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Do you take hope in the shadows of intrigue? Adventure in the lands of black operations? To see things and go places few do and fewer return alive?

I may be able to assist you if only slightly.

I have been looking for recruits. To help my expansion onto the surface world. We came upon this place after our wizards experimented with our psionists in the matter of portal magic. We found a telepathic rift that lead to this most unusual place. The einternet or however its pronounced is a most interesting and hopefully beneficial place. Now you might be wondering why I'm recruiting here. Simple. The bronies share a trait that I myself have. They exist in a realm that was a female dominated place. Except that from what I gather one of you human matron mothers(A Faust I believe) freed you to thrive on your own wits. Now your country teems with members and some of them female themselves. My hats off to you bronies! I cannot imagine the work it took to displace so many matrons(The underground warfare alone must have been incredible.) Matron Faust is blessed indeed to have such capable servants. I am not here to displace her you see but rather use the opportunities that I have here to set up a network that we may establish a relationship and strengthen our own position in this einternet. As such I am recruiting. Any questions?
(By the way what device is this man using?)
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