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>> No. 1736448
File 142162216731.png - (192.81KB , 900x1313 , Drinkie Belle.png )
Oh my.
>> No. 1736449
File 142162228051.png - (354.57KB , 457x365 , Nayru and Minish Link.png )

I was using GIMP's pathing tool to try and take this pic and color it.

Lessons learn:

1. Pathing tool is actually pretty easy to use.
2. Actually coloring things that aren't the lines you made with the pathing tool is not.
3. GIMP does not like multi-layered PNGs and will squash them into a single layer when you save the image and exit.
>> No. 1736450
File 142162247873.png - (116.91KB , 1018x1304 , Noble's Face When Tangy~.png )

Some protips!

1- GIMP only saves layers in its own native format, .xcf.(And a few more ones, IIRC. Multilayer PNG is kinda weird as a whole) It might be a good idea to save the whole thing in .xcf as you work on it, and export it to PNG when you actually want to post it somewhere, or you are done with it.

2- are you using the pathing tool to color?
>> No. 1736451
File 142162262408.jpg - (366.82KB , 801x1041 , Skyward Zelda.jpg )

Sounds like a good idea to me. Thanks Tangy.

I'm not. I'm just being lazy and using the fill tool, which is terrible.
>> No. 1736452
File 142162263903.jpg - (119.11KB , 600x809 , I have the D.jpg )

Hi Tang.
>> No. 1736453
File 142162266430.png - (24.89KB , 275x300 , and this is where my cutie mark would be.png )
Seconded. Recently having start to use Path Tool in Gimp myself, please answer how the hell you are coloring with it.

I mean, just do the coloring under the lineart layer with th pencil tool
>> No. 1736455
File 142162278965.png - (230.21KB , 1300x790 , Completely innocent cosplay.png )

Try this:

1- Lineart of the drawing on one layer.
2- Make a new layer for your coloring. Put it under the lineart layer.
3- Set the lineart layer to multiply. That way the black lines will show over your colors.
4- Select lineart layer, magic wand selection.
5- Change to color layer, Selection > Expand, Fill tool.
6- Repeat ad infinitum.


Also this.


>Blazing wants to give me his D
>> No. 1736458
File 142162294063.png - (210.86KB , 521x270 , Cia Giant Bottle.png )

Good idea, thanks you two.

Also, I noticed I can use colors other than black for my lines. I'm not entirely a fan of hard black lines, but would is be simpler to just stick with those instead of complicating matters with colored lines?
>> No. 1736462
File 142162309866.png - (266.37KB , 1478x1024 , Dragotea din dress.png )

Colored lines might be a tad more complex, but you can still pull it off. I'd just put another layer over the lineart one, set it as color, color the lines, and then merge both so the topmost layer doesn't color the last one.

That's why you wanted the pathing tool for?
>> No. 1736466
File 142162322758.jpg - (116.96KB , 600x900 , Zelda inna hat.jpg )

Yeah. I got bored and figured I could give it a shot.
>> No. 1736467
File 142162326579.png - (913.57KB , 800x1119 , It's time to fight the power.png )

Shouldn't we be on opposite places?
Unless you are into that kind of thing, of course~
>> No. 1736468
File 142162341805.png - (215.45KB , 552x512 , ScribbleTang Unlimited.png )

Pathing tool is good for digital inking. As in, taking that sketch and making all lines black, solid, and clean of all the dirtyness in the paper. Though that can also be done by vectoring, or just some clever adjustment.


We can take turns.
>> No. 1736470
File 142162359379.png - (284.68KB , 845x474 , 1303101410797.png )
I haven't played with coloredlineat yet, but I'd suggest making a different lineart layer for each color, in that case.
>> No. 1736472
File 142162366138.png - (246.90KB , 576x1105 , aint got no geishas.png )
>> No. 1736473
File 142162393963.png - (605.25KB , 763x559 , SS_82.png )
And then there's this blooga.
>> No. 1736474
File 142162396076.jpg - (102.82KB , 680x881 , 1418265924602-0.jpg )

I'd rather not try to be clever, often times I end up too clever by half.

Thanks for all your help, Tangy.


A good idea if I ever try that again.


Hey Blooga.
>> No. 1736475
File 142162400275.png - (21.88KB , 113x150 , moussaka.png )
>> No. 1736478
File 142162413729.png - (1.42MB , 1200x850 , Everypony Sing Now!.png )

Learning is a process of fucking up enough times. Trust me.

If you don't mind the stream being like 360p, I could try to show you.


Hi Beluga, Jesus.
>> No. 1736483
File 142162432573.jpg - (13.41KB , 180x240 , eye of the tangy.jpg )
How is the tangaroo?
>> No. 1736487
File 142162442101.jpg - (259.48KB , 800x810 , Happeh Lucina.jpg )

You are.


I wouldn't want to waste your time, eheheh.


But if you'll be streaming anyways, I might as well pop in and watch.
>> No. 1736491
File 142162458731.gif - (13.70KB , 250x232 , ERMAHGERD TANERGENE COKIIE.gif )

Good! Stomach is settled, foot doesn't hurt as much. I'm sleepy though.


Any streaming I've done has been completely random and out of nowhere, though. And mostly it has been bizarro Spanish Smash Bros.

I need to get better Internet and a voice. Those two things would really help.
>> No. 1736493
File 142162471085.jpg - (76.41KB , 480x729 , IMG_0042.jpg )
I wish I could say the same. Getting older sucks. I miss being able to eat pork all day and never feel bad.

I'm not sure what that joke means! I don't fly!
>> No. 1736495
File 142162476424.png - (170.85KB , 340x340 , I was shipping users before it was cool!.png )

>I miss being able to eat pork all day and never feel bad.

You and me both, sister.
>> No. 1736498
File 142162486773.jpg - (57.62KB , 480x640 , 1e803d4063c5f7cf6db92ac6e722bf03.jpg )

Better internet is one thing, but your voice is pretty cute.


Whales totally fly. Just look at the Windfish.
>> No. 1736500
File 142162493105.jpg - (34.77KB , 447x497 , Fcuk I'm hihg! Le'ts ship usres!_jpg.jpg )

I meant as in actually using it. But thanks!
>> No. 1736501
File 142162493112.png - (37.09KB , 450x450 , I'm 100 feet tall.png )
I used to be afraid of trans-humanism, but, now that I think about it, I realize that I could have like a metal stomach that never gets upset no matter what I eat. That sounds awesome.

He wasn't even real!
>> No. 1736502
File 142162498147.png - (95.40KB , 512x512 , Tangerine is thinking about your plot.png )

A robot stomach would be cool.
>> No. 1736503
He was totally real. Its everything else that might not have been real.
>> No. 1736504
File 142162504671.jpg - (48.80KB , 480x480 , Zelda Heart.jpg )

Well that's just a matter of comfort. Keep trying, Best Tangy.


No no, it was everyone else that wasn't real. Except Link.


Being a robot would be even cooler, aside from the whole no longer enjoying earthly desires thing.
>> No. 1736506
File 142162509318.png - (213.72KB , 424x430 , point thing.png )
I didn't actually finish that game, so I obviously don't know what I'm talking about.
>> No. 1736508
File 142162521342.png - (196.00KB , 385x356 , 1416430794580.png )

Well that's something you can put on a to do list. Link's Awakening was the only Game Boy game I had for years, and it was so wonderful that it was all I really needed. I probably put over 300 hours into playing it.

I also permanently broke my copy by abusing the screen hopping glitch once I figured out about it, which sucked.
>> No. 1736511
It was the first video game I owned, and the first, last, and only game in which I cried during the ending. Though I felt a little better after I got the 0 deaths variant.
>> No. 1736513
File 142162543422.png - (24.71KB , 665x868 , 327712__safe_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack.png )

Damn. I liked it as a kid, but not that much.
>> No. 1736514
File 142162570675.jpg - (292.27KB , 773x1080 , Cosplaying for your BF.jpg )

Now that's my idea of cosplaying!
>> No. 1736515
File 142162571890.jpg - (5.26KB , 256x144 , osharka.jpg )
That is a lot of love for that game.
>> No. 1736516
File 142162581657.jpg - (483.39KB , 850x780 , 9310e3c95cc93bbb15e1e45ec3365bce.jpg )

I'd never put much thought into the story beyond the facts, but yeah, that ending is pretty powerful for such an old game.

I ought to see if I can pick it up again somehow.


The only other Game Boy games I'd played were Tetris and Pokemon Red/Gold. The former was given away very early on, and the latter two came much later for me.


>> No. 1736518
File 142162587120.png - (500.25KB , 847x943 , SSC_137.png )

Didn't you have a MC server up or something?
>> No. 1736520
Well, neither did I, but the facts are enough. The entire game creates this comfy island full of happy people just doing their thing and Link's adventure is essentially to destroy it. By the end of the game the monsters are literally begging you to stop, because they know that completing their quest means the entire island will vanish entirely forever, them included.

And they're right, and it does.

That final fadeout with Marin, it was just agg.
>> No. 1736522
File 142162654700.png - (21.25KB , 384x401 , Mistakes were made, regrets are had.png )

I don't remember what all I had anymore. I know I had Tetris and Game & Watch Gallery. I feel like there was a third. I had a bunch after the Color came out, though.


"It's just a dream." seems to be a recurring theme in video games, and for some reason every one of those games results in you ending it. I think one of the best examples is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, where the "villain" of the game is actually a kid who used to be in a wheelchair with a deadbeat father and actually dead mother. And he creates this legitimately really great world using imagination and this old book that you found with him or something, I don't remember, but you end up shattering the whole thing.

Just "It's not real, back into the wheelchair you go!" like it's the righteous noble thing to do.
>> No. 1736526
File 142162696296.jpg - (457.06KB , 1200x1800 , 417134__artist-inkwel-mlp.jpg )
Hello, all.
>> No. 1736527
File 142162710384.png - (348.24KB , 1024x2174 , SS_236.png )
Hey Cmdr. How's your night?
>> No. 1736528
File 142162713230.jpg - (152.62KB , 900x664 , mama_clause_coloured_by_ugh_first_aid-d381had.jpg )

That's actually two different characters in FFT:A. Doned, the one in the wheelchair, is Marche/the main character's younger brother. Mewt Randell is the bullied kid with the deadbeat/alcoholic father and dead bmother.

The game would've been a lot better if it actually gave reasons for why the world had to go back to normal. There's definitely reasonable arguments for it.


I know all that. What I mean was that it didn't move me to tears. Crying just wasn't something I did back then, unless I was physically hurt.


Hey Commander. Sup?
>> No. 1736530
File 142162723823.png - (769.35KB , 1200x900 , 249376__artist-sketchride.png )
S'all right. How are you?
>> No. 1736531
It's the Matrix argument - rather live in the real world than in a dream, cuz the real world is real and thus better. I'm not super sold on this myself. FFT:A was interesting because it was a group all-or-nothing, with one person making the decision for everyone else without their consent. But honestly the game never really explored that angle too much other than to make those opposed to returning to the real world the villains.

Incidentally, FFT:A is one of the very small number of games I 100%'d, even getting those bonus missions where you go on a rampage outing corrupt judges as Cid.

Ah, yeah. Well it hasn't happened since. Like I said, first game, and I spent a loooong time just beating it at all. I got stuck a lot. I was hoping for a happier ending.
>> No. 1736535
File 142162804609.jpg - (558.84KB , 1000x950 , sleepy goo girl.jpg )
>> No. 1736539
File 142162826995.png - (205.10KB , 1200x939 , sp3 - artist briskby artist rose.png )
>> No. 1736546
File 142162862686.gif - (45.36KB , 256x256 , How mac died in PH.gif )
>> No. 1736548
New Thread
>> No. 1736565
File 142162905441.png - (261.17KB , 1152x954 , SSL_2.png )
>> No. 1736589
File 142163014387.jpg - (259.48KB , 800x810 , Happeh Lucina.jpg )

Good morning here too, beautiful. <3
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