB , 3264x2448 , 138739636746.png )
Because Atom Split?
>> No. 1560501
and the fact that i'm not remembered; yes
>> No. 1560504
File 141141035544.png - (734.63KB , 1113x653 , dash17.png )
No need to be.
>> No. 1560505
File 141141037471.png - (144.12KB , 1080x802 , 1358005291328.png )
...wait, who are you? I thought you were just random Anon.

>> No. 1560506
File 141141039676.png - (122.11KB , 1018x1304 , Cocoa - A bandwagon so Noble that I put my hoof up.png )
Yeah, it's terrible.
Her story is basically, if I can remember this, that she was a pony that had a twin sister. The two of them cast a spell when they were young, accidentally opening up the void and wiping out the rest of the family. Kyoko was saved, though why is not apparent.
As she grew up, she hated the day time and loved the night. Every other pony teased her because she wasn't conventional. She used to look up in the sky and admire the moon.
She was brimming with magical energy from the void, and as a result was of too great power for the rest of the ponies.
She attended Magic Kindergarten, then Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and at one point went to Cloudsdale where she met a pony that was bullied for being too pretty. She saved her with magic and they became friends.
Later, when Luna returned, Kyoko was blamed and taken to a makeshift prison. Celestia's return put a stop to that, and Kyoko became Luna's student.
Blah blah blah, magic of friendship.
Blah blah blah, end of the world scenario happening during an eclipse.
Blah blah blah, Kyoko faces her twin sister who was part of the void.
>> No. 1560507
File 141141040409.png - (48.25KB , 404x207 , Resty Cuddles.png )
Anyway, gonna do that bed thing. Will be back later to begin writing a story for y'all.
>> No. 1560510
it'll be better not to tell, you'd not remember me anyways
i was an /oat/er
>> No. 1560512
File 141141050877.gif - (1.66MB , 400x363 , twitch.gif )
Yeah. The Daily /oat/ side of me was doing


See ya.

Tell me. I remember pretty much everyone.
>> No. 1560515
File 141141062793.png - (328.54KB , 1280x1692 , dash337.png )
Take care!
>> No. 1560516
only on private...
>> No. 1560519
File 141141070072.png - (208.90KB , 329x422 , Examining Surroundings_Slightly Up.png )
In private, then. My Skype is EMFScootaloo. My Steam is Force (EMF).

Last edited at Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014 11:31

>> No. 1560521
File 141141076498.png - (363.66KB , 800x850 , VS554.png )
>that awk moment when you actually manage to dig up something rather embarrassing you did years ago
>> No. 1560522
File 141141076889.jpg - (279.80KB , 851x881 , Classy Deathwing.jpg )
I got almost none of my old pics on this computer.
I can't tell any good story in here without risking offending someone and have them come here and tell me how bad I was and I'm still am for re-telling those funny stories.
Also most people don't care about what happened on /pony/ back in the day.
>> No. 1560523
File 141141083749.png - (81.87KB , 859x929 , rbd_lurk.png )
>> No. 1560524
File 141141090122.jpg - (72.17KB , 411x330 , dash415.jpg )
Off I go.

Laters everypony.
>> No. 1560526
File 141141093036.png - (24.20KB , 219x129 , ♫Ellipsis♫.png )
I found
my old FiM RP board and all the posts/OCs I made on it.

Peace bruh.
>> No. 1560528
File 141141108368.png - (122.11KB , 1018x1304 , Cocoa - A bandwagon so Noble that I put my hoof up.png )
Current revision:
Kyoko is actually an average unicorn who just uses magic for everything, sleeps all day and works all night, and pretty much just lives in one of the towers in Trottingham's old Castle (abandoned by the Celestial Guard after deciding it wasn't necessary, officially owned by Duchess Rubyshine, renovated and rented out these days). Kyoko occupies the Western Tower, which is off limits to the public, and is pretty much the cleaner.
And writes books.
>> No. 1560533
File 141141120875.png - (142.72KB , 1366x768 , yes or yes.png )
Crossbow Pone would probably murderise her for being a 'unicorn elitist' or something.
>> No. 1560534
File 141141130807.jpg - (506.43KB , 618x800 , sunset.jpg )
I could contribute

Oh wait this is pony stuff


>> No. 1560536
File 141141134209.png - (521.30KB , 1000x1000 , 1346746051631.png )
>Last episode of Season 1 of Harauirhauirhauirhauirhauirhiai.
>Nagato is reading a book.
>Nagato is reading a book.
>Nagato is reading a book.
>Nagato is reading a book.
>Reading a book, Nagato is.
>Is Nagato reading a book?
>A book; is Nagato reading?

these guys
>> No. 1560537
File 141141137364.jpg - (38.60KB , 600x700 , Necron.jpg )

I tried to write pony stuff once.
It got way too grimdark.
>> No. 1560538
File 141141138137.png - (164.92KB , 732x796 , ♫Dreams I'll never see♫.png )
>this feel

I just feel guilty for putting effort towards writing something that nobody other than someone in the fandom would appreciate.
>> No. 1560539
File 141141142003.png - (252.54KB , 526x323 , Cocoa - Cease and Desist.png )
>Unicorn caretaker looking after a castle for the National Heritage / Earth Pony Duchess
>Writes books about fantasy worlds
I can totally see the elitism.
>> No. 1560540
File 141141145980.png - (309.79KB , 1024x1024 , green greens is a pretty cool stage but battlefield is better.png )
Hence why it's in quotes. She doesn't look that far into things.
>> No. 1560541
File 141141158423.gif - (3.91MB , 250x200 , Sweet Murica.gif )
>> No. 1560543
File 141141167275.gif - (248.93KB , 469x469 , round and round.gif )

Anything I write would probably be considered horribly grimdark by everyone else.


I don't really have that problem, I write a ton of stuff just for myself.

The problem would come from staying in style, ie I can't really write a happy and colorful magicland.
>> No. 1560544
File 141141172233.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
>> No. 1560546
File 141141177158.png - (46.32KB , 447x467 , VS405.png )
pls go

I can see what you mean, if you just make everything HAPPINESS AND LOVE AND NO ONE GETS HURT BECAUSE MAGIC. Temper the rainbows and sunshine with some reality, and it's a lot easier to swallow.

Unless, that is, you really just want to write Warhammer 40k ponies.
>> No. 1560548
File 141141185269.gif - (456.42KB , 300x226 , Gasp!.gif )
Make me.
>> No. 1560549
File 141141189302.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
How are you?
>> No. 1560550
File 141141193361.gif - (936.50KB , 160x240 , Dat Face Soldier.gif )

Saving that gif.

Grimdark is fine, as long as it's justified, like my 90s 3 way racial war sci-fic story with it's gore moments.

I write happy and colourful characters, that live in grimdarkish universes where the flavour is gray vs grey morality, that's what makes conflict moving IMO.

Writing stuff for yourself is fun :3
>> No. 1560557
File 141141224572.png - (351.71KB , 704x396 , looking up.png )

Eh, if it was 40k them being ponies would change literally nothing.


Dunno, I like to call it reality oriented since a lot of dark shit happens in the real world. Whereas actual grimdark would be doing it to over the top proportions, which can have their moments, but to be honest, can't really be the over theme.

The kind of perspectives and settings I write on don't usually lend too much for the everything-is-wonderful stuff.

I like black vs black morality the best, where all sides are giant unapolgizing assholes, who know and take pride in that.

But that's me and my tastes are weird.
>> No. 1560563
File 141141235505.png - (78.21KB , 360x360 , VS399.png )
If you really wanted to write that kind of thing, you could still manage it.

You know how not to go over the top, and I wouldn't see a problem with that. Fanfiction is fanfiction, it's not SUPPOSED to fit in with the canon.
>> No. 1560568
File 141141243698.png - (338.17KB , 500x376 , Call the neighbors.png )
Funny story, listen up.
>Be me
>Physical Education class
>Doing some weighs Yes, I do lift.
>Radio was on
>New song plays
>Girls start singing the female lyrics in the song, like always
>And shockingly, the male students starting to sing the male lyrics too.
>Except me, and some other students
>Hell, one of the students who weren't singing came up to me, and said, "List, this is torture!"
>So, I told the student, (No joke, i'm not even lying) "THERE ARE NO BREAKS ON THE SINGING TRAIN!"
>We both had a laugh
>Then the song ended, and I had a sigh with relief
>Oh god, it felt like I was in "Glee" all of a sudden.
So yeah, end.
>> No. 1560572
File 141141249642.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )


I am sorry for your ears. Hugs?
>> No. 1560575
File 141141258829.jpg - (102.38KB , 735x1000 , saber lion.jpg )

Well actually I don't want to write that.

In fact it would be neat if warhammer stayed in the confines of its own universe.
>> No. 1560577
File 141141261609.gif - (1.16MB , 250x250 , ___.gif )

>> No. 1560578
File 141141262687.jpg - (344.44KB , 1259x849 , Cocoa - Rocking with Powerchord on my SG.jpg )
It would be better if the male/female duet was:
>> No. 1560579
File 141141264097.png - (191.33KB , 1366x768 , hug me brother.png )

>> No. 1560583
File 141141271608.jpg - (47.15KB , 430x438 , Cocoa - Stallions can barely sing, this is proof.jpg )
Also, changing trip.
>> No. 1560584
File 141141275911.png - (98.26KB , 835x800 , Bowstring just found this thread.png )
Nyeh, might as well.
>> No. 1560585
File 141141278817.png - (322.64KB , 439x520 , VS550.png )
I was talking about the second part of your post.

Simple black-and-white everyone-wins writing bores me, too. I just don't want to write dark and gritty all the time, either.
>> No. 1560586
File 141141280131.gif - (1.71MB , 400x225 , M_Z SKL Gun Kata.gif )

For me there is has to be a degree of balance between hope and despair, that makes it more human that the characters involved, specially the Main Character marches on no matter what and eventually becomes the Heroine of the story.
This clashes with a lot of themes that I use to show that I'm going by using realistic tactics in battle as well as in diplomacy, while filling it with shout-outs and references to all the sources I've drawn ideas and inspiration from.
The messages are, in constrast, very simple things you see very often in any "adventure" story ever, providing a reliable guiding line so I don't stray too far trying to be "original".
>> No. 1560587
File 141141283161.png - (75.90KB , 344x351 , 141130344141.png )
I'm not gonna change my trip.
It's like muh baby, gotta take care of it.
>> No. 1560600
File 141141314699.png - (174.57KB , 500x250 , happy.png )

Ah okay.

I prefer to write dark and gritty.


I see, that makes sense.

Come to think of it, many characters I've done are in the world war one trench mindset where hope has been lost and further fighting is pointless, but you do it anyway since the alternative is a lot worse, if that makes sense.

Messages stuff doesn't have much of that, at least, not directly (and besides the usually stuff you'd pick up from any story of the sort like war is bad mmmkay, although that too has it's balances), any that do exist would be uh, more subtle and machiavellian in nature I suppose.
>> No. 1560616
File 141141366223.png - (145.77KB , 1024x1189 , Human Vanguard Logo.png )

I always go by the theme of "everyone becomes what they decide to be", thus the little girl piloting the first of the experimental mecha eventually becomes the great Hero because he refuses to let anything get in her way and her way is doing things the RIGHT way, no matter how hard that becomes...

It does help she has a quantum male AI whose sole goal becomes to always support her, thus we have a giant body of steel and a fiery soul work together to end that War! This also ends up touching the subject of transhumanism as they both become a single entity and are far more than a human or a machine.

This goes for all characters, specially the villains who redeem themselves for their own new found goals or because they are honor-bound to the Hero or maybe both at the same time, Heroine on this particular example.
>> No. 1560625
File 141141399792.png - (42.99KB , 160x160 , ooh.png )

I don't usually have clear cut villains or heroes.

I mean, there's opposing forces to the current perspective, but whether the opposition or the perspective are "heroes" or "villains" is a highly iffy line.
>> No. 1560631
File 141141418180.png - (41.49KB , 473x525 , VSL11.png )
I really try not to walk that line too finely. A little moral ambiguity is nice but playing a constant game of BUT WHO ARE THE BAD GUYS gets boring after a while.
>> No. 1560639
File 141141459770.png - (259.63KB , 349x517 , wondering.png )

Eh, the concept of "bad guys" is iffy too since there's always different sides to a conflict, and depending on perspective, the main character would appear as the side that's wrong.

This also not being a case of "evil wizhurd wants powaa hurpdurp", but rather more likened conflicts where the goals and motivations are at least grounded on reality.
>> No. 1560646
File 141141493553.png - (48.18KB , 331x233 , VS52.png )
I know, but if one side accomplishes their goals through coercion, lying, bribery, and possibly murder, then they are clearly on the "bad guys" side, so to speak. On the other hand, if you're coercing, lying to, bribing, or murdering the people that kill babies and drink their blood like wine, then you might just be on the "good guys" side. It isn't so much a moral perspective as much as a literary device. When I don't know whose side is whose in a story, and everyone's a lying, cheating bastard, then it's hard to involve myself in it. It makes me feel like both sides are the "bad guys" side and there needs to be a third party to add some contrast.
>> No. 1560647
File 141141497160.png - (685.68KB , 621x1016 , Paladin.png )

Neither do I, but in a conflict between aliens and humans, it's obvious that the audience will have an easier way to get in the story and understand it's vastness through other human eyes.

You are clearly not aware of how to write something that is not black vs black, I also think it would get boring after awhile since you would simply stop caring about either side and the conflict as a whole since both sides are unlikeable, vile and just downright easy to hate.


And here I thought that I was the guy that found it hard to find balance...
There is more than good vs evil and/or evil vs evil Magsymus, what I'm trying to write is a good vs good story where both human and aliens motives are justified and then something happens that puts them all on the same team, which will end up forging an alliance which will be the cause of the probable sequel this story will have.
>> No. 1560655
File 141141563567.png - (399.92KB , 700x774 , snowy saber.png )

One might say that the appropriate side is the one that gets to justify it's actions.

>You are clearly not aware of how to write something that is not black vs black

And how do you know this? By the fact that you never even read anything I have written?

What do you mean balance?

Well if they're both good vs good then does that mean both sides acknowledge the justifications of the other side and...oh right, they go golfing after that too.
>> No. 1560659
File 141141576412.jpg - (191.48KB , 600x847 , 0a955d06ebdcb62f419c9607ac3a785a.jpg )
Good evening everyone!
>> No. 1560661
File 141141579266.jpg - (406.11KB , 1048x1500 , alter has a soft side.jpg )

>> No. 1560663
File 141141584779.jpg - (625.33KB , 755x1011 , 0a25278aea8c6604a457df9060a676b2.jpg )
Hey Mag'sy! :3
>> No. 1560664
File 141141584802.png - (166.58KB , 900x703 , ___wat.png )
Actually read that in egoraptor's voice.

Crikey I need to stop watching game grumps.
>> No. 1560665
File 141141587883.jpg - (64.92KB , 726x933 , kneel.jpg )

Gonna sleep in a bit

>> No. 1560667
File 141141593297.png - (166.58KB , 900x703 , ____what_______by_draikjack-d4tz2fu.png )
Thems be super low cut.... shorts if you can call it that?
>> No. 1560668
File 141141593759.png - (131.11KB , 450x450 , blues1.png )
>> No. 1560670
File 141141603750.png - (80.19KB , 266x222 , ♫I like what I'm hearing♫.png )
You can justify anything if you try hard enough. Seriously, anything.

Complete moral ambiguity isn't a bad thing, but it isn't a substitute for substance. If you just have 2 ambiguous forces going at each other for an extended period of time and the whole story is "BUT WHO DID THE RIGHT THING", then it's just bland. It really is up to the author how this is done, to be sure, but to a large degree, if you don't include at least one side that has the moral high ground, even it it's just some penniless monk who says "hey guys maybe we shouldn't murder each other" then it's just one big hate-sturbation.

>> No. 1560671
File 141141606071.jpg - (138.30KB , 1600x900 , Hissatsu!.jpg )

Welp, that came out more offensive than I meant, I'm sorry...

Balance between writing something you like and others might like as well.

Don't make me regret apologizing to you already.
I know Warhammer 40k are usually this hostile and cling to grimdork as hard as they can but I expected better of you.


>> No. 1560672
File 141141610878.jpg - (897.73KB , 800x1172 , 2d9c4b2fb0647176aca3972b1597eb1a.jpg )
Uhhh, I just gonna watch some youtube.
Was writing my CV and application letter during the day

This is a battle uniform in GGO :o

Hey Wheat!

Hey there!
Are you new here? I don't recognize you.

Hey Lucky!
How are you?
>> No. 1560674
File 141141615827.png - (538.48KB , 693x1197 , VS514.png )
I'm new-ish to the thread. Not to pone.
>> No. 1560676
File 141141623865.jpg - (188.85KB , 377x600 , Double K Kamina.jpg )

I was having an okay day until I got a couple of things that disturbed my mood.
Now I'm kinda pondering if I should remain friendly to Magsy, I seriously don't like what I'm seeing here today, I can't "go golfing" with someone like him~
>> No. 1560677
File 141141625489.png - (183.89KB , 407x402 , blues4.png )
What's up?
>> No. 1560680
File 141141637589.png - (351.71KB , 704x396 , looking up.png )

Well yeah, like before, reasoning has to exist for actions, what I wanted to say is that different sides will have their reasons for their actions, and that they will often consider the actions through their own views.

And im talking about very general stuff here, not "mass bombing cities because why not?"


Oh wow


Sounds good.
>> No. 1560682
File 141141644906.jpg - (1.04MB , 1920x1927 , sleeping.jpg )

Oh so you're willing to base your friendliness on how I *might* write stuff, and said stuff being just for myself?

Fuck this i'm done
>> No. 1560683
File 141141648978.png - (131.11KB , 450x450 , blues1.png )
I'd play golf with you guys!
>> No. 1560684
File 141141651876.png - (901.50KB , 650x919 , 4f5398d829aefb6e97eb932632b0d875.png )
Oh, nice to meet you then, ummmm... Jesus.

Of course you should. Mag'sy is a really cool guy :3

Ehhh, was writing my CV and application letter -_-
Now I just try to relax.
How are you?

How was your day?

>> No. 1560686
File 141141659184.png - (38.90KB , 317x440 , ♫Perform This Way♫.png )
Yes, but the same goes for the wildly chaotic evil all the way down to stealing a pen. Anyone can have reasoning for anything they do, or no reasoning at all.

What I'm getting from your idea of writing is two (relatively) equal forces that, while on standard moral compass would be called "bad", through their own viewpoints view themselves as "good", and aim to destroy the other because the opposing force is each others' view of "bad".

Oh, you're leaving, ok.
>> No. 1560687
File 141141667442.png - (30.05KB , 154x183 , blue crystals.png )
Maybe a bit too relaxed! I should really get back to the grind but, y'know, that can probably wait until tomorrow.

What sorts of jobs are on the top of your list?
>> No. 1560691
File 141141688222.png - (192.35KB , 1049x761 , VS229.png )
Lord and Saviour Extraordinaire, at your service.
>> No. 1560693

Something like that.

well, conflict reasoning would be more pragmatic than "i kill you cos yuor bad".
>> No. 1560695
File 141141701491.png - (127.73KB , 587x700 , VS540.png )
Go to bed, I'll talk to you again when you're not being assaulted by >opinions.
>> No. 1560696
File 141141702720.png - (342.33KB , 2500x1985 , Clemency.png )

You don't like it?
Well then, I'm also sorry about that too, I guess I should have just stayed quiet.


I was half joking then and I feel your joke came a post too late.


Look at what he just posted and meassure his coolness by that :P
I thought I was the one who was supposed to have a temper.
>> No. 1560700
File 141141712038.png - (87.17KB , 288x285 , blues_don't stare straight at it.png )
I was hesitant... I don't know anything about golf.
>> No. 1560703
File 141141720199.png - (495.30KB , 2700x3780 , ♫So much yes♫.png )
Golf is fun. But only if you play it, and not go by what you see watching it.
>> No. 1560704

Let's just not talk about this then
>> No. 1560706
File 141141725805.jpg - (194.17KB , 653x1081 , 5aaff18ae1ffa5079c06a83da98bae40.jpg )
I'm trying to get an internship in one ot the translating companies that specialize in technical translations. It would be nice to get some experience there.

People won't belive me that I met Jesus.

Nevertheless, It would be very nice to just leave this topic. There is no need to escalate this into a conflict.
Please do so.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014 13:21

>> No. 1560708
File 141141726722.png - (150.99KB , 1018x1304 , Blazing Shy.png )

This is the last time I adress any subject anyone ever might take personally, ever.
>> No. 1560709
File 141141729035.png - (521.30KB , 1000x1000 , 1346746051631.png )
drama yay
>> No. 1560713
File 141141734807.png - (72.27KB , 762x614 , VS371.png )
It's okay, a lot of people don't believe I exist for some reason.
>> No. 1560716
File 141141745609.gif - (1.99MB , 245x230 , I don't.gif )
What drama?
I'm not paying attention to the thread.
>> No. 1560718
File 141141748200.png - (125.80KB , 1024x1024 , Gift from Greeny.png )

I learned my lesson

I might take a break from Ponychan all week too, everytime, I just get less and less reasons to bother to post here, I might still lurk however.
>> No. 1560719
File 141141749821.png - (158.05KB , 272x368 , ♫Sittin', Waitin', Wishin'♫.png )
Try reading.
>> No. 1560720
File 141141753742.png - (179.99KB , 430x410 , blues6.png )
It it wasn't fun then I'd wonder why people are still doing it!

That sounds like good work! Its something you'd be good at?

I think we've all just been having bad days, and folks have said things that they don't actually mean because of it.
>> No. 1560722
File 141141755644.png - (152.20KB , 700x700 , 141130317819.png )
But i'm too lazy.
>> No. 1560723
File 141141758887.png - (28.51KB , 428x429 , colon c.png )
>I might take a break from Ponychan all week too
B-but I'm starting the second season of Doge tomorrow... who will I have to discuss Doge with?

The cake is gone.
>> No. 1560724
File 141141763032.jpg - (1.05MB , 806x1202 , 34782699.jpg )
Afternoon! What's shakin'?
>> No. 1560725
File 141141763292.png - (447.55KB , 944x1280 , ♫Playing with Dolls♫.png )
It's a lot more fun when you think of it like hitting a tiny white ball as hard as you can with a large metal club repeatedly. It's very stress relieving, and quiet so you can think.

>> No. 1560726
File 141141766600.jpg - (18.03KB , 263x263 , (SCREAMING).jpg )
No cake. No cake? NO CAKE? AHHHH!
This nigga
>> No. 1560729
File 141141768282.png - (71.64KB , 210x335 , ♫All chained up♫.png )
People having bad days, it seems.

I'm working on background fanfics.

>> No. 1560730
File 141141772279.png - (87.54KB , 241x252 , blues22.png )
Afternoon! A whole lot of sitting around, you?

Ah, I don't need stress relief all that much. Still, looks like it might be fun!
>> No. 1560731
File 141141775244.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
Nooooooo cake.

I'm going crazy.

Which artist is that?
>> No. 1560732
File 141141777514.png - (444.08KB , 1749x2500 , Glasses.png )

It doesn't matter anymore, I apologized first and will most likely have to do so again tomorrow, life goes on.


Okay fine, your Bro will stick around.


I made a comment that made Magsy mad and he made me feel even worse and now, here we are.
>> No. 1560735
File 141141783101.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
It's not time for you to go! You haven't captured Dai-Story yet!
>> No. 1560736
File 141141789363.png - (304.31KB , 802x1000 , ♫A note of confusion♫.png )
I don't remember. I do know that it was a long-dead VS ask blog.
>> No. 1560737
File 141141789754.png - (75.90KB , 344x351 , 141130344141.png )

Wait, I saved a cake in the thread fridge!
Let me go get it.
>> No. 1560739
File 141141794443.jpg - (140.01KB , 600x1350 , 4f4558d062288deeabf0c42497e2fc4a.jpg )
Heh, well... anyway, where are you from Jesus?
I mean from what country if I may ask?

Remember that many people like you a lot. You are needed here.

I hope so. I know a lot of words connected with military technology and stuff and from what I know they are looking for such people.

Hey Yang.
>> No. 1560741
File 141141798917.png - (1.01MB , 1543x779 , blues_lyra.png )
Lets just try our best to keep our head, yeah?

Were you born in an English speaking country?
>> No. 1560742
File 141141799026.png - (281.76KB , 1280x1170 , 'asjhasjkhdajkadhjhdkasdka' ~ Mellowbloom, 2013.png )
Oh well. Thanks anyway.

>Pushes past you.
>Opens fridge.
>Sticks face in cake.
>Cake is gone in approximately 60 seconds.

>where are you from Jesus?
Bethlehem, you idiot.
>> No. 1560744
File 141141808491.jpg - (131.41KB , 801x911 , 16195174.jpg )
Fanfics about background ponies or what?

And a shame about that. Hopefully we can be here for each other.

Went to class, had some lunch, came back.

That's about it, really.

Standing here, you realize?

Well alright. Sorry you made Magsy feel worse. You might not have meant it.

>> No. 1560746
File 141141811521.jpg - (13.54KB , 400x300 , AWW SHIT, IT'S BABYCAKES.jpg )
Fuck...i'm gonna make another one.
>> No. 1560748
File 141141815460.png - (98.26KB , 835x800 , Bowstring just found this thread.png )
>Eats the cake mix too.