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1663274 No. 1663274
How are you?

Where are you? Where have you been? Where do you want to be? What are your favorite places on Earth?

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>> No. 1663276
File 141693215598.png - (149.99KB , 882x907 , __derpy_squee___by_overmare-d62q9y5.png )

Oh hey... cool!

Thank youuu!
>> No. 1663288
File 141693380206.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
>Where are you?


>Where have you been?


>Where do you want to be?


>What are your favorite places on Earth?

Just home.
>> No. 1663293
File 141693475104.png - (1.02MB , 830x856 , Arguing the profound intricacies of moths vs butterflies.png )
You didn't answer 'How are you' y'dink.
>> No. 1663294
File 141693480072.png - (31.74KB , 332x435 , We do sell that in a large size, yes.png )

That's a secret~
>> No. 1663321
File 141693622599.gif - (1.13MB , 360x191 , spooky.gif )
It's new and dead!
>> No. 1663322
File 141693625658.png - (216.36KB , 750x750 , Ember Storm - Curious - Princess Sparkly Cuddler.png )
>> No. 1663357
File 141693857455.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )

HAY primetime starts only like in 3-5 hours though

>back to superlurk
>> No. 1663359
File 141693859190.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
>How are you?

>Where are you?
Mah room

>Where have you been?

>Where do you want to be?
Mah room

>What are your favorite places on Earth?
...mah room?
>> No. 1663363
then i shall wait...
>> No. 1663366
File 141693924243.png - (165.72KB , 853x1008 , Squee!.png )
So they released the Jurassic World trailer a bit early and now all that repressed stokage is coming to the surface in full force.
>> No. 1663368
File 141693929147.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
>repressed stokage
>> No. 1663369
File 141693939337.png - (135.84KB , 223x323 , How am I ever going to win your love if I cant even eat crab legs upside down¿.png )
Maybe it's just me, but I don't like being excited for things. I'm a very impatient person so I've learned to kind of suppress it and only like.. loosely commit myself to something until it sneaks up on me and is right around the corner. Then I saw the trailer and all that went to hell.
>> No. 1663372
File 141693957124.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
It was the word "stokage" that threw me off. Ah get it nao.

I guess I gotta get around to that trailer right after this movie.
>> No. 1663374
File 141693965342.png - (140.42KB , 800x816 , MLPXBlazBlue.png )

Fierce stokage, bro!
>> No. 1663375
File 141693979819.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Mondo non-heinous.
>> No. 1663376
File 141693984670.png - (369.01KB , 1046x789 , 141373870718.png )
Fuckin' right you should.
It looks fantastic.

Yes, indeed.
>> No. 1663377
File 141693996923.png - (275.56KB , 900x506 , Sweetie derp 2.png )
Well there's some good news then.


>ORAS is released here in three days
>The very day I get money
>I am in the city for work
>I get off work at like 12:30 PM

Fuck, the universe really is working to ensure I spend money I shouldn't.
>> No. 1663378
File 141694004600.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
Considering how bad it could've been, yes.

I keep forgetting you guys are getting it later over there. That's a bummer.
>> No. 1663380
File 141694012337.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , 131395976402.png )
Welcome to absolutely everything I want to see/get ever. It frustrates the hell out of me.

But it's coming out on the day I get more money, so there's that. Again, I probably really shouldn't spend that, but fuckit, I need it.
>> No. 1663381
File 141694018123.png - (129.44KB , 341x372 , I will inflate your spleen to use for general recreation_.png )
>Where are you

>Where have you been?
Though a fair portion of America east of Colorado and North of Kentucky, portions of southern Canada but only going as far north as Saskatoon, as far north as Fairbanks Alaska, and I've also spent time in Amsterdam-Netherlands, Prague-Czech Republic, Berlin and Salzburg - Germany, Melk - Austria. I could have gone to Rome, but I missed the trip by a year, which is one of my major regrets in life, as though I would be considered a lapsed catholic I still hold to many of the traditions of the faith, and I would have loved to have gotten to visit the Vatican, especially because at the time I was still very devout and practicing.

>Where do you want to be?
Ideally about 10-20 miles out of Fairbanks Alaska in the woodlands that surround the city, living the life of a reclusive writer.

>What are your favorite places on Earth?
Either areas that are relatively uninhabited by people, or have been abandoned. I have a distinct love for ghost towns and abandoned urban centers. One of my few remaining dreams is to be able to scrape up enough funds to try and fund myself a trip to Pripyat Ukraine to get a tour of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, though that will need to wait until Russia stops causing tension in the area. The point is that I actually do like cities, just not the fact that most cities have a dense population as a result of... being a city.
>> No. 1663383
File 141694028714.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
Dude, seriously some of the early scripts sounded more like B. movie material than a Jurassic Park film. Basically genetic engineering and dinosaur soldiers. In fairness they're keeping those but they're not going to be overplayed like they were originally, the D. Rex is going to be a genetically engineered dinosaur and the raptors are supposedly under human control (temporarily, we're assured - as it wouldn't be a Jurassic Park film without some ferocious raptor mayhem) but they seem to be implemented more tastefully than the original scripts planned.

Or were you referring to ORAS?
Fuck it, I'm just stoked and have nobody to gush to about this at the moment.. heh.
>> No. 1663384
File 141694040850.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )

I was referring to everything I want always getting here late. But regarding the money, I meant ORAS.

It all sounds awesome, tho.
>> No. 1663386
File 141694052968.png - (23.38KB , 242x227 , Shrugging off your absurdities.png )
Fine then. I'll shut up.
Maybe make some tea and watch that episode of SAO I missed, I guess.
>> No. 1663387
File 141694061223.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Did I say or even in the slightest hint that you should? I am glad to see you excited, and I am interested - I just haven't seen the trailer myself yet, so it's not like I have anything to add to it.
>> No. 1663392
File 141694111980.png - (30.16KB , 276x290 , Well__.png )
Don't sugarcoat it, nobody wants to hear someone childishly gush about dinosaurs - even if it is in regards to one of the bigger franchises of our childhood.
>> No. 1663393
File 141694118578.gif - (57.03KB , 351x340 , Wave.gif )

If it makes you feel better, if my paycheck on Friday is big enough I'm planning on picking up Sapphire.
>> No. 1663395
File 141694137736.png - (205.81KB , 883x905 , Messy Belle.png )
Please don't tell me what I want and do not want from people - I hate when people do that. Wether or not I am as interested in dinosaurs a you, I am very happy to see you excited, and excited myself. I'd never tell or think anyone should stop gushing about something they like.

Suddenly going all "fine, I'll shut up" when all I said is I haven't seen the traile myself yet is pretty much reacting like I told you to fuck off when I never said or would say any such thing.

Such a cute little wave.
Oh, so at least someone is getting Sapphire. Trade times ahead then!
>> No. 1663397
File 141694148519.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
It'll be so long until we can battle though.

Right then.
>> No. 1663398
File 141694150864.gif - (44.01KB , 600x440 , Wow, would you look at that!.gif )
... The reply to Akhe doesn't really work without tone of voice showing I'm ribbing.

I had Sapphire as a kid, so it will be a nice little nostalgia trip. I played quite a bit of it back in the day.
>> No. 1663400
File 141694154805.png - (667.17KB , 1200x1140 , Staring daggers.png )
Are you that far ahead?
>> No. 1663403
File 141694160673.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
Just please keep that first part in mind is all I ask.

Never did play much Hoenn myself, so aside from no new 'mons, it's basically gonna be a new game for me.
>> No. 1663404
File 141694160669.png - (486.34KB , 2016x3000 , airpls.png )
>> No. 1663405
File 141694165003.jpg - (522.66KB , 713x1000 , Kirisame_Marisa_full_1789096.jpg )
I try to report pastes on Pastebin for breaking the rules and it takes me to a login page. Frustrating.

Also, hey folks <3

>Where are you?
The once Great Britain.

>Where have you been?
South Africa. Once.

>Where do you want to be?
Anywhere in Scandinavia.

>What are your favorite places on Earth?
Japan, Finland, Australia, Russia, France. Some of them anyway.
>> No. 1663406
File 141694167836.png - (173.75KB , 948x900 , Sweet lord, have mercy!.png )
Going to be quite the nostalgia trip for me, it will be nice to have Mudkip again.

>> No. 1663407
File 141694169639.png - (170.31KB , 900x778 , ehheh.png )

>> No. 1663408
File 141694174999.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , Smile.png )
Well helllo person whose name I do not recognize.

Planning to grab Mudkip myself. Because Swampert.

>> No. 1663409
File 141694176925.png - (98.35KB , 700x700 , Cotton candy__or something.png )
Well then, haven't seen you in a long time.

I beat the Elite Four about a day ago, and finished the post-story story last night.
>> No. 1663411
File 141694183475.png - (364.49KB , 1600x2733 , Interesting.png )
So how long exactly has it taken you to do all this anyway? JUst like a week or something?
>> No. 1663412
File 141694184632.png - (180.22KB , 750x900 , Why no, officer_ I DON'T know why my basement has been converted into a dungeon_.png )
What is Pastebin?

Also, how was South Africa?

Not much, blasting some music into my ears.

Swampert is boss.

Well... I mean it shouldn't take me too long, I've beaten the game before so I should be able to power through it.
>> No. 1663413
File 141694193017.png - (80.66KB , 955x1063 , Insane.png )
Never used him,wouldn't know. I just kinda like the guy now (when a while back, I never even considered him).
>> No. 1663414
File 141694198129.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
Well it came out on Friday, so a couple of days.
Bear in mind I played for hours on end though. 'til the battery ran dry, then I'd plug it in to charge while still playing.. heh.

It's a bit different this time around, but yeah it's not a particularly long playthrough. I'll be doing what I usually do, putting my game team aside and leaving it untouched so when you feel ready to battle let me know and I'll dig up what I used for the playthrough.
>> No. 1663415
File 141694198692.png - (202.95KB , 1280x1280 , drink.png )

Sounds good :3
>> No. 1663416
File 141694199438.png - (164.04KB , 906x881 , Nice of you to swing by.png )
That, and mega Swampert sets up itself so well for so many "Bro, do you even lift?" jokes.
>> No. 1663417
File 141694207711.png - (325.24KB , 500x629 , I've got like___ five torture dolls I'm working on right now, so make it quick_.png )
Sounds good, did you run Sceptile for your starter?

>> No. 1663419
File 141694211513.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Been a while since i've done that with anything. Can't even get through my current Black 2 playthtough at a decent pace. Then again, it's a Nuzlocke and i have the radio to go to and video editing when I get home in the afternoon, so the last while I've only played a little on the train and a bit when I got home...

I've seen them, yeah. I always did have a weakness for superheroes / creatures of the "big and strong" variety - like, you can throw all the flashy attacks yo uwant, motherfucker's gonna keep trucking kind.
>> No. 1663420
File 141694216654.png - (94.08KB , 200x403 , image_410508130924225818298.png )
Hi Esh. How goes it?

Same here, if we've talked much. Surprise is 2cute to miss. :3

A site for uploading text to the webs. It has syntax highlighting for a number of programming languages and is intended for devs, but is also home to dox and Anonymous operations.

I suppose it was nice those 22 years ago at the time. Seems like an unsafe place now, especially in the urban areas.
>> No. 1663422
File 141694218915.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
Of course!
Mega Sceptile is pretty cool, I guess. I'm going to abandon him when I start building a legit team though.

Well, I find it's a bit harder to soldier through a Pokemon game when you've already played it. At least the remakes spice things up enough for it to feel relatively new.
>> No. 1663423
File 141694218979.png - (129.68KB , 497x600 , falling.png )

No time to listen now, doing some assigment stuff! :o
>> No. 1663424
File 141694236223.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
It goes. Just watching some Kamen Rider.

Sorry to ask, but who is this? I suck at recognizing names for a good while, and I don't recall "Emerald".
I know, I am ashamed.

There's also the whole nature of the nuzlocke occasionally meaning I have to come to a grinding halt to train someone up when a team member dies. Besides, I never actuallly did finish Black 2 for some reason way back when. But yeah, I'll probably play a bit after this movie is done. Getting close to Drayden.
>> No. 1663425
File 141694238620.png - (117.79KB , 600x552 , Well I'm not used to being put on the spot like this.png )
So I heard you liek MURDER.

Hm, alright.

That's fair enough I suppose.

Not good enough?

Aww, well fair enough.
>> No. 1663427
File 141694253466.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
We haven't spoken much, no. Still my memories are pleasant enough.

It's not that, it's just.. I never quite liked Sceptile's design and while Mega Sceptile is better it's still rather awkward to me. I actually never evolved my Grovyle in my original Ruby and Emerald playthroughs. Not to mention I have my eye on Mega Salamence. I realize he's a bit OP and I feel guilty for wanting to use him when the Meta game will probably be littered with it but I'm excited about how I want to run mine so I'm going for it.

'sides, I'll be getting my Grass coverage from Serperior.

That's a shame, Black 2 had some of the best post-game features so you've really missed out.
>> No. 1663428
File 141694261319.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
I do like murder! My film collection is full of films about murders!

I guess I'll see when I get to them.
Oh, except by then I'll be playong Omega Ruby! Gaspeth!
>> No. 1663429
File 141694266036.png - (181.01KB , 1000x900 , I'll be finished soon, don't you worry.png )
And here I am, still sitting in my love for Dragonite.

That's fair though.

Indeed it is.
>> No. 1663430
File 141694271843.png - (255.80KB , 1280x1280 , Normally I'd take credit, but I have no idea where this corpse came from_.png )
Oh dear, would you look at the time. I must be going now.
>> No. 1663431
File 141694276017.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , Smile.png )
I suppose I should show off my film collection properly sometime.

Also bye.
>> No. 1663432
File 141694278041.png - (180.90KB , 893x895 , 21557845.png )

>> No. 1663433
File 141694278414.png - (350.36KB , 900x938 , glow in the dark lurks.png )
Most of Black 2's post-game features are down now anyway, PWT was the only thing worthwhile that would still be standing. Man that shit was fun, I loved taking on the classic gym leaders again.

You know I'd rock Flygon if I could, but it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. I'm going to get my middle ground by raising a Flygon for the contests though.

Also sorry I never got that Dragonair to you, I tried but I couldn't catch any with the hidden ability. I had some really bad luck when I was last in X/Y.
>> No. 1663434
File 141694279768.png - (312.23KB , 505x508 , 341972__safe_solo_derpy+hooves_final+fantasy_dragon+ball_final+fantasy+vii_artist-colon-cassette.png )
Just an occasional passerby. I wouldn't get too attached, since I never always stick around communities for extended periods.
You don't have to feel ashamed though :3

Only people I know there are my grandmother and my uncle, who I've hardly seen ever. Can only vaguely remember my nan since I was 7 when she visited.
Have a good one.

Can't fault those always, eh? :3
If I'm not mistaken, I remember you from as early as L&A. or was it the Snuggle Thread. Things are hard to remember and such.
>> No. 1663435
File 141694294697.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
I suppose i can play around with that then. But it's not like I ever really had the option of making use of many online features anyway..

Fair enough, then.

And what are you up to?
>> No. 1663436
File 141694294846.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
I was in both, unfortunately. Though we interacted most in /pic/ at the time.
>> No. 1663437
File 141694301684.png - (105.48KB , 307x347 , Drinking drink I has.png )
Well most of the features were just ways to get better Pokemon with rare moves and hidden abilities, not necessarily battling or anything of that sort. Though it's easier to do that this gen anyway so it's not such a loss.

I still miss the PWT though, we need a way to incorporate classic characters into our games more often.
>> No. 1663440
File 141694326040.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , 1302992206872.png )
Agreed. Should really be a series stable to have rematches with all the past gen Gy Leaders / rivals / Elite fours / protagonusts....
>> No. 1663443
File 141694343035.jpg - (45.05KB , 976x819 , 489115__safe_solo_derpy+hooves_love+heart_mouth+hold_heart_wink_chest+fluff_letter_mail.jpg )
I'm just finishing up this roast dinner, then makikng my way to sleep. Not in a mood to pull an all nighter again, after yesterday.

Are you familiar with moshy? Cause I don't think it was /pic/ I went to the most.
And forgive me, I just prefer this other handle at times, in case I confused you with someone else.
>> No. 1663444
Especially when it would be so easily implemented in the features that tend to follow anyway.
>> No. 1663445
File 141694347419.png - (474.84KB , 2841x3137 , hug me.png )
>Roast dinner
Watcha havin?
>> No. 1663446
File 141694363044.png - (175.76KB , 787x617 , 71975__safe_solo_princess+luna_artist-colon-miketheuser_go+to+sleep.png )
Quarter pounders with an assortment of vegetables and gravy. Haven't been all that hungry all day, though this is helpful enough.
>> No. 1663447
File 141694375071.png - (135.84KB , 223x323 , How am I ever going to win your love if I cant even eat crab legs upside down¿.png )
No, I'm not.
I figured I might've had you mixed up with the other Emerald, I don't think he posts here anymore after all.
>> No. 1663448
File 141694395145.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
Sounds delishish

Yeah, iit's frankly quite odd that they don't.
>> No. 1663449
File 141694401881.jpg - (50.86KB , 500x500 , 1078__safe_solo_derpy+hooves_mail_artist-colon-enma-dash-darei.jpg )
Never knew there was another one here.

I might have been anon or something at the time then..
You up to anything either way?

The delishest!
Well not when you take into account things like pizza of course.
>> No. 1663451
File 141694418188.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
Well they may show up in the Battle Maison, but.. I don't think they do otherwise we'd have heard about it by now.

Used to be, like a year back.
Not really, I'm just alternating between browsing Youtube and listening to music - while guzzling tea. Yourself?
>> No. 1663452
File 141694426416.png - (81.58KB , 527x751 , sad 4.png )
Pizza is a cheater though. Cause melted cheese fixes anything and you acn put whatever you want on it.

Yeah, seems unlikely. What a shame.
>> No. 1663453
File 141694436473.png - (486.25KB , 931x1024 , 17275.png )
I see.
About to pass out after this meal. I have some Massive Attack on in the background from here on.

Sorry to cut it short. Take care :3
>> No. 1663455
Oh well, still plenty of replay value as it is.

Fair enough, have a good one.
>> No. 1663456
File 141694463505.png - (218.47KB , 623x539 , Smile 3.png )
Oh for sure. I am enjoying myself immensely.

Drayden is gonna be hell, though. Again, this is a Nuzlocke, and that my team is ill equipped to deal with dragons is an understatement...
>> No. 1663465
File 141694503542.png - (65.61KB , 432x661 , Heart.png )
das wai dragunz b best typ yo
>> No. 1663468
File 141694511200.jpg - (71.75KB , 1280x640 , 1416885731645.jpg )
Day Status: Fucking awesome.
>> No. 1663470
File 141694513001.png - (151.01KB , 908x880 , worry belle.png )
And why they pretty much needed the nerf that came with the Fairy Type. But yeah, we'll see what happens. Though i have a feeling a LOT of my teammates will get replaced after this...
>> No. 1663471
As if they weren't frail enough to Ice as it is
>> No. 1663477
File 141694539520.png - (207.88KB , 1600x1310 , Ooooh.png )
How so=?

Two weaknesses, one of them being its own type, both of them somewhat rare at least until late in the game, easily taken care of with some double typing, plus four they are resistant to. The Fairy type balances it out well enough, Id say.
>> No. 1663479
File 141694564369.jpg - (9.60KB , 448x486 , 1416878401743.jpg )
We didn't do anything today (except movies) today.
Also, i'm on a school break.
>> No. 1663480
File 141694567359.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Good ones, I hope?
>> No. 1663481
>> No. 1663485
File 141694585137.png - (172.30KB , 849x941 , 131395990220.png )
Care to share which?
>> No. 1663486
File 141694591310.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
I'm not saying I'm disagreeing with adding Fairy types into the mix, Dragons did need another counter and something that can shut down an Outrage is more than welcome. I'm just saying Dragon type moves are ridiculously common amongst Pokemon and Ice type moves shut down most Dragons in a single hit, and are also learned by a relatively flexible number of Pokemon. Your average Dragon is 4x weak to Ice, after all.

Not to mention most Dragons are dual-types anyway, so they're not usually resisting as many Pokemon as they potentially could. Though there are a few combinations to look out for, like Kingdra.
>> No. 1663487
File 141694603633.png - (384.98KB , 1600x2617 , happy 2.png )
Yeah, Kingdra was one of the ones i had in mind. Sides, I've found that most Dragons have really high Defensive stats against whatever they aren't resistant or weak to, making it a hassle to fight them still - unless of course, you're lucky with the dual types.

Also, I should probably save my list of Pokémon I wanna breed now that I will be getting Omega Ruby soon. Gonna like that DexNav.

Though that probably does mean I'll have to sort of re-create some of the ones I alreayd did in X...
>> No. 1663491
Depends on what you classify as high, and Kingdra makes up for it by being average across the board. Sure he only has two weaknesses with Fairies in the picture but his stats are a base 95 across the board (with 75 HP if I remember correctly) which isn't anything particularly worth writing home about.

They're usually around 90 anyway, which is enough to get decimated by an Ice move or even just outright overpowered by most neutral damage.

That being said, Mega Salamence is way too over-powered in the defense department. He pretty much breaks all the rules.
>> No. 1663494
File 141694658432.png - (207.88KB , 1600x1310 , Ooooh.png )
Oh yeah? How?
>> No. 1663496
File 141694672215.png - (917.91KB , 800x1035 , Dem eyes.png )
HP: 95
Attack: 145
Defense: 130
Sp. Attack: 120
Sp. Defense: 90
Speed: 120

HP is nothing remarkable and Special Defense is pretty average, but that Defense, Attack, and Speed pairing is pretty formidable.
>> No. 1663500
File 141694681569.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
SHIT. Lost my Darmanitan. My only Fire type.

And what about Mega Salamence, then?
>> No. 1663502
File 141694707773.png - (156.94KB , 316x293 , Arting-2.png )
Sorry, I mean that is Mega Salamence.
Salamence used to speed tie with Flygon at base 100 Speed, now it doesn't just hit harder but it's almost as fast as a Noivern and probably bulky enough to tank a couple super effective hits.

I'm really curious to see how the Meta game starts playing him, I'm hoping it's not too similar to how I plan to run it.
>> No. 1663503
File 141694710863.png - (205.81KB , 883x905 , Messy Belle.png )
That sounds almost broken.
>> No. 1663505
File 141694734034.png - (171.71KB , 1263x1263 , 141592590719.png )
My point exactly!
Have you gone against my Kingdra?

I think I'm going to run Salamence the same way I used to run my Kingdra. It'd lend itself well to that setup.
>> No. 1663506
File 141694739710.png - (178.09KB , 806x990 , yay 2.png )
I have once. That's when I found out Ice is useless against it.
>> No. 1663510
File 141694758693.jpg - (196.72KB , 900x900 , 47075__surprise.jpg )
Yeah, I guess Mega Salamence won't have that advantage of surprising opponents by tanking a super effective but I'm thinking if I invest enough in defenses and pair it with my Disable Galvantula, I could really get the upper hand on people.
>> No. 1663512
File 141694770845.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Sounds like a round of rape to me.
>> No. 1663513
File 141694779266.png - (173.46KB , 1118x715 , Bumflirting.png )
Oh just you wait and see.
>> No. 1663527
File 141694855595.png - (151.01KB , 908x880 , worry belle.png )
I have no doubt I will. More losses ahead!
>> No. 1663530
File 141694874147.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
Like I'd bitch-slap you with my competitive team, what kind of an asshole do you think I is?
>> No. 1663533
File 141694919111.png - (178.09KB , 806x990 , yay 2.png )
>>1663530, still more losses ahead.
>> No. 1663535
File 141694923144.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
>Rayquaza needs to know Dragon Ascent to Mega Evolve
>My shiny Rayquaza is Modest
>Dragon Ascent is a physical move
Damn it.

We'll see!
>> No. 1663541
File 141694952890.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
You realize of course I will once again need a lot of time before I can battle for reals.
>> No. 1663544
File 141694959563.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
Like I said to Chrome, I'm retiring my in-game team so just challenge me with what you beat the Elite Four with and I'll pull that team out.
>> No. 1663546
File 141694972490.png - (171.47KB , 629x1269 , Angel.png )
We can try that whenever I get there, yeah.
>> No. 1663549
File 141694980609.png - (73.09KB , 231x274 , mailtiemz.png )
See? It'll all pan out.
>> No. 1663559
File 141695016684.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Maybe. Maaaaaaaybe.
>> No. 1663560
File 141695017589.png - (112.84KB , 662x555 , EbonTopaz_PinkieArt02.png )
Hey Pokéfans, just stepping in real quickly to ask a question.

I know that Mareep isn't available in Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire... But what am I to do without a Mareep? I must have a Mareep!

It's easy to get a Mareep in Pokémon Black 2, though. But how can I transfer a freshly caught Mareep from Black 2 to Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, once I've got it? Or is there a better way to get a Mareep?
>> No. 1663566
File 141695041813.png - (291.12KB , 619x564 , Pokemon Trainer Surprise 2.png )
You might be able to get Mareep through DexNav, I found Ampharosite yesterday so that tells me it's obtainable in some way. I'd look into that a little more, but if not you can simply catch one in X/Y and then transfer it to yourself through the GTS - it's a bit tedious, but it works. It's how I transferred over my shiny Rayquaza.

If you don't have X/Y, however, you're kind of screwed. You could use Poketransfer to bring a Mareep from B/W but the issue is you need Pokebank and if you aren't subscribed then.. yeah, not going to happen. I might have a Mareep I can hook you up with from X/Y if you'd like, though. You can trade between the games so it should work nicely.

Pfft, it'll be fun.
>> No. 1663568
File 141695049288.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
See Akhes response. I has no clue.
Though now I should transfar my Ampharos so I can have that on ORAS. Thanks for the heads up.

Of course it will.
>> No. 1663569
File 141695053876.png - (88.32KB , 423x423 , EbonTopaz_JitterbugArt01.png )

Aw, I don't have X or Y... But I suppose we could trade together for one later. Thank you!

Just a regualar ol' Mareep will do, I don't care whether it's a freshly caught or a freshly bred one. As long as it doesn't have a nickname. I don't like nicknames.
>> No. 1663573
File 141695074901.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
Pity. Well I'm sure I have a few lying around in X/Y, so let me know when you'd like to trade and I'll help you out. Or you can just do what I did and tough it out without your prized Poke.. heh. I haven't even seen a Trapinch in the wild, let alone get my staple Flygon.

Damn right.
So it's my final day with Netflix and I don't know what to watch.
>> No. 1663575
File 141695079909.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
What type of movie you in the mood for?
>> No. 1663581
File 141695102892.png - (198.92KB , 721x950 , EbonTopaz_KatAndFriendsArt01.png )

I don't know if it's still the case in Omega Ruby, but in the classic Ruby and Sapphire you could find Trapinch in the desert of Route 111...

Maybe you'll be able to find it there?
>> No. 1663586
File 141695115117.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>> No. 1663588
File 141695116205.png - (369.01KB , 1046x789 , 141373870718.png )
That's the problem, I'm not!

Oh yeah, I know where to find it. What I'm saying is that I didn't even bother because while he's available I'm just sick of Flygon being outclassed by everything and felt the need for more of a competitive edge. I've only been to the desert area twice now.
>> No. 1663594
File 141695126576.png - (147.62KB , 1000x1063 , Ebon_Topaz_Vector10.png )

Aw, I see. It's always a shame to see one's favourite Pokémon become outclassed in the metagame...

Anyways, I'm not really doing very well tonight, so that's all from me for now. I'll be around again tomorrow!
>> No. 1663598
File 141695138815.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
WEll shiyeeeet

Well hi/bye then. Or mostly bye.
>> No. 1663599
File 141695140500.png - (665.63KB , 583x714 , SSC_198.png )
Hey guys.

Life is getting crazy. I've put some things off for way too long and the time has come to own up and address them. I'm not going to be here a whole lot, and I won't be able to keep regular contact. If you don't see me for a long time, don't worry, I'm fine - I'm just focusing my efforts on fixing my life and that will require most of my time and effort.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Time for me to hit the road. See ya, space cowboys.
>> No. 1663600
File 141695142806.png - (47.17KB , 177x244 , Mistake'd.png )
Eh, I've had like three generations to get used to it.. heh.
Take care then.
>> No. 1663603
File 141695151917.png - (750.36KB , 900x1045 , ohai.png )
That Remembrance film will definitely get a watch since it's been on my radar for a bit but afterwards I haven't a clue.

I don't see why you felt it necessary to take one last jab before leaving, but 'kay then - take care.
>> No. 1663605
File 141695153904.gif - (1.07MB , 320x240 , 347.gif )
Now it's time to walk your road alone...
God speed you wonderful bastard.

Last edited at Tue, Nov 25th, 2014 14:39

>> No. 1663606
File 141695163027.jpg - (124.91KB , 619x479 , notagain.jpg )
Maybe another time. Cya then!.. ♥
>> No. 1663609
File 141695168139.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Sure thing, man. Take care.

Ho hum.
Well, when you're in a particular mood, you know where to ask, I suppose.

>> No. 1663611
File 141695172343.jpg - (33.22KB , 413x395 , 141607895238.jpg )

Last edited at Tue, Nov 25th, 2014 14:42

>> No. 1663612
File 141695179312.png - (71.45KB , 256x308 , Playful.png )
Considering half the time I ask for recommendations I take interest in things that aren't available on Netflix, that might not exactly work. Though down the road, for sure.
>> No. 1663613
File 141695179610.jpg - (31.50KB , 418x328 , ohio.jpg )
Ohio! 'Sup?
>> No. 1663615
File 141695184133.gif - (567.71KB , 300x169 , Giod+dammit+ross+_b3f60f4441fcdb235c02ef2902f691d1.gif )
Bored, have nothing to do.
>> No. 1663618
File 141695191662.jpg - (60.93KB , 799x414 , 135494760591.jpg )
Not even F:NV?
>> No. 1663620
File 141695195103.jpg - (17.01KB , 500x367 , 1416878757849.jpg )
>> No. 1663624
File 141695208758.jpg - (212.53KB , 2000x1343 , 132719944387.jpg )
In the mood for anything?
>> No. 1663627
File 141695217629.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
Well whose fault is that!?

I am not a state!
About to watch some Soul Eater is all. Yew?
>> No. 1663628
File 141695219099.png - (26.70KB , 403x252 , Raep.png )
>> No. 1663631
File 141695229417.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
Yeah well I keep sending Netflix angry letters to make every movie ever available but they pay me no mind!

Seriously though, you give good recommendations it's just availability is a bitch when working around a streaming program. I'm going to be kind of relieved to go back to downloads - but the risk of wasting bandwidth on things I won't like is going to go up and that's not too great.

On a side note holy shit this album is good I've been listening to it all day.
>> No. 1663633
File 141695250294.png - (159.81KB , 900x1201 , 133747651119.png )
Hmm... Subject is completely unaware of his state-like state. Further testing is required.
Oh nice! One of my first animuus! How far are you in? ^^
Still feeling a little sick, but really not much else.

HmmmMMmmMmmmm.... Those moods are quite the conundrum wen they decide to appear! They eventually solve themselves, but it's still a formidable inconvenience for the while. So there's nothing you'd like to do?
>> No. 1663638
File 141695267981.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Write even angrier letters. Send them body parts. Or, you know, download Hola.

But yeah, I was not about to bitch about my recommendations not being heard. I get the issue.

Yeah? what album?

I am not a state!

Not far. Eight episodes. I watched about half of it a long-ass while ago, but I started over cause I couldn't remember it clearly. I am seriously behind on anime in general, so I wanna do a bit of catching up.

I think last time I watched I made it past the spider-witch...
>> No. 1663641
File 141695272887.gif - (1.08MB , 276x260 , 1416878719926.gif )
My senses are tingling for some reason.
>> No. 1663642
File 141695285147.png - (496.53KB , 900x796 , Gosh where are my manners¿ Do you want to try cocaine!¿.png )
I'm still at the mercy of whatever's available on my console, I don't think my computer could handle Hola. Hell, it can barely handle Youtube..

Just wanted to make it clear, you've recommended quite a few movies I'm interested in checking out. It's just accessibility that's the issue.

It's called Night Ravens by the band Engel, they're a cool melodeath band that just recruited the vocalist of Degradead and sound better than ever.
>> No. 1663644
File 141695296813.png - (172.30KB , 849x941 , 131395990220.png )
All Hola really does is trick websites into thinking you're in a different country, though. It really shouldn't drag you down at all...

Oh, I never doubted anything, no worries.

>Night Ravens
Sure is high school goth kid in here.
Naw, in srs, glad to hear it. Better than ever sounds, well, better than ever.
>> No. 1663645
File 141695304107.jpg - (117.92KB , 680x604 , 133573854440.jpg )
Subject continues to disregard all logic and reason concerning his stately state. Sedation and significant restraint may be necessary.

Huh. Well, glad you chose this one! Aren't there...26 episodes? That sounds about right. Anyway, what made you go with this one as opposed to the other hundred trillion other shows?

You made it past her? Hm... That's pretty far in, IIRC.

What sorts of senses?If it involves spiders, I'd rather not be involved. Those things are freaky.
>> No. 1663647
File 141695310023.png - (115.90KB , 314x339 , Startled.png )
I don't know why I said that, it's Raven King. I got distracted and messed up.

Oh well what's the benefit in that without Netflix?
>> No. 1663649
File 141695319419.gif - (1.51MB , 415x175 , No.gif )
It's not spiders, holy shit, i'll piss myself If I see one.
>> No. 1663651
File 141695337658.png - (377.46KB , 800x1495 , 134583703461.png )
I know, right? Disgusting little exoskeletons full of venom :x
>> No. 1663653
File 141695339456.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , Smile.png )
52 episodes. So not quite. But it's no problem, I liked the style, so I am going with this one. Tons of other series I need to check, though. Like I said, just the art style and knowing I never finished it, but it liked it as far as I got.

It works for other websites too, like Hulu. Although, while you can view stuff on Hulu for free, well, there's commercials if you do.

But hey, maybe for when you get Netflix again sometime
>> No. 1663654
File 141695345477.png - (111.69KB , 648x558 , juicebox.png )
I think they're kind of cute.

True, I do plan on getting it back but likely not until I actually find myself another job.
>> No. 1663656
File 141695355350.jpg - (96.76KB , 625x510 , b340936c202d6ff6acb24a1569f780a2bed6e440f327e2aef1b57c92023882dc.jpg )
Anyway, if you guys wanna chat with me, hook me up in Steam chat.
>> No. 1663657
File 141695367540.png - (172.30KB , 849x941 , 131395990220.png )
WEll just keep Hola in mind. It does wonders for me.
>> No. 1663658
File 141695374635.gif - (43.81KB , 500x500 , 139400841573.gif )
...Huh. Guess it's been a while. Maybe I was thinking about another show... Aaaanyway, hope you find it to your liking c:

I don't see it, personally. I mean, they're really not bad creatures by any means, it's just that I can't get past their methods and looks. That sounds shallow, but it's the truth!..

>hook up
Oh English and your many meanings.
Oh, and cya!
>> No. 1663659
File 141695379929.png - (47.17KB , 177x244 , Mistake'd.png )
Doesn't it cost money for a subscription though?
Shit I just realized I never finished watching Burn Notice.. guess I have to download the rest of that. Bleh. If I were close enough to the end of the series I'd just watch that. Well maybe.. nothing's standing out on the 'flix right now.
>> No. 1663663
File 141695402580.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , 1302992206872.png )
Nope. It's just a browser app. I've never paid a cent.
Burn Notice... that the TV show with Bruce Campbell?

Oh, I do. I liked it quite a bit last time.
Also, I'm at Excalibur's introduction. Now this I DOremember. Oi.
>> No. 1663665
File 141695410278.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
They're so fuzzy though!
And not like, caterpillar fuzzy where you think it's soft and then you get a hand full of venomous needles, but like legitimately fuzzy.

Okay so not all spiders.. but still!

Yeah, that's the one. Halfway into the last season I kind of lost interest, not sure why though.
>> No. 1663667
File 141695415304.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
There's like eight seasons,right? Must have something good if you made it that far.
>> No. 1663669
File 141695428133.png - (145.82KB , 672x684 , lildaws.png )
Something like that. It's a pretty cool series actually.
>> No. 1663671
File 141695443337.png - (364.82KB , 640x480 , 1374771200531.png )
Hah, that guy is such a dick! That said, I give 'em a 9/10.

Only sometimes! I think the biggest natural ones we get over here are wolf spiders, which are fuzzy, but those are really the only kind I can think of. The rest all have those massive badonks full of who-knows-what and long, stabby legs ;__;
>> No. 1663673
File 141695454667.png - (205.66KB , 365x346 , 1300437120019.png )
Spy stuff, right?

...give what a 9/10?
He is. But he's hilarious. I adore him.
And I do like his design. Reminds me of something out of The Moomins.
>> No. 1663676
Basically. It's an interesting blend of action and drama while still sprinkling in a relatively 'intricate' plot, for what it is anyway.

Are you scared of insects too?
>> No. 1663677
File 141695480759.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x590 , sweetie bell gonna sweet.jpg )
Huh. Maybe I should watch an episode sometime. I do like the chin.
>> No. 1663680
File 141695487337.png - (73.09KB , 231x274 , mailtiemz.png )
I'd recommend it, it's really hard to sing it's praises because it has a very specific kind of charm that's difficult to put into words. I can definitely recommend it though. Especially if you're a glutton for action but still want a cool story tied into it.
>> No. 1663681
File 141695490735.jpg - (46.04KB , 693x453 , 1391025265987.jpg )
Excalibur, fool!
If he weren't so powerful I doubt people would put up with him, heh.
I do like his relatively simplistic design and color scheme. Makes him stand out, but not so much as to be a distraction.

I'm scared of a lot of things that are fairly small and deadly (in numbers or alone). Things like grasshoppers aren;t too bad, but I'd just rather not deal with insects or arachnids or poisonous slugs or viruses, etc.. Scary stuff, I think.
>> No. 1663682
File 141695503262.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
Alrighty then. Whenever I get through the like... fifteen other things I see I suppose.

I believe I once rea a theory that his behaviour is (at least partly) an act to weed out those that want him for petty reasons. I kinda like that idea... but not as much as I find it hilarious that he's just that obnoxious.
>> No. 1663683
File 141695511437.png - (917.91KB , 800x1035 , Dem eyes.png )
Most spiders aren't even deadly though!
I still think venom would be the best way to die, I'm more scared of big things that can tear me limb from limb.

Let me know what you think, I'm curious.
>> No. 1663686
File 141695575745.png - (423.01KB , 1438x802 , 130085094506.png )
I'd advise against holding your breath while you wait, tho.
>> No. 1663687
File 141695576352.png - (218.56KB , 485x274 , 1391025193014.png )
Hey, that would make some good sense. I guess I never thought about it that way...neat! It could very well be either way, hehe. I was expecting him to be more...proper and less contemptible when I first saw him, but it was a pleasant surprise :P

I know, I know...but in clusters they can be a nuisance! I'd rather not have an orgy of little creatures with large fangs scurrying all on my body, looking for ways in to eat me from the inside out. That's more of an insect thing, but yeah. All I have to defend myself are two meat-flippers and a thin layer of delicious skin covering my even more delicious muscles and organs. Maybe less delicious and more nutrient-giving, but still. ...What was I talking about, again?... Oh, right, spiders. I just don't like the way they look and act. Pretty shallow, I know, but phobias gonna phobe. I'm actually not too concerned with their venom, seeing as the chance of my dying from it is extremely low. Same thing with snakes. It's the peace of mind that living in an urban area brings, hehe.
Why venom though? Some venom is excruciatingly painful, slowly shutting down your internal systems or digesting you from the inside while you're helpless, or other horrible things. Some creatures have venom that's a little more merciful, shutting off your nervous center so you can't feel anything other than your body rocking back and forth as they take chunks out of you while you're still conscious. Big things are also scary D:
Though I only really fear the claw and the tooth when it comes to that. Which, unfortunately, most big animals have. Even herbivores have defense mechanisms and powerful muscles most of the time!
I sometimes wonder what it would be like to get into a fight with a gorilla. I mean, you're going to lose/die, it's more about when at that point. Maybe if you could fashion something sharp, but even then it's a bit iffy...hmm...
>> No. 1663689
File 141695587472.gif - (192.30KB , 209x297 , Chair.gif )
It's certainly a lot of fun.
>> No. 1663690
File 141695594128.gif - (497.68KB , 500x233 , well i____crap.gif )
Yup...i need to get my drawing skills back. 2 months of nothing has taken it's toll.
>> No. 1663691
File 141695594889.png - (293.05KB , 569x525 , Chocolate.png )
I can't hold my breath too well anyway. Did you know it's mostly psychological?

That sounds like a very specific and improbable fear!
Neurotoxins just seem a little bit more merciful, of course you could say the same with poison but there's always that risk of throwing up and that's just not a sensation I want to deal with in my final hours.
>> No. 1663692
File 141695612950.png - (207.88KB , 1600x1310 , Ooooh.png )
I did not.

>2 months
Ohgod I wish.
But yeah, get back on that. I wanna see.
>> No. 1663693
File 141695624551.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
Well psychosomatic, technically. And only for the first half. The key to learning to hold your breath longer lies in both filling the lungs more efficiently (slow and methodical, not a quick gasp for air) and knowing when you're actually running low.
>> No. 1663695
Thanks, man.
Sadly I cant post stuff here unless I get some special "porn artist" badge from the mods that allow me to post my work..Oh well.
>> No. 1663696
File 141695640618.png - (60.36KB , 163x219 , 1380300929549.png )
You've seen Crona already, right? I can't seem to recall the order in which the characters are introduced.

Is it anything like riding a bike? Practice should help with that, even if it's not ^^'

Yep! I wouldn't call it improbable though; I've been in a few situations where that was a thing that happened (minus the death, of course). Though I've learned never to play by rivers or in bushes ever again, so maybe it wasn't all bad.
I don't know the name of the thing off-hand, but there are things that will inject you with a very small appendage and just wait until you collapse. I hear the venom from them is quite painless. So much so that the victim merely thinks of the contact as stepping on a branch the wrong way. That might not be a bad way to go. I think you eventually die from suffocation, but by then consciousness is already waning.
>> No. 1663698
File 141695653928.jpg - (2.13MB , 315x187 , y56WI.jpg )
Ehh, kinda. I still remember my basic anatomy and shit like that, but it feels weird working on the tablet again. took 2 hours to get a fucking sketch done...that's too long.
>> No. 1663699
File 141695654055.png - (187.11KB , 791x1010 , omygosh.png )
Interesting. I figured out the breathe in properly part, but I've never been able to hold it for long.

Skype is your friend. But rly, draw more. I am still working on getting my drive for that back.

I have, s/he's introduced rather early (episode 7). Poor kid.
>> No. 1663705
File 141695673692.png - (646.51KB , 874x914 , Egads.png )
>Conversation about breathing techniques
>Memories start flowing back
No Brother Paul! I didn't breath with my chest, I swear. I was just shrugging, truly! I was breathing with my stomach, really!
>> No. 1663706
File 141695682992.png - (85.38KB , 462x854 , wait what.png )
>> No. 1663709
File 141695686703.png - (173.46KB , 1118x715 , Bumflirting.png )
Basically you're not in any danger until you pass the point where you're having stomach contractions. And even then you can safely push further. Not to say I've learned this technique, I hate being discomforted in any way so I don't bother but it's interesting to know about at least.

In The Lost World, they reference a type of coneshell with venom so potent it'll drop a man in seconds. I'm familiar enough with coneshells to know they're highly venomous but never came across a species that fits that bill, but I've always been curious to look into it because 1.) I'm curious if they made that up for the sake of the story, which seems unlikely since Crichton doesn't like taking creative licenses too much, and 2.) that'd be quite interesting to look into. Not to mention it's got the sudden efficiency of a bullet without the mess.
>> No. 1663710
File 141695691468.jpg - (1.22MB , 477x252 , ___whaaat.jpg )
Now that my classes are winding down I'll have 2 months to draw stuff until next semester. And this time I'm going to try and balance my schedule better since I would waste my time gaming after class work instead of sketching something.
And that' great to hear! Keep it up yourself!

>> No. 1663713
File 141695700957.png - (303.05KB , 2200x1722 , nightmare night sweetie belle.png )
I just get lightheaded so damn fast.

I can't, it seems. Various mental blocks. Sides, I can hardly "keep something up" when I draw almost never as it is now.
>> No. 1663715
File 141695703848.png - (246.43KB , 900x1042 , Just shut up and get on the table so I can strap you down.png )
Brother Paul was the name of the monk who was my choral conductor when I was young, and he demanded a lot from us. Part of it was proper breath control, breathing from the stomach gives you more control over the airflow while singing, and also gives you more to work with. Part of that is your gut is supposed to stick out, and your shoulders are supposed to remain still.

Last edited at Tue, Nov 25th, 2014 16:11

>> No. 1663716
File 141695706656.png - (23.38KB , 242x227 , Shrugging off your absurdities.png )
Yeah, I can't seem to push through either.
>> No. 1663718
File 141695711342.jpg - (15.35KB , 425x332 , 1334697739196.jpg )
How long does it usually take?... Well, it's a start at least!

Ah, right. One of my favorite characters :D

>Brother Paul
Oh god, that's the worst ;_;

Those things do exist, actually! One of my favorite sea creatures, actually~ There is no cure to their venom, they strike faster than the eye can see, and it can kill a fully grown adult male in ten minutes tops. Once you're stung, your life is going to end. Period. They're, like, the most OP bottom-dweller, hah.
>> No. 1663719
File 141695713832.png - (280.01KB , 1820x2187 , sweetie socks.png )
Well, I did know of singing with your stomach (diaphram, I believe), but i never learned it. Lots of things i never learned and never got a way to learn.

Oh well. Guess we're doomed to drown.
>> No. 1663721
File 141695717600.png - (210.92KB , 1500x1475 , 131700910220.png )
Why is the "Brother" part the issue? He was a monk. It's a title.

It's pretty easy to pick up, actually.
>> No. 1663722
You'll get there, dude.

I've heard of the technique for singers, it was just strange how it was worded, heh. Music instructors seem to be strict by nature for whatever reason.

It depends on the picture, but most artist can get a sketch done in under an hour, maybe 30min.
I'm just slow :c
>> No. 1663724
File 141695727279.png - (340.34KB , 1912x1843 , I can still fly!.png )
Well it works... at least on me.
>> No. 1663726
File 141695729156.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
I've never been anywhere near any instructors, never had the money to go to any anyway, and I have no frame of reference for if I'm doing a damn thing right if I try on my own. Add to that that I now live with my parents. including a dad who has to make snark at EVERYTHING I do, which my depression won't let me handle well anymore, and even if I tried I wouldn't get a chance.

Getting more and more impossible to believe.
>> No. 1663729
Hey, if it works it works!

I know it does. Just know you got plenty of support here for whatever you do.
>> No. 1663731
File 141695741036.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
Oh hey, my instructor did that too!

Oh no, I know they exist - I had a weird fascination with them when I was like, twelve (weird thought - right?) I just haven't heard of one that kills you that quickly. There's a part in the book (and I think the movie too) where someone asks Eddie Carr what would happen if they accidentally shot themselves, and Carr responds with 'Don't do that. You'd be dead before you knew you were hit'

Pfft, like I'll go anywhere near water!
>> No. 1663732
File 141695742192.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Msot times for me it takes an hour.. maybe hour and a half..
>> No. 1663733
File 141695750436.jpg - (83.22KB , 560x600 , A dismembered limb for your thoughts¿.jpg )
Just look in a mirror while you're doing it, and with time it can become habit.


I was under the impression you are self-taught?
>> No. 1663735
File 141695762147.jpg - (119.85KB , 768x1024 , 141609163836.jpg )
For the most part, but I took guitar class in high school for two years and then founded a 'guitar ensemble' on lunch break for the third year - the guitar teachers kind of took me under their wing and would help me improve so it's kind of like having an instructor.
>> No. 1663736
File 141695766489.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x590 , sweetie bell gonna sweet.jpg )
Well thanks.

>Pushes you in the pool

Like I said, though - i don't even have the option of trying it anymore. At least, not to apply it to any vocals, or for that matter, try vocals at all.

I sohuld go to bed. It's time for me to do so anyway, what with work tomorrow, and I see I am starting to depress myself a bit anyway.

See yall later.
>> No. 1663737
File 141695768311.png - (1.30MB , 1000x1000 , 135433786293.png )
Don't worry about it.

Comparison is the death of joy, man...

Interesting... One day I'll read the books. One day!...
>> No. 1663738
File 141695772382.png - (507.95KB , 788x1024 , Brushie brushie_.png )
Huh, well that sounds rather pleasant, actually. I imagine it felt nice that they took an interest.


Brother Paul was awesome, if a bit of a hardass.
>> No. 1663739
Or maybe I just watch too many Atryl streams, :L
I mean shit, if it's normal to get a sketch done in 1-2hrs then awesome Im not slow!!

night brah

Cant help it...if everyone does it in a certain time but takes me twice as long, im doing something wrong.
>> No. 1663741
File 141695788657.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
G'night. You won't be waking up after that.

They're good, I swear!
I think I know what I'm going to look up in a bit.. heh.

Still, what it makes up for in efficiency it loses in availability..

It was, I still keep in touch with the first teacher and the second one wasn't actually a guitarist but a general music teacher that got stuck with teaching guitar so I became his 'second in command' which was cool.
>> No. 1663743
File 141695791545.jpg - (2.56MB , 3000x2068 , 675515__safe_smile_queen+chrysalis_looking+at+you_sitting_changeling_scarf_tree_snow_winter.jpg )
Celibacy can do that, hehe.

Well... I suppose if you want to see it that way, I can't stop really you. Still, you'll get faster with time.
>> No. 1663744
File 141695794745.png - (368.69KB , 680x431 , 539.png )
>> No. 1663746
File 141695802132.jpg - (257.48KB , 1280x960 , Remember, no hugging_.jpg )
Bit of a network you've got going there then, at least the start of one.

I suppose, but it's a voluntary thing so I don't think he had much problem in that regard. He just expected excellence that he knew we could produce.
>> No. 1663747
File 141695805403.png - (118.50KB , 410x410 , ^_^ Rarity.png )
Good pic.
>> No. 1663748
ye i know

>> No. 1663751
File 141695816265.png - (447.44KB , 2488x3437 , Goofy.png )
Was. Now I don't even bother. Fat lot of good that did me.

>> No. 1663752
File 141695818342.jpg - (61.07KB , 500x494 , 141429435496.jpg )



Just got up.


>> No. 1663753
File 141695826726.png - (1.40MB , 1280x1503 , 140788787844.png )
Aww, well that's a shame then.

So what's up?
>> No. 1663754
File 141695827979.gif - (885.62KB , 245x180 , Cx87B.gif )
time for pancakes!
>> No. 1663755
File 141695833929.png - (145.82KB , 672x684 , lildaws.png )
Yes, well it seems we all lose our passion eventually.

Fair enough.
>> No. 1663756
File 141695834368.jpg - (98.87KB , 1000x1000 , 689720__safe_queen+chrysalis_artist-colon-tommyjazz.jpg )
Hmmmmmmm....I'll trust you on this.
Cone snails! Cone snails! Cone snails! ...Or really whatever you want. Wikipedia knows damn near everything, or at least it has the tools to help you figure out everything.

I'm totally fine with that. Efficiency is, like, my favorite thing!

How could they even think they could sneak up on the Batman? He is the darkness!
And hallo!

Oh, I'm sure.

*pat pat*
>> No. 1663758
File 141695840381.jpg - (92.06KB , 500x450 , fDlkFg1.jpg )

Just having some coffee.


>No pancake mix



How is?


Silly animatronics!

Nothing really. Just got up.
>> No. 1663759
File 141695843171.png - (106.76KB , 234x305 , Excuse me, I have to look for the balisong.png )
Unfortunately it does seem that way, barring a lucky few.

Lust never struck me as one of his vices, and he had plenty of them.

I could go for some right now myself.
>> No. 1663760
File 141695843214.png - (117.57KB , 366x352 , I aint gonna be questing for sex if I aint living in poverty.png )
Perhaps another day. Snake venom still seems more poetic, and it's all about poetry y'know?
>> No. 1663761
File 141695846762.png - (116.62KB , 500x425 , f53.png )

Is good stuff.
>> No. 1663762
File 141695848476.png - (299.19KB , 888x1044 , BalloonCute.png )
It's less luck and more oblivious ignorance, I find.

I'm okay, should probably go in a bit to hammer out some movies. You?
>> No. 1663763
File 141695851500.png - (207.27KB , 500x543 , ae7.png )

I'm alright.
>> No. 1663765
File 141695856529.png - (315.15KB , 453x509 , Hmmmm.png )
Indeed it is.

Not sure what you mean by that. Ignorance that you can't make a life out it easily or something else?
>> No. 1663766
File 141695862805.png - (377.42KB , 500x576 , tumblr_inline_nbb58lp58c1r2qy0j.png )

Mmhmm. c:

How have you been lately?
>> No. 1663768
File 141695866094.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
I don't even know anymore. I'm trying to avoid my 'this scene sucks why do I bother' rants 'cause I feel like I'm starting to take interest in writing again and don't want to discourage myself. Plus I'm sure everyone's sick of hearing it anyway.
>> No. 1663769
File 141695866367.jpg - (157.22KB , 589x564 , at least you tired.jpg )

...cereal then?
>> No. 1663770
File 141695869739.png - (7.62MB , 1675x3350 , 675529__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_artist-colon-misterjuly.png )
It's like they don't have cognitive functions or something! The nerve of some machines...
Just now? Huh. Sleep well?

It can be hard to tell sometimes, too. But that's fine. I'm sure he knew what he was getting into.

Oh yes! If the death throes are not in perfect dactylic pentameter, I'll be pretty pissed!...
>> No. 1663772
File 141695876032.png - (218.81KB , 1041x768 , 640279__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_cutealis_breeziefied_artist-colon-kaltwarm.png )
And trying is just one step closer to succeeding!
>> No. 1663774
File 141695880383.png - (481.07KB , 680x489 , 970.png )



*Rolls eyes*

Yeah, I was up late. I did sleep fine, though.
>> No. 1663776
File 141695883261.png - (166.46KB , 346x434 , It shall be done.png )
Relatively awful, feeling like more of a failure than usual and completely unable to accept what success I've had recently as anything to be proud of, and instead get to enjoy what seem to be routine panic attacks.

Well go for it if you're feeling it. Maybe you can make something out of it.

He'd been a monk for over 30 years when I met him, so I imagine so.
>> No. 1663777
File 141695890749.jpg - (43.86KB , 600x600 , 141636329628.jpg )
>> No. 1663778
And knowing is half the battle!!

Cereal time!!
>> No. 1663781
File 141695894402.png - (276.14KB , 480x480 , It's a giant plushie, if you must know_.png )
>> No. 1663783
7 trips, tacos are king
>> No. 1663784
File 141695898692.jpg - (680.68KB , 1585x1068 , 690177__safe_twilight+sparkle_oc_princess+twilight_queen+chrysalis_pixiv_flying_surprise_oc-colo.jpg )
Well that's good at least :3


Always with the trips >.>

And buying immunity is the other half! :D
>> No. 1663785
File 141695901281.png - (183.46KB , 799x999 , fnaf___foxy_by_bolteybolt-d7wlmtk.png )

I'm sorry.





How's you?
>> No. 1663787
File 141695904728.png - (131.42KB , 366x289 , Lentil.png )
Anyway, how's it going on your end?

Nothing for it really. I'll manage, I always seem to.
>> No. 1663788
File 141695905317.png - (156.72KB , 500x326 , download (1).png )

>> No. 1663791
File 141695909976.png - (333.43KB , 586x422 , I was up late cleaning up the brain_.png )
The usual, think I'm beginning to have panic attacks though, so that's fun.
>> No. 1663792
See? You get it.

>> No. 1663793
File 141695912318.png - (2.45MB , 800x800 , banana.png )
It doesnt last long enough though. Gotta go with the med packs

Si, and I like potatoes

potato banana
>> No. 1663794
File 141695917871.png - (38.95KB , 247x278 , Sadist.png )
Anything in particular that you feel you would write about?
>> No. 1663795

I hope you'll be okay.




>> No. 1663797
File 141695932103.png - (248.07KB , 1024x722 , 674419__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_artist-colon-sienac115.png )
Oh, uh...nothin'. Not to be a conversational deadweight or anything, heh. Anything planned for the day?

Dealing with these 'emotion' things still. I'm not a fan, but it's okay. What's Chrome doing today?

Who would not vote for tacos? The vile heathens!

Mmhm. Gotta love those poetic deaths~

>implying anything can penetrate the armor
Who needs med packs? More soldering kits and scrap metal!
>> No. 1663798
Dimished and harmonic minor scales, with a bit of phrygian here and there. Whatever the mood calls for, really.
>> No. 1663799
Si...and I like...potatoes

fuckin' tank mentality... then you get ganked and you wish you had those med kits.
>> No. 1663800
File 141695944724.png - (92.83KB , 264x259 , Go on.png )

I'm at work right now, but there's not much for me to really do here right now.

What's phrygian mean?
>> No. 1663801
File 141695947219.gif - (92.40KB , 475x406 , 965.gif )

Nah, not really. Well, maybe I'll get to working on my resume some more after dinner later tonight.




>> No. 1663802
It's a mode/scale.

It's gotta make people think
>> No. 1663804
File 141695968103.jpg - (285.90KB , 499x1060 , 680306__safe_solo_anthro_clothes_queen+chrysalis_dress_bioshock+infinite_artist-colon-jokerpony_.jpg )
Hey, as long as I put all of the responsibility on my other teammates, things will be okay! And if not, blame the healer! Then kick him and find another because the problem certainly couldn't be the tank :P

Slow day, eh? My condolences. Those kinds of days suck almost as much as the busy ones <.<

Which one are you doing first? Or are you just going to write one and then make different versions with that as the base?

People? Thinking? I don't know what sort of fantasy world you live in, but I want in!
>> No. 1663805
File 141695982411.png - (324.61KB , 680x1154 , 141630808860.png )

My one for GameStop.
>> No. 1663807
File 141695998776.png - (41.84KB , 195x247 , ummm.png )
>> No. 1663808
I li-i-ike this ga-ame!!

A good tank shouldnt have to rely on their team, the team needs to rely on the tank. You got this whole thing turned around!!
>> No. 1663809
File 141696001146.png - (44.14KB , 235x314 , Wormhole Wizard.png )
Valid point.

Okay, I'm going to hammer out a few movies. Cheers.
>> No. 1663810
File 141696001709.png - (35.72KB , 230x263 , lil.png )

Alright, fits in with the general theme.

Right now I just want to be left alone for a while, since I seem to be becoming a true misanthrope these days.
>> No. 1663811
File 141696002450.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )


I linked you a pic in Skype..
>> No. 1663812
File 141696005548.png - (201.48KB , 500x737 , tumblr_static_eqh086b00vkssg4sswoo0gook.png )


I'm a cowboy.

>> No. 1663813
File 141696005729.png - (108.25KB , 218x307 , I'd rather not talk about it, if it's all the same to you.png )

See ya.
>> No. 1663814
File 141696009476.png - (409.37KB , 522x853 , _mlp__smiling_derpy_by_ardas91-d5w6eaf.png )

>serves you your coffee with a bow and a flourish!
>> No. 1663815

And together we're...!!!
>> No. 1663816
File 141696014721.png - (150.08KB , 500x500 , 140970645209.png )

Don't say it. >:I
>> No. 1663817
File 141696022467.png - (254.22KB , 640x344 , Lazy.png )
Getting fancy with it. Interesting.
>> No. 1663818
File 141696022523.png - (235.50KB , 500x435 , icon.png )
>> No. 1663819
File 141696027576.png - (71.24KB , 200x200 , url.png )

>> No. 1663820
File 141696027381.jpg - (0.95MB , 1000x1509 , sleeping.jpg )

I just saw it, yis!


Evening to Chrome. Whats up?

>> No. 1663821
File 141696036303.png - (240.32KB , 366x526 , Trust me, you DON'T want to be associated with me anymore_.png )
At work, a little bit cold.
>> No. 1663823
File 141696037962.jpg - (66.67KB , 500x500 , 502.jpg )

How is?
>> No. 1663824

hoooow you doin?
>> No. 1663825
File 141696038690.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Luna butt = ♥!


Just for you~
>> No. 1663826
File 141696042627.jpg - (54.76KB , 512x511 , Pirate Coveman.jpg )

>> No. 1663827
File 141696045206.png - (254.16KB , 604x351 , Busy, busy, busy_.png )
A wise decision.
>> No. 1663828
best joke in the whole show
>> No. 1663829
File 141696049004.png - (593.65KB , 1280x1280 , c67.png )

>> No. 1663830
File 141696052469.png - (91.34KB , 900x846 , 132160140925.png )
>> No. 1663831
no idea why they ended it...loved that show
>> No. 1663832
File 141696057632.jpg - (107.26KB , 774x1033 , 69f_png.jpg )

Probably ran its course.
>> No. 1663833
File 141696059340.png - (1.53MB , 1270x1024 , computers.png )
How's work then?

Just watching netflix.. Hows thela?

As usual I guess. You?

Oo yee. Hows 'noni?
>> No. 1663836
File 141696067775.gif - (941.54KB , 262x146 , Just need to keep at this.gif )
So how's Noni?

Mostly dull, but it lets me upload some stuff.
>> No. 1663837
File 141696070408.jpg - (645.40KB , 1000x1200 , 92f.jpg )

Sounds nice. :3

Playing games.
>> No. 1663838

Actually drawing again! Also trying to earn the black camo in Planetside so I can be proper TR. Gonna take a long ass time..
>> No. 1663839
File 141696076735.png - (409.37KB , 522x853 , _mlp__smiling_derpy_by_ardas91-d5w6eaf.png )

I's good.. watching some vlogs while eatin dinner..then back to Tanks.. then to work!

How are you two?
>> No. 1663840

>> No. 1663841
File 141696085031.png - (73.84KB , 500x412 , lewd costume.png )
Mmhm. How many eps in then?

It's okay at best.

Whatcha playing?

What be you drawing?
Sounds tedious.

Sounds pretty nice.

Idunno, usual perhaps. Watching stuff.
>> No. 1663843
File 141696091405.png - (35.72KB , 230x263 , lil.png )
Generally bad, but that probably comes from my bad attitude more than anything.

Unfortunately I came later than I intended and have only gotten one up, working on the second one now. May need to stay for a while tomorrow as well.
>> No. 1663844
oh shows have come and they are good too.

Anthro Twilight being somewhat naughty. just something to break the ice after being on a 2 month hiatus.
I have to get 1160 kills on 5 weapons. doing that can be tough unless I get a really good farming spot.
>> No. 1663845
File 141696096716.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Hey, I actually drew something yesterday too.. usual crap.


Ahh.. gotcha..




>curls up at your hooves..
>> No. 1663846
File 141696097578.gif - (153.94KB , 680x680 , 82f.gif )

Metro 2033 Redux.


Exactly. :3
>> No. 1663849

oh yeah i saw that.
SJW pissing you off or something?

horses, candy people, furry bro dudes, and imperfections the super heroes
>> No. 1663851
File 141696115684.png - (14.18KB , 341x186 , Ember Storm - This is Relevant to My Interests.png )
>> No. 1663852

Yiss. :P
>> No. 1663853
File 141696118343.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1663854
File 141696120361.png - (741.20KB , 2000x1125 , Scarlet dress.png )
I'm just not a very good person. Functionally.
>> No. 1663855
File 141696131966.png - (409.37KB , 522x853 , _mlp__smiling_derpy_by_ardas91-d5w6eaf.png )

Nahh.. just using them for motivation.


Well, you post gorgeous pony.. so yous awesome!
>> No. 1663857
File 141696135368.png - (111.12KB , 640x480 , Ember Storm - Shocked - Flutterderp.png )
>> No. 1663858
File 141696142340.png - (226.42KB , 1113x900 , Opera Glasses.png )
That's kind of arbitrary in the grand scheme of things.
>> No. 1663859
File 141696142587.png - (51.11KB , 354x370 , reading a book2.png )
You could try upping multiple at once, it might not use all of the bandwidth otherwise.

Sounds pretty nice then!
That sounds like a lot of busy work for.. well, it seems not too worth it!


It's pretty neat, isn't it?

>> No. 1663861
Hi. How goes?
>> No. 1663863
heh, whatever helps I guess

Black camo looks fucking awesome on TR, and only 19 people have it right now. It would be pretty fucking sweet to be able to have it.
>> No. 1663864
File 141696162618.png - (199.52KB , 838x953 , I honestly don't care what you think, I'm taking your gall bladder_.png )
I guess, but I think it would just make both uploads take longer, I think I'm using as much as it will give me as is.
>> No. 1663866
File 141696172767.png - (680.97KB , 1024x1297 , fnaf__foxy_by_sabereth-d7vpkfx.png )

The visual overhaul and the controls with the engine from Last Light is very welcome indeed.
>> No. 1663867
File 141696188893.jpg - (283.71KB , 482x715 , gaming with trixy.jpg )
'kay I guess. You?

Just seems like too much effort for what it is! :s

How long is the estimate and the file size?

It's actually updated version of the last light engine. Only real thing is the lighting engine, which is really nice.
>> No. 1663869
File 141696194551.png - (827.64KB , 1236x841 , Flowers, huh_.png )
About an hour for 3-5 gigs. I think it's because there are still other people using the internet on campus.
>> No. 1663871
In all honesty it's not. I just suck at killing, heh. Which is why I normally play support roles. And you have to main TR to understand why black camo is such a big deal. It's worth it, trust me!
>> No. 1663876
File 141696227931.png - (1.19MB , 778x1100 , future empire.png )
It should be half that, you said you were getting like 3mb/s up right? And might be. Or it might be just youtube being a dick.

Well, if you say so :p
>> No. 1663878
Time to shoot some spandex and smurfs!
>> No. 1663879
File 141696235020.jpg - (155.54KB , 870x1024 , ___ No.jpg )
I get 3 on days where there's less people around, right now I'm getting 1.2.
>> No. 1663880
Birdday today, so there's that.
>> No. 1663881
File 141696245547.png - (408.39KB , 894x894 , i dunno.png )
Smurfs I spandex? I dunno man, that sounds kinda odd!

Then it makes sense yeah. Man, one day 1 Gbps up/down. One day.
>> No. 1663885
File 141696259831.png - (686.81KB , 680x680 , 687.png )

Oh, I see.

But yeah, it's nice.
>> No. 1663887
Yes...yes they are ;^)
>> No. 1663889
File 141696268527.png - (456.57KB , 1016x844 , 4th wall.png )
One day...
>> No. 1663891
File 141696280390.jpg - (99.75KB , 720x525 , slurp.jpg )
Oh, happy bday to you then!

Mmhm. It got a bit easier too. Only annoying thing in the original was the gas mask, but there was an exploit for that anyway.

Way too odd!

Tomorrow. It'd better.
>> No. 1663895

It's easier to see how much time you have left with your gas mask filters now.
>> No. 1663896
You would make a perfect Terran Soldier
>> No. 1663898
File 141696298530.png - (10.19KB , 131x168 , neutral2.png )
It was easy before too though, but like I said, there was an exploit!

I bet that side doesn't even have sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Would not join!
>> No. 1663899
File 141696301420.png - (82.17KB , 465x561 , 1392921919901.png )
Hey now, don't be using your filthy TR tactics to drag people in! VS is the one true faction! They should decide on their own accord!
>> No. 1663901
File 141696306489.png - (169.12KB , 500x632 , 6e0.png )

I guess.

The biggest change for me was the updated control scheme for the 360 pad.
>> No. 1663903
We're the government fighting force! you can have whatever you want!

Says the indoctrinated swine...
>> No. 1663904
File 141696316204.png - (163.21KB , 500x591 , how did this even happen.png )

I wouldn't know, the last thing I'd like to do is play FPS games on an controller. They're fine with 3rd person games, but just isn't good for FPS.
>> No. 1663906

When playing multiplayer FPS, maybe.

I prefer a controller 90% of the time for most games, one of the reasons being that I use a 32" HDTV as a monitor and it strains my eyes if I sit close to it for too long.
>> No. 1663908
File 141696330917.jpg - (155.61KB , 840x951 , 140408811626.jpg )
I am king of the piggies though! Vanu weapons pork basically everyone within range. Cheap little bastards, but that's why they're the best~

Propaganda? vs Why...I never! vs
>> No. 1663909
That's why no likes to fight them...we just do because we're forced to.

-dindin time-
>> No. 1663910
File 141696356948.png - (181.05KB , 700x700 , 139897036793.png )
Though, I must admit, zerg rushes can be quite a formidable force if there are enough troops.
>> No. 1663912
>> No. 1663919
File 141696400365.png - (84.78KB , 220x498 , heya.png )
But that just means you have crap things and weak reasoning!

For me in any situations. Aiming and movement is so much more precise..

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend sitting too close to one, though I did, about a meter away for couple of years! 32" isn't still too big, no need to sit that far.

How daaare thouuu..!

>> No. 1663921
File 141696418593.jpg - (216.16KB , 497x702 , fluttershy_by_pinali-d4m7pz8.jpg )
But vsI've never vspropaganda'd in my vslife! How dare vsyou how dare mevs! ;~;
>> No. 1663922
File 141696427172.png - (335.22KB , 1024x960 , Goth.png )
Vanu is best faction.
>> No. 1663923
File 141696433146.png - (284.03KB , 500x619 , 172.png )

I can adapt. And I always turn off aim assist. If anything, it screws up my aim more than it "assists".

It's 32" at 1360x768, so everything appears big on it.
>> No. 1663924
File 141696438800.png - (159.45KB , 1000x659 , 139509500585.png )
This guy right here knows his stuff!
>> No. 1663925
File 141696455337.png - (546.80KB , 524x1100 , shy.png )
Hmm.. I have a huge urge to join Vanu for no related reason now.. Odd!

>doesn't even know about the 4th faction

Well I suppose my picture of it would be a bit skewed since I've played FPS games for 12 years with mice.

Oookkay, with that resolution I wouldn't want to go close either..!
>> No. 1663926
File 141696467067.gif - (830.17KB , 385x338 , TR.gif )
>> No. 1663927
File 141696468322.png - (314.85KB , 459x605 , 134543504081.png )
Really now? I have no part in this decision at all! Though, when you do join, you should tell them that I uh...referred you to the faction!

Last edited at Tue, Nov 25th, 2014 18:19

>> No. 1663929
File 141696483491.png - (424.04KB , 700x700 , 1393988727517.png )
>implying red =/= dead
I'd rather be blue and true! Well, it's more like purple and...nurple!
>> No. 1663931
File 141696497210.jpg - (92.06KB , 500x450 , fDlkFg1.jpg )

Heh, well there you go. I was a console gamer for the longest time before I started PC gaming in 2012.

Yeahhhh. It's an older TV.
>> No. 1663932
File 141696498858.png - (4.56MB , 2000x2622 , flower.png )

But why would I do that? You had nothing to do with it!
>> No. 1663933
File 141696502819.png - (22.41KB , 255x223 , glassess.png )
I died internally ;~;

Mm, can tell.
>> No. 1663934
File 141696505935.png - (67.78KB , 945x945 , Rarity Shrug.png )
I don't play very often though.

>> No. 1663936
File 141696508910.gif - (22.82KB , 256x192 , ff4.gif )

I still have most of my PS2 games.

I bought it mainly to play Mass Effect 2; the in-game text is unreadable on SDTVs.
>> No. 1663937
NC cant tactic, and VS dont know how to fight without pulling out something OP.

You get much Dakka when you put on the red~
>> No. 1663938
File 141696526251.png - (79.44KB , 573x618 , ah.png )
For, um...liability reasons...or something! That's a technical thing that people believe, right?

Same here mate. I still like arguing over it though :P

TR can't tactic and can't get anywhere without tossing walls of bullets and blocking out the sky~
>> No. 1663940
File 141696529122.jpg - (94.27KB , 848x942 , 136780012449_png.jpg )
Good evening HAY! Doing good, better than yesterday even had a meltdown over something, which awesomely my brother calmed me down. Today, been good. Got to go shopping with my neighbor, and showed my brother the Sonic Boom trailer.

Still going to get it for Christmas despite the hate the game is getting. Being a long time Sonic fan and having it as my most anticipated game, I don't think I'll let some people sour over the game stop me from playing it. ^^

I need to stop negative stuff getting to me. Snowy's a lover, not a hater. :3

So just feeling much better over all. How is everyone?
>> No. 1663943
File 141696544272.png - (238.96KB , 1006x1099 , Ember Storm - Notch! Fix it!- Riko.png )
>we have a med
>med heals, but he doesn't uber anyone
>one uber the whole match, and it accomplished nothing

Ah well, at least I outscored literally EVERYONE.

Gotta love pyro.
>> No. 1663944
But that's like...our faction trait.What else are we supposed to do?

>> No. 1663945
File 141696555321.png - (30.84KB , 213x331 , =3.png )
It's the "Man I wish this game had more in it" faction!

Mmhm. I still have all my PS1 and NES games :p

Yeah, I bet. Though FHD Tv's are almost free today!

Do you have proof of your claims?

I donno, if I die they might just blame you, seems like a bad deal to you!
>> No. 1663946
More like

"dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding DING DING DING dun dun dun dun duuuuuun!"
>> No. 1663947
File 141696564823.gif - (1.29MB , 320x240 , b29.gif )

Yay. :3

I know, it's nuts. I plan on getting a real, 1080p gaming monitor soon.
>> No. 1663948
File 141696573980.png - (200.63KB , 885x902 , 133660536186.png )
Oh, I'm so glad you've gotten past the hateful people critiquing the game c:
Also glad you're feeling better! Happy snowy is best Snowy~

What does having the highest score mean?
And yes! Pyro is one of the best classes :P

Get pounded into dust like all the others, of course! :D
It seems the VS faction trait is to be an annoyance, heh.

Bah, I'll just get a fall guy! They come standard issue in my platoon. I can still hire three more people before things catch up to me!
>> No. 1663950
Our faction trait is send as many bullets to the enemy as possible. Highest ROF out of all the factions. Imagine all dat flinching from the enemy!

the sound of get' paid!!

It is. Their camos look way to much like the other factions with little to no color of their own showing. Their weapons have no drop so they can kill you from a mile away with an smg. They are hidden at night while the others glow like a glow stick. Their tank can just side step fucking everything.
So yes...annoying as fuck. Praise Bill for the camo changes though!
>> No. 1663951
File 141696612145.png - (171.05KB , 899x888 , 141359536496.png )
>Snow tomorrow
>was 70F yesterday

Weather, make up your mind pls. XD

Thanks Muffin, just the negativeness got to me. Not so much people who played and didn't like it, more or less people using stuff like Metacritic and reviews as proven fact, when really, they're just opinions (case with Metacritic, collecting reviews for an overall score).

Was something I dealt with for a very long time, not just this game other games. Use to get picked on over liking Jimmy Neutron games back in the day, and it wasn't even because it's a "kids" game, just got meh scores.

How is Muffin tonigh? Thanks again for noticing me. ^^
>> No. 1663952
File 141696617043.png - (497.66KB , 929x712 , dizzy.png )
Okay brain, you have only one mission now, well, besides keeping the breathing going etc..
I'm done with your migraine BS. Okay?
>> No. 1663953
It means...

Yup. Get prekt.
>> No. 1663954

>> No. 1663956
File 141696660030.png - (214.18KB , 600x653 , 139682595342.png )
Oh yeah, I remember that. Gosh, I must've killed 20+ NC guys without anyone even knowing I was there :x
The camo was one of the only exploits I used though!... I guess I can just go back to getting 150 kills a life as a sniper, but I won't like it! ;_;

Oh my, that's quite the change!...I feel bad for the buildings. Having to go through that much of a temperature change, hehe.

Yeah, those kinds of systems really get to me. Especially if one reputable person says that its a bad game, others will surely follow on the bandwagon :I

I'm alright overall, heh. It's no problem, friend ^^

Aw man...

Love this song!
>> No. 1663957
File 141696664241.jpg - (201.29KB , 716x1105 , So despite having an entire three days, you didn't bring me more of those rebel scum___.jpg )
>> No. 1663958
The change isnt bad though, it just doesnt allow your entire person to be blue/ white/ grey/ red/ whatever so we can fucking spot you without having to do a double take.
>> No. 1663959
>Did the review for calc over the week
>did fine
>trying to review last minute
>get everything wrong

I'm panicing
>> No. 1663960
File 141696684575.png - (1.19MB , 1190x1024 , 141445140767.png )


Done upping 362347 eps yet? :p
>> No. 1663961
File 141696685016.png - (566.98KB , 2048x2304 , 136780136051.png )
I know, I was in a t-shirt and jeans yesterday, a layered shirt (my Sunshine Sunshine pony shirt over long sleeves) and no jacket today, and snow tomorrow!

Indeed, I feel the same way, especially with bandwagon. Fun part is people have to "defend" games. Whatever happened to the days of playing a game for the sake of playing it? Nowadays it feels like people are playing just to prove a game is "good" or "bad". Can't we just say we "like it" or "didn't like it" without arguing? Opinions are opinions after all, and games are fun, not politics.

Good to hear. ^^
>> No. 1663962
File 141696690942.png - (227.44KB , 800x600 , Elipse.png )
Try and relax and just review.

>> No. 1663963
File 141696695358.png - (15.23KB , 154x195 , Why do our easter egg hunts always end in a knife fight¿.png )
I can't say I was expecting that
>> No. 1663964
Totes mcgoats!

>> No. 1663965
File 141696703143.png - (112.33KB , 718x720 , fluttershy_by_luridchronomancer-d4f8dtx.png )
Chrome, I'm gonna do you one proud. Bro's girlfriend tried to move back in.... I PUT A STOP TO IT!!!

Best part, she was doing it behind our backs!
>> No. 1663966

I tried that

If I fail I'm jumping into a lake
>> No. 1663968
File 141696721525.png - (267.58KB , 500x343 , grumps.png )
Good then.


>> No. 1663969
File 141696730747.png - (255.80KB , 1280x1280 , Normally I'd take credit, but I have no idea where this corpse came from_.png )
Movie pull a legitimate twist?

That's a bit of an overreaction, so long as you've been doing alright in the rest of the class.

I know where you're coming from, I've outright failed a class in college, my first semester even. Yes, it would suck. But in most places if you do fail but take the class again and pass the grade is overwritten.

There's no need to overreact, and yes, that's what you're doing and I KNOW because I do the exact same thing. It's stressful. Overwhelming even. This is why the relaxation is key.

So moving right along.
>> No. 1663970
File 141696731267.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
Just watched a pretty interesting movie, wasn't quite what I thought it'd be but still quite good.
>> No. 1663972
what movie?
>> No. 1663974
File 141696746420.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
Not really, was just a little more impacting than I thought. Also shorter, I might have time to squeeze in another movie if I feel like it.. I probably should too, but I don't know what.

Based on a novel too, so I guess that's another to add to the list.
>> No. 1663976
File 141696750589.jpg - (221.41KB , 950x530 , wave.jpg )
Hiyo Chromeo

But that was the best part! D:
Now I'm confined to only getting triple the score of someone else with similar skill in another faction :c

Tranquillo... Review what's giving you trouble, if you can pinpoint it.

Oh uh...nothing ^^'

That's very strange... I don't think I've ever had such a dramatic change before :o

I think you've been on the hateful side of reviews for a while now, unfortunately. I'm sure there are a lot of gamers that play games for the enjoyment, but...they seems to be far less vocal. Which makes sense because there's money to be made in reviews, and the loudest shouter is the winner in most cases.

Did they all turn into giant fire ants and start dancing on an ice rink?
>> No. 1663977

Super good.
>> No. 1663979
It was needed though. It's been pissing off a lot of people.
>> No. 1663982
File 141696758179.jpg - (912.33KB , 8018x4502 , I wanna die.jpg )

If I can't pass calc 1

>I basically can't take any classes next semester
>have 0 chance of passing calc 2 or 3 that are way harder
>> No. 1663984
File 141696773276.png - (155.55KB , 937x999 , laugh (2).png )
Dabes, even!

It was fun while it lasted~
>> No. 1663986
Dabes indeed.
>> No. 1663987

When I read my notes my notes make perfect sense but when I try to do other problems i get BTFO
>> No. 1663989
File 141696789927.png - (325.73KB , 800x500 , I hug people too hard and get lost in shopping malls.png )
We need to talk about Kevin

No, that was last night's movie.
>> No. 1663991
File 141696794865.png - (199.52KB , 838x953 , I honestly don't care what you think, I'm taking your gall bladder_.png )
What was it called?

Hanging in there?

Get more generals out of the way if you don't pass, and take calc 1 again. See if things go better the second time around.

I had to give up in Calc 2 because I was too stupid not to understand the material, but even though I did I could not do the work fast enough, and thus I have to give up on my desire to study physics. It sucks. A lot. Knowing that I'm literally too stupid to do what I want. But you still the chance to go around for another go. Yeah you may be set back for a bit, but not in any way that you can't recover from. If you're really worried about it, and it's not too late you can see about dropping the class without getting a failing grade. If it's beyond that point, see what your school's policy on retaking classes is. There are many, many ways that you can make up for this stumbling block. And they're hard, hard to do and even harder to accept, but the options are there nonetheless.
>> No. 1663992


neever heard of it!
glad to hear you liked it though
>> No. 1663995
File 141696798219.jpg - (52.82KB , 600x800 , hugz.jpg )
I know. If it snows, I may watch Frozen just because it's snowing out. XD Or kick out some Christmas specials on DVD.

Yeah, they been getting to me anyway, I don't mind opinions, but abuse of reviews is a thing I've been seeing too long.

I can agree to that. From personal experience too. The Internet says bad things about the Sonic 1 GBA port. My experience with other people were better....

>Mom's doctor office playing it, secretary blurts out "WHO'S PLAYING SONIC?"... turns out she loved Sonic as a kid. :3
>My IRL friend played it when his phone died, goes "How is this exactly bad?"
>People think Sonic 1 on a handheld is cool.

Agreed with that, reviewers do it as a job too. Paid for your opinion, not to mention I do believe in some cases companies bribe them too.

See... >>1663965
>> No. 1663997
See >>1663989

It's definitely interesting.
>> No. 1663998
File 141696811732.png - (335.93KB , 900x1810 , Do not fear friend, for you shall be a witness to my ascension_.png )
You're right, I am proud of you. It's good that you put your foot down and are standing your ground to her. She's a bully, no ifs ands or buts about it. What did you do?

It was good then? What's it about?
>> No. 1664002
File 141696819563.png - (223.06KB , 1184x1286 , frown2.png )
Which is good.

That's cool. Already saw what it was from below.
Whats up now then?

Mmm, okay..
>> No. 1664003

I know, but the problem is i'm too dumb to be an engineer. Not that I want to be one.
>> No. 1664004
File 141696821773.jpg - (84.01KB , 1280x720 , 2014-11-25_00020.jpg )
>> No. 1664013
File 141696843821.gif - (37.51KB , 360x360 , 130756341515.gif )

This is what happened...
>heard noise by the door
>GF: Oh, yeah, your brother said you don't have to do anything
>she leaves stuff in house
>I call mom after leaving
>Mom: Lock all the doors, turn off lights, act like you're not home
>Mom calls brother
>Brother puts a stop to this nonsense
>She gets her stuff and leaves for good

That's what went down, and if she does it again I can call the cops on her for trespassing! Sweet karma. :3

I felt good after that!

Worth noting my brother been less stressed too. He's still seeing her, but he's been more helpful, calmed me down when I was upset, and even took time to see the Sonic Boom trailer, since he knows I want that game for Christmas. Overall much calmer and better.
>> No. 1664015
File 141696846752.png - (664.45KB , 1250x800 , I never really was on your side_.png )
Indeed it is.

Is that your major? Because if you're doing it because of expectations I can tell you to drop that mindset right now, because it doesn't work. I kept with computer science much longer than I should have and it made me stick the barrel of a shotgun in my mouth.

>Steals the dam for House.
>> No. 1664018
File 141696850592.png - (216.27KB , 900x840 , Neutral.png )
Psychological thriller about a potentially (very likely) sociopathic child and his mother, whom he's acquired a bit of a personal vendetta against. The father sides with the child because he sees a different side of him, and it revolves around a killing spree while simultaneously jumping between what led up to it and what happened afterwards.

Not too much, drinking some tea and debating on whether I want to watch something else. The verdict seems to be 'no' but I feel kind of obligated since my Netflix will be gone sometime tomorrow. Might squeeze in some stand-up maybe. What about yourself?
>> No. 1664019
File 141696851881.png - (179.82KB , 922x866 , 133386927100.png )

Sounds like a problem with the theory. It's all about the patterns otherwise. Maybe you should take a little break before continuing on?

Ah, of course. A true masterpiece for the ages!

As best I can, unfortunately. Maybe I'll slip one day, but for now I am solid!


I've actually never seen it. Would you recommend it?

It's truly awful...Bleh.

Sonic 1 was awesome! I remember playing that as a kid. Good times ^^

Oh, most certainly. Reviews (and people in general, I find) aren't too reliable. If anything, taking the reviews of many people and averaging them out would be a better fit, but even then you'd have to take the word of others who may look for completely different things in games than yourself. It' a challenge for sure, heh.

Sorry! *huuug*

You know, I've never actually listened to the soundtrack of F:NV very closely. Only the radio stations, but even then it was only a handful. I bet there are some wonderful pieces I've skimmed over.
Anyway, what's up?
>> No. 1664020
File 141696852106.jpg - (130.74KB , 600x874 , Excrutiation_.jpg )
Good. The woman really seems like she needs a reality check. Maybe she'll take the hint, and if she really does change for the better she'll have earned a second chance.
>> No. 1664024
File 141696857611.jpg - (13.73KB , 191x196 , 1416881836640.jpg )
>That image
Fuck you, I can do whatever I want.

Doing the battle in 20 minutes.
>> No. 1664026
File 141696863044.gif - (276.57KB , 400x300 , 131700916190.gif )
That is a pretty cool concept, is it on Netflix or...?

I'd argue that's likely a good thing.

Also, New Vegas has a lot of revamped music from the first two Fallout games, it's fantastic.

Of course you can, as do I, and I own the dam.
>> No. 1664027
File 141696868011.jpg - (9.60KB , 448x486 , 1416878401743.jpg )
Oh really now?
>> No. 1664031
File 141696878433.jpg - (25.76KB , 454x280 , human uhhuh.jpg )
Got home from work then?

Why will it be gone then? Wont pay anymore? :p
Just watching some Dexter. Got nothing else going on really.

For.. What?
>> No. 1664033
File 141696879807.jpg - (17.09KB , 372x336 , Bitch Im Flawless.jpg )
It was pretty well done, in my honest opinion. I watched it on the 'flix so I'd check to see if you have it on the American version too, I'd imagine so.

Definitely thought provoking. I like how the fire ants were a metaphor representative of fire ants. Classy touch.
>> No. 1664034
File 141696884531.png - (118.50KB , 410x410 , ^_^ Rarity.png )
And thus the independent economic zone of New Vegas was born.

Nope. Still here.

I have Hola, so I can change the region if need be.
>> No. 1664036
File 141696886483.jpg - (30.38KB , 365x405 , ^_^.jpg )
Frozen, I think it's worth watching. It's a good movie IMO, though I can't see how some watch it everyday since it's that popular. It's not a show, it's a movie, but a good one IMO.


Yup, it is. I never had it when brother had a Genesis, but I got it on Sega Smash Pack for Dreamcast. I currently have it for Dreamcast, GameCube (Sonic Mega Collection), GBA, DS (Sonic Classic Collection), Wii, PC, and the 3DS remake with 3D layer effects. It's my favorite, I like access to it on all my systems. :)

Indeed. That's why I like actually playing and basing my decisions off that. I'm happier that way. If I stuck with reviews, I'm sure I'd miss out on lots of games.

Indeed. Keep in mind while she said "your brother" she is a liar too, so she can't be trusted. Fact that my brother had to put a stop to it shows it too.
>> No. 1664037

I don't want to be here

But I have too


Maybe I should get myself stabbed because it feels like an option
>> No. 1664040
>> No. 1664042
File 141696895891.png - (85.98KB , 399x297 , Bonding-explanation.png )
I owe PayPal some money and won't be able to pay them back before my month ends so I canceled my subscription for a bit. I'll probably get it back eventually but.. yeah.

How far in are you?

Pfft, spoiled.
>> No. 1664044
File 141696901539.png - (222.35KB , 600x600 , End of line, darling.png )
He should have a serious talk with her about that, lying in such a manner.

At the school you're at, or in the major?

I can understand if your parents are pushing for a certain thing, but if it's making you this unhappy you need to bring it up.


You can get it too.
>> No. 1664047
File 141696904977.png - (274.74KB , 1363x1893 , Hv3taHy.png )
>> No. 1664050
File 141696914781.png - (314.19KB , 1280x1393 , I think I heard sirens___.png )
It's for the Republic's own good really.
>> No. 1664052
File 141696920438.jpg - (32.40KB , 390x465 , and that's why you're wrong.jpg )
Isn't it getting rather late?

Ah.. Fair enough. It's a pretty good service for the price at least.

I've seen it once through back when it ran. Now I'm at season 3. Don't seem to remember many of these older eps.
>> No. 1664056
File 141696929385.png - (184.00KB , 897x890 , How nice.png )
The games are still going.
>> No. 1664058
File 141696932526.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 130546848615.png )
He should. I was once talking about a friend from school who passed away at 24 with mom, and that was her age too, so she accused me of talking about her behind her back (little did she know, I did that here... there was a reason why my gaming nickname was different on Steam. In case she googled the name "Snowyshy" out of paranoia, she would find posts, it was added protection.)

She's a compulsive liar. She looks my mom in her eyes and lies.

Recently she got a job at Kohls, quit because she couldn't make her own schedule. She even quit a well paying hotel job...

>They told her she can't dark wear nail polish.
>Tells them to "go **** themselves" and quits.

Not a bright person either. -__-
>> No. 1664062
File 141696936656.png - (41.73KB , 487x640 , 133435279133.png )
Oh, nice! What side are you going to be on, if any?

It's definitely something!..

Does it now? Hmm... You guys are really making me want to play it again... Staaaaaahp D:

Being a dummy! It's my only good skill, but still.

It really tugs at the heart strings, and then sets them ablaze with hot, ant-on-ant dancing action!

Hmm... Fair enough! I'll look into it ^^

You have one game for all those systems? But...why? It's a good game and all but...jeez 9_6

Oh same here. Some games even get absolutely wrecked in the review world for...rather unjust reasons. It gives people too much power, I say.

Hey now, it's not as bad as you're thinking. It may seem that way, but it's not.
>> No. 1664063
Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it but I hate how you feel obligated to watch it during those months when you just don't want to watch anything.. heh. Get your money's worth, y'know?

Ah, that's always a weird feeling.

>> No. 1664065


I don't wanna live this life man. I hate calculus.
>> No. 1664068
File 141696946029.png - (167.77KB , 414x379 , G.png )

Anyway, i'm off for the night.
And remember do not text me when i'm asleep, got it?
>> No. 1664070
File 141696959838.png - (635.38KB , 900x900 , 133212184938.png )
Good man. I accept your choices!

I feel like this is reverse psychology...hmm... Couldn't be! Psychology only goes forward, like cars!
Anyway, goodnight c:
>> No. 1664072
File 141696960262.jpg - (830.55KB , 1000x999 , I apologize, you're just so mind bogglingly stupid for so early in the morning_.jpg )
She sounds like a real piece of work.


Yes it does, and the game is good and worth another playthrough.

Why not? It's free.

So change it. There are other kinds of well paying jobs.

It is, in the end, your choice. Your life. That's the important thing to remember. And a lot of people change careers in their lives, and many college students change majors.
>> No. 1664077
File 141696978940.jpg - (155.48KB , 500x352 , Sonic 3D effect.jpg )
When in doubt, rent it from Netfilx or something. *shrugs*

Because I love it. Actually I got the games different times...

>Sega Smash Pack, Christmas 2001
>Sonic Mega Collection, Christmas 2002
>Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (GBA), Summer 2007 (I had this before the DS collection)
>Sonic Classic Collection, Birthday 2010
>Sonic the Hedgehog (Wii), Fall 2013
>3D Sonic the Hedgehog, First day released in December 2013

Worth noting the GBA and 3DS versions also include save features and spin dash from Sonic 2, while DS has just save.

Also, the 3DS has a cool layer effect with the 3D mode on.

Agree, it's sad it happens.

Living with her made me worse mentally I think. :\
>> No. 1664080
File 141696991195.png - (335.06KB , 600x671 , Rarity, element of vanity.png )
Oh it did, even in just HAY it was noticeable you were very stressed out over the whole thing.
>> No. 1664085
File 141697014477.png - (930.44KB , 3999x3680 , 136079564381.png )
But I don't have the hundred or so hours to get all the way through it D:
I could just take a look at the OST and save about a hundred hours...Yeah, I think I might just do that. And, while it is a good game, the other 9001 games on my list are also pretty good.

Yeah! It's more about energy nowadays though. Recording two hours of information takes a lot of energy. Energy that could be spent researching or finishing work, heh.

How many re-releases do they do for each game? That must be expensive for them ^^;
Save features? That sounds extremely useful, actually. That way you don't just straight-up lose when you die enough times, heh. I like it!

Does it look like that during the gameplay, or are they all layered on top of each other? That's pretty cool though.
>> No. 1664086
File 141697020698.png - (208.29KB , 905x900 , I'm here for all your evicerating needs!.png )
Sure you do. Just boot it up once in a while. Especially if you're playing on the PC, mods galore!
>> No. 1664089
File 141697023821.png - (161.46KB , 831x962 , 130672250348.png )
Yeah, it's really stressful. I had to hold in a lot of my feelings since I didn't want to offend or upset anyone. Mom knew it, and when she was out and away or I was out, I had to let it out.

It's not a good feeling, since living with her was horrible. She yelled constantly, she did NOTHING around the house and it was a mess since I wanted to hide in my room away from her.

These past few weeks, I started to clean slowly, my brother pitched it. House looked good as new! Also I've been enjoying time in the living room. I've watched DVDs, got an early start on Christmas music, and enjoyed Wii U on the gamepad on the couch. It's peaceful and feels like my home now. It feels great!

Feels better I put a stop to her sneaking back in. She may think I sleep, but good thing for her, I'm an early bird. :3 :P
>> No. 1664092
File 141697035139.png - (574.14KB , 1280x1706 , Hm_ You've done well after all_.png )
As I said, it seems like things have improved drastically, and I imagine your brother can see it as well. His head's clearer, and I imagine he's out of the initial "falling in love euphoria" that I hear so much about.
>> No. 1664098
File 141697064185.gif - (37.51KB , 360x360 , 130756341515.gif )
Eeyup! Watch some trailers or clips, see if it interests you. ^^

That's like 6, most it cost me was $25, $5 for the 3DS and $20 for the points card for Wii (also got Mega Man 2 with it)

Two Christmas ones were gifts, Birthday one was a gift, and the GBA one was a surprise from mom, she surprised me with it the day I bought Sonic Advance 3. I love her. X3

Eeyup! It's useful. ^^

It looks like the Genesis version exactly, when 3D is on, the layers make it pop out a bit. If you shift your eyes for example. a tree on the right may be a bit more to the left. It's hard to explain, actually seeing it is cool though.

Indeed, the fact he calmed me down without saying "I'm gonna call the police" was awesome! He even took two minutes so I can show him a game I wanted and he's more helpful and wised up a bit.
>> No. 1664099
File 141697066521.png - (610.39KB , 900x675 , lurk (2).png )
But I could be playing other games! The opportunity cost alone is enough to make me not want to play it :x
Though I've not tried any mods
>> No. 1664105
File 141697086833.png - (184.76KB , 900x741 , 133443668153.png )
Oh, I'm sure it's one of those movies that I'm obligated to watch sooner or later, else I'll be made fun of :P

But, I mean, to re-code it for different systems might be a big hassle on their part.

D' sweet! And..that's a lot of free games, woo!

That sounds pretty trippy :o
>> No. 1664106
File 141697087140.png - (254.15KB , 900x1333 , It's actually non-alcoholic___.png )
Alright, I need to get out of here. Snowball, if you're still lurking, then I would offer for you to talk to some others who are a bit more... qualified to talk about this kind of thing than I am. Look long and hard at yourself, and decide if you want to change things or continue on the path you are. Should you choose to remain, I would suggest you talk to either Character or Enginejack. Character seems to be quite well versed in mathematics, and Enginejack has gotten accepted into graduate school for engineering. Both may be able to offer you a bit of tutoring. If you choose to make a change, Photo recently did similar, and can offer you some insight on that particular process. You don't have to do it now, but they are better examples to follow than I am. I'm not sure if you have contact info on them or not, but I'm sure Noni could provide Character's information, and Enginejack and Photo swing by the thread every once in a while, so you can catch them here.

>Heads home.
>> No. 1664111
File 141697107405.png - (332.20KB , 611x524 , 134397867883.png )
Cya Chromalicious. And thank you.
>> No. 1664116
File 141697119823.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 130546848615.png )
Alright. If you don't see it, I won't make fun of you. ^^

Well here's how it goes....
>Sega Smash Pack, Sonic Mega Collection are official emulators with Sonic 1.
>Sonic Classic Collecion on DS is emulation, but modified for some games (no 2P in Sonic 2 for example)
>Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis GBA and 3D Sonic are remakes/ports, they add the spindash from Sonic 2. Sonic Genesis is poorly ported as there is slow down here and there, otherwise it's the same game.

So much gifts, my family knows I love classic characters like Sonic and Mario.

It's even cooler in person too.

Bye Chrome!
>> No. 1664119
File 141697141554.png - (540.61KB , 1024x1024 , large (78).png )
>> No. 1664125
File 141697155841.gif - (383.90KB , 400x400 , 141531325897.gif )
I made chicken tacos last Friday too!
>> No. 1664126
File 141697156666.png - (108.99KB , 427x436 , 134627534970.png )
But you're socially obligated to!... Stepping on others and putting them in their place is what preserves our fragile social ecosystem! Thank ya anyway ^^

Ooooh...interesting... I wonder if they planned things to be that way... Anyway, that's neat!

Would Samus and Crash Bandicoot be considered 'classic'? What about Duke Nukem? Just curious, is all.

Oh, I bet. I don't remember much from the last time I played on one, but it seemed alright at least.

Oh, and did you know that the Humble Bundle right now has Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed? Just checked and thought you might be interested.

>> No. 1664129
File 141697167753.png - (170.42KB , 1024x755 , 138068504353.png )
This whole Ferguson deal is stressing me out. I'm starting to hate all my friends who have expressed their opinions.
>> No. 1664131
File 141697171409.png - (129.37KB , 801x921 , large (4).png )

>> No. 1664135
File 141697187906.gif - (125.06KB , 200x180 , 1360522603087.gif )
That feel... It should blow over soon enough, if that's any comfort ^^'

What up brosox?
>> No. 1664137
File 141697191368.png - (74.24KB , 600x492 , 771676__safe_solo_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_-colon-3_sonataco_nyan+cat_taco+tues.png )
Absolutely nothing as usual. Yourself?
>> No. 1664139
File 141697194024.jpg - (132.40KB , 687x1024 , 141558824688.jpg )
Hehe. No problem. ^^

Yup! Even though the GBA Sonic has slow down issues, I still enjoyed it, which is what matters in the end.

Yes they would, even if I'm not into Metroid. He's the king, baby. Even the fiercest Call of Duty soldier shakes at the name of Duke Nukem.


Yeah, Cloud told me about it. I already have it on Steam and Wii U. Steam version I got during a free weekend. Runs slow on my laptop, but time attack without other racers plays fine. ^^ Stopped playing it when I got it for Wii U.

Ugh! It was on in the car when I was out with my neighbor earlier. We just switched to Christmas music station, we were both tired of it.

They were good! :D
>> No. 1664145
File 141697210183.png - (140.85KB , 575x575 , 736783__safe_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_artist-colon-.png )
Well that's a given :P
>> No. 1664147
File 141697210534.png - (146.27KB , 557x557 , 132599490139.png )
I doubt it.
I don't mind hearing unbiased news about it.
>> No. 1664148
Just went through the five stages of greif with calc

I know that no matter how much I prep I'm probably fucked anyways, but at least I'm calm now.

Thanks for calming me down everypony.
>> No. 1664152
File 141697230427.gif - (383.90KB , 400x400 , 141531325897.gif )
Sonata would love Applebee's Chicken Wonton Tacos! :D

How goes? It goes good here if you been reading and lurking. :P

Yeah, which is something hard to find nowadays. Personally, I feel bad for the people who aren't in the riots living there having to put up with it. Aside from that, the whole thing is a mess to me.
>> No. 1664158
File 141697256821.png - (301.63KB , 1024x1396 , 136052824591.png )
About the same, plus or minus one thing!

Slow down issues as in the game will get slower? And yes, I totally agree with that statement. Enjoyment is the majority of entertainment and all~

Duke was the original badass! Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum, with or without the bubblegum!

Oh, I see. Well, was worth a shot anyway! How do you like the WiiU, anyway?

The eye of the media is almost as finicky as the eye of the humans following it. You don't hear much about Trayvon Martin anymore, do you? That wasn't that long ago. What about Snowden? Anna Nicole Smith? James Holmes? Nah. They're yesterday's news, just as this will be in the future.

...Well, at least you've reached some level of acceptance! <3
I didn't do much, so I won't accept your thanks, but I'm glad you've calmed down at least c:
>> No. 1664161
File 141697272705.png - (286.61KB , 900x900 , Early hours.png )
>> No. 1664164
File 141697276962.png - (212.00KB , 809x987 , a_little_love_for_fluttershy__by_oathkeeper21-d6iju3n.png )
In some spots, like Labyrinth Zone and and Scrap Brain Act 1, the GBA port will get slow.

Yes, and I'm all out of gum!

Thanks, I'm happy there is a Sega bundle though. ^^ I like it so far. Cool part is being able to play on the gamepad. I play on TV, but the living room is close to my room, so I can kick back on the couch without having to move my system by playing on the gamepad's touch screen.


Gimmie dat hug! :3
>> No. 1664166

hey doofs
>> No. 1664167
File 141697286198.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
yes snowy
>*Huggles tightly, and nuzzles*
>> No. 1664169
File 141697289947.jpg - (129.52KB , 900x900 , 1362836370549.jpg )
Heya Ponn. How's it going?

Weird...I wonder why.

Oh noooooo!...

That's a pretty sweet setup you have there, hah. I like it!
>> No. 1664174
File 141697299524.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )

hallo there
how is at this fine hour?

alo thar.
bleh, newly awaken, tired, hungry, and sore
>> No. 1664179
File 141697313639.jpg - (8.16KB , 159x318 , images.jpg )
How goes? Goes good here. Was a bit down recently due to the negative rep my most anticipated game, Sonic Boom, has been getting. But doing better and going to still play the game since I've been looking forward to it.

I read online that they just copied Sonic stuff to the Sonic Advance engine, and the differences caused some problems. I don't know how true that is. Only Sonic Team knows what happened.

It's time to kick ass and hug a bunny... and I'm all out of bunnies.

Yeah, it's a cool system, but to use the controller away, you still have to be within range of the system obviously.
>> No. 1664182

I recovered from another fit of rage. I think I might be able to pass my midterm.


thanks anyways
>> No. 1664184
File 141697327037.png - (173.37KB , 693x696 , Mother_Celestia_nuzzles.png )
aaw, im sorry to hear about the sad blues.
yaay looking forward the games.
I hope you will have an blast

goes tired, hungry, sore ^^;
>> No. 1664189
File 141697337519.jpg - (13.94KB , 175x287 , 134358510243.jpg )
So pretty typical morning? :P
But yeah...hopefully the day can help wash that away!
Probably going to leave soon, but yeah!

So they basically copy-pasted a game? Hah, oh wow...

Out of bunnies? WORST GAME EVAR

Of course! But still, is goodsystem~

Oh, problem.
>> No. 1664196
File 141697352901.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
wait woff?!
im glad that you have recovered, and hoping that it will go the best in the future!

yes, but times time kinda worse since having no bread to nom on. Soooo kinda hungry ^^;
yea, but today will lot´s of toying with metal and cars since new project at home.

aaaw, leaving so soon?
>> No. 1664202
File 141697373205.png - (157.23KB , 425x413 , 1360523025468.png )
No bread for nomming? D:
What sort of project is it?

Yeah, feeling like more garbage than usual.
>> No. 1664204
File 141697381022.jpg - (94.27KB , 848x942 , 136780012449_png.jpg )
It's ok. *huggles*

Indeed. Sonic Boom for Wii U is getting horrible reviews, but reviews are opinions. Just people like using them as fact, when it's still an opinion.

On old gaming sites, I gotten flak for liking games that didn't get good reviews. Most of the people in the "reviews are right" group were mean to me just for liking games outside the "norm" (anything close to a 100 on Metacritic). Actually was the reason why I left most gaming sites, no one knew how to be respectful to those who like such games.

I probably will. Glitches seem to be a big complaint, but I'll take it with a grain of salt. If a glitch happens, it happens, if not, it won't. Most glitch videos I've seen had people purposely pulling off glitches.

Besides, it saddens me gaming become this, obsessing over reviews and scores. Games are about fun and having a good time, not proving who what's "good" and "bad". Good and bad are subjective.

Sorry for the tangent there. ^^; Hope you can get something to eat soon, should be morning by you.

Eeyup. :P But hey, it did make the first portable version of Sonic 1 though, not counting the Game Gear one.

I know. ;~;

Eeyup, I'm happy with it. Now if I can get my hands on Sonic Boom, Infinity 2.0, Smash, and Bayonetta, I'll have more fun with it!
>> No. 1664207
File 141697390147.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
nmno, but going to nom on some billys pan pizza.... so i get something to eat.

Oh! yesterday i got my hands on a Volvo 740 with an blown gearbox. plan is to swap gearboxes. and try to see if i can get that car road legal.

Garabage?! im sorry to hear this
>*huggles tightly, offer blankets, pillows, plushes,tea, chicken soup*
we cannot have out cute, kind,lovable muffing thinking/feeling like this!
>> No. 1664217
File 141697421599.png - (160.44KB , 1047x575 , 134527235296.png )
So it made the second portable version of Sonic 1 :P


Interesting choices, but I agree!

Aaaah, alright... But still. *throws worry at you*

What do you do with cars once they're road legal, anyway? I'm not quite sure what you do with the cars you handle, heh.

It's fine, but thanks
>> No. 1664226
File 141697448499.png - (119.91KB , 480x360 , Here have a Strawberry smoothie with extra love.png )
now, is it?
i want my friends to be happy and healthy.
>Want an interent smoothie?

true, same goes with politics, car manufactures, we all have our opinions, some bad for one. others liking them.

respecting some things, thoughts,ppl. have kinda lost it´s touch. or just maybe me getting old.

as long you can play the game, one should be happy.
although no, not really.

please bear with me for a second:
since being 2014, when an game is released and paying for like 45$+ one should expect an game that one can play without having any glitch that makes the game no playable. but now days games can be patched with no problem.

it´s all paying for writing the words or not.

yea, noming on some pan pizza from the fridge.
yes, yes it is.
4:58 Am

well, use em of course. can be good to have an back up car if the dear audi is not starting.

and/OR! ive had my cars for 5 years. im can be an "learning to drive instructor" for my sister so if we use the volvo we are pretty good.
or maybe sell it?

Nah, using it during the winter having fun fun FUN!
it´s not fine, worry about you.
>want an internet smoothie as well?
>> No. 1664227
File 141697449289.jpg - (94.27KB , 848x942 , 136780012449_png.jpg )
Pretty much, I was thinking more or less the Sega Genesis version as a portable game.


Meanwhile, I give "Hug the Bunnies" for Neghtendo a bunny/10 :P

On that list, I want Sonic Boom and Infinty 2.0 more. I have Disney Infinty 1.0 for Wii and love it, more awesomely anyone with the Wii version got the Wii U version as a free download if they upgrade to Wii U! :D
>> No. 1664239
File 141697488244.png - (490.83KB , 690x686 , 133574247981.png )
All of them! U-um....alrighty!... I paid a lot of my soul for those worries, but that's alright ^^'

How many cars do you have, then? :o If I can ask, that is.

Interesting... I'm not sure about your cars, man. Do whatever you think will work best for ya ^^

I think it's funny you enjoy that because winter driving is exactly the opposite of fun :P
Naaaaaaah, it's k

Ah, I see.

EXACTLY! Nobody buy pls

bunny/10, you say? That's quite the generous rating!

I'm not sure what Infinity is, sorry ^^'
>> No. 1664240
File 141697498950.png - (176.92KB , 1280x1035 , f69.png )
>> No. 1664243
File 141697513156.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
oh you did?
aaw, now i feel bad for nibbles on them ;_;

at this moment?
The Daily "dodgy" working 1989 Audi 100old as me :3
the rustbucketly moldy nasty 1994 ford escort.
Now the volvo 740 of 1986/1987 year model.

right car, right heat in the car it´s fun to drive on winter.

alo, how is?
>> No. 1664244
File 141697516315.png - (116.62KB , 500x425 , f53.png )

Hey, Ponny. I'm alright.
>> No. 1664247
File 141697524369.jpg - (30.80KB , 476x475 , wo~hoo.jpg )
Alright alright is good^^
>> No. 1664248
File 141697524218.png - (566.98KB , 2048x2304 , 136780136051.png )
Sure *drinks*

Agreed. Thing is, this is why I don't like game reviews at all. People can have opinions, nothing wrong there. What bugs me is anyone who has this "reviews are right" attitude tends to bully anyone who likes a game just from playing it.

I was constantly picked on for enjoying games that didn't get close to that glorious 10 and that's why I don't like them. It influences people too much.

Sometimes it's a good thing trying a different game that isn't near a 10, I have a little gem called P.N.03 for GameCube, cool and unique shooter. If I listened to reviews exclusively, I would have never knew I liked this game.

It's one thing to use a review if you're unsure about a game, but it's another using it to show people a game is "bad". People who want to play, will play and form their own opinions, just that simple.

Indeed, like I said, most of the glitches I've seen so far have been done purposely. Example, making the game pull off a glitch by looking for them, rather than having it just happen during normal play (there's a difference).

So early for pizza. O.O :3


Games need bunnies!

YES! Fluttershy created that score. She applies it to everything, she never gives out 10 or less. :3

Open ended sandbox game by Disney. One of the coolest things they did. ^^
>> No. 1664249
File 141697527906.gif - (2.30KB , 170x189 , 141594381451.gif )

How are you?
>> No. 1664251
File 141697535672.png - (109.41KB , 600x485 , 134782730367.png )
Tom and Jerr-Erm...Mike n' Foxy! :D

It's alright! Souls are cheap these days anyway.

Mymy...That's a lot of cars!..

Especially when the chance of hitting others is pretty low, heh.

It's the new trend! Everybody flood their games with adorable bunnies!

What a great reviewer :P

Hmm....I don't even 9_6

Anyway, should go. Tata
>> No. 1664252


See you later.
>> No. 1664254
File 141697550076.jpg - (94.27KB , 848x942 , 136780012449_png.jpg )
YIS! Bunnies make the game. X3

I know, she's never hateful or anything. :3

Trust me, it's cool. People made insane worlds in toybox mode and it's fun to build a giant playable world IMO.

Bye Muffin. ^^
>> No. 1664256
File 141697560574.jpg - (259.54KB , 975x1024 , Watching night sky.jpg )
Yaay *Pats*

well, when it goes over to bulleying then its clearly in the more wrong section.

*huggles tightly*
mi sorry that you have been through those game critics

10/10 just means that it pleased every type of souls there is.
if tne game is not bad and you having fun?
heck, play that game then!

P.N.03? haven´t heard of it.

just say expect some glitches, don´t pay full price and have fun with the game?

so if triggered by doing something special thats one thing!

Nah not really,

kinda sore from yesterday. but ok i guess.

you gotta tell me where you buying them!
nah, you should have seen before ( or not )
i had like 5 cars plus on the yard.
do take care
*Squeeze huugs*
>> No. 1664258
File 141697563316.jpg - (54.76KB , 512x511 , Pirate Coveman.jpg )

What happened yesterday?
>> No. 1664260
File 141697586157.png - (153.69KB , 1325x700 , engine kicking in slowly.png )
welded the last pieces on the truck.
( in uncomfortable places )
the was towing home a car yesterday. and there was some work before and after it landed in my front yard.

so some muscles that not been used much ( read = im a weak fucker ) getting into life ^^;
>> No. 1664262
File 141697598213.png - (178.25KB , 500x607 , 140959299580.png )

I see.
>> No. 1664264
File 141697599029.png - (223.34KB , 1200x1200 , 141601375453.png )
Now I have an excuse to post this. :3

Indeed, that's why I really don't like them. Most people abuse them and use it as a way to justify that said person with different opinion is wrong and be just flat out mean.

Yup, the thing that matters is that the person who has said game is having fun. Scores aren't anything. I got Metroid Prime on Christmas thanks to the perfect 10s, I didn't even like it one bit and felt bad for mom who spent $50 on a game that sat on my shelf.

This is P.N.03...

A very unique shooter for GameCube by Capcom.

No game is ever gonna be glitch free I think, if there is, devs can patch it.

Yeah, think more like MissingNo from Pokemon.

Whoa, I wouldn't think of pizza that early. O.O
>> No. 1664268
File 141697634554.png - (277.23KB , 1100x800 , blushing.png )
plans for the night?

Dáaaw, so cute picture!

ugh, that´s the meanest.

ouch that´s a lot for a game.... but games nowdays is that high, if not higher.

huh, making me think of time splitters?
we meet again!

i really like the style of that shooter game.
might look more into.

devs that can patch things for free is the best

you wouldnt?
>> No. 1664270
File 141697645501.jpg - (52.34KB , 800x450 , fnaf foxy bad dream.jpg )

Dunno, really. I'm hoping to get at least one paragraph done on my resume before I go to bed tonight.
>> No. 1664271
File 141697654735.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
>there´s room for you here

That cutely drawn fox
Sounds like the best type of plans!
wishing you the best. YOU rock wo~hoo!
>> No. 1664272
File 141697661115.png - (950.57KB , 648x820 , PiratePals.png )


>> No. 1664273
File 141697663524.png - (71.89KB , 534x538 , 139709583459.png )

I know. D:

Yup, $50 on a game I barely played, but bought because of the 10/10 it got. Nowadays, I just play for myself and form my own opinion. They go as high as $60 nowadays new.

Hehe, yup, I think I might play it again too, was a cool shooter.


Indeed. Last year, I remember Wizard telling me Sonic Lost World had some issue where the game was played only on the Wii U gamepad at times. When I got the game, it patched and the game was working fine on TV as it's intended. ^^ Anything is possible.

Nope, doesn't cross my mind actually.
>> No. 1664277
File 141697679503.jpg - (169.74KB , 1280x945 , You so darn cute.jpg )
alwyas for my friends!


play the game you think is fun^^
60$ is darn pretty high!
Play all the cool shooters :3

oh! that was kind of the devs.

well are you really really hungry you takes what´s in the fridge, no?
>> No. 1664283
File 141697701111.png - (39.94KB , 350x820 , 137774276630.png )

I do. ^^
Tell me about it. Because of that, I usually wait until Christmas or Birthday for a "new" game at full price. So I usually go for something I want to play the most.

Yis! Also platformers. Gotten this cool platformer during GOG's recent sale called Superfrog, love it despite the evil password save system since it's an Amiga game port (to get passwords, you have to win at a mini game. O.o)

Yup. ^^

Eeyup! ^^
>> No. 1664287
File 141697721820.png - (932.10KB , 1024x819 , Pretty colors.png )
indeed :3

thank god for steam and the steals sales :P

super frog? i dunno why it kinda sounds familiar...
win minigames to get an password?!
that´s just wrong

*nibbles on another pizza*
>> No. 1664295
File 141697741410.png - (86.10KB , 657x519 , OH COME ON.png )

Yup and GOG's sales and no DRM!

Got it for 3 last week.

Eeyup, three cans means new level code...

So evil! It is a fun game, just the system to get passwords is chance based. I just play a level over and over so I can get the level code. :P

Mmm, Thanksgiving soon, I'm gonna have pizza rolls that day. :D
>> No. 1664301
File 141697756662.png - (658.10KB , 2800x2500 , giggles.png )
AH! Dosbox, my friend.

sounds cool
wait.... an slot machine to get an pass code.
that´s not an mini game. that´s just pure luck!
that´s just mean.

Sounds delish!
eat all the foods one can do
>> No. 1664303
File 141697779497.jpg - (120.80KB , 1027x778 , Sweepyshy.jpg )
Best game emulator, comes bundled with GOG and some Steam games too.

Eeyup, checked it out as it looked cute.

Mmhmm! ^^

Time to be off to bed, nai nai Ponny! Great to see ya again.
>> No. 1664304
File 141697791895.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
yea, and such much good old games that can be played on it.

cute can be evil :3
okay, good night and sweet dreams snowy
im glad to see you again as well!
>Tucks in bed
>> No. 1664305
File 141697802079.png - (223.34KB , 1200x1200 , 141601375453.png )
Yup, my favorite piece of software for classic PC gaming. ^^

>mia faccia quando patted

>> No. 1664306
so many games it´s saved for me.
>> No. 1664317
File 141698158221.jpg - (202.54KB , 900x600 , 544475.jpg )
>> No. 1664318
File 141698161096.png - (315.66KB , 1280x1033 , Mother_Celestia_Nose_booped.png )
*booops nose*
>> No. 1664319
File 141698163520.jpg - (33.31KB , 240x240 , 1272490526677.jpg )

Hullo. How goes it?
>> No. 1664320
File 141698169967.png - (277.23KB , 1100x800 , blushing.png )
oh, uhm.. >///<
strong reaction there heh.
gows slow, but sipping coffee listen to calming music and reading an derpy fic.
you, hows you doin?
>> No. 1664342
File 141698281410.jpg - (32.16KB , 506x501 , tumblr_ndp720uhUk1qj9ytzo1_1280.jpg )

Nothing much is going on over here. My friend just logged out; we played Killing Floor earlier, but I had to quit because my eyes were burning. I was crying my eyes out (but I wasn’t sad). Was looking up more stupid shit on the Internet, and I quit that because, well, it was annoying. Videos of a protester being run over, horrible YouPube comments as always, and I read an article about an eight year old who was repeatedly tortured by his parents because he was supposedly gay, and subsequently he committed suicide.


In less disgusting news: I was replaying The Sims 4 a lot earlier today, and whilst I mostly enjoyed it, I noticed that there was a glitch that was erasing the friendships that I created, making it impossible to move up the corporate ladder. I thought that I could save my household, but that failed, and I deleted my save. Oh well. Also, as far as I know, you must create a sim before you can enter the world, which is kind of annoying.

To be honest, I can see why some long‐time fans might be disappointed with the game (it has more in common with the titles before The Sims 3), but I still enjoy it, and I may replay it later.

I got a tiny bit of schoolwork done today, which is better than my current progress (i.e.: none).

Oh, I also returned to a Chinese buffet. It was…tolerable.
>> No. 1664357
File 141698327559.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
just chilling then?
oh killing floor, good some fun that one can be had with that game.
the second game is coming next year?

wait woff?
>*huggles tightly*

comment sections on youtube is an dark place. ive been to many dark places that that place is satans 9gag of page, no joke...

Conservative people like that should not be able to be parents, sure their kid may not exceed to their exceptions. but damn IT!
help that kid, he/she needs all the support that can be given. Buck, now im sad upon that story. and how could they have know?! he was 8 years,

erasing friendships?! someone might need to call discord before all harmony is gone D:
wait... there´s aren´t pre-created sims you can choose/toy with before enter the world?

well, if you enjoying the game. keep playing have all the fun!

any work of progress is an progress!
keep up the good starting work.

sounds delish!
kinda want to be at all you can eat buffet for 9€
>> No. 1664399
File 141698433729.gif - (303.62KB , 250x250 , 7a3.gif )
Eww, the new version of CCleaner is ugly as hell.
>> No. 1664404
File 141698440505.png - (153.69KB , 1325x700 , engine kicking in slowly.png )
>> No. 1664407
File 141698448491.png - (105.59KB , 500x633 , cb1.png )

It's a utility app for cleaning; gets rid of junk/leftover files and such. It has other tools, but I only use it to give my PCs a light scrubbing every once and a while.
>> No. 1664410
File 141698464253.jpg - (111.94KB , 935x854 , Cleaning.jpg )
Ah, and it works good? ( beside the Looks i mean )
>PC scrubbing
oh yea....... one should do that.
>> No. 1664415
File 141698473287.png - (593.65KB , 1280x1280 , c67.png )

Oh yeah, it works great. Especially useful after updating video drivers; Nvidia leaves behind over 500MB of junk files per driver installation.

Always a good idea.
>> No. 1664420
File 141698484571.png - (658.10KB , 2800x2500 , giggles.png )
huh, didn´t know that.
i think i still have the "stock" drivers since i installed this cars... start of this year?!

heh... ive you know, cleaned the pc´s
well, software i mean! i give it an dust cleaning of the mechanical parts.
>> No. 1664423
File 141698496106.png - (171.31KB , 400x400 , be7.png )

Nvidia, or AMD?

I keep the dust build-up in my PCs down by making sure the vents are clean every few days or so.
>> No. 1664425
File 141698498889.jpg - (1.85MB , 3342x2378 , busted.jpg )
Never cleaned the pc´s*
>> No. 1664432
File 141698524493.png - (653.29KB , 1906x1045 , why not both.png )
> i have both control unit options?
but really, i have an Nvidia Geforce GTX650

cleaning out the fans is prior!
have any dust covers/filters for them built in the chassi?
>> No. 1664433
File 141698527725.jpg - (75.00KB , 500x500 , wolfy hug.jpg )

Ja. I might sleep pretty soon but staying up is fun.

Yeah, Killing Floor is usually fun, but the designers must really like cramped maps because there’re very few huge maps.

I never checked on the second one. I mean, I’ve seen the promotional videos for it in Killing Floor 1, and it looks good, but I’m not obsessively following it.

>wait woff?

I don’t understand this.

>>*huggles tightly*

Thank you.

>comment sections on youtube is an dark place. ive been to many dark places that that place is satans 9gag of page, no joke...

Intelligent comment sections on YouPube are like golden four‐leaf clovers. That whole pissbucket deserves to be nuked.

The social workers didn’t help Gabriel Fernandez neither. Agencies who investigated the parenting concluded that there was ‘no abuse.’ Sweden is probably as socially progressive as the present gets.

>erasing friendships?! someone might need to call discord before all harmony is gone D:

Haha. Ja, I make some friendships and in about 24 hours they and my entire knowledge of the sims go poof. What’s strange is that I don’t think that the game is deleting these neighbours, it just deletes the relationships. This was not happening early in the game, by the way.

>wait... there´s aren´t pre-created sims you can choose/toy with before enter the world?

If there are, I can’t find any way to access them. The best you can do is marry them or propose that they move in, but I don’t think that we can select them before we make our own sims.

>well, if you enjoying the game. keep playing have all the fun!

I will, ja. One feature that I think is really cool is the pre‐created rooms. In particular, reaching level 10 of any career will grant you the ability to purchase rooms based on your career. The space ranger can purchase a launchpad, the journalist can purchase a writer’s room, and so forth. These rooms also contain career rewards, which makes them somewhat redundant but I still really like them. And of course, there’re also more regular rooms that you can buy without ever having a career. These rooms are generally expensive (but worth it, in my opinion).

>any work of progress is an progress!


>keep up the good starting work.

I’ll try!

>sounds delish!
>kinda want to be at all you can eat buffet for 9€

The food was mostly decent, but I was having some awkward conversations with my parents there. But one particular food I like is…I don’t know what it’s called, but it has four ‘wings’ and it has a creamy centre. It helps subtract the spiciness from your mouth.

Do they have Chinese restaurants in Sweden?
>> No. 1664435
File 141698535785.png - (481.07KB , 680x489 , 970.png )


How is that possible...

My desktop has a built-in dust filter, yes.
>> No. 1664439
File 141698589311.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
*Offers blankets, pillows plushes*
>tucks in

and the custom huge maps you find is not white listed which means you cannot get any Xp from em.
games more fun with friends!
co-op is the key...
as long you have good players ^^;
( you know i suck at games )

>wait woff.
>woff is an habit of mine. you hear me saying/typing woff more the the word what.
woff, as in a dogs bark or woof.

i care about my friends, i want my friends to be happy and healthy.

and if you find that four leaf clover, don´t tell anyone else bout it

they didn´t!?! this pisses me off like nothing else!
fucktards like should not be allowed anyplace near kids or anything that require human feels.

or maybe that ive been an personal assistant under my 25 years so taking this far to close home.

we swedes tends to take care of poorer souls. but lately there been horrible stories.

silly sims don´t go poofs!
maybe the game have amnesia?

that´s kinda bull system they got there.

oh, buying complete rooms?!
that´s pretty neat!

4 wings, creamy center?
dunno what that was but is eager to test it.
oh yes! we have some chinese restaurants

You not only talking to an living dead roadkill!
you talking about with one that seems to suffer from one major machine curse.

anything i end up touching might go bonkers or something else random.

huzzah, those are easy to clean^^
>> No. 1664441
File 141698620109.png - (150.08KB , 500x500 , 140970645209.png )
Ha, funny: I just went to my own Nvidia control panel on my laptop and got an error message telling me that my display wasn't connected to my (dedicated) GPU. Reinstalling my drivers has seemed to fix that, thankfully.


Just wondering if those two seperate drivers are conflicting with each other.

You're probably better than me when it comes to computers. :P


But...I don't know where it is. XD
>> No. 1664443
File 141698634261.png - (142.99KB , 1000x604 , I still don´t know why it wont start.png )
Silly drivers getting hiccups.

well it´s an amd cpu, and i cannot remember if it´s one of those with built in gaming graphic processor or not.
might be that´s what´s causing it to spooks.

well, i can game, and watch movies without it crashing or anything else.

Nah, i only the caveman basics

then start treasure hunting then :3
>> No. 1664445
File 141698645439.png - (331.15KB , 680x425 , 427.png )

It happens.

Ah, that might explain it then. Well, if it's not causing issues, then I wouldn't worry about it. But you might want to update your (Nvidia drivers) at some point anyway. It's always good to be up-to-date, IMO.
>> No. 1664446
File 141698656491.jpg - (33.38KB , 480x360 , 1372037416404.jpg )

could be that simple.
now it seems to work as it should.
should do that later on. Since AVGfree want to reboot comp, so might grab all sort of driver updates in one go.

IF i remember to do that
>> No. 1664447
File 141698666279.png - (502.80KB , 1000x1200 , foxy_by_ranoutofideas-d7x7r06.png )

Sounds like a plan. You use AVG, eh? I'm an Avast user myself. ^^;
>> No. 1664449
File 141698675902.jpg - (178.61KB , 1000x667 , 1391307971845.jpg )
eeey gotta have some protection right?
and i cannot stand the deal with pirated antivirus program and im to poor..... ok, i lied
i don´t want to bust like 50€+ for an great antivirus
the Avast works great for ya?
>> No. 1664451
File 141698690111.png - (209.36KB , 500x589 , 439.png )

Pffft, I don't really see the need to drop money on the paid versions of antivirus programs unless you really plan on utilizing all the extra features. All I need is the basic protection that the free version of Avast provides.

Avast has been golden for me. ^^
>> No. 1664452
File 141698700275.jpg - (46.38KB , 780x384 , 1386435166305.jpg )
have heard horror stories about paying 90€ anitvirus program! one.
the Avg has treated the comp nicely.
oh Avast free is that good?

might seek into it later on
>> No. 1664453
File 141698704001.png - (1.16MB , 1680x1050 , sleeping on the moon.png )
>> No. 1664454

Jeez. :/

In my opinion, yes! And it's extremely light on resoruces.

Check it out if you're interested. Make sure you uninstall your previous antivirus first, though.


>> No. 1664455
File 141698717646.gif - (2.12MB , 315x238 , praisethesun.gif )
>> No. 1664456
File 141698717892.jpg - (285.17KB , 2000x3000 , butt headphones.jpg )
Hai. Wasup?
>> No. 1664457
File 141698721578.png - (143.71KB , 1000x1000 , Praise.png )
*offer blanktes*

eeyup. oH! and want to buy an laptop that has windows 8 and want windows 7 OS?
pay 150€ extra

i can look at it ^^

>My man
>> No. 1664458
File 141698722024.png - (205.30KB , 923x866 , fnaf__booty_booty_booty_booty_foxy_everywhere_by_fabledheights-d7xmj31.png )

Playing on my GameBoy Advanced emulator. You?
>> No. 1664459
File 141698731978.gif - (305.48KB , 450x450 , 141628203189.gif )

Windows 8 isn't that bad, honestly.
>> No. 1664460
File 141698739497.jpg - (162.02KB , 750x763 , Sunset.jpg )
tried it once..... didn´t look that
"big bro watching over you" feeling...
kinda crept me out.

sure one will probably get used by it.
but if one shall have windows 8 one should have a touch screen.

i dunno.. maybe im just oldtimer thinking backwards
>> No. 1664461
File 141698748956.png - (149.76KB , 666x666 , a47.png )

>"big bro watching over you" feeling

What do you mean?

My laptop has a touchscreen, so using the Metro UI is a bit easier.

Nothing wrong with that. My desktop runs Windows 7.
>> No. 1664462
File 141698757491.jpg - (339.82KB , 800x1128 , butt on moon.jpg )
Hayo ponny. Hows you?

do you even chase
Whatcha playing? And just got done doing x hours of isaac. :p
>> No. 1664463
File 141698765166.gif - (927.97KB , 358x201 , reward004.gif )
>> No. 1664464
File 141698767387.png - (201.48KB , 500x737 , tumblr_static_eqh086b00vkssg4sswoo0gook.png )

I chase da booty

Yugioh: Stairway to the Destined Duel.

>> No. 1664465
File 141698771323.png - (112.22KB , 447x503 , new styled mane.png )
you sure you want to install this program
where you got this from?
and where sis bought it she got an warranty.
if something went wonky with the comp.
they could fix it from the station via the net.

now i don´t have any dodgy files or anything like that.
( well some music hehehe.. )

but still i just got this creepy feeling.
i don´t know.... how to explaing it.

oh it has the touch? that´s neat^^
same as here. loving the windows 7

ok, kinda cold, sipping coffee reading a derpy fic.
soon going to the workshop for another day of tinkering

uhm, can i ask for the source on that gif? i kinda recognize the dude with the hat!
>> No. 1664466
File 141698781812.png - (4.31MB , 1978x2000 , 4th wall.png )
Well maybe you should try a bit harder!

How is it?
Uhhuh. Considering I've only played 18 hours so far, I'm pretty far in.

How cold is it there? :s
Uu, whatcha gonna tinker with?
>> No. 1664467
>> No. 1664468
File 141698792647.gif - (22.82KB , 256x192 , ff4.gif )

That's standard. They offer services like that with older versions of Windows too, I think.But I'd rather take my machine in somewhere for service and have a physical person look at it personally.

Yep, I intentionally looked for it as a feature because I knew I was getting Windows 8.

Windows 7 for gaming is the best, IMO.


*Squeezes* <3

Is good. I'm surprised I still know the rules of (classic) Yugioh after all these years, lol.

Heh, I've only put in 3 hours total on the original version.
>> No. 1664469
File 141698810158.png - (1.06MB , 1250x1540 , human moon.png )

I don't think that really caught on in here..

I-I have 384 hours ;~;
>> No. 1664470
File 141698817400.jpg - (98.06KB , 900x500 , Upp sleepy head.jpg )
outside it´s like -4c
>-4c HA you swede´s clearly whimps
maybe so, but again i have bad insulation in the house so it´s like 10+c inside or something i guess?
dunno, we be done with that bucking LT 31. and if i remember correctly we will be toying with an late 90´s early 00´s v6 passat

and then i caught an rodent yesterday which i shall see if i can remove the gearbox before it get´s too dark. Volvo 740! it´s in a sad nick, kinda amazed that i found something that´s uglier them me :D

AH! thank you thank you^^

i know right, i want some guy to be there in person to fiddle with the comp.

it is the greatest!
Now i am so verry sorry everyone for cutting this chit chat short. but i have to get out and see if i can start the audi before i depart for todays adventures.

OH! and ANONfoxxie?
im so sorry that i will not be able to read/answer your long post.
so i have to apoplogize in before hand for you typing all that stuff without it being read!
im sorry.

You all amzing kind cool, cute, ppl,friends,lurkers Do take acre will ya?!
*Hugs to those who wants it*
see ya in the evenings or somethign
>> No. 1664471
File 141698824120.jpg - (85.63KB , 618x724 , cac.jpg )


In Finland?

Aaaaaaaaa. D:


Mmhmm. And thankfully I know a tech guy personally, so if I need computer help, I can get it cheap. :3

At least until Windows 10 comes out!

You take care, man. ^_^
>> No. 1664473
File 141698839038.jpg - (170.63KB , 1500x1500 , silly you.jpg )
It's much warmer here than that now. And I know that your house isn't too warm..
Might be an interesting project at least!

Don't they have any work lights? D:

See ya ponny

Uhhuh. I think it came around the time when other things had taken so deeply that other new things didn't seem important.

Well, after all, I did platinum god it! And guided Chrome to do so too in under 100 hours.
>> No. 1664474
File 141698847249.png - (686.81KB , 680x680 , 687.png )

Fair enough. It was mostly a North American-kinda thing back in the day. The physical trading cards, at least.

Noice. :3
>> No. 1664475
File 141698856049.jpg - (178.70KB , 1000x1298 , moonbag to the max.jpg )
Mm, I think it was more pokemon cards back in the day! I think I still have a lot of them.. somewhere.

Mm, I seem to get into a bit harder games because they keep taunting me..!
>> No. 1664476
File 141698859422.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

>boops da Bloops!
>> No. 1664477
File 141698865649.png - (324.61KB , 680x1154 , 141630808860.png )
It's snowing! :o


I actually never really got into Pokemon cards. I played the video games and watched the show, though.

Show 'em who's boss~
>> No. 1664478
File 141698882198.png - (839.53KB , 800x1147 , blushies.png )
aa! Y u do dis?

Eeeww, snow..

It just kinda was a thing. No one played with them or anything, just mostly trading..

I have! Might be also why I got so into CS back in the day. Well, that and the competitive matches. It was pretty neat to have a proper team and everything..
Now in CSGO all I get is Russians on my side. Not that I have anything against them, but THEY DON'T KNOW HOW OR REFUSE TO SPEAK ENGLISH.
That and I always have to carry the games.
>> No. 1664479
File 141698889931.png - (112.87KB , 633x900 , 3d_by_arrkhal-d73dv7s.png )

Cos boops and Bloops go so well together.

How's our Princess of the Night tonight?
>> No. 1664480
File 141698891910.jpg - (23.24KB , 187x322 , 906.jpg )

It looks pretty. But now I have to shovel that crap...

Haha, same over here. I don't remember a single kid on the playground actually playing the card game, just showing off and trading the cards.

Silly Russians!
>> No. 1664481
>> No. 1664482

>> No. 1664483
File 141698911276.png - (118.32KB , 624x965 , pantyhose.png )

Umm.. Alright I guess. Been a slightly lonely day I guess. Hows Anoni?

Yeeah.. Though if it's warm enough, it might melt away.

Guess it was more of collecting something. That and marketing hitting us hard!

'Tis pretty annoying. I wish there was "Preferred Language" button..

>> No. 1664484
File 141698917194.png - (712.34KB , 916x940 , 65464 - artist Mn27 derpy_hooves.png )

Jsut got home form work.. bit sleepy.. abotu to dive into Tanks maybe for a bit..
>> No. 1664485

Maybe. Hopefully.

Hehe, yep.

That would be nice.
>> No. 1664486
File 141698939575.png - (121.73KB , 600x800 , confused.png )
How was work? And sounds alright.

Mmhm.. Hmh, it's 10am and I haven't still slept..
>> No. 1664487
File 141698943695.gif - (303.62KB , 250x250 , 7a3.gif )

Go to sleeeeeeeep!
>> No. 1664488
File 141698949175.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

Work was... work. Borrrrring..
>> No. 1664489
File 141698949351.jpg - (78.39KB , 700x527 , sadsadsad.jpg )
But I woke up at 11 last night..
>> No. 1664491
File 141698956885.gif - (403.16KB , 320x240 , 7d5.gif )

After going to bed when?
>> No. 1664492
File 141698961183.png - (76.99KB , 894x894 , faceplant.png )
Noothing fuun? :c

Umm.. Midday? Probably around then.
>> No. 1664493
File 141698966008.png - (176.92KB , 1280x1035 , f69.png )

Woof, that's an odd schedule...
>> No. 1664494
File 141698976875.jpg - (81.61KB , 900x1199 , no_love_for_luna_by_thelivingmachine02-d3boel2.jpg )
Yeah uh.. It kinda goes weird. Especially when I don't have any reason nor want to keep it in any particular way.
>> No. 1664496
File 141698985399.png - (680.97KB , 1024x1297 , fnaf__foxy_by_sabereth-d7vpkfx.png )

My sleep schedule is still pretty messed up too, so eh. :/
>> No. 1664498
File 141699001785.jpg - (264.04KB , 1280x914 , plotty cute.jpg )
Doesn't really affect that much at least in my case. Are you trying to keep it in control?
>> No. 1664499
File 141699002626.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Nope.. not even a calibrate in the washroom down the hall that nobody goes to..
>> No. 1664500
File 141699005171.gif - (2.30KB , 170x189 , 141594381451.gif )

Trying to, yeah. Since I plan on (hopefully) getting a job soon.
>> No. 1664502
File 141699018172.jpg - (382.48KB , 527x600 , ;PP.jpg )
How awful! Well, maybe you can try tomorrow! :o

Got anything specific in mind?
>> No. 1664503
File 141699027869.png - (1.29MB , 1059x1920 , 140962154786.png )

I'm going to shoot for GameStop (or as it's called here, EB Games). My current resume is tailored exclusively for it. I'm also going to try Walmart since they're hiring at the moment.
>> No. 1664504
File 141699041342.png - (1.69MB , 1440x1800 , suggestive bed.png )
Hopefully you can get into one of them! I bet even part time would be nice.
>> No. 1664505
File 141699047646.png - (69.59KB , 986x695 , sleeping.png )
>almost getting into careless accidents 2014

Also try full time at a warehouse, I'm sure you'll do great at it
>> No. 1664506
File 141699048168.gif - (624.31KB , 864x655 , 2a1.gif )


I'm going for full-time since I'm no longer going to school.
>> No. 1664507
File 141699056346.png - (284.03KB , 500x619 , 172.png )

There are some warehouse positions open, according to the classifieds.
>> No. 1664509
File 141699061540.png - (41.93KB , 259x198 , snippyiswatchingyouclop.png )
>> No. 1664511
File 141699074339.png - (218.65KB , 800x794 , sitting around.png )


Fair enough. Hope you get lucky and get in!

'Allo to you too :p
>> No. 1664512
File 141699078598.jpg - (82.16KB , 439x704 , 1d9.jpg )

Hommina hommina...!

Thanks. ^^
>> No. 1664513
... oi, doc!

As terrible as it sounds don't do it unless it's a last resort

I almost got into an accident at the intersection near my house because the pillar on the car was blocking the view and I couldn't tell whether the dude was indicating or not, gotta work around that .-.

And also don't do what I do - working in warehouses
>> No. 1664514
File 141699087128.png - (170.54KB , 1024x498 , 565.png )

Heh, alright.
>> No. 1664515
File 141699102967.png - (4.28MB , 3000x2800 , gamerhoodie.png )


Well good thing that didn't happen..

I probably even couldn't for long periods of time.
>> No. 1664516
File 141699107353.png - (140.93KB , 492x750 , 985.png )
>> No. 1664517
File 141699134894.png - (436.86KB , 500x750 , temptress.png )
Now, now..
>> No. 1664518
Don't do a me and work in warehouses

Yeah, just gonna have to be more careful tomorrow.

I should tell you my warehouse stories later...
>> No. 1664519
File 141699142916.jpg - (41.78KB , 540x621 , b10.jpg )


>> No. 1664520
File 141699165167.jpg - (185.01KB , 1257x1109 , plot bed.jpg )
How long have you had your license btw?

Well, throw in a quick one now maybbeh? ^^

Are ya gonna show me watcha got or what, hm?
>> No. 1664521
File 141699168983.jpg - (88.06KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3pa2i6k1hngg0g8o8844wk4ks_1280.jpg )

Oh dear~
>> No. 1664522
File 141699190096.png - (363.85KB , 591x640 , please tell me more.png )
Oh don't tell me you're getting scared now~!
>> No. 1664523
File 141699195127.gif - (936.57KB , 320x240 , 479.gif )

N-nuh uh...
>> No. 1664524
File 141699219294.jpg - (365.24KB , 2073x2282 , pretty smile.jpg )
Don't sound so sure tome!
>> No. 1664525

So how's it going?

Over an year now, so a fair bit

... I surf boxes 24/7 and play MLG jenga with boxes and pallets
>> No. 1664526



It's going alright. Thinking about heading to bed soon.
>> No. 1664527
File 141699238255.png - (1.07MB , 1280x1385 , burlesky.png )
Mmhm. Accidents still happen, especially if one is tired.

Mm-mm. Sounds super fantastic!

Oh don't worry, I can be gentle!
>> No. 1664528
File 141699242249.gif - (100.70KB , 700x589 , 100.gif )

Nah, you don't have to be~
>> No. 1664529
Yeah, driving home after work does that, t'was a long day.

It's quite fun... though the former is unsafe... pretty unsafe!

That's good. It's getting quite late.
>> No. 1664530
File 141699258486.png - (1.16MB , 1280x1707 , humany.png )
Oh deary me ^^;
>> No. 1664531
File 141699266075.jpg - (85.63KB , 618x724 , cac.jpg )

Yeah, it's just after 1 in the morning. ^^;


*Smooches your cheek* :3


Alright, gonna get to the next checkpoint in Dead Space 3, then retire for the night. See you guys later. <3
>> No. 1664532
File 141699268297.png - (73.84KB , 500x412 , lewd costume.png )
What kind of hours do you have in that place?

It's good if you enjoy it, makes the job itself much more interesting!

See ya thela!
>> No. 1664534
Ah yeah.


10 hours a day, 8:30 - 6:30, 5 days a weeeeeeek

I don't enjoy it, but it's just the little things y'know? heh.
>> No. 1664535
File 141699308856.png - (266.38KB , 626x1277 , i see.png )
Wow, why 10 hours days? :o
Also is it a fulltime thing?

Yeah. I could tell what usually happens to me with that sort of work, but that just might be demoralizing!
>> No. 1664537
Because it's reallllly busy there.. yeah it's full time but I'm working till... Christmas week I feel.

Sometimes things happen and they can be funny, and they can be the cool thing and then back to the dull... work, thing.
>> No. 1664539
File 141699365641.jpg - (453.56KB , 1000x1249 , sign this.jpg )
Hows the pay? And is it like.. A summer job?

It's really good if it has those fun moments though. Can't get that everywhere!
>> No. 1664540