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File 142138190216.png - (120.58KB , 827x810 , large (47).png )
1732239 No. 1732239
Exactly as it says on the tin. Wat. Wat wat watt.

Hop on in and get your Wat on, and maybe answer the question "How Are You." I promise* we don't bite

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>> No. 1738090
File 142172711755.jpg - (92.41KB , 640x640 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 1738092
File 142172723331.png - (195.75KB , 631x701 , _sketch__ahoy__by_nukude-d7y97h6.png )

Heh, yeah. ^^

The goal for me was to build a fairly power PC on a $1200 budget. It mostly centered around the GPU one of the friends sold me.
>> No. 1738093
File 142172729368.png - (195.12KB , 375x370 , 118.png )
Now that looks like a very tight fit. and so much more clean than my engine
Looks like they pushed into the cabin a bit.
>> No. 1738102
File 142172751423.jpg - (25.01KB , 223x267 , 137786752555.jpg )
Ah, nice! Did you get any special accessories to go with it?
>> No. 1738104
File 142172762560.jpg - (40.09KB , 640x480 , spoiler.jpg )
i kinda wen´t bed with the portable hand device

THE most tightest fit!
then you should see the engine bay in the volvo. it´s icky!

yea, must have pushed it far back
but it has an cage, naked interior.
>> No. 1738105
File 142172762493.gif - (242.95KB , 500x500 , d3a.gif )

Nah, I only had enough money to build the tower. I could have gotten a nice gaming monitor if my MacBook Pro hadn't crapped out on me and forced me to buy a replacement laptop.
>> No. 1738107

You mean the duel disk?
>> No. 1738108
File 142172780946.png - (192.06KB , 391x350 , 133.png )
...That oil pan must be living life on the edge. Unless they modded it so it isn't, hehe.
convoluted wire covers and exposed wires all ove rhte place?

Ah, that'd help things a lot.
>> No. 1738110
File 142172783919.jpg - (43.12KB , 640x640 , 1421274781768.jpg )
AH! yes, it looked silly in the towns ^^;
maybe im just being old and grumpy now >.<
>> No. 1738112
File 142172790950.gif - (523.17KB , 500x620 , 1379183495510.gif )
>owning a mac <3
That's unfortunate though
>> No. 1738113
File 142172792072.png - (106.06KB , 340x763 , 90b.png )

Hey, Yu-Gi-Oh in itself is incredibly silly.
>> No. 1738115
File 142172800288.gif - (24.59KB , 600x500 , 45d.gif )

It was a graduation present! >_<

Yeahhh, I was pretty upset about it. But to be fair, it had turned three and a half years old by the time it decided to start dying.
>> No. 1738120
File 142172823511.png - (107.06KB , 348x386 , Berry13.png )
Macs are great. Overpriced, but by no means bad. It's the company that deserves the hate, not the hardware.

Why, specifically, though? If it's just the ease of use, you can build a tower and install OSX.

Yes, but those fat wallets with stupid owners [no offense Thela] are what's paying for the upper-crust staff of Apple's vacations to Hawaii. Who knows what would happen to the company if they don't get their 2 months in Maui?
>> No. 1738121
File 142172824693.jpg - (1.44MB , 2560x1920 , spoiler.jpg )
i guess heavily modified, but with an project car like that´im not surprised :3
many things, old, sludge,greasy, might do an clean once i get it fixed
god damn my shaking, can´t take an stable picture more :/

yew, yew it was ^^;
>> No. 1738122
File 142172833842.jpg - (23.42KB , 680x383 , ea7.jpg )

Exactly. They're good computers, and OS X itself is a damn fine operating system, in my opinion.

I've been thinking about going the Hackintosh route, yeah.
>> No. 1738126
File 142172858918.png - (38.16KB , 945x945 , 133337512841.png )
>not immediately sacrificing it to the gaming gods
Lord Intel will not be pleased with your actions.
Is that about the age range of a mac?

They might have to make more i/Apple[product]s! New revolutions in daily living, like the iGlasses. They can help enhance your vision if you have bad eyesight. Or the Apple Lamp that can illuminate dark spaces. Truly genius stuff right there.
>> No. 1738127
File 142172870417.gif - (506.97KB , 320x136 , hE77C7B43.gif )
Haha, true. Kinda makes you wonder what made them think to do that swap in the firs tplace.
oooh... give that ol' horse a good hose down, geez
Thought I had an engine bay pic of mine, but odn't and can't right now. Man, wish I could get that thing going again.
>> No. 1738128
File 142172871870.png - (169.12KB , 500x632 , 6e0.png )

I'm going to pull out the memory and hard drive at some point, then have the rest of it recycled.

Around there, yes.
>> No. 1738129
File 142172876606.png - (26.59KB , 266x246 , BPv9.png )
Of course OSX is brilliant, it's just Linux with prettier wallpaper. :P

Please, do. Apple doesn't need more of your hard-earned(?) money than is absolutely necessary.

Careful not to name names! They have a team of vampire lawyers awake 24/7 to preemptively strike with infringements and copyright lawsuits if they think you have a bright idea.
>> No. 1738130
abandon ship; this thread is sinking :P
>> No. 1738131
File 142172888924.jpg - (30.38KB , 353x600 , 1+50+_f6a27d3df5a56a88e49b4540dfd2801b.jpg )
It always is, brah.
>> No. 1738132
File 142172890546.gif - (1.10MB , 480x270 , a0e.gif )

It's so shiny!

I'll probably end up commissioning my tech friend to build me one in the future. He charges, but it will definitely be cheaper than buying a new Mac from Apple.
>> No. 1738133
File 142172890595.gif - (492.11KB , 325x143 , tumblr_m09wtjkFJ41rn95k2o1_400.gif )
>> No. 1738134
File 142172897720.png - (92.69KB , 319x466 , 1421313394617.png )
well, i say sweden., you would be amazed on what kind of cars that are on the roads. not to speak when it to american muscle. no joke when i say that you almost can meet many chevrolet impala ( the big boxed body from 65-70s ) as an old volvo during the summers ^^;

i will once i get her running proper and today i will succeed on it! might wash of the salt and and hope i can save the slightly rust attack that´s on her until summer where i then will do an body spray and so much more!


DÀAAW that ragdoll, holy birma cat. all that fluff!

wanna make the new one?
>> No. 1738136
File 142172913030.jpg - (124.33KB , 1060x983 , 1354919000591.jpg )
Oh, can you sell the parts? I would think that would be illegal, yeah? Huh. I'm not too familiar with Macs, honestly. We split paths after the...original iMac, actually! It's been quite a long time, heh. Though I do frequently use newer age iMacs and sometimes Macbooks if there's a need. Not personally owning any though.

Ah, right! I seem to have forgotten about them. I"m a little rusty on my Apple lore and all. I bet they're tracking me right now, with the help of Google's no-privacy privacy policy. Since I'm already boned, may as well do some needed slander!
Apple is so ludicrously unoriginal tha-

The captains always go down with the ship!
>> No. 1738138
File 142172924471.png - (102.45KB , 390x371 , 1421273283422.png )
>hey we need to lift this engine
>but we don´t have an engine hoist.
>what did they to
>take an ladder, throw it over the open hood.
>tie the engine to it. and lift it out

ok that´s my new workout gear!
>> No. 1738139
File 142172926177.png - (238.16KB , 500x667 , dec.png )

Why would it be illegal?

We used Macs often in film school, which is why I was pressured to get one for myself. It made doing homework easier.
>> No. 1738140
File 142172926604.png - (146.76KB , 827x455 , SS_47.png )
>Literally twice as many hydrogen atoms as there are oxygen atoms.
Gets me every time.
>> No. 1738144
File 142172932840.gif - (1.39MB , 320x221 , 194t1m5sfay2wgif.gif )
Haha, you guys like to play around with them, eh? Putting big engines in small cars? :P

Hopefully it does get running soon. More time to play with it :P

Yeah, but oh well.

All teh fluff.


That's certainly one way to do it xD
>> No. 1738146
File 142172945294.png - (684.51KB , 682x932 , 1421306685544.png )
of course, we are the #1 country to import American cars.
it´s not until recently American ppl get over here to import them back :P

oh yes, that rear fuel pump was NO FUN!

most fluff

of course it is!
do take care if you vanish, ok+
>> No. 1738148
File 142172960175.png - (265.54KB , 900x642 , 140518395633.png )
W-...what? Neat.

I'm not sure, but I've definitely seen dumber laws.

Ah, right. I use Macs a lot for school things as well. I think they get good better deals with Apple (not to mention better tech support and they're more user-friendly most of the time).
Though the music lab has Alienware stuff, which I thought was odd when I saw it the first time.

I know, right? Was giggling a bit myself, hah.
>> No. 1738149
File 142172970235.png - (320.40KB , 887x901 , 1421274976474.png )
yes, yes it was :3
kinda reminds me of the clint eastwood movie
any which way but loose. where he lift random junk around an scrap yard. and having and tame ape.

god that movie
and of course the "biker gang"
>> No. 1738150
File 142172980574.jpg - (92.06KB , 500x450 , fDlkFg1.jpg )

Well, I doubt it's illegal where I am. The RAM and hard drive are meant to be removable on my old machine.

Maybe Apple offers discounts/deals for certain institutes who buy from them, I dunno.

I can see using an Alienware for that sort of thing. Plenty of cheaper alternatives, though.
>> No. 1738153
wouldn't know what to title it, haha
>> No. 1738154
File 142173017810.png - (156.69KB , 824x743 , 1421275273790.png )
i know you can :3
>> No. 1738156
File 142173023000.jpg - (340.05KB , 1920x1080 , 135724127099.jpg )
Aren't engines, like, the majority of the weight of the car? Hm. That sounds like a very strange movie.

Oh, that's right. I sometimes forget that justice is upheld in other places, my bad. We're still talking about removing parts from a Mac, right? I thought they were meant to be close-cased all the time? I mean, I know they can be opened, but... Mac is weird, man.

That would make sense, I think. It's a great business opportunity for them if that were true, heh.

Maybe it was for convenience...ah well.

"Hay: How Are You [insert title here] edition"
Bam! Pure gold
>> No. 1738157
>tfw the only edition I can think of making is the "ayy lmao" edition
>> No. 1738158
File 142173034631.png - (450.45KB , 894x1200 , 132771259683.png )
Oh god yes. So much that!
I doubt it would be well received, but that's the fun of it!
>> No. 1738159
File 142173040777.png - (549.22KB , 1280x937 , Samus.png )
well an fully engie. was can it be ( without gearbox, 150kg?)

strangest movie.
if having the change to see it. watch it :3

>BAM and your golden
>> No. 1738160
File 142173041705.png - (44.07KB , 247x242 , 0d5.png )

On the newer models of MacBook Pros, pretty much everything is soldered to the motherboard and it's harder to get under the hood. But the pre-Retina Display models have upgradable memory and hard drives. Hell, you could even take out the optical drive and add a second HDD/SSD if you wanted.
>> No. 1738161
File 142173051481.jpg - (88.95KB , 350x350 , 7ef.jpg )
well you got me there. i guess ill make it
>> No. 1738162
File 142173061607.gif - (32.85KB , 600x683 , 139723189166.gif )
Hmm... Definitely more than I weigh.

I have a list of movies that extends further than my lifespan, so I think I'm good with it!

Huh. Did not know that!

Give it some offensive image too, just to really rub people the wrong way
>> No. 1738163
File 142173070380.gif - (2.30KB , 170x189 , 141594381451.gif )

The moar you know~

I ended up upgrading my Mac's RAM from 4GB to 8GB. Because 4GB was pitiful, especially for video editing.
>> No. 1738164
File 142173071190.png - (175.84KB , 636x479 , Doofs on coffeebreak.png )

same as here. im still around 59-61kg...
im glad if i can lift 35-40 kg
ah okies. sowwie >.<
>> No. 1738167
didn't go quite that far :p

>> No. 1738168
File 142173092894.png - (166.83KB , 948x1094 , 133943762437.png )
Could you potentially swap out other components of the Mac, too? Or just the RAM and storage? Easily, I mean. Of course you could integrate things if you forced them, heh. Video editing? What sorts of videos were you editing? And yes, editing takes up a lot of RAM, unfortunately.

Ha, we weigh the same. Though you're taller than I am so...I guess I won? Maybe I lost, it's pretty unclear.
do you even lift It's aight
>> No. 1738170
File 142173099465.png - (77.58KB , 222x237 , 133268988367.png )
I mean... Thanks!
I was interested to see what the bottom of the thread-ocean looked like, but this is also adequate.
>> No. 1738174
File 142173105696.png - (593.65KB , 1280x1280 , c67.png )

Just the RAM and storage. Everything else was soldered together.

Mostly schoolwork and such. We were learning how to use Final Cut Pro.

Video editing eats RAM and CPU power respectively, which is why my current laptop has 16GB of memory and a quad-core i7.
>> No. 1738387
File 142174321089.png - (157.58KB , 866x922 , Smilie Belle.png )
>> No. 1739042
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