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File 141531136512.png - (1.79MB , 4799x3893 , sunset_shimmer_and_sunset_shimmer_by_hampshireukbrony-d6qbs1c.png )
1633227 No. 1633227
Why not? She's been popping up more in our beloved HAYs? So Sunset edition go!

Whether your flavor of Sunset is a teenage girl or an adorable pony? Um... do people even like that raging she-demon? I don't know where this stuff comes from. Just come in and tell us about your day. :3

Don't like Sunset, sorry, it was inevitable. :P

Old somewhat Sunset filled thread....
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>> No. 1639254
File 141562134026.png - (183.01KB , 350x555 , 140030121377.png )

Not in the slightest.
>> No. 1639255
File 141562139468.jpg - (55.15KB , 300x498 , Chiffonje.jpg )
is an drawer of type that can be used as an desk or something.
although that one i have is heavy far bigger

nah, even though if i may or may NOT have the machines im far to lazy and supporting the sweden what i can Ikea no, far to cold, and it takes so long time as well ^^;

nah, you just tumbled far to fast far to hot....
or stop using wool products

i can always find a reason to say sorry.
yes, yes they are

take acre
>> No. 1639257

You're not Canadian though!

I always try and keep the rooms I work/play in tidy, or at least have some organized chaos.
>> No. 1639260
Oh, neither am I. I feel like it can be somewhat of a debilitating problem but put your best foot forward and I'm sure that you'll do OK.

Oh, that's a Chiffonje... I guess we have things like that around. It doesn't look like the desk part would take much weight though and there's no room for your legs underneath. Too lazy? I thought you were like welding extraordinaire. You should make all kindsa crap... I guess that requires tools and stuff though. Maybe it was far to hot and too fast but these are industrial dryers, they don't have settings, you just press go and hope for the best. Now I dry them by hanging them over my balcony.
>> No. 1639264
File 141562178219.png - (3.12MB , 2000x3188 , 139269597989.png )

I can be confident though, just not on the level employers want, apparently.

The guys at EB Games seem pretty chill, to be honest. I plan on handing them a copy of my resume to look over next time I'm there buying a game or something.
>> No. 1639267
File 141562188755.png - (210.51KB , 879x909 , 132746495095.png )
Even if they don't want it? Maybe.


Somewhere in B and C shall suffice. NSW grades them... weirdly, and scales them even weirder.

Well, I thought I was already 18. Just need a job, for now and then I should be good. I guess bad in a sense that I lose a place to socialize with friends.

I'd ask for an example but at this hour who'd be on to confirm.
>> No. 1639268
File 141562192711.jpg - (656.29KB , 2050x1259 , welder engieneer 101.jpg )
sometimes.... i do wonder bout that
you do go^^
im no good house master....

yea, though unsure bout the english name for it.
well, for lighter stuff. like signing papers. toying with light electronics ( might be able to snap a picture of mine.) no wait

yes, lazy person. one could think so. but i don´t have any welders laying around. and i only do an "accept" job when i get an order on what i should do with what

im not an creative person. i need guidelines.
Ah sounds like an plan.
yaay for dry clothes
oh god! all these flannel shirts. where do they COME FROM!?!

hows ommie?
>> No. 1639270
File 141562200233.png - (210.44KB , 513x503 , Goddamn it.png )

Nothing I say will matter, so who cares.


Neither am I, really.
>> No. 1639273
File 141562226641.png - (54.06KB , 894x894 , rainbow_dash_vector___wut__no_lunch_provided__by_anxet-d5pkzbo.png )
Well, it certainly can't hurt to hand one in there. I know someone who actually manages an EB. He got the gig by applying for an EB that was newly opening in a really out-of-the-way location. He worked there for about 6 months before they made him manager. Now they like fly him to melbourne and stuff to go to EB conferences.

You are already 18? Damn, how long was I gone for. I didn't think that you really socialised all that much at school and I thought that you had a job at a warehouse, or something like that.

Oooh, that sandwich pile looks good and them instructions look interesting and that metal toolbox is nice (I hope that it's a lunch box). I don't really know if they have them here. There is something similar called a 'hutch' but it's more of a desk and less of a chest of drawers. Guidelines? Pffffft, you could pull this off easy. Line em up and stick em together. Couldn't you just burn the clothes?
>> No. 1639276
File 141562234566.png - (240.84KB , 550x720 , 138873935087.png )

Holy shit...
>> No. 1639282
File 141562266812.png - (197.83KB , 900x800 , fluttershy_by_iamthegreatlyra-d4hha07.png )
Tired, in bed, about to sleep, preferably not crash again. You?

Stop with the attitude, please... reminds me of myself if I were still sitting at my chair.

No one can be a mind read. The only reason I saw that, is because I am skeptical if the idea that I am of any importance to be recognized by. Only reason I asked myself this is because I haven't heard the opinion of a larger public.

A while, a year does a lot I suppose.

Well, I don't talk that much but I do socialize from time to time. The warehouse thing is just a summer job for quick cash at a manual labour cost.
>> No. 1639290
File 141562284818.jpg - (1.18MB , 2560x1920 , 20141024_183739.jpg )

They are delish, and simple to create
them instructions is from an basic blue prints 101 course.
learning on what to look, how o look at and such.
that is an homemade toolbox/lunchbox

ah, okies thank you.
so many cool furnitures there are out there in the world.
not really sure. im bad at freestylin
burn the clothes? D:

well i could use them when doing work so the welder sparks would make them burst into flames i guess?

then sleep on a bed. it´s good for ya back.
cleaning my room.
>> No. 1639297
File 141562311924.png - (47.81KB , 470x530 , Applejack is not amused.png )

What attitude? I'm just done.
>> No. 1639298
I haven't been gone for a year. I only left in like March. 6 months tops. So does that mean that you've got your license now then? Well, now you can socialise in places where you weren't forced to be together and where people share interests and stuff. You can't do the warehouse thing during the year then?

Ummmm, yeah, I suppose?

Yeah, burn them. Then you won't have to wash them, though you may have to wash the ash off the floor. Why is the box blue now?
>> No. 1639301
File 141562323624.png - (230.82KB , 650x650 , 140293563655.png )

Just saying. That's a big promotion for only 6 months of employment.
>> No. 1639303
File 141562330583.jpg - (538.22KB , 1380x1021 , Colonel 1000 base cb radio station.jpg )
but all the money gone to waste;_;
or well not. since i get some heat from it :P
it started to get rusty so i painted it to protect it
i had an tf2 engineer design in my head. but ended up with something else.
>> No. 1639308
Oh? It's not really that big. There are like only two real positions in the store. The workers and the manager. The manager is the only way that you can move up and it's basically the ceiling. They needed a manager so it was natural that they would pick someone from the worker pool.

I don't think that you should do it for the heat. You'd need to do it for the expression of freedom that it would represent for you. Oh, you were gonna make it red? You made it then?
>> No. 1639312
File 141562358011.png - (671.78KB , 724x1024 , 139210556311.png )

Hmm, I guess. Still, if I got promoted to manager at EB after only being there 6 months, I'd feel like a big shot. :P
>> No. 1639317
I guess he was a bit of a big shot around there.
>> No. 1639319
File 141562374407.jpg - (2.59MB , 2974x1981 , Winter roads.jpg )
but my freedom says. lots lots of clothes, im doing the world the greatest favour by hiding the skin.

well, not read. but the design in general. since the foodbox of mine has the shape as an treasure chest with it´s soft rounded top
>> No. 1639321
File 141562380386.png - (679.91KB , 1250x1625 , 140784940038.png )

Ha. :P

In all seriousness, it sounds like a job I'd actually like to do. I could be around games all day and get paid for it.
>> No. 1639323
File 141562385173.jpg - (962.28KB , 1920x1080 , shot_207.jpg )
>A very aplty named tank that seems to only feature in the game in two varieties: a scrub that needs to Learn To Play...
>...or someone like me, using it to take scrubs to tank school

I'd feel worse about this but oh wait no I wouldn't
>> No. 1639328
Treasure box is nice too. Though I did like it when it was still grey. Too bad about the rust.

Yeah, I think that it'd be fun and working in retail, there would always be somewhere else for you to move if you got sick of it, and you'd be working with like-minded people of the same demographic.

Hey there Character. What's going on? Playing some tanks?
>> No. 1639331
File 141562420198.png - (409.94KB , 1200x1000 , 140096318137.png )

For sure.

Now all I have to do is go out and fucking do it.
>> No. 1639332
File 141562425440.jpg - (742.58KB , 1920x1080 , shot_204.jpg )
Isn't it way past new thread time, btw


Hey there! Yep. Just had a fun game with that little thing over there, heh. A little fun game which started off by some cocky guy on the enemy team being like "nice lose for you" while the match hasn't even started.

It was nice to then ace-tanker all over his team.
>> No. 1639333
File 141562425534.png - (58.57KB , 889x899 , happy_dashie_by_geometrymathalgebra-d7hhmhn.png )
Yeah, but that's no biggie, you're gonna drop a resume off next time you're there. Sounds like a plan. Got much else going on?
>> No. 1639334
File 141562430030.png - (210.35KB , 1000x1000 , 138889365901.png )

Other than that, no.
>> No. 1639335
File 141562431381.jpg - (527.47KB , 1816x1145 , Ok, one cup a day!.jpg )
^^; thanks

OH SHIT you right!
>> No. 1639337
Way Way past new thread time.
He was saying that you were gonna lose because of your smurf tank?

Well, that's fair enough. It is like 4am or something.
>> No. 1639338
File 141562444132.png - (523.03KB , 1521x1392 , Bat.png )

It's 5 AM now.

Just wanna wrap something up before I go to bed.
>> No. 1639339
What? What are you doing ?
>> No. 1639340
File 141562453721.jpg - (415.74KB , 2400x1350 , 141410391169.jpg )

I just want Omm to reply so I can finish our conversation.
>> No. 1639341
File 141562461187.png - (54.06KB , 894x894 , rainbow_dash_vector___wut__no_lunch_provided__by_anxet-d5pkzbo.png )
Oh right. Not sure if he's coming back though. He may have suddenly dozed off to sleep.
>> No. 1639342
File 141562466905.png - (193.26KB , 500x500 , 141548698203.png )

Eugh, alright then. We'll finish up later.


Goodnight, everyone.
>> No. 1639344
File 141562470430.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
nighs, sweeet dreams
>> No. 1639346
Night Thela.
>> No. 1639347
File 141562476077.png - (90.64KB , 450x450 , Twi - bgls - 003.png )

He was saying we were going to lose because he was a cocky bastard, I assume with XVM installed. That's a mod that looks at the stats of each player on each team and then uses that to pull a percentage win chance out of its ass. It's used by good players to play better and by bad players to play worse (high percentage? Ha! Time to showboat instead of play well. Low percentage? WTF MATCHMAKER I'M NOT PLAYING THIS *suicide*). I don't use it at all.

Our team was kind of bad, but out bads walked all over their bads, and me and one other guy finished off their good players and that was that.
>> No. 1639348
Oh, was your team random too?
>> No. 1639349
File 141562495599.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , 139733767789.gif )
>> No. 1639352
File 141562506252.png - (166.05KB , 899x888 , Twi - bgls - 056.png )

They're all random. It's 15v15.


So who's making the next one?
>> No. 1639353
File 141562517038.gif - (1.19MB , 658x438 , 302410__safe_applejack_animated_winona_golden%252Boaks%252Blibrary_just%252Bfor%252Bsidekicks_li.gif )
my room done
living room done
cash found
enough to buy some kebab at the local food place
im soo going to treat my self with that!


i can try if no one else want it?
have an idea
>> No. 1639354
File 141562522178.png - (346.24KB , 1476x1666 , 139666287291.png )

>> No. 1639355
Oh, right, ofcourse. Well, sorry that I couldn't stay and chat but I gotta get to bed.

Night everyone.
>> No. 1639358
File 141562534191.png - (900.91KB , 900x900 , 137459896999.png )

Nights sweet dreams!
>> No. 1639360
File 141562538085.png - (426.93KB , 887x856 , Twi - bgls - 048.png )

Go ahead, I'd say.


See ya...!
>> No. 1639361
>> No. 1639362
File 141562545895.png - (177.28KB , 774x1033 , 139408794251.png )
*purrs and huggles*
>> No. 1639363
File 141562551460.png - (173.37KB , 693x696 , Mother_Celestia_nuzzles.png )
*Holds close and snuggles*
how is?
>> No. 1639364
File 141562562764.png - (510.91KB , 800x533 , 139691989679.png )
*nuzzles cheek*

Ish okay.

How's you?
>> No. 1639366
*murrs' okay, okay is good^^
bout the same have cleaned some rooms
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