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1663274 No. 1663274
How are you?

Where are you? Where have you been? Where do you want to be? What are your favorite places on Earth?

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>> No. 1667639
File 141719818461.png - (393.27KB , 800x1035 , rarity_by_miss_uni-d4g76pd.png )
Ouch, that's rough... Well, if it is truly gone, then maybe looking for means to prevent this sort of thing in the future would be a good option for now? I do feel for you though. Losing important files is never easy.
>> No. 1667640
File 141719851511.png - (23.38KB , 242x227 , Shrugging off your absurdities.png )
I've been trying to back things up for as long as I can remember. I actually thought I had it backed up on my laptop, hence why it didn't concern me until recently when I popped on and noticed it wasn't there. Oh well. I'm going to keep digging, maybe there's something I'm not thinking of. Closest I came was an old recording of the chorus in it's infancy stage but I have like, a third of the arrangement somewhere that's missing.

Anyway, enough of that. What're you up to today bud?
>> No. 1667655
File 141719921327.png - (102.08KB , 1021x1080 , rarity_by_rariedash-d6apw0j.png )
Oooh...failed backups... It could still be there, though. Hiding in some folder with a strange name, deep in your OS directory. Hopefully some more things turn up for you!

Today I'll be brainstorming a few problems, writing a reflection of a reflection of an assignment, and steadily chugging through some satisfying busy work. It's not too grand, but it's something!
>> No. 1667656
File 141719928258.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Hey Muffin.. you in School or do you work?
>> No. 1667660
File 141719941847.png - (216.40KB , 900x970 , rarity_by_uxyd-d5gdbgj.png )
As of next Tuesday, both.
>> No. 1667664
File 141719950787.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Well hey.... congrats! Woot!
>> No. 1667675
File 141719987539.jpg - (134.14KB , 800x800 , Balloon.jpg )
I managed to track down a copy of the score! Huzzah!

What kind of problems and busy work?
>> No. 1667676
File 141719989698.jpg - (259.54KB , 975x1024 , Watching night sky.jpg )
>> No. 1667684
File 141720018120.png - (279.04KB , 700x850 , rarity_by_nikohl-d4cm0k0.png )
I'll need to leave for a while though, most likely. Unless it's another job that revolves around coding again.

Really? Nice! :D

Coming up with ancient proofs. Or, rather, proofs to ancient problems using only the knowledge known at the time. The busy work is also heavily based around problems, but I can use whatever knowledge to solve them so it's not that challenging.

Ponne! *huuuuuug*
How goes it?
>> No. 1667690
File 141720028954.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
*Huuuuugles back*
nomming some food.
still not feeling the best.
but decided to pop by seeing on how you all doing.
>> No. 1667692
File 141720029522.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )


But.. what'll Listy do?

>> No. 1667695
File 141720041189.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
oh, hi anoni
how is?
>> No. 1667701
File 141720062420.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Okies.. yous?
>> No. 1667705
File 141720068319.jpg - (171.52KB , 1600x1000 , One upone time there was this amazin.jpg )
okies? okies is good!
eh, been better, been worse.
not sure, eating dinner at the moment
>> No. 1667707
File 141720075586.png - (654.60KB , 587x869 , rarity_by_velexane-d6p97bm.png )
Still? Are you sick with something? That's sweet of you to do, methinks ^^

Psssh, Idunno. Anything he wants because he'll be free? Or at least more free than before.
>> No. 1667708
File 141720081991.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

>slurrrrps your nose..

"Oh? Whatcha eating?"


Hey.. love will prevail!

The ship is always sailing..
>> No. 1667711
File 141720093449.png - (325.78KB , 1280x989 , Lovely hugs.png )
not what i know now, but i think i survived the warm, cold, warm, cold not to get sick.
no, kinda had an mood drop yesterday and was not really in the mood to be here.
sweet? dunno but that. but thank you

*boops nose*
type of hot dog stroganov with rice
>> No. 1667715
File 141720100293.png - (88.84KB , 480x480 , ___.png )


Hey, that sounds not bad!
>> No. 1667718
File 141720109433.png - (0.98MB , 1218x1024 , Bleh.png )
it does not make anyone sick... so i guess it´s good?
>> No. 1667720
File 141720113061.png - (897.56KB , 4000x3634 , rarity_by_bluefluffydinosaur-d4nvguq.png )
That's silly though.
I refuse your shipping scenarios!

Ooh...that kind of feeling. Seems to be a lot of that happening, especially around this time of year. Glad you're not sick with a virus at least!
>> No. 1667721
File 141720114414.png - (409.37KB , 522x853 , _mlp__smiling_derpy_by_ardas91-d5w6eaf.png )

That is good, yush!

Gonna go lie down for a while...

>> No. 1667725
File 141720121315.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )

Everytime he shows, you and he go at it.. actions are louder than words. : )
>> No. 1667726
File 141720125039.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
yea triggered by my stupidity feels again.
and of course this dredded month.
which is son finally over.
yaay thats something.

plans for the weekend?

*Offer pillows, plushes,blankets*
>tucks in
have a good rest
>> No. 1667730
File 141720156233.jpg - (58.38KB , 1024x576 , wallpaper_rarity_generous_hug_incoming__by_barrfind-d5tjr3p.jpg )
>implying actions and not just words with different meanings
TTYL noni-sann~~~

Hm... It will be over soon, so that's something to look forward to! I'm hoping for January to come already :x

Weekend? is Friday. Huh. I guess I'll just be extending my Friday into my Saturday, as they'll blend together anyway. Sunday will be spent travelling and doing last-minute touches on things that need to be done by Monday.
>> No. 1667732
File 141720167234.png - (538.04KB , 669x883 , 138984716938.png )
hoping so.
oh, mind me asking what happen in January?

okies,my.. i do hope that you will have time to take it easy.
>> No. 1667737
File 141720201240.png - (244.85KB , 1152x693 , princess_luna_and_twilight_sparkle_hugging_by_90sigma-d51445e.png )
> no, kinda had an mood drop yesterday and was not really in the mood to be here.

I hope your mood lvl goes up so you can feel better again :/

>> No. 1667738
File 141720208028.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
*Huuuugles tightly*
thank you
>> No. 1667744
File 141720239756.png - (543.18KB , 1000x800 , 137538611360.png )

>> No. 1667746
File 141720243368.png - (173.37KB , 693x696 , Mother_Celestia_nuzzles.png )
how is?
>> No. 1667748
File 141720253345.png - (140.86KB , 982x814 , sittingtrixie.png )
Ish more or less okay...
Remembered a certain person and ol' that got me a bit depressed..but I'm over it feeling a bit better.
>> No. 1667749
File 141720263370.jpg - (153.89KB , 425x1878 , hey_rarity_by_underpable-d87x5zn.jpg )
December will be done with! The next depressing month should be February after that. A full month of nothing substantial beforehand is certainly welcomed!
I should be on my way now though. Cya.
>> No. 1667751
File 141720270693.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
sad when those things happens...
*Huggles tightly*

that´s an way to see it. hope it will go the best it can.
oh.. do take care!
>> No. 1667754
File 141720291242.png - (172.37KB , 841x949 , ____my_only_friend_____by_bakasan94-d51dqhj.png )
Yeah :/
But oh, well...ish okay :)
Past should stay in past ^_^

So watcha up to?
>> No. 1667759
File 141720311813.jpg - (136.03KB , 1024x1024 , 138332138490.jpg )
Past is for the past. where we can store the good parts.
nothing had dinner, read some derpy fic, listening to some musc chatting with you. "skimmed through" movies.
>> No. 1667762
File 141720323229.png - (182.81KB , 766x1043 , may_the_great_and_powerful_trixie_hug_u__by_transparentpony-d69k9xw.png )
Sounds pretty nice and chill way to spend the evening :3

Plans for weekend?
>> No. 1667765
File 141720334816.jpg - (216.33KB , 518x622 , Fluttermac huggles.jpg )
it is... i guess.
tinker more with the volvo 740, and maybe help weldeing on a Vw vento.
>> No. 1667769
File 141720356518.jpg - (153.04KB , 821x972 , spoiler.jpg )
Oh sounds nice..if you like things like that ofc :3

Hmm..just listening to music and chatting with you atm..was watching some anime but resting from that xD

Well I got plans for tomorrow, gonna get dwunk on friends b-day party and what kno' my way of partying :p
After that the same old things..

Also my apologies if pic is a bit too much
>> No. 1667771
File 141720371815.png - (885.15KB , 1183x676 , LetitSnow.png )
well, viewed at that point, i guess it´s pretty comfy.

good ol animes :3
what series you following now?

oh, my, uhm happy B-day to the friends of yours.
just don´t over do with the sugar now, ok pinkie pie?

Nah, it´s not too much
>> No. 1667774
File 141720400966.png - (614.06KB , 945x945 , 133376724714.png )
Yay for enjoying it :3

Well finished 2 anime in a week or so .. nao I started watching Norigami .. its odd but yet kinda interesting and funny xD

Hehe thanks xD
B-but sugar is best thing!
There's just no party with no sugar! :p

Okay, good to know :)
>> No. 1667778
File 141720423140.png - (442.23KB , 1280x804 , SNuggles in bed.png )
*Offers some blankets, pillows, plushes, space*
sounds familiar but cannot put an finger onto it.
but glad you liking it.

for my friends :P
maybe so, but we cannot have our cute, kind, thoughtful Apoth blowing up like an pinata during halloween? be careful with the sugar
*Boops nose*

you should know what´s over the top by now sillie~
>> No. 1667781
File 141720468650.png - (337.57KB , 1024x683 , TrixieandDerpy.png )
Sorry xD
A story about god called Yato , he is useless god though, dreams about having his temple, etc...
But can't do any missions right and has no money..

I never blow up during parties, I'm always careful with sugar :3
No need to worry!

Well, still xD gotta make sure :p
>> No. 1667782
File 141720480415.png - (562.38KB , 700x838 , Happy hugs.png )
Silly spellings
poor god.

will always worry for my friends, partying as not partying.

of course, you doing great Apoth
>> No. 1667783
File 141720508569.jpg - (594.26KB , 3300x2550 , 137538614311.jpg )
Yush silly spellings xD
Yep he is poor :p
He also loses his "weapon?" , a female spirit which can turn into weapon for him to use...well he doesn't lose her, she just quits and says she can no longer be by his side because he is far too lame :p

D'aww that's sweet of you, but I always plan ahead and dun overdo things..when I notice I'm crossing my boundary I move to drinking juices :3
And eat some sugar cakes till I'm capable of dwinking more.

>> No. 1667784
File 141720528668.jpg - (278.55KB , 1000x1417 , caramac snuggles.jpg )
damn, that plot!

drinking apple juice is good for ya!
but don´t drink to much because you get an stomach ache.
that´s not how you spell carrot cake!
>> No. 1667786
File 141720558838.png - (260.47KB , 1024x652 , LunaNRarity.png )
Yup, it gets kinda interesting and funny :p
Even though draw style is different then anime I'm used to watch...but ish still good :3

Well I drink orange juice, better then apple!
Well there's usually no carrot cakes on parties! :p
So you grab which ever cake you can find , sugar helps! .p
*nuzzles your cheek gently*

Last edited at Fri, Nov 28th, 2014 13:15

>> No. 1667790
File 141720592670.png - (2.33MB , 2844x1600 , 1387753765669.png )
the plot thickens!
some animes goes for some alternative styles.
some takes a time to get used to, others not.
glad you enjoying it.

Orange juice is also great! but again be careful stomach aches if drinking to much.
Oh, i understand sowwie ^^^,

sugar helps i guess, was some time since i nibbled onto something sweet ( well not really. nibble on one slice of applepie~ during September )

*murrs and nuzzles back*
>> No. 1667791
File 141720610494.png - (141.95KB , 788x1024 , large (14).png )
Imma make a new thread, you lazy folks.
>> No. 1667792
File 141720629096.png - (1.40MB , 921x867 , AlittleTwidash.png )
Indeed , indeed :3
Thanks c:

Yeah I guess it does...but myeah, when it comes to parties, always hide a 5L orange juice somewhere..its good to have fresh juice with no alcohol mixed in it just in case. :3
No need to apologize :)

Oh, you wouldn't know how much it helps xD
owww, you should get something sweet! or your blood sugar might drop to critical lvls!!
(Well I had some chocolate a month ago or so)

>> No. 1667794
File 141720660034.png - (690.43KB , 1280x990 , vinyl and neon.png )

for my friend,s always^^

sounds like a good plan. just hide it somewhere cool place, ok?

no... i don´t im bad at mixing stuffs.
pfff ive lost enough blood daily so not knowing any difference
now this may chock you but i haven´t had chocolate for like years-
why you so adorable, fluffy, cute, cuddley?
*cuddles warm*
>> No. 1667795
File 141720662260.jpg - (59.88KB , 1024x768 , large.jpg )
New thread!
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