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File 141229804703.png - (192.69KB , 387x501 , pinkie made a little PADiversary cake for you.png )
1574983 No. 1574983
Welcome to Pony After Dark - Happy PADiversary Edition!~. Well, I guess not so much an edition as just offically the "PADiversary Thread", heh. I just fell into old habits with the edition thing and everything. Speaking of old habits, think I'll actually for once not do my copy paste thingy! Yeah, lets just talk about why today is special....

Yep, it was on this day 3 years ago that some /pony/ friends decided that it would be really nice to have a thread where they could just socialize and hang out without being off-topic on the /pony/ board. See, we did used to chat a great deal on /pony/, at least the first of us PADlings did, but it was always in threads about MLP stuff and not about us... like who would even care to talk about "us"? Well, we did... duh. For my part at least, I didn't feel I really got to know a lot of my /pony/ friends until PAD was made. And about that "PAD being made" thing. A few of the original PADlings had discussed such a thing before the first PAD but it was our old friend ANOVA that started it all 3 years ago. In that time we made many new friends as new people discovered PAD from all over the board and beyond, and got to know better our old /pony/ friends too. We lost a few into the depths of the internet as well, while some others moved to other places. Eventually, we all kinda did. But once a PADling, always a PADling. It's not where you stay, it's where you're from you could say and the thing that bound many of us together in the first place. So here's too PAD and three glorious years. It's had it's ups and downs and all arounds, but it's spirit lives on in all those that once called it home! Stay a bit and remember why dontcha... and if not, at least remember the friends you made here whereever you are~

Oh, and it wouldn't be a PAD without topics right?!

OP test questions for the night:

>P¹ - Tell us something fun you did this summer! ...or winter if you're like Blami and live way down below the equator.

>A² - Tell us something you're looking forward to in the year to come. It could be tomorrow or a year after yesterday! Any little thing would be fun to hear.

>D³ - Tell us something you fondly remember that happened on Ponychan in the last year. I'm curious what odd, funny, or nice moment pops into your heads~

>Bonus – Tell us something! Just felt like saying that again, heh. But you can tell us something random just for fun. It's not a requirement or anything. I mean, this is the bonus topic after all.

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>> No. 1690421
File 141862685732.png - (45.18KB , 327x378 , Seaty Belt .png )
poor lulu is completely forgotten
And olllld, I dont think I was even posting MY unicorn at the time~
>> No. 1690426
I am not sure, but you might have been posting as Twilight or Rarity. I'm also not sure but you might have still been posting as "the anon who X".

What I do think I remember was that you were really sad once, and thought nothing I posted would make you laugh, but the Dick Cheney pick worked.
>> No. 1690433
File 141862739239.png - (470.76KB , 1390x1373 , 279702__UNOPT__safe_sweetie-belle_sketch_scarf_artist-topgull.png )
Twilight, then~ Bandwagoning on you and Saikar eheheheh

Hmm, yea, thats about how I remember it too~

Oh and youve seen the Braum skin on pbe right?????
>> No. 1690436
File 141862750490.gif - (68.78KB , 292x361 , 1403998851581.gif )
Yes. I thought it was really clever with the chair and everything. I want it.
>> No. 1690441
File 141862772605.png - (57.78KB , 201x263 , Blugh.png )
tfw riot wants ALL my money with the snowdown, bloodmoon and now braum skins.

Anyway, need sleep~ Nini Dio... and Epon if you ever stop being afk~
>> No. 1690443
File 141862781351.png - (491.83KB , 899x713 , pinkie (oh god__ it's stuck in her hair now~).png )

Rainbucket was the first person to post in this thread though.... besides me since I'm OP~
>> No. 1690446
File 141862791038.png - (247.48KB , 515x579 , pinkie is too in character to even care~.png )

>and Epon if you ever stop being afk~
>> No. 1690449
File 141862828834.jpg - (100.04KB , 512x512 , wlaeflp.jpg )
No non don't leave me in here with epony he's crazy!
good night tho
>> No. 1690453
File 141862858119.png - (243.82KB , 495x583 , pinkie bro, like___ brooo~.png )

>No non don't leave me in here with epony he's crazy!
>> No. 1690457
File 141862897174.jpg - (68.03KB , 417x741 , 140090112275.jpg )
You ain't denying it
>> No. 1690488
File 141863331324.png - (147.75KB , 423x327 , pinkie undercover~.png )

>implying I'm here~
>> No. 1690489
File 141863332953.png - (42.53KB , 423x327 , ___you saw nothing~.png )
>> No. 1693212
File 141881943108.jpg - (41.59KB , 715x716 , valleygirl uhh.jpg )
>> No. 1703531
File 141949385473.png - (1.41MB , 800x1050 , 100642 - Artist-rizcifra Christmas rarity Sweetie_Belle.png )
Merry Christmas dead thread~
You live on in all our hearts
>> No. 1722115
File 142076289313.png - (241.73KB , 487x573 , pinkie buuuhh, like totally~.png )



Also, Happy week after New Years~
>> No. 1722134
File 142076334173.png - (311.30KB , 1280x1234 , tumblr_nhe7w1VSC61rbn6v1o2_1280.png )
Y-You too~
>> No. 1722147
File 142076370557.png - (965.41KB , 900x1074 , pinkie sweetie art.png )

>> No. 1722170
File 142076417234.png - (470.04KB , 1000x1400 , 474663__safe_solo_sweetie+belle_diasweetes_artist-colon-hoyeechun.png )

So how's Pon Pon been~?
>> No. 1722216
File 142076528775.png - (237.15KB , 495x509 , pinkie you should do this too.png )

Pretty good. Pretty busy too. Been playing Shantae and the Pirate's Curse when I get a free moment though and that's kinda the game I've been playing since New Years. Super fun.
>> No. 1722221
File 142076543911.png - (286.52KB , 969x981 , 263856__UNOPT__safe_sweetie-belle_singing_511b6fe3a4c72dcd85000538_png.png )
Yea I saw~ I tried to talk to you in Story a couple days ago but was getting posting errors~
>> No. 1722244
File 142076620102.png - (357.85KB , 653x653 , pinkie knows in her heart that it's true.png )

It's fine. It's hard to notice other people's posts on the Wii U anyways. It's why I mostly talk to myself, heh. Also because I'm an egotist that thinks everyone wants to hear me talk :P~
>> No. 1722250
File 142076638290.jpg - (52.30KB , 678x607 , 237901__UNOPT__safe_sweetie-belle_50e458c5a4c72dbbc800061e_jpeg.jpg )
Ugh I wasnt APOLOGIZING! And y-yea, totally~
>> No. 1722312
File 142076864342.jpg - (61.07KB , 748x900 , pinkie_I'm not tsundere!.jpg )

>> No. 1722314
File 142076866019.gif - (107.47KB , 170x170 , tumblr_nca6yn90sQ1sktwjro1_250.gif )
>> No. 1722329
File 142076913726.png - (2.83MB , 3049x3353 , Shantae likes this idea close up (PC official).png )

Lol, Shovel Knight :P~
>> No. 1722336
File 142076948124.jpg - (392.93KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_nep0lfILob1tox1alo1_1280.jpg )
Have you played~?
>> No. 1722351
File 142077022310.png - (359.65KB , 601x579 , pinkie looks like the next thing on my list is more fun.png )

It's on my list. But I Shantae'd first~
>> No. 1722353
File 142077027515.png - (189.56KB , 405x357 , pinkie lalala~.png )
Alrighty, I afk now!~
>> No. 1722354
File 142077029908.jpg - (153.24KB , 859x1126 , 212616__UNOPT__safe_sweetie-belle_artist-kejzfox_jpeg.jpg )
Make sure its at the top~
And byyyyye~~~~
>> No. 1723628
File 142086568410.png - (38.70KB , 688x647 , IMG_0796.png )
>> No. 1723637
File 142086659377.png - (687.66KB , 1029x715 , pinkie chicken (__i remember her hair being different~).png )

>> No. 1723638
File 142086664359.png - (228.38KB , 485x600 , 237908__safe_rarity_crystallized_artist-colon-clasherz_butt+stallion.png )
osu! is a game

I teach a marching band based PE at a middle school. College doesn't start until Monday for me
>> No. 1723642
File 142086683832.png - (522.29KB , 713x699 , pinkie piper what did you think.png )

Osu a game? I've never heard of this game. Are you good then now?

Marching band PE sounds interesting. I think that could be fun, heh. Where do you college then?
>> No. 1723643
File 142086694806.png - (227.04KB , 515x515 , 4d1fba5d9ed5f6a4d29d23a6804322da.png )

Community College, I college mathematics

And no I'm bad at osu! right now
>> No. 1723649
File 142086720191.png - (489.84KB , 729x713 , pinkie piper is looking for the high notes~.png )

Heh, I've kinda tried that with Smash since it's really the only game like that that I've really really loved. I'm bad too though even after all these games and years. Anyone can beat me still. I do enjoy playing with people that are pretty good online though. I should play it some more. I haven't touched it since New Years when I just played with some friends~

>clicks link

A rhythm game huh? Man, I'd be so bad at that. I was never even good at Guitar Hero and stuff. My dexterity leaves something to be desired. People that are good at this stuff though are like stupid good robot people!~
>> No. 1723656
File 142086735953.gif - (154.48KB , 856x715 , 290845__safe_rarity_animated_computer_artist-colon-tggeko_internet.gif )
Yea as far as I know it's the best rhythm game for the PC. I love Smash I have it for the 3DS but I don't play it much. I'm decent at these music games, I can pick them up really fast, they are just frustrating
>> No. 1723662
File 142086754419.png - (505.82KB , 2500x1770 , mlp art pinkie pie pretty popstar partyrockin' pony~.png )

I've only really tried Guitar Hero and I mostly stuck with Medium hardness cuz I liked actually hearing the song, heh. If I tried hard, I could complete it usually in most songs and even play some songs well, but for the most part it sounded ugly at the hard parts and my scores reflected it. I only tried Rock Band once and I sang, so it was easy kinda cuz no buttons even though it did seem finicky.
>> No. 1723669
File 142086775760.png - (184.08KB , 900x834 , Oh shit nigger.png )
I can't play anything less than expert :p But to each there own, I have a hard time getting into most games. Music games are the ones I'm the best at and can really get into.
>> No. 1723675
File 142086813505.png - (376.27KB , 940x1400 , pinkie pie your princess needs you to keep her delicate hoovsies off the ground.png )

I'm all pinkies I'm afraid~
>> No. 1723702
File 142086911193.png - (419.91KB , 1998x1705 , mlp art Tangy inspired Epony OC full concept natural appearance.png )
Hmmm... I may have time to try that Shantae speedrun I'd been thinking of doing. But I'm not sure I want to. I should at some point though cuz you unlock more for the gallery in that game if you beat it fast enough.
>> No. 1730145
File 142128241362.png - (728.48KB , 1000x1000 , full.png )
>> No. 1732171
>Club Nintendo members supposed to have gotten an email for 4 MH4 demo codes today
>Didnt get it
>> No. 1741833

>Only just getting "elite" status
>Club Nintendo no longer being a thing~

Last edited at Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015 19:30

>> No. 1741866
File 142198731133.png - (488.52KB , 1150x1000 , tumblr_nepvb3LIBa1rbn6v1o1_1280.png )
and the prize is gonna be SHIT this year!
>> No. 1741956
File 142199752183.png - (167.41KB , 397x455 , pinkie this is my 'disappointed, but not really, but you don't know that' face~.png )

Heh, I don't even know what the prize is. All I know is that I hope I can somehow get credit for all the Nintendo I've bought through whatever they're gonna replace Club Nintendo with. I'm going to have to figure out how to cash in some of these coins though. Haven't actually checked what's available or whatever.
>> No. 1741967
File 142199957547.png - (567.96KB , 1100x950 , tumblr_n75epwgIOk1rbn6v1o4_1280.png )
Just a voucher for a downloadable game~ And I think they said they recently added some coin stuff, or are going to, I cant recall~
>> No. 1742002
File 142200685623.png - (247.27KB , 451x485 , pinkie what's the probability that these never hit the ground~.png )

Ah, okay. Still haven't checked. Maybe I will tomorrow. Been waiting for Captain Falcon amiibos to be available online again, but no dice. That's the latest thing I was hoping to purchase.

Anyways, going to sleep now.
>> No. 1742003
Night night~
>> No. 1743187
File 142209009860.jpg - (35.94KB , 90x75 , 182857 - artist john_joseco duckface Nightmare_Moon (90x75).jpg )
The /PAD/ is dead, long live the /PAD/

Guess this is what happens when people move on to other things like myself. Just chiming in, some might not even know me. But I still remember you guys.

>> No. 1748489
File 142242644208.png - (687.66KB , 1029x715 , pinkie chicken (__i remember her hair being different~).png )

I remember you Throttle!

>Guess this is what happens when people move on to other things like myself

This is true in a way but probably not in a way you might think. Much of what was once PAD is still here on the same board, /gala/, but in the Story thread. Others still have indeed moved on to other things outside of Ponychan though. Lots of faces I've not seen in a while. Yours was one of them until now.
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