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File 142435369930.jpg - (335.06KB , 1280x1024 , 141705966949.jpg )
1773530 No. 1773530
Just a lil game some of us like to play.. maybe you do too?

Either way.. come on in for chat, advice, a friendly face.. we're here to talk!

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>> No. 1779452
Heh, that sounds like fun.

Ah, hehe
Unfortunately, I haven't played with Dolphin that much. probably because my old laptop had trouble emulating Super Mario Sunshine >_>
>> No. 1779454
File 142474525582.jpg - (94.27KB , 848x942 , hug (6).jpg )
Hm... What a jerkbot!
That's fair, heh. Here's hoping Mint treats you better!
I don't know these things, silly! What sort of desktop stuff has to be worked out? What would be the use of JavaSphere as an app?

I don't like to speak in definite terms unless something is absolutely definite. I like her at the moment, but later down the line maybe I won't so much. For now she is super neat though!

It can come in pretty handy sometimes. I'm glad she took the time to teach you things c:

Toast well!~

I would hope so! It definitely gave me more of a reason to get it away from my planet!.. That thing was freaky and filled up most of the sky ;_;
>> No. 1779455
File 142474526412.png - (139.90KB , 500x281 , Ritsu_y_Yui.png )
>> No. 1779456
File 142474536256.jpg - (75.86KB , 500x500 , Madotsuki 561.jpg )
But do you even know her story?

Yeah, wish I knew way more.
I could learn, but eh, time and stuff.
>> No. 1779459
File 142474553022.jpg - (92.57KB , 1024x1024 , face.jpg )
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Finally got Dark Souls to work at 1080p and at 40fps.

XP Plus there's the game development questions, and the art ones too!
^_^ I think you'd have difficulty playing the 3DS version then.

Understandable. Though your newest computer should be able to handle it.
>> No. 1779461
File 142474570769.jpg - (27.54KB , 300x439 , 136526057821.jpg )

How else would I know about her? I liked the game, anyway. Not sure if she's in other things.

Yeah... Time is fleeting, isn't it? Maybe someday.

Really? I couldn't really even get the basic controls to function properly, hah. Oh porting...

Too many questions! Make them go away! D:
I think the most difficulty with that would be the fact that I don't have a 3DS :P
>> No. 1779465
File 142474581252.jpg - (75.29KB , 960x568 , still-lurking.jpg )
>chap that knows Mac = master race
>> No. 1779468
File 142474587535.jpg - (33.68KB , 640x480 , Ritsu-tainaka-ritsu-25480669-640-480.jpg )
Not much! You?

Quite so!
>> No. 1779470
File 142474595785.jpg - (342.93KB , 900x862 , 755069__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_towel_wingless_artist-colon-mistydash_rubber+duck.jpg )
I did! Welllllll, I'm using a 360 controller, so I'm cheating there. lol

True true.
>> No. 1779472
File 142474600270.jpg - (220.31KB , 1024x768 , Madotsuki 831.jpg )
Ok, didn't know if you were just talking about the art or something else.

I don't see how later you couldn't like her

Yeah, I still got to learn how to code, animate, and 3d model.
>> No. 1779474
File 142474606202.png - (362.67KB , 640x480 , Sonata Dusk.png )
>> No. 1779475
It's not so much the distribution itself, but I won't have an idea of what's causing it until I install Mint. I doubt it's a firmware/driver issue, because it works perfectly fine for a short time, then stops working, and each time I restart the network daemon, it works for shorter and shorter periods

I still need to get around to watching K-On

Of course, it's just habit I guess ._.
My laptop could barely play Mount and Blade: Warband at all low settings, and this one has no trouble at all with everything set to max

ohai bosox
>> No. 1779477
File 142474625674.jpg - (22.58KB , 640x480 , and-the-cute-me-ritsu.jpg )
Yes you definitely do.
>> No. 1779478
File 142474630150.png - (229.76KB , 1000x978 , oh you.png )
Also not much!

What did I tell you about spreading lies? ohu

So was I ;_; It's truly the best way to play the game, even if some of the buttons do weird things :P

Ah, right right.
It happens a lot. I used to like a few Green Day songs, but now I don't. Now it's a little embarrassing to admit that I used to like a few Green Day songs!..

Oh? What're you learning that stuff for?


That is a strange issue... Hm...
>> No. 1779479
File 142474632286.png - (353.81KB , 459x811 , 142066827446.png )
How do you do?
>> No. 1779480
File 142474641507.gif - (1.63MB , 960x540 , 817790__safe_humanized_animated_derpy+hooves_sonata+dusk_chibi_-colon-3_baking_artist-colon-kand.gif )
>> No. 1779483
File 142474654303.jpg - (133.58KB , 932x857 , 135284246853.jpg )
What's up?
>> No. 1779484
File 142474660402.jpg - (145.77KB , 600x962 , Goodbye.jpg )
I get what you mean, but at the same time, how can you hate Yume nikki.

Hobbies and maybe one day make some games and stuff.
It's the only way I think I can art, and I have tons of ideas to make
>> No. 1779487
File 142474676982.jpg - (432.89KB , 800x900 , 806510__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_cute_dashabetes_artist-colon-joycall3_shopping+cart.jpg )
Dr34m somehow played the game from start to finish with a mouse + Keyboard. Bah.

Anyways, gonna play some Dark Souls. Take care guys.
>> No. 1779489
No kidding ;_;

Pretty so-so, you?
>> No. 1779490
File 142474681896.png - (353.81KB , 459x811 , 142066827446.png )
NOthing at all, yourself?

Have fun

>> No. 1779491
File 142474684493.jpg - (59.08KB , 500x721 , 140495729991.jpg )
>> No. 1779492
File 142474701285.png - (486.69KB , 700x800 , 134603677493.png )
Maybe not hate or negative feelings, but a slightly different view which changes my perceptions which changes my mood towards her. Could even be a good thing, really! I never really liked ambient music until this year, so that was a positive change ^^

Oooo, game design! Is art stuff what you want to do, then? That's pretty neat. I think..Nox and Dizzy are going into aspects of game design. Maybe they could help shed some light on things if you feel stuck on something. Just a thought.

Oh eww...
Have fun!(?)

You'll figure it out sooner or later, you big silly.

>> No. 1779493
File 142474710789.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
When I eventually get around to installing it, yes.
>> No. 1779495
File 142474715317.png - (66.68KB , 416x480 , Madotsuki 465.png )
Oh, ok. I get what you mean now.

Yeah, art things. Graphic design and all that.
But I don't know them at all.

I just know I suck, but want to learn how to animate, 3d model, and C++ stuff
>> No. 1779497
File 142474735337.png - (81.78KB , 762x783 , 798019__safe_rainbow+dash_vector_part+of+a+set_artist-colon-s-dot-guri_filly+rainbow+dash.png )
>Nox and Dizzy
You forgot me and 3D Modeling. :P
>> No. 1779500
File 142474772379.png - (209.55KB , 1280x747 , 135879988275.png )
Well, um...good luck with the bug-hunting when it does indeed happen.

Good, good. I was running out of things to say ^^'

What do you think got you into art stuff?
Hmm... That's fair, really. Maybe if you guys are all somewhere you can bring it up. Just something to think about if the case ever arises!..

Oh hush, you. It's a skill that can be worked on, just like most skills. It takes a decent amount of time and effort though, for sure. There are some wonderful tools out there for learning this stuff, I bet.

Right! I keep forgetting that's a thing now! Sorry!..
>> No. 1779501
File 142474788617.png - (81.94KB , 860x752 , buggy5.png )
No biggy!
>> No. 1779503
File 142474822556.png - (815.53KB , 1150x1180 , 1396063311840.png )
Heh, sorry. games. And just wanting to create things.
I think here would be the best place.

I just have no idea how to learn though.
>> No. 1779504
File 142474833502.jpg - (12.51KB , 480x360 , watching camp fire.jpg )
>> No. 1779506
File 142474884674.png - (228.67KB , 1726x835 , ballvalveassembly.png )
I see what you did there!...That joke is almost as bad as the skeleman archers in DS as you'll soon find out!
I see your buggy and raise you a, uh...steam valve? I like yours so much better ;~;

It's all good c:

Fair enough! Here might indeed be the best place! But yeah, that'll show with time.

Internet? There are tons of guides out there! Also books and stuff if you're into spending money.

Can't watch now but hello! How's Ponn?
>> No. 1779507
File 142474889863.png - (139.42KB , 480x360 , I listen.png )
Ah, sowwie,sowwie!
you could save that music link for later on.
mornings, doing better then yesterday. enjoying breakfast. Hows you?
>> No. 1779508
File 142474893464.png - (333.17KB , 4402x4000 , 1396060975999.png )
I really need a guide to help me, cause I've followed tons of youtube vids and have made some cool things, but I don't really know what I'm doing.
>> No. 1779509
Haha, I thought no one would. XD lol
You made that in a CAD program?
>> No. 1779511
File 142474920022.jpg - (97.37KB , 500x335 , abandon_thread_squirrel.jpg )
Ew, sage!
>> No. 1779513
File 142474923511.jpg - (92.41KB , 400x400 , squirrel.jpg )
>> No. 1779521
File 142474969295.jpg - (96.84KB , 219x227 , dafuq_is_dis_squirrel.jpg )
Means you need to make a new thread.
>> No. 1779523
File 142474976201.png - (64.10KB , 500x500 , 141782165594.png )
I just had to finish something before I could open any more tabs ^^' This is actually really nice! Reminded me of Bastion immediately, which is always a good time. I mean, it's not nice, kinda somber actually, but I like it!
I'm glad today's been treatin' ya right so far! Anything planned for the day?
Just finished stuff and ugh...tired.
Oh, and would you consider yourself an audiophile? A lot of these songs are tailored to audiophiles and it's making me wonder, is all.

For which thing? The modeling? Are you looking for more in-depth tutorials? There are some really comprehensive guides out there (depending on what software you use and what you use it for). Like...Blender has some awesome guides, I know that off-hand. The thing is that, being so comprehensive, it can take a while to actually make what you want to make, heh.

Pssh, I'm not that inattentive!..
You should see some of the crazy stuff I have to make 9_6

I know, right? Paprika is clearly better.
>> No. 1779524
I bet, I've been in a CAD class before.
>> No. 1779527
File 142475003910.jpg - (168.61KB , 936x698 , 317581__safe_traditional+art_vinyl+scratch_octavia_sick_artist-colon-bobthedalek_wub_doctor_stet.jpg )
we not even
>21717 posts
when did that happen?
shall i do it?

it´s okay, it´s okay ^^;
knew you would like that calming tunes.
oh boy do i need to start playing that!

have some other instrumental guitar tunes that´s calming
wo~hoo for liking it :3
it´s only treated me right for 51 minutes.

*Offer pillows, plushes,blankets*
>and would you consider yourself an audiophile?
In all fairness, no. of the simple reasons i cannot know how to set up the stereo to get best sounds, nor do i know how to set up the equalizers.

but i like music and big old clunky massive stereo amplifiers. yes, no, maybe?

you going far kid!
if knowing G-codes you could work with CNC machines,no?
Also hi
>> No. 1779534
File 142475048007.png - (714.95KB , 980x790 , 139926901373.png )
'Spline' just sounds like an evil word!.. Crazy non-circular, variable diameter loops and hoses in hydraulic systems and good lord it takes so long to do anything productive ;~;

As timeless as these songs are, I've never fully heard any of the ones that have played so far :P
I thought it was a wonderful game, but I'm pretty easy to please so maybe I'm not the best judge of games!~

This is surprisingly calm for being from 'Explosions In The Sky' heh.
I also like this one though! ^^

It's fine, friend.
And that's fair. Sounds stuff is weird...and expensive >.>

Let's just say maybe for now!
>> No. 1779536
File 142475051100.png - (123.54KB , 356x249 , cheers_squirrel.png )
I'm an oregano fan, myself.

I didn't know the Canadian dollar had a class? What is it, Bard?

Ain't gonna be me, anyway.
>> No. 1779537
File 142475067214.jpg - (34.36KB , 340x452 , 139682033272.jpg )
I olreadyno!...
Gosh that was bad...I'll be in the corner of shame for that one
>> No. 1779538
File 142475074887.jpg - (14.51KB , 480x360 , Thinking.jpg )
i found those when searching for some information about an surround system unit for Golf.
many says it´s an great game and i have that AND transistor in my steam library... just haven´t started playing it.

names can be tricky and misleading!
but i agree calming tunes.

FAR to expensive.
srsly, saw this amazing wonderful turn table
>year of the horse€
im sticking with this sound unit after my dad
when getting money i maybe can arrange the room to make it sound EVEN better!

i can go with maybe.
as soon i can find that cassette > mp3 converter
so i can fix the sound in the golf. used tapes sounds so bad :(

oh, okies. im on it!
>> No. 1779541
two thousand Four hundred EUROS!*
bucking filter words!
>> No. 1779545
I don't know G-codes. Was quite a long while ago.
Not exactly here.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. >_<

Computer Aided Drafting. :P
>> No. 1779547
or drawing, I dunno which.
>> No. 1779550
File 142475103580.jpg - (163.61KB , 440x293 , come_at_me_squirrel.jpg )
Either it's so good I don't get it, or it's so bad I don't get it.
Either way, I don't get it.


More money for me, then. I'm cool with that.
>> No. 1779551
File 142475110384.jpg - (1.24MB , 2559x3001 , 1421274304139.jpg )
AH my bads ^^;

woop woop
>> No. 1779556
File 142475138199.png - (0.98MB , 997x856 , 139875151327.png )
Golf? Really? Interesting...
Transistor...That sounds very familiar... I even know the logo off-hand, but man... Don't remember what the game was like at all! I remember it being something worth looking into though.

Why even use them? Anonymous is where it's at!

Oh, you're looking into turn tables? I haven't looked into 'em personally, but I bet they can be pretty pricey!
I can't tell you how awesome it is to have sound dampeners in a room. I mean, it would probably suck if you get cabin fever easily, but otherwise it's great! But pretty much anything to do with increasing sound quality is going to cost a pretty penny...unless you're really into electronics and such. Then you can just make basically anything and I'm so jealous of that skill it hurts ;_;

If there's a way to get it to transfer into an uncompressed sound file, I'd do that. Just trying to save future-you some possible anguish!
I got what you meant silly ^^

We say Design over here, but I bet they all have different meanings. At least somewhat, heh.

'oregano' sounds a bit like 'already know' so i mashed them together because I'm so cool and stupid and I'm sorry for my awful jokes D:

That image looked terrifying until I expanded it... Still creeps me out a little ._.
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