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1725728 No. 1725728
Hey there everyone. This is the How Are You thread. So you like get in here and tell us how you are. This is the Apotheosis Edition used to prove that you don't need something profound to make a new thread about, just about anything. This is a serial thread after all. It sages, you recreate it.

Well, get in here.

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>> No. 1732043
File 142137062880.png - (921.99KB , 1024x887 , The aftermath of what you thought was a fun evening_.png )
Just coffee. Anyone tries to take it from me I'll sew their skin to a slab, dangle the slab over a pit filled with jutting rocks, and set the building that the slab hanging over the pit is in on fire.
>> No. 1732044
File 142137081434.png - (5.44MB , 2600x4000 , 524494.png )
Well then!
...say, do you have any coffee recommendations? I was trying to buy some the other day but had no idea what really was what, i'm just used to the two or three kinds I get at school which have their own names from the places.
So, just wondering what a real world drinker has to say.
>> No. 1732046
File 142137105815.jpg - (223.09KB , 727x1024 , SS_320.jpg )
Kahlua coffee.
>> No. 1732047
File 142137118719.png - (537.91KB , 1000x1086 , 532152.png )
Isn't that alcohol?
...ah, they make normal coffee too. Will keep in mind I suppose!
>> No. 1732048
>Load up game
>Game works fine until loading screen for new game
>Logo gets a little color glitch
>Game crashes
>mia faccia quando I wasted four fucking hours downloading this game, and It crashed
>> No. 1732049
File 142137132944.jpg - (435.87KB , 1024x1092 , SS_376.jpg )
It's absolutely wonderful.

Other than that I'd say Equal Exchange makes some pretty good stuff, and Folger's isn't bad if you're looking for something cheap and easy to find.
>> No. 1732051
File 142137135853.png - (167.81KB , 818x976 , Check out the spiral tail_.png )
I actually got some gourmet coffee for Christmas. Cameron's Handcrafted Coffee, French Roast. It was very good.
>> No. 1732052
File 142137148408.png - (119.42KB , 900x825 , Twi - bgls - 354.png )
>WoT has introduced a system of "individual missions", which are essentially chains of missions where completing one unlocks another
>it is meant as a sort of extended tutorial with rewards
>...and it gives incentives to play in ways that are completely retarded

Oh good job, Wargaming. Good job.
>> No. 1732055
File 142137162656.png - (1.84MB , 3054x3000 , 514289.png )
Good to hear.

Hmm... aight. Whatever I have now is pretty good, forget the name.


...I still wish I had my alaskan coffee, I need to try and google them and find it. Think one was called "Dead Man's Brew" and was super caffeinated which sounds fun granted I already double espresso shot my coffee sometimes.
>> No. 1732061
File 142137200307.png - (294.59KB , 569x641 , 515857.png )
They're called "Raven's Brew" by the way, if anyone was wondering the mysterious Alaskan coffee company's name.

I dont know if they're good, I just like their names.
>> No. 1732066
File 142137217409.png - (63.71KB , 216x207 , SS_87.png )

Personally I want to try some of this stuff.
>> No. 1732069
File 142137230823.jpg - (412.80KB , 2000x1200 , 534917.jpg )
I'm more of a medium roast guy I think, but that does sound pretty nice.
>> No. 1732071
File 142137237812.png - (810.33KB , 1280x1576 , SS_370.png )
Whenever I drink coffee, I drink it black, so I like it to be as powerful and dark as possible.

It still has no effect on me, but the flavor is nice.
>> No. 1732073
File 142137248135.png - (200.95KB , 764x1045 , Twi - bgls - 458.png )

So about those runes... what was the question again? Sorry about the sudden disappearance earlier, but a tutoring session got sprung on me out of nowhere. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but the guy showed up today.
>> No. 1732075
Usually I do too, but I like a little less power I guess.
I dont know what i've been drinking at school, I just get whatever's not decaf basically.

Woo caffeine tolerance!
>> No. 1732076
File 142137274204.png - (715.12KB , 605x676 , SSC_199.png )
Oh, it's alright. I was just asking your opinion of energy runes vs energy regen runes. It seems like the regen would be much nicer both early and late game, but even then I'm not sure I could sacrifice those slots for energy when they'd be much better served with armor/MR/damage etc.

Drinking coffee that you can't identify. This is one thing I've never really understood about coffee drinkers. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's probably better not to be so picky, but I think most coffee drinkers couldn't really tell the difference between one roast or the other for their first few cups. Me, I started with tea, and I know instantly what passes my lips and I can usually name ingredients. But with coffee, it either doesn't make a difference, or people just don't care, because the average dude will drink what you hand him as long as it's sweet and/or creamy enough and it'll wake him up.
>> No. 1732078
File 142137301627.jpg - (142.95KB , 640x465 , 2014-10-20 07_14_47.jpg )
Well I suppose it's more just the names they give them, like "house blend" and stuff. What I usually get I think is called Sumatra, though I dont think i'm refined enough to know the differences in bean types too much.
Admittedly it's mostly for the waking up, not the taste, but the taste has grown on me and I do like it.
...also the fact of the two places I go, one of them is kind of "hipster" I guess is all I can call it, and they rotate coffees nearly every day and I know none of them so it's hard to keep that constant.
>> No. 1732082
File 142137323169.png - (179.39KB , 1024x636 , I think his kneecaps would go well with the color scheme of the wall.png )
>as long as it's sweet and/or creamy
Fuck that shit.


Also freshly ground or pre-ground makes a huge taste difference.
>> No. 1732088
File 142137359903.png - (285.72KB , 486x704 , Twi - bgls - 091.png )

You mentioned Lee though. He's one of those energy champions who would benefit the least from energy regen runes because of the passive... which I hope you're using to good extent? Energy storage... That's just quints and blues, so yeah, you'd be giving up some really useful slots for not that much extra energy - with quints being the most powerful and versatile of all runes (I don't know what you actually want to do with him so I can't really recommend anything specific here) and blues being great for MR which is useful always.
>> No. 1732096
File 142137386865.png - (248.00KB , 784x566 , SS_403.png )
That's what I mean. Maybe it's just like, there are fewer kinds of coffee, just more ways to make it, but in some cases certain breeds of coffee are indistinguishable from others when they're brewed the same way. Some people can tell I'm sure, just like I could probably tell you from what reigon a certain flavor of chai came from, but it largely makes no difference.

Sweet and/or creamy enough. "None" is still technically an amount, so no cream or sugar is enough for you and me. :P

Of that I'm certain. Like I said, the process makes more of a difference than the bean itself.

Kind of. I know how to, but it isn't always easy to. I was thinking more about Shen and Akali, really more the latter than the former. I do occasionally run out on Shen if I'm really going at it, but maybe it's worth it to buy a few energy regen runes on Akali until I actually figure out how to play her?
>> No. 1732100
File 142137398942.png - (143.70KB , 302x296 , How delightful!.png )
Just... ugh. Creamer or sugar just makes coffee taste horrible. I'd sooner bleed out the person who handed me a creamed up cup of coffee, dissolve a caffeine pill in the mug of their blood, and drink that, than have some of the absolutely horrendous creamers people use.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 15th, 2015 19:07

>> No. 1732102
File 142137409573.jpg - (78.26KB , 1600x1200 , 596122.jpg )
Ah, alright, my bad.
But yeah, i'm sure there are differences I just dont know them.
...besides flavored coffees, of course, those are obvious.

I only add milk when i'm rushing and don't want to wait for it to cool nor want to scald my esophagus. Otherwise black.
I'm a disappointment :c

Last edited at Thu, Jan 15th, 2015 19:08

>> No. 1732111
File 142137435234.png - (90.64KB , 450x450 , Twi - bgls - 003.png )

Well, if you're really thinking about it, I personally wouldn't even consider using up quints on it - but these scaling regen blues could be interesting? At level 18 they'd give you a total of around 5 extra energy every second without considering the passive, which is +50% and pretty substantial. Still, I dunno. The energy bars top off pretty quick and after that the extra regen is wasted, whereas in a quick fight you'd be all about burst starting with 200/200 energy and this probably wouldn't really matter so much (especially since by the time teamfights start your abilities will cost so much less), so the +50% regen at level 18 is pretty deceptive (regen in general being about supporting sustained actions over a long term, which is the polar opposite of burst). That's Akali at any rate, I've never actually played Shen.

Anyway... might work, I guess? I'd say try it if you want, but these are ridiculously expensive runes, heh.
>> No. 1732113
File 142137441763.png - (40.11KB , 256x229 , 122874__safe_rainbow+dash_reaction+image_chibi_poker+face.png )
I still don't get it how you guys like things so bitter.
>> No. 1732118
File 142137453251.png - (173.06KB , 564x239 , 89.png )
If I'm having coffee, I want the bitterness to wake me, since caffeine isn't all that affective.
>> No. 1732121
File 142137466299.png - (1.26MB , 948x976 , SSC_220.png )
Okay, now, I have to make a distinction, creamer, like, stuff engineered and created specifically for the purpose of putting it in coffee and making it creamier, is a sin against coffee and should be punishable by flogging. The powdered kind is nothing short of high treason.

However, adding a bit of Bailey's or something similar is a wonderful addition, as long as you're not relying on said coffee to be woken up, or intend to drive soon.

See above. Creamy coffee isn't bad unless it's a cappuccino or some kind of dessert drink. But I do that with my tea, too, so it's not like I can judge.

That's what I was thinking. Quints are just too valuable and too expensive to waste on something like that, but maybe my yellows if I didn't need the armor as much or blues if I didn't want MR. The idea, I think, is that you can do smaller bursts, more often. Rather than launching every ability you have at once, spreading the damage out like surgery. I've noticed it can be really effective, lowering people's expectations and guard until their screen goes gray and they don't know what happened.

It might happen after I spend about 10k on health runes, if it happens.

Same reason we like Scotch. It's not about flavor, it's about kicking our own teeth in with something strong, hot, and angry. It's... a sort of masochism, really.

But then, some black coffees aren't that bitter and have a lot of nice flavor. Just nothing you'd find in the grocery store.
>> No. 1732127
File 142137490078.png - (151.16KB , 627x1024 , 142043712400.png )
That makes sense.

That also makes sense. lol

Didn't know that.
>> No. 1732128
Same reason I like really dark chocolate I guess.
Also I dunno, the warmth of it. It's not a drink, it's a hug for my organs <3

True enough. And yeah, I made the switch quickly to saying "milk" because I dont do creamers, it just doesnt work. A little milk usually isnt too bad.

Tea is nice no matter what basically, unless you overload it with stuff.
>> No. 1732135
File 142137517471.png - (172.02KB , 1093x800 , SS_405.png )
I will say that some of the doctored-up coffees can be pleasant, but I'd never rely on it for alertness. That's more like a hot milkshake to me. But if I drink coffee, I crave that bitterness. Couldn't tell you why, though.

>nice no matter what
Unless you get restaurant sweet tea, which is basically sweetened, sifted mud. I'm surely a tea snob, but the grog these people are drinking in common restaurants isn't tea.
>> No. 1732136
File 142137518498.png - (0.99MB , 858x932 , Twi - bgls - 464.png )

Well, that and if you place the regen on three blues then at level 9 you'll have the same extra regen as you would from the quints... and you'll still have 6 more blues to work with. The blues are just so much more efficient they are actually just as good at it rune-for-rune as quints, so using the quints would be a waste.

Yellows on the other hand are almost 2.5 times less effective as blues. Same exact situation as with quints. You could use all yellows... or you could use 4 blues and still be ahead and have 5 more empty slots to work with. The caveat being, of course, that blues come only as scaling regen... but if you use all blues then at level 4 you'll already be getting as much as if you'd have used all yellows, flat, and it will only go up from there.

Well, like I said... maybe. It's a nice idea to try, and it could work, it's just so expensive I can't really endorse it as I've not actually tried it myself, heh.

Gotta go, time for sleep.
>> No. 1732140
...alright, so self-made tea you can't go wrong with.
>> No. 1732143
File 142137537757.png - (1.04MB , 902x969 , SSC_208.png )
Night char! Thanks for the input.


Talking of which, I got some really nice Rooibos Chai from Teavana. It's very earthy, and has more Rooibos influence, so it makes all the teas that I mix with it pleasantly dark and bitter.
>> No. 1732145

Oooo... Rooibos is the best tea I recall having ever, except it was from some other company. Great Awakenings I think they're called? It had a lion on the box and the name was really long, but it was damn good tea.
>> No. 1732147
Which would be?

>, but the grog these people are drinking in common restaurants isn't tea.
That I agree with.

Alrighty. Different strokes for different folks.
>> No. 1732153
Be...cause I do? I dont know, I just like it xD

>> No. 1732159
Ok. XD

Take care!
>> No. 1732166
File 142137605497.png - (311.06KB , 494x498 , SS_101.png )
The best rooibos tea I've ever tasted was [url
2447021D899/#The-Tea-Party]this stuff[/url], and I really need to treat myself to more of it. It tasted like... It tasted like Earth is supposed to taste. Like if you sat down to tea with Mother Nature, this is what she'd serve. At first I didn't like it because it was so strong, but it grew on me and now I crave it.

I mean, I'm all for some toothache-sweet tea, but when there's more sugar in your 'tea' than tea oil itself... That, and they usually use Lipton, which is the world tea equivalent of five-dollar a bottle vodka - you're better off just drinking rubbing alcohol.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 15th, 2015 19:41

>> No. 1732167
File 142137617431.jpg - (162.07KB , 879x1024 , SS_322.jpg )
Oooookay, doesn't like that link.

>> No. 1732169
File 142137643747.png - (81.78KB , 762x783 , 798019__safe_rainbow+dash_vector_part+of+a+set_artist-colon-s-dot-guri_filly+rainbow+dash.png )
I feel the same

>Has to poof back to work.
>> No. 1732177
File 142137752026.png - (1.22MB , 1168x813 , SSC_201.png )
And I have to poof off to bed. Yaaaay, another week of being on my feet. I must have walked more than Moses by this point.
>> No. 1732211
File 142138023045.png - (1.02MB , 830x856 , Arguing the profound intricacies of moths vs butterflies.png )
This whole death thing isn't very becoming, HAY.
>> No. 1732214
File 142138034729.png - (211.89KB , 433x374 , 131.png )
Watchu talking 'bout? It's exactly what HAY is.
>> No. 1732218
File 142138061349.jpg - (53.55KB , 480x640 , 130711981674.jpg )
Yes but HAY needs to step up it's game otherwise no one will like it.
>> No. 1732222
File 142138075247.png - (173.06KB , 564x239 , 89.png )
That'd take some real deadness for that to happen.
>> No. 1732226
We're already dead tho.
>> No. 1732228
File 142138110090.png - (111.47KB , 196x377 , 113.png )
For an hour. I'm talking Page 10, 2 year dead.
>> No. 1732235
File 142138167533.png - (330.37KB , 1306x644 , 1421273666162.png )
maybe an new thread will fix it?
>> No. 1732236
File 142138175287.png - (173.06KB , 564x239 , 89.png )
Possibly. The allure of our first(?) 3k thread might put people off, though.
>> No. 1732237
File 142138183612.png - (204.37KB , 700x700 , 1421284172429.png )
well, i didn´t see that close number until now.
my bads
>> No. 1732240
File 142138195556.png - (315.43KB , 1254x1024 , Lol i dunno.png )
Oh well, no better time than the present



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