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File 142209204421.png - (952.16KB , 1280x933 , Staying warm.png )
1743204 No. 1743204
visit HAY where it is warm,friendly, comfortable.
How are you?
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>> No. 1747308
File 142233740835.png - (330.37KB , 1306x644 , 1421273666162.png )
oh god no..... oh GOD NO!

let´s gamble with good changes!
>> No. 1747309
File 142233743568.jpg - (231.78KB , 964x1462 , image.jpg )
Y' mean dis butt?
>> No. 1747310
easier said than done. she graded far more harshly than the other TAs.
>> No. 1747311
Pretty much.
Ah well, best to ignore them.
>> No. 1747313
File 142233751715.png - (1.04MB , 1400x818 , suggestives.png )
Hopefully low.

The chances of something good coming out..

Imagine it!

Exactly that one!
>> No. 1747314
File 142233768104.jpg - (139.54KB , 1400x1050 , image.jpg )
What is it about this butt that's got you so interested, eh?
>> No. 1747316
File 142233772012.gif - (332.90KB , 278x200 , where´s the f5 button.gif )
NOOO, i cannot. it´s to much!
>> No. 1747319
File 142233814188.png - (458.03KB , 1280x1207 , 142204820682.png )
>> No. 1747320
File 142233818702.jpg - (406.17KB , 500x571 , tumblr_mamtbvMDhx1r8sw3uo1_500.jpg )
There's a possibility it'd provide fun times!

So much taste am I right?

>> No. 1747321
File 142233822998.png - (684.51KB , 682x932 , 1421306685544.png )

>> No. 1747323
File 142233830794.png - (618.50KB , 856x933 , may_i_help_you__by_aymint-d6emb48.png )
Heya bloops :)


>> No. 1747324
File 142233837458.jpg - (111.14KB , 845x685 , image.jpg )
Is that so?
...such a hypothesis will need to be tested some other time because I need sleep now
Hehe, sorry to kill it ^^;;

>> No. 1747325
File 142233840722.png - (168.35KB , 589x651 , 1421270613509.png )
how is?

Nights sweet dreams
*Tucks in*
>> No. 1747328
File 142233858077.png - (418.99KB , 800x960 , stars flying.png )

Hows it going?

Oh well! Nainai
>> No. 1747330
File 142233865529.png - (880.42KB , 1600x2133 , 1421270557822.png )
have some powermetalk
>> No. 1747332
File 142233883122.png - (165.71KB , 758x1054 , twilight_sitting_by_sulyo-d5741gb.png )

Okay I guess, its Tuesday, so woke up early.
Nao just sipping coffee and gonna have to leave for the town soon. :3

And how's you?

Check up there :3

How's it going at you?
>> No. 1747333
File 142233896329.png - (201.70KB , 1280x1010 , 1421270395297.png )
okies, sounds like an good mornigns
*Offer breakfast*
doing ok i guess, still annoyed,burned out from the yesterday. but im alive.
>> No. 1747334
id better get ready for bed
>> No. 1747336
File 142233909418.jpg - (830.55KB , 1000x999 , I apologize, you're just so mind bogglingly stupid for so early in the morning_.jpg )
I suppose.

That's all you can really do.

Are near none.


>> No. 1747338
File 142233912814.gif - (254.80KB , 848x412 , Pixel animation 2377327328.gif )
Nights, sweet dreams. and wishing you the best!
>> No. 1747339
File 142233916316.jpg - (5.56KB , 241x222 , 742309__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_clothes_vector_dress_a+canterlot+wedding_bridesmaid+dress_sto.jpg )
Well, I guess..
Nuuu, way, way, way far too early to eat anything ..
I'd die if I ate anything now ;_;

Owww, sowwiee to hear, hopefully you can relax and forget about it for a little while :3
>> No. 1747343
File 142233936382.png - (900.91KB , 900x900 , 137459896999.png )
you guess...?
i hope that you will find the stuff in the towns today :3
nuuuuuuu dun die!

well, i take it easy for another hour before i have to get going to the workshop!
>> No. 1747351
File 142234010437.gif - (52.06KB , 500x418 , dunno.gif )
Apparently I need to go over to my friends, so later!
>> No. 1747352
File 142234014218.png - (215.32KB , 900x561 , cute applejack.png )
Have fun^^
and do take care!
>> No. 1747362
File 142234084092.jpg - (167.59KB , 1190x900 , Sketchy_dancing.jpg )
>> No. 1747385
File 142234745447.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>> No. 1747397
File 142235472150.png - (84.76KB , 900x720 , worried - 1.png )
And second application ready to send at midnight for the course I want to get into.

Well, I'm already in it, but I only want the ICT degree, not the double Arts/ICT degree, but I guess I have a few days to decide on which one I want to really want to do in the meantime.

Oh well... wish I remembered the deadline of the first offers, but oh well, at least a position was secured. Here's hoping I get the other offer this time around.
>> No. 1747400
File 142235633697.png - (53.57KB , 894x894 , what_do_you_mean___applejack_and_rarity_______by_azizthewazon-d6xhivs.png )
Why are you applying again if you're already in it?
>> No. 1747401
To see if I can change to the single degree outside of having to go speak with anyone in the university. Because people are scary.

I mean, if not then that's fine, when I actually start classes then I'll see what I can do but still, better for me to have this all sorted outside before stepping in.
>> No. 1747403
File 142235714057.png - (192.04KB , 512x512 , 130085049667.png )
>> No. 1747404
>> No. 1747405
I'd imagine that you could drop one of them pretty easily if you just called them up. I dunno if going for second round would actually help you at all. It might just cause logistical errors.
>> No. 1747407
File 142235764536.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
>> No. 1747408
File 142235771585.png - (56.38KB , 901x886 , happy_dashie_is_best_dashie_by_mrlolcats17-d57726f.png )
Hey there Eshbaal. What's going on?
>> No. 1747409
Maybe, once I overcome fear of people. Of which I blame work for.

Just to see what happens, since my applications are still there. After that I shouldn't be getting any more offers for anything.

How's it going?
>> No. 1747410
File 142235798611.jpg - (46.98KB , 720x960 , april.jpg )
at work for a bit again. Continuing my creating streak, so I drew this pic and have been scribbling down ideas for a potential short.
>> No. 1747411
Well, in anycase, you can just drop the 2nd degree at any time. Just do it before fees are due in the first semester. You could probably do it all over the computer and not have to talk with anyone.... maybe.

Nice. Not a fan of the super round head though. I like the detail. You're thinking of filming something again? Or just writing?
>> No. 1747412
I don't think it's that round. Even then, I an fix it somewhat wen I do some digital lineart.

It's just conceptual stage thus far. But Ir eally want to film something sometime reasonably soon. I'm going nuts.
>> No. 1747413
Nah, leave it. It's just my personal preference. You still got the materials and contacts to film something though? What kinda short would it be?
>> No. 1747414
we could potentially do this one with just three people. Once again, the main problem is location.

I was imagining some kind of guard / imprisoned supervillain scenario. I am still a bit lost on the specifics, but it sounded like a fun idea. I just need somewhere to put it that could give the proper look.
>> No. 1747415
How's work?

Probably. Still, going to try my luck at the application. Just checked UAC and it /should/ be okay, but if there's no offer back then I'll try to sort it out with the uni people
>> No. 1747416
File 142235900592.png - (53.98KB , 917x872 , rainbow_dash_standing__s03e07__by_djdavidhu-d7qxal2.png )
Oh? And what kinda prison were you envisioning? A dingy old bricks and bars job?

OK then. Well, congratulations in being accepted, to the University of Sydney, I presume? Why has your job given you a fear of people?
>> No. 1747417
Naw, it was University of Western Sydney. The others had ATAR requirements way too high of mine, unfortunately. Would've been good to study somewhere else, closer to home even, like Macquarie

Probably of how quiet I can be at work, and my managers being real pricks, as well as co-workers lacking manners probably left in another dimension. A lot of things that left me displeased with human interaction these days.
>> No. 1747418
File 142235959987.png - (54.06KB , 894x894 , rainbow_dash_vector___wut__no_lunch_provided__by_anxet-d5pkzbo.png )
Oh, who cares about Macquarie. State unis are better anyway. Don't you live out west? UWS can't be that far away.
Isn't that just work people though. Isn't that just the way that work is?
>> No. 1747419
Unevntful as per usual.

It actually almost doesn't matter ,as long as it's perfectly clear that this guy is imprisoned. Even a simple cell from a barracks or something would work.
>> No. 1747420
Oh, I see. I suppose that even that much would be difficult.
>> No. 1747421
it is. At least, filming somewhere I could do it without paying a huge sum anyway
>> No. 1747422
Sounds like work all right.

It's about an hour train ride from here, so.. maybe not too far?

Well, you expect them to have a little more decency, a little more socially acceptable manners, but naw. Managers I can understand though, workers I would not. Can't stand some of them.
>> No. 1747426
File 142236070899.png - (67.17KB , 783x1021 , rainbow_dash___loyalty_by_kishmond-d3f4owi.png )
Well, I guess it could always be implied without actually showing anything.

An hours train ride? That's not close at all. Well that's shit. Have you considered living on?
Why would you understand it of managers? That's completely counter intuitive. Workers are just workers. Managers, it's their entire job to make sure there is cohesion, they should be the ones making sure that you're OK, since you're the new guy, it's literally their job. It's not like they do any of the real work. Oh well, you're out of there now, aren't you?
>> No. 1747427
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