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File 141596424341.jpg - (86.14KB , 720x540 , Darla_Dimple.jpg )
1646753 No. 1646753
Gonna make your momma proud!

Welcome to the HAY thread. Come on in and tell us how you're doing, talk to your buddies... but no matter what you do, just remember to do it big and loud!

Old thread over here:
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>> No. 1646756
File 141596433618.png - (24.29KB , 261x229 , Let's Ride.png )
>> No. 1646757
File 141596447153.jpg - (409.62KB , 640x567 , let's ride.jpg )
>> No. 1646758
I have no response to this.
>> No. 1646759
File 141596464646.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
Then I have obtained ultimate victory
>> No. 1646760
File 141596469700.png - (44.48KB , 894x894 , rainbow_face_by_liamwhite1-d73o3i2.png )
Defeated me, that's for sure.
>> No. 1646761
File 141596478978.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
I are the greetest
>> No. 1646762
File 141596483574.jpg - (336.60KB , 960x1280 , tumblr_mwmg1bO3qJ1sjqx0po1_1280.jpg )

Australian? Ah. I vaguely recall your name, but I don’t remember much about you. I probably confused you with Clarity.

No, because some pizze have topping like hamburger, pepperoni, ham, pineapple, whatever. This one was essentially crust, tomato sauce, and lots of cheese. That’s it. Plain cheese is bland (to me).

I microwave shit fairly often because I lack the interest to cook. Cooking bores me and most food tastes like crap to me. My microwave actually has a rotating ‘plate’ on the bottom, so no side becomes overheated. As far as I know, I have no fan in my microwave or my oven.

Oh blood, one time I stupidly put a sandwich wrapped in foil inside of a microwave, that almost made it explode. I was scared shitless because after I heard a little explosion, there was a small fire that occurred in my microwave. I told my mum about it all, but the fire vanished. The food survived (I think). My mum did something similar by putting food into a microwave for way too long, causing the house to smoke.
>> No. 1646764
File 141596491075.jpg - (60.64KB , 500x670 , tumblr_mpqw8w6G3r1qh3h23o1_500.jpg )

I made this cover using only my arse and a beta version of Photoshop. Mystery solved.
>> No. 1646765
File 141596499834.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
There was no mystery. I was just defeating an enemy.
>> No. 1646766
File 141596507992.jpg - (25.51KB , 500x350 , ArcticFox05.jpg )

With shitty Photoshopping?
>> No. 1646767
Clarity? I don't think I know Clarity. Where they on /b/ and friends? Your frozen pizzas usually have other stuff on them than just cheese? I must be getting the scrub ones then. I like microwaving because it's easy too. I don't care if it makes it soft. Soft things can be nice too. Yeah, I hear foil doesn't do too well in the microwave. Never tried it myself though.
>> No. 1646768
File 141596520046.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
With clever usage of his own words against him as presented through the image of a low-quality product thus implying his post was of low quality to begin with
>> No. 1646769
An Esh thread?

This is rarer than gold dust I hear
>> No. 1646770
File 141596542189.jpg - (34.37KB , 500x357 , huwwo there snow foxy.jpg )

I think that she or he posts in these threads, but only at different times. I don’t touch /b/ and friends since they’re excessively rapid and I don’t like /b/.

You seriously haven’t heard of or seen pizze with toppings on them? Do you live under a rock? I’m confused.

Yeah, my mum is somewhat picky about food. Like, she doesn’t want me to eat cereal with low milk. She doesn’t want me to eat things without others. She doesn’t want to reheat any vegetables. I’m just apathetic.

I’m not a fan of soft food. I prefer crunchy things.

Never microwave foil. Or metal, for that matter. It’s not worth it.
>> No. 1646771
File 141596547335.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
And thus much more valuable.
>> No. 1646772
File 141596565358.png - (67.17KB , 783x1021 , rainbow_dash___loyalty_by_kishmond-d3f4owi.png )
Maybe I should diversify my pizza selection occasionally then. I don't eat much frozen pizza anymore anyway, so maybe I wont. I always have heaps of milk on my cereal (makes it soft).
Why so anon today, Anon?
>> No. 1646773
File 141596582327.jpg - (164.93KB , 500x336 , black foxy.jpg )

I don’t eat these much neither.

I don’t use a name because I feel like I have a bad reputation on this website. Most people probably already know whom I am any way sans a name.
>> No. 1646775
Sorry about late reply. Got distracted by someone.
Well, I have no idea who you are.
>> No. 1646777
File 141596760743.jpg - (23.72KB , 500x333 , bleh.jpg )

My name’s Seth. My friends call me Roman, Rome, Romano and officially Romanophile. I used to go by Æ&Œ, but I’m not extremely interested in ligatures any more.

So, I feel like updating my status:

My nose has been bleeding very slowly for weeks now. This is because the air over here is actually dry. I’d moisturise myself, but I have a fascination with my blood.

Currently watching a YouPube video of somebody playing Friday Night at Freddy’s 2 Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. It’s scaring me.
>> No. 1646778
Oh, I remember you. And you did used to add to one of them dictionary wikis. I remember all this now. Why no more Ligatures? I haven't played [email protected] but I hear its meant to be good. Have you played it or do you just watch the videos?
>> No. 1646780
File 141596969190.jpg - (147.42KB , 720x900 , red-fox-pausing-atop-log-max-allen.jpg )

Yes, I also remember you somewhat.

I used to contribute to the English version quite often, but now I’m more interested in the Castilian one. When people act like dickheads, the Anglos there generally prefer fiddling the lyre whilst Rome burns, and it can take a while before they finally take the hint and kick those shitheads out for good.

I actually wrote a polemic against somebody, which was reverted, and then I was (unsurprisingly) obstructed for one month, but I’m not bitter about it. He deserved every word of it, and I am willing to bet that he did not feel so much as a micron of guilt over my ferocious tirade. Some ‘people’ never learn.

The Castilian version is generally much better, but it’s also less popular, which is impressive considering both are pretty unheard of despite being closely related to Wikipedia. I still enjoy it, though.

But any way, Æ, æ, Œ, and œ are pretty antiquated in English, thanks to modern typewriters. Unlike other liggies, they’re not supposed to be used whenever wherever. They’re generally intended for Græco‐Latin words (see what I did there?). The Scandinavians still use Æ and æ pretty often, but they’re never considered optional. French (a language which I like very much) still uses all four, but not as frequently as it used to. In formal French writing and sometimes English writing, it’s always ideal to conserve them, but most keyboards don’t have them so they remain largely unused in informal messages.

There’s a boatload of words that Anglos used to write with these, but the simplified spellings are preferred (for being more phonetic).

I still like to use &, but casual usage is discouraged in formal writing. I still use all of these, just less frequently.

Any way! I haven’t touched these games, I’ve just seen my amigos playing them often and everybody on the Internet is crazy about them. I saw my sister watch this video a while ago, and I was perplexed. It’s like an anti‐parody of Chuck E. Cheese. I may even play these eventually, but I tend to avoid horror unless it’s a classic like The Evil Dead. I stay alert and ready because I always expect some crazy shit to happen unexpectedly… expecting the unexpected, if that makes sense.

Sorry this took so long (but it could have been longer).
>> No. 1646781
Haha, the politics of an contributory site. Did that 'person' ever come back and change more stuff? I only know very few words that use the ae guy and I would usually just write ae because I dunno how to get it proper on this. Never seen a word with the oe one though. I can see the utility in having a phonetic language though.
I haven't played it either. Still, it might be fun. Though it's really not my kinda game either.
>> No. 1646782
Well, I'm off to bed. NIght.
>> No. 1646783
File 141597120674.png - (66.15KB , 858x651 , layout.png )

Actually he’s blocked. His obstruction will expire in fourteen days. Originally it was going to be forever, then it became three months, and then some supergenius transformed it into one month. It’s only a matter of time before he fucks up enough to become permanently obstructed. This dickhead, by the way, usually denies any damage that he does and won’t accept responsibility. He prefers to blame everybody but hisself.

There’re around a thousand English words that use æ, but most of them are archaic. If you are curious you can see a full list here:Æ

Words that still use œ include amœba, diarrhœa, homœopathy, phœnix, onomatopœia, and others. Full list :Œ

Back when I was learning Hebrew, I was dissatisfied with the default layout, so I looked around on the Internet, found a gratis programme for altering keys, and made my own layout. This screenshot displays a layout very similar to mine. I’d modify the outdated name, but for some stupid reason it won’t let me.

Yes, I think that most modern orthographies are more‐or‐less phonetic, with English and French being notable exceptions. Personally I’d rather people had the liberty to select their own orthography without being chastised.

I don’t know much about these games, but I thought that they were adventure games. I’m going to observe more videos of these.


Boa noite.
>> No. 1646785
File 141597354157.gif - (1.52MB , 642x360 , 715873__safe_animated_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_adag.gif )
>> No. 1646786
File 141597362156.jpg - (226.91KB , 500x568 , baby foxy looking up.jpg )
>> No. 1646787
File 141597363712.png - (1.74MB , 3600x4000 , 140785710996.png )
>> No. 1646788
File 141597380129.jpg - (164.37KB , 724x1024 , large (2).jpg )
That's a fox.

>> No. 1646789
File 141597387237.jpg - (1.99MB , 3331x2212 , Cape_fox_and_cub.jpg )

And those are horsies.
>> No. 1646790
File 141597389504.png - (486.34KB , 2016x3000 , airpls.png )
>> No. 1646791
File 141597390812.png - (1.14MB , 1280x853 , Morning relaxation.png )
Morning Brave, how's it going?
>> No. 1646792
File 141597395543.png - (372.52KB , 800x871 , Coffee.png )
Nope! No horsies here!

Hey there Mags.
>> No. 1646793
File 141597401394.jpg - (30.35KB , 500x490 , foxy jumping!.jpg )



I’m foncused.
>> No. 1646794
File 141597407816.png - (258.13KB , 1252x1316 , Bask in my glory knaves.png )
Not a horse to be seen!
>> No. 1646795
File 141597411687.jpg - (63.23KB , 520x638 , uh, what.jpg )
>> No. 1646796
File 141597411717.png - (394.75KB , 1600x2488 , flyshy.png )

>> No. 1646798
File 141597415110.png - (704.09KB , 1280x613 , 727743__safe_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_angel+bunny_scarf_bird_squirrel_artist-colon-whitediamo.png )

Going pretty good. How about you?
>> No. 1646799
File 141597419261.png - (118.50KB , 410x410 , ^_^ Rarity.png )

Just woke up.

Just sort of hanging around right now. Got work tonight.
>> No. 1646800
File 141597423638.png - (179.08KB , 600x600 , smilie.png )

Ah, okay

Gonna do anything?
>> No. 1646803
File 141597434483.jpg - (39.01KB , 500x500 , foxy with turned head.jpg )

What are horses made from?


Where can I find these things?


>> No. 1646805
File 141597442241.png - (229.13KB , 1280x1024 , Okay, slice the naval and let his intestines stream over me_.png )
Well, in 18 minutes there's an Isaac episode I plan to watch. After that I'm free until I need to head off.

Over the hills and far away.
>> No. 1646807
File 141597448534.jpg - (227.71KB , 667x1000 , tumblr_mvh95zZsu21qzeui2o1_1280.jpg )

If I raise a baby horse, can I turn it into a flying unicorn?
>> No. 1646809
File 141597452324.png - (838.88KB , 1024x658 , 762776__safe_solo_rarity_bathtub_artist-colon-rainpony.png )
Sounds good then.

propylene glycol
artificial sweeteners
sulphuric acid
red dye no. 2
axle grease
battery acid
>> No. 1646811
File 141597459676.jpg - (21.54KB , 600x450 , nom.jpg )

Oh, okay

Well, I'm sure you'll think of something to do :P
>> No. 1646812
File 141597460339.jpg - (330.22KB , 1600x1200 , Red Fox Pup.jpg )

Where can I get these?
>> No. 1646813

Anything is possible with science!

What did you do today?
>> No. 1646814
File 141597470245.jpg - (105.24KB , 516x517 , fmm.jpg )
>> No. 1646817
File 141597475266.png - (182.08KB , 909x879 , Nothing like a stretch after the mutilation of another_.png )
True, I'll bum around to see what would entertain me most I suppose.
>> No. 1646819
File 141597481819.gif - (429.31KB , 500x500 , spaaaaace.gif )

I've dedicated to writing today so chances ill be able to play anything is pretty slim
>> No. 1646822
File 141597497405.png - (915.25KB , 1280x808 , tumblr_ndse6lngXL1tlqckyo1_1280.png )
Nothing out of the ordinary.
>> No. 1646824
File 141597506230.png - (197.90KB , 480x322 , Morning.png )
Alright, that's fair. I do that too.

Fair enough, got plans for your Friday night?
>> No. 1646831
File 141597542231.png - (2.00MB , 1920x1080 , night_at_the_trot_in_by_johnjoseco-d488mle.png )
Movie watching with my brother.
>> No. 1646832
File 141597551405.png - (255.80KB , 1280x1280 , Normally I'd take credit, but I have no idea where this corpse came from_.png )
Hm, well that picture spawned a question. Do you guys even have drive through theaters in Sweden?
>> No. 1646842
File 141597580459.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

>serves you your coffee..
>> No. 1646846
File 141597588715.jpg - (94.47KB , 894x894 , 130329868180.jpg )
Probably somewhere but none near where I live in that case. Not a lot of gimmicky cinema.
>> No. 1646850
File 141597605076.png - (741.20KB , 2000x1125 , Scarlet dress.png )

Aww, don't call them gimmicky. They were fun. They were part of the culture.
>> No. 1646854
File 141597620733.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Yer welcoem Chromilicious!

And yeah.. drive-ins were awesome! 2 movies for the price of one and you can bring in pizza and stuff.. and hey, fresh air..
>> No. 1646855
File 141597630688.png - (520.06KB , 1280x790 , Hoodie.png )
Just recline in your car and enjoy the movie.
>> No. 1646860
File 141597640167.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Dun have to worry about other people's noise..

But.. land is more valuable for condos here..
>> No. 1646861
File 141597649092.png - (945.22KB , 1024x640 , mlp_rarity__theme_dark_night__by_malifikyse-d7rx16d.png )
I never said gimmicky meant bad. I'd love to go to one provided I owned a car. Just see very little outside of the standard movie theaters.
>> No. 1646869
File 141597706661.png - (233.64KB , 1280x720 , Sneaking around.png )
>> No. 1646871
File 141597725810.png - (364.49KB , 1600x2733 , Interesting.png )
>> No. 1646874
File 141597737501.jpg - (63.97KB , 500x714 , tumblr_m8lvwgm0U81rqxgrlo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 1646875
File 141597738360.png - (41.16KB , 210x185 , 132052621664.png )
Oh well, it's kind of leveling out now, but I doubt they'll ever be as popular again.

It really was kind of an American, and I guess Canadian thing.

>> No. 1646878
File 141597758293.png - (402.90KB , 1280x720 , SQUEE.png )
vroom vroom
alo, how is?

alloo there chrome. how goes at this fine hour?
>> No. 1646879
File 141597763881.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
y so stare
>> No. 1646880
File 141597766065.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )
Drive-in theaters are available, but only when it's -40c and a snowstorm
>> No. 1646885
File 141597786927.jpg - (225.27KB , 1100x600 , tumblr_mtv2zz7YUv1s4x6doo3_1280.jpg )

I guess so.
>> No. 1646886
File 141597796416.png - (325.24KB , 500x629 , I've got like___ five torture dolls I'm working on right now, so make it quick_.png )
Just hanging around.


Well you aren't Swedish!

On the other hand there's the US cultural dominance going on as well so...
>> No. 1646888
File 141597801796.jpg - (39.10KB , 629x960 , 135221518773.jpg )
Not too bad.

Not out on the country side where I live.
>> No. 1646890
File 141597807426.png - (202.95KB , 1280x1280 , drink.png )

That was a joke

Don't think we have a single one (in here, not in [redacted] Sweden)
>> No. 1646892
File 141597819728.png - (275.06KB , 1280x720 , tasty, you lookd rather tasty tonight.png )
Ah, sounds nice

glad to hear^^
speaking... or rather typing about out door cinamas.
we had maybe swedens biggest outdoor screen one summer when it was the day of parlharbour.
so during midnight they showed that movie.
>> No. 1646893
File 141597826792.png - (226.94KB , 1024x923 , Let's not, and just say we did_.png )
Fair enough.

Was it a proper drive-in?
>> No. 1646894
File 141597827193.png - (1.65MB , 1587x1238 , tea_time_by_kittehkatbar-d5ows2z.png )
That and I I guess we do have an entire subculture of people who are into the 1950s American greaser lifestyle here.
Probably still shouldn't expect anything like that near where I live though. I think the closest I saw was an outdoors showing of Night Of The Living Dead around Halloween.
>> No. 1646897
File 141597838954.png - (177.75KB , 684x1169 , shrug.png )

Might just be me, but I think the other nordics are more exposed to US inspired/crazed/ w/e stuff
>> No. 1646898
File 141597839009.png - (388.07KB , 3000x3873 , 133900595322.png )
Ja. All well with Ponny?
>> No. 1646899
File 141597842291.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
Well, apparently Ponychan wouldn't post my answers to you!

BAD ponychan!
>> No. 1646900
File 141597843779.png - (269.05KB , 1280x720 , srsly.png )
well, at that time no. but it was middle of the summer nights.

well, shall not complain.
>> No. 1646901
File 141597849884.png - (61.12KB , 643x750 , 148138__safe_vector_scootaloo_cute_puffy+cheeks_cutealoo.png )
You still is butt.
>> No. 1646902
File 141597850822.png - (211.85KB , 1280x720 , skipp.png )
>> No. 1646904
File 141597853970.jpg - (102.04KB , 410x588 , Coffee 2.jpg )
You do? Oh Lord.

To be fair, Finland also borders Russia, and there's a history of trying not to appear too "westernized" to Russia, but not too Communist for the west and... yeah. Kind of a middle ground, Finland.


>> No. 1646906
File 141597863452.png - (208.71KB , 1280x720 , Silly me im trotting.png )
yes, but an outdoor drive in cinema would be awesome.
now granted i cannot remember. no, i don´t think that there are some drive through cinemas.
>> No. 1646907
File 141597868226.png - (361.11KB , 768x432 , writing a slashfic.png )

Um, that's not really true. Before this was just a policy for military alliances, Soviets and Russians knew full well we were "westernized".

Not sure where the bit about communism comes from since they never really had a chance after the civil war.
>> No. 1646913
File 141597887074.jpg - (466.87KB , 1600x1200 , Power_big_meet_raggare.jpg )
'fraid so.
>> No. 1646914
File 141597887566.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
am naaaaht

Y bravery mean to me

T'ain't fair!


So what uis up with y'all?
>> No. 1646915
BUCK! i always miss that event ;_;
Proud greaser here :P

lurking car forums, sipping coffee
>> No. 1646916
File 141597894410.png - (204.20KB , 457x502 , 131395960462.png )
Because you is adorable.
>> No. 1646918
File 141597899095.jpg - (830.55KB , 1000x999 , I apologize, you're just so mind bogglingly stupid for so early in the morning_.jpg )

Kind of is though. The term "Finlandization" exists for that reason.

How horrifying.

Just watching some Isaac.
>> No. 1646919
File 141597903993.png - (241.52KB , 1280x720 , yes yes YES.png )
And bravery, is that your brothers car?
i might suspect that´s an 60´s or 70´s valiant.-

kinda want to be at a drive through cinema now
and chrome plz. all greasers aren´t that bad.
>> No. 1646921
File 141597906206.png - (111.48KB , 700x700 , lil.png )

The term exists yes but it doesn't collude with the term "westernized" in this case
>> No. 1646922
File 141597915053.png - (376.88KB , 1600x1525 , look__a_poni__by_azizthewazon-d719au2.png )
See, there's one now.

What? No no no. He doesn't have a car.
>> No. 1646923
File 141597921807.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
But then you should be nice, not mean!


Watching? Why, I thought you'd be playin!
>> No. 1646924
File 141597922156.png - (209.20KB , 1280x720 , What was that.png )
Proud swedish greaser... sure i don´t have an american classic. but wait until i get the job!

aaw, sorry ^^,
>> No. 1646927
File 141597934207.png - (206.38KB , 807x989 , Hey there.png )
That's fair.

Most of them were.

The point was to not provoke either side, so there wasn't an extreme lean either way.

A greaser is different from a grease-monkey.

Because I always watch this guy's run in the morning.
>> No. 1646928
File 141597935909.jpg - (102.97KB , 900x599 , SHFiguarts-Tridoron-Reveal.jpg )
Nothing much. Be YouTubing.

Waiting patiently!
>> No. 1646930
File 141597947231.png - (156.94KB , 935x855 , yees.png )

Well yeah but that was an incorrect term usage!

>> No. 1646933
File 141597952846.png - (305.79KB , 1280x720 , Keep talking, i listen.png )
guess so^^

>A greaser is different from a grease-monkey.
mind me asking what the difference is?

hell you know what.
why do i not make an personal bet?

when i ( god forbid ) found an job, spent money on house and american car. i will spend my semester driving around meeting the most awesomest friends around the swed ( well if you/they want of course)
driving around the town with music, like the "american graffiti" stopping an cool/calm outdoor cafe

"cross my heart hope to fly stick an cupcake in my eye"
>> No. 1646935
File 141597958779.png - (206.38KB , 640x360 , I can explain.png )
Not from a historical American perspective, where anything remotely sympathetic to the Soviet Union, up to an including anything less that foaming at the mouth hatred was "communist subversion."
>> No. 1646938
File 141597964563.png - (357.11KB , 1391x1000 , 131393479363.png )
Nah, I don't wanna force you to do that.
>> No. 1646939
File 141597965604.jpg - (34.98KB , 381x600 , nice.jpg )

But we aren't talking about that
>> No. 1646940
File 141597972327.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
But... you play!

Wat you BeTubing?
>> No. 1646941
File 141597976277.png - (284.54KB , 1280x1431 , Cute.png )
A grease-monkey is a mechanic or engineer, or anyone who spends their time working with machines. A greaser is essentially a gangster who uses way too much hair gel to slick back their hair.

Kind of are, considering we were speaking about American culture spreading to other areas, and why at the time something even like drive-in theaters may not have taken hold in Finland, barring of course the whole differing weather thing.

And watch.
>> No. 1646942
File 141597978454.png - (210.69KB , 434x548 , 133655804296.png )
Clock Tower.
>> No. 1646943
File 141597984189.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )

Gasp! Which one?
>> No. 1646945
File 141597988302.png - (275.06KB , 1280x720 , tasty, you lookd rather tasty tonight.png )
but bra, bra
i wanna see/met all the most amazing friends that ive learned these two years^^

what do you call one that has his hair full of gel AND is an car mechanic?
im far to kind be be an brute ganster.
but i have the outfit for one.

oh God... OH GOD NO!
>> No. 1646946
File 141597990222.png - (61.12KB , 643x750 , 148138__safe_vector_scootaloo_cute_puffy+cheeks_cutealoo.png )
The sequel.
>> No. 1646947
File 141597994683.png - (129.68KB , 497x600 , falling.png )

But that's mixing culture and politics

As I recall, there weren't any bars put up to "block" cultural influence, it just didn't take hold as big.

Another point to consider is the economics at the times when the outdoor craze was at its peak
>> No. 1646948
File 141598003471.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
So... PS1 Clock Tower, or Clock Tower 2?

I really want those games... Clock Tower 1 is nearly impossible to come by for a reasonable price, it seems...
>> No. 1646949
File 141598004020.png - (84.87KB , 275x300 , 135292763727.png )
Then do because you want to, I don't wanna force you to blow all that gas money just to meet me.
>> No. 1646950
File 141598007581.png - (417.70KB , 1600x1817 , Seriously now_.png )
... A poser.

There's a lot of overlap, at least there is here.

Banning books considered anti-soviet doesn't count as setting up bars?

More agricultural at the time.
>> No. 1646951
File 141598010737.png - (926.17KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-12-14-21h48m01s210.png )
>> No. 1646952
File 141598015904.png - (198.15KB , 1280x720 , HA!.png )
Pony please~
Pfff i blew 400€ to met Ghostrider
and that was well spent money!

fuck... i knew it.
i will always be an imposer i guess
>> No. 1646954
File 141598027163.png - (290.39KB , 1142x720 , 130416319847.png )
As in Nick Cage?
>> No. 1646955
File 141598027665.png - (158.66KB , 900x675 , No___ wait___ what the fuck.png )
Not an "imposer," a "poser." Though perhaps less so because it's no longer a relevant culture here. It's probably different in Sweden, but here you wouldn't see someone dressed as a greaser outside of Halloween.
>> No. 1646956
File 141598030105.png - (288.86KB , 1600x1313 , bowtie.png )

Only a small fraction were foreign books so not really a significant impact.

>> No. 1646958
File 141598042481.png - (255.55KB , 1280x720 , Haha you jest.png )
Ah, okay then i know.
i guess also that there are no ppl with an type of "mullet" haircut as well?
damn, knew that i always was an oddball. but this is getting silly.
oh well~
>> No. 1646960
File 141598049879.png - (204.41KB , 631x622 , 139823512119.png )
>> No. 1646961
File 141598050680.png - (90.57KB , 335x421 , SS_85.png )
My middle finger hurts for no apparent reason.
>> No. 1646962
File 141598052108.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
Damnit, Ponychan. Stop not posting my posts.

Can't seem to find that one much either. And 3 is supposed to be a little weird.

Don't you ignore me just because I call you out on your heresy!
>> No. 1646963
File 141598055244.png - (233.64KB , 1280x720 , Sneaking around.png )
guess so. and even pictures from the comics.


aaw, sorry to hear that.
stretched it/pulled some muscle?
>> No. 1646964
File 141598067691.png - (305.48KB , 1002x720 , A7MhX9G.png )

2 is the one where you get possessed by a ghost and fight a walking samurai armor and 3 is where it gets weird?
>> No. 1646965
File 141598069784.gif - (50.60KB , 100x100 , Slap.gif )
Even so.

Still was shifting into what it is today though by then.

People would probably just say the 80's called and they want their hairstyle back.



>> No. 1646966
File 141598070338.png - (104.12KB , 998x953 , 139612202345.png )
Quit flipping people off!
>> No. 1646967
File 141598075350.png - (268.03KB , 1280x720 , haha.png )
Ah, nothing worse then that?
can easily live with that :P

how is?
>> No. 1646968
File 141598079652.png - (171.42KB , 1026x778 , 13322050167(2).png )
Hello, how are you?
>> No. 1646969
File 141598081283.png - (271.33KB , 493x575 , 133815612333.png )
You should have just asked me. I got a giant book containing all the old issues of Ghost Rider I don't mind giving away.
>> No. 1646970
Feel like a failure. You?
>> No. 1646971
File 141598084587.png - (105.29KB , 405x515 , SS_110.png )
I seriously have no idea.

Also hi people.
>> No. 1646973
File 141598097131.png - (190.17KB , 1280x720 , pose 002.png )
wo,a woa woa woa.....
did we misunderstood each other here?
i mean the HAY poster Ghostrider!
if i actually met nickgace.. well, i would still be squealing like a girl

i think i have most fo the comics on .CBR
don´t ya want to keep em?

wait, woff.
what for? ( if i can ask... sorry if it´s an sensitive question)
doing ok. sipping coffee

then take it easy then
>> No. 1646974
File 141598100371.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Well, from what I understand, 3 invovles time / reality travel and has some nonsense about collecting several serial killers' souls...

>Ninja block!
>> No. 1646975
File 141598102000.jpg - (187.04KB , 685x1058 , 454643__safe_solo_humanized_equestria+girls_smile_upvotes+galore_sunset+shimmer_grin_adventure+i.jpg )
Not bad. You?

Maybe it needs exercise. Go out and start flipping random people off.
>> No. 1646978
File 141598107733.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
>Wake up at 9 as planned
>Too cold, stay in bed
>Wake up again at 11
Well.. fuck.
>> No. 1646980
File 141598113850.jpg - (442.46KB , 750x937 , butler 06.jpg )
you working on the way
*Offers breakfast*
had some good sleep?
>> No. 1646981
File 141598114068.png - (64.79KB , 299x359 , SS_53.png )
>interacting with people at all

I did the exact same thing.
>> No. 1646983
File 141598115273.png - (106.34KB , 329x339 , 386379.png )
Oh. Derp.

I'd give them away if someone else really wanted them.

Okay, yeah, that seems pretty weird.
>> No. 1646985
File 141598123022.png - (66.96KB , 500x500 , 697862__safe_solo_g1_surprise_artist-colon-professorsly.png )
Keep going to bed until you do wake up at 9.
>> No. 1646986
File 141598124360.jpg - (94.78KB , 614x598 , Because blunt force trauma works too.jpg )
In the end, you live how you want to live. If you can pull off the mullet, do so.

Also a mullet is different from simply having long hair that is pushed back. A mullet is cut short on top.

I'm alright, just hanging around.

Yo. Other than the finger, what's up?

>> No. 1646987
File 141598127265.png - (157.28KB , 500x489 , Meh.png )
The amount of times I've done that is astounding.
>> No. 1646991
File 141598132865.png - (521.28KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-11-01-11h56m14s9.png )
Good point.
>> No. 1646995
File 141598139116.png - (304.28KB , 1287x1850 , butler 03.png )
nonono DurP is on me...
sday, is there anything you need?
maybe we could make an trade of some short.... i just cannot simply being gifted things ^^;
oh gosh that sounded rude.
what i meant was. uhm... im not worth being gifted things ^^;

true, true i manage 25 years with being me so..
well, now it´s kinda long on the front to be called an mullet. but oh well i have the hairstyle im having.
though might need save cash for some trim and coloring again
>> No. 1646996
File 141598139333.png - (90.35KB , 230x242 , Hesitantly commanding the gerbils to overtake the Banana empire with Blitzkrieg tactics.png )

It's pretty much winter now, so this is going to be common place. This is the point where I should just give up on the normal sleep schedule.

It was nice, had some dreams I feel like I should remember but I don't. Go figure.
>> No. 1646997
File 141598140752.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )

Lil' bit.

If only there were official english versions of the SNES Clock Tower

Nerr nerr, can't get me
>> No. 1646998
File 141598140984.png - (190.78KB , 1024x1077 , SS_192.png )
I didn't get enough sleep last night and I have to go on my most intense run yet today.

I've been a shut in for 2.5 months and I see no good reason to change now.
>> No. 1646999
File 141598148062.png - (141.56KB , 1024x861 , Yay!!.png )
Oh my lord but the new Raunchy album leaked today so I'm being rewarded for my mistake nonetheless!!

Erryone's life, homie.
>> No. 1647004
File 141598156371.jpg - (185.38KB , 731x1024 , Butler 02.jpg )
heh, glad to hear it was an nice night of sleep.
dreams can be silly.
>> No. 1647009
File 141598168283.png - (723.45KB , 1366x768 , Happy.png )
But mostly mine because my own situation is incomparable to anyone else's and I must automatically have it the worst
>> No. 1647010
File 141598171810.png - (692.48KB , 922x1229 , 577100__safe_solo_humanized_sunset+shimmer_looking+at+you_weapon_whip_rpg_fantasy+class_artist-c.png )
Well, if you don't want it I'll just keep it. I don't mind that either. Besides posting things are a pain.

Or AM depending on how long you sleep.

If only there was a Clock Tower game where you weren't playing a point and click game with a controller.
>> No. 1647014
File 141598181266.png - (237.19KB , 1019x1024 , Stay there, I'll be back with the gag and leash_.png )
Right then, I'm out for a bit.
>> No. 1647017
File 141598184534.png - (135.84KB , 223x323 , How am I ever going to win your love if I cant even eat crab legs upside down¿.png )
Are you me now?
Seriously though, last year when my depression got reaaaaaaally bad, I tried opening up to someone about this and said at one point 'I can't even seem to get out of bed in the morning' and they'd respond with a dismissive 'Me neither lol sleep all day'. Way to uh.. miss the point.. There's a difference between staying in bed because you're comfy/it's cold and because you have no fucking will to go about the day.

Though this was just 'cause it's cold, so I ain't no special snowflake today

I think I'll just deal with 11 for now. What's up?
>> No. 1647018
File 141598185894.jpg - (55.27KB , 529x620 , Butler 01.jpg )
I thank you for the offering though^^
and yes, posting shipping is a big pain.

okay do take care!
OH! and keep up with the great isaac game trhoughs
>> No. 1647021
File 141598201359.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
I don't think 3 does that. But point and click with controller or not, the SNES game is pretty fucking great, and from what I hear, so is Clock Tower for PS1 (STILLWANTITSOBAD)

Nawe, all me

But seriously, yeah, I get it.

Watap otherwise?
>> No. 1647023
File 141598213893.jpg - (24.73KB , 320x321 , Subtlety is nothing more than an apple in a garden of clerks.jpg )
Yeah, I just wanted to pseudo-vent about how sometimes people are so desperate to get in that 'me too' mindset that they miss a big picture.

Not much is here. Waiting for that Raunchy album to download, which is going way too freakin' slow for my most anticipated album of the year....

25 minutes to go, which in Microsoft time will probably be an hour. What's up with you?
>> No. 1647026
File 141598228799.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Myeah. As well meaning as it is, it is frustrating.
Preeetty much nothing, actually. I was up earlier today, though, but all I've really done is watch a few toons and play a bit of Megaman Legends on an emulator.
>> No. 1647032
File 141598238203.png - (353.14KB , 687x757 , 724673__safe_solo_human_clothes_equestria+girls_cute_sunset+shimmer_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-.png )
Freezing my butt off.


I don't know how much I'd enjoy playing the Clock Tower games. It seems like one of those series that you either have to know ahead of time what to do or just follow a walkthrough while you're playing to get the best ending.
>> No. 1647035
File 141598243843.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
Sometimes I doubt it was even that.
Megaman Legends? Wasn't someone else playing that earlier? Did they get you intrigued, then?
>> No. 1647037
File 141598249955.jpg - (104.39KB , 480x640 , waiting for better times.jpg )
and sorry to jump in.
yes, the old clock tower game for the SNES is hard.
i would not even knows 1/20th without youtube walkthrough.
but still an damn good old fun game to play
say, enjoyed broken mirror 1?
it´s one great point n click adventure game with the smallest type of horrors.
>> No. 1647042
File 141598256450.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
Pft! You're not even Canadian!
You're Swedish so you probably have it way worse there and I'm sorry to hear that because it's really bad here and I can only imagine how much worse it is there oh man I hope you and your butt can survive this harsh winter. Also I'm sorry if you're not actually Swedish, I always worry I'm mixing up people's countries on here.
>> No. 1647048
File 141598264172.png - (132.13KB , 873x914 , Sweetie derp.png )
The thing is, I don't even think achieving a particular ending is the real enjoyment of it as much as seeing where your actions take you. With THAT many endings, and the subject matter of the game, I feel that fits pretty well.

I don't recall. I've played it before (also on emulator) years ago and just felt like it again, so I doubt it as that.
>> No. 1647050
File 141598270886.png - (350.30KB , 1024x2341 , 762779__suggestive_clothes_vector_equestria+girls_bedroom+eyes_sunset+shimmer_rainbow+rocks_pyja.png )
Can't say I've played Broken Mirror. I played Broken Sword but that's something completely different.

No, you actually got it right.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 09:32

>> No. 1647055
File 141598280438.png - (30.16KB , 276x290 , Well__.png )
Oh okay, fair enough.

Ah, so my memory isn't entirely worthless after all.
>> No. 1647056
File 141598282839.png - (258.09KB , 481x360 , This heat! wait__ is that a lighter.png )
i can´t even remember two words correctly
you right there´s one series called broken mirror
and another one called

oh! and of course
>> No. 1647060
File 141598285624.png - (1.44MB , 1030x1600 , 753738__safe_twilight+sparkle_humanized_trixie_sunset+shimmer_artist-colon-mauroz_fake+horn_vood.png )
True, but I guess some of them would feel kinda cheap after you've made it through most of the game and then trip at the finish line because you didn't inspect an item in the first chapter.
>> No. 1647064
File 141598298081.png - (67.23KB , 194x477 , vlcsnap-2014-11-14-15h03m55s228.png )
Seems not.

Some titles are easy to get mixed up.
>> No. 1647067
File 141598303414.png - (141.31KB , 481x360 , non working freezer.png )
well true.. but not titles that i really really really love
>> No. 1647068
File 141598303994.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Is pretty fun, but I do wish Ihad ona console instead of emulator. But oh well.

Oh for sure, there is that. All the same I still prefer to think of the endings as a gauge of your choices,

Wasnt there a current-gen game coming out that seemed to emrace that too? Somewhat slasher-themed? I forget the name.
>> No. 1647078
File 141598324163.jpg - (61.61KB , 420x347 , INTPs are a HIT on Career day.jpg )
I guess I've found my calling. Here I am worrying about careers when I can just do this. No education needed! Might need to learn to work a gun, though.

Just about half.

True, that's always the struggle.
>> No. 1647080
File 141598329361.png - (219.92KB , 643x581 , 131395973296.png )
The struggle is real.

Ohh, assassin, huh? That does seem like a high-risk career choice, though.
>> No. 1647113
File 141598415856.png - (325.73KB , 800x500 , I hug people too hard and get lost in shopping malls.png )
Not to mention how ill-suited I would be for such a role! Sure, the planning is great but I can't aim for shit so guns and thrown weapons are out of the question. I have no physical strength, nor training of any kind so hand-to-hand and/or held weapons are also out of the question. Poison/venom could work, but if you stick to one thing then it's far too likely you'll get caught.

I mean, there are other creative ways to dispose of someone, but many of the reliables are out of the question.

I'm afraid I'm unfit at this, too!
>> No. 1647114
File 141598419111.png - (225.21KB , 1280x720 , stretching.png )
Damn these build/project logs...
so many pretty cars
>> No. 1647124
File 141598448836.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
What about some facemelting guitar solos?
>> No. 1647131
File 141598467859.jpg - (17.91KB , 480x360 , Starting the car.jpg )

well, i thank you all for this nice chit chat. but im going outside to clean the car interior from all junk. hook up the cb radio... and maybe for once just treat my self some evenings driving just freeroam

So i wish you all to have some good evenings and what not.
be back later on
>> No. 1647135
File 141598474853.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
I'm not even good enough to melt the face off a gnat. Nor is it a particularly covert method.

Take care, Ponny.
>> No. 1647179
File 141598572611.png - (723.45KB , 1366x768 , Happy.png )
Gruh, sorry I keep dropping out. Parents keep calling me away for a bit
>> No. 1647186
File 141598590256.png - (559.12KB , 1083x1575 , Adorability is the secret pegasi weapon for world domination & acquisition of cheese.png )
Das okay. What's up?
>> No. 1647191
File 141598600905.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Nothing really. For some reason them going to a party in a few means talking to me, it seems.
I am more or less just waiting for them to leave so I can make myself some dinner and have yet anotjher evening of no plans and no idea how to spend it.

I'll probably at least watch Bernie (the other movie I had to choose from when I saw Hitch the other day)
>> No. 1647192
File 141598605410.jpg - (97.62KB , 640x640 , Heavy is the head that eats the crayons.jpg )
>Listening to new Raunchy
>'Hm, the production is a bit weird on this.. too even and compact.. I don't remember the singles like this'
>realize headphones aren't fully plugged in
Oh man there it is.

Sounds fun. What's for dinner?
>> No. 1647198
File 141598631160.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Some leftover meatballs in curry sauce for yesterday. I just gotta boil some rice or potatoes to go with it. I kinda don't wanna deal with the brown rice since they take fucking ages to boil, though. I am in that much ofa lazy corner.

Tsk tsk Akhe. ALWAYS double check the headphones.
>> No. 1647200
File 141598644637.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
I was worried maybe I got a bad bitrate, I mean they're pretty meticulous about their production so it seemed unlikely it was intentional but I was so confused. Oh but it's so good far man. You Danes really know how to hit the mark from time to time.
>> No. 1647202
File 141598650955.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
>From time to time
>> No. 1647203
File 141598656599.png - (171.71KB , 1263x1263 , 141592590719.png )
Dude, I can count the good metal I've heard from Denmark on one hand. Only two of which being exceptional.
>> No. 1647227
File 141598742576.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
>Implying Denmark can do wrong
Hush you.
>> No. 1647236
File 141598762590.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
Please, you're Denmark.. not Sweden.
'sides, having a scarce selection with phenomenal outliers is sometimes better than an over-saturated market.

I'm getting like.. stimulation overload with this album. It's hard to keep track with everything that's going on, it might take a few listens to fully get it - all I know for sure is I freakin' love it.
>> No. 1647240
File 141598770965.jpg - (29.43KB , 517x459 , grin.jpg )

On the other hand, we got some pretty good stuff
>> No. 1647243
File 141598782656.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
Finland, right?
Finland's second to Sweden, but because it lacks a niche whereas Sweden has both the old-school death metal bands and the Gothenburg melodeath scene, it's just a bit behind. Subjectively, of course.
>> No. 1647245
File 141598787335.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )


There seem to be a literal ton of folk-metal bands around actually
>> No. 1647246
File 141598788924.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
>Still implying Denmark can in any way do something wrong
Oh so delusional

In srs, glad you like it so much.
>> No. 1647248
File 141598798184.jpg - (322.05KB , 778x1000 , Cutie with a bootie - er__bowtie.jpg )
The thing that throws me off about Finland is how polarized you guys are, you're either extremely melancholic with everything you touch (which I love) or you go the absolute opposite direction and take on a heavy power metal influence. There seems to be no middle ground for you guys!

Only in being honest with the faults of something can we truly appreciate what it has to offer.
>> No. 1647250
File 141598805671.png - (60.39KB , 256x256 , heyo.png )

Nope, none at all
>> No. 1647251
File 141598815073.png - (198.10KB , 650x650 , Party like a Rock star!.png )
Not even a little bit!
Absolutes are really fun!
>> No. 1647253
File 141598820242.png - (99.42KB , 509x600 , what a cute idea.png )

>> No. 1647255
File 141598830518.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
Seriously though, you guys have some of the coolest melodeath. I'm actually seeing Insomnium in a few months and I'm stoked.
>> No. 1647259
File 141598836735.gif - (126.41KB , 770x770 , yes.gif )

>> No. 1647261
File 141598841673.png - (178.09KB , 806x990 , yay 2.png )
But there are clearly no faults to be honest about!
>> No. 1647264
File 141598853643.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
Yes, we can't all just go in our backyard and see quality bands like you Finns. We have to wait for the stars to align.

King Diamond. Need I say more?
>> No. 1647268
File 141598882320.png - (421.17KB , 3000x2463 , roll.png )

Well, yeah :P

Turbonegro is the next band i'm going to see, and seemingly the only one for a while
>> No. 1647273
File 141598888296.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
Why the only one for a while?
>> No. 1647275
File 141598895462.png - (256.02KB , 1280x1200 , sitting.png )

Well, for one, didn't see much interesting stuff this spring, on the summer sure, but not much before that :P

Also, costs money! And I've been trying to save every penny I get
>> No. 1647281
File 141598912001.png - (173.46KB , 1118x715 , Bumflirting.png )
Ah yes.. money's a good reason.
I can barely afford Dark Tranquillity/Insomnium - and probably won't be seeing another show for a long time 'cause of it. It's good to be selective though, you appreciate it more. I know too many people who are proud of their extensive lists of bands they've seen, then you ask them how many of them they actually like and 'Oh.. uh.. well..'
>> No. 1647285
File 141598928231.gif - (863.44KB , 734x572 , excited.gif )

Heh yeah

Although, Wacken is on the list so that should be preeeetty good
>> No. 1647286
File 141598932392.png - (156.94KB , 316x293 , Arting-2.png )
Dude, it's hard to go wrong with Wacken. I'm legitimately jealous.
>> No. 1647291
File 141598942226.png - (166.53KB , 559x499 , fluttershy is amused by this.png )

Yeap, plus I got a good group to go with so looking forward to that :P
>> No. 1647293
File 141598944556.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
>> No. 1647316
File 141598998699.png - (219.96KB , 546x614 , Surely youre as mad as a radioactive squidgoat.png )
So.. there were only two venues in my city that would book local shows when I 'quit' music, one of which required booking shows two months in advance---which would be reasonable if it weren't for the fact that the average musician is incapable of thinking that far ahead so trying to get bands on your bill is next to impossible---and one that would take anyone if the night is open, sometimes even with just a day's notice. The latter was seen to as the 'go to' place for shows, hell you could go there any Friday or Saturday night and expect to see both a shit load of people and a handful of bands to check out.

Well, the latter closed down. As all popular venues do in this damn city, and now we're just left with one. Sure, I could say 'another will likely pop up!' but I said that the last couple of times, we've gone from several venues to just one and during that time not a single new venue has popped up to fill any of the voids created by the past venues closing.

Guess it's a good thing I got out when I did, 'cause pursuing music in this city just got even more fucking pointless and stacked out of your favor.

I'm honestly feeling kind of down now, despite a good start to this day learning this news has really thrown things in the other direction.

Anyone of note you want to see there?

>> No. 1647320
File 141599007726.png - (180.90KB , 893x895 , 21557845.png )

Like, at least half of the bands already listed
>> No. 1647327
File 141599030528.png - (155.10KB , 1013x788 , sad 6.png )
Fuck, that sucks. Sorry to hear it. Never fun to lose a favorite venue.
>> No. 1647330
File 141599043425.png - (15.18KB , 166x187 , I broke your sphincter.png )
As is usually the case.

The worst part is.. I didn't even like the venue, the place was a shithole - but it was a reliable shithole with a great turnout and it gave you complete freedom in how you wanted to run a show. When I heard the news, I was under the impression they were just doing renovations which would be fantastic, but now it seems everyone who worked there is out of a job and the owner is turning it into another generic downtown party-spot. Which is hilariously unnecessary because the building itself already houses fucking three of those.
>> No. 1647338
Oh dear, only 15 minutes in and this movie is already pretty funny.

Gonna step out for a moment to buy some snacks, then come back and watch the rest.

Sounds like a crying shame to me. I mean, I didn't know the place of course and don't play myself, but to have something at least a bit unique make way for somethig there's already more than plenty of sucks.
>> No. 1647343
File 141599105781.png - (425.36KB , 887x900 , One thought bringing it down.png )
Yeah, that's life in a nutshell though. We were delusional to not see it coming, it was the business equivalent of when a family rents out their basement because 'we're not using it for anything else, might as well make money off of it' - so obviously they'd do away with it at some point. Though it lasted twenty years, so we all got a bit complacent and took it for granted. I was under the impression the other two venues that shut down would have opened back up by now, but it seems that's not in the future either. We have pretty much nothing now.
>> No. 1647346
File 141599128125.png - (83.79KB , 480x360 , Parking at the meeting place.png )
>> No. 1647352
I never realized what that pic was until just now.
>> No. 1647356
File 141599178606.gif - (930.63KB , 210x118 , 6eRso.gif )
I'm really getting to the point where I want to drop college.
Everything I'm doing feels like a waste of time and is just holding me back from what I want to do.
I can't keep my grades up cause I can't seem to juggle 4+ classes, all with their own projects going on at the same time, a job that needs me to work fulltime hours and steals my weekends, keeping up with my art skills so I don't lose my touch, still maintain a social life, get enough sleep so I can function the next day, and not go insane.
I don't see the payoff as worth the time I'm putting in. I'm already failing one class, and risk failing two more, and this is just community college! How the hell am I going to survive university if I cant even keep up with core shit at a community college?!
I think I value my happiness and sanity more than my education. I'm willing to drop it all just so I can draw all day and pray that I can make enough money doing that. Is this bad? Am I in some sort of selfish wrong? The only reason I'm doing this is so I don't disappoint my parents. If I didn't care, I would not of done this. I would work as a IceTech for as long as I could until I build up my skills as an artist.
I don't use my time at college to socialize either because I'm so focused just trying to keep up with the work because I know my brain will kill time because it hates what it's doing. So staying simply for the social aspect is pointless for me. I only have one reason to be going and that's to please my parents and the masses.

Am I wrong?

I'm in a bad mood...sorry, just needed to vent.
>> No. 1647365
File 141599202532.png - (336.03KB , 732x476 , SS_293.png )
College is 90% of the time a terrible waste of time, money, and life. If it isn't what you really want to do, like, you aren't 100% sure and passionate about what you're going for, drop it like a white-hot piece of lead and explore other avenues.

I mean, if nothing else, you can pick up a little 18 month tech degree for a stable career that's easy and would let you practice art in your free time. These can be relatively cheap and painless depending on your area, but even then, having been through one, I just don't have a whole lot of faith in the college systems here.

You're killing yourself here, for something that won't be worth it. Get out while you still can.
>> No. 1647366
File 141599208399.png - (137.71KB , 480x360 , Meanwhile at the camp.png )
^^; sorry, im not good taking screen shots.
alo again

If you can manage economy wise. then i should say that all that stress is not healthy man.
and quitting the job would be the baddest of all moves.

making one parents proud is important yes. However, there should be some reward with jobs afterwards in that topic which the school is offering.

sure, the parents would say don´t do what they when they quit school. but in todays world it´s not simple

education or no education
both parts have gone a job or two in the end.

you are not wrong.
you should be able to function as an human with juggling during all this

nono this is HAY went all you can
>> No. 1647369
File 141599223415.png - (128.87KB , 635x760 , SS_108.png )
Also I don't know if you knew about it, but Patreon is a thing.

A good number of artists pay their rent with this thing. It's amazing, if you can work it.
>> No. 1647372
File 141599252549.jpg - (14.06KB , 271x286 , granny pie.jpg )
>Go to the candy store / movie rental shop
>Mix your own bag
>Set a budget for self
>Go in
>Two ladies there with two kids
>Theyre noisy, but fair enough, kids will be kids aand young mothers will be young mothers
>They go to the cashier to buy their candy and rent their movie
>Something or other is wrong with their system
>Nobody is being angry or mean to eachother about it, but it's taking forever
>NEVER been good with just standing around and waiting for stuff
>Waltz around in the shop while I wait
>They fix their issue
>I go to the cashier

And that's the story of how I spent 50% more money than I planned. I didn't even fully realize I was still grabbing candy. Damn.

Well, now I got some for tomorrow too, I guess.
>> No. 1647375
File 141599260029.png - (117.85KB , 480x360 , Here have a Vanilla milkshake.png )
YAAY cand....
Ugh, eclch you can keep em all :P
but uhm, yaay snacks
>> No. 1647376
File 141599261386.png - (31.81KB , 326x252 , giggle.png )
Cruise control wins again, free will is an illusion. Also probably illuminati.
>> No. 1647378
File 141599272174.png - (364.49KB , 1600x2733 , Interesting.png )
Yeah, this was definitely not my plan. But again, I'll just split it in two and save the rest for another one.

Most definitely Illuminati.

I seriously pretty much never do this. I usually weight it off a couple of times to make sure I don't go too overbard (well, it's still too much usually, but not crazily so). But I have NEVER been able to just stand and wait for things - at a minimum, I pace.
>> No. 1647379
Sounds like the best plan!
>> No. 1647381
File 141599281881.png - (274.53KB , 900x810 , Soon the battleships will be off to defend the worlds greatest tea party.png )
Well how much do you usually spend on candy, anyway?
>> No. 1647382
File 141599293809.png - (554.88KB , 1226x857 , Sing.png )
33% less than I just did.

When I pig out like I decided to do today, about what would amount to 9 canadian dollars (with this being 1 CAD for 100 grams - shit is expensive here in general).

I usually don't eat it all in one sitting anyway, though.
>> No. 1647383
File 141599299372.png - (82.89KB , 480x360 , It is dangerous to go alone, take this.png )
candy is SHIT`S expensive.
but i promise you. that your candy is cheaper then ours!
>> No. 1647384
I think it really depends what you are going into. College might be more of thing for people who want to get into the medical field or something business related. I want to do animation or something art related, I dont need a degree for that. I'm pretty much paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in the hopes that I get good connections, that's it.
I would drop it but I feel like I'm too far in at this point. I have (maybe) one more semester left at the community college before I can transfer. Though, I'm thinking if my GPA is too fucked up by that point that I'm not going to try again. I'll take their animation course so I can have the shit I WANT to know and build off that, and maybe get a certificate.
But I agree with you, for what I'm doing and how I feel about it, it's a waste of time.

If I remain a NEET, then sure, but I don't want to. I don't mind living on a small amount of money since I don't really care for fancy things. The price of apartment rent and bills are insane so getting a roommate is a must, but I want to do that with someone I know and can trust. I can't do that right now.

I think the problem is that during their time, college was different and meant something, now it really doesnt and the debt it brings needs a fucking 6figure paying job to get rid of, not some part time like in the past. I want to please them since my brother has some complications and cant really "do" things on his own. I dont want them to feel like they had 2 failed children.

I need work on my art more and get more followers for this to really be an option. Most artists that open this up have 3000+ followers (on tumblr at least) and that number is still barely enough to get support on Patreon. It's something I want to do, but for now, it's not worth it.
>> No. 1647385
File 141599307336.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
Well, our beer is too. Which says less about our beer being cheap and more about the prices on yours being fucking outrageous.
>> No. 1647386
File 141599322247.jpg - (14.21KB , 480x360 , I do not dare to step inisde that.jpg )
Roommates is someone that one should trust indeed.

ouch, im sorry to hear that stuffles.
you an great brother, and son to thinking like so...
i know it´s not easy....

Blach! you can keep that rotten stuff.
i stick with milk,water,coffee,tea
>> No. 1647389
Yep. All my friends either arnt going to school in the area or don't that option is out for a while.

Shit just sucks.
>> No. 1647390
File 141599352740.png - (166.96KB , 1417x1397 , Hover.png )
Ah, we've all been there. Well I know I have.
>> No. 1647391
File 141599358530.png - (119.91KB , 480x360 , Here have a Strawberry smoothie with extra love.png )
i would say keep that job, income now with an boss that recognize ones work. and could lead to something different is something to keep....

i dunno,
shit sucks much, wish i could do more, or know what to say
>> No. 1647392
File 141599366289.png - (409.20KB , 4000x3400 , ohai.png )
>Implying I want the swedish water you call beer
Ponny pls

Yep. I just thought this was a funny little "aw, crap" moment.

On another note, watching Bernie. And it's hilarious.
>> No. 1647393
File 141599371531.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Drawing for money can be tedious as hell.. trust me.

All depends on what kind of person you are, what your work ethic is and what you want to do with your life.

Sorry for the interruption.
>> No. 1647395
File 141599375646.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
you can keep any type of beer
ok,ok i still drink "RARE OCATIONS" the fake beer brand "Estrella Damm"

>> No. 1647396
File 141599381354.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )

I've been glomped! Woohoo!!!


How's uberawesome Ponnycute?
>> No. 1647397
File 141599381931.png - (496.53KB , 900x796 , Gosh where are my manners¿ Do you want to try cocaine!¿.png )
Oh my god the solo in this song is so cool, I must've put it on repeat seven times just so I could keep listening to it.

Heh, I'm more likely to zone out in a line and then be oblivious to when the people infront of me are finally gone and hold up the line even more.. which is embarrassing in it's own right..

What's Bernie?
>> No. 1647398
File 141599392787.png - (157.05KB , 914x338 , Napping.png )
nonno, i caught you~
and shush you..... im nothing that
im just an kind ponny.
hows noni cute?

music that´s great
having the "Hell to your doorstep" on repeat all day
>> No. 1647400
I'm not quitting this job any time soon. It pays too well for my current situation do that.

It's fine, dude, I just needed a rant. I know there isnt much to be done about it.

I like drawing enough to do it. It's pretty much taking requests and getting money for it. Just set up some core "I will not" rules and use that for commissions. I still need to figure out Patreon, so...yea.

I don't mind working, I just hate how much you need to devote to a single class in college then take 5 of them. I don't function in a way that makes college easy, but work is.
>> No. 1647401
File 141599411017.jpg - (17.11KB , 276x288 , Murder.jpg )
Damn, someone glomped ahead of me.

I guess I'll just hug.

I mean, I can't even wait for a train if I dont have something to read or sort of play with. I always end up going up buying a drink or something for cheap if I have to wait for more than ten minutes because I get fidgety.

It's a black comedy film based on true events. Jack Black plays an almost impossibly friendly undertaker in a small Texas town who is loved DEARLY by pretty much every single citizen. He befriends a mean old lady after her husband dies , said old lady being said to be the angriest, crabbiest old bitch that ever lived... and soon he finds himself less her friend and more of a henpecked, verbally abused manservant - so he snaps and shoots her, after which he tries to keep up appearences, hoping no one will notice she's not around anymore.

It's interspersed with interviews from some of the actual people in the town where this happened, and some of the shit they say is just outrageous. It's really downplayed and definitely dark, but it is actually really funny.

I still wish I could trust myself to be talented / productive / have enough of a viewerbase to EVER make that a viable way of doing anything... good luck with your tris with it.
>> No. 1647402
File 141599417750.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
ok, ok
Rant/vent is important. no good walking around keeping that inside
you far to awesome
*Huuugs*just wish the best for ya
>> No. 1647403
File 141599424161.png - (112.87KB , 633x900 , 3d_by_arrkhal-d73dv7s.png )

Daww... cutieEsh!



Well, I know some furries like Bernal and Doxy and Gnaw who make a good living off it.


yush.. you are! I is good.. got Chromecast working so watching a Tanks stream on my new TV..
>> No. 1647405
File 141599431665.png - (280.01KB , 1820x2187 , sweetie socks.png )
Therer's something wrong with the first half of that name there.
>> No. 1647406
File 141599437545.png - (141.34KB , 964x828 , __wink___by_overmare-d62pbrv.png )

Nope.. nothing wrong at all!

>hugs tight!
>> No. 1647407
File 141599440227.png - (303.20KB , 1147x797 , Mother_celestia_my_good_student.png )
nuuuu, you giving me far to much credits >////<
im just an scary zombie. but a kind one.
oo!H im happy to hear this^^
>> No. 1647408
File 141599440568.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , Smile.png )
Can't... breathe!
>> No. 1647409
File 141599440892.png - (197.56KB , 899x929 , Cookie!.png )
It's such a great feeling, I think this whole album will be the soundtrack of my day. It's just.. that solo man, it'd make even Loomis himself proud.

That's hilarious, we're polar opposites in that regard!

Sounds entertaining, though I confess red flags go up when I hear Jack Black come up. Premise sounds worth pushing through that, however.
>> No. 1647411
It's not something I'm going to do any time soon, either. I have the same issues you just listed which is preventing me from trying it. I just hope it's still 'a thing' by the time I feel like it'll be worth the time and effort.
but ye, thanks.

Thanks Ponn

Yeah, but as far as I'm aware they arnt in college anymore, and/or a fulltime job, so they have time work on it and b gud. I don't, but hope too one day.
>> No. 1647412
File 141599452179.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x590 , sweetie bell gonna sweet.jpg )
Jack Black is one of those guys (speaking of acting alone) that gets far too much hate based entirely around instances of typecasting, I find. He's more than capable, and this is very different from said roles.

I doubt it's going anywhere, but yeah. Good luck with it.
>> No. 1647413
File 141599452366.png - (426.72KB , 1103x631 , i heard the word cookie.png )
Wo~hoo ^^
and that picture

for my friends.
>> No. 1647414
I dont either, but you never know. The internet is a mysterious beast.

>> No. 1647415
File 141599463675.png - (59.30KB , 994x804 , 25abeb5b101a7b2101da1c636f48451b-d67ghbx.png )

It is their full time job. yup.

Lot of money tob e made in furry/pony porn. For those who can get off their as and do it. which doesn't include me. : P


>lets you go and licks yer nose..

Sorries! Yer hard to resist!


I give you the credit you deserve.. *poke*

IT's allthe awesome!
>> No. 1647417
File 141599464311.png - (156.05KB , 712x1123 , suspicion - 1.png )
That's funny, really... because from what I understand, at university you can study whatever you want, whatever degree you want and it's only one class. Full-time or part-time or distance education, it takes a lot of stress off. All this talk I hear from community college sounds terrible.
If you choose to pursue that path, go for it. You are right in the regard of choosing to take care of your mental wellbeing rather than take classes you don't want to due to reasons.

Or a balance needs to be met. Coming from me, who had no balance through high school. 75% leisure, 25% work. I have low hopes for myself but "I can improve". Having too much of one thing can cause a lot of stress, especially if its focusing on work more than having some down time occasionally, but the huge workload then I don't know, it's something for people who really know how to manage their time.

As Hat said, Patreon is a thing but you must devote yourself to do it. Which I can see you doing.

That's all I have to say, but if there's any more, then I'll still listening.
>> No. 1647418
File 141599471810.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , 131395976402.png )
Says you.
>> No. 1647419
File 141599474263.png - (32.80KB , 276x260 , omnomnom.png )
Call it typecasting if you want, but I hate the guy for being that one actor we always want to point to as the 'rock and roll' guy when his tastes are as developed as a 15 year old in the 80's. I don't need Jack Black to blabber about how 'wicked awesome AC/DC' are, I can get that from anyone's father.

I know this isn't the role he always plays, but having numerous occasions where he has stood out as exactly that person - and seeing in interviews that this is essentially who he is outside of character - makes it hard for me to see the guy with anything but distaste.

I'm not dismissing his competence, he appears in enough serious movies for me to think they're casting him for a little more than reasons of 'recognition' - but I personally have a sense of animosity for the guy, so it takes a while to convince me to finally look past that and give something a go.
>> No. 1647421
File 141599476531.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )


>> No. 1647422
File 141599479638.jpg - (688.94KB , 1280x960 , Hugs.jpg )

*Nibbles finger*
i.. don´t deserve that, however, thank you.
>> No. 1647424
File 141599486640.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Yush.. you dooooo!

All of it!

>licks yer nose!
>> No. 1647427
File 141599499315.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
Hence why I strictly mentioned him as an "an actor" and not in any way as a musician or one with a musical reputation. I understand personal distaste fine, of course, and am not arguing against it. I have my own actors, directors and writers I am not fond of for various reasons, after all.

I just know he gets a lot of shit from a lot of people for reasons that boil down to absolutely nothing but "He played a similar role in two or three movies", which is aggravating as hell. There are many who can do good work that get that same treatment and suddenly become "cool to hate", and it tends to annoy me.

Oh, you're just forcing yourself now!
>> No. 1647428
File 141599500547.png - (203.80KB , 895x974 , Giggles.png )
*Hides face*
Nuuuu that tickles
>> No. 1647431
File 141599513039.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
Well the issue with Black is that this personality of his makes him the go-to actor for most music-oriented roles in film, which has made it difficult for me to compartmentalize the two. I will confess that people hate Black for the wrong reasons though, I'd consider my path more.. apprehensive.
>> No. 1647432
File 141599515263.png - (149.99KB , 882x907 , __derpy_squee___by_overmare-d62q9y5.png )

Hey, I dun need to force myself on you..


>> No. 1647433
File 141599515428.jpg - (33.33KB , 570x319 , post-27072-Jesse-Pinkman-WHY-meme-Imgur-V3sz.jpg )
>Just mixed Coca Cola and Pepsi into my drink
What have I done?
>> No. 1647437
File 141599526572.gif - (915.72KB , 239x235 , NOmming hearts.gif )
*Ruffles your mane*
and does the chromecast works well?
im just sceptical about it being in wi-fi ^^;
( if it´s okay for me to ask i mean )

and nasty sugar bomb?
>> No. 1647438
File 141599529040.png - (207.88KB , 1600x1310 , Ooooh.png )
Which I can understand.

It's similar to how I feel about, say, Adam Sandler. I think he CAN be really , really funny and write some good stuff, but he has some bad comedy habits that stick out like a sore thumb and annoy the fuck out of me when they appear, making me have to tell my self I'll watch a fim of his once or twice more than normally. But once again, a comedic actor that gets "He played hte same role a couple of time in the nineties" as some kind of 100% indiscussable proof that he is Satan on earth. Drives me nuts.
>> No. 1647441
File 141599540845.gif - (2.98MB , 200x150 , 1389566140667.gif )
I think.
>> No. 1647442
>> No. 1647446
File 141599549639.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

It works awesome! Watching youtube vids now..
>> No. 1647449
File 141599553396.png - (98.28KB , 900x880 , wonders.png )
But anyway, hi.

You have created drink equality.
>> No. 1647450
File 141599554240.png - (119.69KB , 382x433 , Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.png )
I concur. Typecasting has always seemed like a double-edged sword to me, if you're good at something then you should emphasize that when the opportunity comes along, but if you do it too much then you over-saturate your own market and become predictable. Not to mention, despite Sandler's shitty habits, he's proven himself a competent actor from time to time too - but it's so hard to take him seriously because he's pumping out garbage like 'Funny People'.

Sandler defines indifference for me, I have fond memories of loving some of his movies but I've seen so many duds of his that when he comes up I just find myself having such a hard time caring anymore. He's one of those actors who's always either being overrated or underrated. He's either 'the greatest, funniest actor of all time!' or 'The worst ever and only ever plays one character'. 'cause y'know, that's how the world works. One or the other.
>> No. 1647451
File 141599559810.gif - (957.70KB , 444x250 , Fucking___.gif )
>> No. 1647454
File 141599564352.png - (45.55KB , 656x708 , I wuv you.png )
Alo Ommie. how is?

Huzzah, happy to hear that^^
>> No. 1647455
>dat muscular definition
Grotesque ;_;
>> No. 1647456
I'm willing too, since I find it fun already and earning money for it is just a bonus.
You draw gud though.

Thing is, to pursue a degree, I need to meet requirements which include 2 more years of basic core education. I hated how highschool worked, and how college treats the core classes is no different. I was shit in highschool, so im shit in this. I would love to have just done my animation course and call it done, but it's best that I'm a "well rounded individual" so no matter where I went I would have to do this. I just pay $500 for the classes instead of $1500 since im doing it at a community college.
I get the feeling that I'm wrong about it though. People are willing to stress themselves over this, so it's expected I do the same. I hate the ever living fuck out this mentality, but what can I do?

This the old "pick 2 of the 3: Sleep, Grades, Social life" thing. I feel like hell without sleep and coffee doesnt perk me up at all. Social life has more going for me in the long run, especially with what I want to do in life. Grades...Oh joy,I get a piece of paper saying I did something for 4 what?
I tried Sleep and Grades, and that ended with me feeling like a shit person and alone, so I went to sleep and Social life and Im hell of a lot happier.
So trust me, I get this "balance" thing is not easy. But when everything you do in life needs a whole day dedicated to it, it makes balance hard. Im not good at it, which is why I'm saying college might not be for me.

I would love too! but I need hell of a lot more than 984 followers to make that an option since less than 10% of those people would be willing to put money down like that. There is a reason most artists dont open this up until they get like...3000+ followers (on tumblr)

Thanks, dude, just talking shit out helps.
>> No. 1647457
File 141599576855.png - (115.29KB , 1022x851 , 97234-(n1303254478393).png )
Funny People, Billy Elliot, Eight Crazy Nights... all sorts of crap that does sadly overshadow his much better efforts like Happy Gilmore, Anger Management, Click, and most recently Hotel Transsylvania (which does have a lot of his trademark potty humor... in the first ten minutes after which it almost completely disappears, thankfully)

SO many unfortunate people getting that treatment. All I ever want out of people is just a hint of a nuanced view on things, but yeah, that's usually too much to expect.
>> No. 1647460
File 141599583352.png - (1.02MB , 830x856 , Arguing the profound intricacies of moths vs butterflies.png )
Equality cannot exist until we destroy the Pepsiarchy and redefine it to the point it will suffer the same injustice and oppression Coke's have for all these years!
>> No. 1647461
File 141599588955.png - (175.42KB , 1280x1312 , cloak.png )
That's the way to go!

Just give up on all your dreams and become a hobo!
>> No. 1647463
File 141599595794.jpg - (157.37KB , 500x593 , Hewwo.jpg )
alo thar Anon
>> No. 1647464
File 141599607468.png - (115.90KB , 314x339 , Startled.png )
Funny People wouldn't have been that bad if it could just pick a fucking plot. I mean it would've been bad regardless, but that movie tried to shift gears so many times it wasn't even redeemable as a 'subpar not very funny but kind of okay' film. It felt like they were writing the script as they went along with it, and pitched a new direction every time they realized they weren't really pulling it off - then despite how much of a cluttered mess the end result was, some idiot said 'this'll do!' and sent that motherfucker out anyway.
>> No. 1647466
Alright, you?

But who do I stand for?

Sounds like my life

So that's how it works there... to be honest, I dislike that system.

Unfortunately, education is like that to get where you want to go, so... it's not for everyone.

Well, it was just a suggestion. I know there isn't much to say about it because I'm the younger person who thinks he's a know-it-all with life counseling, but it was just a suggestion. However from experience I know that people who manage their time well can pull it off, somehow.

Well, fair. Over time you'll get followers, just keep on at it, really.

You're welcome, it's the least I can do.
>> No. 1647469
File 141599634290.png - (225.10KB , 1102x1024 , njom njom njom.png )
Alright, alright is good^^
>> No. 1647470
File 141599637041.png - (335.53KB , 1280x1280 , shycrystals.png )

Meanwhile I'm just biding time for multi-universal conquest
>> No. 1647472
File 141599638330.png - (137.88KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-00003-(n1297416534025).png )
I wouldn't know. I vaguely recall seeing it, but not a word about it. Or maybe, to be honest, I am mistaking it with another film in my head. In any case, it's sadly the case with a fair few of his efforts. I just try to focus on appreciating it when he pumps out something good.
>> No. 1647473
File 141599649858.png - (917.91KB , 800x1035 , Dem eyes.png )
You should stand for Coca-Cola, because they are the oppressed and if you don't you're a horrible person and also dumb because you can't recognize the clear favoritism in our Pepsiarch society.

I don't know man, I can't pretend I've seen a lot of his movies but I can honestly say I haven't seen anything that even compared to the plotrocity that was Funny People.

I feel like people pick on that movie for the wrong reasons, absolutely it was unfunny but that's so minor when you consider how even the foundation of the movie as a story was flawed to the very core.
>> No. 1647475



Funnily enough I like the taste of Pepsi better but Coke is more available so I'm more a Coke person of anything.
>> No. 1647476
Do y'all not have to do more basic math, science, english, and history in order to get a degree, even if it's not needed for the major?
If so, that's wonderful...

Yeah, it's not meant for everyone but we sure like to force it on those that arnt meant for it.

Nah, I get it. I see it all around me; people being able to balance all this shit and some how stay sane. Unless they are biting the bullet hard enough to crack their fucking teeth and I'm just not seeing it.

That's what I want to do, but can't until college is over.

>> No. 1647478
File 141599665489.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )

Exactly what I just said
>> No. 1647479
File 141599667891.jpg - (98.20KB , 1280x720 , chilling at home.jpg )
doing ok as one can do, sipping coffee, watching stuffs
>> No. 1647481
File 141599689958.png - (122.67KB , 365x277 , 23424234-(n1298787887704).png )
Eight Crazy Nights, the ONE movie that attempts to be a Hannukah movie the same way there are tons of christmas movies (though never meant to be child-friendly), with an animation team that worked on freaking Iron Giant, a movie where Sandler could have done just about ANYTHING, features a scene where a club-footed, squaky-voiced midget senior is shoved in a porta-potty, rolled down the hill, frozen in a giant shit-ice cube and only gets free after a pack of deer lick it all away, smiling at the screen with shit between their teeth. Now that, for me, is hard to top.
>> No. 1647486
File 141599740905.jpg - (68.15KB , 831x962 , SS_308.jpg )
Who kicks ass?

I kick ass.
>> No. 1647487
File 141599741298.png - (85.98KB , 399x297 , Bonding-explanation.png )
The point I'm making is that Eight Crazy Nights had a clear direction, it had a plot it was working with that didn't shift gears for no apparent reason as frequently or half-assedly as Funny People did. It's not about the jokes, I'd say the jokes are consistently shit (pun unintended) for both - but at least you can stick with ECN and get that resolution when it all comes together whereas in Funny People you're left thinking 'what the fuck just happened, none of that made any sense'.

I'm a Sodanthrope, myself.
>> No. 1647488
File 141599752937.png - (393.30KB , 805x557 , 130039488431-RockieBelle-(n1300474673669).png )
Oh, sure. Like I said, I am not entirely sure I have actually seen Funny People. I was just comparing low points.
>> No. 1647489
kicking ass and chewing bubblegum
>> No. 1647491
You've got your life straight

That's good to hear.

We just need to do English, and that's it. Any course in university you want to go always have English as a pre-requisite, and some have other courses as a pre-requisite. For example, if you choose an IT course you must have studied IT in high school, so basically you're choosing courses in high school that you might consider further study in university later.

Your system just seems... flawed, to say the least.

It's strange, yeah..

How much longer do you have for college?

Literal ass
>> No. 1647492
>> No. 1647493
File 141599763484.jpg - (28.03KB , 300x243 , RoddyPiperTheyLive-300x243.jpg )
...And I'm all outta bubblegum.

Jake, you can't just go around punching butts!
>> No. 1647494
File 141599788943.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
Yeah, they're definitely there. I don't want to downplay any of his other bad works, I mean when I witnessed that very event I almost gave up on the movie entirely so I see your point. I'm just trying to emphasize that what made Funny People awful transcends what people focus on, it's more than just an unfunny movie - it is an absolutely atrocious movie with no redeemable factors whatsoever.
>> No. 1647495
File 141599799196.png - (426.72KB , 1103x631 , i heard the word cookie.png )
thats right!
>> No. 1647496
File 141599802605.png - (67.43KB , 550x450 , shy.png )

Can't really think of much else to do
>> No. 1647498
File 141599814160.png - (122.67KB , 365x277 , 23424234-(n1298787887704).png )
Don't doubt it. I can only name one movie that truly gets me in a rage for such reasons, and that'd be Bride Wars.

Let me put it this way: We saw it back when I worked at the film reviewing program in '09. We had a ratings system, 1 to 6. This was the ONE time we gave a zero, and it was unanimous among five viewers. We even had to bring out an outside, female reviewer who shared our opinion i nthat episode just to make sure we wouldn't get accused for just "being a bunch of guys hating on a chick flick" (despite two people in our team being female). There is no limit to how much that thing pissed me off.
>> No. 1647501
That sounds a little better, though I dont like the idea that you need to do something in highschool to even try a course for college.

It really really is.

I have one more semester after this. I feel like my GPA has suffered too much already that it cant get fixed in time. Transferring doesnt seem very likely now.
>> No. 1647502
File 141599820224.png - (147.41KB , 900x938 , what - 4.png )
That's unethical

Why not

You're welcome
>> No. 1647504
File 141599827034.png - (36.10KB , 377x376 , LOL.png )
Well, I can't say I hated it that much!
I recall you telling me about this one before though, I can only imagine how unfathomably awful it must have been. Isn't that a relatively 'big' title too? It sounds familiar.
>> No. 1647506
thanks Ommie^^
>> No. 1647510
File 141599844063.png - (331.84KB , 1600x1505 , SS_262.png )
I can never decide whether or not I want to include rock or metal in my playlists because they're generally comprised of 75% or more electronic, and as much as I love the songs I just feel like they'd be out of place.
>> No. 1647517
File 141599858768.png - (71.45KB , 256x308 , Playful.png )
If you ever learned to love growls, you'd have so many awesome metal bands that incorporate electronic elements that would fit perfectly into your playlist without sounding out of place. But you had to be a pleb.
>> No. 1647519
File 141599861042.gif - (915.72KB , 239x235 , NOmming hearts.gif )
then create 2 playlist?
heck i have an folder dedicated for welding jobs
>> No. 1647520
File 141599866038.png - (147.82KB , 918x871 , Angry Belle 2.png )
It was a "big" release, featuring, among others, Anne Hathaway, so yeah, one of those 30-million dollar rom comcs. Which, mind I don't have a general problem with, as long as they actually manage to be sweet and funny at the same time.

Bride Wars does neither. Bride Wars is the single most insulting thing I have ever seen, for BOTH genders. The simple idea is that two BEST FRIEDSIES FOR REALSIES have always planned their perfect weddings since they were little girls (and yo ucan stop looking for further characterization right htere cause there is one), but LO AND BEHOLD they manage to plan it in the same place on exactly the same day.

Lame setup? Kinda, but there is definitely room for comedy here, so I'll let it slide. But no. It isn't even like this becomes a 90-episode of Bridezilla or something, because that could actually potentially be both funny an shocking. They TREAT it like that when the very worst any of them does to the other at any point is color the other's hair blue and otherwise is so busy being sweet and pretty that it forgets t actually try and be funny most of the time.

Not a single woman in the entire film is defined beyond a "WANNA GET MURRIED CUZ DRESSES CAKE AND BABBIES" mindset, and the few men that actually get to speak up at all go nowhere beyond "Boy, those crazy chicks, huh?", being complete oafs that are either 100% unaware of anything that goes on around them, or completely incapable of having any effect on it even if they do notice anything is up, with none of the bitchy behaviour on either side ever being called out in the slightest.

It fucking boggles the mind is what it does.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 13:58

>> No. 1647521
File 141599877320.png - (44.81KB , 305x262 , SS_347.png )
"Electronic elements" != electronic.

I could do that, but even then the metal workout playlist would be so much shorter.

Maybe someday.
>> No. 1647522
>> No. 1647525
File 141599891656.png - (65.61KB , 432x661 , Heart.png )
Doesn't matter, it'd still fit in better than styles completely detached from it altogether.

That's not the one with the laxatives scene though, is it?
>> No. 1647527
File 141599897858.png - (457.05KB , 1600x2424 , SS_246.png )
That is true. It would still fit in the playlist better than bossa nova.
>> No. 1647529
File 141599908352.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , Smile.png )
No. I think that might be Bridesmaids, which I haven't seen (but I quite like Judd Apatow's films, so sooner or later I will). But at least there you can say it has a "gross things happen with girls too" approach when Bride Wars has what must have been a tema of 70-year old sexiss going "this is what women are like, right?" while hmm'ing in their moustahces and drinking brandy in their studies approach while theor Stepford Wives bake cookies

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 14:05

>> No. 1647531
File 141599917600.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
I'm still trying to figure out why you didn't include the bossa nova in the first place.

Yeah, I think you're right - I just wanted to make absolute sure. That was an awful and tasteless scene, but the movie wasn't quite as bad as how you're making yours to sound.

Though I wouldn't call it good either.. heh.
>> No. 1647532
File 141599925425.png - (75.32KB , 600x602 , SS_366.png )
Megapleb tastes, remember?
>> No. 1647533
File 141599931821.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
I just noticed that I am actually so angry while writin about this movie that i make more typos than the usual accidental ones. Jesus.
>> No. 1647536
File 141599944773.png - (173.46KB , 1118x715 , Bumflirting.png )
Oh yes, of course.
Does that mean you like Megadeth too? Ew.

I wasn't going to point that out, but.. yeaaaaaah.
We've all been there though!
>> No. 1647537
File 141599952414.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
I think I'll just let that fact speak for itself.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 14:12

>> No. 1647540
File 141599974050.png - (163.60KB , 2094x1118 , Lickz.png )
If only you knew how often I have to go back and edit my posts before I send them when I'm passionately discussing and/or raging about something. I think it's pretty normal, really.

Speaking of mistakes.. I swear, grammar is so frustrating to me. I seem to pick up on it intuitively and figure out the systems just by learning the words and making the connections that way but the minute you lay it all down for me in lesson form I find myself absolutely lost. I need to figure out a way to make the two work in unison, but seeing as this course feels like spelling it out in an overly verbose manner with every other lesson.. I might be in for a rocky ride.
>> No. 1647546
File 141599988116.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Oh dude, I still, to this day, have literally no idea if I even put commas correctly when writing in english (or, hell, writing in general, but in danish I can at least go back and catch the majority of mistakes and fix them up). I just kinda go by gut feeling and always have.
>> No. 1647555
File 141600014642.png - (45.55KB , 656x708 , I wuv you.png )
Nights sweet dreams going out for another run with the car... or might sleep. which ever the case!
Nights you all stay kind n amazing!
>> No. 1647557
File 141600020090.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
The funny thing is, while people tell me I'm pretty good with English, I too don't really understand a good chunk of the grammar behind it. It's all intuitive, but I guess that's natural with one's first language. I'm also pretty liberal with commas, but based on my limited understanding of that particular topic I don't think proper usage is entirely set in stone anyway.

It's just amusing because when doing the same course as a friend, they were lamenting over how it doesn't teach you grammar at all yet I found by the end I had a surprisingly good grasp of a handful of the mechanics behind it. Though I confess it's not the most efficient method, so..

Be well!
>> No. 1647559
Here or there? I like it here... our college courses are just free entry for a certificate to go to work in that area. Personally I find it cool - build up a knowledge base in high school, then apply that in university wherever you can. But I understand the different viewpoints.

You're going to have to stick till the end, or keep considering dropping?

Of course

>> No. 1647578
File 141600093632.png - (83.01KB , 182x404 , Hi There.png )
>> No. 1647580
File 141600098532.png - (21.37KB , 331x250 , Twi - bgls - 111 - Copy.png )

Hmm... I still need to make a better lurk pic. Still, this might be onto something
>> No. 1647581
File 141600102110.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
WEll, when I took spanish, the grammer kept really fucking with me. I just couldn't remember it at all. I dunno, man, other than english and that spanish course, I actually really have not studied language much. I have sort of an ear for it so I learn to recognize words and phrases and their base meanings fairly quickly, but english is the only one I am practically fluid at - I have a bit of a mental block for french thanks to some shit that went downwhen I was learning it, and spanish I could probably learn better, but I cannot at all keep up with a conversation. At most I can occasionally catch the basic gist of a sentence when a character speaks spanish in a film or TV series.
>> No. 1647583
File 141600106935.jpg - (4.90KB , 299x168 , images (29).jpg )
>> No. 1647584
File 141600111085.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Hmm. I suppose i should see another movie. Sure as fuck dunno what the hay else to do anyway.

But back to "what to watch" town it is, then
>> No. 1647593
What's up Ahke?

The bucket is still best multi-purpose lurk device
>> No. 1647595
File 141600152168.png - (84.77KB , 581x854 , 131332477729.png )

Still enuff to get you POUNCED! And WUBBED!!

>> No. 1647597
File 141600153320.png - (98.35KB , 700x700 , Cotton candy__or something.png )
Twilight could pass for Rarity with those lashes..

Thank the lord for subtitles, right?
Since I was exempt from French as I've mentioned in the past, I never learned a second language so learning one now is basically building from scratch but it's starting to get a lot easier now and I'm really starting to like the process. Something tells me I'm not going to be stopping with just the one.. heh.

But grammar.. it's just.. it never sticks if I have it spelled out for me, I need to make the connection myself for it to commit itself to memory. I've read the same rules and guidelines hundreds of times but it just never clicks.

I thought you were just going to impulsively get up and go to the theater for a minute there.
>> No. 1647599
File 141600163023.jpg - (894.49KB , 1536x2048 , Ember Storm - Well That's Just Your Opinion - Sam.jpg )
>> No. 1647601
File 141600168673.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>I need to make the connection myself for it to commit itself to memory.

Hey, I'm exactly liek that.. as Char will attest..

>> No. 1647602
File 141600172434.png - (111.12KB , 640x480 , Ember Storm - Shocked - Flutterderp.png )
>> No. 1647603
File 141600178333.jpg - (12.93KB , 267x189 , download (10).jpg )
>> No. 1647604
File 141600179122.png - (141.34KB , 964x828 , __wink___by_overmare-d62pbrv.png )
>> No. 1647605
File 141600181334.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
Like I said, I have no idea how exactly I do end up learning grammar. It just sort of happens on its own.
>> No. 1647606
File 141600182053.jpg - (223.09KB , 727x1024 , SS_320.jpg )
To answer your question from last night: It is impossible.

>Aristotle is a man
>All men are human

This is, before we even begin, a situation in which logic is required. This is a question posed well within the limits of logic's purpose and so of course we need logic to answer it. Aristotle is a man, and is logically human because all men are human. Posing this question is, in essence, locking someone in a room with 501 keys - 500 red keys and 1 green key, and further telling them that the green key is the right key to use. There are still 501 answers, but only one correct answer. The very posing of this logical situation requiring someone to defeat its logic is not possible because it is a strictly logical situation.

Now, what I was referring to last night was the incredible ease with which this same power can be used to be illogical.

>I was mugged by a black man
>All black men are muggers

This is exceedingly wrong by logic's standards, and yet still uses the rules of logic to exist as an idea. To some people, this is perfectly logical, because the information that they possess on which to base their logic is limited - this is a key point. To people who live outside of their own shell of racial superiority, we can see that the mugger probably had reason, or influence, to his actions, and that not all black people are muggers. This is obvious to us, because we have a wider knowledge base. But now, we must blur the lines even more.

>The universe has expanded infinitely outward since its creation
>The universe will continue to expand infinitely until its destruction

The latter is a perfectly logical jump from the former, and we even have some proof to back up the idea. However, this is not certain, as the end of the universe is not within our base of knowledge. We are using logic to make an assumption based on evidenced facts that we have observed, but we do not know the logical conclusion. It is on this front that I butt heads with the idea that logic is a perfect system because we simply fill in its lacking gaps as we learn more and continue to tout it as 'perfect' thought, when these logical assumptions are proved wrong on a daily basis, and on many levels. It's a good yardstick, to be sure, but we created it, and we are by no means objective masters of fact in the universe.
>> No. 1647610
File 141600196542.jpg - (51.54KB , 398x374 , 2.jpg )
It seems to be a pretty even split, some people can have information presented to them and learn through that while others need to learn by doing.

The funny thing is.. I'm not the kind of person who learns by doing, it's just if you present me with any kind of 'system' to figure out then I shift. When learning about anything else, however, it's most effective if I read the information.

I don't entirely understand why this deviation exists solely for 'systems' (though I have a hunch) but once I recognized this pattern, it became a lot easier for me to learn things that otherwise gave me trouble. It's all about making sure your resource falls in line with how you learn that kind of topic best.

Sounds like the grammar fairy to me!
>> No. 1647612
File 141600202609.png - (15.18KB , 166x187 , I broke your sphincter.png )
>Notice this immediately after making second last post
>Remind self to respond to it when I make next post
>Make last post
>Realize I'd forgotten again
I'm bad at this. Not much is up here mate, what's up with you?
>> No. 1647615
File 141600208226.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
You callin me a fairy?

Cause I appreciate that you find me magical
>> No. 1647616
File 141600211380.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

i ahve to go over it over and over in my head till it literally goes from a foggy picture to a clear one. Sometiems it happens fast.. others it takes a long time... depending on mood, whether I have stuffed up sinuses or am hyper..
>> No. 1647618
File 141600229615.png - (119.29KB , 900x1300 , Ember Storm - Orion The Crow - the Zefarian.png )
>> No. 1647619
File 141600233483.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Fuck it, gonna rewatch Atlantis. I have some other not-seen-before movies I could pick, but I haven't seen Atlantis since i was like 14, so it might be time for a revisit. I can always watch one of the others after or another time.
>> No. 1647621
Good job it's like a curse

Just relaxing?

Not much here as well. Another slow morning as usual

>> No. 1647622
File 141600241563.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Atlantis is a good one..


How's Emberkins?
>> No. 1647624
Hi hi.

I'm all right, thanks. You?
>> No. 1647625
File 141600254053.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
I remember liking it, and I think I remember it fairly well. But sometimes it's worth going back and seeing if there's something you missed.

It was certainly an interesting one for its time, that's for sure.
>> No. 1647626
File 141600254651.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Nabbad.. eating noodles..

>> No. 1647627
File 141600260324.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

As usual I forgot most everythign about it.. but as I watch it it'll all be familiar.
>> No. 1647628
File 141600260066.png - (1.15MB , 3815x4000 , SS_83.png )
Atlantis was an amazing movie.

Atlantis 2 was one of the biggest letdowns in entertainment just shy of Duke Nukem Forever
>> No. 1647630
File 141600264857.png - (14.18KB , 341x186 , Ember Storm - This is Relevant to My Interests.png )
>> No. 1647631
File 141600265300.png - (299.19KB , 888x1044 , BalloonCute.png )
I'm implying all your knowledge and understanding of the world is given to you magically.

I pretty much need a visual representation, some way to map it out - then I stare at it until all the pieces fit to me.

Yeah, kind of. Doing much of the same as I usually do really. Had some dinner which was nice and now I'm working on things. You?
>> No. 1647632
File 141600265598.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

There was a 2?
>> No. 1647633
File 141600267608.png - (112.87KB , 633x900 , 3d_by_arrkhal-d73dv7s.png )

Yeah.. spicy chicken ramen..
>> No. 1647634
File 141600268830.png - (480.10KB , 969x825 , SS_185.png )
Yes. And how famous it is shows for how good it was.
>> No. 1647636
File 141600273702.png - (101.44KB , 542x457 , 131820420905.png )

Ahh. I do that in my head!


Never heard of it..
>> No. 1647638

What'd you have? What stuff you do?

Well a friend just got on so we're just chilling about now, so that's nice
>> No. 1647639
File 141600282276.png - (142.26KB , 817x431 , SS_48.png )

I want you to think of ponies. Now I want you to think of Gen 3 ponies. Now I want you to imagine if the current show had turned into gen 3 instead of the other way around. That's how disappointing it was.
>> No. 1647640
File 141600286526.gif - (146.57KB , 316x315 , 129955330996-(n1300332823835).gif )
>> No. 1647641
File 141600288943.png - (100.19KB , 331x356 , SS_99.png )
Yes. It was that bad. It was that bad.
>> No. 1647642
File 141600289153.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
Well all the work is in my head, I just need the information lain out in front of me. Not charts, either, charts make the connections for me and thus it never 'clicks' in the way a random assortment of information does.

Or do you mean you do the visualizing in your head?

Wendy's, and just worked on this language some more. That was it, nothing else productive I'm afraid.
>> No. 1647643
File 141600295758.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Oh, most likely.

Well, Disney sequels aren't exactly known for being great. Except for Aladdin and the Forty Thieves. That was awesome. And Lion King 2 is pretty decent and at least plays things a little differently than the first one.

COmpletely irrelevant, but I remember watching Pocahontas 2 (I don't even like the original) and getting a pretty good laugh out of one part - basically, this time Pocahontas is the one going to England, and the chief sends a warrior with her, giving him a stick and ak nife and tells him to cut the stick for eveyr white man he sees. Within minutes, he's whittled it down to a toothpick.

THus giving an aspect of me a magical source.
>> No. 1647644
File 141600298503.png - (155.32KB , 431x509 , 131127675731.png )


>> No. 1647645
File 141600319274.png - (1.03MB , 655x702 , SS_77.png )
Yanno... You're right. I can't think of a single disney sequel that I've liked. I haven't seen all of Aladdin 2, but I wasn't impressed. Granted I was like 8 at the time. But I guess that's sort of a good thing. It keeps them striving for original IP. Sort of.

But it isn't like that. And now we can be happy being (mostly) ignorant of that movie's existence.
>> No. 1647646
File 141600321965.png - (334.40KB , 552x496 , Twi - bgls - 516.png )

Oh u~


It is rather good, but gotta have a bit of variety.


Hmm... I suppose she could! Especially with magic contacts or something?


Your first example is decribed by logic. It's a fallacy. It doesn't matter if to some people it's perfectly "logical", those people use the word itself wrong, confounding reason and logic and working on popculture definitions ("logic" gets a similar treatment by popculture "theory" does, where the word "theory" actually describes something specific which is not "a wild guess I just pulled out of my ass"). Of course it's also possible that they start with more assumptions than just those two you've listed (for example, adding a third one like "the behaviour of every member of a race is fully representative of every other member"). That WOULD make it a perfectly logical inferrence. It would also be completely wrong, but not because of the end product or the logic used, but rather because of something in the set of the assumptions being faulty and that would have to be addressed. Logic itself is not broken here just because it's used to make something one does not like. There's no blur.

With that third assumption added in, it's a bit like saying that when people hit themselves in their fingers with a hammer it means they broke the hammer. The hammer is still perfectly fine and a very useful tool, they're just using it wrong. Without that third assumption though they're actually trying to use a corkscrew instead of a hammer when attempting to hammer in nails. Is it then any wonder then that the results are absolutely stupid?

As for the second example... Is it? Not to me. The only thing logic actually says about it is that it's not contradictory. There's nothing here to "logically" make a jump (in fact, if you're "making a jump" in logic, odds are you're doing something very, very wrong). Again, this seems to be a confound between logic and the popculture idea that got labelled as "logic", which seems to be basically like a softer Mr Spock approach. And anyway, it's perfectly reasonable to take the latter stance as a working model, pending further evidence - but it's not then reasonable to insist that it's the One True Model, though. And hey, nobody not stupid does that.
>> No. 1647647
File 141600329571.png - (132.68KB , 500x500 , Theres a lot we dont understand - like the afterlife or how bread becomes toast.png )
Ah, then we differ there.
I do it, but not when learning. I feel it clouds my thoughts and makes it harder to figure out the problem I'm trying to solve if I'm wasting energy keeping the facts in line too.

As magical as a toaster.
>> No. 1647648
File 141600332672.jpg - (22.40KB , 479x466 , speaking.jpg )
To be fair, Aladdin 2 is not Forty Thieves, it's Revenge of Jafar and it's .... okay. Forty Thieves is the third movie, and actually pretty good, though. I'd recommend it.
>> No. 1647649
File 141600345058.jpg - (96.87KB , 952x838 , 139976871898.jpg )

Oh god I wanna kiss that blush... such pony cuteness..

I swear I love them more every day..
>> No. 1647650
I keep thinking it's ice cream because here Wendy's is an ice cream brand, heh... still though, nice.

Well, it does sound productive enough.

That's true. Go use more images!
>> No. 1647651
File 141600365462.png - (157.58KB , 866x922 , Smilie Belle.png )
Toast truly is the most magical thing in the world.
Unfortunately, I no longer has toaster.
>> No. 1647652
File 141600376514.png - (145.91KB , 353x313 , SS_127.png )
And on some level, we agree. I could think up more and more examples all night long, but that distracts from the point. The point is, no system which requires further input for clarification is perfect. Logic requires at least a firm understanding of the subject matter to make it follow a logical progression in your head, and without it, you're "doing logic wrong", for all intents and purposes.

Granted, it is not so much logic that is imperfect, as our interpretation of logic that is imperfect, and that will continue to be true for as long as human beings remain imperfect. Imperfect beings cannot truly conceive or perceive a perfect system. This is why I don't always trust "logical" things, as it's entirely a matter of perception whether or not it's even logical at all.
>> No. 1647653
Do you not have the other, better Wendy's there?

>Self-proclaimed magical being
>Does not possess most magical item
You've busted yourself.
>> No. 1647654
File 141600389354.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Those two things are not necessarily tied together. That would imply all magical creatures would have to necessarily own a magical item equal two or greater than their own might, which is often not the case.
>> No. 1647655
>> No. 1647657
File 141600412411.png - (187.11KB , 791x1010 , omygosh.png )
Hahaaah, aaaawe. Seeing Milo try to drive the truck after they crash is a lot funnier now than it was when I was little.
>> No. 1647662
I do not believe so, no...
>> No. 1647663
Except possessing a toaster is an apt distraction from the fact that you are magical yourself, as no muggle would question why another muggle would need a toaster yet would surely question why one wouldn't. It's not very covert.
>> No. 1647664
File 141600466260.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Who says I am trying to be covert?
>> No. 1647665
File 141600477165.png - (254.82KB , 1280x720 , Behold the glory of my asteroid belt!.png )
Who says any Jewish individual in Nazi Germany is trying to hide from Hitler? It's implied because the repercussions of being discovered are so grim and well-understood. Bear in mind, Hitler too was a muggle.

(As was Godwin, but I don't see how that's relevant!)

Ah, well it's tasty. I'm sure you guys have better equivalents there, though.
>> No. 1647666
File 141600488248.png - (409.20KB , 4000x3400 , ohai.png )
You are forgetting one major detail, though.

This conversation is very silly.
>> No. 1647667
File 141600500378.png - (1.02MB , 830x856 , Arguing the profound intricacies of moths vs butterflies.png )
That's pretty funny coming from Satan himself. Your devil trips betray you!
>> No. 1647668
File 141600511349.jpg - (357.06KB , 1280x914 , SS_2.jpg )
>> No. 1647669
File 141600511923.png - (366.88KB , 705x896 , Evil.png )
So you've discovered my true nature. No matter - I shall deal with you at a later time
>> No. 1647670
File 141600516380.png - (289.63KB , 857x479 , why hello there.png )
>> No. 1647671
File 141600518470.png - (440.25KB , 900x900 , 187160__UNOPT__safe_derpy-hooves_vector_crystal-pony_crystallized.png )

Dot for her?


>dots her nose with a sharpie..
>> No. 1647672
File 141600519126.jpg - (146.00KB , 800x1045 , SS_26.jpg )
>> No. 1647673
File 141600522341.png - (114.45KB , 488x616 , SS_111.png )
I would.
>> No. 1647674
File 141600524277.png - (280.01KB , 1820x2187 , sweetie socks.png )
wat u up to anyway?
>> No. 1647675
File 141600525988.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
>Dat contrast
Also I'm just now realizing Netflix has a better search function than I realized. I didn't know you could narrow your selection down through the browse option. I'm a tool, I wish I learned this before my last month with the damn thing.
>> No. 1647676
File 141600530834.png - (236.29KB , 1165x1024 , SS_184.png )
Watching The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.
>> No. 1647677
File 141600535751.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
What do you mean by narrow it down that way, exactly?

I do not know what that is.
>> No. 1647678
File 141600543749.png - (59.01KB , 360x520 , SS_51.png )
>> No. 1647679
File 141600546791.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
Well, you know how the search function's utility only goes as far as searching for movies by title or actor? If you use the browse button (I'm referring to going through the site, by the way - I don't think there is any option in the application itself) it will let you select the type of film you're looking for, then you can narrow it down even further by subgenres. I've already found two movies I want to watch, now to see if there are any good documentaries to add to my list before I hammer out one or both of these movies.
>> No. 1647680
File 141600551529.png - (226.46KB , 817x606 , Twi - bgls - 451.png )

Hah, is that even possible at this point


Logic itself is a perfectly fine tool for putting together things that we know, checking for contradictions in beliefs, finding inferrences etc. It's also an excellent tool for finding out flaws in the assumptions we make, and for making sure that the things we actually infer do follow. The rigor it introduces means that reasonings can be checked and corrected and are much more trustworthy. It has limitations, of course - it won't fix your assumptions on its own for example, and you can make mistakes (the same way you'd make mistakes in a math problem). But then, so what? Would you blame a hammer for being no good for opening a bottle of wine? And it's not 100% impossible that every time anyone tried to do 2+2 they made a slight mistake they overlooked and the result is actually 3, either. Does that mean math is flawed and untrustworthy?

The problem seems to be that you view logic through the lens of popculture, where "logical" is more or less just "sounds about reasonable to me", with a high degree of personal intuition guiding it. That's not logic. Logic has nothing to do with perception. Actual logic is like the example with Aristotle being a man and therefore human. You can't "break" this by having a different opinion or viewpoint or anything like that. You can reject it, but then you're not being "logical from a different perspective", you're just rejecting logic. You can disagree that 1+1 is 2 (and in fact I've seen self-styled "smart" people on the internet do that, because LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE TWO RAINDROPS AND THEN YOU PUT THEM TOGETHER YOU JUST GET ONE RAINDROP NOT TWO WHOOOOA)... but so what? It's still mathematically 2. Logic is the same. It doesn't matter what the "perception" of any two people are. If the starting assumptions are the same, the conclusions both arrive at HAVE TO be the same. Otherwise it simply means one or both have made a mistake along the way. Think of a radical marxist-communist and a free-market-fundamentalist libertarian being given a problem to figure out the biggest possible area of a rectangle with a total perimeter of 20... and then they each got something different. This is the exact same sort of a situation.

Now, it's important to notice when people have a pretense that their claims are based in pure logic but they really are not, instead being actually full of woozy thinking, intuitions and unsupported assumptions that they cobbled together in a genuine delusion that this is how logic works. This is typical of outspoken teenagers, political-and-thereabouts activists and simply people who don't actually have a clue how logic works but like the term and the connotations around it and would like it applied to them (so they practice a "cargo cult logic", if you'd like). Be rightly wary of those people and their claims (which is not to say "go reject them"), but do realize the simple truth is that when it comes to the "logic" claim itself, they're simply talking out of their asses.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 15:53

>> No. 1647681
File 141600564687.gif - (929.99KB , 250x250 , Clean.gif )
OH yeah, that. To be honest, I've used that for years.

And if you go to the page of a film rather than just play it itself, ther are evn more little categories listed for it that you don't find by simply browsing ,by the way.

And here I thought Worlds Greatest Dad was one of Williams' last roles.

Sounds like a pretty fun one.
>> No. 1647683
File 141600580215.png - (115.90KB , 314x339 , Startled.png )
Damn it, did everyone know this before I did?
So many nights of having no idea what to watch would've been solved if I'd only known sooner.
>> No. 1647684
File 141600584330.png - (128.47KB , 900x481 , 132640514067.png )

Yes it is. you know me~

This is you tutoring me..
>> No. 1647685
File 141600589597.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
No, no, it's okay. I was lying, I totally only found out about it two minutes ago.
>> No. 1647686
File 141600605855.png - (44.14KB , 235x314 , Wormhole Wizard.png )
Oh, phew! Good!
Well, I'm going to catch a movie now that I finally found some stuff I'm interested in watching. Be back later.
>> No. 1647688
File 141600632508.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
>> No. 1647690
File 141600642022.png - (757.14KB , 1280x720 , Dammit Aria.png )
>> No. 1647691
File 141600654437.png - (606.67KB , 575x481 , SSC_181.png )
Given your propensity to use logic, I can see where you would assume that. However, given that I avoid public opinion and pop culture views on anything, you're wrong. My view of logic is much like yours, only I recognize its shortcomings in our society. Just like you said, it isn't the hammer's fault that it can't cleanly open a wine bottle. Nor is it the bottle's. It is the person's - and theirs alone. And this isn't restricted to "stupid" or "crazy" people, intelligent people make logical errors all the time.

I cannot make it clearer than this: Logic is nothing more than a standard by which we can extract theories and conclusions about the universe around us. It is the golden standard that we use to understand the universe, because we don't have anything better. It is a versatile tool (as a hammer could just as easily hammer a nail as smash a skull) and is slave to the one who wields it. Regardless of whether or not we have a standard of human which we use to judge who has the best perception of logic, humans are fallible, and therefore reduce the usefulness of the tool. I want to make this painfully clear; I do not think logic is completely broken or useless. Not even close. I'm just saying that, this cannot be our ultimate standard of understanding because of its reliance on how all of us - not just the ignorant people, but all of us - perceive the world around us.
>> No. 1647693
File 141600655718.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
>> No. 1647695
File 141600668354.gif - (422.65KB , 312x461 , 755146__safe_animated_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_adag.gif )
>> No. 1647697
File 141600692166.png - (113.95KB , 900x563 , Sweetie Scared.png )
Ack! Kidnapper!
>> No. 1647700
File 141600697877.png - (42.93KB , 640x480 , 141470431007.png )
>> No. 1647704
File 141600707750.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
AND destroyer of the Matrix!
>> No. 1647706
File 141600797599.png - (840.20KB , 750x1000 , SS_237.png )
You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere
The won't make it home but they really don't care
They wanted the highway, they're happier there, today~
>> No. 1647712
File 141600831932.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Hmmm. One more movie and then goodnighties, I think.

I somehow am apparently still in comedy mood. But do I go for indiewood-style comedy Adventureland or complete batshit slapstick BASEKetball? Never seen either.

I DID already see black indie comedy film Bernie earlier today, so for the sake of variety, I suppose BASEketball is the obvious answer...
>> No. 1647714
File 141600840346.png - (200.95KB , 764x1045 , Twi - bgls - 458.png )

You think that humans can break laws of logic though (you've outright stated so yesterday), which is simply incorrect. They can act in ways that are unpredictable (not according to reasonable assumptions) or unreasonable or just stupid, but the laws of logic remain perfectly unbroken since they have nothing to say on such matters. This is where I'm getting the assumption that you're conflating this popculture version of "reason" with "logic".

Absolutely people can make logical errors. Intelligent people with no formal background are particularily bad about this, since they're good at coming up with all sorts of clever reasons to delude themselves as to why they're "logical". But then this is an example of having a hammer and the ability to use one, but then opting to use a rock instead, either accidentally or because you actually DO want to do a shoddy job (since a good one would mean you'd have to destroy something precious to you). If these people were to recognise the value of logic as a tool (rather than a bauble to superficially decorate their reasonings when convenient, easily discarded or skipped when not because it's actually not in any way important to how they make them), then upon the flaw in their logical reasoning being pointed out they should go fix it. Most people from what I've seen go with the decorative bauble route though, so they don't. That's unfortunate but that's humans for you.

Logic itself honestly has no shortcomings in my view. It just is what it is and as long as you don't try to abuse it (there's many ways and they are all dependent on replacing one or more pieces of the logical chain with shoddy bullshit instead of logic and then pretending that didn't happen, heh) and are open to the fact that YOU as a human can make mistakes and should fix them if you see them (or have them pointed out), it'll work basically like math does. There you also have the "standard of a human who is fallible" behind all the mathematical works, buuuuut again... does that mean math itself is no good and you really should approach with suspicion claims like that the area of that 5x5 square over there is 25?

Anyway, I honestly think I may be missing something from what you mean. Could you produce a specific example, where logic would for some reason mislead you or something? The other two examples weren't good examples of that, and I already wrote why. Or is it just all just down to "there may be mistakes being made in application of it that don't instantly get corrected"?


I do hope you do your homework this time, heh.
>> No. 1647717
File 141600873306.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

What.. not even a chuckle at the pic?


Why do these people pay this game..they just drive up, move back and forth and get killed.

What enjoyment could they get out of that?
>> No. 1647723
File 141600926559.png - (165.71KB , 600x783 , SS_232.png )
Logic, at one point, stated that the world was flat. Collecting evidence disproved that.
Logic, at one point, stated that humans could not fly. The Wright brothers disproved that.
You're focusing too heavily on what unintelligent and ignorant people do wrong when it comes to logic. I'm including the people that rely so heavily on logic that they lose sight of the advent that they might be wrong. People that believe so firmly that the answer logic has brought - by a completely logical route and with no "leaps" - is unquestionable because it is logical. Of course stupid people are going to misuse and misinterpret things like logic, reason, and reality. I thought this would be a given.

The reason I think logic is fallible at best is because of the people whose minds it falls to to define what logic is.

The thing about logic being "broken" was a simple comparison between logic and legality. Don't pay attention to "broken". Broken is just a word. If you murder someone, you've broken the law. The law remains intact, and yet you have broken it. This is something of a paradox, but a widely accepted one. In my point of view, when you fail to properly use logic, whether by assuming what you're thinking is logical or rejecting evidence because it doesn't sound logical to you, you have broken the laws of logic. Logic remains perfectly intact after you have broken it, and yet you have broken it. By your argument, laws can't be broken. They can fail to be followed, but not broken. This is semantics and language rules, and entirely beside the point.
>> No. 1647743
File 141601000981.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

Umm.. actually humans can't fly... the machines they make can... but human themselves cannot.

The Wright brothers proved powered flight was possible.
>> No. 1647745
File 141601004953.png - (157.58KB , 866x922 , Smilie Belle.png )
>> No. 1647747
File 141601015027.png - (237.79KB , 740x959 , SS_179.png )
Semantics. Also, what is a wingsuit.

>> No. 1647748
File 141601018650.png - (155.10KB , 1013x788 , sad 6.png )
>Bitchy look
>Dismissive wave of the hand
>Oh god it's school all over again
>> No. 1647753
File 141601028464.png - (1.05MB , 875x969 , SSC_209.png )
Welcome to your own personal hell!
>> No. 1647756
File 141601035908.png - (17.75KB , 143x150 , Sad 2.png )
Oh, I was already in it. That is my life.Now it's just invaded here too
>> No. 1647757
File 141601039713.png - (113.47KB , 670x600 , Twi - bgls - 413.png )

I have no idea. I've shown you a few amazing derps. I'm still amazed by that guy:


>Logic, at one point, stated that the world was flat

This is a false statement. It never did so.

>Logic, at one point, stated that humans could not fly

This is a false statement. It never did so.

The popular view of the times you mention there might have been as such, but that's just a popularity contest and good luck making 1+2 be 4 through a vote. The other way to approach it is that the models of the world people had in their heads would then logically have these statements follow, and indeed that is true to this day that for these models these statements are still true. But that means these faulty models said it (still do), not "logic" itself. The only general thing "logic" ever had to say about this is firstly nothing while we didn't actually know, and then "any logical model of the world which implies these things will necessarily be contradictory with what we currently know to be true".

Even in this case though this is just bad models. Coming back to the hammer analogy, this is very much like blaming it for being wet inside your home while it's raining when it's you who's not thought to put in the roof.

These examples are themselves an example of why I think your idea of what logic IS is based on popculture. Similarily the entire last paragraph. I will accept that logical laws can be broken the moment you show me an example of them being broken. Not using them is not breaking them, it's just not making an argument with a logical basis, whether you're aware of it or not. There's no law in there stating "all arguments have a logical basis" in there, though - in fact it's perfectly possible to do so without one and logic is fine with that, it just internally recognises it for what it is.
>> No. 1647764
File 141601087517.png - (154.61KB , 745x760 , SS_109.png )
Ok. I don't know how I can get you to see my point. I've explained it every way I know how.
>> No. 1647765
File 141601089841.jpg - (79.81KB , 832x768 , war189-(n1302425029981).jpg )

It's a suit. Man cannot fly on his own.. That wingsuit is a controlled descent rather than flight..

Humans cannot generate enuff lift on their own and that's what flight is..
>> No. 1647767
File 141601098938.png - (124.54KB , 900x648 , Sweetie scared 2.png )
>> No. 1647769
File 141601099311.png - (761.44KB , 560x912 , SSC_53.png )
No. Humans do not fly because we are humans and not birds. But I didn't say flap wings and generate lift, I said fly. Hopping inside a jet and controlling it counts.
>> No. 1647771
File 141601112762.jpg - (590.65KB , 1056x594 , TR.jpg )
Well this made me a bit happier c:
>> No. 1647772
File 141601117549.png - (179.82KB , 927x940 , SS_252.png )
A shirt!
>> No. 1647773
File 141601123218.png - (120.17KB , 500x332 , happy - 1.png )
>> No. 1647774
File 141601130052.png - (157.58KB , 866x922 , Smilie Belle.png )
>> No. 1647776
File 141601133466.png - (500.25KB , 847x943 , SSC_137.png )
>> No. 1647777
A TR shirt! Can finally show off my loyalty!

It got here really early, wasnt expecting it til next wednesday
>> No. 1647778
File 141601140516.png - (338.37KB , 708x482 , SS_294.png )
I have no clue what that is.

Nice 7s tho.
>> No. 1647779
File 141601147986.png - (213.25KB , 925x864 , Twi - bgls - 446.png )

Hmm... How about an example of a situation separately faced by two people where they have to decide something. Person A applies logic properly. Person B uses some alternative approach (what?). They share the same prior knowledge about the world, yet person B reliably makes a decision with a better outcome, where that better outcome arrives through something other than sheer dumb luck.
>> No. 1647780
File 141601148531.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
I have nothing to say but wanna be in here but there is nothing to say to me either and I am a lameo
>> No. 1647781
Well.. that's good, happy for you, heh.
>> No. 1647784
It's from Planetside 2. I enjoy the game a lot.

heh thanks.
I know it's small, but after the week I've had, this is pretty awesome.
>> No. 1647787
File 141601165795.png - (599.31KB , 558x742 , Twi - bgls - 445.png )


And in the meantime, I have over 2k certs and only a vague idea what to maybe do with them, heh.

I think maybe I should pimp out my sundywith sneaky pulls and insertions in mind, but then what's the best loadout for that?
>> No. 1647789
File 141601168413.png - (63.71KB , 216x207 , SS_87.png )
Hmm. Intuition? Instinct? ESP of some sort?


Ah, gotcha.
>> No. 1647790
File 141601177858.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Is a viscious circle
>> No. 1647795
File 141601198603.png - (111.80KB , 1600x1200 , professional.png )
This thread lacks prrrrrrofessionalism!
>> No. 1647796
I magically spent all my certs without paying attention. went from 1.8k to 200, though im back at 500. Not even sure what I got, heh.

A stealth sundy? I guess whatever the radar jammer is, mmm, stealth chassis, and mine guard. For weapons...kobalt and walker.
I know nothing of stealth sundys since i prefer battle buses!

>> No. 1647799
File 141601209505.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Oh, like you're the one to deliver?
>> No. 1647801
File 141601229245.png - (61.12KB , 643x750 , 148138__safe_vector_scootaloo_cute_puffy+cheeks_cutealoo.png )
I just did. Didn't you see?
>> No. 1647802
File 141601234555.png - (171.05KB , 899x888 , 141359536496.png )
Today's achievements.....

>beat Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for GBA
>finally got to watch the 2011 movie, The Muppets

yay, good day! How's everyone?
>> No. 1647806
File 141601249278.gif - (1.49MB , 480x270 , 752003__safe_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_animated_screencap_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colo.gif )

Run before Esh never stops talking to you!
>> No. 1647808
File 141601251530.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
The thread's totally the same!

Also how was movies with brobro

Ohey Snow. Just movie-ing myself!

How'd you like the movie?
>> No. 1647810
File 141601254370.png - (220.91KB , 631x1326 , Timing.png )
>> No. 1647812
That's good then, I'm glad.

>not sonic boom
>> No. 1647814
File 141601263702.jpg - (94.27KB , 848x942 , 136780012449_png.jpg )
Fact: I was into muppets when I was much younger! I think I can handle it! :P

Yay! Movie-ing

I loved it. Better than I expected. I expected a goof movie, but it really surprised me. :D
>> No. 1647816
File 141601267901.png - (134.93KB , 900x778 , you_make_scootaloo_sad_by_rainbowderp98-d5m4i3e.png )
>Esh doesn't think my drawings are professional

Not bad I suppose. Watched Hellraiser 6.
>> No. 1647819
File 141601279675.gif - (0.97MB , 390x427 , 762847__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_rarity_animated_screencap_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks.gif )
Okay then.
>> No. 1647820
File 141601283862.gif - (56.77KB , 979x721 , eat.gif )
Mmmmhm. The first fifteen minutes had me worried, but once Pictures In My Head rolls around, all worries disappear.

>Didn't know it was your pic
>Thus didn't click it and see the signature
>Was joking about thread content, not picture
iis very nice, acully

I never saw past 5, and I barely remember anything about htat or 4. I should probably do a Hellraiser marathon one of these days. Anything else?
>> No. 1647822
File 141601298332.png - (618.97KB , 1920x1080 , 761323__safe_solo_scootaloo_cute_looking+at+you_adorable_chicken_egg_scootachicken_cutealoo.png )
6 is the one where they bring back the main character from the first movie and didn't do jack shit with her.

Nothing much. Some Megamanzzz, some drawing, some video watchings.
>> No. 1647826
File 141601303789.png - (566.98KB , 2048x2304 , 136780136051.png )
I have to wait until Christmas to play it. Or at least December 4th, demo release day. :P

Despite what people are saying about glitches and it being Sonic '06 2, still going to play it. From what I've seen during the first half-hour, plays fine. It's just "cool" to hate Sonic and compare everything to 06, even Unleashed and Sonic 4 got that treatment.

Dat shy Flutters D:

Indeed, it just had a slow start. Auto shop class in Elementary school made me go wat though. XD

The villian was a real bastard though. O.O
>> No. 1647830
File 141601312118.png - (193.18KB , 1269x1024 , large (4).png )
>> No. 1647833
File 141601316181.png - (129.01KB , 424x571 , Sweetie grin 2.png )
Dun recall. Didn't see it.

Wut megamanz

Been drawing more than the Harsh?

I love the auto shop gag. That is some funny shit.
>> No. 1647834
File 141601316808.png - (16.25KB , 558x553 , 137701066430.png )
And pretty. X3
>> No. 1647838
File 141601328639.png - (175.65KB , 802x1024 , large (7).png )

Newp. Nawt tonight.

>> No. 1647843
File 141601339140.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
For such a seemingly silly and easily ruined concept, that was a really good movie. I have no idea what to think about that ending, however.
>> No. 1647845
File 141601345107.gif - (327.62KB , 303x356 , Dizzy belle.gif )

been movie-ing meself.

And this would be?
>> No. 1647846
File 141601346645.png - (23.10KB , 382x458 , Twi - bgls - 427.png )

Intuition is just an internal heuristic. It's a form of internal reasoning that trades transparency (and thus any ability to check the process for accuracy) for speed. And when actual, proper logic and intuition are pointing to different things, intuition can only hope to be the better choice by luck. Example in tags below:
Suppose you're on a game show. You got to the final round and now the host will be awarding you your prize. There's three doors. Behind two of them are goats, which you definitely do NOT want to win. Behind one, there's a car. In addition to that there's a small guaranteed fruit basket that you'll get for picking door #1, so hey... might as well. You pick door #1. The host then opens door #2 and lo and behold... door #2 was concealing a goat. Now he's making you an offer - you can stick with your choice, or switch to door #3, though obviously then you won't get the fruit basket.

Intuitively, there's one door with a goat and one door with a car, so it's 50/50 either way. You should probably then stick with door #1 then since hey, guaranteed fruit basket.

And yet after you apply logic and a bit of logical crunching, that tells you the actual chance that door #1 has a car behind it is 1/3 while there's a 2/3 chance that the car is behind door #3. Logic's recommendation: switch. While the car still might be won if you follow the intuition, the win is so much more likely if you go with logic while the intuitive option leads you to the decision that decidedly minimises your chances.

This is not to say intuition should be discarded. Very much the opposite. Because the lack of transparency in it makes it impossible to know what actually got accounted for by your intuition, in cases where things are NOT laid out so nicely perhaps it caught and processed something you're not consciously aware of in your thinking. It would then be unreasonable not to take it into account, and it is then actually illogical to just throw it out. It just needs to be placed in a proper context, and that's what logic does.

Instinct... depends. Split second or not? In split second scenarios it'll override all else anyway, so same outcomes for both A and B. Not a split second decision scenario? It's then basically just part of intuition then, and see above.

ESP would be perfectly logical to account for... if only it existed. So far all independently tested examples have shown it to be just intuition + guessing, so again... see above for intuition, except add more randomness. But hey, if you have real ESP powers, same deal as with intuition. It would be completely illogical to discard their input after proper context were provided.


I don't have an outfit to drive a battle bus around. I'm a sneaky bastard who uses sundies for two things: farming certs and opening unexpected fronts (this includes providing a sneaky spawn point for myself when I'm trying to do a covert something or other).

Mine guard? Naaaaaaaaw, this is not for scenarios where I might even be driving where there might be mines. Unless that's the only viable thing in the slot?
>> No. 1647847
File 141601349236.png - (716.26KB , 1125x1375 , 677271__safe_blushing_scootaloo_sweetie+belle_artist-colon-alasou_question+mark_preening_scootab.png )
Which wun?
>> No. 1647850
File 141601352773.png - (172.76KB , 900x701 , request___fluttershy_with_her_younger_self_by_richhap-d4jmy0k.png )
Ah IGN hated both Sonic Boom games, that means the game's actually good. :3

>Sonic Boom got 4.3/10 for Wii U and 4.0/10 for DS
>To compare, Sonic and the Black Knight got 3.9/10

Sonic and the Black Knight is one of my favorites, I think I'll survive.

Their IGNorance is bliss. :P Besides, I prefer to actually play games and make my own decisions on them.

Of all the random things. I loved the fact Kermit had an electric fence and Animal was in Anger Managment, and Gonzo had a business and a "business self-destruct" button. XD

>> No. 1647854
File 141601375453.png - (223.34KB , 1200x1200 , 757902__safe_fluttershy_blushing_human_cute_floppy+ears_adorable_anon_adorable+as+fuck_hand.png )
>> No. 1647857
File 141601379829.png - (150.66KB , 1191x670 , oh no i fell over and put my bum in the air whatever shall i do.png )
There's lots to enjoy. It's even better if you've seen the first Muppet Movie and Muppets Take Manhattan though

Bernie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and currently BASEketball
>> No. 1647860
File 141601385944.jpg - (14.75KB , 356x301 , 139682211129.jpg )
Lotsa movies.
>> No. 1647861
File 141601391841.png - (171.71KB , 1263x1263 , 141592590719.png )
It's called Transfer, German science fiction film about a company that has created a means of implanting one's personality into a host. It was better executed than I thought it would be, especially with the financial corruption angle it took and borderline human trafficking.

Not to mention the procedure itself had characteristics that made it less of a straight swap/transfer and thus came with it's own technicalities and issues.

>ESP would be perfectly logical to account for... if only it existed.
Clearly you're not a guitarist. Why must you talk out of your ass, Character? Denying the existence of things we can confirm with a quick Google search. Here, I'll even do the work for you.

I'm particularly fond of their V-300, though now that they've discontinued the snow white variant I'd have to shift my loyalty and admiration to the V-401FM. Can't quite decide if I prefer see-through black or black cherry, however. It all depends, transparent finishes tend to vary - sometimes a transparent black maple top can appear gray and other times more of a dark blue, whereas black cherry is almost always consistently that attractive dark red hue. I'd have to see them in person to make a decision. Still, I digress, it's pretty naive to deny something that clearly exists and you should reassess your argument based on this information.
>> No. 1647864
File 141601397927.gif - (648.89KB , 296x350 , 140391016318.gif )

Ah remember seeing the first one last year, I don't remember the Manhattan movie much.

I did laugh at the fact Zack Galifianakis played a hobo. Mostly because my brother always pointed out some of his funnier roles.
>> No. 1647865
File 141601401413.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Jus' three tho.

And Bernie was friggin' great.

Sounds vaguely similar to the base concept behind Johnny Mnemonic (although there it's straight up data carrying more than personalitiets). I need to see that too. I believe I've heard of Transfer. It's certainly an idea.
>> No. 1647870
File 141601418642.jpg - (21.98KB , 500x456 , 2c4QmGo.jpg )
>> No. 1647872
File 141601420151.png - (97.29KB , 336x327 , Twi - bgls - 517.png )

I believed in guitars when I was younger. In fact, I remember seeing one in my room. But as I grew up, I learned better and now that I look around I can see clearly there's no guitar here. ESP research protocols clearly show that personal experience and an anecdote is obviously valid, scientific data, therefore QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM

Before you get the wrong idea, the guitar was my father's and he just kept it there because no room anywhere else, heh. I have no idea what happened to that guitar now though and I really haven't seen it for years
>> No. 1647875
File 141601427335.jpg - (388.16KB , 2500x3000 , 443887__safe_solo_scootaloo_sitting_guitar_stool_bass_bass+guitar_scootabass_artist-colon-mattin.jpg )
The Jack Black one I assume?
>> No. 1647878
File 141601437075.png - (195.67KB , 1000x562 , SS_346.png )
As I thought, you want Logic to be the highest standard and you will accept no substitute. Continuing to argue my point is pointless.
>> No. 1647879
File 141601437297.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
Then go rewatch. Is a good one

Thats the one
>> No. 1647880
File 141601442587.jpg - (134.14KB , 800x800 , Balloon.jpg )
Vaguely, but I find it hard to believe another film has tackled this from such a thought-out perspective as they did. It definitely had elements that made it quite unique, and certainly worth watching. Was also comforting to see noticeable progress, as I was able to follow along with what was being said better than I thought I would.

Though I still utilized subtitles just to be safe, as I'd hate to rob myself of a great movie by sacrificing a percentage of my understanding.

The thing about ESP is that, you have to look for it to understand it. Much like you do any other variation of guitar. I had a friend who played guitar long before I got into the craft myself, and my memory of his guitar was always a vague, generic Strat-based design. One day I was curious and asked him which model guitar he had back then, to which he told me it was a B.C. Rich Mockingbird. I found this difficult to believe because the shape I recognized did not even remotely resemble a Mockingbird, yet sure as snow is cold that was the model he had.

It's easy to misunderstand something when you lack the personal experience to make sense of what you are witnessing, the same way you would take an ESP for granted not realizing the quality or caliber of existence before you whereas as a guitarist it is now impossible to not take note of it.
>> No. 1647882
File 141601451192.png - (211.81KB , 769x1039 , 131413131567.png )
>> No. 1647883
File 141601462152.gif - (274.29KB , 550x400 , 141359351467.gif )
Already did it twice! This morning laid on the couch watching it, and watched it again with mom for dinner. She even liked it.

Really was a treat for someone who grew up with the muppets. Muppet Babies may have been my first, but I remember The Muppet Show when Nickelodeon aired it back in the day.

Only oddity was that Cars 2 poster. I loved Cars 2, but the poster was ridiculously out of place. XD
>> No. 1647884
File 141601479087.jpg - (22.40KB , 479x466 , speaking.jpg )
Subtitles don't hinder the learning experience as long as you are still willing to listen to the words being spoken. More often than not, they'll help you along, really, remembering words you might have otherwise forgotten or such.

dat new Steven Universe ep

I MEANT Muppets Take Manhattan.
>> No. 1647887
File 141601485738.png - (61.12KB , 643x750 , 148138__safe_vector_scootaloo_cute_puffy+cheeks_cutealoo.png )
Dat one I haven't seen.
>> No. 1647893
File 141601493075.png - (105.48KB , 307x347 , Drinking drink I has.png )
Yeah, that was exactly it. I'm a quick reader, so what I found myself doing was reading the subtitles as they pop up and then observing the sentence on it's own immediately after since they'd only be about a word or two into their sentence by the time I'm done reading (and you pick up that word or two with your 'peripheral hearing' if there is such a thing)

I'm not using it to learn words because I'm uncomfortable using anything I don't know the structure of, but it's good for pronunciation and practicing comprehension in general.
>> No. 1647894
File 141601494348.png - (566.98KB , 2048x2304 , 136780136051.png )
Oh oks, I hope Netflix has it, have to check later or tomorrow. If not, I can add it to DVD queue!
>> No. 1647899
File 141601505486.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
do eet

Sounds about right. Glad you're seeing the progression in action.

Pretty sure it is on Netflix.
>> No. 1647901
File 141601508579.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1647905
File 141601517499.png - (32.18KB , 213x227 , Clap.png )
Yes, well it's a nice bonus. Get to watch a fantastic film and get a bit of practice in at the same time. Now I need to decide if I want to watch the other film I had lined up tonight, or save that for tomorrow and catch up on some reading instead. Decisions, decisions.
>> No. 1647910
File 141601532082.png - (90.64KB , 450x450 , Twi - bgls - 003.png )

You've not provided an example of where it's better to not use it. And honestly I never even learned what your point actually is. Like I said, I think I'd need you to show me what you mean using an example (that's not a strawman, like the "logic said the Earth was flat" stuff, where logic actually didn't do that), but you don't seem able or willing to do that. Oh well.


Oh, if there's one thing I can't deny you guitar people, it's creativity. So much guitar mythology. But little do you know it's all a sham. All those guitars? Myths. All the depictions of them? Artwork. All the sounds? Synthesised, clearly. I mean, don't you find it ridiculosly suspicious that all of these "guitars" run a fuzzy spectrum from old to new, and from electric to banjos? A bit of anything and everything, that! If you see something like that in medicine you know you're probably seeing a sham... so clearly it's totally like this over here. It just cannot be denied, sorry, the medical facts have SPOKEN

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 18:36

>> No. 1647915
File 141601544668.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )

This is for being adorkable!
>> No. 1647916
File 141601545070.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Which one would that be? Might be I know it.
>> No. 1647919
File 141601550466.png - (170.44KB , 789x1012 , Twi - bgls - 181.png )
Hmm... oh crap, almost 3 AM. Well, that was interesting, but gotta go!

>> No. 1647923
File 141601558563.png - (212.00KB , 1900x1916 , 130680060490.png )
>watching IGN play Sonic Boom
>no glitches, they did say frame rate drops
>review text verdict states "is not broken or unplayable, just unpolished"

That's all I need to know. Actually watching this in action. It is different from traditional Sonic, but I like what I see, it's a mix of Sonic with elements from other games I've played. So I'll be looking forward to this Christmas day if I get it.

Alrighty, will see it either way.

I freakin' lost it when Scooter worked for Google. XD I did tear up near the end, when the exited the theater and a huge crowd was outside.

>> No. 1647927
File 141601567089.png - (25.77KB , 405x300 , Paint pony with a reduced Reducted by the reducted Reducted.png )
Okay, look.. you're right.
It's never been about the guitars, it's always been about the amplification. Back then it was acoustic design to enhance the resonance of a string, now it's use of magnetism to create a signal out of those same vibrations (pickups) and the guitar as a whole is just a fancy addition to the fundamental mechanics, but that doesn't mean it's a sham. Just because a guitar can technically function with the bare minimum of a string, a piece of wood to tighten the string on enough to resonate a note, and a pickup to capture and send that signal elsewhere doesn't mean that the rest of the instrument is not valid. Everything about a guitar is complementary in nature, right down to the shape used.

You think you've won because you can strip it down to a simplistic interpretation of what's necessary to make it work, but it's just that.. a bare minimum, it does not render the product void as a whole.

I suppose I can't expect the unmusical to understand this though.

I'm not sure, it's called Remembrance (I think) and as best I can remember the summary it's about a married woman discovering that a veteran with whom she had a romance with in the past survived the war.
>> No. 1647931
File 141601574106.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
The power of Rainbow Connection at work, mang

I know nothing but the title. Can't help ya there.
>> No. 1647933
File 141601583649.png - (161.46KB , 831x962 , 130672250348.png )
Best Muppet song
>> No. 1647936
File 141601588768.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
It's fine, either way it sounds interesting. Could be a gamble though, I find anything with a romantic theme tends to be. I like things to be crushing in that regard, but sometimes they lay it on too thick or don't quite do it justice. Then again it's got a full five star rating, so I can't help but find comfort in that. Sure, since when do I care about ratings? Yet when you consider some of my favorite films barely even manage a four, well you can't help but be a little intrigued.
>> No. 1647940
File 141601598560.png - (145.18KB , 1166x686 , tired sleepie belle.png )
fer suuuuure

But of course. Also, sorry if my short answers seem dismissive. It's not a lack of interest, I am just starting to fall asleep. I'll go to bed within the next twenty minutes or so, I think
>> No. 1647942
File 141601605213.jpg - (109.87KB , 1100x1070 , 130913860699.jpg )
>> No. 1647943
File 141601610937.png - (30.16KB , 276x290 , Well__.png )
Of course it might not even be romantic at all, which would make it even more interesting. Still, it sounds like it's going to be with a concept like that. It's okay though, we'll see if it can handle it. In my experience, it's Western romance that tends to be sappy and contrived whereas all the foreign takes on it I've seen have been pretty well executed.

It's fine, I know how that is. I'm getting a bit tired, which is amusing considering how far apart our time zones are.. heh.
>> No. 1647946
File 141601631547.png - (157.58KB , 866x922 , Smilie Belle.png )
THe problem is Western romance has been heightened to such a ridiculous pedestal for so long that A) people start expecting it for real, and therefore to be represented in films, and B) It keeps having to one-up itself, making it crazier and crazier. It's rare t just see sweet little moments anymore.

Amusingly, the times I've found myself most moved by "moving declarations of love" in fiction, like nearly high poetry style (you know the kind I am talking about, and I am usually not actually that fond of them) have been from gay couples for some reason. Most recently in a Hawkeye comic book, but the speeches in I Love You, Phillip Morris are pretty damn good too
>> No. 1647955
File 141601682140.jpg - (120.80KB , 1027x778 , Sweepyshy.jpg )
Well I'm off for the night, nai nai!

Thanks Eshie, since I remember mentioning the movie once before. Was nice to finally see it.
>> No. 1647956
File 141601686301.png - (90.35KB , 230x242 , Hesitantly commanding the gerbils to overtake the Banana empire with Blitzkrieg tactics.png )
It seems to me as if they lack a certain charm because they're essentially trying to work with a formula. Some of the film adaptations of novels seem to pull it off nicely but any attempt at an original concept tends to falter because they resort to cliches or pre-established guidelines, and like you said put no emphasis on the 'little moments' - and subtleties are crucial when tackling that kind of a story.

Then bear in mind that, as you touched on yourself about it creating an expectation, people essentially demand a happy ending so they can further solidify their belief that love is this mystical thing that will always pan out, thus making it so even the few high-quality exceptions don't quite do it for me because I prefer a heartbreakingly depressing outcome which your average Western movie is downright terrified to even attempt because our culture is so hooked on romanticism that they won't stand for it.
>> No. 1647965
File 141601720299.png - (809.15KB , 1772x1144 , sleepie belle 2.png )
Well there's nothing wrong with things working out in the end for me. There are just so many pitfalls in the formula.

I would start talking about the ending to Hitch that I saw the other day, but I can kinda feel my arguments slipping awya as I think of the next one, so I should probably just head off to sleep. Seeya later.
>> No. 1647968
File 141601735098.png - (102.11KB , 297x380 , Wave.png )
I like it too if it works, I know a few films that pulled it off because they treaded lightly and thus didn't come off as overbearing with what they were trying to accomplish - I just haven't seen it work on our side of the pond in a while. Nor am I trying to pull that 'only foreign films are good' card or anything, I think our 'mainstream cinema' is more competent than we like to give it credit for. I do, however, think that because of our overall outlook and approach to romance and love as a culture that we don't tackle that topic in a way that I personally find to be of quality.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go for that film after all since you're gone and nobody else is around. Night bud.
>> No. 1647971
File 141601790448.png - (246.20KB , 1600x1091 , fluttershy_wants_to_hug_you_by_thatguy1945-d5ud3s8.png )
>> No. 1647976
File 141601904569.png - (312.68KB , 419x738 , 141478695683.png )
>> No. 1647977
File 141601910352.png - (516.52KB , 1280x720 , Talking_to_RD_S3_ep__7.png )
>> No. 1647980
File 141601941030.png - (43.59KB , 246x179 , Capture.png )
imag hoest
>> No. 1647983
File 141601949805.jpg - (16.12KB , 205x178 , tumblr_inline_mre05nglUU1qz4rgp.jpg )
>> No. 1647991
File 141601994756.png - (173.59KB , 900x943 , Rainbow Dash - 0854.png )
Soooo... How's everybody doing?
>> No. 1647992
File 141602001847.png - (160.12KB , 714x1118 , 130933022196.png )
Good! You?
>> No. 1647994
File 141602010516.png - (226.53KB , 452x371 , Rainbow Dash - 1780.png )
Yay! Watching videos to unwind a bit. What about you?
>> No. 1647999
File 141602050740.png - (62.83KB , 621x428 , 13273001275.png )
I'm just listening to music and having some beer.
>> No. 1648000
File 141602063470.png - (200.75KB , 407x567 , Rainbow Dash - 2684.png )
Oh? What sort of music do you like to listen to? Sounds pretty relaxing.
>> No. 1648001
File 141602077954.png - (172.46KB , 636x1256 , awesome_and_cool__just_like_me_by_knight725-d4h7zgf.png )
Right now I'm listening to 90's emo.
>> No. 1648003
File 141602088816.png - (54.88KB , 279x193 , yawn.png )
>> No. 1648006
File 141602103960.png - (133.34KB , 403x360 , Rainbow Dash - 1176.png )
I...would have never guessed that! Are you feeling alright?

Hallu! What's up?
>> No. 1648008
File 141602114252.png - (163.60KB , 2094x1118 , Lickz.png )
Tried watching a movie, realized I'm too tired to dedicate myself to two hours of a film so I watched a few episodes of the Boondocks and now I'm here going through the hundreds of neglected 'Word of the Day' emails from and compiling a list of the ones I want to learn so that I can make a Memrise course to help me memorize them. So, y'know, nothing much. You?
>> No. 1648009
File 141602115235.png - (151.73KB , 781x1023 , mlp__rainbow_dash_being_offered_cider_by_maxmontezuma-d4opqml.png )
Yeah - it's just good music. :P
Are you enjoying your evening?
>> No. 1648018
File 141602141268.png - (619.95KB , 2500x1833 , Rainbow Dash - 0798.png )
I love the Boondocks! <3 One of the few shows that can actually make me laugh, heh. Hundreds, you say? Huh. Any good ones so far? I'm just killing time before I feel sleepy, and then going to sleep. It'll be a while though.

Ah, well I'm glad you enjoy it! Don't think I've heard any myself, but I bet it's worth looking into sometime later.
I suppose so, yes! Got the place to myself for a while and a whole internet to browse!
>> No. 1648020
File 141602164055.png - (0.97MB , 900x1214 , By the heavens will I shall excavate the meteorite from the salivating she-beast that is Seattle.png )
It's a great show, I haven't seen them all yet but I'm working through it. It's definitely a special brand of funny.

Not really, I've kind of just started and they all kind of bleed together. It's just I've been using the vocabulary courses already provided on that site lately and find myself ignoring so many words per lesson (due to already knowing them, or feeling they're irrelevant) where I'm only learning maybe two words out of twenty per lesson. I felt creating my own course would be far more effective in the long run.
>> No. 1648021
File 141602167432.png - (458.91KB , 2476x1558 , 130876855311.png )
Are you having a nice day?
>> No. 1648022
File 141602174337.jpg - (57.25KB , 500x639 , batsquirrel.jpg )
Batman is awesome.
>> No. 1648023
File 141602185692.png - (63.89KB , 943x943 , 130871382406.png )
>> No. 1648026
File 141602207239.png - (613.00KB , 1300x1300 , Rainbow Dash - 1524.png )
Do you like to watch things all in order or are you fine with just watching whatever is on? And totally agreed.

Right right. So where are you mostly getting the words you want to learn?

Ooo! An albino squirrel! I saw one of those today ^^
Batman's pretty cool, too.
>> No. 1648030
File 141602215732.png - (74.92KB , 376x326 , Rainbow Dash - 1466.png )
...How did I... Ugh, tiredness begone already >.>
It's been a pretty good day when compared to the average, yeah! Thanks for asking.
>> No. 1648033
File 141602226968.jpg - (33.34KB , 304x304 , you_didnt_see_anything_squirrel.jpg )
You're no fun...

Albino? Couldn't the picture just be an old greying squirrel?
>> No. 1648034
File 141602227300.png - (31.81KB , 326x252 , giggle.png )
>Five words in a row all starting with 'pseudo'
What, were you guys having inspiration trouble that week..?

I subscribed to 'Word of the Day' a while back, so I accumulated a bunch of their emails and I'm going through that. I moved them all to a folder to sort through at some point when I unsubscribed because they were cluttering my inbox and I stopped keeping up. I'm kind of bored of it now though, I'll probably resume it at another point.

Well it depends on the show, for Boondocks I'm watching it in order because it's on Netflix and just the best way to watch it. Otherwise it depends on how important the story is to a series, I prefer to watch things in order but some shows I feel don't have much of a story and thus can be watched at random and do so when they're on TV. Like right now, Modern Family is on and I'm watching it but I don't keep up with the series because I don't actually care for it much.

Which do you prefer?
>> No. 1648036
File 141602228416.png - (276.39KB , 1280x1398 , 130867499489.png )
What's made it better than average?
>> No. 1648040
File 141602234972.jpg - (1.39MB , 1952x2176 , Ember Storm - Basking In The Awesome.jpg )
>> No. 1648048
File 141602285203.png - (493.55KB , 488x587 , Rainbow Dash - 1879.png )
I..suppose so, but that's just sad to think about. I reject your reality and substitute it with my own! Either way, it's pretty cute, especially in that adorable costume :3
Woah...Never seen a black squirrel before. Neat!

Oh, okay. Seems like a good start! But doesn't really sound all that entertaining, so no argument there.

Oh, Netflix, gotcha. That makes enough sense to me. What is Modern Family like?

I usually like to watch things in order. It's more about the convenience than anything though, honestly.

Not very many bad things happened, so woo! I even got to play some games ^^

Rock on, dude :P
>> No. 1648050
File 141602307959.png - (171.71KB , 1263x1263 , 141592590719.png )
Yeah, I think I'll stick to the 'two words per lesson' since at least they're already there. I'll slowly work through these emails over the next little while and then eventually do it, but tonight is not the night. Boring, rather refresh on my German.

It's your standard 'not very funny but also kind of' sitcom, it's pretty popular - haven't you heard of it? I thought you were in the US, or perhaps I'm mistaking you for someone else?

It's more convenient to watch in order? So you don't frequently catch things randomly as they come on TV? Those tend to be when I make the exceptions.
>> No. 1648054
File 141602342715.jpg - (273.05KB , 1280x960 , breaking_my_heart_squirrel.jpg )
Aging is the only way we have of not dying.
Or something like that...?
>> No. 1648056
File 141602362458.png - (6.59KB , 170x200 , lurkmoar.png )
Also most animals have the capacity to be black, it's a pigment mutation called melanism and it's cool as hell.
>> No. 1648061
File 141602386477.png - (183.34KB , 1920x1080 , Rainbow Dash - 1756.png )
Exactly what I was thinking, heh. At least they're no longer accumulating in your inbox, so finishing them shouldn't be an endless task. German, eh? Interesting...

I do live in the US, but I'm not very American thankfully. I haven't watched TV for...two, three years now? That sounds about right. And I haven't seen a sitcom for probably around ten years now, hah. I bet they've changed a lot.

If I watch anything, it'll be on Youtube, Netflix, and/or Hulu. Exceptions are extremely rare with such a system in place.

I'd say that aging is the side-effect of dying, personally. Like an infection of bacteria and electrical signals that spans a whole lifetime.
...But yeah. Fun stuff ^^'

Also also! Nothing organic can (or, rather, has been so far) actually be black! You can get really, really close, but real black isn't really attainable. Sort of like absolute zero for temperatures. It seems to be more of a limit than a state, I think.
But that is really cool! I didn't know that.
>> No. 1648062
So I woke up in the morning. That's pretty amazing.
>> No. 1648064
File 141602411529.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
Feelin' like P. Diddy?

Yes, true enough!
Well, there are some good sitcoms out there but they're few and far between - I wouldn't recommend making Modern family the show you break the silence with, that's for sure.

Well, black as we interpret it with animals anyway!
I remember one time I was out in the nearest nature trail and found a melanistic Garter snake, I dived into poison ivy to catch it because I thought it was a Black Rat snake (which aren't supposed to be found here, but a little bit more up north and to the west) then realized what I caught was even rarer than that!

Sadly, I didn't have my camera on me - but it was cool. I never looked into why, but many melanistic snakes have a little white patch on their bottom jaw and it's the cutest thing ever. He was a sweetheart too, extremely docile.

(Also thanks for the mini-lesson!)
>> No. 1648065
File 141602412334.png - (168.44KB , 795x1004 , Rainbow Dash - 1483.png )
*is amazed*
Yeah! I take it this is not a common practice?
>> No. 1648066
File 141602417211.jpg - (20.73KB , 285x214 , whatchu_lookin_at_squirrel.jpg )
Most people would say the opposite.
>> No. 1648069
Sure. Why not.

Whaddup, Akhu?

The common practice is going to sleep in a few hours, so no. Seeing the sunlight will be so rad.
>> No. 1648071
File 141602461413.png - (32.18KB , 213x227 , Clap.png )
Kesha confirmed. I knew it was you!
Not much man, you?
>> No. 1648075
File 141602484710.jpg - (41.78KB , 540x621 , b10.jpg )
Fresh strings make my shitty old acoustic guitar sound brand new.
>> No. 1648076
File 141602484626.png - (1.93MB , 1920x1080 , Rainbow Dash - 1404.png )
What show do you think is a good silence-breaker? If you have any in mind, that is.

What would you have done if it was indeed a Black Rat snake? Eugh...poison ivy... Getting that stuff in your eyes is definitely something you don't want to happen.

Isn't that how it always happens? We should just come with an always-on, mechanical eye to record things. I bet Google would try something like that, given time. I don't suppose it was too thrilled to be pounced on by a much larger creature, heh. Glad it wasn't something horrible like a Black Mamba! That would be significantly worse than poison ivy in the eyes.

No probs mate!

Would they? Huh. I'm afraid I don't know most people, so I'll just have to take your word on this, hehe.
>> No. 1648077
This might be funny to me if I had a good understanding of who the hell these people are.

Watching Samurai Jack and basking in the glory of a sane sleep schedule. Also snacks for breakfast, because why not?
>> No. 1648079
File 141602491953.png - (134.03KB , 900x696 , Rainbow Dash - 1147.png )
The age gives it a sort of beauty...or something!
The look of a shiny new guitar/car/armor set is just sad, in a way.
I mean... Hi! Play guitar often?
>> No. 1648080
File 141602496847.jpg - (85.63KB , 618x724 , cac.jpg )


Hi! Not as often as my drums, but still frequently.
>> No. 1648082
File 141602517279.jpg - (99.44KB , 500x376 , wait_wut_squirrel.jpg )
Gotta keep 'em coming.

Well, I figure since I would say the opposite, and most people look up to me...
>> No. 1648083
File 141602518889.png - (369.01KB , 1046x789 , 141373870718.png )
Fresh strings make anything sound new, silly.

It's not really new, thus not any indication of what sitcoms have become or anything but I can't stop singing praises for Better Off Ted. Community and Parks & Recreation are also great.

It wouldn't matter, I would've handled it for a while and then released it again regardless of species. That's my default reaction for all snakes, it's just the thought that it was potentially something that shouldn't be found down here made me feel it worth diving into the poison ivy whereas I otherwise would've considered that the point I stop trying to catch a snake or rather wait and see if it comes back out.

Heh, y'think?
On the plus side, it's one hell of a way to go. Though I wouldn't say the Mamba's unique blend of neurotoxins and some cytotoxic properties would be painless.. so, I think I'll pass.. I'd rather pure neurotoxin with no cell-destruction properties, thank you very much! That might be a surprisingly peaceful way to go. Likely not, but.. hm..

I'm pretty sure that's how Tik Tok starts, something like 'Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, something something something gonna hit this city'

Sounds like your day is off to a great start!
>> No. 1648084
File 141602522803.jpg - (54.76KB , 512x511 , Pirate Coveman.jpg )



I haven't had new strings on this thing since 2013...
>> No. 1648085
I never bothered to listen very closely.

Sure does.
>> No. 1648087
File 141602540291.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
I hope it's worth it.

Oh, well I like Kesha. Sort of.
>> No. 1648089
File 141602545759.jpg - (46.01KB , 533x399 , foxy_from_five_nights_at_freddy_s_2_by_boeingboeing2-d80hqfv.jpg )

It was totally worth it.

Now I need to restring my electric...
>> No. 1648092
Elaborate further. This one of those guilty pleasure sorts of things?
>> No. 1648096
File 141602563746.png - (212.15KB , 900x900 , 141503422788.png )
She's just in the same category I keep most artists of the 'pop' style, I enjoy enough songs to say I enjoy them as an artist but won't sing their praises or anything because a lot of their material is rather underwhelming.

Not a guilty pleasure, though. That'd imply I'm ashamed.

I should get on that too, heh.
>> No. 1648097
File 141602567916.jpg - (97.37KB , 500x335 , abandon_thread_squirrel.jpg )
Dude! Shouldn't you be changing them every other month if you play even only half regularly?

But anyway, Imma dock in for the night. Work tomorrow and stuff.
>> No. 1648099
Good for you man. Live your life like you want to and shit.
>> No. 1648101
File 141602579060.gif - (1.29MB , 320x240 , b29.gif )

Do eet.

My drums need new heads too. ><


I can't afford to buy sstrings every month.

Have a good night.
>> No. 1648105
File 141602584452.gif - (1.82MB , 350x230 , sorry.gif )
>> No. 1648107
File 141602594657.png - (0.99MB , 680x1377 , 082.png )
>> No. 1648109
File 141602603521.png - (171.71KB , 1263x1263 , 141592590719.png )
Every month, but there's wiggle room depending on the conditions of the room you keep them in. It all boils down to how quickly your strings corrode, which boils down to how well you take care of your strings and how often you play. When I played frequently I could get away with restringing every two months because I would always wipe my strings before and after playing, plus keep them in a comfortable environment. You should always restring before a performance or recording though. Dead skin and dirt dampens the vibration of a string.

I would if I had any reason to believe I'd still play it!

Can't tell if serious or not, but thanks.
>> No. 1648111
Sarcastically serious.
>> No. 1648113
File 141602614990.png - (352.14KB , 1421x2214 , Rainbow Dash - 1418.png )
Drums, too? You already had me at guitar! Stop saying things that I like so I can think!
Wait didn't you play bass at one point too?

I guess we just have different outlooks, then. Though I've had to adopt a few different ones on my quest to functioning properly, so my current outlook probably isn't the final one I'll have.

I've not even heard of Better Off Ted before. I hear the other two are pretty phenomenal though! Noted for sure.

Isn't handling snakes bad for their skin/scales/outside-organ-body-thing? I've grown to accept that our human oils are pretty much the worst thing for anything ever, but I am unsure if this applies to snake hides... My sister seemed to think so when she had her albino corn snake, anyway. Poor thing.
Anyway, do you guys have any poisonous snakes up there? Any native ones, I mean. It'd be a real shame if you tried to catch a snake and it ended up catching you instead.

Oh, speaking of toxins and such! Venom and poison are very different things, I've learned. It's apparently okay to drink venom (assuming you have no open sores in your stomach, trachea, or mouth), but not poison. Venom is really only bad if it's injected directly into the blood stream or absorbed rapidly through...other, more disgusting means. Themoreyouknow!
Oh, right, conversation. I wouldn't want anything natural injected into me, personally. Natural venom is designed to kill in the more effective way possible in most cases, which most likely isn't painless (except rare occasions, I'm sure, where you can essentially "fire and forget" and track your prey when it's "walking dead" full of toxins it doesn't feel). I wonder if hemlock would be a better way... Seems like you'd just be trapped in a fleshy-coffin before suffocating though. Poor Socrates... A lesson learned, but yet another life lost.


Heya!...Why so sorry?
>> No. 1648116
File 141602621027.jpg - (61.07KB , 500x494 , 141429435496.jpg )

Maybe buying new strings for it will entice you to play it. :D


I can play bass, I just don't own one of my own. ^^;
>> No. 1648120
File 141602632655.png - (212.95KB , 1000x768 , Rainbow Dash - 1642.png )
Ah, alright. That's fair! Instruments are expensive, man. Not just monetarily, either. A fair amount of time and care and effort, etc. has to be put in... But yeah, good to know!
>> No. 1648122
File 141602636522.gif - (1.67MB , 204x152 , sad puppy.gif )

Many...many reasons.
>> No. 1648123
File 141602646110.jpg - (74.11KB , 500x625 , tumblr_nb214yIwAx1r2gq0po1_500.jpg )

Tell me about it. Luckily my guitars and my drums are second-hand and I got them fairly cheap.



Why sorry?
>> No. 1648124
File 141602646847.png - (223.50KB , 600x600 , Rainbow Dash - 1585.png )
What's the matter?... Or is it a sensitive topic?
>> No. 1648125
File 141602658317.jpg - (34.66KB , 676x460 , Rainbow Dash - 1138.jpg )
Awesome! Worn items make you look cooler and more knowledgeable on their respective subject-group :P
My first guitar was beat to hell but I still love that thing to this day.
>> No. 1648126
File 141602664400.png - (377.42KB , 500x576 , tumblr_inline_nbb58lp58c1r2qy0j.png )

You play too? :3
>> No. 1648127
File 141602665389.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
I already have a fresh pack, I tend to buy them two or three at a time because I have two main guitars. Though with how neglected they've been, the strings are probably still in good condition. Especially my primary, which I restrung brand new at the last show and haven't touched it since - just sitting in it's case all these months.

Oh, that's a pity.

Better Off Ted is top-tier, it's the best I've seen and I have very high standards for comedy. Doesn't mean you'll like it, but I give it a 95% chance you will.

We have the Massassauga Rattlesnake, it's venom is very mild and it's rare -