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File 141395896119.jpg - (46.77KB , 500x376 , Pizza_ExtraLarge500O.jpg )
1604672 No. 1604672
'cause you can never have too much pizza.

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>> No. 1604677
File 141395910596.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

Holy fuck that's a big pizza.
>> No. 1604678
File 141395913629.jpg - (612.96KB , 1220x1024 , large (5).jpg )
>> No. 1604679
File 141395915721.png - (105.48KB , 330x330 , 138968972602.png )
Great, now I'm hungry.

>>1604675 (Noni)

That's good.
>> No. 1604680
File 141395916564.jpg - (90.57KB , 853x671 , 132217675506.jpg )
>> No. 1604681
File 141395918340.png - (19.46KB , 544x408 , 268520__UNOPT__safe_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

Yeah, I kinda want a huge pizza now...
>> No. 1604683
File 141395924484.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

You want a big one, huh?
>> No. 1604684
File 141395929254.jpg - (599.36KB , 1024x1024 , large (2).jpg )
There's a place around here that sells them for about that big. Can barely get it in my car.


Was trying to be first, then I accidentally chose one of my bigger sized images. :I
>> No. 1604685
File 141395930654.png - (23.13KB , 407x373 , Aw Yiss.png )

Yes, definitely.
>> No. 1604686
File 141395931327.png - (409.09KB , 728x624 , Incoming shitstorm.png )


I'd go pick some pizza if I had money.

And if I could drive.
>> No. 1604688
File 141395933281.png - (118.01KB , 320x311 , 58421 - Diamond_Tiara silver_spoon.png )
>> No. 1604690
> >>1604684

>> No. 1604691
File 141395940512.png - (440.25KB , 900x900 , 187160__UNOPT__safe_derpy-hooves_vector_crystal-pony_crystallized.png )

Dayam.. that must feed you for days!
A standard medium pizza feeds me twice.

>> No. 1604692
File 141395943436.jpg - (53.69KB , 658x636 , 141393189179.jpg )
>> No. 1604693
File 141395945802.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )



>> No. 1604695
File 141395955973.jpg - (263.95KB , 1000x700 , 652315__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_clothes_dress_simple+background_gala+dress_speech+bubble_dashabet.jpg )
Yeah, but with my family... it can go away in one day.
A Large pizza can feed me once. XD

It's alright.

>> No. 1604697
File 141395964146.gif - (456.57KB , 1280x720 , Hey, you~.gif )



How is?
>> No. 1604698
File 141395965124.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )

What I usually do is get the Dinner Box deal from Pizza Hut, which'll usually last me about a day.

I can't order it now, though, it's nearly 2 in the morning.
>> No. 1604701

I'm tired, bedding soon. You?

I need to try that one day.
>> No. 1604702
File 141395991584.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )


Ugh.. I really really want a milkshake.


Pizza Hut is such a ripoff here.. the pepperoni is sliced so thin it's see-thru.. You order a pizza and pick up the box... it weighs nothing. And still costs $25..
>> No. 1604704

And... it sounds like it. A Large can be at times be bought for like $8 with 1 topping ($10 for any amount of toppings iirc for certain amounts of time during a year)
>> No. 1604707
File 141396005409.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

You lucky....
>> No. 1604709
File 141396014358.png - (17.61KB , 334x317 , 268722__UNOPT__safe_rule-63_reaction-image_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

Jesus, $25? That dinner box I mentioned costs $10, and includes breadsticks and cinnasticks with your medium pizza.


It's an amazing deal. I also suggest trying their pasta if you haven't yet.
>> No. 1604710
File 141396017048.png - (1.16MB , 2260x3260 , 140429830217.png )


Listening to a George Carlin audiobook while playing games.

I might go watch Deathy Hallows - Part 1 later.


But their crust is soooo goooood...


I remember ordering a large pizza (can't remember the name of the place) when I was down in America. It was...holy fuck was it large.
>> No. 1604712
File 141396027450.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Welcome to Ottawa.. the city of the ripoff when it comes ot takeout food.


What's Pizza Hut like there?
>> No. 1604713
File 141396036334.png - (187.47KB , 655x767 , 692820__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_blushing_cute_filly_adorable_food_eating_blank+flank.png )
Alright! I might.
I've tried their boneless wings. Thankfully have a Wing Street Pizza Hut nearby.


DOOOO EEEEEEETTTTTT. And did you mess up your sleeping schedule?

Yeah, there's some that offer really huge ones. The one by me offers a 24inch (60.96cm) pizza.
>> No. 1604714
File 141396042503.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

They should call that pizza the horsedick..
>> No. 1604715
File 141396042959.png - (64.43KB , 580x551 , 26002__suggestive_blushing_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

Yeah, their wings aren't bad, either. I know some people who really like 'em, but I just find them okay.
>> No. 1604716
File 141396050248.png - (119.50KB , 500x500 , 141393336147.png )

Same as anywhere else, I guess. Expensive as fuck, but their crust is goddamn delicious.

My family and I usually order from Canadian 2 for 1, though.


Well, of course. :P

The pizza I had down in Florida would be a extra large here.
>> No. 1604717
File 141396057078.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

I jsut ain't gonna pay that for crust.

We have a 2 for 1 here.. but not a Canadian 2 for 1..
>> No. 1604720
File 141396066244.png - (801.38KB , 1110x591 , Applejack745646747.png )

No, which is why we rarely order Pizza Hut.

>> No. 1604721
File 141396077474.png - (82.99KB , 600x600 , 44c08c91_d2d9_94fd-(n1300958324985).png )

I normally buy the Delissio frozen ones.. good and cheap.
>> No. 1604722
File 141396080028.jpg - (56.54KB , 1250x900 , 288200__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_solo_pixiv_artist-needed.jpg )
Yeah, you seem to be implying you're gonna stay up for another 3 or so hours. XD

Don't know what the 24"er would be called.



I'm gonna bed now. Goodnight, take care all!
>> No. 1604723
File 141396081767.png - (230.09KB , 1024x1436 , 140260832524.png )

Those are really nice.
>> No. 1604725
File 141396088004.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Night Wiz! Sleep well!

>huuuuugs goodnight!
>> No. 1604726
File 141396089995.png - (241.44KB , 1068x1072 , 139382294232.png )

Might as well. It's not like I have work or school in the morning. :3


Sleep well. ^-^
>> No. 1604727
File 141396094858.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

YEah.. impresses the hell out of me.. better than the chains here and just like.. $4 on sale. I think I'll get one today..
>> No. 1604729
File 141396101500.png - (257.66KB , 424x514 , 139465580529.png )

There are worse frozen pizzas.
>> No. 1604730
File 141396109362.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Yeah.. Red Baron.

I like those lil Pillsbury ones.. 4 to a box.. grew up on those cos super cheap..
>> No. 1604731
File 141396116971.png - (376.19KB , 894x894 , 139897785658.png )

You mean Pizza Pops?
>> No. 1604732
File 141396128693.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Pizza minis! That's it...

I like the pizza pops too... I'm a pizzaholic..
>> No. 1604735
File 141396142062.png - (620.63KB , 1600x1600 , 139536228543.png )

I had an addiction to Pizza Pops for the longest time. I stopped eating them a couple months ago because I was getting sick of them.

Might be time to pick some up again, though.
>> No. 1604737
File 141396151312.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

YEah... they're handy..

Could use one now. :P

Ugh... I'd go out but still feeling so weak. might still do it tho..
>> No. 1604738
File 141396157010.png - (18.81KB , 376x376 , 317802__safe_solo_reaction%252Bimage_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_thousand%252Byard%252Bst.png )

I buy Totino's frozen pizzas. They can hardly be considered high quality, but they're the best stuff in relation to their very cheap price, I think. My friend gets these pizzas from a place called "Heggies", which are absolutely amazing, but they're even pricier than Pizza Hut!
>> No. 1604739
File 141396159657.gif - (880.95KB , 185x343 , 140598604409.gif )

You shouldn't go out if you're not feeling well.
>> No. 1604740
File 141396165521.png - (195.93KB , 329x500 , 139069567308.png )

Oh yeah, Totino makes those little pizza rolls.
>> No. 1604741
File 141396168700.png - (22.93KB , 521x385 , 91882__safe_rule%252B63_sad_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice.png )

Also, yeah, if you're not well you should rest. Have someone else get you some food if you need it.
>> No. 1604742
File 141396186385.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Yeah. those are okay... but the rising crust ones are best..


Been stuck in this house for so long..

And I dun have anyone.. all I have is you guys.
>> No. 1604743
File 141396193494.png - (412.53KB , 617x624 , Buh (2).png )

You live alone?
>> No. 1604744
File 141396207715.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

My father.. but ehhh...less I have to deal with him the better. He doesn't do stuff like that.
>> No. 1604745
Holy fuck, this fight with Mr. Freeze is even more batshit annoying than the one in Arkham City.


I see.
>> No. 1604746
File 141396228441.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

'If you can't take care of yourself, you're not worth caring for'..

Ex military type..
>> No. 1604747

Ah, one of THOSE guys. :/

*Hugs tight*


Welp, I'm gonna go chill out on the couch and watch Deathly Hallows. I'll talk to you later, Noni.
>> No. 1604748
File 141396244050.png - (409.37KB , 522x853 , _mlp__smiling_derpy_by_ardas91-d5w6eaf.png )


Ooo... hugs!


Take care Thelakins! Thanks for talking to me!
>> No. 1604754
File 141396292948.png - (19.46KB , 544x408 , 268520__UNOPT__safe_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

Wow, harsh. As someone who doesn't always have the ability to care for myself, I like to care for others when I get the chance.

I can't actually get you pizza, though.
>> No. 1604760
File 141396315959.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Aww... thanks anwyays Mondokins!

>> No. 1604763
File 141396322684.jpg - (143.34KB , 900x700 , tumblr_mq49jvKhel1rcy28bo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 1604808
File 141396950557.jpg - (21.55KB , 801x516 , cupcake lurking.jpg )
>> No. 1604810
File 141397013352.png - (19.46KB , 544x408 , 268520__UNOPT__safe_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )
>> No. 1604812
File 141397042593.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
You cannot see me I am lurking
>> No. 1604813
File 141397087804.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )

Oh, okay.
>> No. 1604815
File 141397091311.png - (142.71KB , 813x982 , Sweetie dance.png )
But now I am not lurking so now you can see me
>> No. 1604816
File 141397093900.png - (40.34KB , 385x312 , Smiles.png )


How are you?
>> No. 1604819
File 141397115633.png - (205.81KB , 883x905 , Messy Belle.png )
Not at my best. I was just at a meeting at town hall about my future and whatnot, and while nothing bad happened and it is to help me, it inevitably means digging up some bad feels (basically, I had to tell them why I have a depression that allows me sickness welfare for them to figure out a way to get me out of it and into the job market).

So now I'm pokemanning for a bit to take my mind off of things and improve my mood.
>> No. 1604821
File 141397123319.png - (56.52KB , 671x549 , 27382__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_apple-seed.png )

Ouch, sorry about that. It's good that it happened, though, right?
>> No. 1604834
File 141397260968.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Sorrry for late response. Was telling my mother about the meeting and, well, naturally that started all the bad feels right over.

But yes, it is. I am just incapable of feeling it that way.
>> No. 1604837
File 141397280404.png - (64.43KB , 580x551 , 26002__suggestive_blushing_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

Well I won't have you bring it up again. How's the Pokemanning?
>> No. 1604839
File 141397306447.png - (155.84KB , 587x1362 , Smile 2.png )
Is okay. Started EV training random 'mons (or, well, just made a list of 'mons I like and breed and train my way to em, no thoughts of a real team combination). Is fun. Trained a Diggersby, a Gengar and a Hawlucha, working on an Exploud now, and have an egg with a Hippopotas inside, if any of that makes any sense to ya.
>> No. 1604906
File 141398385190.png - (49.80KB , 218x181 , wuht.png )
Man, my dreams really knew how to pick a theme last night. Can't help but feel a bit lonely after that.
>> No. 1604913
File 141398418942.png - (31.81KB , 326x252 , giggle.png )
Oh wait, no one's here.
>> No. 1604922
File 141398458130.png - (171.90KB , 940x850 , Twi - bgls - 460.png )
Wow, the yeast in my beer are working hard.

Little do they know that after their little orgy of sugar consumption, a quite different direction of consumption is planned for them!
>> No. 1604928
File 141398483645.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
Dude, that's like some Saw shit right there.
>> No. 1604930
File 141398504519.png - (221.70KB , 966x827 , Twi - bgls - 007.png )

Never seen any of those, actually! Just caught random bits and bobs through popculture osmosis as to learn what's what in there.

Shall we play a game? The game is beer pong
>> No. 1604932
File 141398517110.jpg - (322.05KB , 778x1000 , Cutie with a bootie - er__bowtie.jpg )
Oh I haven't seen one either, but Jigsaw was the only 'observant mastermind' I could think of at the moment even though I know there's probably a better example knocking about my head. Maybe if I've been up for more than half an hour it'd come to me.. heh..

Point is you're sadistic and it's scary how much you're looking forward to consuming that poor little yeast.
>> No. 1604935
File 141398537619.png - (164.27KB , 908x880 , Twi - bgls - 494.png )

By the time they got dehydrated and put into a small, closed sachette, their little lives were already effectively over. I've just brought them back to life to have one last hurrah, in the aforementioned orgy of wantom consumption (of the stuff I've provided for them, no less!), multiplication and booze (at a certain level it does start to affect them). Doesn't that sound just like a grand thing to do? Make-a-wish, yeast edition. I'm the good guy here!

Last edited at Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 06:43

>> No. 1604939
File 141398554739.png - (90.35KB , 230x242 , Hesitantly commanding the gerbils to overtake the Banana empire with Blitzkrieg tactics.png )
Y'know, even Hitler was convinced what he was doing was morally 'right'.
>> No. 1604943
File 141398565708.png - (90.64KB , 450x450 , Twi - bgls - 003.png )

So was Ghandi!
>> No. 1604947
File 141398576430.png - (83.12KB , 900x684 , Flirty.png )
Yeah well, you're not Gandhi, are you?
>> No. 1604950
File 141398588414.png - (485.65KB , 1998x3828 , Twi - bgls - 080.png )

I am not, that is true. For instance, I'm not racist against black people! Score point: me!

What is your stance on toast
>> No. 1604951
File 141398601773.png - (115.90KB , 314x339 , Startled.png )
Dude, holy shit, don't spring that kind of stuff on me - there aren't enough hours in the day to even begin to explain my complicated feelings in regards to toast.
>> No. 1604953
File 141398621757.png - (200.95KB , 764x1045 , Twi - bgls - 458.png )

It is a morally complex issue, that is true. On one hand, crunchy and delicious with the right toppings. On the other, the fluffy structure of the bread is achieved with the extermination of quite substantial amounts of yeast!

Is the common mid-range deliciousness of toast worth the cost.

Yes. Yes it is. Also, suddenly I remembered this thing for some reason:
>> No. 1604957
File 141398638907.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
How does one even decide?
>> No. 1604961
File 141398651811.png - (46.33KB , 276x267 , Twi - bgls - 014.png )

Taste test! It's the only fair way. It's also a trick because by that point the toast is already made, so since you're already guilty you might as well go all the way! THERE'S NO TURNING BACK FOR YOU
>> No. 1604972
File 141398728739.png - (160.06KB , 315x304 , Arting-1.png )
I don't know, I tried using that argument on a group of PETA activists to convince them to eat KFC anyway. Didn't stick.
>> No. 1604973
File 141398756855.png - (96.75KB , 955x1063 , Twi - bgls - 021.png )

There's a matter of scale here though. KFC is a few chickens at most. Toast, well... the yeast numbers go into millions, I'd reckon. Sheer numbers mean the moral event horizon has been crossed so throughly, it's like it never existed in the first place!
>> No. 1604979
File 141398787257.jpg - (60.83KB , 506x500 , This may be fun now but I plan on dropping you onto a cactus as soon as the opportunity comes up.jpg )
Except chickens earn sympathy points for cognition, whereas yeast is held in such low regard that people are even more unsympathetic towards them than they are reptiles and insects - and people don't give a shit about reptiles and insects.

So to the average person one chicken roughly equates to about twenty million yeasts.. yeasti..?
>> No. 1604982
File 141398819173.png - (599.31KB , 558x742 , Twi - bgls - 445.png )

A-ha, you've played right into my hands. Without you ever realizing, I've used my clever manipulations to turn you into an apologist for the yeast-consuming ways, which as you may recall hold a certain fate in store for the bunch in my fermenting bucket!
>> No. 1604986
File 141398836189.png - (308.35KB , 405x569 , Jolly Ringworm.png )
Nonsense, it was merely an objective observation of the human capacity for empathy. Were this a valid argument, so too could you claim that I am an apologist for those who mistreat reptiles despite the fact that I am an avid admirer of all things reptilian. Not to mention my tendency to capture and release insects and arachnids found within my house, despite your supposed suggestion that I support their grievous mistreatment by the common folk.

Your assumption is flawed, friend.
>> No. 1604987
File 141398843029.png - (97.29KB , 336x327 , Twi - bgls - 517.png )
Gotta go, uni's calling. *poof*
>> No. 1604988
File 141398864970.png - (47.52KB , 238x266 , mischievous.png )
That's right, you run you little bit.
Have a good one!

I guess I'm going to retreat to the Pokemon demo again, then.
>> No. 1605029
File 141399234158.png - (225.76KB , 535x375 , 128.png )
>> No. 1605030
File 141399247439.png - (86.35KB , 320x247 , 130573 - artist SierraEx dead grave sad spike tombstone twilight_sparkle.png )
Rocky had to be put down this morning. His poor little body couldn't take the uncontrolled accidents and screeching anymore. :(

Hard for me, but especially hard for mom.
>> No. 1605031
File 141399247471.png - (102.11KB , 297x380 , Wave.png )
>> No. 1605033
File 141399252778.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
>> No. 1605034
File 141399256207.png - (209.94KB , 448x344 , 130.png )
At least not in pain anymore.
*hugs tight*

>> No. 1605035
File 141399263196.png - (156.00KB , 600x470 , Hugs - 28.png )

At least he's not. :(

It was just painful hearing him screech for the past few days.

>> No. 1605036
File 141399266486.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
'twas directed to you, I accidentally cut the post code when I hit send. How's it going?

I'm sorry to hear that, Snowy.
I hope your family makes a quick recover. Always a shame to outlive our pets, but sadly this is what we sign up for. Just try to think about the good times you had while he was with you still.
>> No. 1605037
File 141399266534.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
>> No. 1605038
File 141399276054.png - (320.88KB , 1280x960 , large4.png )
And 15 years. A good 15 years. Just remember him how he was

It's going, just killing time between classes. Yourself?
>> No. 1605039
File 141399280058.jpg - (47.93KB , 640x480 , 1214121411.jpg )
Thanks Akhe, it is. Well he did get to meet Pinkie... pic.


Is this anon who I think it is

Will do.
>> No. 1605041
File 141399285438.png - (173.37KB , 693x696 , Mother_Celestia_nuzzles.png )
never easy,
yes, still shamefully lurking
>> No. 1605042
File 141399285476.png - (189.47KB , 362x382 , 135.png )
Good, good.
>> No. 1605044
File 141399300188.jpg - (45.97KB , 640x480 , 1206091304.jpg )
Mmhmm *huggles*

Oh good

Still my favorite pic of him

If you only knew how hard it was to get a pic like this. :P This was December 2009

Another shot... >>1605039 was from December 2012.
>> No. 1605045
File 141399308015.png - (118.13KB , 188x315 , 205.png )
Hehe, gotta love dogs. Always bringing a bit of cheer.
>> No. 1605047
File 141399311072.jpg - (109.34KB , 1024x862 , Mother_Celestia_Shsss.jpg )
just keep on strong and remember the days. as bons said.
It´s fine... sorry for making you worried
>> No. 1605048

Will do. It's just been a hard week.
>mom is sick, waiting on test results
>now this

I'm not worried, I just picked up on it ;)
>> No. 1605049
File 141399325542.png - (209.94KB , 448x344 , 130.png )
Really hope things get better for you all.
>> No. 1605051

Hate to cut it short, but I must be off to do some cleaning.

Later everyone.
>> No. 1605052
File 141399333501.png - (1.04MB , 1280x997 , Mother_Celestia_Reading_bed_time_story.png )
i hope the week will get better!
and that she will feel better soon
Okay, good to know
>> No. 1605053
take care
>> No. 1605054
File 141399337908.png - (250.64KB , 486x390 , 79.png )
No worries, see you later snows.
>> No. 1605058
File 141399372818.png - (193.56KB , 1000x1138 , Wet Surprises.png )
Sorry for the delay, took a quick shower.
Not much here, trying to figure out which Pokemon I want to breed for ORAS. Which class is next?

That's an adorable pic. Take care, Snowy.
>> No. 1605059
File 141399381389.png - (311.58KB , 626x412 , 153.png )
Welcome back then.

Any in mind?
My lit class.
>> No. 1605060
File 141399397865.png - (135.84KB , 223x323 , How am I ever going to win your love if I cant even eat crab legs upside down¿.png )
So far I've figured out how I'm going to build my Salamence. Haven't put much thought into the others yet though.
>> No. 1605062
File 141399412403.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )
Holy crap.. gunmen stormed the Parliamnet buildings here.. One has been shot, one arrested.. and they're looking for ohers.

Entire downtown area is on lockdown.
>> No. 1605063
File 141399415038.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
>> No. 1605064
File 141399418598.png - (209.94KB , 448x344 , 130.png )
How does he usually play?

..I could have sworn you said you were Toronto
*Hugs tight*
>> No. 1605065
File 141399427638.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Yeah.. two people shot.. Car drove up to the war memorial and 2 men got out wearing turbans and started shooting. They shot one soldier then ran to the parliament buildings.. one was shot inside and the other arrested.


That's Bacon.

>> No. 1605067
File 141399432121.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
im.. lost at words.
>> No. 1605068
File 141399433694.png - (181.65KB , 335x433 , 171.png )
Was it just the one incident? Heard there were multiple over there.
>> No. 1605069
File 141399442165.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

I guess it's some jihadist atttack..


Tehre was one a couple of days ago in Quebec.. guy walked into an army storefront outpost, argued with the soldiers inside and fled... the soldiers followd him out and the guy ran them over with his car.
>> No. 1605070
File 141399446221.png - (33.61KB , 145x196 , Stickin around.png )
Didn't you say you lived within walking distance? Or am I thinking of someone else?

I really don't get what the extremists have declared some kind of vendetta against us in particular, is it because they think we won't fight back? Maybe it's because I'm politically ignorant, but I can't think of a legitimate reason for them to have an issue with us.

Well, that's the problem.. it's kind of hard to tell with much of his Mega Evolution obscured in mystery. Most people run him as a mixed sweeper, I'm thinking of running him as a relatively bulky physical sweeper. I plan on breeding Dragon Dance and Thrash into him (Aerilate turns Normal type moves into Flying type moves, so it's basically an Outrage without the uselessness against Fairies) and then I haven't decided on the rest.

As for build, I'm thinking about fully building up his Special Defense to complement his Defense and make him more likely to set up one or two D. Dances and splitting the rest between Speed and Attack.

Though I'm not going to touch EVs until the game comes out and I can confirm his stats.
>> No. 1605071
>> No. 1605073
File 141399459622.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Hmm? No.. I live in the south end of the city.. gov't is in the north end.

They hate us cos we're sending fighter jets to help int he airstrikes against ISIL and we fought in Afghanistan.
>> No. 1605074
File 141399465470.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Not sure if it is.. but it's coordinated and planned out.. not some lone crazy. And well, turbans..
>> No. 1605075
File 141399466351.png - (209.94KB , 448x344 , 130.png )
Sounds like it's going to be a hectic day if this is just a start.
You're out of the downtown?

So going for "I'm taking the damage but you're going to take as much", yes?
>> No. 1605076
File 141399476506.png - (117.57KB , 366x352 , I aint gonna be questing for sex if I aint living in poverty.png )
If you replace 'just as much' with 'twice as much' you've got my basic idea, yeah.

Must be thinking of someone else, or just misremembering.
>> No. 1605078
File 141399484712.jpg - (104.63KB , 1000x953 , 99fork-(n1296166544026).jpg )

I live in the south end.. gov't is in the north edge of the city along the river.. next to Queerbec. I live next to the CN rail yards..


Dashing and Rodent were talking about going downtown once.. maybe you remember that.
>> No. 1605079
File 141399492474.png - (173.06KB , 564x239 , 89.png )
So maybe a status effect mon or the like?

Gotcha, good.
>> No. 1605081
File 141399511091.png - (750.36KB , 900x1045 , ohai.png )
Maybe, but that doesn't ring a bell.

Hm, potentially. Though I do already have a few built in X/Y so that probably wouldn't be necessary.
>> No. 1605083
File 141399515687.png - (126.37KB , 451x343 , 139140203353.png )
We went to Ottawa about two months ago.
>> No. 1605084
File 141399517788.png - (332.53KB , 648x500 , Um, sure, I guess.png )
You can switch them between?
>> No. 1605087
File 141399528911.jpg - (134.14KB , 800x800 , Balloon.jpg )
Yeah, if you get PokeBank which I'm considering investing in this time around.
>> No. 1605088
File 141399529394.jpg - (79.81KB , 832x768 , war189-(n1302425029981).jpg )

YEah.. just saying maybe that's what confused Ahke..
>> No. 1605089
File 141399535619.png - (128.68KB , 219x376 , 106.png )
Ah, gotcha.
>> No. 1605091
File 141399546617.png - (124.54KB , 900x648 , Sweetie scared 2.png )
>> No. 1605092
File 141399550862.png - (54.88KB , 279x193 , yawn.png )
Indeed, anyway I think I'm just going to breed the Salamence and forget the rest. So what are you up to? How long 'til class?
>> No. 1605093
File 141399556969.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )

Just browsing stuff about Payday 2. Have another hour or so 'til next class.
>> No. 1605095
File 141399576503.png - (180.30KB , 501x397 , Cloudchillin.png )
That's a lot of time, what do you usually do between classes?

Did you get my message on Skype?
>> No. 1605096
File 141399584506.png - (250.64KB , 486x390 , 79.png )
This is the only long break I have. Usually just sitting around looking at things on the internet.
>> No. 1605097
File 141399596198.png - (81.58KB , 527x751 , sad 4.png )
ack no such stare

Not till now, sorry. I deactivated the sound on it (being in a group makes it unbearable), so I sometimes don't notice.

And well I'd love to, but I only have three battle-ready and then my bunch from the main playthrough. :p Or, well, I suppose four if I bust out the TMs I need for one of em. So it's up to you if you wanna face a bunch of not-properly-trained mons too

I just dunno if I can right now. Dinner is in a few, and my dad might want to watch a movie, as he often does hwen he doesn't have office work. But I'm down for a battle for sure.
>> No. 1605098
File 141399599699.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )
>> No. 1605099
File 141399605069.png - (248.81KB , 1126x1024 , twipillow.png )
i think that may be too much pizza
>> No. 1605100
File 141399608697.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )
No such thing.
>> No. 1605101
File 141399609527.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )

>I think that is most definitely not enough pizza
>> No. 1605102
File 141399613600.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )
>> No. 1605103
File 141399614804.png - (164.11KB , 900x823 , twifrown.png )

he gonna ded
>> No. 1605104
File 141399617273.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )


Mah homies.. you know how it is.. never enuff.
>> No. 1605105
File 141399618910.png - (917.91KB , 800x1035 , Dem eyes.png )
That's not too bad, the internet is always entertaining!

No worries, I don't even have Skype installed so I just sent the message when I was checking my email (since the two are set up together) and figured I'd check up with you when you appeared here.

If you want, we can do 3vs3 matches. It's really up to you though, I'm just a bit rusty and want to try and get my game back but if you feel your team isn't quite ready that's okay too.

No offense, but this is the top runner for dumbest thing I've heard today.
>> No. 1605106
File 141399621664.jpg - (22.40KB , 479x466 , speaking.jpg )

But what a way to go

WHat it is, what it is
>> No. 1605108
File 141399626937.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )
2 whole pies once. That's the way to go.

Usually. But now a spot of gaming and posting.

>> No. 1605109
File 141399629208.jpg - (74.97KB , 640x725 , twihornspark.jpg )



he gonna ded tho


>> No. 1605111
File 141399631896.jpg - (97.40KB , 786x1017 , 693cd5eede13b1dcaadc360ddb22697f-d74te7w.jpg )



I used to be able to eat 2.. now I can only manage half a Canadian med..

>> No. 1605112
File 141399639472.png - (155.84KB , 587x1362 , Smile 2.png )
Hell, it's barely a "team". I am more or less just breeding and trying to maximize 'mons I like with no real thought of how they fit together as a team. Though, actually, once these next three are fully EV trained and evolved, I think I actually have a fair balance of Walls and Special and Physical Sweepers.

I dunno when I'll get around to finishing that, but when this batch of six is battle ready, I see no reason not to duke it out. Was planning to challenge you when that happened anywho.

u scarin meh
>> No. 1605114
File 141399642927.png - (81.82KB , 820x988 , twiwaffle.png )

Good, don't eat so many pizzas
>> No. 1605115
File 141399645893.png - (103.36KB , 812x985 , If Horus didn't save the Greeks from the Aliens then who did¿.png )
Look man, I'm going to tell it to you straight.
I hate to burst your bubble, but we're all going to die. Every single one of us. Maybe if we're lucky, we can choose how we die and if we're smart we'll choose something pleasant. Would you rather him die happy by consuming the maximum quantity of pizza, or do you want him to die a slow and painful death not knowing who he is or how to operate his own bodily functions in a strange bed being attended by people he doesn't even know with absolutely no idea where his family is and having to know that all his friends are dead?

If you really cared for whoever 'he' is, you'd let him go with the pizza. Hell, you'd encourage him to have more! So, I ask you: Are you a true friend?

So you're multitasking rait nao?
>> No. 1605116
File 141399646408.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )

>> No. 1605117
File 141399651740.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>Eat many pizzas

God, Pisp, all these typos, get your shit together

>> No. 1605118
File 141399652816.gif - (77.98KB , 770x770 , clap.gif )
That's okay, I'll see if maybe Chrome or someone else wants to have a battle until then. Nonetheless feel free to challenge me whenever, I'd happily take you on.

What's the team so far?
>> No. 1605119
File 141399654878.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

But.. I loves pizza.


Science is working on that dying part..

Pizza forever!


Hey.. it's cheaper and I get pizza the next day!
>> No. 1605121
File 141399672369.png - (68.47KB , 488x655 , twiponi.png )

i didn't read all of that but i think i got the gist

and the answer is that it's still 2 much peeza


why haven't i seen a burger that big


me too
>> No. 1605122
File 141399677309.png - (155.84KB , 587x1362 , Smile 2.png )
Diggersby, Gengar, Exploud, Hawlucha, Ampharos (only just bred, so currently a Lvl 1 Mareep) and a Hippowdon (still in the egg).

Like I said, just sort of made a list of 'mons I like in random order and bred them whenever I Found a female one + a compatible male with the right nature. No real rhyme or reason, but it does seem to balance out a bit here.

>> No. 1605123
File 141399679532.png - (160.06KB , 315x304 , Arting-1.png )
Dude, u ignant.

Science won't let us down. It never did.
Except, y'know, with the things we choose to conveniently ignore because it reminds us that science isn't infallible.
>> No. 1605125
File 141399682534.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )
More less, yeah.


Good point
>> No. 1605126
File 141399687190.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )
>> No. 1605127

science technically is infallible, since when anything is known, it is science

so, if science can't stop us from dying, the knowledge that science can't stop us from dying is also science
>> No. 1605128
File 141399689221.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
Well, you only have one redundancy type wise (and I've seen teams with three Dragons make it into the finals of tournaments, so that doesn't matter much anyway) so I'd say you're right - it balances itself out nicely.

'sides, that's all a team should really be. The 'mons you like.
>> No. 1605129
File 141399692951.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
Because the universe is waiting for oyu to make it
your the chosen 1, pesp

Okay, srsl
>> No. 1605130
File 141399693263.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Pizza for forever man.. gotta have faith!


>> No. 1605131
File 141399694838.png - (215.06KB , 386x800 , Bunny ears bring happy years.png )

Yeah, how's it feel biatch?

Sounds distracting.
>> No. 1605132
File 141399699285.png - (39.82KB , 500x549 , Bend over.png )

>Eeps and sluuuurps back!

Only mildly
>> No. 1605133
File 141399702002.png - (91.34KB , 900x846 , 132160140925.png )
>> No. 1605134
File 141399703439.png - (105.48KB , 307x347 , Drinking drink I has.png )
>Pizza for forever
I think you stumbled unto a redundancy there, bud.

We're the favorites, right?
>> No. 1605135

but i'm trying to phase out my burger intake


well, it made me laugh, and i smiled, so... overall pretty good
>> No. 1605136
File 141399708409.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

But.. it sounds so enticing!
>> No. 1605137
File 141399711379.gif - (2.10MB , 448x252 , Glomped.gif )

>> No. 1605138
File 141399713999.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
I made my friend think I had information about Gen 7 when I made a joke and now I feel bad.

Wow dude, sounds like I kind of rock.
>> No. 1605139
File 141399714386.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Yeah, a bit much Ground here (Earthquake, muthafucka), but oh well. I like the team. And as you know, that's my philosophy. TOo bad like half of what I want is stuff I need from Friend Safari's I don't got, booo.

fak u imma go eat and u better behave when i et back

>> No. 1605140
File 141399714975.png - (318.84KB , 900x1328 , 131758730043.png )
>> No. 1605142
File 141399720513.png - (95.00KB , 751x577 , Filly Do and her hat.png )
See yas

>> No. 1605143

little bit, at least (i think you're plenty awesome, just for clarification)

you should appleogize


i miss cheese

Last edited at Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 10:01

>> No. 1605144
File 141399738722.png - (0.97MB , 900x1214 , By the heavens will I shall excavate the meteorite from the salivating she-beast that is Seattle.png )
There are always those Facebook groups where you can exchange Friend Codes with people for the sole purpose of collecting Friend Safaris.

Ground is a nice type to double up on, Earthquake is a powerhouse move and they tend to be pretty diverse.

I can't argue with that.

On the game?

Flattery will get you nowhere.
I mean it'd get you everywhere, but seeing as there's no benefits I can grant out to people it won't.

If I appleogize, can we berry the hatchet?
>> No. 1605145
File 141399743465.png - (118.13KB , 188x315 , 205.png )
Sure, let's go with that
>> No. 1605146

i love puns

and you have your time to offer, which is worth a lot
>> No. 1605147
File 141399749537.png - (50.29KB , 273x248 , Gasp!.png )
>> No. 1605149
File 141399765773.gif - (42.12KB , 200x200 , I ain't even mad.gif )
>> No. 1605152
File 141399790974.jpg - (179.36KB , 600x600 , Arbok Charmer.jpg )
I think my unemployment status would beg to differ, as I'd surely be making more than $0 an hour if I were worth anything - but wise assery aside, thanks. If you're being genuine I actually appreciate that. You seem nice to have around too, just noticed you don't pop in too much.

I can't tell if I should be offended or not.
>> No. 1605154
File 141399805381.png - (199.82KB , 936x1024 , twismile8.png )

i wouldn't say a nice things if i didn't 100% mean it

and just because you don't make money doesn't mean your time isn't worth something

you're choosing to be here, and spend time out of your life responding to me

that means something!
>> No. 1605156
File 141399816662.png - (9.63KB , 193x290 , 467a7e96fe4d72eecc97fe01e3056fbc.png )
>> No. 1605158
File 141399828999.png - (102.24KB , 207x265 , twihmm.png )

[listens intently]
>> No. 1605161
File 141399834829.png - (188.67KB , 721x900 , VS602.png )
ayy lmao

wutup peesp
>> No. 1605162
File 141399835720.png - (750.36KB , 900x1045 , ohai.png )
Well thank you.
So how's your day going so far?

>> No. 1605163
File 141399838439.png - (63.49KB , 199x332 , VS539.png )

Enjoying Lost?
>> No. 1605164
File 141399839829.jpg - (113.24KB , 1024x768 , twiapple.jpg )

why is that meme still alive

i'm pretty apple today, you?
>> No. 1605166

I'm aiight I guess. Gotta take care of some business today, but thought I'd drop in to see how thread was holding up for a bit.
>> No. 1605168
File 141399848786.jpg - (79.69KB , 524x433 , twicatface.jpg )

my day isn't going anywhere really
>> No. 1605170
File 141399852322.png - (765.45KB , 800x700 , twibubbly.png )

what kinda business?
>> No. 1605171
File 141399852499.png - (352.17KB , 571x657 , I want to hold a mirror up to society and then win the record for worlds largest mirror.png )
I've honestly only been squeezing in about an episode every two or three days..

I'm not hating it, but the pacing has gone to shit and I'm not too happy with the direction it's taking. I mean I'm not hating it, but it's making me skeptical.

I'm pretty much just watching it for my crush on Juliet and 'cause Sayid is a baws.

What've you been up to?
>> No. 1605173
Finally getting off my butt and doing something about my lack of employment. Gotta get back in touch with some contacts that I've ignored because of my break from my last job, finish profile building on some career sites. I've put it off too long and I just hope it isn't too late.

What season are you on? Still 1?

Not much. Trying to take better care of myself. I don't think going for my jogs on an empty stomach have been among the best of my ideas.
>> No. 1605175
File 141399877626.png - (62.46KB , 242x313 , Happeh!.png )
No silly, you underestimate my marathoning abilities!
If I recall correctly, I'm on episode seven of season four.

Isn't that essentially what you're supposed to do? Or am I just misunderstanding?

Sounds relaxing, just a laid back day then?
>> No. 1605177
File 141399879142.png - (64.96KB , 1024x1024 , lurkstare.png )
How are you?
>> No. 1605182
Haha, I don't usually assume people crack out on shows like I do.

Yeah, S3-4 is about where I stopped caring. Just realized it was kind of doing its best to keep the show interesting and on the air rather than actually having a direction.

And no, not really. Ideally, you have something healthy and packed with protein and carbs but low fat, and wait an hour or so for it to digest, THEN go running. You REALLY don't want to go for strenuous exercise immediately after eating because that will fuck you up. But going with nothing in your system means you run out of energy much faster, which I think is responsible for my last 2 bad times.
>> No. 1605187
File 141399933283.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
I has food in my tummy nao
>> No. 1605188
File 141399943433.png - (274.53KB , 900x810 , Soon the battleships will be off to defend the worlds greatest tea party.png )
I've got all the ingredients for it man, an obsessive personality and all the time in the world.

I was skeptical about it getting as bad as you seemed to suggest, but honestly the pacing is really making it difficult to care. Season three still had some structure to the plot where it made it easier to stay attached, but once four rolled around everything started to feel really disjointed and spread apart. I initially had the impression that everything about Lost was laid out well in advance, but I'm starting to cross over to your side and think that might not be the case - I mean, surely the first half is surprisingly elaborate but afterwards it really does start to feel like it's just trying to stay afloat. As I said, I'm only still watching it for interesting characters - but I'm not invested in the story anymore.

Ah, understandable. I was told once that since running boosts your metabolism, it's best to go in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast. Then again, they weren't exactly runners so it could've just been typical regurgitation of popscience assumptions on the internet. The way you describe it sounds much more appropriate and beneficial, though.

That's not where that belongs.
>> No. 1605189
File 141399949586.png - (460.36KB , 1250x900 , Mother_Celestia_at_breakfast.png )
Good! food IS important
>> No. 1605190
File 141399950242.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
It is so, shaddap
>> No. 1605191
File 141399953261.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
I got told.
>> No. 1605194
File 141399967345.png - (147.82KB , 918x871 , Angry Belle 2.png )
All the important

Hell yeah you did.
Recognize, bitch
>> No. 1605195
>> No. 1605196
I feel like the show just fell prey to the ratings police. It could have been a wonderfully intricate and well planned story, and in the beginning it was, but it was on a major network and people were crying for MORE DRAMA because apparently Dawson's Creek and Gossip Girl just aren't enough for them, so the writers felt like they had to focus on the people rather than the plot. And this is why I stopped watching television, because that's basically all that happens anymore.

Before/after eating has been a point of major contention among experts for a while now. There are benefits to both, but it really comes down to your body and how each makes you feel. For some people, running on an empty stomach just feels better. I feel like shit if I do it and don't get as far.
>> No. 1605200
File 141399998445.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
You may be right, honestly I was always under the impression Lost was one of those rare shows that were just left to their own devices and that the only real influence was perhaps seasonal renewals. Still, as a late responder to the series my perspective is lacking since I'm just looking at it from the outside after it's all come and gone. It's a pity though, it started out with the potential to be one of the greatest series' I've seen - and then it just.. became this.

Ah, I suppose it's just more personalized than I originally thought. I know when I was cycling relatively regularly, I preferred doing it on an empty stomach if I went in the morning but if it were in the afternoon I essentially went an hour or two after eating like you mentioned. Then again I'm usually not very hungry in the morning anyway, so that probably factors in.

When'd you turn into a mean Dr Snoop?
>> No. 1605201
File 141400007118.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
>Turn into
What do you mean, I've always been like this Akherousia, who I know because I am the real Esh
>> No. 1605207
File 141400024521.jpg - (153.67KB , 1280x853 , Thats a deal breaker ladies!.jpg )
Whelp, I'm convinced!
>> No. 1605208
Yeah. I had a lot of hope for the forest chamber and mystery number. Some Bioshock Rapture shit going on. But then just... Bleh. And the ending I just. I won't spoiler anything, but I just... I can't.

Pretty much everything about your body is and should be personalized. Diet, exercise routine, medications that work, it's all stuff that really is dependent on your body, and experts are only recently starting to realize this. We'll never rid ourselves of the 50's style THIS ONE WEIRD DIET LETS YOU EAT EVERYTHING YOU WANT AND LOSE EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS IN FOUR HOURS clickbaiting, but the experts are starting to accept that everyone's body needs something different.
>> No. 1605211
File 141400050087.png - (206.30KB , 523x719 , Meet me in my (un)dressing room_.png )
I agree, though honestly I wasn't disappointed with how the chamber played out - it wasn't what I expected, but I thought it was a great angle to take and a lot of good came of it. As for the number.. well, yeah.. that kind of just.. disappeared.

>Everything should be personalized
Fiiine, I'll start getting an abnormal amount of tattoos and piercings then.
>> No. 1605213
File 141400053767.png - (80.66KB , 955x1063 , Insane.png )
Of course you are convinced, friend Akherousia. Why would you not be? There is no reason to suspect any thing wrong, for I am the Esh you have always known and am behaving no differently.
>> No. 1605218
File 141400063637.png - (156.94KB , 316x293 , Arting-2.png )
Okay, now you're starting to raise some red flags. Which country are you from, Esh?
>> No. 1605220
Hey, your body is a temple. Why let it be plain and boring? Temples are supposed to be majestic, awe-inspiring, and lushly decorated. What are you waiting for? :P
>> No. 1605223
File 141400078057.jpg - (108.38KB , 550x550 , Surprise used Brick Break!.jpg )
More like a warehouse, considering the size of my storage compartment
>> No. 1605228
File 141400098088.png - (150.66KB , 1191x670 , oh no i fell over and put my bum in the air whatever shall i do.png )
Why Akhe, I am Dutch of course
>> No. 1605232
It isn't the size of the warehouse that matters, it's what you put in it ;D
>> No. 1605244
File 141400153197.png - (160.06KB , 315x304 , Arting-1.png )
Okay, everything seems to be in order. You might laugh at this, but I actually thought you may have been an imposter!

To quote Louis CK: High octane crap.
>> No. 1605247
File 141400164931.png - (474.84KB , 2841x3137 , hug me.png )
Why that is silly. You are being silly. Akherousia, my friend.

>> No. 1605254
File 141400192612.png - (156.94KB , 316x293 , Arting-2.png )
..what was that? Did you say something?
>> No. 1605258
File 141400199075.png - (155.84KB , 587x1362 , Smile 2.png )
Nothing. Nothing at all.

>> No. 1605264
File 141400240884.jpg - (60.83KB , 506x500 , This may be fun now but I plan on dropping you onto a cactus as soon as the opportunity comes up.jpg )
Okay. So how's that legalized marijuana treating you, Holland?
>> No. 1605266
File 141400247424.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Errbody high all da tiem
>> No. 1605269
Now that I'm over the fact my dog is gone, I guess it's ok to post normally.

OP is very lucky I had pizza yesterday.

Going ok, aside from the obvious. Did some cleaning today, not much else. How is everyone?
>> No. 1605271
File 141400282785.gif - (2.63MB , 600x338 , Mother_Celestiia_Nuzzles.gif )
>> No. 1605272
File 141400289615.png - (160.23KB , 370x379 , 135044543818.png )
>> No. 1605273
File 141400293513.jpg - (240.44KB , 812x862 , Resting it esasy.jpg )
i hope that you can take it easy this afternoon/evening
>> No. 1605274
File 141400293482.png - (474.84KB , 2841x3137 , hug me.png )
So cute. Right until creepy little Spike hand.
But I wanna hug too
>> No. 1605275
File 141400302395.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
aaH SI!! i never thought of that ;_;
>> No. 1605278
File 141400317644.png - (134.26KB , 500x350 , 135145553824.png )
I plan too, I just mopped up the floors. Maybe I'll play some single player COD Ghosts or something.

Was gonna play online CS, but disconnected to see the dog before he left. :c

Hugs an Eshie!
>> No. 1605280
File 141400325769.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
You are such an great house care taker ^^
Ah, joining the circus i see~
>> No. 1605281
I think that's what Spike was about to say
>> No. 1605282
File 141400339097.png - (138.65KB , 1375x1778 , Ebon_Topaz_VectorOther03.png )
Hey there, everypony.

Just as a heads-up, I might drop out suddenly. My mouse broke yesterday, so now I'm using my laptop's wireless mouse. Unfortunately however, it's low on batteries, and my brother didn't buy new ones like I asked him to.

So how is everypony doing today?
>> No. 1605283
File 141400344626.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
aaw, sorry to hear bout the mouse.
>> No. 1605284
File 141400351457.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
y u so anon


Always fun when that shit happens.
Nothing at all, really. Had meeting at town hall, das about it.
>> No. 1605285
sorry.... not really feeling the best. and decided to slow lurk... or something
>> No. 1605286
File 141400360632.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 130546848615.png )

Nuuuu! No online, so no circus tonight. :P Will admit I am enjoying its campaign though. I also like the MW3 one too. I play more than just online/multiplayer with the two CODs I have (the third one I have the original 2003 COD, but can't play until I get a CD drive). ;) Though, I do love how Ghosts has an offline bots option. :P


Eh, little Rocky had to be put down this morning. :( I'm doing ok otherwise. Just cleaned and plan to relax for the rest of the day.

Alright, understood!

So how's Eshie?
>> No. 1605287
File 141400368910.png - (63.20KB , 900x468 , Mother_Celestaia_nuzzles.png )
for my friends!
aaw, no circus then ^^; However im glad to hear or, read that you enjoying the campaigns.
offline bots?
how generous of them
>> No. 1605288
File 141400386636.gif - (833.91KB , 145x110 , Nomnom.gif )
>mia faccia quando today
>> No. 1605289
File 141400389952.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
what´s wrong?
>> No. 1605290
Yup! When I visit the circus, I never take it seriously. :P Indeed, I still like my single player stuff. I was playing part of the Condition Zero campaign earlier for a bit.

Eeyup, MW3 lacks it (Wii version is online multiplayer only, offline single player campaign), Ghosts on Wii U has "local play" for split screen, entering it with just one player allows you to set up bots for offline circus fun. :P
>> No. 1605291
File 141400395312.jpg - (124.74KB , 780x649 , 1407283686428.jpg )
Today is like a wtf day.
Like really.
>> No. 1605292
File 141400402035.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
No apologizin' I was just asking.

I'm okay. I have done absolutely nothing all day but go to a meeting, play Pokémon and have a nap...
>> No. 1605293
im not sure if the game CAN be taken seriously?
i this brings me back to good ol CS1.6 with bots

join all the fun then!

plus i don´t want to bother people as i have been doing lately. so thus anon+ lurking
>> No. 1605294
File 141400410090.png - (107.49KB , 447x447 , EbonTopaz_JitterbugArt02.png )

Hey Ponny. Why are you Anon tonight?


Heh, it's okay. I can check for batteries again tomorrow, and once I've done that I can just order a new mouse online.


I know, right? It's a good thing that I'm not working at home.

Ohh, I see! What kind of meeting?


Oh no... I'm truly sorry to hear that, Snowy. My condolences.


I'm glad to hear that you're taking it well, at least.


Hey Marv. What's the matter?
>> No. 1605295
File 141400417598.png - (285.23KB , 1064x1024 , Mother_Celestia_sleeping_at_the_table.png )
been anon for some day...
stupid reasons...
wish ya the best.
find one good comfortable mouse.
i had one great old logitech. but sadly thunderstorm nommed on it.
>> No. 1605296
File 141400420785.gif - (937.45KB , 500x283 , 143529l2fH3SWh.gif )
>> No. 1605297
File 141400423082.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
Ouch, im so sorry to hear this
>> No. 1605300
File 141400435063.gif - (1.50MB , 500x500 , 140236635574.gif )
yay! So pretty much this aside from the meeting

Eeyup. CZ is CS with bots and objectives to complete. May not be an epic "HL2 level" campaign, but still fun. It's even Valve's lowest rated game, big deal I love playing Sonic Genesis for GBA.

It's ok, he's no longer in pain *hugs*

Trying to, was sad for about an hour after.
>> No. 1605301
File 141400436617.png - (110.08KB , 800x1043 , EbonTopaz_MissyArt01.png )

I see... I hope you'll be able to go back to your username again soon. It's always difficult for me to make out which Anon is who, if multiple Anons are around.

A thunderstorm ruined your mouse? That's odd. How could it fry just your mouse without frying your computer and several sockets?
>> No. 1605303
File 141400443492.png - (723.45KB , 1366x768 , Happy.png )
No bother.

Sort of had to go explain why I am on sickness welfare and diagnosed as depressive, to help me get out on the job market faster.

They're going to put me in contact with a little company that finds somewhere I can get some kind of competence-releant part-time internship while still getting my sickness, to give me some sense of worth (since a large part of my depression is feeling worthless, hobby wise and on the job market) and experience to put on my resume.

It just kinda broke my mood, since naturaly, having meetings like this means digging up all the bad shit again
>> No. 1605304
I got it.... PonnAnon! It rhymes :3
>> No. 1605307
thanks... and when it´s more then one anon i just staying in the background.
understandable. but im going to keep with the celestia posting/interstate 76 posting.
+ mu odd english typing.

yea, that what i think about it as well ;_;
might try search for it on second hand

all the bothers...

that´s adorable cute, but if going back to name. i stick with doofs thank you though *hugs*
>> No. 1605310
File 141400454973.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
That'd be it. Not that that makes me particularly happy.
>> No. 1605313
File 141400458720.png - (291.48KB , 1216x1631 , EbonTopaz_SpottedArt01.png )

What do you mean? What happened?


Understandably so. I can't imagine what it's like to have your pet put down...

I hope he's in a better place.
>> No. 1605315
File 141400463935.png - (220.80KB , 877x912 , Hug.png )
None of them. Dun tell yourself otherwise.
>> No. 1605317
File 141400473612.jpg - (49.38KB , 256x256 , 1396592182681.jpg )
Eh..I tried to talk to some people today, but I got ignored.
Hell, I even think I heard some laughing from them.
>> No. 1605321
Yaaaaay! Doofs! It's like Doofensmirtz... mmm haven't seen Phineas and Ferb in some time, gonna pop in a DVD one night Welcome *hugs*

Alright then. Any plans for the evening?

Indeed, I'm speechless and nervious, mom is hysterical crying and feeling sorry for yelling at him, though she's calm now.
>> No. 1605322
File 141400491241.gif - (39.92KB , 544x427 , EbonTopaz_PonywiseArt01.gif )

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that... I hope it'll help you out in the end, though. Getting some form of employment might help you with not dwelling on your depression too much.


Heh, alright. I'll do my best to keep an eye on it.

I hope you'll find something good. Secondhand mouses aren't commonly the best ones... I owned the one I used since yesterday for a grand total of two months.
>> No. 1605323
File 141400491804.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
None. Watch a movie in a few, I guess.
>> No. 1605326
File 141400498723.png - (47.17KB , 177x244 , Mistake'd.png )
Sometimes when I listen to Dark Tranquillity for too long I get lost in thought..

That's kind of what just happened and I fell out.
>> No. 1605327
File 141400505650.png - (140.49KB , 900x886 , laaawl.png )
That's the plan. And to give me some semblance of a feeling of worth. Cause right now I have next to none.

It'll happen when you come across something interesting enough.
>> No. 1605328
File 141400511655.png - (171.05KB , 899x888 , 141359536496.png )
Sounds good Esh!
>> No. 1605329
File 141400515961.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
I suppose. And I need to decide on some movies for saturday, too. Still have only settled on one.
>> No. 1605330
File 141400522192.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
You'd think such intimate familiarity would keep it from happening, but evidently not.
>> No. 1605331
File 141400531364.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
WOuldn't that just be proof of its quality or at least attraction though?
>> No. 1605332
File 141400535324.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
Quality. Distractibility. It proves a lot of things.
>> No. 1605333
File 141400540477.png - (88.32KB , 423x423 , EbonTopaz_JitterbugArt01.png )

That's harsh... The best thing I can advice you is to try and ignore it. If they're laughing at you for just trying to make friends, then they're probably not the kind of people that deserve your attention.


At least I'm certain that he's lived a good life with your family. That's what matters most in the end, isn't it?


Wouldn't be the first time I fell out due to those kinds of things!
>> No. 1605334
File 141400542008.png - (207.88KB , 1600x1310 , Ooooh.png )
I still chalk this up as a good thing.
>> No. 1605335
File 141400547520.png - (905.54KB , 1280x1024 , sleeping.png )
too late esh... far to late
but thank you

Just that one i had on mind when given my self that name ^^; same as here. i haven´t watched any ep in like.. forever do that, sounds like an great dvd time plan!

Don´t stress yourself now, ok?
well, im defending this mouse! i don´t want any second hand mouse... but if i can´t find one new...
i really need to replace the gears im having

whelp, it´s past 9 pm. so i better jump into bed and get some sleep.
you all amazing people do take acre, ok?
>> No. 1605336
File 141400552698.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Nah. You're not a bother and shouldn't be telling yourself. Never too late to hear things like that.
>> No. 1605337
File 141400554800.png - (65.61KB , 432x661 , Heart.png )
Well of course, they're not my favorite without good reason

Seems too easy sometimes.

Wild Headache appeared.
I think I'm going to run off, cheers folks.
>> No. 1605338
File 141400558535.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 130546848615.png )
Which one may that be?

That's what matters. ^^

Yaaaay a pony and Phineas and Ferb fan! Same, which is why I want to watch a DVD of it. ^^

Nai nai
>> No. 1605339
File 141400558561.png - (187.11KB , 791x1010 , omygosh.png )
Get better, Akhe.
>> No. 1605341
File 141400613779.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
A spanish werewolf comedy called Game of Werewolves that I saw at the Bloody Weekend festival two years ago. It's bloody and hilarious.

I need to pick at least two more that are more in the scary end. One that goes for shocks, one that goes for the creepiness. And with different subjects, of course, so the same monster doesn't pop up several times. I want different moods, different beasts and different time periods. Make each film as different from the other as possible.
>> No. 1605342
File 141400614210.gif - (423.53KB , 267x200 , 1407462391911.gif )
>> No. 1605343
File 141400619263.gif - (39.92KB , 544x427 , EbonTopaz_PonywiseArt01.gif )

See you later, Ponny. Sleep well!


Take care, Akhe! I hope you'll feel better soon.


So it is.

Here, maybe this series may cheer you up a bit. []
>> No. 1605344
File 141400630725.png - (198.92KB , 721x950 , EbonTopaz_KatAndFriendsArt01.png )

I like showers. They're nice and warm.

>> No. 1605350
What I get for going away from compy for a snack...

Hehe, sounds fun even if I never heard of it.

Hmm, I don't think we have too many scary movies in this house, at least ones I can think of. There is Young Frankenstein, but that's not scary, that's Mel Brooks. :D


Beautiful love story there! XD
>> No. 1605353
File 141400703465.gif - (455.71KB , 300x267 , EbonTopaz_JapkoArt02.gif )

It's only parts of the real podcasts, but the animations just make it so much funnier!
>> No. 1605354
Ah, kind of like when someone animates Game Grumps.
>> No. 1605358
File 141400730090.png - (49.91KB , 515x696 , Ebon_Topaz_Vector11.png )

Exactly! Now that you mention it, I haven't seen any Game Grumps animations in too long...
>> No. 1605361
I still need to finish watching their epic Sonic 06 quest... or as far as they got anyway. XD
>> No. 1605365
File 141400768106.png - (187.11KB , 791x1010 , omygosh.png )
Oh, lots of laugh to be had with that one. But we already got too much "funny" on the program. Need to pick at least two scary ones, possibly a third depending on how many we'll have the energy for.

Always good for some timekilling
>> No. 1605369
File 141400791560.png - (566.98KB , 2048x2304 , 136780136051.png )
Indeed. Can't think of too many scary ones though. This one just came to mind, I remember seeing it when we had TV. Fraility...

Ever seen it, I can't remember it too much, but I do remember something creepy about it.
>> No. 1605375
File 141400807672.png - (23.75KB , 245x296 , Is that in her ass.png )
>> No. 1605380
File 141400823308.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Can't say I know it.

>> No. 1605381
Cry Baby Lane is something you should consider, esh
>> No. 1605382
File 141400829147.png - (31.62KB , 459x707 , Jiggling Gigalo.png )
>> No. 1605386
File 141400839141.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Dun have it
What it is

Oh! Such lewd dancing!
>> No. 1605388
File 141400840885.jpg - (94.27KB , 848x942 , 136780012449_png.jpg )
Alright then. Hmm, I think I may need to check to see if it's on Netflix. Sure do remember it being creepy.
>> No. 1605390

Watch it on youtube

A Nickelodeon horror film
>> No. 1605393
File 141400854241.gif - (768.35KB , 500x340 , 1406221467857.gif )
>> No. 1605394
File 141400855245.png - (22.56KB , 219x205 , Jesus Christ I love apples.png )

How are you doing?
>> No. 1605399
File 141400867311.png - (384.98KB , 1600x2617 , happy 2.png )
Really now? Directed at children?

I'm okay, I guess. Done nothing worth mentioning all day. Now just put on Warlock 2 for my daily horror movie this month...

>> No. 1605403

families and their children

it's also actually pretty creepy, in spite of that

i think you'd like it
>> No. 1605404
File 141400879084.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , Everything went better than expected.png )

Just got home from work. I wasn't supposed to be in the deli, but they came up to me all like "Can you fill in for the deli? There's people missing." So I was all like "There's gonna be another person missing every hour until you pull me out of the deli." And they're like "What?" So I said "Yes, I can go help in the deli."
>> No. 1605405
File 141400882094.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , Smile.png )
I looked it up. SOmething about the ghosts of siamese twins, huh? Yeah, it might be good.

Though hearing the words "family-friendly horror" makes me want to watch The Hole again.
>> No. 1605406
File 141400884894.png - (566.98KB , 2048x2304 , 136780136051.png )
Going to be off, din din soon. Laters

>rolls away
>> No. 1605409

it's interesting, regardless
>> No. 1605410
File 141400890519.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Did another person go missing in the deli every hour while you were there?
>> No. 1605413
File 141400894071.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Dun doubt it. Just threw Warlock 2 in for now, tho.
>> No. 1605414
File 141400894956.gif - (570.13KB , 600x600 , twistairs.gif )

>mfw rolls away

Last edited at Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 13:17

>> No. 1605415

is there a warlock 3
>> No. 1605416
File 141400903916.png - (25.00KB , 785x872 , 327729__safe_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack.png )

No, but it was tempting.
>> No. 1605418
File 141400911755.png - (350.57KB , 696x644 , Rock.png )
There is. Supposedly sucks. And I dunno much about this one. But hey, I like the first Warlock, so might as well watch the other two.

Do it next time.
>> No. 1605419

i wish you could work somewhere nicer for you
>> No. 1605420

i hope you enjoy it
>> No. 1605426
File 141400923271.jpg - (13.33KB , 335x335 , Despair.jpg )

Well I'm still inching over there. The two hours I spent in maintenance were nice. I really missed that sort of job.

>> No. 1605428

so you might be moving somewhere less terrible?
>> No. 1605429
File 141400931064.png - (409.20KB , 4000x3400 , ohai.png )
As do I. It's already really deliciously nineties. And getting fucked up pretty fast, from the looks of it.
>> No. 1605430
File 141400932843.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1605431
File 141400939548.jpg - (300.00KB , 1047x1024 , twilove.jpg )

that sounds fun


>> No. 1605432
File 141400949262.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Considering the Warlock has appeared within the first 15 minutes by apparently somehow demonically impregnating some poor, unsuspecting woman and being born on the spot, it certainly isn't wasting any time.
>> No. 1605433
File 141400952583.png - (13.75KB , 345x382 , I feel the cosmos.png )

Yeah, as far as I know I'm still slated for a permanent transfer to maintenance. It's just slow.
>> No. 1605437
File 141400963608.jpg - (139.17KB , 723x1024 , twiabook.jpg )

that image with those words


thank goodness
>> No. 1605440
File 141400982586.png - (41.84KB , 195x247 , ummm.png )
>> No. 1605441
File 141400987688.png - (384.98KB , 1600x2617 , happy 2.png )
You say that like it's surprising, coming from me.

>> No. 1605445



nah, but it's something i love about you
>> No. 1605446
File 141400996356.jpg - (181.87KB , 486x750 , foxy peeking over.jpg )
Can I come in?
>> No. 1605447

'course you can
>> No. 1605448
File 141401006957.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Oh u.
Watapwith pesp

Foxanon is welcome.
>> No. 1605451

playing some arcade games
>> No. 1605453
File 141401017171.png - (61.88KB , 736x1085 , Sweetie yay.png )
Which ones?
>> No. 1605455
File 141401020779.jpg - (206.91KB , 1600x1000 , tea party.jpg )
Man, you guys need some serious spelling lessons!
>> No. 1605456
File 141401020907.gif - (1.78MB , 400x213 , 82065209.gif )
>> No. 1605458

taito games

they're designed a lot differently than other arcade games of that era

more emphasis on skill than quarter sucking

Bubble Bobble, Gladiator, Ninja Kids, etc.
>> No. 1605459
File 141401024783.jpg - (131.70KB , 550x688 , 1eed37be02409af90f335f7a0aea18f2.jpg )
Why on my day off is there no one to game with?>
>> No. 1605461
File 141401029387.jpg - (159.42KB , 500x331 , tumblr_mugz9nUYGy1rhe8jbo1_500.jpg )

Tell me about your day.
>> No. 1605463
File 141401038663.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1605464

that image is wonderful


hi! how are you


sorry to hear;-; play a single player game?


no u
>> No. 1605465
File 141401042821.png - (499.64KB , 1024x768 , stare.png )


Because your day off is inferior!

>> No. 1605467
File 141401047299.png - (912.91KB , 1920x1080 , displeased stare.png )
wait, that's not a good comeback at all
>> No. 1605468
File 141401047399.png - (172.30KB , 849x941 , 131395990220.png )
Nuh-uh, just using nicknames

Of those, I only know Bubble Bobble.
>> No. 1605469
File 141401049412.jpg - (224.38KB , 500x500 , 79d9889d97f4971ac8639770aca92145.jpg )
Halloween tf2 time
You're inferior
>> No. 1605470
File 141401052610.png - (1.06MB , 1345x1600 , lying.png )

I think that is what I do best!
>> No. 1605472
File 141401057516.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
There's nothing to tell.

Meeting, pokemans and now watching a movie. Das all.
>> No. 1605473

why thank you


join a random game


s'okay, the others are a little out there


be nice to yourself
>> No. 1605474
File 141401060515.jpg - (709.12KB , 1280x914 , large.jpg )
Pretty good. Just got Civ:BE preloaded.
how are you?

>> No. 1605477
File 141401068462.jpg - (405.65KB , 818x578 , 04c91c9a2576612320b9757439130013.jpg )
Well...good job
Already did
>> No. 1605481
File 141401073812.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x590 , sweetie bell gonna sweet.jpg )
Truth and nothing but

Oh well.
>> No. 1605482
File 141401074578.png - (139.68KB , 675x774 , corsette.png )

Na, that'd be boring.


I know right?
>> No. 1605484
File 141401083517.png - (687.53KB , 1280x768 , tumblr_ncxxlqHsvb1s3uinro1_1280.png )
I'm sorry I'll be home in like 7 hours tho ;-;
>> No. 1605488
Stop ddoing that.

>PLaying parasprite demo
>Sticky jumper, base jumper, and eyelander
>Ride of the Valkyries plays in background from playlist
Yes...Yes! They all die now
You get your home ass home.
I brought the furry back from the dead
>> No. 1605489
File 141401090885.png - (716.68KB , 1250x1768 , 140138795179.png )
>> No. 1605491
File 141401093871.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>> No. 1605493
File 141401102952.png - (394.10KB , 1027x778 , nightmareishy.png )
Nothing butt? How does that exist? :o


Hows it going?
>> No. 1605494
File 141401104395.jpg - (108.99KB , 1360x768 , 220200_screenshots_2013-07-17_00001.jpg )
I made a spaec shup
>> No. 1605495
File 141401107288.png - (474.84KB , 2841x3137 , hug me.png )
That's a medical condition, actually. Having no ass.
>> No. 1605496
File 141401109323.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )
>> No. 1605497
File 141401111318.jpg - (102.55KB , 850x637 , sample_b27fdd81397149f177ef57cbb9198c67.jpg )
No idea
>> No. 1605498
File 141401114054.gif - (123.03KB , 204x157 , C1gzocv.gif )
go sex omm
>> No. 1605499
File 141401114232.png - (80.96KB , 300x300 , ahhaa.png )
That can't be balanced!

Does it instantly go to your face then? :o

No lurk!

Das bad.
>> No. 1605501
File 141401117820.png - (313.27KB , 1746x2614 , Sweetie sad 4.png )
No, it means you have to wear fake buttcheeks to avoid massive pain.
>> No. 1605502
File 141401119449.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

y not tho!
>> No. 1605503
File 141401119878.png - (354.52KB , 1000x1000 , Smiles!.png )
>> No. 1605505
File 141401124189.png - (156.23KB , 1024x1024 , elle.png )
Yes it can.

I'd beat your meat~
>> No. 1605508
File 141401129784.jpg - (34.04KB , 600x499 , WAT.jpg )
>> No. 1605509
File 141401132314.jpg - (94.24KB , 723x800 , 140114616517.jpg )
Ello Esh, wassup?

Going good, got about 30min before work. So im just bummin',
how are you?

i c u

Not true at all
>> No. 1605512
File 141401140860.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x590 , sweetie bell gonna sweet.jpg )
Watchin' Warlock 2. Did nothing worthwhile all day.
>> No. 1605514
File 141401144024.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

Hello again!

I have no clue what that's about, heh.



My lurks are too epic
>> No. 1605517
File 141401145769.jpg - (111.58KB , 900x1275 , nightmare_moon_by_iopichio-d4v4ups.jpg )
Wouldn't it be possible to make another one from fat and skin tissue?

Is boring!

That's all lies there!

But.. It has massive balls!

How long will work be going?
I'm just derping around I guess.
>> No. 1605518
File 141401147982.jpg - (804.75KB , 1446x1310 , d7c5d6a501e2a8c2a8bd8f7334e09380.jpg )
>> No. 1605520
File 141401148861.png - (102.84KB , 834x524 , Laxing.png )
And here we see the full spectrum of possible responses to such a statement!
>> No. 1605524
File 141401154214.png - (118.94KB , 700x651 , ponpone.png )
clearly you've had no experiencing balancing rockets before!

pls tho?

hai akheakhe
>> No. 1605528
ehh, it's just one of those days. I feel like doing nothing but being forced to anyway.
Just chillin before work. still laughing at the people on 8chan

not since the nerf.

I'll be at work til probably midnight. Gotta love closing! But i got no school or work tomorrow, so yay!
that's cool, what you been derpin?

>> No. 1605529
File 141401160686.png - (218.65KB , 800x794 , sitting around.png )
So, wasup?

Nope, it's not my primary job!
>> No. 1605531
File 141401164644.png - (154.92KB , 1024x1024 , ermaigeeerrrdddd.png )
What is your primary job?
>> No. 1605533
File 141401166008.png - (22.41KB , 255x223 , glassess.png )
Well that's good at least.
About.. Nothing. Yes, that's the one!
>> No. 1605535
File 141401169212.jpg - (106.36KB , 600x800 , 141144328095.jpg )
I'll sex you
tf2 cause Halloween time
>> No. 1605536
File 141401171542.jpg - (5.05KB , 236x29 , tumblr_nczk6ir8Hy1s3uinro1_250.jpg )
I need to see it.

I also need to bring back Disturbed spoo

>> No. 1605537
File 141401171861.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

I'm boring! So it fits!

For instance: most people, like, listen to music or something. That's varied and interesting. Whereas what I'm listening to is my beer fermenting tank bubble. It ceaselessly sings of promise


What's gotten nerfed now? My ability to get topics to talk about has been in a need of a buff forever!
>> No. 1605538
File 141401172338.png - (62.98KB , 512x512 , wut.png )
no pls
>> No. 1605543
File 141401178190.png - (153.02KB , 1024x1024 , elle3.png )
go sex viris.
>> No. 1605544
File 141401178612.jpg - (98.12KB , 850x750 , sample_3a796e462cf98e4c2da638ac52c8c357.jpg )
Does demoman have a tail?
If so, I need it.
No sex then
>> No. 1605547

Truly fascinating

It's every day for me.
What's on 8chan?
>> No. 1605548
File 141401183045.png - (821.99KB , 800x1825 , moonlit_reflection_by_cainescroll-d5ap7bl.png )
I'm a professional professionalist.

You mean it's no longer broken? :p

Don't let it steep for too long or it'll go bad!

But, but..
>> No. 1605550
File 141401189040.png - (157.02KB , 1024x1024 , elle2.png )
sounds like poopie
>> No. 1605552
File 141401196725.jpg - (589.28KB , 1400x1980 , f4cc2f7fefc322f74390145142ff642d.jpg )
It has been fixed.
Already got one hat
>> No. 1605556
yup, I get to sleep in and chill in my socks.
Woa :o

Everything got nerfed. SOE will get to that in 2016, just gotta wait until they release new hats

technically, everything. I lurk a draw thread on /furry/ and posted a butt last night. People had silly responses.
>> No. 1605558
File 141401204982.png - (83.01KB , 182x404 , Hi There.png )
How's it going?

No they're truths I promise!

I'm quite efficient at online social experiments.

How's it going folks?
>> No. 1605559

Not now

That nine tails tho
>> No. 1605562
File 141401215614.png - (1.15MB , 1200x876 , staring at the night.png )
It is, yus.

Is there a new halloween map?

That's soo unfair :C

Hide it better next time.
>> No. 1605564
File 141401223245.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

How long is too long? There seems to be a few weeks or even months of leeway with that thing.


That's way too late for me! Hey, have you given any thought to that ginger ale


Waaaaaay sleep deprived all day today, so that's hitting me hard. I don't even know why this is. You?
>> No. 1605567
File 141401224683.png - (169.20KB , 853x936 , 139871697779.png )
Um... I am... at home! working!... not really.
sup with the akhers?

I dun care what you're doing!
do him in your bowl of rice!
sex him on your math homework!

do other thing
>> No. 1605568
File 141401228197.jpg - (176.07KB , 849x1200 , 141144322592.jpg )
Put it in the game, gaben
Just the old ones
>> No. 1605570
goes well, gotta get ready for work now.

How so? You want some socks?

I have, though I'm not sure I'll have to time to make some on my own. Any brands you recommend trying first?
>> No. 1605572
File 141401230844.jpg - (16.12KB , 205x178 , tumblr_inline_mre05nglUU1qz4rgp.jpg )
>new halloween map

I wish

Or maybe Valv is hiding something from us...

Or the toaster

But what new things did they release this year? Probably nothing or some dumbo box
>> No. 1605574
File 141401234184.png - (99.40KB , 554x649 , ponioni.png )
*rice cooker
>> No. 1605575
File 141401235438.png - (401.77KB , 1108x806 , smug human.png )
I suppose it'd depend what kind of beer you were making.. How long did your recipe recommend?


Aww.. I wanted a new one.. :c
>> No. 1605576
File 141401236942.png - (225.88KB , 480x349 , no.png )
That too

Anyway, exam tiem
>> No. 1605580
File 141401240591.jpg - (64.74KB , 720x800 , 141144396748.jpg )
all the hats we look at
Just wait
>> No. 1605581
File 141401241330.png - (118.13KB , 438x1010 , hoodie.png )
make mones

kay bai, I'll whip your ass with a bamboo rod if you don't get an A+
>> No. 1605583
File 141401249194.png - (238.08KB , 500x435 , how the fuck.png )

For whaaat?

How? :s
>> No. 1605585
File 141401251913.png - (49.02KB , 682x1024 , ellelurk.png )
>> No. 1605591
File 141401261848.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

I don't really know any, no. They don't even sell it over here anywhere that I've seen.

It's honestly pretty easy to make.
1. Cook ingredients (water, sugar, citrus, grated ginger)
2. Cool and strain
3. Add yeast
4. Bottle
5. Wait two days, then refrigerate

#5 is the time consuming part, but I can assure you that you can do it while also doing something else in the meantime, heh.


That sounds like one of those things I probably should have checked! I'm thinking "wait about a week until it stops bubbling, then test it with the hydrometer every so often until it's good".

Then it's bottling time.
>> No. 1605593
File 141401262763.png - (772.52KB , 1000x1000 , cc5b42c227c720288cd01f968685c090.png )
The new tf2 Halloween mode
>> No. 1605597
what about measurements for all the stuff? or..what do you do for how much?
>> No. 1605598
File 141401275155.jpg - (167.63KB , 1191x1337 , yeah right.jpg )
I think I'd be on the other side of said transactions.

Stops? I'm fairly sure it should keep bubbling more and more until it's ready. 6_9

Are they gonna make one or jst.. Speculations? :p
>> No. 1605600
File 141401281603.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
I falled out cause DL'ing Megaman comics.
>> No. 1605602
File 141401283211.png - (724.25KB , 1470x1890 , dress.png )
Oops, I missed you. :s
Perhaps.. Though I'd be fine with someone wearing them too!
>> No. 1605603
File 141401284885.png - (84.50KB , 504x639 , What is this I dont even.png )
So.. I seriously underestimated how long this book would be. A thousand pages, eh? Okay then, bring it on I suppose.

That doesn't sound too fun, hope you have a pleasant day though.

Not too much here, life's as dull as usual.

I'm not hiding anything..

How much sleep did you end up getting?
I'm okay, just hammered out a few episodes of Lost, seems to be getting interesting again (yeah I know, I'm behind) and my books came in so I can stop putting off starting a new one. Otherwise.. yeah, nothing much.
>> No. 1605604
File 141401288913.gif - (2.60MB , 322x260 , 141144424585.gif )
>>1605598 you even read the words?

>It's been a whole year since you guys played a Team Fortress Halloween map. If we threw you into the 900-mile-an-hour hellride we've got planned this year without warming you up first, you'd essentially be going from an idle state of terrorlessness to a shrieking nightmare of solid 100% terror almost instantly.

Gaben is looking out for us. He doesn't want us to die from fear.
I mean, 900 mile an hour hell ride. That's some spoopy stuff
>> No. 1605606

eh, I just sit around and browse the internet most of the time anyway, then drive in circles for 15min! Work!
thanks though
>> No. 1605607
File 141401295706.png - (124.08KB , 1018x1304 , oh god here we go.png )
get chrome to do it, and i'll pay you for a sex tape.
>> No. 1605609
File 141401304041.png - (504.71KB , 1000x1400 , underwear.png )
That's nasty!

I haven't checked the blog at all.
I bet it's reskinned dustbowl and nothing else.

There's no pic there!

That sounds like an awful idea!
>> No. 1605611
File 141401307159.jpg - (69.09KB , 598x438 , df9015f35026d1a692acf5537cce1c1e_600x.jpg )

Well, I originally woke up at maybe three in the morning, and I stayed up for a few hours before taking another nap. I’ve been replaying Fallout 2.

Yesterday, I was in too poor condition to go to school, so I restayed home.

Oh, and I had more food today.


Thank you.


Have you considered therapy?
>> No. 1605613
File 141401311471.png - (130.70KB , 505x954 , hoodie2.png )
I never said it was a good idea, but really... we'd make lots of bad decisions for money.
>> No. 1605614
File 141401315628.png - (84.77KB , 581x854 , 131332477729.png )

You're lucky I only have enuff energy for one of these..

Non spoilered ♥!!
>> No. 1605615
File 141401316527.jpg - (641.88KB , 950x535 , spoiler.jpg )
lol, woops xL

>> No. 1605616
File 141401316501.png - (124.54KB , 900x648 , Sweetie scared 2.png )
>> No. 1605617
File 141401316521.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
You mean while you're at work?

What's nasty!?

Hello there.
>> No. 1605620
yep. If there is nothing for me to do, im just waiting for scheduled zamboni drives.
>> No. 1605621
File 141401322883.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

Nice mic.
>> No. 1605622
File 141401323511.png - (87.75KB , 321x299 , The Horror!!.png )
>> No. 1605624
File 141401326404.jpg - (113.84KB , 500x534 , tumblr_n3xrjg1eM01rhe8jbo1_500.jpg )



Oh, erm, hullo.

Are you still upset with me?
>> No. 1605625
File 141401327286.png - (1.31MB , 1200x712 , music2.png )
Well, everything has it's price.

Like I said, super unfair! nowtakemore


Umm.. A rotting octopus!
>> No. 1605626
File 141401327734.png - (113.95KB , 900x563 , Sweetie Scared.png )
It's too terrifying to even describe.
>> No. 1605627
File 141401329856.jpg - (557.04KB , 950x535 , spoiler.jpg )
thank yah. Yeti Blue, it's pretty good.

I got a few more~
>> No. 1605628
File 141401331559.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

What, heh. That doesn't sound right. Also, it doesn't fit my experience with my previous batch.

Have you ever made beer?


The only one that's actually critically important is sugar and yeast. You want to go with about 55g of sugar and about 1/16 teaspoon of dry yeast for every liter of water. Add too little and it won't be fizzy. Add too much and you won't be able to open the bottles without creating instant soda fountains.

Lemons / limes, use however much you feel like to tweak the flavour, but I find 1 per liter works nicely enough as a general guideline (and ideally you want just the zest and the juice). Ginger is in a similar boat. The more you add, the more gingery it gets - just go with whatever seems about right for the first time and then go off there, heh.


I have no idea. I think it was like 5h yesterday, and then on top of that like 5h today. For some reason I got up early today... already sleep deprived. And couldn't sleep any more. Because that makes perfect sense.

Hmm... Lost. Never did finish watching that. It seemed very promising in the first season but then devolved into something of a mess. Then, during a break from the show, I heard the ending sucks and was pretty much just pulled out of their butts rather than tying anything actually together and I didn't pick it up after that. I guess you can tell me if that was correct if you get there.
>> No. 1605629
File 141401332268.jpg - (499.05KB , 1000x610 , c5680d64f898e3e2f8bbe7d7789c26bd.jpg )
Oh god....Halloween dustbowl.
I cry forever.

I hope it's a brand new map.
So far we have 3 Koth, 1 3 point, and a team payload.
So either a payload map, or....another koth.
>> No. 1605630
File 141401333737.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

I just have the mic on my headet..
>> No. 1605631
File 141401334741.png - (15.70KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521a.png )

Oh u~
>> No. 1605633
alright cool, thanks! If i ever get some time i'll try and make some!

That's good enough, right? I had a shitty mic before and decided to upgrade
>> No. 1605634
File 141401345526.png - (150.66KB , 1191x670 , oh no i fell over and put my bum in the air whatever shall i do.png )
Cute barking fox.

No, u boop.
>> No. 1605635
File 141401346008.png - (30.84KB , 213x331 , =3.png )
Nice! But if there isn't 200, then you're doing something wrong!

Are you sure? Because wouldn't that just mean it would be flat?

Not beer, but another alcoholic beverage, that's made almost the same way.

I bet it's gonna be a thing!
See, it'd fit. Just paint bucket the map green-grey and it'll be good to go.
>> No. 1605637
File 141401350328.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
I was never upset with you.
Though it's fair you ask, because I wanted to ask you the same thing.

Bloopsy already did, though. A rotting octopus.

What happened to the poor thing?

The Circadian system is pretty hard to understand sometimes, it seems simply being sleep deprived isn't always enough to override your set 'wake' times. I hope you'll be able to catch up on your sleep sooner than later, though.

That's essentially my opinion as well, season four is where I am and this is where I felt it started to lose it's direction but as I said it seems to be showing promise again so we'll see. I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to things like this, so I'm probably going to stick it through 'til the end and see what happens. I'll be sure to let you know, but I'd imagine they're probably right about the ending.
>> No. 1605639
File 141401352562.jpg - (511.51KB , 950x535 , spoiler.jpg )
pfft, i've had these for 2 days!
last one, i gotta go to work

see y'all!
>> No. 1605640
File 141401354624.png - (128.86KB , 420x500 , 141144234765.png )
Add some pumpkins as well, and something spooky
>> No. 1605641
File 141401354874.jpg - (36.08KB , 640x360 , Gross.jpg )
>> No. 1605644
File 141401360075.png - (480.98KB , 650x650 , beautiful dress.png )
Why me? :c

Japanese people. It's terrible!


A ghost sprite to a wall. Or to the cart.
>> No. 1605646
File 141401364802.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
I'm jealous.
I've still yet to have a job that manages to realize that you can't be busy for every single minute of the day. I understand that there's almost always something to do, but you can only organize the same things so many times in a day..

Guess you don't like Sushi, then.
>> No. 1605647
File 141401367094.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Cause your name is Bloops, way closer to Boop.
Therefore u boop
>> No. 1605650
File 141401372381.png - (145.90KB , 804x585 , anoni.png )

Mine is non-spoilered.. therefore of superior breeding and quality!
>> No. 1605651
File 141401374230.jpg - (118.14KB , 800x600 , d0541f623f2daa26a9fd2644f76b380d.jpg )
We are pushing a ghost to the other team base
>> No. 1605652
Oooorrrrrrrrrr....... they made a haunted version of EotL.
>> No. 1605653
File 141401383319.jpg - (190.24KB , 906x1227 , fancy.jpg )
Don't you logic with me, mister!

What if it's a two way cart in the middle of the map? Both are trying to push it forward.
And ghosts too.
So bad.
>> No. 1605654
File 141401386039.jpg - (20.73KB , 400x300 , 1358970343622.jpg )

Not sure if foxies bark, but they can squawk. Proof:


No, I’m just upset with myself for being needlessly argumentative. I shouldn’t mention anything even remotely positive about feminism in an anti‐feminist community.

I was just making a damned idiot out of myself (as usual).
>> No. 1605655
File 141401389742.png - (214.79KB , 675x675 , 141144370977.png )
I want a tug of war payload map.
>> No. 1605656
File 141401394696.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Here's the thing though. I woke up about two hours earlier than I normally would have. It's just... weird.

Oh, I'm pretty forgiving of things also, even if I do like to make snarky comments about them at times. It's half the enjoyment I derive from watching "The Walking Dead", hah. And I do have quite a bit of endurance with shows that turn crap. I don't know if you've ever heard of this show called "Andromeda", but ohboy... It started off really awesome... and then after at a certain point close to the end of its final season I was watching it only to in the future be able to say I managed it.


It is supposed to be flat at the end of this stage of fermentation. The second stage is to add carefully managed amounts of dextrose while bottling it, just to give it the fizz. That's how I did it the last time, and the results were rather satisfactory - though I think I may use a bit more dextrose this time.


Awesome! I really recommend it. Before the whole family went on a diet we were drinking mostly my homemade soft drinks at home (primarily that ginger ale) and nobody was complaining, heh.
>> No. 1605657
> >>1605652
>> No. 1605658
File 141401397370.gif - (19.02KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521a.gif )


You still have that!~
>> No. 1605659
File 141401398676.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )

>No, I’m just upset with myself for being needlessly argumentative.

>I shouldn’t mention anything even remotely positive about feminism in an anti‐feminist community.

Hope your foot tastes good..
>> No. 1605660
File 141401401644.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Why not? I'm winning.

Das a cute lil bugger.
>> No. 1605662
File 141401406754.jpg - (99.11KB , 821x1002 , school girl.jpg )
So awful, 6/5

Oh, right. There's that extra step to it, makes sense.
But yeah, tell me how it works out!

Because it's not fair to use logic in arguments!
>> No. 1605663
File 141401412168.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Of course I do.. you made it for me. ♥
>> No. 1605666
File 141401420126.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

Hmm... This again. Your jumping straight to the "YOU'RE ANTI-FEMINIST!" kickstarted the whole mess yesterday, you know. It's an unfair characterisation of the people here, it brings you and everyone around trouble... why would you bring it back?
>> No. 1605667

If you want me to leave, just say so.
>> No. 1605668
File 141401425700.jpg - (495.33KB , 900x1400 , dd2cb7c97d1ff1a348f0c78952037c2f.jpg )
That's the one with the train that I never played yet, right?
It would be amazing
Oh boy, drama.
>> No. 1605669
File 141401429792.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
For heaven's sake. Stop reading things people don't even once say or allude to.
>> No. 1605670
File 141401432796.jpg - (174.45KB , 500x531 , tumblr_mz1l32l0aG1rhe8jbo1_500.jpg )

It’s no big deal. I can come crawling back in a day or even a few hours.


Uh, okay.
>> No. 1605673
File 141401443087.jpg - (230.87KB , 900x1286 , 141144329171.jpg )
I'm just saying it's pointless.
Like, if they are all pissed at you for whatever reason, why are they making a mountain out of a molehill.

I have no idea what you have done, so I don't care.

Unless their jimmies are so easily rustled
>> No. 1605675
File 141401448672.jpg - (104.46KB , 1096x728 , fox_in_the_box_by_najlvin-d35btqp.jpg )

Because I care about what other people think of me.
>> No. 1605676
Yes. The video and the map iirc are pretty much done right now, same with the weapons and cosmetics. They're even selling some merch for it too already. It almost makes perfect sense to just make it part of it. Like... could make it that the map becomes about a ghost train on Halloween or full moons.

No, no one is saying that.
>> No. 1605677
File 141401453365.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )

So you take verbal potshots at them and filter them.

Makes sense.
>> No. 1605678
File 141401461807.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

You could do that, if you want. Ooooor you could simply not say things like that. It falls pretty squarely into that bin labelled "needlessly argumentative", seeing things that aren't there and then driving those misperceptions to manufacture hostilities out of them.


Isn't drama fun.
>> No. 1605679
File 141401467238.jpg - (24.73KB , 320x321 , Subtlety is nothing more than an apple in a garden of clerks.jpg )
Please, you're not helping Anoni.

I can understand the general attitude, though I don't really share it with television. I've always been fond of cheesy movies, the whole 'so bad it's good' thing has always appealed to me but I guess when it comes to television my standards are much too high and I have a hard time accepting it. I'll subject myself to bad shows to give it a chance, or justify my hate (the aforementioned Walking Dead, which I've been half-heartedly following up until this season where I finally decided 'You know what? This show isn't worth it')

It's just.. sometimes a show makes a great first impression, and by the time it starts to nosedive.. well I'm already hooked and want to see where it all goes anyway, or want to oblige myself with more of the characters y'know? That's how Lost hooked me, and now I'm stuck here as it drags me under.

I'd rather not say too much as I don't think anyone wants to revisit the topic, but it was never against us vs. feminism - it was about us vs. the behaviors of an individual who happens to be a feminist. Manipulative, juvenile, or just otherwise wretched actions are not justified merely because your cause is a noble one.

Out of those participating in the discussion last night, I only saw one individual who could be defined as anti-feminist and for the most part they weren't taking much part in the actual discussion anyway.

I don't know, I just want you to know that not everyone on your side is necessarily doing you any favors. Think of it like a generic FPS, some of your teammates don't know what they're doing and they're accidentally shooting their own team. How can you win the match with deadweight dragging you down like that?

I'm not trying to be confrontational, I'm just hoping you understand what happened and why it happened. Maybe Pchan is largely anti-feminist, I honestly wouldn't be surprised considering how rooted we are in 4chan culture, but those you were discussing the topic with yesterday? They were not.
>> No. 1605680
File 141401473729.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Yep. It's very important to make sure there's juuuuuuust the right amount of sugar in there. You want the yeast to carbonate your brew, but you don't want it overcarbonated because explosions. The yeast will consume the sugars at a varying rate though.

So the easiest way to achieve that? Just let them eat it all and then add however much you need, heh.


>> No. 1605681
File 141401477547.jpg - (143.89KB , 1000x800 , 141144231806.jpg )
Oh, I'm the same.
Well, yes and no.

But I'm talking more about them.

You take a step back, and prove you are the better man by saying "Hey, I fucked up, I'm sorry I was a dumbass"

Best thing to do, and it looks like only you can do it, is to drop the current subject and talk about anything else
That could be something...
Got a link to the weps and stuff?
I love making it
>> No. 1605682
File 141401478631.jpg - (196.74KB , 500x625 , dude what.jpg )
Oh, cripes. I’m such a fucking idiot.

I’ll just step out for a while.
>> No. 1605683
File 141401484471.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

I calls them as I sees them.. People dun want confrontation.. they can keep confrontational comments to themselves. Got no sympathy for them.
>> No. 1605684
Nah, McVee is being very secretive. The only thing we know is the trailer and the map betas.

>> No. 1605685
File 141401485220.png - (326.41KB , 630x753 , 141144335762.png )
Or that works.
See ya around.
>> No. 1605687
File 141401488810.png - (842.58KB , 1100x1300 , 141144357473.png )
But I want to see my new items.
>> No. 1605690
File 141401516204.png - (337.98KB , 1046x409 , nightmares.png )
Sorry 'bout that, suddenly headache.
>> No. 1605691
File 141401522135.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )




I love seeing you smile~
>> No. 1605692
They can't just release that info yet, as it's going to be an official update (the first truly community lead update).
>> No. 1605693
File 141401533592.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
Before you go, I just want to summarize the point of why I brought it all up - I wasn't upset with you, if you interpreted me as being mad at you because I disagreed with your ideas then that's fine because it emphasizes the point: things aren't black and white. Someone can disagree with your ideas but still like you as a person. Someone can agree with your ideas but disagree with your presentation. Someone can hate you as a person, but agree with your ideas. And any combination thereof.

I was hoping somehow we could bring this up without it sparking the same nonsense that happened last time, but evidently not - sorry about that. But try to consider what I'm saying, and what Character is saying - because we're not necessarily against you even if it feels like we are. It's just, the communication y'know?

Hope to speak with you soon bud.

No, Anoni - you're being ignorant. Don't hide behind the cowardly 'I'm just the guy who's saying what everyone's thinking!' because you're not, you're the guy being needlessly hostile and undoing the progress those of us trying to assist the situation into a state of understanding. Your attitude is the equivalent of 'Damage control? Fuck that, let's drop napalm on their ass'.

He may be a little hot headed sometimes, and for whatever reason his views on feminism are a bit jaded and biased - but let's be honest here, feminism is a personal subject for many whether we like it or not and turning off the emotional attachment is not as easy as just flicking a switch. That being said, I've seen two types of individuals with his similar stance - there are those that can eventually be reasoned with and there are those that will respond by jamming their fingers in their ears and singing loudly. I've seen no reason to think he is the latter, therefore why shouldn't we try to entertain the topic and see if we can get through to him?

However, putting someone on the defensive by outright attacking him isn't going to solve anything short of making yourself feel superior - and for what? What does it solve? It changes nobody's perspective, it just gives you a false sense of being that 'hero who said what everyone's thinking' and the individual being attacked a reason to run off and justifiably claim he was the victim for voicing his opinion.

You're a good guy, Anoni. I seriously want to believe that. But this approach is extremely counter-productive.
>> No. 1605694
File 141401542032.png - (102.11KB , 297x380 , Wave.png )
Also Hello Wiz, didn't notice you drop in. Please pay no mind to the mess.
>> No. 1605695
File 141401547452.png - (189.63KB , 402x472 , 141387396235.png )
>> No. 1605697
File 141401554258.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

The Walking Dead is kind of a very weird beast. There's so much manufactured drama in that, and the characters are generally complete dumbasses. There's feels all around, and many of the situations feel very much "this is unfolding this way because it's this sort of show, not because it'd actually be likely to". Also, the "deep symbolism"... gah. Lori's dead and gone though, Hershel's farm is long behind us, and even the nonsense from the Guvna is no longer going to be an issue. The show also has its truly excellent moments... and I'd actually say that the opening episode of this season was basically mostly that moments, so much so that I can even forgive them some "convenient" arrangements that happened in there.

You've seen nothing in that until you've seen Andromeda. It starts off as a Gene Rodenberry's lost creation, with an interesting cast in an interesting universe. Then it transitions into Hercules In Spaaaaaaace (like, that show "Hercules"), to finally hit rock bottom in "hey, fuck starships - let's be stuck in a shanty town on a sandy planet for an entire season as disjointed and nonsensical things happen around". It was really incredible.


I have no strong feelings on it one way or the other. Having any such strong feelings is how it gets you
>> No. 1605701
File 141401566845.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Hmm... My reading was that Anoni was baiting a reply, to confirm to himself that he's one of those being filtered.

It's a bit inconclusive, but things seem to lean towards "he is".
>> No. 1605705
File 141401582957.jpg - (263.95KB , 1000x700 , 652315__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_clothes_dress_simple+background_gala+dress_speech+bubble_dashabet.jpg )
Yello, how is?

Or trying not to make this into a bigger deal than it has to be by not responding to someone who seems to want to make it one.
>> No. 1605708
File 141401589946.jpg - (68.73KB , 500x556 , 1405472570526.jpg )
>> No. 1605709
File 141401607512.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

For one, you have no idea how I feel or why I say what I do.

I am irked by people that come in here and start a confrontation and then play poor me for sympathy.

Also, he filtered Ebon.. you know.. like sticking his fingers in his ears and singing loudly.

Now, you've called me ignorant and implied I'm being cowardly. What does THAT solve?

All I'm gonna say. We can agree to disagree and what you think of me is your business.
>> No. 1605712
File 141401620245.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Leave me be.. stop the inferences thanks.


See my reply to Akhe.
>> No. 1605713
File 141401622543.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

That's a possibility. My reading of how things have unfolded though? It's an unlikely possibility compared to "Anoni's being filtered".

And if he's filtered, I can see how he'd feel free to just take some shots. Not like they'll affect the target of these shots (eliminating the possibility of turning the situation worse), and they're the only way to vent what he thinks/feels about this.


Aw, see ya, I think. Unless you mean you disappeared and are now back.

Hmm... I think it's ribbon time for me, be back soon.
>> No. 1605715
File 141401642912.png - (33.61KB , 145x196 , Stickin around.png )
Well, he got his reply - just not from who he expected. At least out of those that made the filter list, we can say one of which earned their place.

Perhaps you saw something in the premiere that I didn't, then. A lot of it felt rather contrived and ultimately lacking in substance. I do understand that considering it's essentially a 'jailbreak' it's to be expected that it'd be a more action-centric episode, but it seemed like the glimpses we got into the occasional 'eye of the storm' within the chaos was largely unpromising and just.. gives me nothing that makes me want to keep going?

I'm honestly debating on giving the second episode a chance but I feel like I went with that attitude last season as well ('just one more episode, maybe it'll pick up') and for the most part found little redemption so I think it's time I give up on the series. Maybe my standards are too high, to the point where Walking Dead feels like it's just playing it too safe to stay interesting. It feels like 'drama by numbers' honestly.

I'm actually familiar with the show, or at least I've seen it on in the past and have a vague idea of what it's about but haven't caught any episode. How long did it run before it started to 'experiment'?

I'm okay, my books came in so I'm pretty excited to start one tonight - but right now I'm just hanging out here and listening to some tunes.

What is there to solve with you, Anoni?
You've proven to be nothing more to this dialogue than an untrained attack dog barking at anyone who passes by or looks at him the wrong way. You don't really encourage an environment for debate, but rather scare people away - and do you know many confrontational attack dogs that can be reasoned with on the matter?

'sides, no one was justifying his filtering Ebon - nor are we now. In fact, we were speaking quite clearly against it, but instead of trying to make a point by outshouting him we, y'know, actually tried to lay out the facts of the situation and point out that Ebon was doing nothing more than explaining the events that caused the behavior, but not justifying the behavior itself. We were trying to emphasize the point that his defensive response was premature - but you scared him off before we could hammer in that point.

So, I ask you - do you want people to improve, or do you just want convenient targets to keep yelling at? Because so far your behavior has suggested the latter.

So, to summarize: You're both in the wrong.
>> No. 1605716
File 141401663970.jpg - (161.94KB , 720x960 , 141144204698.jpg )
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>> No. 1605717
File 141401667652.gif - (1.72MB , 350x266 , 1407532493729.gif )
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>You're both in the wrong.
>> No. 1605718
File 141401678214.png - (325.09KB , 741x768 , 206964__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_scrunchy-face_png.png )

True true, though if he HAS filtered him, it could be for the same reasons as not responding. No one should try to assume why they filtered him (if so) until they themselves say it. However, sometimes the best thing to do is to not respond and to just try to walk away from the convo, not beat it over the head over and over even when said person has said that they're upset with themselves over this (any other added argumentative or pot shots would just be kicking someone who's already down).
I understand venting and all, but there's certain ways to go about it (especially with tact). I'd agree with Akhe >>1605715 that both are in the wrong and at least the other guy walked away from the convo.

Alright! What books?
>> No. 1605719
File 141401697900.jpg - (86.51KB , 709x591 , 141144160397.jpg )
I know right
>> No. 1605721
File 141401698614.png - (179.36KB , 861x739 , murder.png )
>go sex omm
>> No. 1605723
File 141401711057.png - (102.84KB , 834x524 , Laxing.png )
I've ordered Scott Bakker's Neuropath, and Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I'm actually really excited for the latter which I plan on starting tonight, though I must admit I didn't expect it to be such a big book.

What are your plans for the rest of the day?

I did not expect this reaction.
>> No. 1605724
File 141401716728.png - (32.72KB , 185x182 , 1304410840856.png )

You can stop disrespecting me to my guy thanks.

Seriously dude. you talk about tact, you can show some too.
>> No. 1605725
File 141401718500.jpg - (6.66KB , 211x290 , 140590061459.jpg )
>The face of evil

May god help us all.
>> No. 1605726
File 141401719456.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

He didn't expect a reply from anyone since you know, suspicion of being filtered. It can't be a convo if one of the sides cannot even know what the other is saying.

And his behaviour is not quiiiite as clearly black-and-white as you're making it out to be. I could elaborate, but honestly I'd much rather it simply be dropped. I'd rather not have more drama explode on my watch while I'm this sleep deprived, heh... yeah, shitty non-joke, that. I need sleep.

(will reply as to the other stuff after it's ribbon time)
>> No. 1605728
File 141401722127.jpg - (844.80KB , 768x1024 , aa50f552e8fae84bfb0833d581d49c50.jpg )
It's cause that's what I've been saying.
Both parties are to blame in an argument like this.
>> No. 1605732
File 141401758150.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

That's alright.. I'm just gonna add 3 people to my filters list. First time on this chan I'll have done so.
>> No. 1605733
File 141401763696.png - (62.01KB , 667x500 , Sitting marshmallow upon her little marshmallow throne.png )
As is usually the case.
Even in a civil discussion, there tends to be fractions of truth scattered amongst both sides.

Though I suppose that's a slightly different situation.. point is things are seldom as polarized as we tend to look at it.

You're right, it's likely he didn't expect a response from his perceived opponent but the notion that he poked at him three times instead of just once indicates that there was a little more to it than just determining whether or not he was filtered out. It reminds me of when individuals try to go the public ridicule route in an attempt to build up a public cheerleading squad. As if seeking validation for the attacks, one could even go as far as to perceive it as an attempt to get his message across in hopes that someone will respond in a clear enough manner that it won't matter that he's filtered - but I think that last one might be a stretch. Point is, as you said it may not be as black-and-white as it seems - though I suspect this is not what you were alluding to.

I don't think either side is as clear-cut as anyone's making it out to be, honestly. That's the problem here. But anyway, I don't know - it seems Anoni is gone as well as Fox-anon so it'd be better to let it blow over as opposed to dwelling on it.

I think we've made the points that need to be made, whether or not it'll sink in still remains to be seen but at least an effort was made.

That's a shame, oh well - nice knowing you.
I'll be here if you change your mind. If not, well I suppose I'll manage.
>> No. 1605734
File 141401764339.jpg - (294.04KB , 908x1150 , 141144292254.jpg )
Why exactly did you have to tell me this?
>> No. 1605735
File 141401778181.png - (112.12KB , 804x835 , 287179__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_vector_50de5a95a4c72db3a10001aa.png )
The reason is, is because I honestly do believe both you and him are in the wrong to some extent or another. When trying to deal things like this, one should at least try to be as mature as they can, or you're dragging yourself down to the level that you assume the other person to be/continuing the 'fight' or whatever was going on. To me, there is hardly any situation where taking pot-shots at someone is the right thing to do (even if the other person is doing it, aka: be the better man). Now no, I don't know all the info, but neither do you as you haven't seen from his side.

I was going to show some tact, as that post was gonna be the last of me talking about it in depth. I'm not trying to disrespect you at all man, I'm just saying you need to watch how you act in a situation where you may feel hurt or whatever (and I know I have to work on this myself). It's the "not what you're 'saying', but HOW you're saying it" thing.
>> No. 1605736
File 141401778755.jpg - (137.08KB , 465x591 , 1011600f900a0b813f0fbaa401955dca.jpg )
All I really know, is fox guy kinda got into a rant about things, said he was sorry, but also took a stab at the thing he ranted about. So it was a bit mixed.

And then everyone else, who all hate what he did, instead of ignoring him, went ahead and pick apart everything wrong and revive the whole debate.

If anything, the talk was just you and him, and it should had stayed that way.

But then people had to put in their word and add to the debate.
So yeah, it's both says fault.
>> No. 1605738
File 141401794634.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

I know for a fact that he suspected he was being filtered.

Also, this is not how one drops things.


See my second line above.

Was this truly necessary from either of you? Why drive at it like that?
>> No. 1605739
File 141401797350.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
I think I deserve a bit of blame as well, I probably should've opened with some kind of assurance that I wasn't harboring ill feelings over last nights discussion so that he wouldn't feel obligated to bring it up and make that remark in passing.

I was aware that there was a possibility the debate would ignite again, but I also thought there was a chance we'd be able to resume conversation without having to go over it and I went the neutral route to take that chance. Perhaps if I clarified beforehand that it wasn't worth going over as there were no ill-feelings, this would not have gotten to where it is.

Still, hindsight is always 20/20.
>> No. 1605740
File 141401812905.jpg - (118.50KB , 1024x768 , 141144238283.jpg )
You could have, but it seems some people don't like him
I know no one said that, but oh do actions speak louder than words.

Thus reigniting the whole thing. It's like jabbing a tiger with a stick or something.
>> No. 1605741
File 141401825400.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
All this going on in here,

And here I am just watching japanese bug-men punch eachother.
>> No. 1605742
File 141401832761.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
Then why take several potshots instead of one?

No, it's not - forgive me for thinking it was okay to try and clarify whatever loose ends there were before agreeing to drop it.. jeez.

Well hopefully it doesn't stay personal, they're both genuinely decent people so I'm sure soon enough things will return to what they once were. Perhaps better, maybe.

I mean, hell, if I'm still rocking about without being exiled then I suppose there's hope for anyone!

Kamen Rider?
>> No. 1605743
Oh my god why are you typing so many words I don't understand
>> No. 1605744
File 141401844219.jpg - (140.08KB , 648x854 , 537db80c7af372147a4a0c7ef7fd6c88.jpg )
Ha, that's a good one.

And you might just be filter by everyone. I mean, if they could ban you over drama alone, everyone would be gone
>> No. 1605745

I asked you to stop inferring things about me. You ignored that and disrespected me right to the ojne I love.


Follow your own advice. If not, don't tell ME to.


I explained to you why I said what I did. You were rude and condescending to me. I was not to you.

Don't like attack dogs.. don't be one.
>> No. 1605746
File 141401847883.png - (51.68KB , 400x400 , Insane.png )
>Thus reigniting the whole thing. It's like jabbing a tiger with a stick or something.
Welcome to my life.

>See situation
>Type up a response to try and defuse it.
>Spend so long typing it that the issue has simmered down but gone unresolved.
>Bringing it up again could either solve it or end up blowing things apart even worse.

Not the case here though since i'm not even going to look behind the +50 marker to see the start of this unless forced to but still.

Also hi all, RWBY is fun.

>> No. 1605747
File 141401851311.png - (226.55KB , 1060x900 , uh____by_deadparrot22-d5ug42z.png )
Hmm, never heard of them. Well, least you've got something to do now! XD

Try to work on some 3D Modeling for tomorrow.

I'm not trying to drive it! If he would have straight up asked me to drop it, like that, I would have (or you). I'm not trying to attack him. I'm not trying to drag this on. I'm not trying to demoralize/demonize one party or another. I'm just saying what I personally believe is right. There are just certain ways to go about doing things, both anon and Anoni I believe are in the wrong here and could have been done better.
I dunno what else to say except what's already been said...
>> No. 1605748
File 141401851679.gif - (1.99MB , 350x300 , qISOIBx.gif )
Indeed! I thought this place was dead, but now we got drama again!
>> No. 1605749
File 141401860888.jpg - (483.56KB , 1713x2160 , 141144218077.jpg )
Every single time.
>Oh yeah, I'm good at debates
>Writes up great words
>Covers every idea
Oh...they are done.

And this is pretty much people being hypocritical to the fucking max.

I still need to watch RWBY
>> No. 1605750


>> No. 1605751
File 141401868283.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Yep. Kamen Rider Kiva, to be precise. Approrpiately enough for the month, this season has a Vampire / Other Classic Monsters theme to it.
>> No. 1605753

Also get good at typing
>> No. 1605754
File 141401872813.jpg - (322.05KB , 778x1000 , Cutie with a bootie - er__bowtie.jpg )
Words are beautiful man. Isn't English delightfully profound and elegant? Vitality lies in verbosity!

Shh, don't say that! I'm prone to paranoid thoughts!

Sorry dude, the intentions were good I promise.

Look, I took a risk. I'm sorry I was over-aggressive, some people respond better to aggression and some do not - my read was that you respond better in the face of confrontation, I was wrong. I'll take responsibility for being unnecessarily hostile as well, but please don't use that as an excuse to discredit my points because at the core I think you'll find what I've said has a lot of truth to it.

Strange, I thought he was a relatively popular name.. must just be in the community I'm a part of, then. Seems he's household in a forum I frequent but otherwise not so much maybe? It's Crichton all over again!

Anything in particular?
>> No. 1605755
File 141401877966.jpg - (56.75KB , 268x333 , 1395250157692.jpg )
>Dad order pizza
>Pizza is on the table in the kitchen
>Brother is home
>Before I got a slice, I used the bathroom.
>When I got out, I went to the kitchen
>It's gone
>My brother took the pizza, and he is now going to his gay friend (Yes, he's gay.)
>That is the only thing that I can eat tonight
>mia faccia quando

Now i'm going hungry tonight.
>> No. 1605757
File 141401884277.jpg - (445.43KB , 888x1200 , b9728776541364bb12fb68f8b98504b1.jpg )
I already did
>> No. 1605759
Själv föredrar jag mitt modersmål, but English is a pretty nice language too! I'm lucky I'm not forced to use a language I can't stand for most of the day.
>> No. 1605760
File 141401899401.gif - (4.69MB , 1280x720 , 136636050083.gif )
Do it pony, it's as over the top as you think.

No u! HAH I WIN.

For what?

>Took the whole thing.
God damn your brothers an ass.
>> No. 1605762
File 141401904652.gif - (407.48KB , 250x250 , 1405171921137.gif )
I really hate him so much.
>> No. 1605764
File 141401905164.png - (47.17KB , 177x244 , Mistake'd.png )
I wish I knew another language, but I'm both too scared and too lazy to ever succeed in doing so.

I was hoping maybe you had a means of changing the past and whatnot.

I think I pretty much sparked the whole thing, even if inadvertently.
>> No. 1605765
File 141401906265.png - (15.70KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521a.png )

There's perfectly good reasons if you try to put yourself in his situation. I know I'd probably have reacted similarily to him in it.

There's no such thing as "clarifying loose ends" in such situations. There's only moving further down the line on the side of the carpet - you only find more in different colors. You raise things which I perceive as you completely misreading things, then I'd do a "clarification" of my own, and then you'd see things and want to do a final clarification of your own, but then I'd see things...

Round and round these things go, and from my perspective they usually happen when I'm not in a good shape to get involved. Like right now. I feel like I'm able to think at a 50% capacity, tops, so I don't feel competent to cut through the circle in any way other than just insisting on dropping it. It didn't work, but what are you gonna do
>> No. 1605766
File 141401908385.png - (115.83KB , 894x894 , 1359793356031.png )
I did not ignore it, as I was going to end it right there, as I said. I AM sorry I did not say that in that post. I AM sorry if you feel I'm attacking you or being disrespectful towards you.
My only intention is to get to the bottom of things as maturely as possible and find a resolve for all parties.
>> No. 1605773
File 141401919089.jpg - (445.43KB , 888x1200 , b9728776541364bb12fb68f8b98504b1.jpg )
I might
I like the animation and all, but lazy
>> No. 1605777
I have been bested in online text combat. Truly you are the greatest wordsmith in the land.

What's there to be scared of though? At first you suck and don't understand anything and then you gradually get better until you don't suck and understand something. Words don't bite, silly.
>> No. 1605780
File 141401927895.png - (150.66KB , 1191x670 , oh no i fell over and put my bum in the air whatever shall i do.png )
>> No. 1605782
File 141401929086.jpg - (74.36KB , 600x480 , Some men just want to watch the world burn.jpg )
Next time you both get a pizza, do this.

No skin off my nose until people start going too far, but right now it seems you're all just being idiots towards each other.

Do it pony:

All the trailers and volume 1 in order.
>> No. 1605786
File 141401938286.jpg - (8.91KB , 186x271 , 1403380252428.jpg )

>> No. 1605787
File 141401939087.png - (529.07KB , 755x649 , 136225812786.png )
Not much of a book reader tbh. ^_^; I should try to be though.

A fabricator gun. As it's name implies, it can make things.
>> No. 1605789

So you're over aggressive to me.. to show me I'm wrong in being over aggressive to somebody else. Okay.


Yes you did ignore it. You did not reply and you went ahead and did the exact thing I asked you not to do.

I have told you this a few times before... if you have a problem, contact me on Skype. Doing as you did to me tonight only makes things worse.

Not in a huggy mood right now. I'm still seriousaly sick and have even less patience for this right now than I usually do.
>> No. 1605791
File 141401950853.png - (23.38KB , 242x227 , Shrugging off your absurdities.png )
Fair enough, I'll officially drop it.

I fear incompetency. I don't like being inadequate at things, and I especially don't like when those inadequacies are on public display - as is required in learning a language. I also fear losing the ability to communicate properly because I'd have to relearn so much - but of course that's just a minor hurdle, I slowly push myself towards learning another language regardless because it interests me.

It's still scary, though.

>but right now it seems you're all just being idiots towards each other.
You must be new here~

Did I forget to respond to you?
I feel like I may have had one of those moments where you so distinctively plan out what you're going to say that you mistake that for your responding and then end up not saying anything at all..

Where do you find your episodes?
>> No. 1605797
File 141401963006.jpg - (556.69KB , 850x546 , sample_aa988be359f0cd7e1db82ea1c6cfec3f.jpg )
>keeps going on about how people show follow what he says when they have a problem
>IE going offline, not ignoring, being nice.
>Says this right away to someone he wasn't even talking to >>1605659

Oh god...the hypocritical-ness. It's so hard and thick.
It's everywhere.
>> No. 1605799
File 141401967327.jpg - (22.40KB , 479x466 , speaking.jpg )
You did, but it's no biggie. I'm just trying to sort of get in here and hang at all, which is of course a bit hard at the moment (and not helped by me having fuck all to say).

Well, there are a few places. For most of the earlier Heisei shows, I go here:

The newest started show, Kamen Rider Drive (3 episodes in so far) is somewhere on this site here:

I haven't really found most of the older stuff aside from Kamen Rider Amazon, and I forget where I found that. So this doesn't really take you to any of the classic 70ies stuff. I think there are like 200 episodes of that anyway. But you should ask Bravery, he knows a bit more about that.
>> No. 1605800
File 141401969369.jpg - (804.75KB , 1446x1310 , d7c5d6a501e2a8c2a8bd8f7334e09380.jpg )
But games
>> No. 1605802
File 141401973858.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Butt you no can has
>> No. 1605804
File 141401977117.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
To be honest, I'm kind of not too. I'm not one of those people who grew up reading a lot, and I find myself easily distracted sometimes - then there's the fact that I'm extremely picky. Still, when I find material that appeals to me I get really into it and usually can't put it down until I'm done, and I'm making more of an effort to catch up on all the reading I've missed.

That sounds interesting, how would such a thing work?

There's a difference between aggressively making a point and simply ridiculing, Anoni. Let us not confuse the two.

I'll have to ask you or him to point me in the right direction at a later point, I've been curious about the series for quite some time now but couldn't track it down. Though right now I'm not exactly ready to take on anything new nor do I know where to start - but curious all the same.
>> No. 1605805
File 141401979239.jpg - (38.72KB , 400x400 , ENOUGH.jpg )

>> No. 1605806

That.. makes no sense.
>> No. 1605808
File 141401986210.png - (1.33MB , 2200x1700 , SurpriseIstCutestPoni.png )
Also playing Mario Kart 7 with a friend, responses will likely be delayed - I apologize if I miss any responses from here on out. Or if I disappear entirely. Or if the world implodes. That'd be my fault too.
>> No. 1605809
File 141401988027.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
Well, do be aware that in many ways, it's standard anime superhero fare.

But basically, from 2000 and forth, it's a new show every season / year, much like with Super Sentai (Power Rangers) - new suits, concepts, powers and whatnot. So really, you can pick any random series from 2000 and forth and watch that first. I personally started with the one called Kamen Rider Den-O from 2007, then went back and watched the Heisei stuff in order (currently on Kiva, the 2008 show).
>> No. 1605812
File 141401999211.png - (384.55KB , 730x692 , WE'LL SHOW HIM.png )
>> No. 1605813
File 141402000053.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Hah, out of the people still remaining here, I was the one who sparked it by pointing out that maybe, just maybe, "I'm sorry you all suck" is not a good kind of thing to say while acting supposedly contrite.

I'm not going to accept any such blame for myself and I think neither should you. Though I do know I've learned exactly nothing from this experience. A bit like in that pony ep with the cider, except the situation is a shit one, heh.


All right.

So how about them zombies. Hmm... the important thing there is that it's actually organised in half-seasons, which are often very different to each other. So when you say "last season", which part do you mean?


All right, that's not really how it was taken. And a tone of "oh, both are at fault ho hum look at us be better than that shit, looking downwards on it from up above" is kind of condescending, so if you want to get anywhere, it would usually be good to avoid it. Just my sleep-deprived tip for the future. Seems things are winding down now though, so that's nice. dead it took me like 20 minutes to write this post
>> No. 1605814
I can get that. I had the same problem in Spanish class. I would do alright when writing, but anytime talking was involved I'd become overly concerned with finding a precise formulation, which meant I barely said anything at all. My more than average language skills are most of what I've got going for me, so feeling like a dimwit wasn't very fun. It gets easier over time though! And I can guarantee that you'll feel real proud of yourself for every useful sentence you learn. It's very rewarding.
>> No. 1605817
File 141402008069.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>slips a Jawbreaker in there
>> No. 1605819
File 141402012537.jpg - (33.36KB , 675x633 , 131812784656.jpg )
Look, I said I was sorry I didn't include it in the post.

And I'm sorry I didn't do that, it's just that it was a pretty public thing and I'm pretty use to just talking things out here

Um, that's not what I'm saying at all!
>> No. 1605820
File 141402013423.png - (191.29KB , 600x450 , 1412708567183.png )
You latch onto someone's else problem and point out how they are wrong, but get all pissy when someone calls you out. Golden rule anoni. If you are gonna belittle someone else, someone is gonna do the same to you.
Akheronusia said you didn't need to say that, but then you said "I call them as I see them" >>1605683

You are being hypocritical, huge time. You didn't have to say anything to fox dude, and if you wanted to, you could had gone off site. But now, now that people are making you out to be the bad guy, you are trying to make everyone look like they are in the wrong, and asking for them to go offsite.
This is how everyone is seeing you right now.

I don't care if you had a point to make or not, like you said "I'm just calling them as I see them"
>> No. 1605821
File 141402015191.jpg - (107.14KB , 512x384 , Dorks.jpg )

Call it like a i see em, y'all are being morons sometimes.

Dont care, watch anime chicks beat the crap out of each other and giant monsters.

>> No. 1605822
File 141402015984.jpg - (98.80KB , 871x630 , you_what.jpg )

What are you doing
>> No. 1605824
File 141402023850.jpg - (1.16MB , 1200x1800 , d9db4b67e0fecb8d7a478fa0a861ef7c.jpg )
BUt tf2 time
>> No. 1605825
File 141402029016.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

I know you're not. But it's good to be aware that if you talk like that, it's easy to fall into looking like it IS what you're saying. And, well... some of that did happen in this case, which didn't help matters.
>> No. 1605826
File 141402032594.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
You're the dork, dork.

Giving you sweets?
>> No. 1605827
File 141402034691.png - (255.65KB , 1926x2107 , 1321348720.png )
Alright. I'm kinda the same really.

More along the lines of like 'video game magic'. You put 4 elements into viles and depending upon how much you have of each means you can make that object.
>> No. 1605829

You're sweet. c:
>> No. 1605830
File 141402041279.gif - (1.69MB , 320x231 , Standard internet fight.gif )
Do both pony.

>> No. 1605832
File 141402042749.png - (219.96KB , 546x614 , Surely youre as mad as a radioactive squidgoat.png )
Sounds straight-forward enough, that's perfect. Yeah well, I'm not expecting much I'm just curious.

I thought of that too, but I still mean the season as a whole. I confess bringing back the Governor made for some interesting encounters and plot points but for the most part still rather underwhelmed.

Also from what I recall they didn't start breaking the seasons into separate 'arcs' (if you can call them that) until season three, as the first two were pretty straight-forward were they not?

Yeah, I know you're right at the core - and in the end it's really not going to be that different from English. In person I'm a man of few words anyway, so taking time to reflect on how I want to say something isn't really new to me either way. I just don't like not being confident in my abilities, y'know?
>> No. 1605835
File 141402048687.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
Nuh-uuuu, I just pot sweet

Okay, that gave me a good laugh, thanks for that
>> No. 1605836
File 141402051366.jpg - (100.88KB , 500x600 , 141144346713.jpg )
Nope, can't
Besides, I got music
>> No. 1605837
File 141402055929.png - (293.05KB , 569x525 , Chocolate.png )
Have you read anything that stands out as a favorite?

Ah, that sounds interesting nonetheless.
>> No. 1605838
File 141402056137.jpg - (53.69KB , 658x636 , 141393189179.jpg )
>> No. 1605846
File 141402076863.jpg - (81.42KB , 677x960 , 137790432682.jpg )
>> No. 1605847
File 141402077716.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
It certainly has its charms, or it wouldn't survive this long. Naturally, some seasons will click better with one than others, and they can vastly differ in tone and design, but the basic ideas are still the same.

is no swet
>> No. 1605848
File 141402080241.png - (157.07KB , 939x1024 , AAA.png )
>> No. 1605849
File 141402081705.png - (382.83KB , 2000x2080 , 132739049245.png )
The Maze by Will Hobbs. I always had a problem in school finding something I wanted to read for English class, until my teacher forced me to try and read some of his books.

>> No. 1605851
File 141402084515.png - (84.50KB , 504x639 , What is this I dont even.png )
That's quite a rack.. of uh.. badges.. she racked up a lot of badges I meant..

Well I'll be sure to let you know what I think if and when I get to it.
>> No. 1605852
File 141402088529.png - (327.16KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-04-16-15h20m00s191.png )
>> No. 1605853
File 141402090667.gif - (1.60MB , 350x197 , I___ugh__fine.gif )
>Brother came home
>Dad is pissed off
( "<" Dad, ">" Brother)
<"Where's the pizza?"
>"List ate it all!"
>Dad is pissed off even more
>Now he's angry at me
"But I didn't have any!"
>He points to the trash can
>There's a pizza box from yesterday in there
>Dad falls for it like a complete fool
>Dad yells at me
>Now i'm in trouble
>I looked at my brother
>He has a smug look on his face
>My brother got away with it
>He left the house again
>I think i'm grounded
>mia faccia quando
>> No. 1605857
File 141402092244.png - (313.94KB , 600x600 , 140096318135.png )

Yes you is

>> No. 1605858
File 141402092732.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Season three... why that's only the second season. It is a pretty quick adoption! Season 2 never happened, Hershel's farm was just some boring non-event that happened entirely off-camera, like their meeting with Bob or something. That means it was happening for most of the show by now!

The Guvna... ahhhhh, for a deadly land of the living dead, these people have serious problems in actually being dead until a corpse is seen. I've written pages upon pages of commentary on that guy, and in particular the forced and unnatural "deep" conversations he had with the kid over chess. Really would rather he didn't get back in, but alas - had to force them out of that prison somehow.

Still, except for the Guvna and many flashes of truly astounding stupidity (have those people never heard of locking your doors, particularily with possible zombies around), the first half-season was pretty nice. The second one, not so much, but there still was plenty of amusing bitching to be done about it, heh.
>> No. 1605859
File 141402099168.png - (124.38KB , 750x664 , 628318__safe_solo_applejack_monochrome_smile_cute_hat_sitting_adorable_floppy+ears.png )
>> No. 1605860
File 141402101277.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
Please do. But again, quality and concepts vary greatly, some shows just flow better than others. Personally, my favorites so far have been Den-O (Fun and lighthearted), Ryuki (Really dark eventually with a very interesting setup) and the first half of Hibiki (it took the concept in a slightly different direction than usual... and then got studio mandated to being more like the other shows, unfortunately. Wouldn't recommend watchin this until you've seen a few others).

But, er, each season is between 48-50 episodes of 20 minutes each and a (usually non-canon) movie (have yet to see any of these myself. So there's a LOT.
>> No. 1605861
File 141402101249.png - (348.73KB , 1800x1013 , 232707.png )

She has a very impressive display for sure.
>> No. 1605863
Oh, you'll manage just fine, and the sooner you start the sooner you'll become a language master. The real fun part comes after you start thinking in another language. Sometimes I'll just go along my day and realize I've been thinking in English for half an hour. I find that to be very neat for some reason.
>> No. 1605864
File 141402103964.jpg - (78.76KB , 800x700 , 141081449096.jpg )

Kill your brother.

>> No. 1605867
File 141402107614.png - (554.88KB , 1226x857 , Sing.png )
The fuck, did you, like, hear me talk about you or something?

>> No. 1605870
File 141402110618.png - (183.01KB , 350x555 , 140030121377.png )
>> No. 1605872

Second thing you said to me after you told me I wasn't helping and I respoded with why I said what I did... you're being ignorant.

There's a difference between responding to someone being confrontational with confrontation.. which I did to the anon.. than doing so in the first place... which you did to me.


Don't do it in the futrue please.


Fox dude didn't have to say the thread was anti-feminist.

I am part of this thread. So that includes me.

I can go offsite and talk to an anon I have have no other contact for. That.. doesn't make sense.

Read the interaction again please.. my point of contention was someone being overly agressive to me to give me hell for being overly aggressive to someone else.

Go give Ahke shit for beign hypocritical..

You also don't have to say anything to me either.
>> No. 1605873
File 141402116715.png - (202.96KB , 462x463 , Eh.png )
I'm just gonna not say anything

I should just go
>> No. 1605874
File 141402117128.png - (509.25KB , 1391x1600 , rarity_and_sweetie_belle_being_cute_by_stabzor-d4us3yd.png )
>> No. 1605876
File 141402118753.png - (569.53KB , 738x878 , vlcsnap-2014-10-16-00h07m47s60.png )
>> No. 1605878
File 141402127672.png - (15.70KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521a.png )

Sorry. Probably shouldn't have said more, but my judgement is currently impaired.


Um, I asked everyone to drop it. Can we?
>> No. 1605879
File 141402129115.jpg - (60.83KB , 506x500 , This may be fun now but I plan on dropping you onto a cactus as soon as the opportunity comes up.jpg )
I was the same, forced reading is a pain - though I generally didn't mind the books we were made to read in class, it was picking out something of my own choice that was frustrating. If only I took to literature sooner..

Sorry mate, I really wish I could be a better conversational partner when it comes to this show but it seems my apathetic disposition towards it is making that extremely difficult.

Yes, a fantastic display indeed.
You just can't help but take notice..

Pfft, motivation isn't the hard part - it's.. the actual doing. I'm so prone to getting distracted or never getting around to things it's not even funny.

Is it episodic, or does it build a solid story with each version?