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>> No. 1788819
File 142545781533.png - (19.41KB , 249x300 , 1423925565469.png )
Epona just has so much broken shit though.

Stand perfectly still facing a boss. Spam the Y button.
Watch the boss instantly die, or their guard break if they have one.
>> No. 1788820
File 142545807042.png - (30.66KB , 350x402 , Positively Dashing.png )

I've got a ton of tax return money. There's stuff I could buy, but ultimately I don't have any crazy uses for it. I did buy a New 3DS recently, but I was kinda gonna do that regardless. I used part of it to pay off a medical bill. I'm not paying off the other one because that one was bullshit and they can deal with it. If they want to shove a bunch of unrequested tests on a drugged guy and then fail to perform the one test I actually request then they can go fuck a syringe.

I might get a new desk, though. This one's literally falling apart. Like I have to sometimes catch it and jam the legs back on to get it to stay up.
>> No. 1788821

Oh boy. I'mma test that one out, if they haven't patched it.


My Wii U was around the same price as the New 3DS. Games round out to 100 even. So this was not a bad call on my part. X3
>> No. 1788822
I mentioned to someone else I don't feel games are (too) overpriced, but I personally don't have the income to do everything I want to do.

I am leaning more heavily on the idea of focusing exclusively on trying to do game dev (rather than turning away from it and hopping to whatever job I can manage to get), especially with updates to Unity and Unreal 4, but that just emphasizes how insecure my financial position is.
>> No. 1788823
File 142545840234.png - (45.05KB , 867x921 , better hide.png )
>> No. 1788824
File 142545847237.png - (874.26KB , 600x923 , 1424969818212.png )
It relies on the fact that you can more or less force an enemy into the wall and Epona's charge is really strong. If you get all 6 carrots off at once it'll pretty much kill anything short of a major boss, and it can break the guard of most things.

Also, you can juggle bosses and named characters if you properly time your moving Y attack. Epona's combos are also exceedingly strong, especially against something like King Dodongo when he falls down, because you can break it easily in two goes, and it does a significant amount of damage.

Epona is far and away my favorite weapon.
>> No. 1788825


Do it, filly.


Ooooooh. I never did manage to figure out the whole carrot thing. I played as Epona for all of two levels, and I'm playing as Ganondorf now, so that's not an option.
>> No. 1788826
File 142545863769.png - (2.99MB , 3074x1718 , 1423872957174.png )
You have to not be moving.
Let go of the movement stick and press Y and Epona will charge forward, knocking back everything.

It's an attack she has that nothing else does, and it hits like a truck and can be combo'd into literally anything by the nature of it just being its own thing.
>> No. 1788827
File 142545868256.png - (22.17KB , 125x118 , dash106.png )
Good morning everypony.
>> No. 1788828

Aaah, that explains it. I'm always moving in this game. Thank you.
>> No. 1788829
Good morning to you. This a habit of yours, coming in on mornings?
>> No. 1788830
File 142545885751.jpg - (509.95KB , 700x937 , 1425428085547.jpg )
It's not as limiting as it sounds, you just need to take your hands off the stick temporarily. You don't need to be standing still, mind you. So you can angle yourself quickly and mash the fuck out of the six carrots in a few second to do huge amounts of damage, and then proceed to finish up by starting a chain on the enemy if it survives.
>> No. 1788831

Huh. The more you know. Thanks!
>> No. 1788832
>mashing the carrots
I'm imagining a very aggressive chef.
>> No. 1788833
File 142545901425.png - (97.17KB , 279x277 , dash244.png )
Well, it's when I have time to drop by the first time - when work's not too busy.
>> No. 1788834
Something that I don't understand is making me post here. I shouldn't really be here.
>> No. 1788835
File 142545913269.png - (22.46KB , 432x359 , Gladly madam.png )

You should definitely be here.
>> No. 1788836
I try really hard not to be around anyone I know when I get into a mood this bad. I guess I just failed this time.
>> No. 1788837
File 142545938650.png - (32.26KB , 539x593 , The Thinker.png )

Why are you in such a bad mood?
>> No. 1788838
great! I like when there's a regularity to visits. Something I regret I don't always do myself.
>> No. 1788839
File 142545940211.jpg - (318.97KB , 850x1301 , sitting.jpg )
No worries.
If you need anything I'll probably be around.
>> No. 1788840
Fucked up brain chemistry.
>> No. 1788841
File 142545982447.jpg - (13.33KB , 335x335 , Despair.jpg )

Well damn.
>> No. 1788842
File 142546006924.jpg - (101.20KB , 850x1028 , sample_3f72271b8ed6c34af6bd28a91607d447.jpg )
Sounds a little like depression.
>> No. 1788843
sounds like both depression and an evasion. Which is fine. I imagine someone would come here to avoid thinking about their problems, usually. I mean, I would, sometimes.
>> No. 1788844
File 142546054611.jpg - (602.44KB , 821x1000 , 1423904138901.jpg )
Yeah, guess everyone has their own coping mechanism.

I actually only recently managed to break a huge stretch of depression, so I can empathize.
>> No. 1788845
File 142546085247.png - (408.56KB , 1366x768 , dash117.png )
Are you all having a good time?
>> No. 1788846
I'm starting to look at videos on UE4, and I'm just full of nervous excitement. I see some of the new features and think "It's everything I ever wanted!" For example, I made a level for a class, and had to copy something into a new script for each instance once, but now it seems there is a system for actually making "blueprints" which seems like it would have made changing all those instances of objects work the way I wanted it to ... without having to compile a script in code. It's gorgeous.

I'm at odds with myself over whether I actually believe I'm depressed or just something else messing with my motivation. I think this is a pretty safe place for me to talk about it. I don't have a lot of people I feel comfortable talking about this to around me, although I've started to have a group of local friends I see occasionally.

Well, I'd be glad if you felt comfortable being around here, even if you have a mood. I wouldn't call it a failure.
>> No. 1788847
File 142546119607.png - (62.89KB , 700x658 , Oh god it's in the raccoon wounds.png )

I suppose I'm not having a bad time. Trying to make a DnD 5 character for my friend's campaign. I wanted to take the Hermit background, but the DM didn't really look at what that meant after I warned him it would take effort, so he kinda started rattling off random info. I explained it to him after and he thinks it's kind of dumb and has no idea what it could be, to which I was like "Yeah, that's why I asked, you should read things." I might just take Hermit anyway and forgo any "discoveries".
>> No. 1788848
I am content.
>> No. 1788849
File 142546152255.jpg - (731.08KB , 1273x2042 , 1424971259460.jpg )
Motivation is the first thing to go.
It could be pretty much the case, but what is it exactly that puts you in the bad mood?

Lack of motivation,or that you can see that and are upset by it, or something?
>> No. 1788850
It's clearly depression. Just one thrill ride after another.

It isn't a matter of comfort, it's "I'm a vile and bitter, angry jerk when depressed and I don't want to subject people I care about to that".
>> No. 1788851
File 142546280616.png - (22.96KB , 125x125 , dash79.png )
Well, the DM should at least have a general idea what the class is like. But in the end it's his decision what he allows or what he doesn't.

I had a friend wanting to play a demon summoner but I told him nah, makes the campaigns and interactions with the group and NPCs too complicated and causes nothing but inssues.

Good good.
>> No. 1788852
File 142546292415.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )

Yeah, I dunno. I find the backgrounds system in 5e somewhat limiting. It was a neat idea, but ultimately its pigeonholing more than counteracts what it actually offers the game.
>> No. 1788853
That's understandable, and to a degree, appreciated. But, partly, that is what I meant. At least, that's how I experience and relate to that feeling. Yeah, it's actually that I'm not comfortable with myself, but what I've been trying to do myself is figure out who that person is, or where I can find them, that I care about, but also trust to be able to handle me, maybe even help me, when I do things I can't stand.
>> No. 1788854
File 142546335401.jpg - (56.42KB , 600x591 , 1424814875561.jpg )
>"I'm a vile and bitter, angry jerk when depressed and I don't want to subject people I care about to that".
Don't see what's so bad about talking about things when they upset you. Within reason, of course.

Equally as bad is trying to put a lid on it until you can't take it anymore and pop.
>> No. 1788855
The key here is "within reason". Talking about how I felt never made me feel better, and really only serves to reinforce the things that I feel. Furthermore, in moments of poor self-control, I tend to lash out against anyone that speaks to me.

Keeping a lid on it is about the limit of what I can do at this point.
>> No. 1788856
Well, I usually don't think of my problems centering around a bad mood, but when I do get into a bad mood, it's usually from thinking about missed opportunities, things I failed to do, and otherwise situations where I feel I have personally messed up the intended or desired course of things.

So, yeah, in a long way of saying, if I do get in a bad mood, it's because I'm seeing myself and my poor motivation ... my hesitance, interfering with things.

Actually, I just remembered a big blow-up that I had about a year back. I started trying to learn Blender, and while I was starting to figure out things and begin working on a project I had been conceiving, the graphics card fried, taking away my ability to work, right as things were coming together and my motivation was taking off. I took that really poorly, and blamed myself that I didn't have a job or anything so that I would have money to use on getting a new computer.

The computer was still under protection at that time, so ultimately it was a problem that could be fixed. But it made a number of other things, like my dependence on other people for transportation and other areas where I believed I should have independence by now to a very concrete forefront which eventually resulted in me storming out and for a very short while consider not coming back home very seriously.
>> No. 1788857
File 142546452220.png - (275.08KB , 600x728 , d9fdc1a94be9f8f96c0085667042b2cf.png )
Everyone goes about it differently, I suppose.
I always feel talking about things helps me structure my own thoughts.

Above all else just never feel like you're a burden.

Yeah, that sounds just like textbook regrets, not really depression.
Pretty much everyone thinks about things they did and kind of just groans and hopes to not remember it again.
Motivation is usually tied to depression, but it's not the only thing that can affect motivation. Fear, inadequacy, or just overall laziness usually comes together for one big ol' party.
>> No. 1788858
File 142546477865.png - (297.92KB , 859x715 , dash131.png )
I'm playing a different system, never did DnD honestly. What kind of hero is a hermit anyway? Sounds like a guy who sits in a shed all by himself all day.
>> No. 1788859
File 142546484867.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )

Well the idea is that I was a cleric that spent a lot of time alone keeping watch over a ruin or relic of some kind, but have recently been called by my god (Bahamut) to adventure, instead.
>> No. 1788860
Alright, thanks.

I mean, the part where by the time my computer is working, I pretty much give up on the project is where I start to feel weird about the whole progression of events, but I pretty well like your take on the "party" of other emotions. I mean, except laziness ... pretty sure that's not an emotion. I think. Maybe. Either way, lazy is pretty much the worst insult I can put on myself. It's like there's a line where I consider something lazy or not lazy, and if I ever convince myself I've gone over to straight-up lazy, that's when I'm hardest on myself.
>> No. 1788861
File 142546535711.gif - (686.05KB , 318x216 , dash240.gif )
Hm, and what does he dislike about that background? Or do you want to hog some extra special hermit abilities that way? =P
>> No. 1788862
File 142546549307.gif - (2.02MB , 450x450 , 1376103122654.gif )
I'm going to head to bed after this post since I'd like to do that before the night is up.

But I think it's natural to give up on the project once you start to second-guess it. Laziness is fine, though. Laziness doesn't get anything done, but neither is it really harmful ever so often. You need to find your own motivation. If you're not motivated, then I think that's more an issue of what you're doing than anything.

Point is, because I get the impression this is getting incoherent.
Don't worry yourself too much on projects. Find something you enjoy and feel comfortable with, and DON'T stop because you think it's bad. Stop because you don't want to work on it anymore.
Set a schedule for yourself if worst comes to worst.
Work an hour a day at minimum. If you're motivated work more. The key is always motivation.

Anyway, good night everyone.
>> No. 1788863
Thank you. Goodnight.
>> No. 1788864
P.S. it made sense to me.
>> No. 1788865
File 142546609254.png - (5.46KB , 552x552 , Okay, let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing.png )

Well the "feature" of being a hermit for a background is a "discovery". Something you learned while you were off on your own. It's not supposed to be anything super amazing, but should I guess theoretically be roughly equivalent to a contact, since that's what most backgrounds gets. Stuff like contacts in a guild, or in the nobility, or in the criminal underground, pretty much runs the gamut for the rest of the backgrounds. For Hermit, though, since you obviously don't gain many contacts being purposefully alone, you're supposed to have gained some knowledge while you were away.

The issue being that where I was away isn't a place that necessarily brings up any relevant knowledge, and he just started kind of spouting off a weird story because he didn't even understand it at first. I obviously can't give much of a suggestion without knowing more about his campaign, but I also don't have any other background that really fits my character.

Thus bringing me back to the point where official stat related backgrounds get super annoying when I'm trying to fit a background I already had into one that I have to choose from a list. As versatile as these are, none of them are actually applicable, truly.
>> No. 1788866
File 142546787547.png - (105.92KB , 413x423 , dash269.png )
Well, aren't flexibility and the ability to improvise the virtue of all RPGing?

Maybe your character gained experience in self-control after having watched those ruins all by himself for so long. It's no contact and not a hidden knowledge, but it's something.
>> No. 1788867
File 142546801571.png - (30.78KB , 224x438 , Politely but Firmly Decline.png )

Yeah, it's totally possible that I could just skip over really anything but some personal knowledge about myself and call it good and just move on ahead.
>> No. 1788870
I made a new thread
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