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1673523 No. 1673523
Music time.
Post, nor discuss music.

Old thread
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>> No. 1673526
File 141755985676.png - (62.89KB , 700x658 , Oh god it's in the raccoon wounds.png )
>> No. 1673527
File 141755985834.gif - (660.81KB , 200x200 , 136068014462.gif )
>> No. 1673529
File 141755989547.png - (279.31KB , 1280x1629 , Its just entertainment folks!.png )
>Post or discuss music
Oh boy.
>> No. 1673530
File 141755989552.png - (173.90KB , 677x1179 , 135152924420.png )
>> No. 1673531
File 141755993120.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
Mind your table manners.
>> No. 1673533
File 141756057712.png - (68.35KB , 276x279 , hap (16).png )
I like music!
>> No. 1673534
File 141756063275.png - (93.29KB , 271x309 , Sad fluttershy.png )
>Have class at 12:30
>set alarms for 8
>wake up at 3pm

Hello everyone
>> No. 1673535
File 141756068867.png - (1.02MB , 830x856 , Arguing the profound intricacies of moths vs butterflies.png )
Music is awful and you should stop liking it!
>> No. 1673536
File 141756073290.png - (184.52KB , 658x1213 , hap (13).png )
Oh gosh... Did they just not go off, or did you sleep through them?
Heya Snowball <3

Only your music is awful! My music is, of course, the best thing in the universe no matter what anyone says! True facts~
>> No. 1673537
File 141756074804.png - (508.95KB , 835x801 , 141434957971.png )
I like music too!
>> No. 1673538
File 141756079668.png - (103.36KB , 812x985 , If Horus didn't save the Greeks from the Aliens then who did¿.png )
As if, I bet you don't even use 1080kpbs FLAC files!
>> No. 1673539
File 141756079785.jpg - (199.15KB , 570x480 , Applebloom Popcorn.jpg )
>> No. 1673540
File 141756082564.png - (117.43KB , 900x540 , hap (4).png )
Hey, a radically different response! Wonderful c:
What kind(s) of music do you like most, if you can think of any?
>> No. 1673541
File 141756095061.png - (170.69KB , 1055x757 , hap (5).png )
1 bps .mp2 files are the only way to go, silly. I almost heard an entire note in one of the static recordings I listened to once!
>> No. 1673542
File 141756098470.png - (157.40KB , 478x500 , Holy mothballs - that is PROFOUND.png )
Typical black metal lo-fi loyalists.
>> No. 1673543
File 141756100642.png - (457.16KB , 798x732 , hap cre.png )
Whoops! I mean.. Hi!
Sorry about dropping before, I had to do stuffs. What's Eshbin up to?
>> No. 1673544

I'm sleeping through them and I don't know why

How am I gonna sleep tonight?
>> No. 1673545
File 141756105243.png - (162.03KB , 821x972 , 132157650115.png )

Me? I like many of the variations of alternative/indie rock music. Yourself?
>> No. 1673546
Watching a bit of Soul Eater before bed. I'm currently watching the "one more episode" that you always end up watching when you should stop and go to bed.

Such happystare
>> No. 1673547
File 141756139280.png - (44.54KB , 300x300 , hap (6).png )
I like my metal like I like my coffee: low-quality.

Are you sure they went off? Maybe you need more sleep... Could you make it louder, more frequent, and/or more violent?

>>1673545 write your own music, yeah? I agree with your genre choices!~
I like a lot of music, but mostly electronic or...non-electronic... I like a lot of music!..

Hah, I know exactly what you mean :3
Enjoying it?
>> No. 1673548
File 141756144914.png - (370.66KB , 847x747 , 141729503248.png )
Does anyone know how to install Steam games with a disc that isn't this: ?

I keep trying it but it's not working.
>> No. 1673549
File 141756151424.png - (118.69KB , 337x264 , popcorn nowords.png )
I am, very much. I've finally rewatched all the stuff I'd seen before, so now I'm getting to the all-new parts.
This last episodei s a comedy episode too, good note to go to sleep on.
>> No. 1673550
File 141756155911.png - (190.44KB , 416x510 , 130937106136.png )
Indeed I do! It falls generally along those genre lines.
Oh nice! What kind of things have you been into recently?
>> No. 1673551
File 141756163377.png - (23.13KB , 407x373 , Aw Yiss.png )

Eh. Better to sleep, I say.




>> No. 1673552

don't you have to activate the product through steam?


i need it to kick my ass
>> No. 1673553
I did that.
>> No. 1673554
File 141756187717.png - (147.82KB , 918x871 , Angry Belle 2.png )
>> No. 1673555

I don't see what could go wrong


How am I gonna get rest tomorrow
>> No. 1673556
File 141756204370.png - (930.44KB , 3999x3680 , 136079564381.png )
Why not that article? Seemed to have good information on it. But,, sorry. I am no Steam guru, sadly.

Oh neat! So the next time you'll be in all new territory! Hopefully it'll be more interesting that it already is~ And yes, yes indeed! Comedy is the best remedy ^^

Oh good! I'm glad I still remember. Was good stuff last I heard. Ever branch out to try new things? It's fine if you don't, I'm just curious.
Recently I've been into Irish singers, like Finbar MacCarthy! He's probably one of my favorites. Also a lot of Ukrainian gypsy punk and...basically anything ENM puts out! Love that channel~<3

They have alarms that can do that!...but it might be easier/less painful to...solve it another way, perhaps.
>> No. 1673557
File 141756210601.png - (187.10KB , 781x1024 , Dash2.png )
What I want to do, is to install the game from the disc and have it in Steam. There is an official way of doing this (so you don't have to download anything), but for whatever reason it isn't working for me. Which is why I'm asking.

Because I've tried it about 10 times already with no success.
>> No. 1673559
File 141756211698.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
It oughta be. I really like this show.Dunno why thehell I never got around to finishing it way back when.
>> No. 1673564
File 141756223227.png - (55.15KB , 606x592 , Absolutely!.png )

Well the same way you did today!
>> No. 1673565
File 141756229383.jpg - (13.46KB , 369x456 , 1343152756608.jpg )
Did you read it carefully? I know that probably sounds like a dick thing to say, but I can't tell you how many times I've neglected to fully read the instructions and end up feeling like an idiot later I'd feel bad if I didn't ask you it, sorry.

Maybe you lost interest or found something more interesting? Either way, you're getting closer to the finish line now!
>> No. 1673566
File 141756235064.png - (144.16KB , 1131x707 , 131050693141.png )

Well I don't have a lot of time to write and play music at the moment, unfortunately.
Oh interesting! How did you get into that?
>> No. 1673568
File 141756246875.png - (364.49KB , 1600x2733 , Interesting.png )
I think it's more along the lines of me getting distracted by something else, rather than finding something "better" or "more interesting", really. But yeah, this is going to be fun.

Anyway, off to sleep I go.
>> No. 1673569
File 141756271517.jpg - (342.93KB , 900x862 , 755069__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_towel_wingless_artist-colon-mistydash_rubber+duck.jpg )
I did. I'll try it one more time but I doubt anything different will come of it. Probably due to the fact that the original versions of Morrowind and Oblivion couldn't be put into Steam with their CD keys (instead you needed to buy it from Steam, digital versions only). Like... I had to put in Skyrim's key to get both of them on Steam (I got the Anthology for Elder Scrolls).
It's alright, don't worry.
>> No. 1673573
File 141756290312.png - (30.47KB , 250x209 , Smaller than my pinky.png )
>> No. 1673574
File 141756290921.jpg - (259.69KB , 1280x1776 , 1393988622732.jpg )
That's understandable, heh. Work before play and all that.
I know the guy who writes Finbar's music, plus I grew up with it. I heard the gypsy punk stuff (Gogol Bordello in particular) from a playlist I liberated from someone who lived near me for a while. And I think Ponny was the one who showed me ENM, and I've loved it ever since!

Maybe more interesting at the time, then :P
Hope you absolutely love the rest of the show! It gets pretty good later on. And 'night! *hugg*

It could be a programming error or some glitch in the program too. It's hard to tell what's up with software sometimes, unfortunately. That is strange
>> No. 1673579
File 141756319916.png - (1.62MB , 1131x1558 , 139719326970.png )
Ooo...I like it! The music's not too bad, either!..
>> No. 1673581
File 141756328817.png - (25.91KB , 307x266 , That doesn't make much sense.png )
Did you ever get that amp you used to gush about?
>> No. 1673582

I wish I could help


I'm just os frustrated right now


That's not going to work when I'm wide awake
>> No. 1673583
File 141756329159.gif - (2.92MB , 533x300 , dkzs8YX.gif )
Better than the original video.
>> No. 1673584
File 141756336638.png - (175.79KB , 861x927 , 131031773594.png )
I'm in grad school - what do you think? :P
>> No. 1673585
File 141756337303.png - (189.63KB , 402x472 , 141387396235.png )
Maybe. They are both old games so *shrugs*
Oh well, I'll just download them on Thursday when I'm at my meeting.

It's alright, will just have to wait till Thursday to download them.
>> No. 1673586
File 141756344330.jpg - (28.16KB , 640x360 , 132642923756.jpg )
I found this gif on the internets with no source and it's so awesome that I absolutely need to find where it is from.
>> No. 1673588
File 141756347959.png - (71.45KB , 256x308 , Playful.png )
Wouldn't have stopped me, then again our priorities are a bit different in that regard from what I can tell - and there's nothing wrong with that. Refresh my memory though, what was the brand and model again?
>> No. 1673590

No idea pal, what's up?


Other than that how are you?
>> No. 1673591
File 141756362702.png - (444.28KB , 594x463 , More happy things.png )
>Playing through Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix on PS3

Oh man the memories I have with this game
>> No. 1673592
Corpse Princess? That what some of the results come up with.

I'm alright, you?
>> No. 1673593
File 141756365596.jpg - (7.22KB , 369x136 , download.jpg )
>> No. 1673594

My friends where butthurt new kingdom hearts is gonna be on Xbone
>> No. 1673595
I'm okay though

Where did you get it? I tried tineye and got zero results.
>> No. 1673597
Google reverse image search.
>> No. 1673598
File 141756373624.png - (676.19KB , 838x953 , 139889177632.png )
I don't know what to say, sorry :c

I was actually just watching that, heh. I do like the instrumental version better though, now that I've listened to them both.

Hopefully things work out for ya!

"Perfect Blue" is the only thing my short Googling spree could turn up. Sorry mate! Might be worth looking into, at least.

>Kingdom Hearts
The feels ;_;
>> No. 1673599
If you use Chrome, just right click any image and you'll have the option at the bottom
>> No. 1673600
File 141756378444.jpg - (26.54KB , 505x393 , 1415914660285.jpg )
Also, i'm gonna eat.
>> No. 1673601
File 141756383880.png - (130.50KB , 870x919 , that__s_interesting_by_darcowalways-d4mmyuz.png )
It's less a case of priorities and more only having enough money to rent an apartment and buy food.
>> No. 1673602
File 141756385340.png - (181.73KB , 809x988 , 135209931392.png )
I watched Perfect Blue. I can't recall this. Though it DOES look like something Satoshi Kon would do

Hm, I use Firefox tho
>> No. 1673603
File 141756386703.png - (312.93KB , 900x810 , 135874068781.png )
>> No. 1673605

Couselor screwed up and gave me permissions for a class that conflicts with my schedule

now I have to fix her mistake.


don't worry about it friend.
>> No. 1673606
Click the camera and insert it.

Usually waaaaaaay better than tineye.
>> No. 1673607
File 141756402763.png - (206.30KB , 523x719 , Meet me in my (un)dressing room_.png )
You get what I mean, but okay, don't answer the question. Shit brah, you've got so much more going for you than I do, why are you getting so defensive just because I made a comment about being a little more likely to splurge on gear than you? It wasn't condescending, it was just an acknowledgment of you having more important shit to worry about. Oh well, my mistake for thinking we could converse.
>> No. 1673608

That sucks. :I

I gotta go, gonna download this stuff at my brother's house. Take care! Thanks anyways.
>> No. 1673609
File 141756407687.jpg - (8.94KB , 348x261 , what song.jpg )
It filled the search bar with "wtf anime gif".
I'm okay with this.
>> No. 1673610
File 141756408398.png - (190.26KB , 1106x723 , norm (4).png )
Oh...Hm. I don't into animu, but it'll turn up sometime I'm sure.

If you say so..

Cya Wiz.
>> No. 1673611
File 141756414211.png - (148.39KB , 852x937 , cutesy__wutesy__have_you_even_met_me__by_knight725-d4gq51e.png )
And from what did you base your assumption regarding my attitude? The passive-aggressive assertions are a little unnecessary.
>> No. 1673612
Fun fact: if you're not into chinese cartoons, Satoshi Kon is the man to convince you otherwise.
>> No. 1673613
File 141756437499.png - (414.81KB , 900x720 , norm (8).png )
That wasn't fun or a fact... False advertising! ;-;
I don't know if I've ever seen a Chinese cartoon...minus the ones from waaay back when, but that's hardly a good measure of how things are nowadays. And...isn't he Japanese? Weird...
>> No. 1673614
File 141756439635.png - (274.53KB , 900x810 , Soon the battleships will be off to defend the worlds greatest tea party.png )
Evaded the question I presented to encourage conversation, short and blunt answers with the potential to be perceived as having a snarky undertone, and of course picture choice. Perhaps it doesn't align with your intention, but you can't pretend you didn't give me the tools to make that deduction.

Of course there's the possibility the first two factors are unintentional and thus I'm reading into them too much, but the latter requires some conscious effort and I trust you can see how it tops off the overall perception.
>> No. 1673615
File 141756449953.png - (163.16KB , 400x400 , 133657925056.png )
Calling animu "chinese cartoons" is a classic way to piss off weeaboos. I do it subconsciously.
>> No. 1673616
File 141756458750.png - (243.47KB , 555x555 , norm.png )
Ooooh... Do you deal with them often? And what's wrong with 'em?
>> No. 1673619
File 141756467258.jpg - (17.15KB , 590x312 , 1298755811040.jpg )
I think I just took my first nap in my's sad
>> No. 1673620
>And what's wrong with 'em?
Nothing more than with any other fanatics of their interests. I just like to mess up with people.

I'm pretty sure you had a lot of naps when you were a baby
>> No. 1673621
You should be taking naps on a daily basis.
>> No. 1673622
File 141756482476.png - (2.08KB , 55x68 , Twi - bgls - 521a - Copy.png )
>> No. 1673623
File 141756483189.jpg - (235.69KB , 800x554 , cea216c663b523607cdd61d18531604d1761f0a9.jpg )
Disgusting D:

Ah, I see... I'm not sure how to feel about this, honestly.
>> No. 1673625

It's more like a joke


Naps always bewilder me
>> No. 1673626
File 141756494401.jpg - (322.05KB , 778x1000 , Cutie with a bootie - er__bowtie.jpg )
Squekz is right, naps are actually really good for you if you take them for the right duration and with proper timing.
>> No. 1673627
File 141756495860.png - (122.94KB , 833x959 , thinking_rainbow_dash_by_rainbowcrab-d4bepjj.png )
All I intended to do was correct you on the conclusion you had made (namely regarding the decisions I make whilst here), and the supposition that your purchasing decisions would be different, despite not being sure what my financial situation is. There was no snarky undertone to which I was aware, but you can be a better guide for that than me. Regardless, I can assure you that no ill will was intended with my post. I admit that your assumption was not unreasonable - I suggest that it was incorrect, but perhaps an understandable one.

There are a few different amp models I'm interested in, actually. I would love a Dumble, but they are prohibitively expensive. A Two-Rock would make a nice substitute, but I don't know when or if I'll have enough (hell, I don't even know whether I'll have an income after April). A Fender Twin would also be great - to me, it's the great unfaultable amp.

A Two-Rock Classic Reverb would be my ideal amp, for sure. It has the most gorgeous clean tones I've ever heard.
>> No. 1673628

>> No. 1673629
File 141756506711.jpg - (13.74KB , 351x281 , 1298759101126.jpg )
I'm pretty sure that's just sleeping. I guess I meant, ever since I could remember, this is the first time I've takin' a nap.

too much shit going on in my life to do that. I just so stressed and sleep deprived right now my body is starting to shut down.

it's a horn

I scum of the earth.

Never been able to take them. Though I got a friend who takes like 2 a day. Don't get it.

I've heard all the sleep studies done on it, and im not saying they're false, I just have too much going on to really take one. Circumstances today just forced me to have one.
>> No. 1673631
File 141756516273.png - (615.49KB , 946x996 , 135119406852.png )
Isn't taking a nap sleeping by definition?
>> No. 1673632

He means sleeping in short intervals
>> No. 1673633
File 141756520649.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )



Yes it is. A horn... of mystery? Nah, probably not. Hello!
>> No. 1673634
still sleep
>> No. 1673635
File 141756528908.jpg - (183.32KB , 750x1000 , 1393972596580.jpg )
Yeah...It was. Good thing I shot it down before it had a chance to be funny! I almost had an opportunity to smile *whew*

While we're on the subject of what you should be doing but don't: Eating roughly 12 small meals a day is the healthiest meal plan for humans, American toilets are basically the worst for your bowels than anything ever devised by humanity, and being a vegetarian/vegan/whatever isn't actually very healthy at all. "Everything in moderation" is the key to a ton of things, it seems.

*pat pat* It's okay. It was bound to happen someday!
>> No. 1673637
File 141756535418.png - (158.48KB , 839x953 , 132641511964.png )
I guess? but it's not like a deep sleep...idunno, i dont see it as proper sleep.

nope..just a horn. sup?

yep i know.
>> No. 1673640
File 141756547568.png - (60.52KB , 270x270 , 131912018028.png )
My naps are rather deep. And they're even more enjoyable than a night sleep. Better time to refreshment ratio.
>> No. 1673641
File 141756548281.png - (62.98KB , 512x512 , wut.png )
I used to be infamous for sleeping through class, yet still getting all my stuff done.
Now I nap at work several times a week. I am clueless as to how I get anything done, but I do.

Consider sleeping when you should be busy!
>> No. 1673642
File 141756549891.png - (3.74MB , 2400x3840 , Egyptians liked to paint themselves like anime characters too.png )
Yeah, well that's always the biggest issue.. scheduling your life around napping is pretty difficult when societal expectations kind of require you to be out-and-about and/or committed to something during the peak times to take a nap.

Well I'm not trying to create conflict, I will admit it rubbed me the wrong way but I didn't fully suspect ill-will and knew going in there was a chance of misunderstanding but it felt like it should've been addressed anyway - for the sake of clarity. Could've handled it better but, well in fairness I also could've handled it much worse so.. a misunderstanding is better than a fight, eh?

Ah yes, thank you. Two-Rock was the brand I was trying to remember. I've yet to see one pop up but I've been meaning to ask you about it so I could refresh my memory and keep an eye out to try one out, for curiosity's sake. I recall being impressed by the demos I've heard but of course nothing beats hearing one in person. I assume you've had the chance to test them out yourself? Or perhaps not?

I actually hold the belief that you don't technically need to try something to know it's right for you, but naturally it's better to have that experience if you can get it.

Care to elaborate on the toilet bit? I'm curious about that one. Pretty familiar with the rest but this is the first I'm hearing that in particular.

One of my favorite things about you is that you're full of random facts
>> No. 1673643
File 141756557582.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Ah, not much. Just got done picking up my daily PS2 ribbons. My Sunderer is pimped out now, with a bolldog in the front and walker in the back, full maneuverability boost, gate shield diffuser level 1 (because honestly, under what possible circumstances would a higher level do something that level 1 cannot?) and top-tier stealth. Now if only I had someone to actually ride around with in this thing, that would be great, heh - but that's lone wolfing for you.
>> No. 1673645
File 141756559209.png - (84.77KB , 581x854 , 131332477729.png )

You have... a very nice horn!

Take the pounce!
>> No. 1673646

How are toilets bad for us?


what's up?
>> No. 1673648
File 141756577051.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Oh u~


Not much, really. See here: >>1673643

Just posting for a bit before I disappear (01:15 over here), but about to try out this WoT mod here...
>> No. 1673649

What's that pictures context?
>> No. 1673650
File 141756581726.png - (134.01KB , 786x1016 , rainbow_dash_in_the_window_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d5r0u7c.png )
Indeed, and I apologise. Glad that's cleared up!

Right right. I just love the sound of their cleans. I've not had a chance to play one, since they are so rare - most stores don't sell them in the UK, and I haven't really had the chance to do any proper music-shop trips here in Montreal. I really want to try one - they just seem to have this quality to me that transcends just sounding good. Rather, it feels like it would actually make my playing more creative, which I feel is really one of the big parts of getting equipment. I think a Fender tube amp would be an excellent amp for me for at least the foreseeable future, and I'm gonna start searching one I know what my income is going to be once I finish up here. I'll probably shop for a Twin or a Bandmaster. A Two-Rock would be my premium amp though.
>> No. 1673653
File 141756592903.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

>spitpolishes your horn..

There... all shiny!

It looks sharp!
>> No. 1673654
I know naps can be good, and im glad to hear they work for you. I just cant get the mentality of sleeping mid day when I got so much other stuff to be doing.

I tend to nod off during classes all the time, but still retain the information and take good notes. I never feel properly rested though since I jolt back awake every 5min. And I cant afford to sleep on the job since i could miss a zam drive time and since that's literally all i do, i can get in some big trouble.

That's one thing, but I try to stay on top of my art and keep shit active in my social life as well. Im not fast when it comes to art, so that 2hours I used on a nap could of been used to get the lineart done on something new.
This is just me though...i like to use time productively if i can.

nice, I need to do that too, but i dont see it happening. you can be the one who puts the sundy in a much needed place when a fight seems to be going no where. I want to this so much, but dont have a certed out sundy to do so.
>> No. 1673656
File 141756594662.png - (133.27KB , 900x835 , surprised_rainbow_by_rainbowcrab-d4cwn9i.png )
I do have to say that the overdrive natural overdrive on the Two-Rocks is actually pretty boring. It just sounds pretty dry and thin, in contrast to the clean tone. It's more of a pedal amp - from what I've heard, it's fantastic at taking pedals, but the natural OD is not that inspiring.
>> No. 1673657
File 141756599662.png - (493.25KB , 2000x2598 , absing.png )
Screw the stuff.
Relax and nap.
That's the way to do everything.
>> No. 1673658
File 141756604732.png - (10.40KB , 404x408 , 4590_-_oh_you-(n1303455924317).png )

This one man.... this one gets it..
>> No. 1673659
oh. I don't even try to take notes if I know I'm falling asleep. I just fall asleep. Then I'll pick up the slack later.. or something. What is a "zam drive time"?
>> No. 1673661
File 141756627609.png - (52.73KB , 200x200 , norm (6).png )
The way we sit on toilets is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids and is one of the only causes of diverticular disease (don't even look it up; it's gross and horrible), not to mention it promotes poor posture, which causes a range of other health concerns for varying reasons. Even the alignment of the *ahem* working parts don't work very well. It's both more difficult and less enjoyable to use toilets as opposed to anything else. Humans just aren't well-equipped to sit on toilets, is all. They only came to existence fairly recently, and because they seemed more sanitary and were, understandably, less gross to use. We're paying one of the prices of luxury, I'm afraid.

Favorite? Me? Those things don't work together! That's like saying you have a favorite type of torture, silly!

Look above.
>> No. 1673662
Oh how I wish it was that easy...but if this going to be my life now, I might as well schedule an hour nap somewhere.

I cant just "fall asleep" just kinda close my eyes and dont do anything until i hear something important to jot down.
"Zam drive times" is when I go to resurface the ice at my job. There are set times and if i miss them, people get pissy really fast.
>> No. 1673663
File 141756635615.png - (65.61KB , 432x661 , Heart.png )
It is it's own context.

It's cool mate, it's not like I was without fault - I'm a bit quick on the trigger sometimes but how I come across isn't exactly the intention so, sorry 'bout that.

I know what you mean, some amps are not only high quality but they have a certain character to their voicing that just can't be emulated by another brand. Are they that rare? I'm not particularly surprised, I've yet to run into one and we have some relatively big music stores where I live - though I'm sure you have even bigger over there, if just by virtue of being in a bigger city. Pity about the poor overdrive channel but that's kind of to be expected and there's no shortage of top-notch pedals and rackmount units you can use to color your tone. Are you familiar with the AMT pedal line? They have top-notch rack units (and pedal versions) of classic amplifier voicings ranging from Marshall, Soldano, Engl, and various other major brands that would be great for a one-trick amplifier like that.

Then of course there's always the pricier and less-convenient (but far more fun!) route of running an AB/Y box to switch between two amps depending on role.

Well, once you establish a proper pattern you can actually gain more time as opposed to losing it.
>> No. 1673664
File 141756636984.png - (387.01KB , 500x359 , applebasket2.png )
Stuff to do tomorrow, so gnight.
>> No. 1673665
File 141756644570.jpg - (82.01KB , 500x500 , tumblr_ln93y3Qcki1qaha6c.jpg )
Nighty Jappykins
>> No. 1673666
how so?
>> No. 1673667
File 141756647715.png - (0.97MB , 900x1214 , By the heavens will I shall excavate the meteorite from the salivating she-beast that is Seattle.png )
It's funny because just yesterday I found myself lost in thought over how bizarre the design of a toilet is and how it doesn't seem like it'd be as effective as it supposedly is.. then you come out with this.. heh. Interesting to know.
>> No. 1673669
File 141756658674.jpg - (104.63KB , 1000x953 , 99fork-(n1296166544026).jpg )

Just squat over the bowl..
>> No. 1673671
File 141756677807.png - (1.00MB , 5000x4563 , 138914623078.png )
Listening to these again makes me want one now.

Well the general Two-Rock design is based around the Dumble amps from the 70's. They are all collector's items now (and are usually around $40,000). Two-Rocks amps are basically 'updated' versions of those kinds of sounds, but they definitely feel unique. They sound a bit like a Fender, a bit like a Dumble, but come out altogether differently.

Yeah, it's a bit of a shame. If I were to get one, I would use pedals anyway, because I love the sound of boutique OD pedals. Oh I'm not actually - that sounds pretty cool. With Two-Rocks it is the cleans that carry it forward, and they seem to be so transparent that you can pretty much stick anything in front of them and it'll work. They are very much geared towards the old classic tube amp kind of sound, and I want to hear what some pedals sound like with it.

Most people in these demos play Fenders though them, and they still sound rich and thick. I can only imagine what a 335 would sound like.

Ha, yes! If only.
>> No. 1673672
File 141756680431.jpg - (321.46KB , 2426x1734 , 135985508557.jpg )
It's weird how things can work out like that, eh? But yeah, there's your fill of depressing facts for the day! Yaaaaay.

That's what they do a lot in...well, a lot of places. Toilet seats aren't commonly used if toilets are even used at all. People put their feet at the end of the bowl to push themselves up against the back part and just go that way. It's like squatting, but...probably more strenuous, but better for the body overall.
>> No. 1673673
File 141756686715.png - (409.37KB , 522x853 , _mlp__smiling_derpy_by_ardas91-d5w6eaf.png )

Flooters. Dawwwww... *melt*
>> No. 1673674
File 141756692601.jpg - (10.16KB , 272x185 , ang (8).jpg )
>obligatory "nu"
>> No. 1673675
File 141756697455.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

Huhwat? She makes me daww.. what's wrong with that?
>> No. 1673676
File 141756697528.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

I just... Wait, which meaning of "sharp"?


Heh, yeah, that's the idea really. Especially with my maining infiltrator, I'd procure these sunderers locally. Still, I was a bit screwed by SOE. With people autorespawning nowadays, they mostly won't even notice now that there's a new spawn point on the map in an interesting spot. Oh well, what are you gonna do.
>> No. 1673677
File 141756703812.png - (118.01KB , 320x311 , 58421 - Diamond_Tiara silver_spoon.png )

Need to go make dinner~
>> No. 1673680
File 141756707799.png - (124.68KB , 900x824 , recolor.png )
>> No. 1673681
File 141756716180.png - (124.93KB , 848x942 , 40_min_derp_derpy_by_kyodashiro-d71i5fu.png )

I think she's adorable.. dun know what's wrong with that.

Time to make dinner!
>> No. 1673682
well, redeployside only applies once the fight moves. I'm talk about a current fight that seems to be going no where, just constant farming. Put the sundy somewhere new, and wait for people to spawn in and turn the tide.
>> No. 1673684
File 141756722674.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
Don't worry, I'm not going to start talking about the uberman and those other 'over the top' attempts at shaving your need for sleep down to just a couple of hours - they're actually quite bad for you and only prove more efficient in situations where sleep deprivation is a requirement anyway. People like to say that because jet pilots (or some other demanding profession, I might be misremembering) utilize this method to stay aware it is thus perfectly okay but the studies have only shown that structuring it in that manner is simply more effective than unstructured sleep deprivation and it's increase to cognitive performance is only in contrast to average deprivation but pales in comparison to any of the other varieties of sleep.

That being said, you can shave about two hours off of your sleep time if you go with a siesta format. When I was the furthest into my biphasic sleep schedule, my natural pattern was a solid four hours at night and a two hour nap during the day and I would be just as refreshed as if I were to have gotten a full eight hours sleep (moreso even considering I bypass the midday crash)

This is of course rather anecdotal but you'll find many people can wean themselves onto similar schedules after sticking to a biphasic/siesta schedule. I mean seriously, how can you lose when you're both gaining an extra hour or two and increasing productivity/concentration/memory and creativity?

If you can permit it schedule-wise, I'd recommend giving it a try.

It wasn't that depressing!

Does it have a footswitchable FX loop? That would make it pretty much the perfect amp for pedal-driven OD users that value solid clean tone. Activating your entire pedalboard with the click of a switch would be perfect for an amplifier like that.

Yeah, the AMT line is actually really solid. I've only used the E1 myself, but as an Engl fanboy I can say it gives their own legitimate preamp the Engl E530 a run for it's money in quality - and for a fraction of the cost! I trust the other models have the same level of quality and they have numerous additions to their line, so we're not just talking high-gain monsters like Engl and Mesa Boogie but also some more vintage sounding amps like.. I'd imagine Orange, Peavey, of course Marshall as mentioned and others. You might want to keep an eye out for them down the road, could be up your alley - unless of course you have a pedal of choice.

AB/Y's are pretty damn cool I admit. I remember at one local show, this guy had a pretty standard Fender (didn't catch the model) but he was coaxing distorted tones so nice it gave my Engl a run for it's money, then I noticed he was using an AB/Y and upon closer inspection I noticed a little something hiding behind his stack.. he had a mofuckin' Diezel he was switching between. Pristine Fender cleans and German high-gain at the touch of a button, it's so hard to beat a combination like that!
>> No. 1673685
File 141756722857.jpg - (51.20KB , 368x360 , hug.jpg )
>> No. 1673686
File 141756739155.jpg - (164.97KB , 900x1275 , fluttershy_by_iopichio-d4c83lw.jpg )
I'll try to do better next time, then! Not like I have a shortage of depressing things to talk about, heh.
>> No. 1673687
File 141756747636.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

As am I. People are perfectly content just farming... if there's a deliberate thought given. Because they're often also perfectly content just pressing E and never even going to the map to notice this new sundy, except for just enough to suggest its position to the enemy, who then quickly overwhelms it. If you happen to have THE sunderer of the fight though... hoboy, the impact it has can be HUGE, and the certs, they just roll in.


Hmm... as do I, the day after tomorow. I'm thinking baked beetroot, for some interesting change.
>> No. 1673689
File 141756767550.png - (142.30KB , 900x862 , 131262206806.png )
I think they do. Most of their models are single channel with a FX loop like that. I would want something like that would be great, since I hate tap-dancing.

Oh interesting! I, like many people, get pretty skeptical about amp-style voicing pedals, but I can have a pretty open-minded about them. I think my favourite pedal is the King of Tone Analogman - I don't have enough to own one of those, but that combination would be perfect.

Haha, it's always a dream! Carrying two amps is quite a lot of work though. I don't know what I would have as a second amp.
>> No. 1673691
I would love to give this a go over winter break, see if it works and all, but I'm not sure how I would do that if I normally work some time around 3pm-midnight (5am-noon if opening, but rare) That's right in the middle of the day, and wont it be weird to wake up at 8ish just sleep more at noon? So tying this into work will prove to be hard, but i'll give it a shot.

Yeah that's one problem. I dont think many high BR just press E though. I dont, i know that. If you hide the sundy well and tell people in chat (i think regional is faction only) that you parked a sundy in 'x' spot.
>> No. 1673693
File 141756802607.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
Yeah, I'm not much of an FX guy so I've never really used FX loops much myself but the utility is second to none. The ability to turn every pedal on at once is ridiculously handy if you're that kind of player, especially if you'd be running a section of your pedalboard like a second channel.

I don't blame you, but considering they're rackmount units redesigned to fit the circuitry into pedal form it's a little easier to put faith in them. Still hard to compare to a legitimate tube amp but if you're going with a pedal to begin with then it's not like that's your competition, and they seem to outperform most of the ODs and Distortions on the market.

Yeah, I wouldn't bother personally. I'm very happy with the tones my amplifier delivers me in both the clean and high-gain department. But if you're a perfectionist meets tone-chaser, it'd be a lot of fun to go that route. I would like to own more than one Engl but that's mostly because their high-gain has different voicings depending on the model and it'd be nice to have that diversity on hand for recording.

I'm pretty sure I can't complain about anyone being depressing, it's basically all I do
>> No. 1673694
File 141756812502.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Hmm... that reminds me. I bought the access to the command channel but I can't seem to ever actually get there. I figured there would be a new tab or something... what gives?
>> No. 1673696
File 141756817832.png - (474.65KB , 720x720 , fs (50).png )
Which is awesome, if I may add~
>> No. 1673697
I have no idea. I dont use it myself.
>> No. 1673698
File 141756832031.png - (67.42KB , 247x268 , Concerned and-or Scared in regards to the aforementioned troubles.png )
Why would that be awesome?
It's not the kind of thing someone's supposed to consider awesome!

Yeah, that'll be a difficult schedule to work around.. I think your work schedule will get in the way of successfully pulling it off but maybe you can find an arrangement that works for you.
>> No. 1673700
File 141756853155.png - (1.50MB , 1024x1596 , five_nights_at_freddy_s__foxy_by_itsover900o-d7wlrnh.png )
>Watching Markiplier
>Scroll down to the comments for shits n' giggles
>Spam, links to potential malware, and shameless channel advertising everywhere
>All of it at the top

This is why the Google+ system with the comments is fucking retarded.
>> No. 1673703
File 141756872274.png - (34.50KB , 314x300 , Twi - bgls - 521.png )

Well, I didn't so much want to use it as peek at the behind-the-scenes plannings and workings of my faction. I suspect it's a complete unstructured mess just as likely to engage in generic chat ramblings as talk about the game. Though I guess being able to issue /orders would have been nice. Still, if I can't get it to work even in that capacity... I'd like my certs back, at the very least, heh.
>> No. 1673704
File 141756875365.png - (159.82KB , 793x1007 , rainbowdash_craves_cider_by_abadcookie-d4r2m7n.png )
Yeah, definitely. You can almost treat your board as a single channel change. It would definitely make things easier for playing.

That's a good point. Again, I've never heard of them. Looking at them on their site is interesting - I wonder where I could try them out. I might have a look at some YT videos of them.

Yeah, that makes plenty of sense. If you have the money and space, then it's a great route. I can see using something like two heads making sense.
>> No. 1673705
File 141756883968.png - (332.60KB , 800x684 , 134214652883.png )
Morbidity and sulkiness are two of my favorite things! Or, rather, the two things I do the most and therefore are my least disliked things per repetitionem.
>> No. 1673706
File 141756903356.png - (293.05KB , 569x525 , Chocolate.png )
Especially when you consider that tap-dancing element is still in tact so you can further sculpt your tone as the song calls for it. Then there's the possibility of midi controllers if you really want to get into the technical stuff but.. eh, maybe a bit overkill.

I think tracking them down would be the difficult part, but there should be no shortage of reviews to show you what they're capable of.

Money's the difficult part!
But since I used my Powerball as a stepping stone to the Invader I still want, I'll find myself in a situation where I'll have a 'backup' once I upgrade. Then maybe down the road I can sell that backup to upgrade to a similar quality but different Engl, like a Savage. I'm drooling a bit.

Heh, so you only enjoy my company because I remind you of yourself?
>> No. 1673707
File 141756920943.jpg - (60.74KB , 720x564 , Noooooooooooooo.jpg )
Also came across this picture this morning and I laughed pretty damn hard.

Even though the Maxon OD808 surpasses the Tube Screamer by a landslide, imho
>> No. 1673708
File 141756926141.png - (408.55KB , 831x961 , 134091913283.png )
Of course! I'm the best, and only seek out the best to please myself!
...But more seriously, I just like your personality. It's not unenjoyable!
>> No. 1673709
File 141756943973.png - (258.12KB , 500x559 , cda.png )
Alright then.
>> No. 1673711
File 141756956047.gif - (2.92MB , 533x300 , dkzs8YX.gif )
>> No. 1673712
File 141756963322.jpg - (105.55KB , 900x895 , 135265679744.jpg )
Hmm? Oh, shoot, I knew I was forgetting something!
I read the post, too... Guess I just dropped the ball again :x
I've never seen that on his videos

>> No. 1673713
File 141756964260.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
I think anyone in their right mind would disagree with you on that one, but I appreciate it 'cause I quite like yours as well!

Sorry mate, how goes it?
>> No. 1673714
File 141756971479.jpg - (96.83KB , 752x1063 , 1389925455276.jpg )
>> No. 1673716
File 141756980529.png - (629.37KB , 680x680 , 333.png )

Because now YouTube allows links in the comments, and now the top comments are the ones that have the most replies, spam bots can post malicious links and climb to the top of the comment thread with dummy accounts using copy-pasted "replies". It's fucking stupid as hell.


It's alright.

I'm okay.
>> No. 1673719
File 141757008475.png - (955.63KB , 939x850 , 139889199839.png )
Pssh, who needs a right mind when the left is so vastly unexplored!

What's up Listy-samarama?

Do they? That seems like a very stupid decision on their part. Maybe they did it for some of Google's boundless wealth? I bet they could buy their own solar system by now. Either way, I'm sure there will be barriers or restrictions or something to make such acts harder to accomplish in the future. I can't imagine they're well received, especially in the Youtube community... Also, who even uses Google+?
>> No. 1673722
File 141757014180.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
Isn't it the other way around?

Just okay?
>> No. 1673725
File 141757026123.jpg - (239.86KB , 2468x2201 , 1417482771256.jpg )

>> No. 1673727
File 141757034098.png - (63.00KB , 888x571 , a25.png )

They did it to force people into using Google+. And they had to force people because fucking NO ONE used Google+ beforehand.

The old comment system phohibited external links, had a 500-character limit, and had top comments based on the amount of likes it had. These measures were in place to discourage spam and links to viruses like I mentioned.

The old system worked, yet they fucked it all up just so they could shove their shitty Facebook clone down everyone's throats.


>> No. 1673731
I'll try and find some way around it. I really need more rest.

chat's break all the time. just wait for the PS4 shit to get done with so the dev team can come back and focus on the PC version.
>> No. 1673734
File 141757052370.jpg - (134.14KB , 800x800 , Balloon.jpg )
Let me know how it works out.
I've never felt more creatively fulfilled than I did on a biphasic sleep schedule.
>> No. 1673736
My mind totally broke.

My laptop fell to the ground from my bed (fell asleep that way) and I spent 15 minutes trying to reload to a previous save, from before my laptop fell.
>> No. 1673738
what time frame is a good time to do it? I normally dont wake up til 8-10am and go to bed around 12-1am. If that helps at all.

oh my..did it break?
>> No. 1673740
File 141757078423.png - (120.21KB , 600x600 , 132195193457.png )
Damn you Akhe. I've been watching guitar videos constantly.

I need to get a band together after I graduate.
>> No. 1673741
File 141757078567.png - (139.58KB , 346x346 , Cosmic Spark pouty.png )
also my pics hate me and decided to abandon me
>> No. 1673743
File 141757080187.png - (629.37KB , 680x680 , 333.png )
>> No. 1673745
File 141757089612.png - (525.05KB , 585x1032 , 139614224834.png )
Left as in partly down and partly imaginary...and partly left! Hah, yeah...that's unfortunately so ^^'

Oh Listy-senpai-achu-asaurus-itis, so silly...

Oh, I thought you were talking about really recent changes. Yeah, that really didn't sit well with me when they constructed the system around the clearly inferior Google+ framework.

Maybe they used it so they could better handle these sorts of things? As in giving people more freedom to post what they want, but also allowing flagging things and knowing who they are so they can find/ban them easier? Maybe they didn't factor in people making bots on Google+. It would require much more thought to get the true answer, I'm afraid.

I do like the old system (but that goes for everything older. Change isn't something that tends to be well-liked 9_6) better. Ever since they changed the layout to include all that white space, I've been skeptical about Youtube's quality of leadership. It seems they were a marionette for quite some time, but now with Google as their puppet-master. It's a shame, was bound to happen sooner or later, much like the soon-to-be censoring of the internet and the death of free speech.

Ouch! D:
Are things going to be alright?

It's alright. Nobody feels their best 100% of the time...and if they do, I must eat their heart to gain their strength.
>> No. 1673746
File 141757093957.gif - (474.33KB , 127x139 , 141734199869.gif )
...I still don't understand.
>> No. 1673749
File 141757098831.png - (280.36KB , 759x819 , commission__nom__by_britishstarr-d6bwhec.png )
Well both my brain and my laptop are fine, it was just freaking hilarious.
>> No. 1673750
File 141757099431.jpg - (94.47KB , 894x894 , slap.jpg )
>> No. 1673753
File 141757106840.png - (192.84KB , 500x432 , 134533560376.png )
Laptop falling and hilarity?... My, you are a strange one. Glad to hear it though! Did you manage to get any sleep today?
>> No. 1673754
File 141757108013.jpg - (6.92KB , 206x245 , SCARED.jpg )
>> No. 1673756
File 141757115001.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
That depends on your circadian rhythm, so it's tough to say. On average the ideal time is between 1-3pm - however some people align differently. For instance, my ideal time is 3-5pm, which I guess is to be expected considering my delayed sleep phase syndrome.. I'm basically a few hours behind circadian system-wise.

I used to have a chart to help give you a rough guideline but I lost it in the reformat and while I tried to dig it up online, no luck. The general rule of thumb, however, is that any nap taken within seven hours of waking up will not influence your overall sleep that night (unless you've got sleep debt entering into the equation) so I'd try to work within that window.

If you want, Google Siesta Sleep and see what you find.

I'm always right! Except when I'm not.
So what are you up to at the moment bud?

I tend to have that effect, I pretty much bring out the guitar nerd in everyone!
>> No. 1673757
File 141757124627.png - (183.46KB , 799x999 , fnaf___foxy_by_bolteybolt-d7wlmtk.png )

Change is fine if it makes sense. Breaking the comment section by overhauling it into Google+ made the worse, not better. I'm just angry at this because it feels this feels such an easy thing to fix. Obviously no one at Google cares.

Eh, maybe I should go calm down...
>> No. 1673759
File 141757138125.png - (133.04KB , 346x346 , Cosmic Spark WTF.png )
Well nothing happened to it, so yeah, it's funny.
I woke up at 2AM, I have no idea when I fell asleep, around 6PM or so? Something like that.
>mia faccia quando there are people that literally actively defend corrupt/unethical practices in another thread
>> No. 1673761
File 141757146527.png - (154.30KB , 955x837 , 130932944456.png )
I haven't properly looked at guitar stuff in a while. I really miss it. I really want to start making music again.
>> No. 1673763
File 141757162598.gif - (1.68MB , 640x480 , 45597___safe_fluttershy_animated_edit_putting-your-hoof-down_super-saiyan.gif )
>You only have three full episodes of head-start left now! I suggest running!

And also when you're partly right!
At the moment? I feel like I shouldn't have this much free time, so I'm trying to remember if I have to do anything tonight... Other than that, just watching videos from Cracked! Yourself?

Well... Maybe so. Calming down sounds like a good option c:

I guess our humor is a little different, hehe.
Not too bad! A little strange, but...yeah!
Seriously? That's mighty intriguing... Care to link? Unless it's in /rp/, don't link anything from there because it could crash my browser.
>> No. 1673765
File 141757173161.jpg - (235.47KB , 960x1280 , 3bd_png.jpg )

>> No. 1673766
File 141757173505.png - (102.84KB , 834x524 , Laxing.png )
I know the feeling, I've had a several month hiatus where I haven't even looked at my guitar let alone picked it up. Finally starting to find the joy in making music again, then again that was never the problem - it was making music in a scene that doesn't facilitate it that was the problem. I guess I can live without playing live for a while though, just good to be writing again.

What're you watching then?
I'm just mapping out how I'm going to breed my Feraligatr, and now I'm about to get started since I plan on leveling up my Bagon later tonight and want to get Totodile in on the mix so I can get a nice headstart. /nerdyPokemontalk
>> No. 1673767
File 141757179449.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 141755538909.gif )
>> No. 1673770
File 141757200012.png - (77.43KB , 240x240 , Cosmic Spark look.png )
From how much time I spent on reddit, where linking to other subreddits/threads is highly "illegal" and can result in a shadowban from the entire site, I feel like I'm breaking the rules, hahahah. Here:
>someone mentions "harassment" or something
>I point out the fact that, basically, the federal trade commission does not respond to "harassment", and point out the FTC changes, and I ask for evidence of harassment
>completely ignores it and keeps pushing
What the hay. Also, ahahah, remember what I said about my origins yesterday? Gotta love people following me around to this site to attack me. :3
>> No. 1673775
File 141757217989.png - (145.74KB , 968x826 , view_from_window_by_klaifferon-d5rrmmw.png )
Yeah I can understand that. I've been here since August 2013, and I haven't had time to do anything except study. I'm actually really looking forward to making music again. I want to start fresh I think - new people, new band, new music. It's exciting!
Being in a difficult scene really sucks. How big is the music scene near you?
>> No. 1673777
Are you the same as Runbow Dash? >.>
>> No. 1673778
File 141757223133.jpg - (66.29KB , 706x800 , 1382285462647.jpg )
Anyway, gotta sleep.
Night all.
>> No. 1673781
File 141757238735.png - (753.02KB , 900x690 , mlp__super_saiyan_shy_by_sailorsun546-d4sdtsp.png )
>>1673765 about relaxing topics, hm? What makes you relaxed or at peace?

I'm watching all the 8-Bits shorts, which are about video games. Mostly about their flawed logic, but it's still a little enjoyable ^^
I remember when Pokemon was about killing beating other Pokemon into a state of unconsciousness and leveling up so you can beat more Pokemon in more violent and deadly ways. It was a much simpler time. A time where they had reasonable names, like Squirtle and Beedrill, instead of names like Coffeemakerachu and Refrigeratoradon./oldgenPokenerdtalk
Does it really involve that much planning though? I think I may want to get back into it if there are new dimensions of gameplay to explore! I hear you cna actually make money off of Pokemon breeding, which I find to be insane but equally awesome!

>Still charging Spiritpone-bomb!

Oh, you go on reddit? How do you like it there? I've been meaning to let the culture grow on me more, but for every time I get that feeling, I get an equal, but opposite feeling given off by someone who supposedly loves reddit. It's a weird balance that I need to find time to break. Uh...right, words. Ah yes, I'll read this in between posts! I can already feel the glowing warmth of anger rising up from this thread!

Nighty night!...
Guess I'll just have to finish the season without you ;~;

Last edited at Tue, Dec 2nd, 2014 19:07

>> No. 1673788
File 141757278294.png - (1.37MB , 1316x938 , cosmic spark prom.png )
I'm glad to say there isn't much anger there at all.
And the trick about Reddit is only visiting subreddits that aren't default, because the default ones are absolutely awful and filled with all kinds of unpleasant people.
Reddit is just a platform, you find communities that you enjoy and that post content appropriate for you, and you follow them.
>> No. 1673790
File 141757279919.png - (629.37KB , 680x680 , 333.png )

>> No. 1673793
File 141757302160.png - (149.52KB , 900x675 , 135880820047.png )
Passive-aggression is best aggression!
Default...yes. Duly noted! Seems kinda big though... Though 8chan is growing and I don't mind it too much there, so maybe reddit might be worth a shot.

Hmmm... I'm not sure what to say ^^;
>> No. 1673794
File 141757309813.png - (35.73KB , 300x300 , 150.png )

No no, it's okay. I'm sorry for being difficult.
>> No. 1673796
File 141757318386.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
Do you tend to write on your own or do you prefer collaborating and doing things as a group effort, compositionally?

Our scene is pretty decent though it's not at all what it used to be, it's just extremely unprofessional and it's become even worse than it was before. I'm going to speak only for my genre in question because it's what I have the most experience in, but we draw in pretty solid names within our style on a somewhat regular basis. We've had Dying Fetus play here several times, Threat Signal and Cryptopsy several times as well and we've even had acts like Arsis and Sebastian Bach come down among many others. I know these names don't mean much to you, but it definitely means we pull some great bands and so we're on the map for our metal community but we've gone from having six bustling venues to having about one and a half. We have a venue that occasionally books shows, and another one that books them only two months in advance. We had a really good one that everyone would go to but they were shut down by the owners to turn it into another typical dance club so now our options are minimal - but honestly, it was getting bad before even that..

See, now we don't have promoters anymore. Or rather we do, but there's nothing separating the promoters from the musicians themselves. All the bands are setting up their own shows for the most part and thus becoming promoters, and now it's come to the point where we only have one legitimate promoter in the city (who is also bringing in the big names) but because he's a musician as well, and a very unprofessional one at that, he treats these gigs like some kind of trading card commodity. So essentially every big band that comes in, you can guarantee he's going to hook his own band up with any open slots first and then his closest friends second. It's come to the point where it's impossible to get a decent gig anymore because it's become a game of favorites, it's a damn high-school clique which is not only annoying because of the environment it creates for our scene but because of how they're taking the bands they're booking for granted.

There are many more problems but.. I'd rather not get into a ridiculous rant, point is our scene is getting really bad and it's just not worth trying to pursue a performance angle anymore. At least not until I'm in a position where I can realistically consider playing out of town more often than in town - since London and Toronto are only a few hours away and have phenomenal metal scenes.

Oh it's still about that, I assure you!
Well there is if you like to take my approach to it, but the great thing about the series is that you can kind of take whichever approach you want and have it be equally valid. You can be super casual or ridiculously hardcore and anything in between!
>> No. 1673797
No - afraid not!
>> No. 1673798
File 141757324342.jpg - (12.59KB , 184x184 , CosmicEvvi hats fixt.jpg )
Speaking of 8chan. :3
And honestly, that thread is very civil, especially compared to how such discussion usually goes. The only exception might be people straight up following me due to a grudge, hahah.

To me?
>> No. 1673802
File 141757355929.jpg - (61.67KB , 600x690 , fluttershy_by_amwah-d3b7mf8.jpg )
It's fine... I know you don't mean to be c:

Well great! Digital animal abuse is what I want out of my games~
Hmm...Well, the holidays are coming up and I'm just looking for things I could likely snag. Just wondering if it'd be worth it... I've been out of the Pokeplaying business for a long time, so I know nothing now ;-;

You made a board, eh? And it's on something that doesn't suck, woo! :D
You speak of grudges a lot... Makes makes me a little worried..
>> No. 1673803
File 141757361972.png - (176.93KB , 999x1161 , f1a.png )


I'm going to try and take my mind off things by playing some Tomb Raider.
>> No. 1673804
File 141757366230.png - (180.37KB , 800x841 , 130932980194.png )
You asked if I was like Runbow - I'm not him. :p

It depends. I've been writing some instrument post-rock sounding stuff by myself which has been fun. I can't sing or write lyrics, so I usually collaborate when it comes to writing stuff like that.

I can definitely understand that - the same kind of thing happened quite a lot in London (UK), so there are now only a few places for unknown bands to play. In Montreal you basically cannot get a show unless you play the kind of indie that the promotor likes.

That thing about the promotor sucks though. That's a really unprofessional way to run it, but I can't say I'm surprised. I can imagine going to London (ON) and Toronto would be a good idea, but it's quite a commitment to travel to.
>> No. 1673805
File 141757368218.png - (58.64KB , 296x311 , Unsure.png )
I personally think it's worth it, but I'm not entirely sure what you're into exactly so I'm afraid to oversell it when it might not be your cup of tea.
>> No. 1673808
File 141757383544.png - (1.92MB , 1400x1050 , Dust in the Wind.png )
Yeah, and it was even put as a "board of the week" by Lord Hotwheelz once, I think. Thus the activity.
Why does it make you worried? Grudges (at me, I can't say I have any myself) are a big part of my past, but I've grown to not care about them.

You responded to the OP, silly.
>> No. 1673810
Sorry, i dropped.

I'll give this 90min thing a go since it takes a while for me to fall asleep. As soon as I get my work schedule that is. I'll update you at some point about how things go.
>> No. 1673812
File 141757390149.png - (196.85KB , 865x923 , _69__rainbow_dash__in_shock_by_doktorrainbowfridge-d5tpfn3.png )
Indeed I did - my internet crashed, so I when I refreshed the page I guess it reset what name I had clicked on. My apologies!
>> No. 1673813
File 141757392915.jpg - (66.38KB , 565x800 , Fidget wants nothing to do with you fidgeting FIDGETFACE.jpg )
I will never forgive you.
>> No. 1673818

Fidget. <3
>> No. 1673821
File 141757402719.jpg - (63.16KB , 595x800 , fidget grins like a fidget eeee.jpg )
>> No. 1673822
File 141757403153.png - (156.84KB , 798x1001 , rainbow_dash_is_afraid_by_blueathombomb-d6w3jzd.png )
>> No. 1673824
File 141757410932.png - (276.67KB , 720x720 , oh no.png )

I hope you have a good time, and feel free to come back whenever!

>using kg as units of pressure

Ah, very insightful! Perhaps I should do some research myself before asking the opinions of others so I can better process and make use of the information given... I think I'll do that right now, actually!
>> No. 1673825
File 141757414403.jpg - (140.10KB , 789x1013 , FIDGET DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER KNOW YOU ANYMORE AGAIN EVER.jpg )
Also: Hahah oh wow, that pic is funny.
>> No. 1673826
File 141757422403.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
That makes sense, I guess a better question is.. do you try to get the majority of a song written on your own before trying to get the input of your bandmates (in an ideal hypothetical scenario with bandmates that are comfortable working on music however you prefer, that is) or do you go for a more 'jam it out' approach?

That's pretty much how people work, eh? Everyone's looking out for number one. That's a pity about Montreal though, I always heard it has a top-notch music scene but that might just exclusively mean their metal scene and not apply to the other styles. We played with a band from there that's pretty much been begging us to come down so they can hook us up with some shows, pity that never panned out though.

Yes, please do, I'm always curious to hear how this works for others considering how much of a success it's been for me.

That's likely the ideal route, let me know if you have any questions!
>> No. 1673831
File 141757435560.png - (502.80KB , 1000x1200 , foxy_by_ranoutofideas-d7x7r06.png )



Thanks. ^^
>> No. 1673835
Will do!
>> No. 1673837
File 141757454670.png - (21.93KB , 150x150 , 134040008592.png )
One quick question for now: how steep do you think the learning curve would be for someone who hasn't played a Pokemon game since...Yellow? Just based on your experience with Pokemon games and what you think a normal person is capable of. And thank you!

>> No. 1673840
File 141757459349.png - (212.03KB , 900x562 , 132977248470.png )
>> No. 1673841
File 141757464292.png - (155.24KB , 1058x754 , 135985895310.png )
How're ya feelin?
>> No. 1673842



Dinner time.
>> No. 1673844
File 141757473573.png - (185.11KB , 967x826 , 135492921217.png )
>> No. 1673845
File 141757475796.png - (170.45KB , 745x1072 , the_magnificent_rainbow_dash_by_fureox-d6n9zlv.png )

Sometimes a bit of both. It depends who I'm writing with. Sometimes people come to me with nearly written songs, but they need some reorganising and arranging. I quite like doing the jam-it-out approach, and that has worked pretty well for me in the past.

I'm sure their metal scene is good - there are definitely a good set of clubs. If you want to play something more rock/alt like, however, you basically need to play weird experimental stuff - Montreal just seems to be that kind of place.
>> No. 1673846
Still pretty down there. I let this lack of sleep+stress combo go on for way to long. Gonna get that fixed now.

>> No. 1673849
File 141757491829.png - (186.23KB , 580x850 , retreat__retreeeaaaaaat___color__by_dalekolt-d6bofyz.png )
More like Nerdbow Dash.

Did you miss my reply?
>> No. 1673850
File 141757504927.png - (291.12KB , 619x564 , Pokemon Trainer Surprise 2.png )
Not steep at all!
The games kind of treat every game like a new one, so if you talk to NPCs frequently you learn the basics quite quickly. Moreover, the 'advanced' approach to Pokemon isn't necessary until you beat the storyline so it's really as simple as finding Pokemon you think are cool, catching them, and using them. You don't have to worry about the crazy stuff, the most you have to worry about is making sure they don't faint in battle and balancing your moves efficiently. Easy peasy!

I was just curious since most people have a preference, I personally prefer composing things on my own and then bringing it to the table when it's about 80% done to fine-tune and hear ideas from everyone else. Otherwise I find I don't get anything done in a 'jam it out' environment. I like to nitpick over ideas and perfect them instead of settling for what comes up on the spot.

It's really unfortunate, I was just hoping it's scene would be universally awesome rather than a bit niche-ish but.. ah well.
>> No. 1673852
File 141757527164.png - (205.22KB , 966x828 , a_dash_of_regret_by_midnight__blitz-d5oad1z.png )
You scare her.

Sure. I usually have some good ideas for songs - some I can complete easily, and others I just get stuck with. I think I'm a better arranger than composer - I can write good parts for songs where the chord and harmonic structure is already set up. What kind of thing we've done before is jam stuff out, and then take those ideas away and write over them properly, and then bring them back, jam it out again to decide on other parts of the song structure and chuck in new ideas.

I think it's just the nature of some of these scenes. Maybe the indie scene is trying too hard to be cool, which wouldn't be a surprise.
>> No. 1673855
File 141757537672.png - (152.80KB , 900x900 , 133447399237.png )
Oh? Wow, I like that can-do attitude! Hopefully you can get that fixed right quick ^^

This room is ridiculously hot, which is strange because it's a good amount below freezing outside... I may just have to open my window and enjoy this nice night sometimes soon.

Oh good... From this stream that I'm watching (not a live one), it seems that he knows all of the secret areas and all the noises the Pokemon make and what every potion and ball does and what attacks everybody has and can learn...that seems like a ton of information to absorb, is all!... And...what happens once you beat the storyline and why do all of these crazy things matter after that? Also, how long do/can games usually last, just from your experience or known experiences?
>> No. 1673858
thanks, i hope so too!

Is there nothing in the room to change that? Also, have you met your roommate yet?
>> No. 1673861
File 141757565212.png - (242.77KB , 395x776 , 139614516949.png )
I should hope that you would hope so :o
It would be weird if you didn't!~

I could blast the air, but that seems like such a waste when I have a fridge for a window, heh. It's free coldness! And nope! He's more introverted than I am, so...whatever, I guess. As long as he doesn't use my toothbrush, everything is fine.
>> No. 1673863
File 141757579984.png - (160.06KB , 315x304 , Arting-1.png )
Heh, that's pretty much indie in a nutshell isn't it?
Then again, same could be said for metal. Most of us just tune as low as we can and rip off Pantera. Ugh.

Yeah I know what you mean, arranging is half the fun I find. Though I think coming up with the riffs and melodies is still my strength. My biggest issue is I have a very hard time writing short songs, everything clocks in at five minutes at the least!

Well a lot of those items are introduced gradually, and they all have descriptions so you get a feel for them. Remembering movepools is a different matter altogether and just comes with experience but you can always look at sites like Bulbapedia to overview what a Pokemon is capable of learning and when.

The post-game stuff all depends on whether or not you want to play online and battle others, not to mention there are facilities and stuff in game you can battle too.
>> No. 1673865
nahh, i would to feel like my body is slowly dying :D

true. i guess if it aint raining it's good! And jeez...I guess this is a good thing? It'll be quiet and he'll be out of the way.
>> No. 1673870
File 141757621692.png - (176.01KB , 900x1272 , 135605692629.png )
Interesting... I assume there's a meta, yeah? That's usually the first thing I like to learn about games, if applicable.

Is the post-game stuff based around grinding and/or making teams to battle others, then?

I mean, who doesn't? :P

Pssh, like it ever rains here...minus all of the times it rains and subsequently floods everything.
I was hoping for a more...sociable roomie, if you'd believe that. But yes, I'm just glad he's not like the last bunch. Not yet anyway.
>> No. 1673871
File 141757633004.jpg - (115.10KB , 600x600 , 1395658913855.jpg )
>> No. 1673872
File 141757633557.png - (299.19KB , 888x1044 , BalloonCute.png )
Yeah, but how involved you get with the meta is up to you. Some people take it way too seriously.. please don't become that guy who runs a ParaFlinch Togekiss just 'cause Smogon said so!

Essentially yeah, but there are some other features if that's not your cup of tea. Though to be honest it's mostly just geared towards battling. You can also collect Pokemon too.
>> No. 1673873
Yeah man, totes!

Then open up your window for a free pool!
Huh, you were just hoping they werent a dick? Maybe he's just busy getting projects done like we are.
>> No. 1673882
File 141757708406.jpg - (36.32KB , 388x600 , 135459016875.jpg )
Helloooo!, that's another missed reply >.>
And, again, I read it but still moved on... Strange. Maybe I should get sleep sometime...but then again, INTERNET! That's all the more compelling that argument has to be to reel me in!...

Anyway...what's goin' on?

I live for the meta! Though I like figuring things out myself. All I really look for are the stats, the rest I like to do on my own. Tweaking my playstyle to get the best [something] with the least cost of [something else] and such... Not so sure about Pokemon though. Might take a while for me to actually learn the things required to use the meta effectively, but I also enjoy that part!

Hmm... Thank you for the honesty, first of all. How does one collect Pokemon? Oh, I'm asking a bunch of nooby questions, aren't I? I'll get back to researching after I finish some of these Esh videos.

I read that completely wrong the first time around, hah... Anyway.

It's not raining now, silly! Well...I would most likely be raining if it were warm enough, but it's not so there!
Yep! Some quiet time is all I really ask for... Having sensitive ears sucks, man. I would believe that if he weren't always talking to what I can only assume to either be his phantasmal significant other or someone online. I've been told that he's a pretty avid gamer, so...yeah. I haven't even seen him before :x
>> No. 1673884
File 141757721605.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
That'll be easy enough, there are lots of resources where you can look over a Pokemon's stats and figure out how to play 'em.

That gets explained in the game, it's just finding them all that's tricky 'cause they all live in different places and whatnot.
>> No. 1673885
File 141757728497.png - (539.43KB , 745x1024 , Ugh_Mondays.png )
>> No. 1673887
I wronged a word.

What about snow? free snowcones!
So this guy just stays in his room and does shit online? sounds perfect :D
I dont get how your ears are so sensitive though. I remember once you were apologizing for it being loud and I heard nothing over the mic.

10 points from hufflepuff.
>> No. 1673889
File 141757738400.png - (793.67KB , 1200x740 , Cosmic Spark and Em on cloud.png )
I almost concluded that you decided to ignore me because of those worries, hah.
Why the worries, though, that's what I asked. I don't have grudges myself, but some people have grudges that lasted for years.
And nuffin, I'm wondering if I should sleep a bit more before university, since waking up at 2AM is a bit awkwardish.

>> No. 1673892
File 141757747466.png - (41.23KB , 571x607 , Nomming bread.png )
alo stuffy!
how is?

ordinary caveman language before first coffee
>> No. 1673894
File 141757754090.png - (200.92KB , 1200x966 , What´s this.png )
wait.. 10 point FROM hufflepuff?
>> No. 1673895
Tired as fuck, you?
because it's hufflepuff
>> No. 1673897
File 141757772332.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
kinda the same. waiting for the coffee to boil
*Offers blankets, pillows, plushes*

Ah that simple..
>> No. 1673898
yeaa..gotta love...sleep.
>> No. 1673901
File 141757783882.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
>tucks in
then sleep?
>> No. 1673902
File 141757785550.png - (47.92KB , 256x153 , 139654035607.png )
Oh? Hm.. I assume I'd find them sooner or later, heh.

Oh! Speaking of different places. I like what they've done with the graphics! The swamp areas are darker, the grass areas are less grassy so you can avoid otherwise unavoidable conflicts that slow you down..I really like how they designed the levels. I haven't seen any caves yet though, so...fingers crossed that it's just not one long nightmare like all the other games I've played.

ugga ugga

Nuh-uh. I read it as toast because I'm weird.

I only get the yellow ones ;~;
I know right? I just wish I could cyberstalk him, like all my other frien-...uhh... I just wish I could hold a lovely conversation with him about...politics?
Neither do I... I'm thinking it's a brain thing, but that's as far as I got. I guess the input to my ears is more sensitive than the input to the mic ^^'

Oh, no, I don't usually upright ignore people...not on purpose, anyway.
I just worry about things, is all. ?I'm also concerned as to how you gained such grudge holders, or anti-fans if you will.
Hey, sleep can be important for healthy functionality~ Worth a shot, I say!
>> No. 1673904
File 141757802611.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
Hooga Hooga Chacka
>> No. 1673905
nope, got school and shit to do.

lol wut

Just let it in your mouth. Unless that's your thing.
Muffy...politics. Try harder, hun.
I guess so. I guess I dont know the levels of the sensitivity, but it must be pretty bad.
>> No. 1673907
File 141757814667.png - (260.28KB , 358x310 , bf8.png )
>> No. 1673909
File 141757820780.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
sorry to hear.
getting any longer holidays soon?

cute vid....
>> No. 1673910
File 141757827136.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
Which game are you watching a playthrough for anyway?
>> No. 1673911
File 141757830472.png - (169.12KB , 500x632 , 6e0.png )

Rip in pieces, Mr. Bauble.
>> No. 1673912
Finals are next week, after that i get a month.

>> No. 1673913
File 141757835069.jpg - (233.96KB , 1024x1024 , mother_celestia_waking_up.jpg )
how is?
>> No. 1673914
File 141757838536.png - (107.80KB , 576x576 , 138009388064.png )
Some people are just kind of dicks. And some other people were once awesome people but then got influenced by their surroundings into becoming cynical and idolising apathy and mocking people. I get along with everyone who doesn't look for an excuse to insult people and make someone's day worse.
>> No. 1673916
File 141757841483.png - (105.59KB , 500x633 , cb1.png )



I'm alright, I guess. You?
>> No. 1673920
File 141757852393.png - (285.23KB , 1064x1024 , Mother_Celestia_sleeping_at_the_table.png )
alright, alright is good.
waking up still..
>> No. 1673921
File 141757860615.jpg - (328.04KB , 900x835 , sug(622).jpg )
I can't stop this feeling
Deep inside of me~

Sssssshhhhhhhhh...nothing happened!

I don't like lemondrop flavor though D:
I tried my best!...
I'm just glad the fan in this room is deafeningly loud so I can't hear my neighbors humping all the time anymore.

Ha, git rekt!
Also, yaaaay Weebl! <3

"Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire"
I just finished the relevant parts and closed it though. It was by a guy everyone called "Kid," if that means anything.

It's a matter of perspective, too. To them, the world around them may have changed to some place they find less-than-suitable, so they get dragged down with it. Hm..
>> No. 1673923
File 141757866977.gif - (92.40KB , 475x406 , 965.gif )

Did you sleep well?


Good ol' Weebl. c:
>> No. 1673924
File 141757873178.png - (565.10KB , 1280x915 , At breakfast.png )
Girl, you just don´t realize
what you do to me~

i get my roughly 8 hours ^^;
>> No. 1673925
File 141757879873.gif - (199.03KB , 500x500 , loading_by_96_ghost-d4m03v5.gif )
He's one of the people who got me interested in animation ^^

Hey, you got it! :D
Usually nobody gets my references!
>> No. 1673926
File 141757880291.jpg - (1.13MB , 1600x900 , ScreenShot1065.jpg )
Have some wonderful pics from my world.

Actually, I'm referring to environment, as in, people. Not as in, having a harder life.
They start hanging around with people who think that way, and eventually they lose perspective and start thinking that way too.
>> No. 1673927
File 141757884584.png - (150.62KB , 595x799 , Dancetiem.png )
Not really, I don't care for LPs - especially with Pokemon, so I don't keep track. I was just curious as to whether you were looking at the most recent or another series.
>> No. 1673928

not for the bitter juice i see
and that's all that matters!
does that still happen? everyone be fuckin, geez.
>> No. 1673929
File 141757889418.png - (324.61KB , 680x1154 , 141630808860.png )

That's good. c:

What's up for today?


Hehe. ^^

I just love the catchy music mixed perfectly with his bizzare sense of humor.
>> No. 1673931
File 141757916419.jpg - (2.02MB , 3072x2304 , IMG_3731.jpg )
Well, you got mine from the start! :D
aaaw, sorry to hear

>shares one of my old pictures

Thank you^^
the usual surfing the net until 9 Am
then welding some rocker panels on a Vw vento/golf combi
>> No. 1673932
File 141757923070.jpg - (107.26KB , 774x1033 , 69f_png.jpg )

Cool, cool.
>> No. 1673935
File 141757937121.jpg - (5.04MB , 4128x2322 , 20140705_134413.jpg )
It's...beautiful ;_;
What mods are you using?

That's what I meant, yeah. World as in everything being considered, in that case the given environment and the components that lead into the environment.
I'm sure there are a lot of ways to do that. Cynicism is an easy hole to fall into, heh..

Oh, yes, right. I try to see the most recent things if I can. Those have the newest information and all.

It's actually pretty most excreted fluids!
Results are the only thing that matter! *slams fist onto table for dramatic effect*
Yep! This place is more brothel than anything else.

Oh yeah. Gotta love that strange, strange humor~

I'll keep it in a pickle jar for safekeeping!
>image sharing partyyyy!
>> No. 1673936
File 141757946772.jpg - (247.08KB , 900x1273 , I require tummy rubs to recharge my power levels.jpg )
Pokemon is pretty much one of those series where it legitimately gets better with each installment anyway, I mean the stories are a bit debatable and sometimes they falter but they're constantly fine-tuning the series and adding to it so it does get better in terms of the metagame with each release.
>> No. 1673939
File 141757956274.jpg - (81.83KB , 720x559 , 139832133826.jpg )
That's what I was thinking, hehe. Who needs a story, anyway? Give me the numbers and I shall smite my enemies!
>> No. 1673940
File 141757961928.png - (209.09KB , 895x1024 , Huggles softie.png )
Thank you^^

keep it safe.
>> No. 1673941
File 141757968380.jpg - (35.72KB , 800x800 , 135608369138.jpg )
*crushes it*
...You should've said something sooner!...
>> No. 1673942
>What mods are you using?
6:13 - The Wastelander: Convenient Horses - a 100% must
6:13 - The Wastelander: Faster Vanilla Horses - IMO a must
6:13 - The Wastelander: No Spinning Death Animation - no reason not to have it
6:13 - The Wastelander: Roosters at Dawn - good one
6:13 - The Wastelander: Thundering Shouts- good one
6:13 - The Wastelander: Cloaks of Skyrim - a must, no reason not to have it
6:14 - The Wastelander: NPC Knockout Overhaul - can be buggy but it's fun, you choose
6:14 - The Wastelander: basically you can knock people out without killing them and you can loot them without stealing
6:14 - The Wastelander: VioLens - controlling kill cams
6:14 - The Wastelander: Fire and Ice Overhaul - definitely not a must, but can be fun
6:14 - The Wastelander: Dynamic fire and ice that spread
6:14 - The Wastelander: very neat
6:15 - The Wastelander: Remove Underwater Grass - performance mod
6:15 - The Wastelander: Revamaped Exterior Fog - makes skyrim more vibrant looking, removing the unnecessary fog all around close to your character
6:15 - The Wastelander: Skyrim Performance PLUS - performance
6:15 - The Wastelander: W.A.T.E.R. - water and terrain enhancement
6:16 - The Wastelander: Improved Dragon Shouts - really, makes shouts much better, well-balanced
6:16 - The Wastelander: Realistic Ragdolls and Force - honestly didn't even notice this doing anything but it's good I guess (lol)
6:16 - The Wastelander: brb
6:18 - The Wastelander: Immersive First Person VIew - I rarely use it and almost never when actually playing seriously, but it's fun for RPing, and looks GREAT on a horse.
6:18 - The Wastelander: Immersive Patrols - this one is REALLY nice, but I'd suggest MAYBE picking a version without those 6 big battles
6:18 - The Wastelander: since I don't know...
6:18 - The Wastelander: they're just kind of weird
6:19 - The Wastelander: having 6 spots where you have big stormcloaks vs imperials battles, is kind of strange
6:19 - The Wastelander: but it's still good even with that
6:19 - The Wastelander: Lanterns of Skyrim - WHY WOULD ANYONE NOT WANT THIS
6:20 - The Wastelander: Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim: a magic mod - includes MANY, MANY interesting and RIDICULOUSLY immersive and complex spells in the game, that you don't even have to use
6:20 - The Wastelander: they're balanced and available, if you're not a fan, you can ignore them - but a lot of them are convenient and fun
6:20 - The Wastelander: I don't see a reason not to have it even if you don't like using it
6:20 - The Wastelander: Faster Mining - self-explanatory
6:21 - The Wastelander: Spell Crafting for Skyrim - same as Apocalypse, it's there for you to use, breaks nothing, no incompatibility, just freaking get it in case you want it, LOL
6:21 - The Wastelander: if you never use it, that's fine, I never did either
6:21 - The Wastelander: Brawl Bugs Patch - patch
6:21 - The Wastelander: Enhanced Night Skyrim - self-explanatory, super recommended
6:21 - The Wastelander: Inconsequential NPCs - awesome mod, get it
6:22 - The Wastelander: Realistic Lighting Overhaul - makes lighting better, plain and simple
6:22 - The Wastelander: Unofficial Skyrim patches (and patches for its expansions) - 100% must, seriously, get it, it's a bunch of important fixes
6:23 - The Wastelander: make sure the load order is right for those, btw, use a tool called LOOT for it
6:23 - The Wastelander: A Quality World Map - get it.
6:24 - The Wastelander: Civil War Overhaul - this one is a big choice. It just makes the Civil War better by restoring LOADS of cancelled content that was actually left in the code. Civil War is a backbone of Skyrim that's involved in every single part of Skyrim, it has so many scripts.
6:24 - The Wastelander: but it's worth it according to most people
6:24 - The Wastelander: Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 - great, get it, makes sound more realistic and reverb better
6:24 - The Wastelander: The Paarthurnax Dilemma - get it, no reason not to
6:25 - The Wastelander: Killable Children - because why the fuck not
6:25 - The Wastelander: Guard Dialogue Overhaul - I'd call this one essential, it stops guards from insulting you all the time and makes them much more interesting and varied in dialogue
6:25 - The Wastelander: SKSE - tool needed for pretty much all those mods
6:25 - The Wastelander: SkyUI - 1000000000000000000% essential
6:25 - The Wastelander: And also needed for almost all the mods
6:26 - The Wastelander: Better Dialogue Controls - simple mod that makes dialogue controls less clunky
6:26 - The Wastelander: Better MessageBox Controls - same
6:26 - The Wastelander: Categorized Favorites Menu - really convenient, get it, but when you do, tell me so I can tell you how to disable some error message (not an actual error, just a small non-problematic conflict)
6:27 - The Wastelander: Uncle Sheogorath's Really Helpful Hints and Tips - install, don't ask. LOL.
6:27 - The Wastelander: Better Dynamic Snow - self-explanatory.
6:27 - The Wastelander: Enhanced Blood Textures - same
6:27 - The Wastelander: Immersive Saturation Boost - what it says on the tin, makes Skyrim prettier and more saturated instead of super grey. Well-done.
6:28 - The Wastelander: And then there's the fucking ENBoost thing that makes Skyrim run better
6:29 - The Wastelander: It's kind of clunky to install, but worth it, trust me, just take the hassle
6:29 - The Wastelander: i wish I installed it earlier
6:29 - The Wastelander: fixes some memory issues and stuff
6:29 - The Wastelander: makes cursor bearable
6:29 - The Wastelander: etc.
6:29 - The Wastelander: SSME - pretty much the same, just easier to install
6:29 - The Wastelander:
6:30 - The Wastelander: I'm linking you these directly because they're actually not gameplay mods, they just make Skyrim run better as a program
6:30 - The Wastelander: read the descriptions and readmes for these 2
6:35 - The Wastelander: oh yeah, I missed one: Enhanced Distant Terrain
>> No. 1673943
File 141757975580.jpg - (90.61KB , 800x800 , 008.jpg )


So, what's up?


Eh, I dunno. The day's almost over where I am.
>> No. 1673944
File 141757982020.jpg - (249.69KB , 1183x1024 , Dinky hugs derpy.jpg )
im sorry

*Offers blankets, pillows,. plushes*
>> No. 1673945
File 141757984265.jpg - (97.62KB , 640x640 , Heavy is the head that eats the crayons.jpg )
Their stories are still usually pretty good though!
>> No. 1673946
you know this how?

Well soooorry princess

isnt that every college with mix dorms?
>> No. 1673949
File 141758008693.png - (262.07KB , 1191x670 , part_time_at_freddy_s__meeting_foxy_by_nukude-d7zd95r.png )

*Drapes blanket over himself*

>> No. 1673950
File 141758027044.jpg - (3.78MB , 4128x2322 , 20140705_135931.jpg )
Good lord... That's a lot of text and mods!
>killable children
Oh god yes please

About to take a shower actually! Which will most likely conclude my night as I am very tired again today.

Is ok, silly :P
Hearts are for nerds anyway.

I...usually skipped them because I played them when I was a kid!...
Don't judge me ;~;

Uhh...Don't worry about it! Like I said, this place is a brothel.

Nyess...I am the first royal decree is to make everybody wear spanx. This is non-negotiable.

Hah, yeah... I could definitely see that. Tossing a bunch of horny young adults into small, cell-like rooms for many months at a time is bound to end up with people breeding like a starved wolf eats.
And on that note, I go to shower off the filth!
>> No. 1673951
File 141758031841.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
Dude. You're the worst.
>> No. 1673952
you are one kinky little fucker..

Piss off, Vanu swine!

>> No. 1673953

Fair enough. ^^

See ya.
>> No. 1673954
File 141758045700.jpg - (221.31KB , 700x410 , Getting the job done.jpg )

are.. are you saying im a nerd ;_;
>> No. 1673955
File 141758051514.gif - (1.68MB , 265x724 , 141408696065.gif )
>> No. 1673956
File 141758054040.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
bons bson!
>> No. 1673958
File 141758065042.png - (1.00MB , 870x1024 , large (88).png )
>> No. 1673959
File 141758067564.png - (25.77KB , 405x300 , Paint pony with a reduced Reducted by the reducted Reducted.png )
>Family Guy making fun of Scrubs
Oh, you're a gutsy little egotist, Mr McFarlene.

Wait a minute.. why am I even watching this?
>> No. 1673960
File 141758072397.png - (173.37KB , 693x696 , Mother_Celestia_nuzzles.png )
Caught ya~
how is?
seeing you less in here.. or maybe im just missed you from time to time when slipping in here

dunno, family guy i guess. haven´t seen any new episode since... oh gosh ever!
>> No. 1673962
File 141758086474.gif - (1.68MB , 265x724 , 141408696065.gif )
No, just not in here as often.
How's it going though?
>> No. 1673964
File 141758093746.png - (286.61KB , 900x900 , Early hours.png )
oh i see...
i will say this even though you already know this.
you are missed my good friend!
ups downs now kinda neutral.
>> No. 1673967
File 141758102948.jpg - (103.19KB , 768x1024 , 141463212187.jpg )
It's just a rerun I'm letting run in the background for the hell of it, pretty sure it's a bit old. But I have seen a few of the newer ones, you're not missing much.

I do, however, have the two latest episodes of Gravity Falls primed and ready for when my net boots me.
>> No. 1673969
File 141758110676.png - (697.55KB , 643x737 , 006.png )
it´s Wednsday.... ALREADY!
>> No. 1673972
File 141758116929.png - (287.33KB , 778x797 , 776021__safe_solo_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_mouth+hold_sonata+dusk_artist-colon-jankrys00.png )
Just taking the morning slow?
>> No. 1673973
File 141758123347.gif - (45.51KB , 500x500 , Nibbles.gif )
yea with coffee, bread, and calming chillstep collections
>> No. 1673975
File 141758155204.png - (102.11KB , 297x380 , Wave.png )
Time's about up, g'night folks.
>> No. 1673976
File 141758157917.png - (121.00KB , 430x1024 , large (38).png )
Good musics there.

Nothing really, hanging around until sleep

>> No. 1673977
File 141758158780.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
Nights sweet dreams
>> No. 1673980
File 141758173761.jpg - (963.94KB , 1600x900 , ScreenShot1058.jpg )
Night, dream of dragons.
>> No. 1673981
File 141758175180.png - (1.04MB , 1280x997 , Mother_Celestia_Reading_bed_time_story.png )
it is^^
*Offer blankets, pillows, plushes*
sounds like an good plan.
what ya been up yo lately?
( if i can ask i mean )
>> No. 1673987
Just finishing out the school year, looking for jobs.

And time for me to hop off. Fare well ponnster.
>> No. 1673988
File 141758195320.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
AH! Congrats to you then
You rock~WO-HOO
aaw, nights sweet dreams. im glad to see you again!
>> No. 1674009
File 141758885978.jpg - (80.43KB , 1087x841 , lying talking.jpg )
>> No. 1674010
File 141758889538.png - (132.45KB , 900x469 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs.png )
ECHO echo echo
>> No. 1674011
File 141758912587.png - (152.52KB , 512x542 , ;3.png )
I knew it, is empty!
>> No. 1674012
File 141758916847.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
sorry to hear....
sadly my empty is not giving much either.
hows bloops doing?
>> No. 1674013
File 141758934567.png - (1.43MB , 970x1024 , WHERE IS IT.png )
my empty head*
see im even missing out words!
>> No. 1674014
File 141758936741.png - (129.70KB , 766x600 , huh.png )
>> No. 1674015
File 141758942055.png - (802.90KB , 1280x1394 , hmmmmh.png )
Kinda think I'm getting a headache. Hows ponny?

>> No. 1674016
File 141758953029.png - (421.17KB , 3000x2463 , roll.png )

>> No. 1674017
File 141758961961.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
have something for it?
*Offers blankets, pillows, plushes*
im doing better thank you
>> No. 1674020
Someone send me to bed

I need to rest but I never want to sleep ever
>> No. 1674021
File 141758986004.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
>tucks you in under blankets, lots of pony plushes*
aaw, sorry to hear
>> No. 1674022
I'll throw you.
>> No. 1674023
File 141759008311.png - (189.99KB , 900x895 , 3dsxl.png )
Nuffin much, just youtubing. You?

Need to see if it hits or not!
Well that's good.

Go to bred!
>> No. 1674024
File 141759014764.gif - (667.43KB , 500x357 , being silly.gif )
let´s hope the pain does not escalate
thank you
>> No. 1674025
File 141759028003.png - (337.49KB , 1280x720 , thinking.png )

Watching a stream
>> No. 1674026
File 141759034275.png - (226.82KB , 1280x773 , 3dss.png )

What kind?
>> No. 1674027

I mean really shit at taking care of myself
>> No. 1674028
File 141759041110.jpg - (192.71KB , 900x801 , collecting wood for the firestove.jpg )
plans for the day? taking it easy, car adventures, gaming?
>> No. 1674029
File 141759045746.png - (122.31KB , 530x600 , hide.png )

payday stuff
>> No. 1674030
I know the feel, when it comes to not going to bed. I wish I didn't have to sleep.
>> No. 1674031
File 141759049800.png - (262.64KB , 1000x573 , Mother_celestia_worried.png )
i can bet everything that i own!
that we all had a day heck even an week that we felt like not taking care of one self...
>huggles tightly
>> No. 1674032

I haven't eaten since monday


I should take something for this headache

what's up man?
>> No. 1674033
File 141759072498.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
dude... you making me worried about you. you should eat something. please.

nothing much listening to an podcast, sipping coffee, ebing wrapped up in a blanket
>> No. 1674034

Don't worry. I have food. I'm just not eating. I'll eat when I'm hungry
>> No. 1674035
File 141759103284.jpg - (136.03KB , 1024x1024 , 138332138490.jpg )
we cannot have our snowball walking around starving yerself
>> No. 1674036

>our snowball

Oh you. You really got to my heart with that one <3
>> No. 1674037
Do you have an eating disorder?
>> No. 1674038
File 141759123837.png - (418.15KB , 661x1024 , Snuggles RD_Fs.png )
i do mean it of course!
>> No. 1674039
Woke up at 6 am! Wohoo! I almost feel like a responsible adult.
>> No. 1674040
File 141759133571.png - (565.10KB , 1280x915 , At breakfast.png )
grab that coffee :3
next step is getting up at 4 am :p
*Offers breakfast*
>> No. 1674041
>> No. 1674042

No I'm just not hungry. Haven't been in awhile.


you're awesome
>> No. 1674043
File 141759155961.jpg - (392.60KB , 993x797 , Fun out in snow.jpg )
im just an kind friend. that´s all
>> No. 1674044
Waking up at 4 am isn't responsible. It's insane. Some coffee is probably going to be needed to get through today, yeah.

Lucky?! But I tried really hard...
>> No. 1674045
File 141759165363.png - (658.10KB , 2800x2500 , giggles.png )
i have no papers that´s says im sane
>> No. 1674046
Hey Snowball, I think I was a real asshole to you a couple weeks back or something. I think I was trying to make some stupid joke and it wasn't very funny at all and sorta dickish. I'm sorry about that.

Heh. So what are you going to do today?

Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 00:32

>> No. 1674047
File 141759197268.png - (284.76KB , 723x1104 , morning news.png )
well, been up for four hours. so going down to the workshop in the nearest half n hour. to do the last work on the Vw golf rocker panel welding job
>> No. 1674048

I forgive you

I'm pretty sure you did nothing

Fuck I wanna go to sleep but i don't and it's killing me
>> No. 1674049

thanks though
>> No. 1674050
In that case, good job. Would like some advice on that topic.
>> No. 1674052
File 141759234604.png - (932.10KB , 1024x819 , Pretty colors.png )
always for my friends. which i could do more
>> No. 1674053
That's very productive of you. I'm probably just going to try and relax best I can. Make it the best day possible, you know?

I dunno, it was that sorta thing that could potentially have been taken as hurtful, so it felt best to apologize.

Sometimes I get too tired to go to sleep. It's really stupid and I don't much like it.

Afraid I'm not the guy to be giving that advice. Usually I go to bed right about now. Not staying up absurdly late and being outside helps, I guess.
>> No. 1674054
File 141759250780.png - (2.60MB , 2400x3300 , first coffee.png )
>> No. 1674055
File 141759260191.png - (153.69KB , 1325x700 , engine kicking in slowly.png )
trying what i can do.
then inu the afternoon hunting down gearboxes for an volvo 740

understandable, that´s another reason why im go up so early i have 2-4 hours just to chill. no stress, no nothing!
>> No. 1674056
File 141759260647.png - (258.12KB , 500x559 , cda.png )
I found my band's old demo recordings while cleaning my mom's computer...
>> No. 1674057
ooh old memories when digging trough old computer files
>> No. 1674058
File 141759272174.png - (284.03KB , 500x619 , 172.png )

I thought these songs were long gone. I'm very glad I found them.
>> No. 1674059
glad for that treasure findings^^
>> No. 1674060
It's a lot more than I usually manage in a day. I always like having plenty of extra time in the morning so I can just zone out over the newspaper or something.

Old shame?
>> No. 1674061
File 141759284748.png - (1.49MB , 1000x1400 , 735.png )

Yep. ^^;

In other news, I finally got the rest of my old crap off my mom's PC.


>> No. 1674062
heh, well trying to find things to do. to balance out the failure for not finding any job ;_;
news papers is the best
which remids me to look more into the SD hysteria now

>> No. 1674063
File 141759295773.gif - (2.30KB , 170x189 , 141594381451.gif )

I must have cleared at least 100GB of space off her HDD.
>> No. 1674064
File 141759299084.jpg - (221.31KB , 700x410 , Getting the job done.jpg )
that´s some storage there
>> No. 1674066
File 141759311024.jpg - (61.07KB , 500x494 , 141429435496.jpg )

Cleared up a ton of space off my external hard drive too; I had some games installed on it.
>> No. 1674067
File 141759326950.jpg - (36.79KB , 776x429 , myes.jpg )
ah, and with today games that takes up SOOOo much space

like newest wolfenstein game
40GB+ and no multi play?
( well, don´t get me wrong. a game can be multi play or single play for all i care about) however, almost every older game have been multi play

really need to look for return to castle wolfenstein ( early 2000 game)
>> No. 1674068
You do realize you're going to have the share with the rest of the class now, right?

Eh, I'm jobless too. Loadsa people are nowadays.

This is the sort of political crisis stuff that I never really thought would happen here. A new election would be fairly interesting. When was the last time that happened? Like, fifty years ago or something?
>> No. 1674069
File 141759355904.jpg - (48.58KB , 680x895 , c02.jpg )

Granted, my external hard drive is 2TB, but it's always good to clear away unused stuff.

BioShock Infinite bloated to 36GB once I download the DLC expansions. Sheesh!



Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 01:00

>> No. 1674070
>> No. 1674071
File 141759361660.gif - (128.84KB , 571x378 , Coffee time.gif )
yes.. but im punishing my self with unsults larbor... since im a useless fucker.
yea shall be interesting

yea big hdds
that´s alot
well im sorry everyone but i have to get going
u all do take acre
>> No. 1674072



See you, man.
>> No. 1674073
You don't need to be so hard on yourself.

Take care!

You are a dirty coward and nothing you say will make me think otherwise.
>> No. 1674074
File 141759382488.png - (183.46KB , 799x999 , fnaf___foxy_by_bolteybolt-d7wlmtk.png )

>> No. 1674075
Aaaaw, chicken wanna cry?
>> No. 1674076
File 141759393261.gif - (403.16KB , 320x240 , 7d5.gif )

>> No. 1674077
Yeah, you're not intimidating me into silence. Just share the damn recordings already!
>> No. 1674078
File 141759410239.png - (439.10KB , 447x606 , 2.png )
>> No. 1674079
File 141759425084.png - (116.62KB , 500x425 , f53.png )

I'll upload them to SoundCloud tomorrow.

>> No. 1674080
File 141759433741.png - (391.05KB , 595x499 , !!!.png )
>> No. 1674081
Ur fat.

This pleases me greatly. I look forward to your inescapable humiliation.
>> No. 1674082
File 141759447181.png - (258.08KB , 750x900 , 3f8.png )

>> No. 1674083
File 141759447704.png - (31.31KB , 283x342 , Disgust.png )
>> No. 1674084
File 141759453541.png - (155.33KB , 500x545 , 2f4.png )
>> No. 1674085
File 141759462386.png - (252.03KB , 365x467 , Oh my god look at all the tentacle porn.png )
>> No. 1674086

Well, you are!
>> No. 1674087
File 141759478178.png - (133.26KB , 333x351 , Nothing new in the gf department.png )
You're right
>> No. 1674088
File 141759484700.jpg - (287.05KB , 661x800 , c5d.jpg )


Does that get you off?
>> No. 1674089
The first step is admitting you have a problem. Thank you for sharing.

*audience claps*

No, not at all. I have no idea what you are implying.
>> No. 1674090
File 141759511140.png - (233.12KB , 374x419 , Well there's your problem right there.png )
No need to act like an asshole, jesus
>> No. 1674091



Ehhh, I'm gonna drop. See you guys later.
>> No. 1674092
Oh, you weren't joking? Shit, sorry man. Mah bad.

>> No. 1674093
File 141759561389.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
u guise r a bunch of poopybutts

[?jk <3[/?]
>> No. 1674094
File 141759567589.png - (274.85KB , 405x420 , Here, take this and choke on it.png )
Yeah, I'm just real sensitive on the subject.
No u
>> No. 1674095
You <3 me too, issat what you're saying?
>> No. 1674096
File 141759577426.png - (286.68KB , 429x409 , 89.png )
I barely know you, but sure why not
>> No. 1674097
This would probable hold more weight coming from someone who could spoiler tag correctly.

[?jk <3[/?]

I can get that. We all have our insecurities. I'll try to keep that in mind in the future.
>> No. 1674099
File 141759609432.png - (147.82KB , 918x871 , Angry Belle 2.png )


you're the biggest butt
>> No. 1674100


*You're the biggest butt.

No, because then you wouldn't have tried to spoiler it in the first place.
>> No. 1674101
File 141759645711.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )

Instead of discussing such things, just tell me how you are. And that's an order.
>> No. 1674102
Not a word.

I am awake! I think. How are you?
>> No. 1674103
File 141759677814.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
My very own word, I just created it.

At the radio station. Just srta waiting for there to be something for me to do.
>> No. 1674104
You can't just do that! What do you think you are, a dictionary?

Just get on the airwaves and play some smooth jazz or something. I'm sure no one would mind.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 01:56

>> No. 1674105
File 141759705139.png - (384.98KB , 1600x2617 , happy 2.png )

I don't really go in the studio, aside for taking pictures of the guest host this month, and leaving some papers.

Thankfully, the music selection is quite varied. Most of the time, it's good stuff.
>> No. 1674106
Well, you're not! Stop it!

You have a golden opportunity for shameless self-promotion and you don't even take it? For shame.
>> No. 1674107
File 141759725277.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
I am too.

I'd instantly get my ass kicked out of here if I did, and I am here temporarily anyway.
>> No. 1674108
Prove it.

That's what I mean! On the last day you barricade yourself in the studio and do some horror program things. You'll get a lot of publicity and you won't loose much work experience! Win-win.
>> No. 1674109
File 141759759961.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
Trust me, I won't getm uch out of that on a small local radio like this. Not with their demographic.

I'd promote myself alright - as a lunatic.
>> No. 1674110
No publicity is bad publicity. Just think of the headlines! "Crazy young man hijacks local radio station". People would flock to your stuff immediately.
>> No. 1674111
File 141759785692.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
And then hate the hell out of me.
>> No. 1674112
Better be hated than unknown. Everyone is gonna wanna see the horror movie by that crazy guy. Everyone!

Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 02:13

>> No. 1674113
File 141759809090.png - (151.01KB , 908x880 , worry belle.png )
But I won't be able to make any more if I'm locked up!

Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 02:15

>> No. 1674114
You'll be out soon enough. And with plenty of new prison/mental ward buddies to star in your films. I really think you're passing up an opportunity here, Esh.
>> No. 1674115
File 141759846361.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
If they don't kill me first.
>> No. 1674116
You're tough. You'll get their respect somehow. Or you can be their bitch if all else fails.
>> No. 1674117
File 141759903767.png - (588.28KB , 1024x1332 , did_someone_say_booty__by_locarojo-d7z19l3.png )
>> No. 1674118
File 141759915528.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
All I have going for me is being tall, man.

no foxy go wai
>> No. 1674119
File 141759925941.png - (38.31KB , 773x794 , foxy_by_xpantzlizard-d7vvqbc.png )
>> No. 1674120

And your reputation as a fucking lunatic. I think that'll help. 'Sides I doubt murder is a big issue in Danish prisons, but I wouldn't know for sure.
>> No. 1674121
File 141759939602.png - (140.49KB , 900x886 , laaawl.png )
You have had more than enough booty.

To be quite frank, I doubt I'd even go to prison outright for messing with a local radio station one afternoon.
>> No. 1674122
Depends on how violent you were.
>> No. 1674123
File 141759949332.gif - (303.62KB , 250x250 , 7a3.gif )


Never enough booty.
>> No. 1674124
File 141759955183.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
I am not a violent guy.

More than enough. YOu have a problem.
>> No. 1674125
File 141759964508.gif - (153.94KB , 680x680 , 82f.gif )

>> No. 1674126

How do you expect to seize control over a radio station without violence? Gosh, some people.
>> No. 1674127
File 141759975134.png - (455.45KB , 500x524 , 6ed.png )

>> No. 1674128
File 141759987489.png - (141.33KB , 624x492 , 130085228615.png )
Just like an addict would say.
Thela, we love you and care about you. This is an intervention.

I can't help that I am really just a big wimp.
>> No. 1674129
File 141759996216.gif - (305.48KB , 450x450 , 141628203189.gif )

Booty booty booty.
>> No. 1674130
File 141760019429.png - (151.01KB , 908x880 , worry belle.png )
Don't make me lock you up for a round of cold turkey.
>> No. 1674131
File 141760024300.jpg - (54.76KB , 512x511 , Pirate Coveman.jpg )

>> No. 1674132
File 141760029168.png - (150.66KB , 1191x670 , oh no i fell over and put my bum in the air whatever shall i do.png )
>> No. 1674133

You can, actually. You just need an 80's training montage to tough you up.

Also, do you have anything to do at that radio station at all? You've been talking to us for over an hour now.
>> No. 1674134


Anyway, what's up?
>> No. 1674135
File 141760055077.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
My tasks are kinda limited. I scout for events in the local area to put them on our news list, I browse the news to find some stories we can contact someone for phone interviews about, and other small tassk.

Thing is, here in December, we have celebrity guests rather than those news stories - and they're here early. So I take photos of them while they're here, and after that, it's limited how much I have to do.

See, I am not technically an employee, I am here as an internship to help me get over some depression / deal with a personality disorder (depends on exactly what my doctor's verdict is). But in general, it's a very relaxed workplace.

Sitting at the radio station for a little while still, beforeI go home. Youse?
>> No. 1674136
The roof, currently.
>> No. 1674137
File 141760062508.gif - (2.30KB , 170x189 , 141594381451.gif )

Just popping in here for a little while before heading off to bed.


>> No. 1674138
A sort of acclimatization to a work environment sort of deal? That sounds nice and helpful. Anything productive you can do helps at that point I think.

Personality disorder? Wut. How long are you gonna have to wait before you get a possible diagnosis on that?

I wasn't trying to be.
>> No. 1674139
File 141760098671.png - (284.03KB , 500x619 , 172.png )

'Course not. :p
>> No. 1674140
>> No. 1674141
File 141760103808.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
No booty while in bed.

Pretty much. Give me a sense that I can be useful, something to get up for in the morning, and some semblance of me actually earning my welfare.

It's my doctor's guess that that's what's at play ,anyway. An I dunno. I am trying to contact him to hear when and how I will be sent to a psychiatrist.
>> No. 1674142
File 141760112378.jpg - (74.11KB , 500x625 , tumblr_nb214yIwAx1r2gq0po1_500.jpg )



All the booty while in bed. :3


Argh, I should call it a night before I pass out in front my computer Sorry I couldn't stay longer, guys.

>> No. 1674143
Plenty of good stuff, in other words.

Not knowing must be pretty nerve racking. A diagnosis of that sort is not something that's fun to wait for. Hope you won't have to wait too long for it.

You are terrible. 'Night!
>> No. 1674144
File 141760140124.png - (141.33KB , 624x492 , 130085228615.png )
Well, in some ways, it's actually a bit of a better case scenario than depression. But yeah, I would like to know soon. And for things to stop going wrong in a new way every week.
>> No. 1674145
At least you'll know what it is and how to deal with it if you get a proper diagnosis. Should make it a whole lot easier.
>> No. 1674146
File 141760164532.jpg - (35.45KB , 640x360 , 130624822309.jpg )
So they say.
>> No. 1674147
So I say. I can't overstate how much having a proper diagnosis has helped me in my day to day life. Granted, I have aspergers, and not a personality disorder, but I don't see why the same general principle wouldn't apply.
>> No. 1674148
I know. Thanks.
>> No. 1674150
No problemo. Just wanna cheer people up when I can.
>> No. 1674151
File 141760244725.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
It's nice of you. My mood is actually decent most of the time recently, but I did wake up kinda down today.
>> No. 1674152
Eh, I'm just glad to have something useful to say sometimes. That's pretty good to hear actually, what was wrong this morning though?

Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 03:33

>> No. 1674153
File 141760285484.png - (151.01KB , 908x880 , worry belle.png )
Nothing, really. I just woke up that way.
>> No. 1674154
Bleh. That's the worst. I want to at least have some sort of reason to feel bad.
>> No. 1674155
File 141760302401.png - (58.57KB , 889x899 , happy_dashie_by_geometrymathalgebra-d7hhmhn.png )
Hello thread. How are you?
>> No. 1674156
File 141760305056.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Mmmh. Ive at least had a few laughs while here, though.

Also, leaving for my bus in a few. Might be back a little later.
>> No. 1674157
Possibly awake and not awful. How about you, Runbow? I haven't seen you in forever.

Always something, right?

Ok, have a nice bus ride!
>> No. 1674158
Yeah, I haven't seen you in like forever either. Haven't been around much? Not awful? Well, that doesn't sound great. What's wrong?
>> No. 1674159
That would be an accurate description. I've been coming back here a few times recently though.

Trust me. Not awful is more or less as close as I'll get to fantastic in my situation. Depression has a funny way of doing that.

Also, answer my question dammit! How are you?
>> No. 1674160
Me? Oh, I missed that one, it was hidden away in the middle of the sentence like that. I'm OK. Better now that I think that I'm completely over the hump at work and the rest of the week should be pretty easy. What have you been up to then?
>> No. 1674161
I am sneaky. Ok sounds nice, especially with an easy week to look forward to. I've been up to nothing really. Just trying to take it easy. I got my meds changed a week ago, so that has been fun.
>> No. 1674162
Got your meds changed? Well, I hope that it helps. Why have you not been around so much?
>> No. 1674163
I do too, believe you me. An annoying lack of motivation is what's been keeping me away mostly. That and I don't really have very much to say about anything since I never do anything anymore. Where do you work anyway?
>> No. 1674164
You have a lack of motivation even for this place? Well that is a bad state of affairs. You don't do anything anymore? Damn, how long have you been like this? I work for the army now which is why I'm not around much anymore.
>> No. 1674165
Yes that is a bad state of affairs. Nobody really wants to hear a detailed description of my bedroom wall or the side effects of antidepressants more than once. It started about a year ago and got worse from there, now I just stay in my bed most days. I just really don't ever want to do anything. So you're in the army now? Oh, oho you're in the army now.
>> No. 1674166
Yeah, I'm in the army now. That's why I work late with no compensation. Sorry to hear that you don't really end up doing anything and all that. What got you out of bed today?
>> No. 1674167
That sounds incredibly super duper fun. And what makes you think I'm not in my bed right now? All hail glorious laptop.
>> No. 1674168
You're in bed right now? Touche, well played. Though I would imagine that it would be about 1pm over there, right? Do you think you'll get up at all today?
>> No. 1674169
Something thereabouts yes. I'm probably not leaving my bed if I can help it, though I guess I'll need to eat eventually.
>> No. 1674170
Damn, that sucks. So what do you do if you're in bed all day?
>> No. 1674171
You get used to it. I do this, basically. I distract myself with internet things as much as possible. Or I just sleep. Either one is better than being alone with my thoughts.
>> No. 1674172
I used to do that sometimes. It used to make me sick though. If I sleep more than maybe 13 or 14 hours I get too sick to get up. Super lethargy. Do you live with anyone?
>> No. 1674173
I haven't had too many problems with that, thankfully. I live with my parents and my sister. Though I don't want to bother them much so I just stay in my room. They bug me about eating at fairly regular intervals, which I appreciate.
>> No. 1674174
How regularly is regularly? I assume that they're not really about during the day. Weren't you going to Uni at one point?
>> No. 1674175
A couple of times a day. Often enough to not starve. And no they're not. I have the house to myself during a lot of the day. I did go to school for a while yeah, but it was too much to manage when things started to go bad.
>> No. 1674176
Oh, that sucks. So you don't watch movies or play games or anything anymore?
>> No. 1674177
It does. Not terribly often. Sometimes I'll watch a movie if I can find something that interests me, but that's becoming less and less common.
>> No. 1674178
Oh. What was the last time you got up and did something?
>> No. 1674179
Not sure. Sometime last week maybe? I picked up my new meds. It's hard to keep track of time when everything is the same.
>> No. 1674180
You picked up your new meds a week ago? So you've been on them a week? how long does it take to start noticing a difference ?
>> No. 1674181
Depends. It's taken about two weeks at least for the other meds to kick in. Paradoxically the first few weeks it's likely the meds will make you feel worse, especially if you're young. I'm just riding out that initial period right now.
>> No. 1674182
File 141760863855.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )

Just wanted to say hi to the Runbow and hope you have a good sleep and hope you get to talk some to folks here.... bedtime for me tho!
>> No. 1674183
sleep well.
>> No. 1674184
File 141760881967.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )


>huuuugs Fungi too!
>> No. 1674185
Thank you!
>> No. 1674186
File 141760938461.png - (58.57KB , 889x899 , happy_dashie_by_geometrymathalgebra-d7hhmhn.png )
Oh? So you still have high hopes? How often do you have to go get them?

Goodnight Anoni!
>> No. 1674187
Honestly? No. But I guess that's what the meds are supposed to help with. I have to pick up new ones about once a month.
>> No. 1674188
File 141760962995.gif - (1.08MB , 276x260 , 1416878719926.gif )
It's most dead at this time of the day.
>> No. 1674189
File 141760969039.jpg - (30.15KB , 365x368 , coffee.jpg )
>> No. 1674190
>> No. 1674191
File 141760972644.png - (56.11KB , 1024x683 , rainbow_dash_flying_by_davidfg4-d6v5a5n.png )
Oh, I see. Would you recommend going on meds if you have depression?

That it is. But you're here. What's going on, List?

Hey there Zeke. What's new in the zoo?
>> No. 1674192
>> No. 1674193
File 141760985859.gif - (2.92MB , 533x300 , dkzs8YX.gif )
Got a two hour delay this morning.
Feels like i'm drifting towards the depressed good side today.
>> No. 1674194
File 141760990972.png - (574.26KB , 800x600 , 37.png )
Not a whole lot. Just looking into Python stuff. You?

What time is it there? Don't you live in Urop?

>> No. 1674195
a 2 hour delay? Delay of what?

Python stuff? What kind of python stuff django? I'm just here typing away.
>> No. 1674196
I think it's something you need to get a professional opinion on. I'm not sure what I would recommend, really. I don't actively try to harm myself much anymore so that's nice.

I live in Sweden, yes. So it's about 1.30 pm. I just find it polite to greet people with a phrase appropriate to their timezone, if possible.
>> No. 1674197
File 141761017045.jpg - (50.14KB , 680x453 , 105420_obama_on_every_head.jpg )
We had a snow storm last night.
>> No. 1674198
File 141761027621.jpg - (22.39KB , 150x133 , shrug.jpg )
Nah, looking into messing around with pygame to get back into practice.

Oh, I see, I appreciate the gesture. I still think timezones should be abolished, or we should find a better way to express time.
>> No. 1674199
File 141761037666.png - (67.17KB , 783x1021 , rainbow_dash___loyalty_by_kishmond-d3f4owi.png )
So it helped you then? (don't worry, I'm not about to go on anything. In army, can't do any drugs, not even paracetamol. Get charged for that crap).

Oh damn, sounds rough. Where were you heading off to?

pygame? Making a game? In python? Sounds like a plan. I've never used pygame but from the sounds of it I'm guessing it's a 2d engine? Also, you replied to me with your timezone comment and I agree. Time should be decimal based, using our wacky system is archaic.
>> No. 1674200
File 141761043772.gif - (0.97MB , 400x225 , 1415914398209.gif )
Home of the bullying.
>> No. 1674201
File 141761052154.gif - (39.53KB , 369x237 , typing.gif )
Not really so much a game as a port of sorts of this []. I figure if I'm going to eventually work with it on the hardware level, I should get an intimate understanding of sorts of the instruction set. Not just poking at some assembly code, but (re)implementing an emulator
>> No. 1674202
It took you 2 hours to get to school? Damn, that sucks. and then you just get bullied? Doesn't really sound like it was worth the effort.

You're gonna write an emulator for the 6502? Haha, you really like the 6502, don't you? Haha, this is hillarious. The whole emulator is written in javascript.
>> No. 1674203
File 141761089890.jpg - (91.30KB , 1280x720 , I+feel+you+I+m+a+pretty+quot+cold+quot+guy+myself_+But+_c72afceadd9208b8e8ca46bfbf5e56be.jpg )
It doesn't.
Hell, why do I even go there in the first place?
>> No. 1674204
Apologize for the delay, I craved sustenance.

It makes very little sense to have in today's global, interconnected world. At the very least we should all come together and agree on some sort of official international time for online use. It's impossible to keep all the time zone's memorized and you really need to know a lot of them if you don't wanna google things all the time.

Somewhat I would say. We're still trying to get the dosage and such just right. And I was using a general you, not a you you.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 05:49

>> No. 1674205
File 141761093592.jpg - (289.25KB , 700x876 , 02f1d74606ff47524d9e26ad5387d290-d4l60ee.jpg )
Well yeah, I'm eventually going to build a simple computer using the 6502 as its main CPU. That or the z80, and I know next to nothing about its instruction set.
I don't know if it's that odd, I've seen the NES emulated in javascript. This is just a simplified version using pure 6502 code with some small stuff to add basic graphics and keyboard input.
>> No. 1674207
File 141761103347.jpg - (83.33KB , 472x600 , A Farewell To Arms.jpg )
Exactly. Though it's not as bad as daylight saving's time. That is completely useless nowadays.
Though removing timezones altogether might cause more problems than it's worth.
>> No. 1674208
Hahaha, I wonder how accurate it is. It's not even 2000 lines and half of it is all just one giant case statement. Nice.
I just think that it's fun. Javascript is just such a weird language that I think it's funny when anything is written in it, especially technical stuff. It's like making an ALU in minecraft.

So it's really not done a whole lot of good for you specifically then? Hmmm, some people totally swear by it. I've never been on them but I'm extremely skeptical.

I dunno. Why do you go there?
>> No. 1674209
File 141761123793.png - (521.15KB , 800x559 , 1417310412199.png )
I'm forced to go.
>> No. 1674210
File 141761127878.png - (47.30KB , 127x265 , 2spooky.png )
The 6502 doesn't exactly have that many registers, relatively speaking. I've used a HTML+JS GBA emulator, and that uses the ARM cpu, which is much more complex.
Though python+pygame has been a bit of a pain in the ass to get setup, but that's likely just because I'm i Windows.
>> No. 1674211
Yeah, right. Isn't that the reason that everyone goes. Don't like the people, don't like the classes so they force you. Do you have any classes that are interesting?

>In Windows?
Why would you do that? Where is your Arch? I guess that emulating hardware isn't as complex as I think, when you have a high level language to do it with.
>> No. 1674212
Daylight savings is the single worst thing. That needs to go.
That's the problem. How do you decide which time zone the rest of the world will use? There is no way anyone is going to agree on that.

It's more a matter of finding the right kind and amount. That is not easy in all cases. I personally have had a lot of problems with freaky side effects with the ones I've tried so far, but that's not going to happen to everybody. Overall I still think I'm better off with them than without though.
>> No. 1674213
File 141761152946.png - (167.77KB , 414x379 , G.png )
To be honest, the only class that I find interesting is __Algebra__
>> No. 1674214
File 141761164042.png - (128.55KB , 500x549 , 1392609832864.png )
I've been having trouble getting X server to use the correct resolution with my monitor, but considering HDMI doesn't work correctly even in Windows, I'm guessing it's just the monitor's fault. My sister uses Windows XP, so I'll buy a newer one and give this one to her, since VGA + Windows works fine.

Exactly. I'm not an expert in the kind of field, but I doubt it would take a huge effort.
Possibly UTC+0
>> No. 1674216
I like daylights savings. I'd rather have the sun up at 8pm then at 4am. So much more useful. And no, it doesn't make your curtains fade more (thank you, Queensland).
Don't they all have freak side effects... that you really wouldn't expect from an anti-depressant. Side effects like depression

Oh? No kidding? I thought that this was gonna be cynical when it was in a spoiler like that. I'm kinda glad that it wasn't. I never really liked maths but it's what got me into uni. Are you good at it?

What? That's so screwy. What does it do with your resolution? Just can't do it. Are you using proprietary drivers for your GPU?
>> No. 1674219
File 141761187080.png - (184.47KB , 436x334 , 1417468872135.png )
I'm good at it,

Anyway, gotta head out.
See you guys in six hours.
>> No. 1674220
File 141761187226.png - (126.95KB , 344x418 , if I had arms I would slap your shit.png )
I have no idea. It's an Emerson brand monitor and I've never heard of it before. I plugged my computer + hdmi into our main tv and it worked peachy keen. I've used the proprietary nvidia driver, but even neaveau (or however you spell the open source driver) doesn't work. It's the monitor's fault, plain and simple.
>> No. 1674222
File 141761189839.jpg - (19.48KB , 300x199 , Yay+rin+_c67ce5e825e1898c33a2b6646515a59d.jpg )
Take it easy man.
>> No. 1674226
C'ya list. Have a good one.

Well that sucks. I hope that you can get yourself back in to arch before too long. Programming windows is painful.
>> No. 1674229
File 141761211487.png - (88.45KB , 550x375 , computer on fire.png )
Today and tomorrow walmart employees have a 25% discount, so I'm going to do all my shopping today since I don't have to work today anyway. Then do a fresh install of Arch since I don't have much on it anyway.
>> No. 1674232
Do you think the Japanese are going to be okay with their clocks not matching the sun at all though? I think this is the sort of thing that would be surprisingly contentious.

Yes, most are very rare though. Like, one in a thousand cases rare. The ones you're likely to get are things like a dry mouth and nausea, things you can actually manage. The last ones made me legit hallucinate and experience this strange feeling of being stretched out in space though.

See ya.
>> No. 1674234
File 141761229188.png - (175.61KB , 253x523 , 140422603447.png )
Hmm? Wouldn't that be the case for all other timezones?
>> No. 1674236
Oh, you're gonna get it from walmart then? A 25% discount... on like everything? Damn, you should do your shopping for a year. That's a huge discount.

Damn, that sounds trippy. Well, in anycase, I don't really intend to be trying them myself. I just like to know about things and it's one of them things that seems to effect a lot of people.

I'm sure you'd get used to the times in your timezone, even if like 11pm was lunchtime and you went to bed at like 7am. how it would be for me if we used Greenwich Mean Time. If you grew up that way you'd get used to it and you'd all have a standard time base to work off.
>> No. 1674239
Yes it would. That's the problem. One timezone is going to be favoured and choosing that one is tricky. I think countries like China or Russia would fight hard against something like that. Maybe I'm wrong though.

It was fairly trippy yes. And knowing things is pretty good. I like knowing things.
>> No. 1674241
Yeah, I like knowing things too. Especially how things work, that's kinda my thing. Dunno how drugs work though, atleast not in any great detail (they like do something to your body that effects your brain or some such). Maybe i should study biology for a while or something.
>> No. 1674243
My drugs like mess with the way chemicals are handled in the brain or something. It's pretty interesting, really.
>> No. 1674244
File 141761305563.png - (154.43KB , 750x688 , drive me closer - Mikie.png )
Heh, yeah. I'm already getting some stuff from Amazon, and some other stuff from Walmart

Maybe after a while it would start to normalize

That's just it though, Greenwich Mean Time is considered UTC + 0, so that would likely be the base.
>> No. 1674248
I imagine that it would be. It all has to do with the way molecules are formed how they interact with receptors in the brain. It's like engineering on the microscale. That's how I view chemistry. Sometimes I wish I knew more chemistry but I know none. I feel like it could be really useful.

Whenever a big change like this happens you have to start somewhere. It's like when they started using metric instead of imperial measuring systems, that would have been pretty confusing at first but now it's 2nd nature even to people who didn't grow up with it. Or when they changed pounds into dollars. I'm realising that both these examples are Australia specific but i just have no idea about the rest of the world.
>> No. 1674251
File 141761334859.jpg - (58.49KB , 812x887 , facefoot.jpg )
Mhmm. But just like the metric system vs the imperial system, some countries would have trouble changing. I still have no idea why the USA hasn't switched to metric system. We literally have no reason not to.
>> No. 1674256
I'm pretty sure that everyone thinks that they'd have trouble until they do it and then it ends up being less painful than expected. (just imagine if one day they changed the side of the road you drive on for some bizarre reason. That would probably be as painful as expected).
>> No. 1674257
Do you honestly think America, China, Russia, or any other country not in western Europe or Africa would go for that though? Time zones are currently handled by the countries themselves, that's why it's such a tangled mess. They are changed all the time for political reasons, like improving trade relations with other countries.I just don't see everyone agreeing to is so quickly.

Chemistry is that one subject I know just enough about to find extremely interesting.

At this point I suspect it has a lot to do with stubborn pride.
>> No. 1674259
I know nothing about chemistry. You know what else is weird, they have states here that have half timezones where they are just 30 minutes behind. Whole states. Now that is bizarre. Have you ever thought about studying chemistry?
>> No. 1674264
File 141761374075.png - (10.28KB , 500x400 , why don't we see what everyone tastes like.png )
Heh, hopefully. I'm not sure which would be more painful though. Timezones, which everything, even computers depend on, or a traffic system. If habit kicks in, there would be a lot of trouble.

>Do you honestly think America, China, Russia, or any other country not in western Europe or Africa would go for that though?
>At this point I suspect it has a lot to do with stubborn pride.
Rampant stupidity is likely also a large factor.
And timezones aren't just by country. Countries like 'murica have multiple timezones, like Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, etc.
>> No. 1674266
File 141761385005.png - (129.68KB , 497x600 , falling.png )
>> No. 1674268
File 141761390919.jpg - (8.43KB , 135x248 , I can't grasp the situation.jpg )
err..never mind
>> No. 1674270
That's just stupid. Aren't there some weird things with daylight savings as well? Something like certain Indian territories having it in states that don't have it and such weird stuff? I saw some video about it sometime, it was crazy. I did give it some thought to studying it before all this shit happened. It just so very fascinating.

That's the sane way to do it. China has just one timezone instead. Yeah, they should have like five of them but everyone follows Beijing time. Other countries like Russia have different time zones, but not in the places they ought to be. It just seems so very arbitrary and intentionally aggravating.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014 06:41

>> No. 1674272
File 141761413291.jpg - (21.54KB , 600x450 , nom.jpg )


>single timezone master-race
>> No. 1674275
File 141761426478.gif - (62.69KB , 108x179 , shakey shake.gif )
Huh, that's weird...I didn't know about China using a single one.

>> No. 1674277
File 141761440901.png - (58.23KB , 897x891 , rainbow_wat_by_mrlolcats17-d5hmqlb.png )
Daylight savings is generally based on how close you are to the equator, however, it's up to the state, or whatever administrative body would govern that crap. When I used to live further south we had daylight savings because we had a larger variation in the length of our day (probably about 10.5 hours in winter and maybe 13.5 hours in summer). Now that I'm up north and closer to the equator I'm in a state that doesn't do daylight savings and I thought that it wouldn't be necessary because they days are more of a constant length (probably 11.5 to 12.5 hours). Wrong, the sun still get's up at like 4am here. You are so far north that I would have thought that you'd definitely need daylights savings, maybe even more than 1 hour variation, but they don't do that. In anycase, the state I'm in now is usually in the same timezone as my home but now they are on daylight saving they are an hour ahead of me which I guess is a bit weird. We are like America and usually use 3 timezones here. I would imagine that China would also use 3 and Russia would use about 6.

Yeah, I don't think they'd risk changing that one.

Well, that was an awful long post about something as mundane as timezones. Which means its time for sleep. Night everyone.
>> No. 1674279
File 141761446906.png - (150.66KB , 1191x670 , oh no i fell over and put my bum in the air whatever shall i do.png )
>> No. 1674280
File 141761447869.png - (571.96KB , 800x600 , giving the world a big hug 2.png )
Heh, see you later man. Sleep well
>> No. 1674281
File 141761450303.png - (228.74KB , 480x720 , f97.png )
oi m8
>> No. 1674285
>> No. 1674286
File 141761471422.png - (45.05KB , 867x921 , better hide.png )

>> No. 1674289
File 141761494335.png - (47.30KB , 127x265 , 2spooky.png )

wot wot?
>> No. 1674290
File 141761500755.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )

Have the sads. Playing new Pokemans.
>> No. 1674291
File 141761510114.jpg - (59.08KB , 500x721 , 140495729991.jpg )
Why the sads?
Enjoying it? I don't have my 3DS with me right now, but what is your friend code?
>> No. 1674293
File 141761522560.jpg - (21.54KB , 600x450 , nom.jpg )
>looks outside the window

Winter is coming...
>> No. 1674295
File 141761528903.jpg - (111.97KB , 640x480 , float up.jpg )
Indeed it is :c
>> No. 1674296
File 141761532434.gif - (46.92KB , 1154x950 , eyes.gif )

>> No. 1674297
File 141761542065.png - (126.37KB , 463x600 , You+probably+shouldn+t+have+the+wheelchair+out+right+in+front+_f7c87409299a333bc971ac8d9b36c294.png )
That's a good thing?
>> No. 1674298
File 141761549054.png - (166.53KB , 559x499 , fluttershy is amused by this.png )

>> No. 1674299
Winter is great, I don't know what you're talking about.
>> No. 1674300
File 141761555360.png - (7.72KB , 500x400 , tumblr_m08hehxha71qjdx7x.png )
But it's cold
>> No. 1674301
File 141761558532.gif - (126.41KB , 770x770 , yes.gif )

I like cold
>> No. 1674304
That's what's great about it! Snow! Ice! Winter landscapes!
>> No. 1674305
File 141761580869.png - (14.73KB , 500x600 , I have legs to kick you in the groin.png )
But I hate the cold :c
>> No. 1674306
File 141761580979.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Jus twoke up that way. Probably gonna nap in a few, see if that helps.

I always forget. Can I look it up and give it to ya later?
>> No. 1674307
That's okay. You're just wrong.
>> No. 1674308
File 141761590944.png - (111.81KB , 341x436 , e11.png )
>liver starts hurting again
I really don't like having to rely on a prescribed narcotic just to not feel like shit. I need to get ahold of that damn doctor soon, because I don't have that many pills left.

Anyone have a liver they can give me?
>> No. 1674309
File 141761592416.png - (421.17KB , 3000x2463 , roll.png )

Cold is great

It's one of the reasons moving anywhere southward would be very difficult for me :o
>> No. 1674312
Sorry mate, I'm all out of those.
>> No. 1674315
File 141761626875.jpg - (240.44KB , 812x862 , Resting it esasy.jpg )
>> No. 1674320
File 141761670636.gif - (1.04MB , 250x250 , I just saw a cloud.gif )
It's one of the benefits of moving to BC for me, closer to the coast and a warmer, more humid climate


ohaio Ponny. Sup?
>> No. 1674321
File 141761682322.jpg - (204.88KB , 1024x752 , while_the_pageant_plays_by_the_wizard_of_art-d6z8kpm.jpg )
Alo Zeke, how goes?
just got home from the workshop. my knees are kinda sore after swapping an rear caliper on a passat.
>> No. 1674322
File 141761698737.jpg - (8.90KB , 261x193 , 4399087+_4d397df266ddafb237b1b334b8a8b203.jpg )
eh, >>1674308

in a bit of pain, waiting for the meds to kick in. I wonder how much medical marijuana costs.
How did the workshop go?
>> No. 1674323
File 141761725125.png - (932.10KB , 1024x819 , Pretty colors.png )
im sorry to hear this Zeke. i hope that you can get some help very soon.
well, the question is. i hope it can help linger the pain.

oh great. the new rocker panel is on the golf combi. and the rear brake caliper being installed, bled correctly.
so went good i guess.
>> No. 1674330
File 141761809029.jpg - (107.26KB , 640x480 , nezxtbqashkw.jpg )
Yeah, it really sucks. I'm going to try to call my physician again and get something worked out. This really sucks. I don't want to have to miss work anymore or risk getting fired because of this bullshit.
And even worse, I hope this isn't a precursor to something even worse that could have permanent issues.

Oh, I see, good that it went pretty well.
>> No. 1674331
File 141761821301.png - (111.48KB , 700x700 , lil.png )


I'd prefer to move somewhere even colder
>> No. 1674332
File 141761828176.png - (150.73KB , 314x369 , db8.png )
like this?
>> No. 1674333
File 141761834460.png - (1.33MB , 1024x1281 , Worried.png )
it´s not fun... nor healthy walking around in pains.
and that´s an understandable fear, im so sorry that you have to go through this.
let´s hope it will be nothing like that.

yea tomorrow will be working on the Vw Lt31 pickup
and on friday will probably end up looking at a car auction
>> No. 1674334
File 141761892306.gif - (705.68KB , 500x281 , nano unusual.gif )
>> No. 1674336
File 141761896291.jpg - (30.80KB , 476x475 , wo~hoo.jpg )
that animation style.
mind me asking what anime that is?
also hi
>> No. 1674337
File 141761905699.gif - (750.83KB , 500x281 , rock paper shark.gif )
One of the only anime shows that I like (and I LOVE it) called Nichijou.
If you try to watch it, your mind will probably melt or something, it's batshit insane.
Wonderful animation style and art style in general.
>> No. 1674338
It's from Nichijou, a very strange anime.
>> No. 1674339
>that fucking scene
>> No. 1674340
File 141761919822.jpg - (110.01KB , 800x695 , Hearts, hearts everywhere_.jpg )
it was that artstyle that caught my interest.
noted. thank you for sharing the name.
have seen through some bat crazy stuffs

..... woff?
not really sure on what to think.
>> No. 1674341
>> No. 1674342
>that scene
reminds me of the dubstep amw
that girl need to learn how to chill.
she sounds like she getting an heart attack
>> No. 1674343
File 141761947374.gif - (429.75KB , 500x629 , yuuko eeeeeeeee.gif )
>> No. 1674344
>> No. 1674345
File 141761962822.png - (658.10KB , 2800x2500 , giggles.png )
that was the one i was thinking of
>> No. 1674364
File 141762397243.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
>> No. 1674368
>> No. 1674369
File 141762419706.png - (297.20KB , 655x630 , cry.png )
>> No. 1674371
File 141762430427.jpg - (122.58KB , 800x600 , 429276__safe_shipping_derpy+hooves_crossover_sweetie+belle_blushing_straight_ponified_button+mas.jpg )
>> No. 1674379
File 141762451525.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
>Breed perfect competitive Salamence
>Finally raise it up to level 50
>Test it out at the Battle Institute
>Don't like it
Ugh, it's Haxorus all over again.
>> No. 1674385
File 141762488535.png - (85.38KB , 462x854 , wait what.png )
y u meen

Oh dear. What's with it?
>> No. 1674387
File 141762502836.png - (160.06KB , 315x304 , Arting-1.png )
Strategy works well enough but he doesn't take hits quite as well as I thought. It's more a fact that he looks silly in game though. I think I'll retire Salamence and go for Dragalge or Kingdra as my Dragon instead. Though now I'm back to the Mega-Dilemma.
>> No. 1674392
File 141762532919.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Oh well. You always say Kingdra is a favorite of yours, though, right?
>> No. 1674394
File 141762544152.png - (102.84KB , 834x524 , Laxing.png )
Absolutely, the issue is he's a bit difficult to play. He's like an ace to keep up your sleeve and I don't think the way I run him would translate well to Doubles because Outrage doesn't let you pick your target and so coordinating attacks is difficult. Dragalge might be the better choice even if Kingdra hits harder and sweeps better, but Dragalge doesn't always stay in the game quite as long even if he's rather bulky.

Could always go with Garchomp I guess!
Hah, as if right?
>> No. 1674397
I am literally incapable of being mean.
>> No. 1674408
File 141762592550.png - (384.98KB , 1600x2617 , happy 2.png )
Dragalge it is, it seems.
Since you do not go for obvious far superior Garchomp who everyone should and almost do have
For shame, Akhe.

You were mean to me just now!
>> No. 1674412
File 141762608686.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
Yeah, I'll probably breed a Kingdra for my singles team because he's a tried-and-true ass-kicker but he just won't fit in doubles. The key to using my Kingdra is giving him a good setup and then letting him go crazy with Outrage on anything that comes into the field.

Only problem with Dragalge is it negates a spot for Mega Beedrill who I'm considering as a Mega, only because he's a glass cannon and looks cool - but I can live without him. I'll just need to spend more time working on figuring out how to line up my team.

I have decided last night, however, that I'm going to bring Krookodile back. He was pretty killer in my X/Y team, not sure how well he'll translate to doubles but I have a lot of faith in him.

How's your team by the way?
>> No. 1674417
File 141762640307.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Aaah, Mega Beedrill. I should work towards that. I am so happy to finally see Beedrill be at least a little useful.

As for my team, pretty good. Kicking Watson's ass right now (I am ridicilously overleveled). I gots Marshtomp, Nuzleaf, Kadabra, Swellow and Hariyama a of now.
>> No. 1674424
File 141762654986.png - (124.72KB , 499x374 , dash surprise.png )
He's pretty killer but I haven't seen a Weedle or Kakuna in my entire game. I think they're found in the Safari Zone but I'm not too sure.

You're already at Wattson? Nice. He gave me a really tough time but in fairness it's because I only had Grovyle, Metang, and Mightyena to work with. No Super Effective moves whatsoever and he resisted most of what I could throw at him - and that Volt Switch, ugh.
>> No. 1674428
File 141762667975.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
Volt Switch can be a ain in the ass - without the EXP share ensuring overleveling, that is.

I probably should turn it off, but really, I am not exactly playing the main story for the sake of challenge.
>> No. 1674432
File 141762683460.png - (325.73KB , 800x500 , I hug people too hard and get lost in shopping malls.png )
I found myself frequently switching it on and off to try and keep my Pokemon even and balanced, then I eventually gave up. I tried pushing for a few gym leaders earlier than I would just to make more of a challenge and not be over-leveled though. Sadly, Wattson was one of the ones I was prepared for.. but apparently not..

That Hariyama of yours should definitely come in handy for him. You didn't rock the Mightyena?
>> No. 1674445
File 141762718849.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
I am fine with it being on. Its already reaching a point where I get very little EXP per battle anyway, so it might even itself out a little.

And yeah, I pretty much just Force Palmed my way through.

As for MIghtyena, nah. I never did care much for Mightyena, to be honest. WIth or without Fire Fang.
>> No. 1674449
File 141762732111.png - (299.19KB , 888x1044 , BalloonCute.png )
True enough, it's pretty hard to level up properly in this installment - it feels like you barely gain any experience even when you can rebattle trainers and whatnot. The Secret Bases are great for that though.

Shame, I loved my Mightyena. Stayed with me right 'til the end.
>> No. 1674450
File 141762739010.png - (203.11KB , 1024x1302 , oh wow.png )
Tis just one of those "Design don't appeal" things.

...whoa, the art style and trainer portraits suddenly doesn't make Interviewer Gabby such an annoyance...
>> No. 1674454
File 141762758707.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
Yeah, I know what you mean.
For me, he's just so basic it works. It's the First Gen mentality.. heh.

Are you saying she's hot or something?
>> No. 1674459
File 141762773781.png - (225.58KB , 1600x1245 , Huh.png )
I do get where the appeal comes from. It's just not for me.

Dude, the game is full of phantasmal significant others. It's crazy.
>> No. 1674471
File 141762807884.png - (1.02MB , 830x856 , Arguing the profound intricacies of moths vs butterflies.png )
Oh, I know.
This generation in general has it's fair share of attractive trainers, not just ORAS but X/Y as well. You steer clear of Flannery though, she's mine.

The Delinquent also totally does it for me too.......
>> No. 1674472
File 141762814601.png - (146.30KB , 1002x797 , Ready belle.png )
>Steer cleer of Flannery, she's mine
And thus, the stakes of our coming battle were raised.

God, I know. Goddamnit, GameFreak.
>> No. 1674479
File 141762840160.png - (412.79KB , 2601x2144 , yes.png )
>> No. 1674480
File 141762844009.png - (28.74KB , 282x290 , Pondering the intricate complexities of taco stands and their target clientele.png )
Well, you have two options..
You can battle me for her honor or you can simply take Gabby and walk away.
>> No. 1674483
File 141762850156.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
Gabby is a good example of the art style improvement, but there are many others.
The battle is on. Once i beat the Elite Four, anyway.

In time, impatient one.
>> No. 1674485
File 141762855187.png - (173.46KB , 1118x715 , Bumflirting.png )
This mofo thinks he can handle my Kingdra.
>> No. 1674486
File 141762858464.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
Now now - we agreed a while back we'd do Elite Four teams.
>> No. 1674490
File 141762867213.png - (42.24KB , 867x921 , lurk (8).png )
Tell me when it's on!

He got you there, bro >>1674486
Or maybe not, I have no idea! :D
>> No. 1674498
File 141762882069.png - (115.90KB , 314x339 , Startled.png )
Dude, I'm sorry but if we're fighting for Flannery then I'm not holding back. You have to make it through the best I can throw at you if you want to steal my phantasmal significant other from me.
>> No. 1674500
File 141762885953.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
How the hell you even plan on watching it is beyond me.

THEN my fight preperations are going to take a while.
>> No. 1674503
File 141762894435.gif - (19.99KB , 132x260 , raincloud.gif )
I don't know why you can't just let me have this one, I don't ask for much in the phantasmal significant other department. But okay, bring it when you're ready 'cause it's not going to be enough no matter how long you take. Might as well throw your starter at me and just be done with it 'cause the result will be about the same.
>> No. 1674506
File 141762903620.jpg - (175.47KB , 581x661 , yes.jpg )
Oooooh! IT'S ON!

Oh, I have my ways, Esh. I have my ways.

>tfw battle the victor while he's damaged to steal the phantasmal significant other for myself (GaryOakism 101)
>dump trophy-phantasmal significant other immediately after
>feed off the despair
>> No. 1674510
File 141762915222.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
Pah, I'll have Flannery some othe rway even if I fail in battle.

You are mean.
>> No. 1674512
File 141762930466.png - (157.54KB , 435x360 , hap (29).png )
My methods are a little...questionable, but it gets the job done~
>> No. 1674513
File 141762933421.png - (189.61KB , 1280x949 , YOU.png )
Fak both of y ouse, Imma go dinner.
>> No. 1674514
>steals your dinner
>> No. 1674515
>replaces dinner
>> No. 1674516
File 141762942492.png - (741.91KB , 782x869 , Displeased.png )
Dude, just go take Whitney or something.
Flannery and Clair are all I want, the rest are free game. Just back off yo - I'll have half your team taken out before you even take down my Kingdra, you don't want to do this brah.

Ever had your ass kicked by six Pokemon simultaneously?
>> No. 1674517
File 141762948638.png - (40.11KB , 256x229 , 122874__safe_rainbow+dash_reaction+image_chibi_poker+face.png )
>gives Boso a taco
>Steals Eshbaal's dinner again.
>> No. 1674519
File 141762950276.png - (123.22KB , 915x874 , hap (3).png )
Typically a meal is shared before doing that, but to each their own! I'm not much of an eater anyway.

People dressed in Pokemon suits, maybe, but never real Pokemon! That sounds exciting :D
>> No. 1674520
>gives Esh taco
>takes back Esh's dinner
>> No. 1674522
File 141762955188.png - (696.55KB , 1023x724 , evil (3).png )
>licks dinner
By the laws of third grade, it is now mine!
>> No. 1674523
By the rules of omnomnom I claim it as mine
>eats it all
>> No. 1674524
File 141762961616.png - (49.80KB , 218x181 , wuht.png )
>> No. 1674526
File 141762975143.jpg - (141.53KB , 945x945 , 133445022434.jpg )
>>1674523 ate it...
Gross ;~;

What? You've never been Pokerekt?
>> No. 1674527
File 141762976515.png - (543.98KB , 752x1063 , 141679811554.png )
>> No. 1674528
Do not underestimate my stomach.
>> No. 1674529
>> No. 1674530
File 141762990814.jpg - (9.37KB , 240x342 , uh oh.jpg )
Have fun with your communicable diseases :x
First stop: Delicioustown! Next stop: Viral Meningitis clinic!
>> No. 1674532
Fear the omnom.
>> No. 1674533
File 141762998295.png - (695.88KB , 1920x1080 , 134470796828.png )
I had a particularly crummy time at the Battle Institute last night but I don't think that's the definition you're working with at the moment..
>> No. 1674537
File 141763024013.png - (185.54KB , 712x898 , pregnant_fluttershy_can_t_enjoy_her_sandwich_by_lamiaaaa-d7ibxw4.png )
Oh, you think the omnom is your ally, but you merely adopted the nom. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the calories until I was already fat; by then, it was nothing to me but delicious! I do!...

What goes on in the Battle Institute, anyway?
>> No. 1674540
File 141763044028.png - (648.02KB , 1000x1000 , 166613 - artist wingsoffox Surprise.png )
It's basically a place to test your teams.
You go in and pick a format, for example Singles or Doubles, and then you select three/four of your Pokemon like you would in an online battle and your team goes up against five trainers increasing in difficulty. Even if you lose to one you continue battling 'til you've gone through all five trainers and then you're given a score based on how well you did. It's good for practicing and testing out team combinations, and you earn a bunch of BP (Battle Points, currency for post-game goodies like items and move tutors) through it. I honestly played that more last game than any of the other post-game features.. heh.
>> No. 1674544
File 141763071393.png - (117.43KB , 900x540 , hap (4).png )
Oh, so it's an AI training ground sort of thing. How is performance scored? And I assume that the post-game goodies are amazing, yeah? Also, is the level cap still at 100, or did they bump that up yet?
>> No. 1674548
File 141763087846.png - (59.95KB , 249x270 , Happeh2!.png )
I think it's scored by how quickly you take them out, how much damage you take, and how many of your Pokemon are still standing.

The post-game goodies are mostly just necessary things for competitive play. It's how you get your Life Orbs and Focus Sash's and so forth. So the post-game goodies are definitely pretty potent in terms of unlocking a teams potential.

Level caps still 100 though, which I'm more than okay with.
>> No. 1674553
File 141763119352.png - (89.45KB , 500x534 , hap (38).png )
So they're not too explicit with it? That's fair. Those seem to be fine things to look at, anyway!

Ooooooh... I don't think I've seen a system like that before, neat! Would you say said goodies are crucial for competitive play, or are they just a nice bonus to have?

Ah, good good. They still have much expanding to do!
>> No. 1674562
File 141763161690.png - (1.62MB , 1400x1400 , Creepy Snow Angel.png )
Well the NPC teams hit pretty hard so.. it adds up.. heh.

They're pretty much required, I mean there's room for creativity but you won't be able to build a super solid competitive team without purchasing a few items and moves from the post game facility (the Battle Resort)

I don't think they'll ever go beyond level 100 honestly.
>> No. 1674568
File 141763201998.jpg - (663.15KB , 1200x1200 , hap (8).jpg )
Oh, I bet. They probably have some decent teams assembled on the later difficulties too. Do you face them back-to-back, or do you have time to heal your team after each battle?

That makes sense, I think! Oh, and do you get EXP from battles/training? Or is it more for the non-tangible experience that battles can bring? Also, is EXP-share a thing throughout the whole game, or just with the earlier levels and stages?

You never know~ I guess it depends on how the cards fall in the future. They seem to be doing fine, so I would doubt they would have a need to bring in some new change to gameplay that makes getting to the endgame a longer experience.
>> No. 1674577
File 141763228380.png - (296.33KB , 800x800 , Whos awesome¿ Im awesome!.png )
Yeah, the teams get challenging after the first one. It's pretty funny how quick the jump is, your first team of opposition is pretty much a freebie as you're against first evolution Pokemon. Then the big guns come out in the second battle, and by the third they're utilizing competitive strategies and combinations. All the post-game features like the Battle Maison and Battle Institute function just like online play and the Secret Base battles - what happens in battle is kind of suspended in time and doesn't influence the game itself. You don't earn experience, one-time-use items return at the end of a match, and your health is back to whatever it was when you started. So every battle starts completely fresh.

EXP Share can be used whenever you like for as long as you like.
>> No. 1674584
File 141763263213.png - (157.81KB , 708x1127 , 15.png )

MuffinMuffin! Sup?


Akhekins! Sup?
>> No. 1674587
File 141763270434.png - (395.64KB , 746x1009 , Mother_Celestia_Hugs_tightly.png )
Caught ya~
>> No. 1674589
File 141763275846.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )

Heehee!!! Ponnycuuuuuuute!



Hiyee! Sup?
>> No. 1674590
File 141763276748.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , you're awesome.jpg )
My... the fourth and fifth battles must be pretty hard, then! Wow, this game seems to be really well-thought-out. Granted, they've had nearly 20 years to iron out all the wrinkles, but the system seems to be marvelously crafted! My only hope is that they can stay away from in-game microtransactions.

You mean it can be disabled? Is there any benefit to having it off?

Just slowly killing the thread for now! You?