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File 141650589108.jpg - (48.02KB , 799x614 , twitired.jpg )
1656657 No. 1656657
Sometimes you wanna ask people how they're doing so badly that there's just no time for sleep. Let's stay up until we hallucinate.

Old Thread: >>1651972
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>> No. 1656663
File 141650598738.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )

>huuuuuugs an adorable Peesp!
>> No. 1656664
File 141650599291.gif - (660.81KB , 200x200 , 136068014462.gif )
>> No. 1656665
File 141650600368.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
shall try to fluff my hair some more times :P

ahm not cute... im an scary monster
*Snuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggles close,warm*

>Offer blankets,pillows, plushes*
>> No. 1656666
Ima toot off now
>> No. 1656667
hm...definitely gonna have to give all these new characters a play so I know what I'm up against.

yup...i tend to do that which gets me in trouble.
>> No. 1656668
File 141650602231.png - (400.45KB , 794x540 , 746456__safe_screencap_smile_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_-colon-3_.png )
>> No. 1656669
File 141650602546.png - (118.01KB , 320x311 , 58421 - Diamond_Tiara silver_spoon.png )
>> No. 1656670
File 141650605463.png - (229.82KB , 1081x1024 , large (48).png )
Bugger all
>> No. 1656671
File 141650604549.png - (1.03MB , 4380x4500 , SS_279.png )
>> No. 1656672
File 141650606348.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

Today... is not your day..
>> No. 1656674
File 141650608625.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1656675
File 141650609030.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
*huggles tightly*

so close

>> No. 1656677
File 141650640748.png - (244.75KB , 900x1200 , 1414876853055.png )
>1-3 hours of sleep per night for the last 4 days
Sl eep is f or the we a k
>> No. 1656678
File 141650652869.png - (1.33MB , 1024x1281 , Worried.png )
OUch, im sorry to hear that
>> No. 1656679
File 141650663970.png - (286.36KB , 335x527 , SS_104.png )

>> No. 1656680
File 141650664348.png - (179.39KB , 1024x636 , I think his kneecaps would go well with the color scheme of the wall.png )
>>1656661 (Anonipony)
I'm not cute.

>>1656676 (Fungi)
I won't have kids to begin with. Can you imagine that? Me reproducing? It's bad enough I was born in the first place.

Greetings. You failed in your mission.

I need to straighten mine or something.

Take care.

Oh yes.

Failed again.


Sleep is great, it's the one time I'm not obligated to conscious thought.
>> No. 1656681
File 141650674344.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )

Well.. Chrome is!
>> No. 1656682
File 141650678422.png - (179.52KB , 1485x900 , 114184__UNOPT__safe_derpy-hooves_facehoof_artist-darth-biomech.png )

I mean RARITY!
>> No. 1656683
File 141650679941.png - (210.92KB , 1500x1475 , 131700910220.png )
>> No. 1656684
I wont be able to for a while though. By the time it gets installed I'll have to go to bed, then I got work all weekend. One day...
>> No. 1656685
File 141650690572.png - (192.50KB , 827x965 , I'll just wait here then.png )
I know how that goes... every major game release I've been excited enough to play on day 1 has had that day involve school or work in such a fashion that I couldn't justify staying up all night to play it.
>> No. 1656686
File 141650696162.png - (124.44KB , 316x353 , B2vmrFACYAAT4aI.png )
Should be able to get some sleep tonight at least. Early weekends are nice

What even is sleep?

It can be nice at times
>> No. 1656687
File 141650697560.png - (129.95KB , 811x986 , 141232033957.png )
>> No. 1656688
File 141650703132.png - (305.61KB , 2000x1698 , Pout.png )
All the time. Those pesky responsibilities I've taken on are keeping me from it though. I need to rethink my life.

>> No. 1656689
File 141650707408.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )
>> No. 1656690
Pretty much. I wont even get to play it during fall break because I have to work the Disney on Ice showings which are all day with multiple showings. Pain in the happy this is their last year here.
>> No. 1656691
That's a sentiment I can understand. I've got some messed up genes I don't want to bring upon some poor kid, myself.
>> No. 1656692
File 141650716985.png - (121.66KB , 628x600 , This is different than the usual background discontent___.png )

And I'm now glad my arenas focuses solely hockey for the most part.
>> No. 1656693
File 141650719668.png - (332.94KB , 1000x700 , lol.png )
>> No. 1656694
File 141650723504.png - (128.56KB , 795x800 , 138884809008.png )
>> No. 1656695
File 141650724153.png - (402.90KB , 1280x720 , SQUEE.png )
how is?

oh, much curls?

HA! you admit im an roadkill :3

wish you the best!
calming musics?
>> No. 1656696
Hooray for mutual understanding!
>> No. 1656697
What kind of facility is it? Mine is technically an event center so we got multiple things going on all the time.

And there is a rumor going around that we might be losing our hockey team due to the new owners. That takes a lot of work away from us.

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 11:15

>> No. 1656698
File 141650732868.png - (216.61KB , 900x877 , 134454897844.png )
Are you suitably ashamed yet?

Too much for my liking at least.

>> No. 1656699
ah i see.
>> No. 1656700
How many times can you reply with a single word and still have it make sense? Me bet's on 10.
>> No. 1656701
File 141650744582.png - (208.35KB , 644x461 , ;__;-(n1304637378060).png )


>> No. 1656702
File 141650748518.png - (334.37KB , 1280x720 , purrs.png )
*Nibbles nose*
>> No. 1656703
File 141650753800.png - (239.83KB , 900x680 , Rarity Salute.png )
Well, the hockey arenas are just hockey. There's a second facility that I work at which is an event center, but it is mostly just sports in general.

Considering I work for a university, unless the place goes under I doubt we'll be losing any of the teams, especially hockey. We've had some downsizing though... and it shows.

I prefer straight hair by a wide margin.

Unneeded verbosity is counterproductive to comprehension in conversational settings.

>> No. 1656704
Straight hair is good.
>> No. 1656705
File 141650762531.jpg - (43.87KB , 598x536 , B1EHasgCIAEyjiR.jpg )
I hope you'll get some breaks from those responsibilities then

Ah, thank you. I'll give this a listen later


And now off again. Keep up the happy now
>> No. 1656706
File 141650764196.png - (202.01KB , 1800x2000 , 132157445891.png )
>> No. 1656707
So pretty much how mine works too.

In what way? We've been losing a lot of workers and cant seem to get more. There used to be 6 of us, now there are 2, sometimes 4.
>> No. 1656709
File 141650769016.png - (282.54KB , 1280x720 , myyeees.png )
take care!
>> No. 1656710
File 141650769987.png - (88.84KB , 480x480 , ___.png )

>> No. 1656712
File 141650780040.png - (176.24KB , 900x820 , Tell me your secrets.png )

I'm rarely happy, but thank you for the sentiment.


Can't get repairs in, can't finish the development on one of the floors, etc. There are plenty of other student workers, don't get me wrong. But repairs are needed and not getting done. It's still a very big operation though.
>> No. 1656713
>> No. 1656715
File 141650784920.png - (230.13KB , 1038x1000 , Goofy tongue.png )
>> No. 1656716
File 141650786123.png - (270.94KB , 900x900 , Brushing through tangled mane.png )
Such cuteness

reminds me to brush mine more... easily to get tangled ;_;
>> No. 1656717
That's cheating.
>> No. 1656718
File 141650791096.gif - (146.57KB , 316x315 , 129955330996-(n1300332823835).gif )
>> No. 1656719
File 141650799013.gif - (198.19KB , 569x285 , 132821885715.gif )
>> No. 1656720
File 141650802298.jpg - (9.32KB , 296x299 , 141607734168.jpg )
I gotta take a break from Fallout.
Like really, I should for my own good.
>> No. 1656721
File 141650805307.jpg - (1.48MB , 1920x1080 , Poker.jpg )


>> No. 1656722
File 141650805808.jpg - (155.11KB , 1023x723 , Time together.jpg )
>*RUffles hair*

hm? much game hours?
>> No. 1656723
Lordy, I know how that shit goes too, and we're run by the fucking city.
Our compressors (chillers) are actually being shut down this summer for heavy maintenance because they are in such poor shape.
Kinda nice hearing we arnt the only facility who doesnt have their shit together.
>> No. 1656725
File 141650810858.png - (218.64KB , 855x935 , 133011286854.png )


>> No. 1656726
File 141650813279.gif - (128.84KB , 571x378 , Coffee time.gif )
>> No. 1656727
File 141650815564.png - (91.34KB , 900x846 , 132160140925.png )

>> No. 1656728
File 141650819802.png - (325.24KB , 500x629 , I've got like___ five torture dolls I'm working on right now, so make it quick_.png )

Unless you mean Fallout 3, therefore yes, you should take a break and play Fallout 2 instead.

Oh great, that just sounds wonderful.


HAY should have Poker nights.
>> No. 1656729
File 141650820591.png - (523.73KB , 1102x1024 , Warm snuggles.png )
yer adorable
>> No. 1656730
File 141650825224.gif - (957.70KB , 444x250 , Fucking___.gif )
>> No. 1656731
File 141650827226.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

But wai?


>> No. 1656732
File 141650830157.png - (171.20KB , 716x947 , SS_319.png )
Well that game was fun as fuck.
>> No. 1656733
File 141650830068.png - (1.02MB , 1002x1002 , Ice cream my good friend_ please help m,e.png )
i made that sugestion with an program that i found... with skype group.-
but then i got an ban+warning because i implied for younger people to gamble ;_;

>> No. 1656734
yup. both rinks are coming out, though my boss is wanting to get a portable compressor for the community rink. I dont see that working very well, but we'll see.
>> No. 1656735
>> No. 1656736
File 141650836275.png - (418.51KB , 1080x1080 , Gaming 02.png )
yuuuuush, don´t deny anything!

which game... if i can ask?
>> No. 1656737
File 141650836505.gif - (167.83KB , 303x313 , Blink blink.gif )

>Flees with utmost haste from the thread.
>> No. 1656738
File 141650841572.png - (262.41KB , 775x1031 , hmm.png )
take care!
>> No. 1656739
File 141650841955.png - (1.13MB , 887x994 , SS_112.png )
League. They just introduced a new champ and I laned with her. Was OP as hell.

>> No. 1656740
Ah, well, congrats to the new char... or how one should say
>> No. 1656741
Gonna head out. Have a song, I guess

Not sure when I'll show back up here again.
>> No. 1656742
File 141650861363.gif - (12.77KB , 125x124 , 138276383850s.gif )
That's you.
>> No. 1656743
File 141650861678.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
oh... stuffles,Please Do take care.
>> No. 1656744
Nah, I didn't get her, I was just on her team.

Take care brah.

lol w/e fgt
>> No. 1656745
File 141650873529.jpg - (26.54KB , 505x393 , 1415914660285.jpg )
>> No. 1656746
File 141650875538.png - (2.34MB , 2989x2671 , Happy sunbathing.png )
Ah, okies, okies
my bads
>> No. 1656747
File 141650900240.png - (54.47KB , 643x525 , 140158095267.png )
>snapshot of a gif
>still named gif
>> No. 1656748
File 141650903774.jpg - (159.71KB , 510x720 , cmon, for me.jpg )
so it wasn´t my browser that was bonky?
>> No. 1656750
File 141650913850.gif - (885.77KB , 175x144 , who-gives-a-shit-harrison-ford.gif )
Why should anyone care?
>> No. 1656766
File 141650985951.gif - (145.59KB , 423x316 , 130872189247.gif )
It was a trap from the very beginning!

Gifs are images with some depth added, so expecting some depth and not getting any is uncomfortable. Like if you were about to descend some stairs but the first step suddenly was raised up before you took your first step so you invested too much force into your step and you wobble a bit afterwards.
It just ain't right!
>> No. 1656771
Well fuck u m8.
I can do whatever I want..
>> No. 1656774
File 141650995636.gif - (1.85MB , 337x314 , 20130713-083128-147-272.gif )
>> No. 1656776
File 141651008701.jpg - (94.33KB , 600x600 , can i nom on you___ please.jpg )
ive been tricked

That´s the gif!

and body i know we don´t like each other. but is it possible to ask for one day without any accident or bleeds?
sincerely, Doof´s brain
>> No. 1656782
File 141651020802.gif - (147.37KB , 556x405 , 140782294069.gif )


That's why gauze is your friend, along with rubber tubing and rubbing alcohol for those deep cuts!
>> No. 1656784
File 141651027154.gif - (4.68MB , 900x657 , SSG_13.gif )
This is why I constantly beat my body into submission. So it knows who's boss.

>> No. 1656785
File 141651028260.gif - (957.70KB , 444x250 , Fucking___.gif )
please end me
>> No. 1656789
File 141651036254.gif - (1.72MB , 275x222 , Ive had it.gif )
my med cabinet is empty.
and since it´s a daily thing i would have a stack big as where house 13....

but if i does that. more cracks will open ;_;
>> No. 1656791
File 141651037414.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )

Always keep gauze on hand.
>> No. 1656793
>> No. 1656796
File 141651053380.gif - (139.60KB , 500x395 , 135320833716.gif )
Never gonna let you down! Never gonna turn around and hurt you!

Were it so easy, friend, I wouldn't be here to do that.

Oh my. That's a lot of bleeding!

Or just wear heavy gloves everywhere :P
>> No. 1656798
File 141651057196.png - (17.61KB , 334x317 , 268722__UNOPT__safe_rule-63_reaction-image_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

Hey, there!


Nah. Then what'll you do when you mess up the rest of your body? Gauze is the best.
>> No. 1656801
File 141651064140.jpg - (179.51KB , 1407x984 , In game.jpg )
only small doses, but still annoys me.
and of course does not much for self esteem. eh, who am i kidding never had any from start

>> No. 1656804
File 141651073390.png - (47.20KB , 457x507 , 74582__safe_rule%252B63_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice_awkward.png )

Not much. New Grepolis world popped up, though. Anyone want to join me for a fun browser game?
>> No. 1656805
>> No. 1656807
File 141651078134.jpg - (40.61KB , 730x1095 , 368278__safe_pinkie%252Bpie_solo_watermark_party_cannon_artist-colon-audioscribe_audioscribe.jpg )
just chilling then?
new grep police what?
>> No. 1656810
File 141651083894.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )

Grepolis! A browser game where you build up a city and try to complete the wonders of the world while fending off attacks from other players. It's fun, but I really need more people with me in order to play properly.
>> No. 1656811
File 141651089046.png - (137.00KB , 900x600 , 144882__UNOPT__safe_sweetie-belle_the-legend-of-zelda_zelda_artist-undead-niklos.png )
hmm... interesting. if i knew i had the game hours over i would join in a heartbeat!
>> No. 1656812
File 141651089836.gif - (896.09KB , 500x750 , 1373145886592.gif )
Gauze can't effectively help bone breaks or anything other than dermal tearing/external bleeding, unfortunately. That's where duct tape and cardboard come into play!

I think I missed something here.

What troubles you so?
>> No. 1656813
A lot of things.
>> No. 1656816
File 141651098547.png - (119.91KB , 480x360 , Here have a Strawberry smoothie with extra love.png )
Oh no you didn´t miss anything silly
*Huggles warm*
>want an internet smoothie while you visiting?
>> No. 1656817
File 141651099880.png - (136.97KB , 859x929 , heres dashie!.png )
Hey everypone

what's up!
>> No. 1656818
File 141651102973.png - (139.42KB , 480x360 , I listen.png )
alo thar, how is?
>> No. 1656822
File 141651115552.gif - (637.99KB , 160x160 , 1416426355371.gif )
Feeling like shit.
>> No. 1656823
File 141651119215.gif - (50.88KB , 300x225 , 1376965032252.gif )
Hm... Would you rather I not poke at it with my inquisitive stick?


Heya! Not much, bro. What's up with you?
>> No. 1656824
File 141651123078.gif - (2.74MB , 333x250 , 1389838703766.gif )
>> No. 1656825
File 141651124908.png - (119.22KB , 480x360 , Here have an chocolate milkshake.png )
Ah, sorrie,sorrie ^^;
any other flavor you liking?
>chocolate milkshake?
>> No. 1656828

>they removed wectoring from smash 4
>registering for classes
>new jungle un league makes it so only like 5 jungles can clear without having to go back after wolves

I'm doing okay, registering for classes is a pain

My brother friend told me to take comp sci, chem and calc 2 at the same time but I don't know....
>> No. 1656829
File 141651143268.jpg - (12.93KB , 267x189 , download (10).jpg )
Oh, good.
>> No. 1656831
>new jungle un league makes it so only like 5 jungles can clear without having to go back after wolves
This is kind of true but at the same time it turns jungling into more of a team role than Team Mom.
>> No. 1656832
File 141651150053.png - (153.91KB , 480x360 , Ouch.png )
Ouch, sorry to hear.
classes is an pain ;_;
>> No. 1656838

Warwick is a god in the new jungle. Besides him, only like fiddles and Nunu can start with buffs. The rest have to start toad.

>play kha
>jungle kicks my ass
>ran out of pots after wolves
>next game go Warwick
>boss ass clear
>takes 0 damage in the jungle
>master dueler
>alpha as fuck

Can someone say, best jungler?


what's wrong?


but should I?
>> No. 1656839
File 141651171820.gif - (881.95KB , 266x343 , 1380302032177.gif )
That's fair, man.

I'd like an IV bag full of blueberry mush please.

Ouch. Glad you're okay regardless!
How confident are you in chem?
>> No. 1656841

I don't know. Taking 3 seems like too much....
>> No. 1656842
File 141651186237.png - (907.48KB , 1024x832 , 1387749164375.png )
can you manage with such classes at the same time.

hmm... i don´t have such thing. but shall crate pone picture i guess.
and im sorry everynone, but i shall slip into lukring before bed.
just not in the mood for hay tonight
>> No. 1656843
File 141651187280.gif - (205.32KB , 500x275 , hhhhhh.gif )
Like I said, a lot of things.
>> No. 1656847
Depends on the ganks. I won't say new jungle is dependent on early leashes and champ selection, but it's not something that you can take on alone anymore and just roll around the jungle smashing monster face. Your team has to help you every now and then, which I think is a good price to pay for ganks and the like. For too long jungling has been an "elite" role that, while commonly the best player on the team, got the most abuse because they weren't doing everything the rest of the team wanted them to. Now, the team actually has to take part, which I think will cut down a little on both jungle elitism and people whining about "BUT M-MUH LAEN" as much.
>> No. 1656852
File 141651214807.gif - (329.68KB , 500x279 , glass!.gif )
How many did you just take? I think you're considered a full-time student at 12 credit-hours for most schools.

Night Ponns!
>> No. 1656858
File 141651225708.png - (23.13KB , 407x373 , Aw Yiss.png )

Makes me miss playing League a little.
>> No. 1656860

As a jungle main. I get bitched at constantly. Also, it makes it harder to play without my friends because douchebag ezreals are too good to leash.

This is probably why they nerf WWs ult, because they knew he'd be the OU jungler in the new jungler because you can do it all yourself.


Wanna tell me about it?



There was some text that went with your picture if I remember.
>> No. 1656865
File 141651245235.png - (236.29KB , 1165x1024 , SS_184.png )
It's all a trap anyway.

From what I learned from the preseason spotlights, they're trying to work towards more innovative jungle play; they want to see more diverse champ picks to roam the forests. This won't happen until next season because people are too set in their roles right now, but it's a start.
>> No. 1656868
File 141651258575.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1656871

I think a tougher jungle will have the reverse effect. Considering even champs that are suppose to jungle are getting rekt. but I guess if you just start toad you can get a lot more.

Who else has the sustain to survive the jungle? Cho'gath?


It's fun!


I can take 12 credits without talking all 3 of those classes.
>> No. 1656873
I can, but I have to leave.
Later then.
>> No. 1656875
File 141651288529.gif - (181.68KB , 190x190 , 1354944467694.gif )
Ah. Maybe it's best to take calc when you have a less demanding/ominous workload.
>> No. 1656876
File 141651290138.png - (249.53KB , 1049x1024 , SS_289.png )
Lee Sin and Fuzzy Wuzzy have always been favorites of mine. Amumu and Rammus will probably make a comeback just out of sheer tank. Smite is a much bigger deal all game long now. I don't think it's about sustain so much anymore, that was the biggest problem. I think the whole point is that you can't just faceroll jungle and do well.
>> No. 1656881

calc is basically tied to my major. So is compsci but I don't have to take it. If I don't take calc most of my classes are locked out.




But you can. Certain champs can still faceroll the jungle because they have the right kits. So more people will play those champs.
>> No. 1656886
File 141651326559.png - (165.71KB , 600x783 , SS_232.png )
And they are the likeliest to get nerfs. Maybe not, but most likely. Wubwubs also has subpar ganks when compared to, say, Hecarim. His ult used as a gank can be good, but if you have a warwick on the opposing team you're going to expect that and plan for it. His clear and even his counterclear may be phenomenal, but stick him up against a half decent Amumu jungler and you're wolf meat.
>> No. 1656888
File 141651332630.gif - (430.57KB , 450x242 , 1372043363944.gif )
Do you have a reference flow chart of what you have to take? That can be great for figuring out your schedules ahead of time, even more so if they tell you which ones have an attached lab.
>> No. 1656898

Nope, just what my counselor recommended


>his early game as poppy levels of garbage
>his clear was a joke before the new jungle

He won't survive. Amumu has a similar case of "shit early game syndrome" and despite Amumus "press R and win teamfight" play style there is a reason not a lot of people play him.
>> No. 1656899
File 141651386283.png - (249.90KB , 1280x1395 , SS_256.png )

Don't take my word for it. This is what they want.
>> No. 1656901
File 141651391490.gif - (694.31KB , 640x360 , 138844330311.gif )
Huh. Well, hope it turns out alright for you.
>> No. 1656902
File 141651392628.png - (163.60KB , 2094x1118 , Lickz.png )
>At some kind of cocktail party
>Not sure who's hosting and don't know anyone there
>House is nice though, vaguely familiar but can't figure out why
>Only people my age are four women
>Decide to hang out with them for some time
>Not really conversing, just standing around and listening to them
>They're talking about how oppressed they are
>More classism and like, social expectations from other women than sexism
>Women getting alittle more verbally aggressive with each other
>One walks away in a huff towards the bathroom
>After a delay, one of the women follows
>The girl who originally left turns around and impales the follower with a railway spike
>Where she got the railway spike, I have no idea
>Third woman goes to the scene for some reason
>Original woman smacks her in the face then handcuffs her to some kind of heater with her hand lain flat across the metal
>Turns it on as high as it'll go so the heater starts burning the woman's hand
>Shoots her in the head with a pistol
>Somehow instead of entering and leaving, it's as if the bullet merged with the body and took it with it
>So the woman is pushed backwards from the heater and her arm comes clean off
>Still standing there drinking some kind of cocktail
>Don't think to do anything during this
>Wake up
So.. the nap was nice, but I don't know what to make of that dream.
>> No. 1656904
File 141651413791.png - (754.48KB , 5517x5000 , SS_270.png )
I was very, very concerned until I read "dream"
>> No. 1656905
File 141651415547.png - (106.17KB , 672x532 , 134160891632.png )
>> No. 1656906

I thought this actually happened until I got to the end

what's up?


Riot sucks at balancing. Where my urgot buffs at? They actually nerfed tear too. Being an urgot fan is suffering.


>> No. 1656907
File 141651419780.gif - (1.04MB , 400x225 , 141115416021.gif )
Seems like someone slipped some acid into your drink, yo!
>> No. 1656908
File 141651437895.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
That's pretty much what I was going for.
It was so strange though, I mean I don't think I've ever had a dream like that - it was as if it's oddest quality was being so out of place. It's like.. the dream you'd expect a depressed housewife harboring hostile impulses to have, not some random loser like me.

The part where the woman was shot in the head is particularly strange, since the bullet didn't act at all like one and it had the same effect as if she were tied to a train or something instead.

Dude I don't even know.

It's the first time in a long time I both vividly remember every detail of a dream, yet can't place at all where it came from. I think the whole classism thing was a result of reading a chapter of my book before getting some sleep but the rest is an utter mystery to me. As I said above, it's as if I had someone else's dream - not my own.
>> No. 1656910
File 141651450281.png - (107.62KB , 615x693 , SS_317.png )
This is the kind of shit I was talking about in my dreams. How do you apply symbology to shit like this? How could your mind possibly show you any of this as a reorganization of real-life events? It makes no goddamn sense, and yet you remember it clearly.

Welcome to the rabbit hole.
>> No. 1656913
File 141651464349.gif - (894.63KB , 500x513 , 1376545671311.gif )
Do you believe that dreams mean anything? That's very strange though, I will admit. Perhaps you accidentally stumbled into a loophole to other people's dreams! That'd make an interesting premise, heh. Well, assuming there was a modifier that made it important to the real (physical) world somehow, like..."if you die in the dream, you die for real" or something like that.
>> No. 1656914

I'm pretty sure dreams don't have any actual correlation to what's going on in your subconscious. Well sometimes they do, but it's mostly your imagination running wild. What do you think?
>> No. 1656915
File 141651468742.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

You obviously have very good drugs..
>> No. 1656917
File 141651471479.png - (169.12KB , 500x632 , 6e0.png )
>> No. 1656919
File 141651480535.gif - (431.49KB , 640x360 , 1376546356089.gif )
Afternoon! What's the haps?
>> No. 1656920

>> No. 1656922
File 141651484207.jpg - (60.83KB , 506x500 , This may be fun now but I plan on dropping you onto a cactus as soon as the opportunity comes up.jpg )
If this is what you were referring to, then I apologize for misunderstanding. I don't even know how to address what genuinely feels like a strangers dreams. I have a few threads that I can follow and understand, like maybe the cocktail party was some representation of my desire to connect and create a new social circle - and the individuals being women some reflection of loneliness, but the setting as a whole and how violent it got with me being nothing more than a casual observer.. I don't even know.

It did not feel like my own dream. I was purely an observer through it all. I recall some of my own thoughts during it but that was it.

I feel like any attempt at dream analysis on my part would just be pretentious, contrived, and miss some general point 'cause I don't actually have the context of the individual it was truly meant for.

I used to, but to be honest my stance on the meaning of dreams has shifted quite a bit and I'm not 100% sure what I believe anymore. I've been getting more and more into learning why and how we dream, and in the answers I've uncovered they've started to contradict the notion of dreams being symbolic. I think that, being the way we are, our subconscious is bound to slip occasional messages or symbols to us when we need to be alerted of something we're consciously avoiding but I don't adhere anymore to the belief that dreams always mean something. More that repetitive situations do, or those situations where it's clear as day what they're trying to stand for.
>> No. 1656923
File 141651488792.jpg - (645.40KB , 1000x1200 , 92f.jpg )


I'm up relativly early for once.
>> No. 1656926
File 141651507150.png - (44.81KB , 305x262 , SS_347.png )
Exactly. This is what pretty much all of my dreams are like. Wild, unexpected, disconnected, and just strange. Sometimes I'm not even myself in my dreams. I'm someone else entirely, like I really am having someone else's dream. Still, it's my head that came up with it, so it has to be my dream. I just chalk it up to an overactive imagination during REM sleep and take what little semblance of sense I can get.
>> No. 1656929
File 141651509932.png - (78.75KB , 385x600 , interesting.png )
>> No. 1656930

what's up?
>> No. 1656931
File 141651519400.png - (247.96KB , 1280x1368 , prrrrffftt.png )

I was playing DA:I

While strolling through some camp I found a letter which I think was written by Morgoth himself...
>> No. 1656933
File 141651524228.gif - (263.22KB , 848x480 , 1379780054109.gif )
That's totally fair! Being the way we are? What do you mean by that? And what sort of alerts do you think dreams could tell us that our subconscious could not adequately convey to our conscious while awake?

Yaaaaay! Any particular reason for that?

Hey Magsan. How's it going?
>> No. 1656934

As in like, from lord of the rings?

I'mma take a shower
>> No. 1656936
File 141651530437.jpg - (21.54KB , 600x450 , nom.jpg )

Who're you?



First, the contents which

And the writing style

Pretty sure only an angry and broken demigod could write that
>> No. 1656937
File 141651535091.jpg - (92.06KB , 500x450 , fDlkFg1.jpg )

Not really. ^^;

How are you?
>> No. 1656939
File 141651546039.gif - (172.53KB , 477x567 , 136010015809.gif )
Gif-posting anon #48, at your service!

Ah. Well, still, it's an accomplishment. Or at least you can write it of as an excuse to do something for yourself today :3
I'm alright, just a little lazy. Which of course means I'll be super buy later, heh.
>> No. 1656940
File 141651550972.png - (268.91KB , 879x909 , foxy_the_pirate_by_gralmaka-d7z3sln.png )

Mmhmm. ^^

Hehe, good to hear.
>> No. 1656941
File 141651551908.jpg - (80.38KB , 732x800 , drinky.jpg )

Show me the salute
>> No. 1656944
File 141651566835.gif - (627.61KB , 420x420 , 1395033347478.gif )
Up to much today?

One second, I have to go...I left the oven on!..
>> No. 1656946
File 141651575270.png - (459.15KB , 1024x865 , fnaf__no_cameras_mate_by_wildpacksart-d7x6nbn.png )

I might do some cleaning later on.
>> No. 1656949
File 141651585846.gif - (1.97MB , 500x281 , 1361168901216.gif )
Are you a fan of cleaning, or is it more a passive chore?
>> No. 1656951
File 141651589683.png - (284.03KB , 500x619 , 172.png )

It's a passive chore, but I enjoy the rewards it yields.
>> No. 1656952
File 141651591769.png - (90.35KB , 230x242 , Hesitantly commanding the gerbils to overtake the Banana empire with Blitzkrieg tactics.png )
It's too early for you guys to be asking me about this, I just woke up and can't seem to explain properly. I've tried retyping my explanation five times already.. heh.

Probably all you can do, half the time we're just looking for meaning that isn't really there anyway.
>> No. 1656954
File 141651603311.png - (200.86KB , 600x600 , blood angel.png )
>> No. 1656955
File 141651604957.jpg - (162.07KB , 879x1024 , SS_322.jpg )

Also why the fuck is this so catchy?
>> No. 1656957
File 141651618135.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
I guess if I were to summarize it best, I don't believe in purposeful symbolism behind dreams because looking at how our brains behave during and after dreaming, it becomes painfully obvious that we're not actually supposed to remember our dreams. So the notion that they are some subconscious plea for understanding is a bit silly from that perspective, but I believe dreaming is used as a kind of simulation for survival and while we've grown past the need to survive being chased by wild animals or hunting we've developed social situations that we now mentally prepare ourselves for in dreaming and I think sometimes our subconscious fears can manifest themselves in those situations. So it's more like a stance of 'dreams aren't supposed to be symbolic, but occasionally you can get some unique insight from them due to their initial purpose'. If that makes any sense.
>> No. 1656958
File 141651627758.gif - (39.92KB , 544x427 , EbonTopaz_PonywiseArt01.gif )
Hey guys... How's it going?
>> No. 1656959
File 141651629941.gif - (932.18KB , 480x270 , the salute!.gif )
That's a fair trade-off methinks ^^
Hopefully things aren't messy enough to require massive cleaning!

That's alright! Mornings aren't good for anything but going back to sleep :P

>foooouuuund iiiit~
I knew it the whole time, but I had to...feed my...bear. Yeah, that.

I guess it just goes to show
You like your beats fast
And your bass down low
Ba-ba-bass, bass, bass down low
Bass, bass, bass down low
>> No. 1656960
File 141651638124.jpg - (66.67KB , 500x500 , 502.jpg )


Nah, it's nothing to bad; just some dishes really.
>> No. 1656961
File 141651659860.png - (88.32KB , 423x423 , EbonTopaz_JitterbugArt01.png )

Good evening, Thela. Long time no see.

How are you?
>> No. 1656962
File 141651664255.png - (75.32KB , 600x602 , SS_366.png )
>> No. 1656963
File 141651668246.png - (377.42KB , 500x576 , tumblr_inline_nbb58lp58c1r2qy0j.png )

Indeed. :3

I'm good. I actually woke up before 4pm for once.
>> No. 1656965
File 141651670020.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1656970
File 141651688699.gif - (546.59KB , 540x300 , 1376542873944.gif )
So it's more about mental preparedness if it were indeed important at all? I can dig it! I was taught that it was just static from daily memories being transferred from short term memory to long term memory, but the...conscious part of the brain tries to extrapolate logic from it, thus giving rise to very odd dreams at times, especially if you managed to break daily monotony, because that's a different experience and would be treated differently as it's new and doesn't already have a neuron cluster attributed to it.

Howdy Ebon! What's uppp?

Oh. Psssssh, I don't really consider that cleaning. It's more of general cleanliness to me.

*dubstep lightning while raining xylophones*
>> No. 1656972
File 141651695252.png - (15.06KB , 515x575 , EbonTopaz_PencilSketchArt01.png )

Hehe, well, it sounds like an improvement! Maybe you could try using it as a first step towards reverting to a normal sleep schedule?


Hey Noni. How are you?
>> No. 1656976
File 141651708160.png - (280.68KB , 697x671 , I like to surround myself with people who dont try to stab me.png )
It's basically a combination of the two, dreaming is 100% our means of encoding information but it seems to have a secondary function as well. I think the random elements are less us trying to 'make sense of it' and more just the things we're sorting through spilling over a bit as we dream. Purely accidental.

If you're actually interested in reading up on this, I'd suggest The Mind At Night. It's very informative on the subject.
>> No. 1656977
File 141651709883.png - (201.48KB , 500x737 , tumblr_static_eqh086b00vkssg4sswoo0gook.png )

Yeahhhhh, but still. :P


Hopefully. Though I really need is a reason to get up at a reasonable hour...
>> No. 1656978
File 141651711787.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )



Ebon! Cute pone!

IT's math time for me! Hope your'e doing okay!
>> No. 1656984
File 141651737404.png - (110.08KB , 800x1043 , EbonTopaz_MissyArt01.png )

Hi Anon.

Well... Could be better, to be honest. I haven't been feeling very well for the past couple of days. I worry that I might be getting sick.


Maybe you could try to find a hobby that you could work on during the morning or early afternoon? Like jogging?



Ooh, good luck with Math! I hope it'll go well.

As for me... I could be doing better, sadly.
>> No. 1656986
File 141651743471.gif - (99.92KB , 333x333 , 1382201190379.gif )
That makes some sense ^^
Gosh, I hope they figure this stuff out eventually. It's truly fascinating... Hm...Perhaps this would be a good area of study, considering it's a frontier not explored much yet...

The Mind At Night? I can add that to the list!

Yeah, yeah, I gotcha :P


Oh dear... Like, with a cold or something?
>> No. 1656989
File 141651756717.png - (171.71KB , 1263x1263 , 141592590719.png )
You'd be surprised how much we've actually studied it and already know, actually - but there are definitely a lot of mysteries behind it. The study of sleep is definitely a quarry worth mining.

The Mind at Night is great, I haven't finished it yet because I only just managed to get my hands on a physical copy (had an eBook for over a year but I can't stand reading them) but it's a very informative exploration of how and why we sleep.
>> No. 1656990
File 141651757206.png - (291.48KB , 1216x1631 , EbonTopaz_SpottedArt01.png )

A cold or a flu, probably. My dad was sick for a couple of days before he came over to visit, and my brother has been sick for a few days after that. So I think that I might have caught something from my brother.
>> No. 1656995
File 141651768008.gif - (305.48KB , 450x450 , 141628203189.gif )

Eugh, not jogging. As much as I need to lose weight, I don't want to do it where people can see me.


>> No. 1656997
File 141651779371.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
>As much as I need to lose weight, I don't want to do it where people can see me.
You too?
I always thought I was like, the only one who held himself back because of this.
>> No. 1657000
File 141651788082.jpg - (1.12MB , 1536x2048 , 1120141610.jpg )
Awwww yisssss
>> No. 1657003
File 141651793018.jpg - (79.81KB , 832x768 , war189-(n1302425029981).jpg )

I don't speak anime gif.
>> No. 1657006
File 141651795999.png - (629.37KB , 680x680 , 333.png )

Yerp. :I

I already have self-confidence issues; I don't need anyone looking at me when I'm working out and going "Hahahaha! Fatty's trying to lose weight!"

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 14:13

>> No. 1657009
File 141651806543.gif - (14.08KB , 120x120 , 1373227175834.gif )
Oh, right, I just have an all-or-nothing approach to knowledge. I don't even want to start hardcore learning something that's just going to need to be rewritten some time after *cough* quantum mechanics* coughcough*
I do enjoy learning about the mysteries of the mind though. Cool stuff can be uncovered and utilized ^^

Not a fan of ebooks either? I'm with ya there. Do you happen to know when/where it was written? Just curious.

Ah. Flus are never a fun thing to have >.>
Let's hope it passes before it can get a good footing in! Lots of fluids if you can!

That's a lot of EEEing... Now, if you put a 'P' in front of that, you'd flood the entire universe with...liquid, rather than sound! It's a wonder to see how much difference one letter can make :P

It's food! :D

How about pone gif?
>> No. 1657010
File 141651808601.png - (102.06KB , 462x555 , I say.png )
'You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.'

That's not to say I can put it in practice though, so I definitely understand where you're coming from...
>> No. 1657012
File 141651815173.png - (427.18KB , 907x989 , SS_243.png )
Yeah but you know what? Fuck them. You're working to improve yourself. You're doing more than they are. They're petty and just want to feel better about themselves by wrecking someone else. That's when you work harder and get swole so they have nothing to bash anymore.

Black bean salsa. :3
>> No. 1657013
File 141651820758.png - (63.00KB , 888x571 , a25.png )

Haha, gross.


Public gyms are made for fit people to go show off. I'd rather buy a home gym setup and work out in private.


I'd still rather work out at home.
>> No. 1657015
File 141651824126.jpg - (79.81KB , 832x768 , war189-(n1302425029981).jpg )

Yup. Sorry then..
>> No. 1657016
File 141651824668.png - (322.19KB , 493x720 , SS_29.png )
You could just do what I do and go work out at like 2 am when no one's awake. That helped me out a lot.
>> No. 1657020
File 141651831110.png - (107.49KB , 447x447 , EbonTopaz_JitterbugArt02.png )

Then instead of jogging, how about just taking a stroll? Is there some kind of park nearby, maybe? It doesn't help as much as jogging, but at least it does more than nothing.

Sadly, I can't think of a lot of exercises that you can do indoors or in private to lose weight... Don't just try dieting, though. That never works.


Hey Jesus. What's that?
>> No. 1657021
File 141651833748.gif - (171.44KB , 482x348 , 1408586212048.gif )
Sounds delicious c:

Just an observation, is all~

For what?
>> No. 1657023
File 141651838260.png - (386.76KB , 887x700 , SS_358.png )
Black bean salsa, with all kinds of yummy herbs and spices. I made like a quart so it'd last a while~

It's sogood. And it goes with like, everything. Except sweet things.
>> No. 1657024
File 141651840273.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
I'm definitely more in the 'analog' field when it comes to books. According to Goodreads, it was published in 2004. Why do you ask?

Now I'm starting to wonder how much information has surfaced since then. Though in my experience it's very hard to find reliable information about this kind of thing, so.. that's not an endeavor I'm looking forward to taking on at the end.

Oh, we're talking about gyms - my mistake. Yeah, I'd never set foot in a gym for that reason, the atmosphere is completely different. How about going outside, though? I find even that's too much for me, which is why I felt the quote was relevant because you're so often going to be on anyone's mind or having them think 'oh look at him trying to lose weight lol how pathetic' but yet it's hard to put yourself out that door.
>> No. 1657030
File 141651852026.gif - (153.94KB , 680x680 , 82f.gif )

That would still require me buying a membership.


I did map out a route I could walk in my new neighborhood.

Really? I thought home exercise machines were made for that purpose.

Yeah, I tried the diet route years ago. It just made me malnourished and miserable. I DO need to cut back on my portions, though.




I can go outside no problem, I just don't want to jog. Walking is fine, because then it doesn't look like I'm exercising.
>> No. 1657031
File 141651855698.png - (130.20KB , 185x424 , SS_115.png )
True. Screw that noise.
>> No. 1657034
File 141651862344.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
I used to bike because it was easy to push yourself a bit while creating the illusion that you're going somewhere, but I don't have a bike anymore and now that it's winter you're going to have a hard time getting me out of the house.

I see. Fair enough.
>> No. 1657035
File 141651862322.png - (147.62KB , 1000x1063 , Ebon_Topaz_Vector10.png )

Hehe, don't worry, I'm making sure to stay well hydrated.


I've only been to public gyms a few times, so I can't say that I know everything about them... But as far as I could tell, most people there just seemed to be average joes who wanted some exercise.

I understand that being scared of how people will judge you makes it hard for you to exercise in public. But there's very few ways to do so at home, unless you're willing to spend a fortune. Just regular manual treadmills can cost up to hundreds of dollars!
>> No. 1657037
I'm back
>> No. 1657040
File 141651874305.gif - (28.26KB , 175x175 , 136146849292.gif )
>implying i wouldn't still try to smear it on chocolate
Chocolate makes everything better! :D

Oh? Hmm... Good to know! Well, I'm just wondering how up-to-date it is. Nowadays things change so fast that yesterday's information in today's misinformation. That's probably just my viewpoint on things though. Don't pay it much mind.

Yes, exactly. Oh informational paranoia, my old friend.

Wonderful! c:
>> No. 1657044
File 141651879534.png - (311.06KB , 494x498 , SS_101.png )
I mean, chili chocolate is fuckin' delicious, so I couldn't blame you. Still, I don't think I'd stir chocolate syrup into this stuff.
>> No. 1657046
File 141651882862.jpg - (48.58KB , 680x895 , c02.jpg )

I figure investing in home exercise equipment is a better deal in the long run.


And then if I wear my hoodie, no one even glances in my direction. It's great.



It would be worth it, IMO.
>> No. 1657047
File 141651887483.png - (91.38KB , 397x631 , SS_55.png )
That depends on the equipment. What kind of exercises are we talking about here?
>> No. 1657049
File 141651891400.jpg - (551.35KB , 1000x1417 , 133183293191.jpg )
Yeah, it probably would only detract from the delicious salsa flavor!
>> No. 1657050
File 141651891755.png - (183.46KB , 799x999 , fnaf___foxy_by_bolteybolt-d7wlmtk.png )

Cardio, mostly.
>> No. 1657051
File 141651892792.png - (350.36KB , 900x938 , glow in the dark lurks.png )
I don't think that'll be a concern, it covers the progression of sleep study since it's conception basically and those discoveries have held up to the test of time. The only thing that's become redundant or out-of-date since then would be the concept of dream interpretation.
>> No. 1657053
File 141651900484.png - (138.65KB , 1375x1778 , Ebon_Topaz_VectorOther03.png )

Hehe, I see! I hope you'll enjoy it.

I kinda thought it looked like a cup of mud...


Home exercise machines are incredibly expensive, though. >>1657035


True, it's not exactly fun to go out on your bike during winter, especially considering how slippy the roads can be... But a stroll shouldn't be so bad if you dress warmly, right?

As long as it's not snowing or raining, at least.
>> No. 1657055
File 141651903897.gif - (187.69KB , 500x500 , 133435838329.gif )
You mean our interpretation of dream interpretation, or the brain's interpretation of dream interpretation?
>> No. 1657056
File 141651904038.png - (25.91KB , 307x266 , That doesn't make much sense.png )
You underestimate how adamantly against the cold I am.
>> No. 1657060
Could try P90X?
My room mate did that with only a few dumb bells and resistance cords?
Granted it's FUCKING intense.
>> No. 1657062
File 141651909851.png - (135.84KB , 223x323 , How am I ever going to win your love if I cant even eat crab legs upside down¿.png )
The symbolic interpretation. The Freudian approach and the improvements upon his concept over the years.
>> No. 1657069
And exactly what ebon says here. I go to the gym regularly and everyone there is only concerned with their own shit.
Plus if you're looking at strength training, the machines there make it so you almost always have the correct form, as opposed to dumb bells and free weights where you have to concentrate on technique and form.
>> No. 1657070
File 141651922300.png - (169.12KB , 500x632 , 6e0.png )
>Just remembered he has drums

Well fuck, I've already got a home gym right there.
>> No. 1657072
File 141651923485.png - (1.39MB , 986x720 , 139768716130.png )
Oh, speaking of! What's are your opinions on Freud? The person, the ideas, etc..
>> No. 1657073
File 141651930522.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
I was thinking about that this whole time too, but didn't say anything 'cause it's not really what most would consider a 'workout' and I was under the impression you wanted something more thorough. But if you want something you can break through the lack of motivation by enjoying what you're doing, that'll definitely do the trick - just don't get complacent.
>> No. 1657075
File 141651934325.png - (147.62KB , 1000x1063 , Ebon_Topaz_Vector10.png )
Sorry guys, but I think that I'm dropping out... I'm starting to not feel so well again.

Take care, and see you later.
>> No. 1657076

What if he was just a sexual deviant? ID this and superego that. hearing about anal and oral personalities freaked me out a bit. But I guess pleasure is pleasure.
>> No. 1657077
Take care buddy
>> No. 1657080
File 141651944618.png - (284.03KB , 500x619 , 172.png )

It completely slipped my mind. >_<

I know playing drums isn't gonna replace an actual gym, but it's still a good way to burn carlories.


Take care.
>> No. 1657085
File 141651958160.png - (102.84KB , 834x524 , Laxing.png )
Freud was a narrow-minded trailblazer.
Maybe narrow-minded isn't the right term, I'd say.. tunnel-visioned? His concepts set a strong foundation for psychoanalysis as a whole, but his obsession with sexuality was a major drawback and invalidated a lot of his ideas. It's funny how he's become a bit of a laughing stock because of it, even though a lot of his theories are sound (if not primitive) and have proved to be quite significant after being expanded on by, blasphemous as it may be to say, better minds.

I've also always had a fondness for his notion of the Id, ego, and superego - even if it's basically the least supported of his theories.

Then again, one could say much of the same for Jung and I'm quite a supporter of his work.

Sometimes even an inefficient workout proves to be the most efficient simply due to one's ability to stick to it on the long term.

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 14:40

>> No. 1657090
File 141651965823.gif - (22.82KB , 256x192 , ff4.gif )

That's true. Drums are fucking fun, while a planned-out workout probably wouldn't be for me.
>> No. 1657095
File 141651975415.png - (98.35KB , 700x700 , Cotton candy__or something.png )
So long as you don't fall into the traps of a 'fun' workout, such as the aforementioned complacency thus falling into habits of comfort and not actually pushing yourself, it should prove pretty effective.
>> No. 1657096
File 141651979419.png - (468.99KB , 1119x1300 , f46.png )

>> No. 1657099
File 141651986089.jpg - (76.30KB , 670x500 , 1373085887116.jpg )
And you can share your workout with others through the power of music! :D

Oh, um...Do take care now! See you another time.

A lot of people think that, unfortunately. He is/was pretty heavily slandered on many different fronts, but the truth is that his findings weren't all bad. Hm...I can't seem to word it properly, but I do feel empathy for him on many different levels.

Ooooh yeah. Also also, do you change your filenames often? I've been noticing that some of them are...different.

Doesn't mean you can't still like them as concepts/notions :P
Heck, I still like to think of Pluto as a planet, even if it doesn't quite fill the proper criteria of a planet.
>> No. 1657103
File 141651998946.gif - (100.70KB , 700x589 , 100.gif )

>> No. 1657106
File 141652014391.png - (216.27KB , 900x840 , Neutral.png )
>A lot of people think that, unfortunately. He is/was pretty heavily slandered on many different fronts, but the truth is that his findings weren't all bad. Hm...I can't seem to word it properly, but I do feel empathy for him on many different levels.
I share this outlook. Freud simply made himself an easy target with his emphasis on sexuality, and people felt the need to ridicule that partially because.. well, some of his notions were downright silly, and because they feared the possibility it was true. It's Darwin's evolutionary endeavors all over again. Freud wasn't really the failure people make him out to be, I mean Freudian psychology does seem to have some kinks due to a little too much loyalty to his views, the foundation he set out for others to expand upon isn't much less significant what the others were doing at the time. Most of Jung's theories weren't fully realized until expanded upon by other researchers either, it's nobody's fault that their ideas can sometimes outlive themselves.

Still, it is funny looking back at how many times the answers have been staring Freud in the face and he couldn't acknowledge them because he was purposely looking for that sexual influence that drives his research.

When I had to reformat my computer, I lost all my files and so I transferred over a smaller collection I had on my laptop with older, outdated filenames. That's why they're different.
>> No. 1657114

I know right? Nigaa musta been a freak. But at the same time it seems like most people identify with his views the most. Most people who believe in his ideas often don't know all that much about psychology. I guess you could call them casuals. Freud was only really a joke amongst people of expertise. I also always found things like castration anxiety and Oedipus complex to be a little farfetched.
>> No. 1657123
File 141652075270.png - (288.45KB , 435x512 , 1357197126867.png )
*pat pat*

Especially sexuality in children. That gave him some unneeded extra flak from basically everyone. I do agree here, definitely so.

Perhaps that's where he had the bridge the gap with bizarre ideas, heh. Seems wholly unscientific to do so, but this isn't the first, and most certainly won't be the last, of such conduct.

Oooooh...I should have remembered that, my bad.
>> No. 1657130
File 141652103030.png - (160.06KB , 315x304 , Arting-1.png )
Well, we can chalk that one up to public ignorance. He wasn't suggesting children explore sexuality but rather that they go through stages that if handled poorly can lead to sexual kinks later on. I never put much thought into it either, though - I prefer Erikson's take on child development personally.

I don't think he had to be a deviant to believe this, people are very sexual by nature and it's not that hard to understand how someone could latch on to the perspective that we are purely driven by our sexual desires in some way.
>> No. 1657133
File 141652119606.gif - (4.28MB , 320x213 , SUITE BABBY JIZZUS.gif )
>mia faccia quando this dip
>> No. 1657137

I don't think we are purely driven by sex as children. But I think that most of what we do has to do with social status. Peoples opinions shape us rather we like it too or not.

what do you think?


this one?>>1657000
>> No. 1657138
File 141652136540.png - (107.35KB , 376x345 , 131753674520.png )
Erikson was on a pretty good track, yeah! I wasn't too convinced on the theory behind what happens when somebody doesn't pass a milestone, but that's just me. Gosh, it's been so long since I've thought about child psychology... I believe I strongly attached to Piaget's theories. I was really into cognition and mental processes and such ^^
In search of that perfect system and all.

What are you dipping in it? :o
>> No. 1657140
File 141652145522.jpg - (68.15KB , 831x962 , SS_308.jpg )

Just chips right now.
Sweet God it's so good though. I will never look at salsa the same way again. I know the secrets.
>> No. 1657142
File 141652153148.jpg - (32.53KB , 474x592 , 1373080720785.jpg )
The secrets, you say? I would like to know these secretly secrets!
>> No. 1657144
File 141652159075.png - (386.76KB , 887x700 , SS_358.png )
Pff. You'd probably think they were gross, knowing your diet.
>> No. 1657146
File 141652172798.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
Correct me if I'm being ignorant because I'm a bit cloudy on the psych staples lately (since shifting my attention to the MBTI I've kind of put everything else on the backburner and need to revisit) but I think Freud's theory regarding children was in how these stages can manifest into sexual drives, but not that they are fueled by them in the beginning. I could be wrong, however.

See above, I'm a bit too rusty to pretend I know what I'm talking about as well as I used to, but Erikson's take on how those milestones effect behavior seemed pretty sound to me. Mostly due to how I've observed these taking place in others and even myself though, from an abstract perspective they come across as a bit of a stretch.

That's something I've always wanted to get into more, but could never quite.. retain what I'm reading. Though I've always been more interested in behavioral concepts and personality theory as a whole.

Piaget rings a bell, but I can't seem to think of what he's done - care to refresh my memory?
>> No. 1657150
File 141652190758.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>> No. 1657151

So our pleasures as infants and toddlers manifest into our sexual desires? But is this manifestation exclusively subconscious? Could we rationalize our personalities based on our current sexual preferences? Would someone that prefers oral sex in fact be a oral personality?


I hope you enjoy
>> No. 1657153

hey esh
>> No. 1657154
File 141652206574.png - (30.16KB , 276x290 , Well__.png )
As I understood it, the idea was that during our stages of development we'd go through stages of fixation - so a child putting everything in it's mouth is in it's oral stage, and that if the stage were not to go appropriately (I think there were other aspects to his theory that involved elements reminiscent of Erikson's take, but I'm going purely off memory here and could be wrong) then that individual would be more likely to develop an oral fixation as an adult.

That's.. about all I know on it, I never put much thought into his take on that. Always thought it a bit silly.

>> No. 1657156
File 141652229196.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
ohidere guise
>> No. 1657157



Not his take. But your take on human psychology.
>> No. 1657158
File 141652251946.png - (15.23KB , 154x195 , Why do our easter egg hunts always end in a knife fight¿.png )
My eardrum has been making a really weird kind of pulsing twitching feeling ever since my nap and it's really annoying me. It's like when you get that pulse in your eyebrow or something, but.. it's deep in my ear.

It's tough to say, I don't subscribe fully to one belief system as I think they all kind of intertwine in a way. What kind of answer are you looking for exactly?

>> No. 1657159

Your own personal interpretation. Without looking at someone elses work, how would you say people work, and what influences cognitive development?
>> No. 1657160
File 141652268699.png - (230.73KB , 771x600 , 135664183203.png )
I'm almost 100% positive that they'll be absolutely disgusting to me, but I ask more for the benefit of others that may want to know in the future! I'm quite content with my diet as is, heh.

Pssh, I've had to refresh myself thus far. It's been a good long while since I knew any of this stuff, and I'll fully admit that I forgot a pretty hefty chunk of it, but that doesn't really make it any less interesting or relevant. I do agree with how they describe behavior, but it's just that the abnormal psych explanations I found to be lacking of conceptual integrity. Though I'm a bit of a stickler with abnormal psych because I find it the most interesting and close to home, so maybe I'm just being a little too judgemental with this. Perhaps sometime in the future they'll come up with a more succinct and comprehensive way of describing behavior in humans. That might take some considerable collaboration across fields though, so naturally it should take a longer time for it to happen.

Do you think that's because it wasn't too interesting to you? Or because the interest:density ratio was too low for your liking? Those theories are also fascinating! You really can't go wrong with finding a topic in psych that's interesting~

I believe he was the guy who researched cognition and how it developed in humans. He thought of it as four distinct stages that were marked by certain accomplishments and attunements. It starts with the sensorimotor stage, where the child learns reflexes, thumb sucking, objects in their surroundings, etc.. The second stage is the Preoperational stage, which starts when speech is acquired to roughly when they can think reasonably with logic. The third stage is the concrete operational stage, which is when they learn more about logic and become less egocentric pricks. And the final stage is the formal operational stage, where they learn abstract reasoning and how logic can factor in and such. I'm summing up lot and lots of information here, of course, but these are the main points I got from this aspect of his cognition theories.

Esh! Soup?
>> No. 1657163
File 141652296968.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
just watching some Kamen Rider before bedtimes.

No tanks I am good.
>> No. 1657165
File 141652304670.png - (250.79KB , 900x572 , 140349720312.png )
I didn't offer you tanks, I offered you soup ;_;
But, um..good!
>> No. 1657168
File 141652327096.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
So, you're asking where I stand on the nature/nurture debate, basically? I feel both play a role, but I'm of the belief that nurture is the most significant contributor. I think everyone is wired a bit differently, we have our own kind of innate strengths or a personal way we 'process' the world around us but our upbringing determines how well we utilize those predispositions and that shifting too significantly from your strengths can be one of the biggest contributors to neuroticism. But as someone who sees the world through the lens of the MBTI, that should come as no surprise. Why?

What's your take?

I've always had a weakness for memorizing terminology, names, and other matters like that. I'm more interested in concepts as a whole and prefer the abstract angle to psychology - the one where I can ponder possibilities instead of working in hard-fact. I know it's strange, because most people prefer things to be precise and exact but it's the fact that one situation could be caused by a variety of variables intrigues me more than anything. So the neuroscience approach never quite appealed to me because it required a lot of jargon and remembering terminology I'm prone to forgetting. It actually fascinates me, it's just a significant undertaking for me - and my interest has shifted elsewhere, making it even harder to work on that weakness when there are more interesting things for me to read into.

I'll have to familiarize myself with his work, that doesn't sound familiar to me so I'm thinking he was just one of those big names I've heard referenced in passing but never quite got the chance to look into myself. I'm intrigued though.

Sounds delightful.
>> No. 1657169
File 141652356518.png - (207.88KB , 1600x1310 , Ooooh.png )

It is. I had a friend over, so today wasn't as turbulent as oters, even if I had to deal with that whole "don't actually have my degree after all" deal. But at least steps are taken to fix it.
>> No. 1657170
File 141652362820.png - (186.20KB , 2000x1075 , pictures002.png )
>I'm more interested in concepts as a whole
So much this!
Hey, as long as nobody is harshly criticizing you you're free to do whatever works best! Following your interests definitely falls under that. If it was your job, however, some problems might arise, naturally.

I'd personally say he's worth looking into, but I'm totally biased so take that as you may!

*pat pat*
>> No. 1657171
File 141652363815.png - (280.42KB , 494x537 , 134256702159.png )
Is it appropriate to put a kawaii mushroom in the final slide of a presentation about fungi for a scientific conference?
>> No. 1657172
File 141652368720.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
Aaawe, thanks.

It oughta be.
>> No. 1657173
File 141652376396.png - (299.19KB , 888x1044 , BalloonCute.png )
True enough, it makes discussing it difficult though because I always seem to forget the key researchers I'm referencing when knowing them would be most handy. Something I have to work on, but fortunately I don't plan on actually studying this so it doesn't matter much.

Not sure, ask the resident Fungi if he shows up.

Well that's good. What'd you guys do?
>> No. 1657174
File 141652382139.png - (172.30KB , 849x941 , 131395990220.png )
Mostly just hung out, really. Watched clips and vids and talked geek talk about cartoons and games. Watched the newest AMV Hell.

Wat u been doin?
>> No. 1657175

Does he still show up?
>> No. 1657176
File 141652389129.jpg - (129.41KB , 1156x800 , 1357349328863.jpg )
Absolutely...not! But don't let that stop you! Gotta stick it to the man sometimes and all. Show 'em the what-for.

No probs, broselina

It'd be a nice touch, but I still put much more value into the concepts themselves than the people who thought them up...even if knowing would be handy at times, heh.
>> No. 1657178
File 141652395249.png - (116.97KB , 678x508 , spoiler.png )
Too late. I'm not changing it now.
>> No. 1657179
File 141652396108.png - (216.27KB , 900x840 , Neutral.png )
That sounds like a lot of fun.
I didn't do much, had an unfortunate morning then took a nap and now I've just been hanging out here since I woke up 'cause I've pretty much given up on being productive today.

It's relaxing, though.

Sporadically, but yeah he's still around.

Absolutely agreed, but it's necessary when dealing with skeptics or the ignorant - or if you just want to point someone in the right direction so they can check their own facts.
>> No. 1657180

I don't know what that is


I would stand on the nuture side, but I feel include to side with nature because of similarities with my father. However our similarities could side with the fact that my dad has a similar parenting style to his dad. That parenting style being made clear by my mother as she tearfully insisted "He's an asshole who doesn't know how to parent, that's how his father treated him"

So we could be similar because he fathers the way his father fathered, but that would mean I'd father the same way my father did, which is terrifying.


Of course!
>> No. 1657181
File 141652408715.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
The world could stand a little more fun anyway

Das a confusing thing to call peeples

Relaxing is good, at least.
>> No. 1657182
File 141652421917.gif - (489.38KB , 758x614 , 1354944913877.gif )
You are a god among mortals.
*bows in reverence*

It's also necessary to cite specific sources when asserting any type of argument or theory and sometimes even opinions that you share with others. It becomes obnoxious if played by those rules. There must be some middle-ground for conversation that doesn't involve mostly citations, but doesn't skip out on important topics...hmm... Oh, sorry, got carried away!..

How about Broselius? Or Brobamadon? Or Broses?
>> No. 1657183
Cool. I haven't seen him for... a year? 1.5 year?


Especially this whole grumpy academic community.
>> No. 1657184
File 141652432597.jpg - (14.94KB , 185x272 , 2a3e242617e68558eb05f17d434958d4180aed07cb2d883e1823323b885a42cc.jpg )
>> No. 1657187
File 141652439971.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )


The middle ground is just having those things available if asked for a citation.
>> No. 1657188
File 141652444034.png - (90.35KB , 230x242 , Hesitantly commanding the gerbils to overtake the Banana empire with Blitzkrieg tactics.png )
Oh right, new Periphery song. Wish I could say I liked it. Oh well.

I think we can inherit habits and traits from our parents, but it's not like we're doomed to repeat those actions. It's something I've always thought could be worked on and improved.

Also true.
So are you familiar with the Myers-Briggs type indicator at all then?

He was here just yesterday, maybe even this morning!

It's okay, yeah.
>> No. 1657190
File 141652460320.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x590 , sweetie bell gonna sweet.jpg )
They're all weeeiiiird

Very much so. Scribble dicks on the shrooms

I really wanted to edit at least a little during this week, but I will only have a chance tomorrow and sunday myself. And I've ALREADY run into a problem, so that's nice.
>> No. 1657191
File 141652468398.png - (175.47KB , 368x529 , 22.png )
Sir, you are speaking my language.
>> No. 1657192

You really think so? I know saying i'm like my dad isn't an excuse for the way I act. But can we really change who we are?


what's up?
>> No. 1657193
File 141652477013.png - (57.07KB , 201x268 , 68.png )
It's midninght and I am finally done with my work for today.
A bit scared of the two upcoming conferences. Otherwise, fine.
>> No. 1657194
File 141652476919.jpg - (68.95KB , 814x981 , 1360440548708.jpg )

I was having thoughts, Brosemite Sam

I'd ask ore about them, but they...
...seem to only be in my peripherals.

But of course! I mean..not as much as you, most likely, but I definitely know about it!

Of course you'd say that, Breezus (or Young/Lil' Breezy, if you prefer)
>> No. 1657195
File 141652487007.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
Dicks errwhere

Now where the heck did that come from
>> No. 1657196
File 141652490826.png - (98.50KB , 229x277 , I am anticipating your hugs.png )
Change? Likely not.
We can improve or mature, however. Anyone has the capacity to manage their faults with effort, you should never seek to completely turn yourself into a different type of person because that likely won't work out and would actually make things worse but we can definitely manage our negative traits.

Well I suppose that sucks.

I should smack you for that one.
They're pretty cool, kind of over-hyped but they write some seriously phenomenal stuff.

What's your take on it then?
>> No. 1657197

Don't be a freak
>> No. 1657198
File 141652493770.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Sure, but this is just a way to quickly cut through that matter, heh. You can make claims all you want, without citations or anything like that, as long as you can then back them up if actually asked for that. That looks like exactly like the middle ground you wanted to me!
>> No. 1657199
File 141652496368.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
It does.
Basically, it's a top ten video of cartoon intros. So I downloaded seasons of each cartoon I talked about... and one of them does not have the intro attached to any of the episodes, and the only version on YOutube is choppy and low quality. oops.
>> No. 1657200

what do you do now adays?


I guess I don't really know who I am
>> No. 1657201
File 141652502771.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
I also find it effective to drop a name when referring to an individual's theory if you know them off-hand. For instance, when referring to the Collective Unconscious I find it more effective to say 'Jung's theory of the collective unconscious' because people have a reference to work with if they wish to look further.

But I do agree, it's good to be able to quickly pull something up if necessary.
>> No. 1657202
File 141652509251.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
I thought you already made that?

Do any of us truly?
It's not really something you discover, it's kind of something you build. Mostly. You can discover your strengths, but not who you are.
>> No. 1657203
File 141652517438.jpg - (86.68KB , 1000x557 , mlfw1143_large.jpg )
>> No. 1657205
File 141652523314.png - (768.26KB , 1024x731 , 1400498019804.png )
It came from the deep unBrown! (It's like unknown, but you know it can chug at least three pints before passing out)

I should get smacked for that one! I wouldn't disagree with your actions, hehe.
Over-hyped and they write great music? I am unsure of how to feel about this!

I think it's a step in the right direction, but I don't personally think it's a perfect description of people (but I'm also not sure that is even possible, so...yeah). It's pretty good though! A lot of people fit into fitting categories, and that's as good as I can hope for with such a system that intends to analyze everybody in one little table. I have some respect for it.

>> No. 1657206
File 141652531432.png - (364.49KB , 1600x2733 , Interesting.png )
I recorded it and found a way to make the image look great. Gotta edit it all togehter.

"The eep unbrown" just sounds like a really weird euphenism for a butthole.
>> No. 1657207
File 141652531843.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

It may be effective or it may not. It depends. After a certain point of citation density you can "lose the audience", as it were, heh. Besides, anyone can namedrop, even if they have not a single clue what they're talking about. Feast your ears on this: seriously, watch at least a bit of it, it's truly astounding

And so, best to keep citations to the minimum, but be able to expand on a thought if asked, I feel.
>> No. 1657209

So wouldn't that mean who we are is soley based on peeps interpretations of us?


what kind of science?
>> No. 1657210
File 141652547132.png - (358.79KB , 782x1000 , 139837751240.png )
I know, right? I was going go somewhere with it, but eh. Should hop off soon anyway. No time for multi-layered jokes!
>> No. 1657211
Bioprocess stuffs.
>> No. 1657213
File 141652570045.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
It's a weird combination, but I can count the Periphery songs I enjoy on one hand so I find it hard to justify the obsession people have over them. Those few songs, however, are in a class of their own. It's one of those classic examples of how being experimental and unique can be a trade-off, resulting in phenomenal second-to-none compositions but the majority of one's selection being a bit too difficult to get into. Over ambitious, even.

I don't mean to sound disrespectful when I ask this, but is your understanding of the MBTI based on the pop-science portrayal of it basically being 'astrology for psychology' and being nothing more than 'each four letter combination has a set of attributes and behaviors associated to it' or have you dived deeper into how it's rooted in Jung's take on 'cognitive functions' (metaphorically, not actually referencing neuroscience particularly) and how one's type doesn't so much dictate behavior but rather the way one looks at the world and processes information?

If the former, then I understand where you're coming from. It's hard to take seriously when that's all you see, it's why it took me so long to actually stop shrugging it off - but if the latter, I'm curious to hear where your reservations lie regarding it.

I agree, the biggest concern is cluttering a conversation and making it sound too formal. I don't particularly mind when a discussion takes that route, but most would and so it's best to avoid. Fortunately the number of researchers I can usually attach to their work by name and memory is low enough where that limits the density on it's own.. heh.

Self-stabilizing Ignorance!

What on earth is she even talking about?

That's one window, but.. I wouldn't say exclusively.

Oh, okay then.
>> No. 1657214
File 141652582873.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
And on that note, I must bed. Still getting used to having to get up early again.
>> No. 1657215

Ironically it's something my dad taught me


college stuffs?
>> No. 1657216
File 141652601947.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
Ah, I see.

'kay. Cheers.
>> No. 1657217
I finished my education 2.5 years ago. Now I am a university employee and am doing a phd.
>> No. 1657218

I've gotten into a few arguments about it. People insisting that you aren't what people say you are. But if loads of people are telling what it's what you are than it's probably what you are. But I guess it can seem bad because that would lead my people to have low self esteem.

I like you pal
>> No. 1657219

Your life's on track. Good job.
>> No. 1657220
File 141652624650.jpg - (5.32KB , 304x166 , robe.jpg )
Haha I wish
>> No. 1657222

sure seems like it to me
>> No. 1657223
File 141652632280.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
I think the fundamental issue is that.. no one can really say they're entirely sure of who someone is, not even ourselves. We're prone to bias regardless of whether it's self-reflection or criticism over another individual. Only the individual themselves truly has the power to see the truth, but that's if they're willing and capable of being brutally honest with themselves and can weigh what's being said with what they know of themselves.

This is hard to do, because we almost always think we're being fair when we're not. We don't recognize our own blindspots. And even if we could hypothetically reach this unbiased perfect collaboration of what others see in us and what we see in ourselves, there will still be missing pieces - always.
>> No. 1657225
File 141652639084.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Ah, still on the ol' MBTI? You know preeeeeeetty well what my opinion of it is so I think I'll just leave you to have fun there, I suppose.

What she's talking about is, well... What wonders can be achieved if you think that adding a small thing works the same as multiplying by a small thing, and if you assume that speed of light is light is energy and if you think that science works basically by applying the principles of interior decoration to names and concepts. Rearrange into something that looks nicely, throw out what you don't like, make some things into artistic shapes and boom, suddenly you have a lecture you can give to homeopaths. Heavy on namedropping. VERY light on thought, hah. There's a quotable tidbit every other 30s.
>> No. 1657226

That just makes me feel like on one has identity
>> No. 1657228
File 141652651331.jpg - (237.42KB , 1440x1280 , 1396571484665.jpg )
They can't all be winners, eh? I don't know many experimental bands that I like though, so feeling your feels is admittedly a little difficult right now.

Hah, no hard feelings. Just know, for the future, that the general rule with me and pop is that we don't mix together very well on anything. All that I know I have researched (or tried to, at least) on the most basic levels to attain at least a loose understanding. I like to know what I'm talking about before I actually talk about it, heh.
That being said, I don't know a lot about MBTI, other than where I am usually placed and that it isn't really a gauge of anything other than worldly perspective and...potentially an indicator of other things, but that's not actually a part of the 'pure' MBTI, I don't think.

Hopefully things are going well for ya ^^
>> No. 1657233
File 141652662609.jpg - (24.73KB , 320x321 , Subtlety is nothing more than an apple in a garden of clerks.jpg )
As I've said before, it's a major interest of mine. Perhaps one day you'll see what I see in it, or at least understand why - perhaps the role of observer will be illuminating in it's own right. Or not, who knows. Doesn't matter in the end. But it's bound to come up from time to time.

Yeah, that's kind of the impression I got. It seemed rather contrived, like something I'd expect coming out of a fifteen year old.. not a.. whatever year old she is.

Maybe no one has an understanding of it, but I'd say we still have identity.
>> No. 1657236
File 141652672643.png - (62.01KB , 667x500 , Sitting marshmallow upon her little marshmallow throne.png )
That's fair. Can I ask where you stand on the scale, at least? I'll spare us the discussion on the matter since you mentioned earlier you're leaving soon but I'm curious as to your type at the least.
>> No. 1657238
I'm gonna get going, laters!
>> No. 1657241
File 141652695663.png - (160.54KB , 545x675 , 1357190778952.png )
As of a year ago, it was still around INT(J/P). I've never strayed away from those two, heh. Not that I know of, anyway. May I ask yours? (I'll read it once I come back from the thing, as I am also interested on your placement)

What a coincidence, so am I!
*tacklehugs out of thread*
>> No. 1657244
File 141652712925.png - (156.94KB , 316x293 , Arting-2.png )
Okay, I wasn't going to dig too deeply but I'm curious because the differences between INTJ and INTP are pretty significant on a functional level (though being of the Rational temperament, they do have a lot of obvious similarities) - would you like to discuss this in more detail sometime? Privately preferably.

I'm an INTP myself, albeit a relatively atypical one.. heh.

Anyway, take care of yourself.

Cheerio Snow.
>> No. 1657246
File 141652725558.gif - (496.24KB , 800x450 , 1de.gif )
>> No. 1657249
File 141652734273.png - (12.47KB , 153x147 , Blankly staring into the void of the buttercup kingdom.png )
His legs look strange.
>> No. 1657251
File 141652744171.jpg - (88.06KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3pa2i6k1hngg0g8o8844wk4ks_1280.jpg )

I often wonder how they're able to sustain his weight.
>> No. 1657253
File 141652755921.png - (30.16KB , 276x290 , Well__.png )
Not to mention how an animatronic can move so gracefully without stumbling at all, despite the quick pace.
>> No. 1657255
File 141652764303.jpg - (107.26KB , 774x1033 , 69f_png.jpg )

Or the fact how such an animatronic is walking like that at all. Usually they're just mounted to stage they perform on.
>> No. 1657257
File 141652767391.png - (81.05KB , 414x319 , BigSmiels.png )
And you folks like this game why, exactly?
>> No. 1657259
File 141652772078.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

It has too many problems. Like, an entire laundry list, which encompases its genesis, history, theory, practice and results produced. We can go over that list sometime and maybe you can put forth things that would make me cross items off it - I like to think of myself as fair in that I WOULD stop using even the most delightful argument if it's shown to be bad. For example, I'm sure you've heard of the study that has shown experimentally that the most homophobic men are actually that because they're gay and in self-repressive denial. I've cited it a few times, but now I've stopped. And that is because upon examining it and its methodology closer, it's bollocks. They essentially conflated any reaction to the gay porn shown, including hatred and disgust, with sexual arousal, and just measured the intensity. Hoboy, what a surprise that the most homophobic scored high on that one!And it was just such a delightful thing to use as a piece of science...

What she is is well paid and also respected by people who are first-response healthcare proffessionals to millions. Isn't quackery and science-denialism culture (drapped in scientific trappings for legitimacy though... cargo cult science, if you will) just grand?

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 16:56

>> No. 1657260
File 141652774732.png - (238.16KB , 500x667 , dec.png )

Because it's something different.
>> No. 1657266
File 141652810818.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Oh, and by "sometime" I mean "definitely not today", heh. It's 1 AM for me and I have stuff to do tomorrow, can't be getting into anything.
>> No. 1657275
File 141652842332.png - (65.61KB , 432x661 , Heart.png )
We've already covered some of those problems, and we're in agreement over some of them. I just don't really believe that it invalidates the observations, but I'm trying not to worry about crusading for it so much because I realize a chunk of my belief in it comes down to faith and personal observation. I trust in the instrument because after years of skepticism, when I took a more thorough look into it I began to notice all the patterns and how accurate and reliable it is. You're probably sick of it because I used this argument in the past, but it really is just a tool and how effective it is depends on the person wielding it. This doesn't mean that it should be left alone, of course not, I spend probably as much time arguing with people for misunderstanding the MBTI and taking it too seriously as you would if it came up as frequently - it desperately needs to be refined and used in a better context, but at the end of the day the patterns of behavior are there and to me they're as clear as can be. It's just, how do you get someone else to see that? It took personal experience and observation to start connecting the dots, and you can't really force someone else to have those same experiences or observe those same things. I mean, hell, that's the primary strategy behind every other social justice warrior - the attempt to get people to just see what you've observed as if flicking a switch, and we all know how well that's working out for them!

It also doesn't help that it's an abstract system in general, creating even more of a disconnect when it comes to showing people it's value.

Well, that's fair enough.

You started it.
Just digest what I've said and we can return to it later. I'd rather discuss this in private sometime, if you'd prefer. Would you mind if we trade Skypes or something?
>> No. 1657280
File 141652851672.gif - (582.14KB , 500x679 , 141627969006.gif )

You could argue that the fandom surronding it is bizzare and might tarnish the game a little, but the actual game itself is still interesting.
>> No. 1657281
File 141652868833.png - (64.97KB , 366x420 , Good God Lemon.png )
I have no issue with it, I mean it doesn't look like it's for me and so I won't play it but I've watched a playthrough to get an idea of what it's like and I find it appealing. Plus I like the supposed lore behind the concept as we discussed in the past.

That being said.. you're damn right about the fandom. I have a girl on my Facebook who will not shut up about it, and it's making it hard to keep my indifference from becoming unfair animosity towards a game that doesn't deserve to be held accountable for the annoying behavior of it's fans.
>> No. 1657284
File 141652879828.png - (262.07KB , 1191x670 , part_time_at_freddy_s__meeting_foxy_by_nukude-d7zd95r.png )

I have it on my Steam wishlist. I've watched many playthroughs but have yet to play it myself. But that's due to me waiting for the winter sales before buying any more games right now.

Any fandom is like that, really. I mean, look at MLP. X3
>> No. 1657286
File 141652888517.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
She really seems to take it to the next level, but it's not the first/only thing she's annoyed the shit out of me with so yeah.. hard to really judge a specific fandom in general. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me lose interest in things, though.
>> No. 1657288
File 141652898818.png - (157.80KB , 500x500 , d02.png )

There's always the loonies.

That's understandable.
>> No. 1657290
File 141652905609.png - (750.36KB , 900x1045 , ohai.png )
Too true man, too true.
I just hope she never gets that obsessed with anything I actually dig. Heh.
>> No. 1657296
File 141652929547.png - (76.58KB , 460x422 , 658.png )

You know those "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared" videos? There's a whole fandom mainly surrodning the shipping of humanized versions of the notepad and clock characters.

I really don't understand it.
>> No. 1657299
File 141652938324.png - (917.91KB , 800x1035 , Dem eyes.png )
I'm actually not sure what you're referring to, can you explain..? Without a link, please - I'm watching a documentary.
>> No. 1657304
File 141652955625.png - (169.12KB , 500x632 , 6e0.png )

There's a series of short films called "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared". They're basically parodies of colorful and upbeat children's shows performed with puppets. They start out innocent, but gradually become highly disturbing. They're pretty funny and well-made, actually.

There's two specific charatcers; a talking notepad and a talking clock, who are often depectied in stylized human versions of themselves in fan art and are frequently shipped. There's even people who cosplay as said fan drawings.
>> No. 1657308
File 141652960433.png - (180.30KB , 501x397 , Cloudchillin.png )
Interesting, I might have to look into that.
Not the fan art, of course.. that sounds a bit bizarre.. heh.
>> No. 1657310
File 141652965832.gif - (153.94KB , 680x680 , 82f.gif )

Yeah, it's really weird. I mean, so are most fandoms; but this one...

It's a freaking notepad and a clock!
>> No. 1657313
File 141652978566.png - (173.46KB , 1118x715 , Bumflirting.png )
Never underestimate a clock, they're good with their hands.
>> No. 1657315
File 141652983034.png - (171.31KB , 400x400 , be7.png )

Tenouttaten best joke
>> No. 1657316
File 141652987287.png - (165.72KB , 853x1008 , Squee!.png )
I've finally reached my goal!
>> No. 1657318
File 141652992392.png - (155.33KB , 500x545 , 2f4.png )

You win!
>> No. 1657319
File 141653002400.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Here's an interesting bit of psychology - did you know that if you take a random bunch of derps, then pick half of them once again at random and dress them in lab coats (just coats, no hidden calculators or anything), then test both groups for analytical problem solving, the group wearing lab coats will on average do better? This also works when you mess with hair colors - those who are blonde at test time actually do worse. It's almost as if RPG games were right all along and different clothing and accessories DID give you stat bonuses or maluses. Yet making elaborate theories and ponderings about humans having character sheets based on such a (completely true and valid and fascinating) observation would be going much too far. Yet this is essentially what I see MBTI as doing.

>to me they're as clear as can be. It's just, how do you get someone else to see that?

Hahaha, ahhhhh... yeah, I know that feeling. I can tell you how for me.

You need to make it so the case FOR significantly outweights the case AGAINST. This can be done through two main ways:
- Presenting solid arguments FOR, that don't fall down under scrutiny. This adds weight on one side, shifting the balance in the side you desire.
- Puncture arguments against using counterarguments that similarily stand up to scrutiny. This removes weight on the other, also shifting it in the side you desire.

Then you have to give me the opportunity to actually scrutinise these and see if more objections that need addressing pop up. "Review as a peer", as it were.

Basically, the science way. You can get me to believe all sorts of weird things this way, like for example that people walked on the Moon and shit, hah.

Can't get me to agree to something by personal observation. This is just way too fallible, and I include my own ability to observe personally. People have personally observed aliens in UFOs and also shapeshifting lizard people who secretly rule the planet, and experienced their effects. I find that... not terribly valid. Here's what pops into my mind:

As for SJWs... oh I could rant and rant and rant about them, but let's just say I do not hold them in high regard. Or low regard, since "low" still doesn't describe it well enough. So best if I avoid this for now, since it's kinda late, as I've mentioned, heh.

>Would you mind if we trade Skypes or something?

Sure. Here's my Skype handle in ROT13: VNVabalzbhf

And a site with a decoder:

A quick, easy and sure way not to have that harvested by bots

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 17:39

>> No. 1657326
File 141653073618.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
Like it or not, that's what a lot of behavioral psychology boils down to - and when it comes to personality typing, it's even harder to avoid. I'm referring to the use of observation that is.

That's where the reluctance comes from in trying to commit to winning you over, because a large portion of it relies on something we both know cannot be forced onto another person to see. I will, however, be happy to try and dispel any of your misunderstandings so at least if you're still against it by the end, we can both walk away knowing you're basing the view on a more accurate understanding of what the MBTI is.

Anyway, this isn't an attempt at being adversarial but I've meant to ask this before (or maybe have and forgotten) - which personality test would you deem more efficient, then? Are you against them as a whole, or is your objection over the MBTI based at least in part by a belief that there is a more efficient take on personality out there?

You might have to remind me to add you at a later point, I'm not on Skype at the moment and likely won't be for a bit so I may forget. If you see me tomorrow and I haven't added you yet, feel free to give me a poke.

What did I win, though?
>> No. 1657354
File 141653205458.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Observation doesn't happen in a vacuum. It happens through lens of prior assumptions and approaches to interpretation, and that CAN be talked about in this manner.

Personality tests aren't really my interest. I only stumbled upon MBTI because of its popularity making it a common feature on the internet. Even in this very thread a few years back people were testing themselves on that one site and talking about their types. I really wish I could find that site, since it actually collated the scores of all users who used it and then provided histograms of these scores (to point where you fall, see), and now that I've done some actual stats what I remember of those histograms would provide EXCELLENT fodder for talking about how based in reality MBTI is, as they're objective and hard facts we could both give our perspectives upon. In fact, they're the very thing that I based my "there's no such thing as whateverthattypewas" comment. Can't find that site though, and all the graphs I could actually find were either behind paywalls, obfuscated in a way that hid the relevant data (for example, by not providing a histogram but rather a geometric figure) or obviously and shamelessly manufactured purely for MBTI promotion by people making money off it. I HAVE found peer-reviewed statements that confirm my observation on what I remember.

I remember that site... with a dark background, and dark-gold text? But this might be entirely a fabrication of a mind that never thought this would be useful information to remember years ago, heh. Ahhhh... I wish I had those histograms.

I don't know if there's better tests out there. I don't think this one is good, but for all I know it's the best out there. I'm not against personality tests, though I don't really see that much solid use for them except in population research which would smoothen out kinks. Think of BMI as an example from another field. Absolutely, horribly awful on individuals. Yet, average BMI is a decent indicator of health in large populations. This is just a very flimsily based position though and I wouldn't argue from it nor would it take much for me to change it.

The bottom line is: not much opinion on "serious" personality tests in general, MBTI is just a thing that happened to slide in my view through general skeptical interest. Actually quite a bit of psychology does that, but it's scattershot.

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 18:09

>> No. 1657375
File 141653321317.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
Absolutely, but the field changes a bit when you consider that personality type is more a means of understanding the observations rather than saying one type will always behave in a particular way. The latter being an example of the approach I suspect you might view the MBTI as claiming, and.. well frankly I can't exactly refute it because a significant portion of those who subscribe to the theory do actually believe this - but the instrument itself is an attempt to understand why people do what they do. Not to predict what they will do, but to understand the mentality behind why they do it. It's like, real-time literary analysis. It's kind of like that claim people like to make in the latter, that an author's intent doesn't matter so long as the pattern or symbolism in question can be perceived. If it can be made sense of, it is there to some extent. These are not hard-and-fast rules, it's simply an attempt to create a system based off of behavior, and one that has proven particularly insightful and accurate - especially from my personal experience.

Though one could argue that the nature of it being applied after the fact is almost a Doctor Who-esque cop-out, convenience-wise.. heh

It's also worth noting that the whole 'let's all take the test and talk about our types for the next hour!' situation sounds quite cringeworthy. I've spearheaded a few moments like that in the past and it never ends well.. I particularly recall one time where I tried explaining how it works and how to proceed with the information gained, but instead he just started looking up 'ISTP characters' and started spouting things like 'LOL I'M MULDER FROM X-FILES'. Many a Facepalm followed.
>> No. 1657378
File 141653406890.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Hmm... This actually reminds me that amongst many issues I have with it is the fact that I see it essentially as a psychic-free cold reading you can do to yourself. You feed it information and then it throws that very information back at you in a way that makes you go "oooooh" on what it gets right (and there will be quite a bit, since you've just fed it things based on your state of mind at the moment) and motivating you to make the vague things it says fit (since it's all nice and fluffy overall, whatever you get - there's no "irredeemable asshole" type, for example), while providing it an out for the things that can't quite be managed to (well, it's not perfect, and besides you can see this score here is not 100% in that direction, and besides...). There has to be solid predictive value, as otherwise what's the point in even making the classification?

And that in turn makes me think... Astrology has it even better when it comes to bringing the personal types of people in the conversation up as part of the actual conversation about it, because there's always the fact that it's just like a capricorn to be doubting things. I'm not a capricorn, but you get the idea and not like it matters anyway, heh

Next post is last post, 2:41 and I'm half-asleep already
>> No. 1657379
File 141653502396.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
Essentially, until you dig deeper. This was my biggest reservation too, it wasn't until I started looking at it from a musical angle that it all started to click. Noticing how despite appealing similar based on the code, an INFP would compose music radically differently than how an INTP would, and how perfectly the latter meshed with how I composed and how flawlessly these same differences in style applied to individuals I knew the type of. That was when it started to click that it was more 'okay this is who you are' or 'here's a convenient code to explain what you just told me' and that there was something a little more complicated lurking beneath the surface, and that was when I started to look into the 'cognitive functions' fueling the MBTI and differentiating them, then seeing how they apply. Which as I'm sure you're getting tired of me repeating, I cannot stress enough is the fundamental foundation of the MBTI as a whole. It's less seeing how an ESFP differs from an INFJ, but how the cognitive stack associated with the two impacts the way they do things differently. That's the fascinating part to me, how you can observe the influences these functions have on the behavior. Sure, it's just applying labels to things that are already there - but I don't see why that makes the realization any less interesting.

'sides, the examples you're citing are clearly examples of individuals who do not properly understand what they are even referring to. Not saying it's not a problem, absolutely it is. I notice ENTJs are the worst for this, because they're stereotypically the 'bossy' and abrasive types so they always stand behind it with 'well I'm an ENTJ, what did you expect!?' and that's just cowardly hiding behind labels to just re-adapt that 'lol this is who I am haters gonna hate can't change me' mindset that people love to cling to. But it doesn't work like that. Every type is the asshole type and every type isn't, whether one fits into that category depends on how well developed they are. An individual that learns to balance their strengths tends to be healthier and more mature whereas those that don't or over-rely on one or two functions in particular tend to be more abrasive, rude, disrespectful, or any other number of negative traits and behavioral attitudes. That's another part of what I see in the system, because when you can reflect on what it means to be an XXXX you can unlock a crucial tool in helping yourself improve as an individual. But, most people prefer to use it as some excuse behind their behavior - and, well.. we can't really fault the system for the fools who know not how to use it, now can we?

Except astrology takes such a firm stance that it discredits itself. The issue with astrology is how easily refutable it is due to the nature of being based on when you're born. I'm a Taurus, yet I see very little of myself in the typical Taurus explanations - what's my argument for that? Maybe I was secretly born a Gemini or a Pisces, or maybe an Audino? It doesn't fly. I admit it's a cop-out, but at least with the MBTI the angle is less 'well this is the type I got so this is who I must be' but more 'Well I got INFP but I don't actually seem like an INFP, so maybe I'm an ISFP instead' - and in many cases that's what happens, because a personality test can only be so accurate. It needs a bit of introspection and ideally a third party to come to the right answer - which.. is as much a drawback as it is an advantage, in all honesty. I'm no stranger to our personal perception biases, after all.

Would you be willing to try a social experiment?
A week or two long endeavor to see if it helps influence your perspective and understanding on the matter at all?
>> No. 1657380
File 141653584297.png - (757.14KB , 1280x720 , Dammit Aria.png )
>> No. 1657381
File 141653592928.png - (85.98KB , 399x297 , Bonding-explanation.png )
Phew, I was worried nobody would show up. Hello, take a seat! Help yourself to the appetizers, I'm sure the others will be here momentarily and then we will begin dinner. Would you care for some wine? Are you okay with the music? I could put on something more to your liking.
>> No. 1657382
File 141653604972.gif - (16.37KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521b.gif )

This argument would apply just as well to this test: . And there's "dig deeper", but then there's a simple "buy into", after which point your confirmation bias can just take over. I think this is actually something I'd think that would need discussing, but... 3:12

I'm citing examples of individuals here? Hmm... I think my posts may be even more garbled right now than I thought. Yep, clear sleep time. Really gotta go.

Here's what an astrologer would say: It doesn't work that way, and what you're talking about here is newspaper pop-astrology and not really a valid thing except as maybe a bit of fun. Individual charts made for a specific person are so much more accurate, and we have this here list of "personal experience" anecdotes to prove it. This is not something I'm making up right now as an obvious "I'm talking about astrology but I'm actually secretly talking about MBTI oh look at me being so clever with the pop version reference", this is paraphrasing what I've heard actual astrologers say in interviews. Jessica Adams to bring one up by name. It's quite something, really. They always have an out. Always.

Maybe. As a rule, I try not to be agreeing to any particular thing without details and while in addition half-asleep, though, heh. Ask me some other time, okay?

I'm off...!

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 19:17

>> No. 1657383
File 141653607662.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

>steals a few appetizers off the tray..
>> No. 1657384
File 141653614370.png - (120.10KB , 514x559 , 746420__safe_solo_screencap_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_sonata+dus.png )
Oh. Um, thank you?

>> No. 1657392
File 141653679384.png - (32.80KB , 276x260 , omnomnom.png )
Absolutely, and in that way a test like the MBTI cannot separate itself from your typical internet quiz - but I think, skeptic or not, we can grant the MBTI credit for putting a little more work into establishing the theories than a 'which pony/character/dessert are you?' quiz. The similarities are there, but let us note the differences as well. Your general point isn't wrong, though.

I also want to take this moment to emphasize that the MBTI isn't balanced, either. Not every type is as equally divided as it looks, I mean.. hell.. usually telling an introverted type from their extroverted counterpart is pretty easy because they possess fundamental concepts but with different strengths (as a rule of thumb, an introverted type has the exact same functions as their extroverted counterpart - but they are arranged differently in terms of strength) but some examples are more radical, such as the aforementioned ENTJ which I find shockingly different from the INTJ compared to.. say, an INTP vs an ENTP - or an ISTP vs an ESTP. It's not trying to say there's a perfect and symmetrical system behind personality, it's just trying to make as much sense out of structuring it as it possibly can.

Not intentionally maybe, but yeah - what you're referring to is an issue of understanding and an individual's interpretation and level of maturity/development rather than an issue as a whole. That's not to say it's not worth taking note of, it's something I try to correct the understanding of myself, but this is one of those things that the system shouldn't be faulted for but rather the people who take it at face value in some attempt to justify poor behavior.

And I would hear them out, consider the perspective, and use their information to look into it further. I've honestly been curious to look into Astrology more seriously - not because I see it as valid, but because it's all around more comforting to stand against something when you can say you understand it relatively well. This is just the differentiation I see in my head with my current understanding of astrology, but for all I know it could be victim to the very same misunderstanding 'caused by pop-culture's interpretation as the MBTI is so I don't write it off entirely.

Also Carl Jung himself was quite fond of astrology, though that doesn't really shift my opinion in either direction it's just an interesting tidbit of information.

Sure, it's just a suggestion anyway. It's not something I expect you to adhere to 100%, but we can discuss what I have in mind and see what comes of it - would be interesting to say the least. It's just an exercise in developing a better understanding of how the functions work and manifest themselves in type to see if you notice any patterns in person, I'll explain the details behind what I have in mind at a later point.

And no, I wasn't planning on forcing you to take the test or anything if that's what you feared.

Have a good one.

Help yourself, will you be staying with us tonight?

You're welcome! Oh, such manners! They really raised you well, didn't they?

Last edited at Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 19:28

>> No. 1657394
File 141653685605.jpg - (61.12KB , 384x611 , 141470127647.jpg )
I... suppose..
>> No. 1657395
File 141653703925.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
Oh bother! No need to be shy, you're our guest!
>> No. 1657397
File 141653724072.jpg - (73.32KB , 434x390 , flutterrage.jpg )
It's venting time. So mom had an eye doctor appointment today. That said, we went the usual way...

>Main highway
>We go to take the usual u-turn, right outside of a gated community
>when we turn in big sign saying u-turn is closed
>sign appeared after turning in
>we stop at gated community
>security guard
>Mom: What happen to the U-turn? My GPS took me this way (we're from out of town)
>Security Bitch (I'll refer to her as that, she was a forgive my french, an ass): Didn't you read the sign? Don't listen to your GPS
>gave us a warning
>let us in and let us out
>got into the doctor's office
>much later
>googles news reports on road
>u-turn closed late October
>never knew about it because it was only on Lakewood news sites
>not mentioned on the overall news radio NJ 101.5 FM
>no one outside town would know this unless living in Lakewood NJ.

Seriously, I did find another way to mom's doctor, still, this isn't needed. -__- The u-turn is there for a reason, so traffic would flow easily and not disturb the sheltered community. Seriously, don't fix what's not broken. If the u-turn is open, then people wouldn't be bugging this Security bitch. Save entering for only the chosen few.

Lakewood, THIS IS A MAJOR CHANGE! Not everyone outside your town will know about it. Sometimes people out of town have to travel there. NJ 101.5 exists for a REASON, USE IT! /rant

Sheesh and it's a wonder why I don't drive. I had to calm mom down, she gets nervous when traveling to unusual places. There's a reason why she uses a GPS and why it's invented.

Other than that, day was alright, found Christmas ponies while out and ate at my favorite breakfast spot.
>> No. 1657401
File 141653783714.jpg - (52.82KB , 600x800 , hugz.jpg )
Now that I finished venting... back to usual posting mode.
>> No. 1657404
File 141653789936.png - (156.94KB , 316x293 , Arting-2.png )
That sounds like quite an ordeal
>> No. 1657407
File 141653805506.jpg - (64.58KB , 790x900 , 136525990089.jpg )
Tell me about it. I usually listen to NJ 101.5 and use it for general news. So I'm surprised nothing was mentioned. Thankfully I found a back way into her doctor, so it can be avoided.

NJ sucks for driving, no seriously we had to stop by mom's store, on the way out, a car bumped into another car, the car drove away.... this was in the parking lot too. O.O
>> No. 1657409
File 141653814428.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

Whatchaoo planning to do with my guy?
>> No. 1657410
File 141653816644.png - (30.16KB , 276x290 , Well__.png )
Sorry to hear, glad the rest of your day was alright though.
>> No. 1657416
File 141653835670.jpg - (52.82KB , 600x800 , hugz.jpg )
Indeed it was. Mom went to Target after her appointment, so I got to look at games and ponies, and mom did some Christmas shopping. So not too bad aside from news from the doctor and that hiccup.

That bumping, mom and I just laugh, she knows the town too well from working there.

>> No. 1657417
File 141653839435.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1657420
File 141653845551.png - (299.19KB , 888x1044 , BalloonCute.png )
Well, if you must know I was going to have him look over some posts of individuals typing fictional characters and/or people in general (the key factor here being individuals he'd know of) to familiarize himself with how the functions are supposed to manifest and contribute to an individual's behavior, then see if reading a few of those a day helps him notice similar patterns in the people around him or at the very least get a better understanding of the mechanics behind the concept.

Nothing too strenuous or tedious.

Heh, fair enough then.
>> No. 1657421
File 141653846215.png - (212.00KB , 1900x1916 , 130680060490.png )
>> No. 1657424
File 141653851510.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 130546848615.png )
Mmhmm, so how's Akhe doing tonight?
>> No. 1657426
File 141653857496.png - (1.31MB , 1200x712 , music.png )
>Lying on bed listening stuff
>hands behind pillow
>accidentally touch own hand with other hand
>other hand doesn't recognize it's touching
>felt like a random hand touching
>get spooked
>by own hand
Brain, what are you even being paid for?
>> No. 1657427
File 141653858853.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

That actually sounds interesting..


Hugs for Snowy!

Gotta run to work tho..

>huuuuuugs again..


>huuuuuugs an Ahkekins too!
>> No. 1657431
File 141653863189.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )

I hate when that happens..

>rusn fof to work!
>> No. 1657433
File 141653878274.jpg - (30.38KB , 365x405 , ^_^.jpg )
Ouch. One night, this was back when I was a kid, I slept on my arm a certain way, the whole thing was asleep. I couldn't move it. O_o

Bai bai!
>> No. 1657434
File 141653879896.png - (917.91KB , 800x1035 , Dem eyes.png )
I'm okay, trying to debate if I'd rather read or watch this documentary.

This made me laugh too hard.

It's the only thing I can think of that could potentially bridge the gap and allow one to observe the patterns with minimum effort and understanding, since you can't just ask a skeptic to research something for months on end and then ask them what they think - y'know? This could probably show results in about a week's time, however. I'm not expecting to convince him, but at least he'll walk away with a better understanding of it than he started with.

Take care of yourself Anoni.
>> No. 1657435
See y'all noni.
>> No. 1657438
File 141653893904.jpg - (6.33KB , 198x244 , 130755243779.jpg )
Alright, hope you pick one. Is it an interesting documentary?
>> No. 1657439
File 141653926836.png - (141.56KB , 1024x861 , Yay!!.png )
Oh yes. It aired in a three part series and I caught the last part today, I was so intrigued by it that I downloaded the first two episodes and plan on watching those as well.
>> No. 1657440
File 141653932885.png - (226.82KB , 1280x773 , 3dss.png )

Yeah, thats usually a real "wtf" moment.

Is noot fuunnyyy..!
>> No. 1657441
File 141653945658.png - (107.11KB , 352x318 , 133211856751.png )
Alright, if you found it interesting and don't plan to read, hope you enjoy the first two parts.

Tell me about it. My arm felt dead, I still remember it.
>> No. 1657444
File 141653954729.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
It's adorable you fool.

Yes, the documentary seems the ideal fit, doesn't it?
Oh who am I kidding.. I took a two hour nap today, I could probably get away with staying up later so I can squeeze in both episodes and a few chapters of my book.
>> No. 1657445
File 141653955653.png - (41.74KB , 121x233 , derp.png )
That's happened to me quite a few times. Once I just got up to a sitting position and my hand just kinda flopped with <.>
>> No. 1657446
File 141653963761.png - (191.94KB , 500x500 , what am I doing here.png )
But it was just extremely derpy..!
>> No. 1657447
File 141653971191.png - (299.52KB , 2481x2220 , 130791424474.png )
It does, especially if you saw part 3.
Now there's a plan. Can't remember the last time I tried to do two things like that. Sometimes I'll fall asleep watching something.

Yikes, it only happened to my whole arm once. happens occasionally with my leg (depending how I sit) and hand.
>> No. 1657449
File 141653993736.png - (173.46KB , 1118x715 , Bumflirting.png )
Indeed, one may think knowing the destination would ruin the experience but.. I never believed in that mentality myself.

And we all love derpy.
>> No. 1657450
File 141653999501.png - (190.30KB , 741x725 , hmmmh.png )
It happens if I literally have slept on top of the thing!

But people need to love me! ;~;
>> No. 1657452
File 141654022755.jpg - (113.81KB , 1191x670 , sleepyshy snuggles pinkie.jpg )
Happened with me from time to time. I've actually seen the ending to some games I played before I ever played them.

Not a good feeling. D:

Anyway, must be off for the night, I need to get to bed early for tomorrow. Good night guys.
>> No. 1657453
G'night snows. Sleep well
>> No. 1657455
File 141654038497.jpg - (134.14KB , 800x800 , Balloon.jpg )
One and the same!

Sleep well mate.

He returns!
Coaxed out by the dessert, I reckon.
>> No. 1657458
File 141654052762.png - (16.54KB , 918x854 , large (50).png )
Huh? Oh. Yes. Spaced out there a moment.
>> No. 1657460
File 141654054280.png - (107.18KB , 912x597 , go to bed.png )

It would be if it were true!
>> No. 1657463
File 141654065204.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
Not the nicest table manners, I must say.

Like your face. It's untrue. Would be. If. Yes.
>> No. 1657465
File 141654071284.png - (119.10KB , 540x500 , 141469842708.png )
'Tis a problem in any situation.
>> No. 1657466
File 141654074890.png - (128.27KB , 1024x719 , hmmmmmmmmmm.png )
H-.. Now I'm totally lost.
>> No. 1657467
File 141654083466.png - (71.45KB , 256x308 , Playful.png )
Have you run into the Others yet?

You really should work on that mate.
>> No. 1657469
File 141654092701.gif - (1.68MB , 265x724 , 141408696065.gif )
In time. In time.
>> No. 1657472
File 141654096571.png - (258.48KB , 757x1024 , filly keee.png )
Naaw, I'd be the one who died in the plane!
>> No. 1657474
File 141654105720.png - (85.98KB , 399x297 , Bonding-explanation.png )
Wow, how self-important can you get?

Are you taking steps towards that goal because it'd be nice if you didn't ruin the next dinner party.
>> No. 1657475
File 141654112117.png - (312.68KB , 419x738 , 141478695683.png )
It's a work in progress that'll be complete in due time. Can't rush these things, you know.
>> No. 1657479
File 141654144995.jpg - (80.43KB , 1087x841 , lying talking.jpg )
I don't think I've yet to learn that word.
>> No. 1657489
File 141654242176.png - (839.53KB , 800x1147 , blushies.png )
Guess I accidentally the thread.
>> No. 1657491
A group effort, possibly
>> No. 1657492
File 141654254351.png - (111.69KB , 648x558 , juicebox.png )
I got distracted
>> No. 1657498
File 141654272780.jpg - (58.23KB , 908x500 , zzzz.jpg )
Mayhaps yis.

It's alright, I know I'm as compelling as a wet glove!
>> No. 1657499
File 141654277839.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
I fell into a musical discussion, you can't fault yourself for that.
>> No. 1657506
File 141654317318.png - (279.37KB , 1024x919 , so you mean that.png )
Ah, righto.
>> No. 1657507
File 141654318121.png - (49.80KB , 218x181 , wuht.png )
Wait.. so Serperior is legally obtainable in ORAS..?
Looks like I might try putting together a competitive team after all.
>> No. 1657508
File 141654324480.jpg - (8.38KB , 197x248 , 1298759734007.jpg )
One last over dramatic post to end all my bullshit...

I'm sick of feeling sorry for being sorry all the time, so this will be the last time I say it. I have several issues that need to be addressed and I want to get them solved before the new year. I feel that I've been acting immature and bringing unnecessary mood killing conversations as of late for petty problems that really don't deserve the attention. I've been selfish and apathetic in my goal to focus more on my needs so I could better myself, but now it's done the exact opposite. I've treated people like shit recently and have only been looking out for myself. I've avoided conflicts and haven't put much energy into helping those that needed it to accomplish my little 'goal' for this year. Now that the year is coming to an end, I can say it's done nothing but make me feel like a fucking ass. This is not to say I never cared about those here, I just could, and should, of done better to help people. Everyone is going through something that is serious whether it be depression or what have you. My issues are just common life issues, work, school, small amounts of stress, and I've done nothing but bitch about them for the past few months while there are others who deserved the attention and care of the loving people here. That needs to stop. I have no reasons to bitch about common things everyone goes through, it's pointless and annoying. I will stop this.

I've let some past issues come back and take control of how I act. I tend to get possessive and defensive over things due to how my personal belongings were treated in the past. This makes me look insecure and idiotic. I apologize to anyone I've treated like shit because of this. It is not my intent to be controlling, especially over other people, I just fear loss. I need to get rid of this behavior before it digs me into an anti-social grave. It won't be easy, but I know I can get over these feelings. I don't want to damage any relationship I have by acting this way, it's not right, it's not healthy, and it does nothing but push people away. So again, I apologize for this behavior.

My art had also kicked off faster than I expected. I was getting hundreds of new followers and getting connections with great and well known artists at such a fast rate. This all might of gone to my head and caused me to act arrogant. This is a huge reason why I feel a lot of people might be upset with me, despite what I'm told. It doesn't help that it's porn of cartoon horses and anthro animals, which might of made people think of me as trash in the first place. I don't want any kind of fame, no matter how small, to get in the way of old friendships. I'm no better than anyone else and should never feel like I am. I'm sorry if I let this go to my head and treat everyone as a lesser. I thought I could handle it better.

I tend to over-think things along with jump the gun on issues. Y'all might say I'm doing it again, but the point is to get it out there so I can finally stop it. I've done this too much and has probably made everyone shake their heads "guh...Stuffles, again with this shit?" I have no reason for over thinking anything. I just think of every scenario and stick the worst possible one and let it eat away at my mind. This may be because I don't confront things head on all the time and let it fester until it turns into an infection. I want to fix this, but since it happens without me noticing til it's too late it might be near impossible. It's just a negative side of being me. I'm sorry y'all have had to put up with that, I wish I could stop.

Overall, I just want to apologize for my recent actions and behavior. This is not who I want to be. I want to make people happy and show them that I care about them, not scare them away by amplifying my flaws. So I'm done with it all. I will work on all my personality flaws to at least control them better. I wont complain about pathetic life issues like school and work anymore 'cause no one cares and only brings pointless mood killing feelings. I wanted make this year the year I better myself as a person, and I've failed. Just means I need to try harder and take a different approach. I'm sorry for the inconveniences I've caused, I'm sorry for the shit I've said or done, I'm sorry for being a dumbass, I'm sorry for always being sorry. It ends now.
>> No. 1657512
File 141654340666.jpg - (97.62KB , 640x640 , Heavy is the head that eats the crayons.jpg )
and Adaptability Dragalge!
Pity that means Dragalge will become more common and not much of a curve-ball on my team now, but it'll also make mine more potent.. damn, okay I'm excited again.

I never thought you were bringing things down, but self-improvement is a generally positive thing so I won't try to talk you out of it. I think you may be over-stating things a bit though.

Yes, so what's up?
>> No. 1657518
File 141654372286.png - (187.10KB , 781x1024 , Dash2.png )
I agree with: >>1657512
Least with from what I've seen of you and how you've treated me, I've never been treated like crap by you. I've never felt that you've let your rising popularity get to your head (actually I've felt your paranoia/over apologetic-ness has gotten to your head more than anything). But... you've never done anything that annoyed/frustrated me.

Now, working on self improvement is always a good thing. Just know what to improve and what's already good as it is atm.

And... you're not a dumb-ass.
>> No. 1657519
Most likely. It's how I feel like I've been acting lately, so I wanted to address it.
>> No. 1657523
File 141654389470.png - (325.73KB , 800x500 , I hug people too hard and get lost in shopping malls.png )
How we feel and how we actually are intertwine far less often than we realize, but if this is something you genuinely want to work on then I'm behind you. I just want you to do it because you genuinely want to improve in these areas, not because you think you're some kind of caricature asshole that you're not even remotely resembling.
>> No. 1657526
File 141654408292.jpg - (44.63KB , 567x821 , covering shame.jpg )
I didn't really see an issue of talking about school or work related problems.. It's not like something bothering you is any less important..

I dunno, maybe I haven't been around to see enough? I don't know..

Just lying in bed and .. Well, that's it really.
>> No. 1657527
File 141654414961.png - (145.17KB , 375x375 , 141230179372.png )
I will also add that venting about day-to-day life is what most of us here do anyways.
>> No. 1657528
File 141654416203.png - (350.36KB , 900x938 , glow in the dark lurks.png )
Sounds quite swell.
>> No. 1657531
I know, I know. I keep telling myself that, but like I said, I tend to over think things. Getting it out there though helps me fix the problem though, which is why I posted that. I just wanted to be safe.

There are a lot of things about myself I want to improve. The biggest one being my issue with over thinking situations and trust ( which i forgot to mention). I don't feel like I'm an asshole, I just think some of my recent behavior has been poor.

It's all I do though. Wouldnt that get annoying? It's not even different. "shit got several essays to do and work is stealing my weekends" rinse and repeat. If my days were more varied then maybe it wouldnt be such an issue.

I've been feeling like a broken record though, no one likes a broken record.
>> No. 1657533
File 141654438284.jpg - (306.32KB , 729x663 , bored.jpg )
Or at least used to.
Thought that was kinda of the point.

I wish.

Well I mean, if you don't particularly want to talk about said subject then, you can just try to pull other kinds of things out there.
>> No. 1657537
File 141654448063.png - (44.14KB , 235x314 , Wormhole Wizard.png )
I think I'm going to drop out, my mind is elsewhere and I wanna get to these documentaries. Cheers.
>> No. 1657539
It's just something I noticed I was doing, not that I was doing it on purpose. I'll try and pick different things about my daily life to bring up, no just the complications.
>> No. 1657541
File 141654470949.jpg - (342.93KB , 900x862 , 755069__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_towel_wingless_artist-colon-mistydash_rubber+duck.jpg )
Venting helps, even if what you're saying is how you feel but not what you KNOW. Whenever I vent, it's usually how I feel, but not what I know. Most of the times I just vent for support, not for answers. As... at times, there's nothing to fix, there is no answer, etc.
Bottling stuff up is a bigger problem.

Dude, do you know how many times I've said I've been "Alright" in the last year or so? Or how many times I've talked about being down and up throughout 2011? No one has gotten on me for being a broken record. I'm sure that's the same with you.

Take care.

Supposed to be.
>> No. 1657543
File 141654474822.png - (139.68KB , 675x774 , corsette.png )
See ya akhe.

Mmh. We'll that's what I do when once in 3 months something happens.

>> No. 1657544
How is?
>> No. 1657547
File 141654496981.png - (221.35KB , 652x801 , cant care.png )
Not fantastic. You?
>> No. 1657549
File 141654509024.png - (112.12KB , 804x835 , 287179__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_vector_50de5a95a4c72db3a10001aa.png )
Why so? Sorry to hear though.
Tired, working on a 3D Model, just got back from the Indie Game Meeting.
>> No. 1657557
File 141654529113.png - (584.06KB , 957x540 , Children of the night.png )
Bunch of different things really.
Progressing well I hope?
>> No. 1657558

It's mostly how I feel. People have told me I don't do those things, but I still feel like I do. And im tired of saying sorry for problems that probably dont exist, which is why that was the last time I was saying it.

But those were serious, mine were just "woa is me, I dont have to time to do what I want cause I have a job and education" #firstworldproblemstodamax!
I just see it in a different light i guess.

ye...I'll try and do better on that
>> No. 1657562
File 141654549823.png - (910.67KB , 936x1192 , computor.png )
Fair enough.
>> No. 1657563
Doin' alright?
>> No. 1657564
File 141654562224.png - (165.75KB , 847x943 , 138922253666.png )
Don't wanna say?
So far, so good. Working on the buggy. This thing is gonna be insane... I submitted a suggestion to the main guy and he liked it. The back of it will allow you hang off from the bumper (and a hand rail) to look back and shoot at anyone behind you or around you while it's driving.

I understand man and those feelings DO matter. But, you need to try and work on your self esteem so you don't feel that way. That's a way to go about it.

Apples and oranges. If it's making you down or frustrated, it's 'worthy'.
>> No. 1657567
File 141654582078.png - (174.83KB , 760x940 , 131730927608.png )
No need to be sorry for me silly.
Could be doing more alright.

Oh, I just doubt it'd be too interesting.
Hm, seems neat then. Hopefully it can be implemented well!
>> No. 1657569
>>1657564're right

It doesnt seem like it should though. I mean, it's basic life things. I think I was blowing it out of proportion.

But I must be!!
Things alright?
>> No. 1657570
File 141654598046.png - (80.96KB , 300x300 , ahhaa.png )
Is fine.

I uhh.. though I just answered that.
>> No. 1657572
File 141654603059.png - (207.70KB , 590x620 , 208345__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_screencap_griffon-the-brush-off_black-eye_png.png )
Say if you want.


I'll ask this, do you feel this way towards friends when they vent about that stuff? If it's a no... then why should it be any different for you?
>> No. 1657574
I guess I was goin' more for an "what's up?"

No, I don't. It might be my self-esteem issues thinking that since I'm lesser when I do it, it's wrong,
>> No. 1657576
File 141654636013.png - (200.23KB , 500x478 , tumblr_nb8zy2as5t1tsf170o2_500.png )
>> No. 1657577
File 141654636162.png - (48.08KB , 446x396 , 1360295686771.png )
Then... you have you're answer. Try and work on your self-esteem, which by no means is an easy task. I mean, mine is still crap so I really can't give any advice on how to do it.
>> No. 1657580
>> No. 1657582
File 141654652663.png - (528.56KB , 1024x1253 , heeere_s_foxy__fnaf__by_echorilec-d7xid2q.png )


I kinda like the idea of Bonnie being a bit of a bully.
>> No. 1657583
File 141654654028.png - (205.94KB , 490x1119 , 131716928265.png )
Just would seem a bit.. Pointless. I dunno.
Good good.

Oh. Well, nothing really. You?

>> No. 1657584
File 141654658404.gif - (100.70KB , 700x589 , 100.gif )

>> No. 1657587
File 141654663262.png - (421.19KB , 1135x1024 , 139771181969.png )
Up to you.

How is?
>> No. 1657588
File 141654666105.png - (152.59KB , 600x600 , 668615__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_lip+bite_artist-colon-lamia.png )

I'll do what I can. I just need to stop looking into stuff so deeply as well, cause when I do that it gets amplified by the self-esteem.

Same kinda, feeling sick so that's not fun. Just listening to some Blind Guardian.
>> No. 1657589
File 141654671682.png - (377.42KB , 500x576 , tumblr_inline_nbb58lp58c1r2qy0j.png )


I'm gewd. You?

>> No. 1657592
File 141654681966.png - (63.88KB , 260x262 , 132660095649.png )
>> No. 1657593
That'd be good. That's something I need to stick to myself.

Good to hear.

Tired, working on modeling.
>> No. 1657595
File 141654690383.png - (126.81KB , 500x300 , tumblr_nbkokykYyy1tsf170o3_r1_500.png )


Kewl. How's that going?
>> No. 1657596
File 141654699658.jpg - (88.86KB , 800x747 , ec37f058a3393ed03470391f199913c0.jpg )
Hows it going?

Mmm, I think it's more up to some part of my brain that keeps saying that no matter what I say, it doesn't really make any difference. Same seems to go on whatever I'm doing.

Maybe get something nice and calming to drink then.
>> No. 1657597
File 141654704975.gif - (92.40KB , 475x406 , 965.gif )

It's going good. You?
>> No. 1657598
File 141654717125.jpg - (37.13KB , 355x335 , 132682036850.jpg )

shit...this would of been perfect to respond with when you came in..

I might take another shower...that normally calms down my stomach. I actually havent eatin' anything all day because how I've felt. Illness sucks..
>> No. 1657600
File 141654720269.png - (201.48KB , 500x737 , tumblr_static_eqh086b00vkssg4sswoo0gook.png )

>> No. 1657601
File 141654724269.png - (330.96KB , 600x450 , night.png )
That's nice..

It's just going.

Mmhm, that might help then.
>> No. 1657602
File 141654725971.png - (325.09KB , 741x768 , 206964__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_scrunchy-face_png.png )
It's going alright, despite 10 or so Blender crashes.

Maybe the same with you then? Self Esteem?
>> No. 1657603
File 141654737610.png - (324.61KB , 680x1154 , 141630808860.png )

Something up?


Eesh. :/
>> No. 1657604
Oh well...missed a great chance


Wish I could do something for you, dude..
>> No. 1657605
File 141654752980.png - (680.97KB , 1024x1297 , fnaf__foxy_by_sabereth-d7vpkfx.png )

It happens. ^^;

How is?
>> No. 1657606
File 141654754966.png - (497.66KB , 929x712 , dizzy.png )
It's just mostly anxiety and depression coming back really.

I wish anything was up. Maybe I'll be down in a bit though. As in passed out.

For me? I haven't exactly asked for anyone to do anything. Or even told anything.
>> No. 1657607
Have you been put on your new depression meds?

>> No. 1657608
Feeling a little sick to my stomach, but a shower and bed should help that.

How are you?

>>1657606 seem down
>> No. 1657609
File 141654777154.png - (950.57KB , 648x820 , PiratePals.png )

Sleeping sounds like a good idea.




I'm just playing my Gunzerker in BL2. Haven't in a while, so it's nice to be able to dual-wield again.
>> No. 1657610
File 141654783956.png - (90.66KB , 900x445 , down.png )
I've been using there for qutie a while, stopped the other that wasn't working completely, and seems like this isn't doing a great job either.

That'd be because I am.

>> No. 1657611
File 141654788539.png - (502.80KB , 1000x1200 , foxy_by_ranoutofideas-d7x7r06.png )

Aw, hope you feel better.

I'm good. Just playing some BL2. Solo UVHM, baby!


>> No. 1657613
Sorry to hear man. Maybe... try a different one again?

>> No. 1657615
File 141654808945.png - (149.76KB , 666x666 , a47.png )

>> No. 1657618
File 141654817176.png - (286.61KB , 900x900 , Early hours.png )
>> No. 1657623


>> No. 1657624
File 141654832796.png - (163.21KB , 500x591 , how did this even happen.png )

If this refuses to work at all, I'm not gonna bother. Kinda done eating these things that might help and have side-effects worse than in rat poison.


It's fine.
>> No. 1657627
File 141654834629.jpg - (54.76KB , 512x511 , Pirate Coveman.jpg )

Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. It's the hardest difficulty setting in the game.
>> No. 1657629
File 141654839169.png - (523.73KB , 1102x1024 , Warm snuggles.png )
how is?
>> No. 1657630
Hoh...sounds fun!

Imma head to bed. night guys.
>> No. 1657632
I understand.


Anyways, I'm gonna work on this then bed. Take care.
>> No. 1657633

>> No. 1657636
File 141654868708.png - (364.38KB , 800x1044 , ugh.png )
Think I'll just go lurk for a bit then bed.
>> No. 1657637
File 141654873638.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
Nights, sweet dreams

you do take care!

hope you will feel better sooner
Nights, sweet dreams
>> No. 1657654
File 141655222171.png - (439.10KB , 447x606 , 2.png )
>> No. 1657656
File 141655225776.png - (718.78KB , 3115x4000 , Nommin.png )
>> No. 1657657
File 141655226780.png - (261.98KB , 700x750 , 140503894223.png )
>> No. 1657659
File 141655233760.png - (20.27KB , 186x241 , Take one.png )
>> No. 1657661
File 141655239568.png - (41.23KB , 571x607 , Nomming bread.png )

>> No. 1657662
File 141655242614.png - (369.20KB , 725x795 , 139354615993.png )
It''s beautiful!

>> No. 1657663
File 141655254913.gif - (667.43KB , 500x357 , being silly.gif )
*Puts on band aid*
im sorry.... sometimes i forget how pointy my bony fingers are ^^;
>> No. 1657665
File 141655261119.png - (31.32KB , 125x79 , 138955528665s.png )
It's alright. A little blud never hurt sanvich eatink.
>> No. 1657667
File 141655269662.jpg - (30.80KB , 476x475 , wo~hoo.jpg )
guess not ^^;
how is?
xept the different tasting sandwich?
>> No. 1657668
File 141655279873.png - (777.71KB , 900x780 , 135698155203.png )
So very tired.
Blood doesn't taste so bad. It's just a little unpleasant to the tongue. Far too irony!
>> No. 1657669
File 141655288848.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
*offer blankets,pillows, plushes,tucks in*
far to much iron
>> No. 1657670
File 141655296669.png - (137.40KB , 647x896 , 141263943953.png )
What's up on your end of things?
>> No. 1657675
File 141655320413.png - (3.77MB , 1914x1076 , DAT F______ FILTER.png )
Nomming breakfast,listen to some music and playing some car mechanic sim.
got stuck on a mission for quit some time...
missed one of the most simple things >.<
>> No. 1657678
File 141655330313.png - (31.20KB , 336x311 , I'll let you have this for 20 bucks.png )
Not a whole lot, just browsing the interwebz
>> No. 1657680
File 141655342873.png - (267.57KB , 706x400 , 141195276509.png )
Sounds delightful! Simple...yes... Oh wow, those textures are awesome.
I didn't even know they had a sim for this, honestly.

I'm afraid I don't have the cash on there another way I could pay you for such a service?~ Like bitcoin! I've been waiting all day to make a bitcoin joke, no matter how awful it was. Acceptable losses!
>> No. 1657683
File 141655364435.png - (900.91KB , 900x900 , 137459896999.png )
Ah, just chilling?
sounds good^^

it is^^
*shares breakfast*
simple textures i guess :P
Kinda chill game, bolt off bolt on.
me neither.....:
IF YOU STILL LURK! uhm.. thank you
>> No. 1657685
File 141655381556.png - (219.95KB , 649x1231 , 135837171729.png )
Breakfast? Now? Blasphemy! It would be a late supper if anything :P
It's nice though. I like it a lot. Simple, yet descriptive.
Looks a little difficult though. To any non-mechanic, anyway. You actually have to know where things go and all that.
>> No. 1657688
File 141655411514.png - (103.28KB , 800x600 , 551636-interstate-76-windows-screenshot-chasing-down-calisto-on-the.png )
somewhere in the world it´s early, no?
it shows what it is supposed to be so im happy.
i can´t really be picky bout graphics since i still play
>this game
It is difficult since it has the basic and some non basic parts but it gives you hints on what to replace and what not.

now, an true hard car mechanic game is something called gearhead garage.
and the tons of mods that there was for that game.
One of the mods was an 100% real v8 with all the molecular parts.
never managed to that mission ;_;
>> No. 1657690
File 141655437542.png - (629.24KB , 796x760 , 135772502629.png )
By that logic everything is both breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am okay with that!
As long as there are moving images you're good :P
Interesting... Could even be considered educational, if they did it right, heh.

I don't think you've told me about that one before! Mod communities are the best.
It's hard for a reason!
>> No. 1657692
File 141655445067.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )

Hmm.. I'm gonna say you're Muffin..

>> No. 1657693
File 141655452719.png - (603.60KB , 923x865 , 139847432058.png )
Yes indeedy. Hey Nonninonn.
>> No. 1657695
File 141655456396.png - (157.05KB , 914x338 , Napping.png )
now... let´s start make that perfect bruncier
it is moving images or moving objects.
yea, or at least starting point with oil change, brake change. although having an handbrake swap, or some over the top lessons. make sure that the engine is at OTDC before swapping the timing belt/waterpump....

but that´s maybe asking for to much heh.
yes, yes they are.
yaay for modding peopel

>> No. 1657696
File 141655470571.png - (440.25KB , 900x900 , 187160__UNOPT__safe_derpy-hooves_vector_crystal-pony_crystallized.png )

Hai Muffin! Scratch prettyyyyyyy!!

Say, are you upset with Char?


Ponnycute! How is?
>> No. 1657698
File 141655479255.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
ahm not cute....
dunno, ok i guess. but still feeling some blues/sadness from yesterday evenings.
now enjoying some breakfast before getting down to the workshop for some more tinkering with that pickup.
>> No. 1657700
File 141655486329.gif - (63.08KB , 500x520 , 141055764025.gif )
Hah, I've never heard it put that way. Though I'd totally eat some mixture of those! French toast, potatoes, ice cream, more potatoes, a whole clove of garlic..Sounds amazing :D
OTDC? Waterpump? Weird...

They always make the coolest additions to games ^^

Yeah! One of my favorites, personally.
Mmm...not particularly, no. Why?
>> No. 1657702
File 141655495160.png - (712.34KB , 916x940 , 65464 - artist Mn27 derpy_hooves.png )

Huh? What pickup?

I's good.. jsut got home from work..


Particularly? As in maybe some? Oh, you just answered one of his posts with just a 'k.. so he thinks you might be upset with him..
>> No. 1657704
File 141655507152.gif - (303.62KB , 250x250 , 7a3.gif )
>> No. 1657708
File 141655517605.png - (173.37KB , 693x696 , Mother_Celestia_nuzzles.png )
it´s ann in one breakfast, brunch, lunch,dinner.
ooooh sounds so delish! i wanna try some nao.

Over Top Dead Center.
means that the inside of the engine goes up and down, around etc. and for everything to go in the right order it must have an starting point.
so when swapping timing belt. os removing the cylinder head.- you must crank the engine by hand until you reach OTDC point. make an mark. and start swapping parts.

water pump is pump that makes the cooling water flow around making the engine cool

( not 1000% accurate description) but it´s the base.
all the mods

helping one doing some welding jobs on a 1986 Vw LT31 fullsize bed pickup.
i thought i was driving around in death traps, or had an rotten body. but that pickup.......

>> No. 1657710
File 141655525333.jpg - (68.39KB , 900x564 , 186803__UNOPT__safe_derpy-hooves_artist-needed_source-needed_paintbrush.jpg )

Ahh.. good luck with it..

>> No. 1657711
File 141655534146.png - (176.93KB , 999x1161 , f1a.png )

Hi, Ponny.
>> No. 1657713
File 141655548202.png - (260.39KB , 770x589 , 136527691989.png )
Yeah, a little bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nobody's perfect, after all. It's best if I stop here though.

Hej Thela!

I'd definitely try it!
I might just skip the rest and have garlic-injected potatoes! Garlic is a wonderful thing~

Huh. There's much I still have to learn, it seems! I should really know this stuff by now, but...I just dunno.
>> No. 1657714
File 141655550640.jpg - (92.06KB , 500x450 , fDlkFg1.jpg )

Hey there.
>> No. 1657715
File 141655554961.png - (234.81KB , 1024x1250 , 134863959634.png )
>> No. 1657716
File 141655556959.png - (140.94KB , 600x398 , Snuggles in sleep.png )
hope it will be ready today,heh
Thank you

how is?

bring me the reports when you done!
sounds sooooo delish ;_; want some nao.
planning to be an home mechanic. or planning to aim for something higher?
>> No. 1657717
File 141655562714.gif - (92.40KB , 475x406 , 965.gif )

Waiting for my antivirus to finish setting up. You?


I'm alright. You?
>> No. 1657718
File 141655563940.png - (94.02KB , 637x657 , 131203679058.png )

Mmm.. okay. I wish it weren't so.. but okay.
>> No. 1657721
File 141655569805.png - (286.61KB , 900x900 , Early hours.png )
alright, alright is good.
nomming some breakfast before i depart...
and kinda still feeling sad bout some things
>> No. 1657723
File 141655575020.jpg - (645.40KB , 1000x1200 , 92f.jpg )

Sad about some things?
>> No. 1657724
File 141655575286.gif - (667.43KB , 500x357 , being silly.gif )
DKC is 20 years old!
have some calming music from second game
>> No. 1657725
Hah, I don't have any food here. If I had potatoes, they would all be gone by now anyway :P
Nah, the people I used to hang out with were really into cars and stuff. Should've rubbed off on me, but I guess not so much.

Is it new or something?
Going to attempt sleep after the traffic jam clears, so should be pretty soon here.

As do I.
>> No. 1657726
File 141655587860.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 131672554118s.png )

Maybe it can be worked out?
>> No. 1657727
File 141655594563.jpg - (231.34KB , 1280x710 , fuun in the forest.jpg )
yea, thinking about some friend i haven´t seen in some time, and dad´s birthday this saturday

hasselbacks potatoes. make those when getting the chance!
Ah okies, okies. well it´s all about one´s interest as well.

if ya like it you snap some info.
>> No. 1657728
File 141655596968.png - (481.07KB , 680x489 , 970.png )

It's the new version of Avast, yeah. It looks like it's settled down now. I'm going to give it a day or two to see how it performs before updating Avast on my desktop.

That's good.


I see.
>> No. 1657730
File 141655601524.png - (722.02KB , 2500x1574 , Teenage years.png )
>> No. 1657731
File 141655604855.gif - (2.30KB , 170x189 , 141594381451.gif )

Will you be alright?
>> No. 1657732
File 141655614722.png - (73.93KB , 514x493 , see you space cowboy.png )
yea will be alright.... i get things to keep my self busy today. just hate this month
sorry for my constant whining.
anyhow, it´s 8.50 am i better get ready for another day.
see ya all later on.
>> No. 1657733
File 141655618323.png - (840.77KB , 1048x1080 , 135414371227.png )
It's how I feel toward everyone, not just him. There can be no solution that involves co-existing, just a delayed response of me receding to rightful, oppressive solitude.

I won't be cooking for a very long time, but that sounds delicious!
I don't have many actual interests though, just a mild fascination with everything.

Oh, Avast? Have you used it before? And how would you rate it, assuming you've used it?

Cya Ponns!
>> No. 1657734
File 141655619386.png - (155.33KB , 500x545 , 2f4.png )

You're not whining.


Have a good day, man.
>> No. 1657735
File 141655630238.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Ohhh.. thought it was just him. Okies.

Umm.. up to you.
>> No. 1657736
File 141655634384.gif - (153.94KB , 680x680 , 82f.gif )

I've been using it since April. Bloopsy recommended to me. I dunno how I'd rate it, but so far it's been extremely useful. The web shield is my favorite feature. And it's very light on resources.
>> No. 1657737
File 141655646634.jpg - (94.71KB , 1000x700 , 141217978879.jpg )

Nice! I assume it does scans and stuff, right? That low usage of resources is fantastic though. The one I have now is like a heavyweight boxer that just sits on my CPU and waits >.>
>> No. 1657739
File 141655657575.png - (127.01KB , 474x532 , tumblr_naiwbjERLN1ti1vb0o1_500.png )

Of course. :P

And yeah, it's really nice how light it is.

What do you use?
>> No. 1657740
File 141655675028.png - (88.01KB , 163x265 , 139247727408.png )
So it's sort of like the Chrome of antivirus programs? :P
I use a portwatcher, but also Kaspersky so my computer would stop freaking out so much about not having antivirus. Windows Defender isn't so bad, buuuuut...I don't trust it.
>> No. 1657743
File 141655694795.png - (171.31KB , 400x400 , be7.png )

What do you mean?

What's a portwatcher? From what I've heard, the built-in antivirus in Windows 8 is actually not too bad, though I would rather have an actual third-party antivirus installed. Which, I do. :P
>> No. 1657746
Chrome is very lightweight and functional as a browser when compared to the other choices, mainly Firefox, the bulky yet powerful one, and IE, the...well, we don't talk about IE 'round these parts.

It watches the ports to detect any unauthorized traffic tries to get through them. It's definitely not bad! Avast seems like a fine choice, at least in theory. Hopefully it works well for ya!
I should get to bed though. Nighty.
>> No. 1657747
File 141655737623.gif - (582.14KB , 500x679 , 141627969006.gif )

Really? I've heard that Chrome is a resource. Though, that could be past versions...

I've been using Firefox for ten years now.

That's good, hehe. And yeah, I've been really liking Avast.

Have a good night. ^^

Last edited at Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 01:09

>> No. 1657752
File 141655844785.gif - (22.82KB , 256x192 , ff4.gif )
I might as well bugger off for the night. Goodnight, potential lurkers.
>> No. 1657775
File 141656918051.png - (58.57KB , 889x899 , happy_dashie_by_geometrymathalgebra-d7hhmhn.png )
It's friday night and I have decided to go and party with my frenz. So here I am!
>> No. 1657801
File 141657481329.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Awww.. sorry Runbow!
>> No. 1657845
File 141658129293.png - (0.98MB , 1218x1024 , Bleh.png )
>> No. 1657846
File 141658213641.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1657847
File 141658219137.png - (64.42KB , 650x500 , huggles is an job.png )
*Snuggles in you arms*
>> No. 1657848
File 141658223595.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Ponnycute! How is?
>> No. 1657849
File 141658243024.png - (0.98MB , 1218x1024 , Bleh.png )
ahm not cute..... never will be i guess.
Bleh, feeling ill after have been welding in uncomfortable positions ;_;
hows the best,kindest,cutest Anoni?
>> No. 1657850
File 141658250793.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Really sad.. see Runbow above.. came ehre hoping for chat.. nobody.. Omm has the same problem. I feel bad for them..
>> No. 1657851
File 141658258349.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
never fun to see ones friends sad, being down ;_;
>> No. 1657860
File 141658420267.png - (693.02KB , 680x622 , SSC_222.png )
*massive bass drop*
>> No. 1657862
File 141658425939.png - (795.50KB , 1280x937 , Dj_Pone3_artist-colon-silver1kunai.png )
>> No. 1657864
File 141658433864.png - (171.20KB , 716x947 , SS_319.png )
>> No. 1657865
File 141658437032.jpg - (40.61KB , 730x1095 , 368278__safe_pinkie%252Bpie_solo_watermark_party_cannon_artist-colon-audioscribe_audioscribe.jpg )
Digging this!
>> No. 1657875
File 141658490870.png - (834.03KB , 556x601 , SS_79.png )
>> No. 1657877
File 141658498257.jpg - (110.01KB , 800x695 , Hearts, hearts everywhere_.jpg )
>> No. 1657880
File 141658506655.png - (840.20KB , 750x1000 , SS_237.png )
I'm really getting into trap lately. It's very rarely any good at all, but when it works, it works so awesome.
>> No. 1657882
File 141658512901.jpg - (409.29KB , 1280x853 , Hearts, taste good.jpg )
i kinda feel the same with dubstep. 100000000 of songs and only some few that´s really great!
>> No. 1657886
File 141658532349.png - (272.93KB , 632x536 , SS_200.png )
PBN usually do a good job if you want someone to explore.
>> No. 1657890
File 141658555292.png - (2.60MB , 1733x1227 , spoiler.png )
im going to save this channel, lots of interesting remixes.
i should really reconfigure the car´s sub woofers
>> No. 1657892
File 141658560285.png - (192.35KB , 317x337 , SS_161.png )
Mad marmalade of those. I've meant to give my car a real sound system since I got it, but haven't had the chance.
>> No. 1657894
File 141658569168.gif - (243.58KB , 777x991 , Best tool ever, crunchy as well.gif )
they kinda play crappy because of the cheap amplifier. but it does the job for that money. so i shall not really complain.
Do that! give the girl some proper sounds.
>> No. 1657899
File 141658587121.png - (1.57MB , 881x1212 , SS_186.png )
That's why I haven't. The subs + amp I'd want would run somewhere in the field of $2,000, which is about what that car's worth at this point.

I think I'm more concerned with a decent set of desk speakers, because I spend way more time in front of my computer.
>> No. 1657900
File 141658597022.png - (123.04KB , 674x658 , Spews coffee.png )
>year of the horse
dayumn.... that´s some monay. but the stuff you will get with it.
desk speakers?
just hook up the regular amplifier to the room and hook up the speakers to that
>> No. 1657901
File 141658607508.jpg - (16.42KB , 320x320 , WAT.jpg )
what... i tyep $2,000 as in two thousand !
get yer stuff together chan
>> No. 1657902
File 141658628733.png - (234.48KB , 1024x1280 , SS_222.png )
Well, I have to be a lot pickier with my indoor speakers, because they have to work at all ranges; loud, soft, high, low, and mid. That package is harder to find than you'd think. Car speakers are generally a lot less responsive than, say, bookshelf speakers. If I really wanted to splurge, I could get
But that's a $600+ investment. Even then, their mid-range FR is lacking.

With car speakers, you're just going for the loudest boom.
>> No. 1657904
File 141658651153.jpg - (64.17KB , 1184x488 , Technics_SU-V55A_JWS c81 gold Xl_ferguson3423.jpg )
true, true!
and of course it depends on WHAT type of music you listen to.
pretty little speakers.
>this is the setup i have in my room.

and cear speakers is about boom boom. but at the same time. getting the clear sound from the speakers that is not woofers
>> No. 1657906
File 141658670764.png - (680.84KB , 602x799 , SSC_92.png )
Yeah. I have some Kenwoods in my doors, and some Sonys that need replacing in my back shelf. They've been pretty good, for the price I paid. At the moment, they sound a lot better than my computer speakers because my computer is just hooked up to a cheapo $40 pair of Best Buy speakers. I haven't had the opportunity to get some real speakers.

That standing speaker looks awesome. What is that?
>> No. 1657912
File 141658695477.jpg - (41.63KB , 184x503 , jws_c81xlgold.jpg )
well, then is about the right insulation, damping and what not.
yard sales, thrift stores. you never know what you can find!
those are the JWS c82 gold XL
can shake my room if i wanted with that old amplifier.
and that amp im going to take care of. since it was my dads.

i dpn´t care if it´s not top notch model. turn the dial to #3 and my whole room shakes.
>> No. 1657914
File 141658747509.png - (363.76KB , 381x378 , SS_78.png )
That's awesome.

And no, I won't find anything of quality here. Considering that the height of music in the area is either Toby Keith or the latest rap star, people here don't care too much about sound quality. I'll wait till I'm a few states west to start searching used. :P

>> No. 1657916
File 141658757473.png - (362.21KB , 1000x880 , 499426__safe_vinyl+scratch_octavia_bipedal_plushie_upvotes+galore_dj+pon-dash-3_octavia+melody_c.png )
that´s,.... sad ;_;
IDEA"! road trip around the places explore the random thrift stores!

i really need to do that again.

>> No. 1657918
File 141658770719.png - (229.64KB , 765x1024 , SS_314.png )
When I can afford it, I might. I could maybe find something in Knoxville, or Atlanta if I wanted to sit the 4 hour drive. Still, I'm broke as fuck and couldn't afford good speakers if they fell at my feet. I'm just shopping around so I know what to look for when I can allow myself to.
>> No. 1657923
File 141658792233.png - (508.42KB , 1000x1000 , Pokeball.png )
>Haven't even made it to first gym yet
>Team's shaping up nicely
I'd keep at it if only I didn't have to eat.
>> No. 1657924
aaw, sorry to hear. Hope you can find something. and make the greatest road trips.

Grind the stuff out of the foods...
uhm i meant. don´t forget to eat
>> No. 1657925
File 141658814583.png - (30.16KB , 276x290 , Well__.png )
Blenders and protein shakes?
>> No. 1657927
that works ^^
>> No. 1657947
File 141658986488.jpg - (17.91KB , 480x360 , Starting the car.jpg )
driving to the store!
back later on
>> No. 1657970
File 141659228373.png - (187.11KB , 791x1010 , omygosh.png )
haihaihaihai guiseguiseguiseguise
>> No. 1657972
File 141659231637.png - (82.89KB , 480x360 , It is dangerous to go alone, take this.png )
dude.. chill.. please
>> No. 1657973
File 141659232332.png - (179.82KB , 927x940 , SS_252.png )
Best Esh.

You seem pleased.
>> No. 1657974
File 141659237567.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )

I'm in a good mood, yeah-
>> No. 1657975
File 141659239448.png - (146.76KB , 827x455 , SS_47.png )
What up?
>> No. 1657976
File 141659244930.png - (409.20KB , 4000x3400 , ohai.png )
Nuttin in particular. Went to work, took a nap, edited a while, had dinnars, now catching up on Regular Show and Steven Universe.

>> No. 1657977
File 141659247810.jpg - (22.19KB , 634x357 , Let´s start the work.jpg )
with this intese positive power i could feed the entire village with power!
hold still and let me hook these jumper cables on ya~
>> No. 1657979
File 141659251690.png - (140.49KB , 900x886 , laaawl.png )
Nuh-uh, all mine.
>> No. 1657980
File 141659252087.png - (336.03KB , 732x476 , SS_293.png )

I'm playing Leeg and being an irresponsible adult and avoiding my responsibilities.
>> No. 1657981
File 141659258425.jpg - (22.40KB , 479x466 , speaking.jpg )
The fack is Leeg

>being a responsible adult and avoiding responsibilities
Totes legit
>> No. 1657982
File 141659263876.png - (306.46KB , 992x1024 , SS_12.png )
>> No. 1657983
File 141659264210.jpg - (51.67KB , 800x450 , yeees___.jpg )
now,now don´t be so selfish~
think of the cheaper eletronical bills
>> No. 1657984
File 141659271929.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
I is being a dumb again.

You list me at "think".
>> No. 1657985
File 141659282733.png - (18.69KB , 704x396 , aw, that´s cute.png )
>> No. 1658008
File 141659544692.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
>> No. 1658009
File 141659547936.jpg - (22.75KB , 300x300 , That´s neat.jpg )
i kid.... wup?
>> No. 1658010

Watching a Kamen Rider movie. Youse?
>> No. 1658011
File 141659558261.png - (214.11KB , 365x400 , Not this shit again.png )
>> No. 1658012
File 141659565213.png - (119.91KB , 480x360 , Here have a Strawberry smoothie with extra love.png )
ah, enjoying it?
watching an youtibe about toolkit for beginners. since my interest for prop making come to life again.
although, since being clumsy and cannot do any type of creative work it will be anything ;_;

sorry to hear that
>want an internet smoothie?
>> No. 1658019
File 141659583275.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Ey ey

>Prop making
If I had a brain and hands that worked, I'd do that too. But I can't seem to wrap my head around figuring out props, much less doing the actual building.
>> No. 1658021
File 141659593838.png - (137.71KB , 480x360 , Meanwhile at the camp.png )
it´s sad.
watching some freaking cool build on the net.
you have the drawing hands. which IS an start. keep practice and you will make stuffs.

also, seen some amazingly great leather work prjects and want to try that as well
>> No. 1658023
File 141659609586.png - (122.67KB , 365x277 , 23424234-(n1298787887704).png )
I barely have those.
And I'd love to be able to properly make costumes and props for my films.
>> No. 1658026
i want to say otherwise!
seen the site instructables?
so many cool stuff on that site.

you will do it! do smaller projects
>> No. 1658028
File 141659640163.png - (207.88KB , 1600x1310 , Ooooh.png )
I know of it, yeah. Is pretty cool.