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1574098 No. 1574098
She's coming for you.. can you hear that rumble? She won't be long and then the ride will start and never stop.. muahahahahaha!

So talk while you still can!

Old safe thread:
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>> No. 1577923
File 141250307654.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>> No. 1577924
File 141250321728.png - (32.26KB , 476x476 , 131032__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_table.png )

While I still technically have my job, it's starting to look like I've effectively lost it. Good riddance, on one hand, but I'm not sure where else to go from here. I wish I had a good place to settle back in Shakopee, I've never had experiences this bad anywhere back home, but my only place in Shakopee is out in the country and not really walkable. So I'd have to either find rides to work or try to figure out how to drive without the ability to see.

Alternatively, my parents keep telling me I should take this job way up in Roseau, but I don't hardly even know anything about the place, not to mention that it's like six hours away from here and I'd probably never see my friends again. If I'm gonna move that far away, it better be one heck of a place to live.

Sorry, ranting a bit. How are you?
>> No. 1577925
File 141250360667.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Dun worry about ranting. I do it far too often myself, as we all know.

Well, that is a tricky situation. Though Ive found that distance doesn't have to be that much of an issue with friends. Sure, phone and online communication is no real substitute, but we do have absolutely every way of keeping in touch, and while it might indeed not be often, friends who mean it usually don't let distance stop them from seeing eachother now and again.

I dunno anything about the jobs and the places, of course, so I'm not taking a stance on either. Just saying, know the worry about not seeing people, but it's not always as bad as one might assume.
>> No. 1577926
File 141250373675.jpg - (47.58KB , 635x461 , My feelings on the matter.jpg )

Yeah, I suppose. I'm still wondering if I can get my friend to move with me. He's actually straight up losing his job at the end of the month as well. Whole place is shutting down. I know he doesn't necessarily like living here, but I also don't know that he'd want to move, and I'm not sure either of us really have a location in mind, or the funds to do it. If I could get him to come with me to wherever, that would just be the best thing ever.
>> No. 1577928
File 141250417859.png - (384.98KB , 1600x2617 , happy 2.png )
If nothing else, mention the option and weigh the pros to the cons. It never hurts to consider.
>> No. 1577929
What's up?
>> No. 1577930
File 141250462165.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Lying around waiting until I gotta go for my last few movies.
>> No. 1577932
Ooh, fun.
>> No. 1577933
File 141250500905.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
I hope so. THey look like two really cool ones. And aftero ne of the two I watched yesterday turned out to be pretty bad, I'd like that.

Well, one of them is one I'e REALLY looked forward to, so we'll see.
>> No. 1577936
Neatooooo. What genres?
>> No. 1577938
File 141250968598.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )
So apparently new Doctor Who is going back to the roots. At least with regards to the "science" part in its supposed science fiction.

>apparently there being gravity on the Moon is shockingly unusual
>> No. 1577940
File 141251022533.png - (69.59KB , 986x695 , sleeping.png )
>> No. 1577942
File 141251057498.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

>> No. 1577945
Oh yeah I can post from this.

How are you?
>> No. 1577946
File 141251134343.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Okay. Just watching the newest ep of Doctor Who. It's... pretty bad, honestly. Oh well, they can't all be winners.

>> No. 1577949
That's good. Oh well.

Tired, lying in bed contemplating sleep.
>> No. 1577950
File 141251192432.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

It's just... it's such a stew of forced and contrived nonsense with edgysrs-sauce mixed in, and with a teenager added for extra flavour. Kids sure do make sci-fi better. Yep. Every time.
>> No. 1577951
Not that I would know since I have never watched DW or much sci-fi... okay maybe a bit of Star Trek.

Shoulda taken my friend's advice 6 years ago and started watching DW, hah... whoops.
>> No. 1577954
File 141251283179.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

You can still catch up pretty easily. It gets good somewhere around the second season of Tennant.

Well, that's too bad. Or maybe not - you can watch it and it'll be new to you, whereas I would like to watch something like Star Trek or Stargate or something but nope. Nothing decent is being made (Doctor Who doesn't really count even during its good episodes, since it's very much "magic'n'shit" in its approach to everything), and I've seen all of the old stuff.
>> No. 1577956
Heh, well... we'll see when I'm less busy and less of a wreck, haha.

Anyway it's late and I should probably sleep. 'night
>> No. 1577958
File 141251318430.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
Nights sweet dreams
>> No. 1577990
File 141251975502.png - (66.23KB , 241x459 , tumblr_md5k5zLQcp1rqjmec.png )
>> No. 1577991
File 141251978347.jpg - (169.74KB , 1280x945 , You so darn cute.jpg )
>> No. 1577995
File 141251992788.png - (95.41KB , 1600x1513 , rainbow_dash__the_wonderbolt_by_sierraex-d3hxjvn.png )
What's going on?
>> No. 1577997
File 141252004845.png - (351.69KB , 700x603 , 135261653923.png )
Pony person.
>> No. 1577999
File 141252012836.gif - (128.84KB , 571x378 , Coffee time.gif )
Ohay, there, runbow. long time no see how is?

how is?
>> No. 1578000
File 141252015989.gif - (491.19KB , 500x375 , tumblr_inline_mn0g9coMbP1qz4rgp.gif )
>> No. 1578001
I'm OK I suppose. I have homework to do before I get to work again but I have monday off so I'll do it then, I hope. Otherwise.... OK, I suppose. How about you?

Oh right, that song again. I need to learn to say new stuff. How are you today, Bravery?
>> No. 1578002
File 141252044904.png - (1.02MB , 1002x1002 , Ice cream my good friend_ please help m,e.png )
Ok, you suppose?
Aww, well i hope that you soon know that you are doing good!
is it much homework to do, and much work in general?
Which ever the case is. i truly hope that the work will treat you the best it can.

eh, this and that. looking at some car pictures dreamin, looking jobs..u know, this n that
>> No. 1578004
File 141252054154.png - (109.75KB , 310x444 , 135622103139.png )
I'm doing decent. Back home after visiting my folks over the weekend.

Also it's cold someone turn the summer back on.
>> No. 1578006
Haha, I don't think that I'll be getting better for a while. Things have gotten pretty screwed up for me. I have another 9 weeks for this crappy course, hopefully things will look up then, that's assuming that I even get through it. Dreaming of another car? Looking for jobs? Did get to go through your other test with the welding, to get the Mig or Trac welders or whatever?

Oh yeah, how was your visit? Was it warmer there?
>> No. 1578009
File 141252088576.png - (119.91KB , 480x360 , Here have a Strawberry smoothie with extra love.png )
Ah, welcome home then!
Decent, Decent is good. yea, Fall is nearing/winter as well

Ouch, im so sorry to hear that runbow.
>Want an internet smoothie?
wish you the best you rock wo~hoo.
well maybe another car or some fronts for the audi girl. ( if it behaves like normal car after an new "coldstart valve" i mean ) i really do want the 200 front looks.

well, one can slowly search for jobs when being in course ( which is an must ) well, im already on the MIg/mag course, which goes like 4X times better then stick welding so maybe should aim all on that instead. nono the test is end of each month
>> No. 1578010
File 141252100517.png - (105.59KB , 860x929 , 133943518654.png )
About the same.

Dumb winter.
>> No. 1578011
File 141252106789.jpg - (14.51KB , 480x360 , Thinking.jpg )
well, yes and no. if it get´s like -25 then it´s a dumb winter. but like -12 - -15 that´s okay i guess :P
NOW it´s the best seasoin, neither to warm nor too cold
and if it´s to cold. one can always wear nice jackets
>> No. 1578012
File 141252109086.png - (58.57KB , 889x899 , happy_dashie_by_geometrymathalgebra-d7hhmhn.png )
You added a coldstart valve to the Audi and now it doesn't work? I don't even know what a coldstart valve is. I'm glad that you're liking the Mig course more. Still, I guess you need to look for something for when you finish it at the end of the month, right?

Oh, so it's just winter in general that you hate? Well, it's gonna get worse before it gets better.
>> No. 1578019
File 141252141289.jpg - (14.51KB , 480x360 , Thinking.jpg )
oh nononono silly~
the cold start valve has been a giant bother to me so i have trouble starting it when the car is cold. and after have re fitted that vale i can now 100% start the car when it´s warm. though an new vale cost´s like 170-220€
it´s an valve that gives the engine some extra small dose of gas when cranking it cold:below 30C+

yes, me to! i mean i can finally almost dare to say: hey! i know that and can do an ok job with it"
yes, but will ask the teachers if i can expand with another three months. though since im always there, and on time, so will be no problem for me.
true true
>> No. 1578022
File 141252157817.png - (67.17KB , 783x1021 , rainbow_dash___loyalty_by_kishmond-d3f4owi.png )
Oh, well I hope that you do as well in the extra 3 months, if you get it. What would you do?
>> No. 1578024
File 141252171832.png - (131.43KB , 480x360 , I read you loud and clear.png )
Thank you.
i wanna say that i will aim for TIG weld on pipes ( just for personal reasons Read: exhaust pipes~ )
although im pretty FUCKING shaky in arms/hands so i am very unsure if i will make it.
>> No. 1578025
Isn't getting more stable just a matter of practice though?
>> No. 1578026
File 141252188185.jpg - (12.15KB , 480x360 , dont know what.jpg )
no, don´t think so.... tried to solder on some coaxial contacts.. but nope! had to ask someone else to do that.
someone should say: let´s a doc watch that to see if it get´s worse or not
again, not trusting docs
>> No. 1578027
Someone should say that, or someone did say that? I still think that it's practice and all about the brace. Soldering takes heaps of practice to do it well.
>> No. 1578028
File 141252219119.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

Anypony wanna make the new thread?
>> No. 1578029
File 141252224517.jpg - (11.50KB , 480x360 , Oh.jpg )
not sure.. maybe maybe not

that time already?
>> No. 1578030
File 141252228584.gif - (125.88KB , 500x550 , 138345903685.gif )

Why make a new thread when we can just comfortably sink to the bottom and relax on the sea floor?
>> No. 1578031
File 141252231799.jpg - (16.07KB , 480x360 , I tell you what.jpg )
nononono you silly~
that´s for the escape artist to do
>> No. 1578033
File 141252235117.png - (167.30KB , 480x360 , Coffee in can.png )
wait, that gives me an idea.
if no one wanna do the trread i can make it?
>> No. 1578034
File 141252236726.png - (162.89KB , 900x778 , Yawn.png )
>> No. 1578037
File 141252238396.png - (56.58KB , 847x943 , rainbow_dash___thinking_by_geonine-d6jfjns.png )
Sounds like a plan, you do it.

Because new threads are new.
>> No. 1578038
File 141252239156.jpg - (12.51KB , 480x360 , watching camp fire.jpg )
*Offer freshly boiled coffee*
>> No. 1578055
File 141252304487.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )
New thread thingy..

Gonna miss the Luna OP pic tho.. that's is ALL the awesome.
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