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File 142513546038.png - (506.49KB , 540x540 , Story Thread Window Sky.png )
1784295 No. 1784295
How much do you think this advanced posting environment is worth? Wait-
.. just one minute before you answer!
Watch as Story Thread integrates friendship within this very thread.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 28th, 2015 08:00

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>> No. 1784299
File 142513560882.png - (67.96KB , 512x512 , Gropaga's wisdom.png )

If I could into humans or anthro, I'd be swimming in commission money.




She is. Also fetish fuel.




Wait a few months.




It happens!


Have a nice buying!
>> No. 1784300
File 142513564210.gif - (185.53KB , 550x400 , Fortuna - Guess what productive activites I have done today.gif )

We have a new story! It's going well!
>> No. 1784301
File 142513567801.png - (50.28KB , 318x371 , tumblr_mtzlrnsMB11qzvtljo1_400.png )
too slow I already edited it in~
>> No. 1784302
File 142513569213.png - (139.46KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Just kidding! Evil is great!.png )
Indeed she is.
>Hugs tight
>> No. 1784303
File 142513570714.png - (593.13KB , 1200x1000 , 777933__safe_solo_smile_cute_happy_adorable_roseluck_adorable+as+fuck_roses_artist-colon-neonlim.png )
New Thread!
move down! move down!
>> No. 1784304
File 142513570818.png - (108.28KB , 800x800 , Greylight Eyebrow.png )
I'm not sure I'm comfortable with being part of a story-friendship integration demonstration.
>> No. 1784307
File 142513578504.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
>> No. 1784308
File 142513580228.gif - (149.59KB , 480x480 , Shipando.gif )

I'd integrate your friendship~
>> No. 1784309
File 142513581022.png - (370.21KB , 1366x768 , Fortuna - I feel,,, pretty,,, Kinda,,, I did this wrong.png )
I'll integrate my friendship with you, Saisai~
Okay then. I also reported it just in case.
>> No. 1784310
File 142513582354.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
I'm okay, a little grumbly. I don't like mornings, they are cold and anoying feathered creatures keep making loud noises.

But on a serious note I am good, slightly worried I might be getting Appendicitis.
How are you?
morning tangy
>If I could into humans or anthro, I'd be swimming in commission money.
We will be having a conversation about this soon I imagine, not the anthro part, the commision part.
now that I am being paid real monies
>> No. 1784311
File 142513587002.jpg - (54.10KB , 989x742 , arctic-fox-02.jpg )

If you ever require assistance, I can help you out. I know hundreds of Spanish terms. I have a good grasp of the conjugations. My listening comprehension is O.K.; I’ve listened to Spanish both from radio stations and from television stations. I can give you places to commence, resources gratis to use, clarify things for you, lots of stuff.

Just remember that learning a language requires dedication.
>> No. 1784312
File 142513590917.png - (251.67KB , 1280x1460 , tumblr_nfq3k598811re4zdbo2_1280.png )
You will be assimilated, there is not better alternative
going Les Mes on us?
>> No. 1784313
File 142513591320.png - (108.62KB , 894x894 , Greylight Just Lovely.png )
> Make her look more like that picture I commissioned.

Needs more.

Do I make it too easy for you guys?
>> No. 1784314
File 142513597537.png - (56.22KB , 405x367 , Fortuna - Skyware Sketch.png )
>Hugs tight
Mornings are terrible. They are very annoying. Mornings should be illegal.

Okay. That's good. Except the thing. Go see someone?
You're easy, this we know.
>> No. 1784315
File 142513597624.png - (455.02KB , 750x648 , carrot_top_and_rose_s_dance_by_valentales-d6kfxug.png )
alice in wonderland tea party, actually
>> No. 1784316
File 142513598658.jpg - (6.90KB , 130x200 , misato_tachibana_24399.jpg )
Hi! How are you?
>> No. 1784317
File 142513599293.jpg - (337.71KB , 850x1209 , tumblr_nk7e0vRNVd1rf2oq5o1_1280.jpg )
woah how harsh, I shall report your reports!
anyway shopping time.
>> No. 1784318
File 142513604868.png - (75.72KB , 400x440 , Tangratting.png )

Hi Crimmy! Anytime.


Cocosai is strong in this one.


My back hurts. Other than that, doing fine!


Buy something cute!
>> No. 1784319
File 142513609033.png - (144.12KB , 1080x802 , 1358005291328.png )
pls no too much science
>> No. 1784320
File 142513610233.png - (32.26KB , 476x476 , 131032__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_table.png )
Behold, I am in the thread.
>> No. 1784321
File 142513611106.png - (58.36KB , 450x316 , g6629-2.png )
Front view done...
>> No. 1784322
File 142513614404.png - (131.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo4_1280.png )
At the moment the pain I had isn't happening right now so it could be any number of things.
since the pain isn't sharp or that bad its not worrisome yet.
But I will I promise.
you okay?
also hi
hi tangy
>that pic
so, you never sleep?
>> No. 1784323
File 142513614518.png - (96.70KB , 800x770 , Please expose your rectal cavity.png )

>too much science

>> No. 1784324
File 142513618369.png - (127.36KB , 768x768 , Tangerine is thinking about shipping science.png )

Some people would argue I sleep too little.
>> No. 1784325
File 142513623650.png - (349.08KB , 838x946 , Cocoa - Ready for some, science.png )
Buy something cute!
It's one of Rose's OTPs.
>Hugs her
Taken any throat sweets or water?
I'm fine. Doing a hopeless thing in a game. You?
>> No. 1784326
File 142513625318.png - (123.27KB , 900x950 , How Many Nurse Pics Is This Again.png )
Doctor Crimmykins~

All hail!

Those eyes are huge and a tad unsettling. Like, even more so than normal animu.
>> No. 1784327
File 142513629357.png - (672.55KB , 3919x2587 , roseluck_chubbie_by_ilonis-d4o4cc8.png )
hello, how are you today? and why are you up so early?

tangy is actually a robot... programmed to ship. He has no need for sleep. Just don't tell him or he may question his existence and then go on kill-all-humans murder spree
>> No. 1784328
File 142513630823.png - (378.44KB , 1000x973 , dafuq more angles edition.png )
Yes. Too much science.

No. Not ready for science. Pls go.
>> No. 1784329
File 142513632627.jpg - (41.42KB , 558x591 , the wind!.jpg )
a shower and pancakes

saturdays are the best
>> No. 1784330
File 142513646842.png - (43.48KB , 348x502 , Why are you touching me there.png )

>TFW no pancakes
>> No. 1784331
File 142513649723.png - (19.62KB , 406x128 , g7528.png )

It probably includes graph cosplay somehow.


That was the idea, actually. Sakura's eye is actually bigger than the default eye I have. Also rounder.

She's using the same eye type as Blazing, actually.




Expose your rectal cavity.
>> No. 1784332
File 142513652821.png - (183.55KB , 1265x1503 , Crossbutt Horse.png )
>> No. 1784333
File 142513655063.png - (195.30KB , 1280x792 , tumblr_ndk7wb0F131re4zdbo2_1280.png )
Throat sweets? like cough drops?
I have some Ricola cough drops. the swiss know how to make a cough drop for sure (or swiss is switzerland right?)
and yes I have water.
Right now I am researching Marvel lore and whats happening in the movie universe and who is who.
I like being up to date on it
yes, I am doctor, where does it hurt?
I am up so early because I have work at 10am and I like actually having some time before work to relax and eat food.
Why do you people assume robots will turn to killing? What if we just have a existance crisis?
Geeze you robotist
we just want equallity to...wait...
no, crim is best.
>> No. 1784334
File 142513660060.png - (70.32KB , 499x650 , Cocoa - Basically, my day is going pretty well.png )
Ooh, scatterplotting~

What part of the lore?
>> No. 1784335
Well, your call, though I find it unsettling.
>> No. 1784336
File 142513663715.png - (126.90KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nhvvbzElQ71re4zdbo2_1280.png )
Currently Black Panther, then inhumans
>> No. 1784337
File 142513665232.png - (71.83KB , 308x220 , 2.png )
Look Crim. I know that you and Saturdays have been at it for years, but you just can't beat Saturdays.

I'll steal all your pancakes, for the rest of your life!
>> No. 1784339
File 142513668225.png - (412.87KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nji0nrDDcP1re4zdbo6_1280.png )
Watch me
>> No. 1784340
File 142513671062.jpg - (17.34KB , 640x480 , Cocoa - As this graph shows, there is a fault line in the middle of the page.jpg )
Tell me something interesting?
>> No. 1784341
File 142513680236.png - (140.53KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nji0nrDDcP1re4zdbo7_1280.png )
The Black Panther gets Mystical powers from a panther god. Which I did not know at all. That and his suit has Vibranium in it, so its like captain americas shield.
>> No. 1784342
File 142513680397.png - (5.55KB , 237x351 , Tanfsjaline Cookie.png )





It does look a tad big on the front view specially. Might tweak it a bit.
>> No. 1784343
File 142513684128.png - (471.47KB , 3104x5925 , squishy_rose_by_rainbowrage12-d5vbk3w.png )
that does sound nice, but if i wanted to do that, I'd have to get up at like... 5 am... and thats just not happening.

I am just a concerned citizen about the well being of robots who have access to high powered weaponry.

shhhh... don't tell anyone. especially not tangy
>> No. 1784344
File 142513695227.png - (131.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo4_1280.png )
Fine, be that way human.
and yeah, I like sleeping at 5am. I woke up a little over an hour ago my self
>> No. 1784345
File 142513696561.png - (290.37KB , 663x800 , Greylight Robot.png )
Your fear if armed robots is not justified. Most of us are a serious threat to you meatbags without access to high-powered weaponry.
>> No. 1784346
File 142513711306.png - (88.67KB , 1468x720 , I'ma lurk in this cloud.png )
Did you ever actually fiddle with your plot template?
>> No. 1784347
File 142513718314.png - (342.59KB , 800x834 , 428728__safe_solo_roseluck_artist-colon-yunkitty.png )
this is also true. The one at work tore off someone's finger a few months ago. It said it was an accident.... but I'm not so sure....

thankfully I am not a human... but I am also not a robot.
>> No. 1784348
File 142513719723.png - (70.32KB , 499x650 , Cocoa - Basically, my day is going pretty well.png )
I'd fiddle with Tangy's plot anytime~
>> No. 1784349
File 142513723151.png - (249.45KB , 1366x768 , pounce.png )
Quit flirting with everyone.

>> No. 1784350
File 142513723739.png - (186.08KB , 1678x600 , g8703.png )



Not really. Though the plot part is actually fully featured genitalia-wise. Body, neck and wings are a bit sketchy, still.

Also I think I can call this done. made the eyes a bit smaller, too.
>> No. 1784351
File 142513724629.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
wait, did someone at work actually loose a finger making crayons?
>> No. 1784352
File 142513727445.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
>> No. 1784353
they were making silly putty, but yes. Not on my shift though.
>> No. 1784355
File 142513797258.png - (205.55KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo2_1280.png )
I'm off to go do other things before heading to work.
take care all.
I am baffled at how half of me wants to understand what the heck happened. but the rest doesnt want to know because I would like to someday play with silly putty
>> No. 1784358
they had pictures to pass around too .... it was... gross.
>> No. 1784359
File 142513954321.gif - (500.97KB , 350x283 , Where is it.gif )
>reports of reports
>reports of reports for reporting reports
>> No. 1784360
File 142513966734.png - (1.02MB , 880x1170 , Chibi Purple Heart.png )

Right Here~
Good Morning History!
>> No. 1784361
File 142513970895.png - (302.65KB , 512x432 , Reported.png )
>> No. 1784362
a report of the report has been reported.
>> No. 1784363
File 142514050082.jpg - (1.37MB , 1502x1080 , You have my attention.jpg )

Just like in the good old days~
>> No. 1784364
File 142514051131.png - (21.59KB , 130x160 , rK0JJ.png )
>> No. 1784365
File 142514093282.png - (70.32KB , 499x650 , Cocoa - Basically, my day is going pretty well.png )
Sorry Admiral. I'm in the habit of reporting the OP and requesting the link be added if it's not there. Was overzealous this time.
>> No. 1784366
File 142514118189.png - (200.92KB , 681x800 , g12675.png )
Only thing left is getting Sakura dressed. Might pony up and do a more decent skirt and stuff.

But that will be later, I'm off to the nerd stuffs!
>> No. 1784369
File 142514217378.png - (50.63KB , 210x242 , Cocoa - Beyond the shoulders lies a land where the head is unburdened.png )
I'm content with her not being dressed~

Enjoy, Tangy!
>> No. 1784371
File 142514323514.png - (226.27KB , 569x480 , alrighty.png )
It felt good to sleep in for the first time in a week, haha.

Good morning Story!
>> No. 1784372
File 142514335880.jpg - (23.11KB , 200x150 , fancysaka.jpg )
I wanna do something.
>> No. 1784374
do my taxes for me.

good morning! did you sleep well?
>> No. 1784375
File 142514371459.jpg - (59.00KB , 850x637 , Happy days.jpg )
I'll do it. I'll do anything.
>> No. 1784376
File 142514373295.png - (267.11KB , 569x480 , how about that.png )
Do video games or music. Hello Beluga!

I did, thank you. How are you Simple?
>> No. 1784379
File 142514417795.png - (150.24KB , 473x424 , watashi wa cute.png )
Oh if only there was someone proficient in making expedient vectors, preferably from the Spanish region~
>> No. 1784381
File 142514422763.jpg - (64.65KB , 610x493 , Misato_Tachibana.jpg )
>> No. 1784384
File 142514436661.png - (331.58KB , 740x794 , 136131020943.png )
He went to do nerd stuff! >>1784366
>> No. 1784386
File 142514446916.gif - (508.35KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mu7k5zxz2X1ssxsn1o1_500.gif )
Oh if only there was somezef proficient in making cute cooly art, preferably from the Zefarian region~
>> No. 1784388
File 142514476866.png - (269.90KB , 609x630 , ohai.png )
You must be talking about Sunny!
>> No. 1784392
I have the pile of paperwork just sitting here!

I'm getting myself reorganized from the last month - cleaning up various papers and my desk again.
>> No. 1784394
File 142514541805.png - (216.66KB , 569x480 , well i suppose.png )
Hello there Sunny!

Greetings Zef!

Ah, I should clean up my desk as well. I've been accumulating a lot of junk on it, and I'm running out of room, heh.
>> No. 1784397
yeah, it's hard to keep all the shelf space clear, especially when there is not very much to begin with.
>> No. 1784398
File 142514557929.png - (1.09MB , 980x937 , SSC_192.png )
>wake up with alarm
>fuck it I want more sleep
>woken up at noon by best friend calling to talk about his pregnant wife and money issues for an hour

Well that's one way to start a day I guess
>> No. 1784399
File 142514558414.png - (103.55KB , 500x500 , 136886053428.png )

How is work treating our Noble?
>> No. 1784400
File 142514568061.png - (22.41KB , 280x280 , Greylight ^_^ 1.png )
I really like Raynor
>> No. 1784401
File 142514575606.png - (70.91KB , 500x475 , tumblr_n0ggnqu7LF1toamcjo1_500.png )

He changed a lot lately and I haven't tried him since.
>> No. 1784403
File 142514580444.jpg - (344.44KB , 600x767 , Sad =c.jpg )

He feels really different now, I went Q build last night, won 2 and lost one for the daily quest.
>> No. 1784404
File 142514581594.png - (144.34KB , 1366x768 , sweet sweet sweet victory.png )
Salutations Noble
What's up?

Best way to start the day

Sunny can help you, Sunny is awesome!

This is Jimmy!
>> No. 1784406
File 142514588962.png - (150.30KB , 1018x1304 , Greyshy-OM-OM-OM.png )
I love how they dropped his activated rush all the way to level 4. It makes him weirdly tanky. I wonder why he's not a warrior instead of an assassin, actually.

Right on!
>> No. 1784407
File 142514592460.png - (258.88KB , 569x480 , that's a good point.png )
It's a very daunting task, to clean up desk space, because I need to find someplace else to put all of this...stuff. I'll just have a habit of messing things up after a while anyways, heh.

Well, could be worse I guess. How are you otherwise Hat?

It's treating me well enough, I'm just adjusting to needing to get up early. I like making money though!

Hi Saikar! Just curious, what other Starcraft characters are in that game?

Greetings Mondo!

Hello there Blazing!

I'm currently making lunch for myself, and attempting cleaning my room. Also, more coffee, haha.
>> No. 1784408
File 142514602556.png - (0.97MB , 689x909 , SSC_225.png )
Okay I guess. Hungry. Need to find food.
>> No. 1784409
File 142514602921.png - (109.58KB , 1018x1304 , Genetic Restructuring Experiment with Fluttershy is a Success.png )
This should be good.
Oh yeeaaahh...

What's for eats?
Been on a coffee spree I'm guessing?
>> No. 1784410
File 142514608412.jpg - (1.10MB , 980x1544 , This is my fetish.jpg )

Because it's a trade-off for sustain instead of damage, nowadays I go.

1- Give Me More!
4- Confident Aim
7- Revolution Overdrive
10- Hyperion or Raiders
13- Double Barreled
17- Bullseye
20- Upgrade Ult.

The new Hyperion upgrade makes it very shooty, while the I'm just getting used to controlling the new Banshees decently.


Hello Noble!
>> No. 1784411
File 142514608918.jpg - (106.91KB , 1280x720 , moe.jpg )
Don't do this to me!

I am glad to hear that, having money is fun!

Ew, he's the tutorial champion. Everyone had him before!
>> No. 1784412
File 142514610484.png - (19.46KB , 544x408 , 268520__UNOPT__safe_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

I'll never adjust to getting up early.

For StarCraft characters, though...

That other templar
>> No. 1784413
File 142514611675.png - (110.77KB , 582x549 , SS_396.png )
Godomot now I want to play but I can't
>> No. 1784414
File 142514613808.png - (160.95KB , 1018x1304 , Greyshy [Bandwagon Intensifies].png )
Tychus, Kerrigan, Tassadar, Zeratul, a couple random zerg I don't recognize, and for some reason a female seige tank commander. Needs more Fenix, but not a bad lot.

Go find me some food too!

You don't go with the activated rush anymore?
>> No. 1784415
File 142514617844.jpg - (16.65KB , 300x291 , no no2.jpg )
I think the +20% range / attackspeed ultimate is too strong for any ranged assassin to pass up on!

Also the old Raynor was stronger at being an assassin!
>> No. 1784416
File 142514619062.png - (23.93KB , 1000x1500 , I'm not here.png )
I am sorry.
What can I do for you?

Do it filly
>> No. 1784418
yo I know i'm late but happy birthday
>> No. 1784419
File 142514634548.gif - (125.50KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mvtpax5Fvf1rbnx7io1_500.gif )
I need a sunny-hugs-zeffie picture!
If zeffie wants to draw a something~
But if not that it totally okay really

Aw, thank you!
It's appreciated c:
>> No. 1784420
File 142514637683.jpg - (189.94KB , 450x450 , Gunbuster Pose.jpg )

Not in the Q build, I need Confident Aim to be able to throw 3 Qs in a row.


I just feel like my AAs lack a lot of punch to make Nexus Frenzy worth it, specially considering he has no baseline steroid and best he can get is Berserker and Focused Aim.

Nowadays I play as a pseudo-specialist with decent sustain, siege potential and lots of peeling/nuking potential when they can be pushed against the terrain with the Q.
>> No. 1784421
yes, then there is that problem. finding places to put the stuff that needs to be moved. but still... it must be done!
>> No. 1784422
File 142514643334.png - (51.72KB , 363x280 , awayout.png )

Oh yeah! Sgt. Hammer! Forgot about her, despite her being a personal favorite. I wish she didn't just get slammed and crushed in team fights.
>> No. 1784423
no problem. meant to say it yesterday but you slipped out when i saw you so.. yeah. was it fun at least?
>> No. 1784424
File 142514654515.png - (10.87KB , 550x400 , 2 (2).png )
I need to find some food now but I will do it later!
>> No. 1784426
File 142514661162.png - (228.20KB , 569x480 , huh.png )
I know that feel, heh.

I'm making pasta for lunch.
And yeah, I enjoy having coffee. Lately haven't had much though, since I can't bring it into the jobsite in the mornings.

How are you?

Having money is not so much about fun, but relieving the stress of financial burdens. Which translates into more fun, I guess. Also, I can afford more video games, so that should be fun.

Ah, a nice roster then. I would be insterested in playing as Tychus and Zeratul, if I can ever get an invite to the beta...not buying the game to try it, you know?

It must, indeed.
>> No. 1784427
>and for some reason a female seige tank commander
Rest in peace Duke.

And apparently according to the wiki it used to be Warfield, but they realized he'd never driven a tank in previous games and changed it to some random scrub.
>> No. 1784428
File 142514666296.png - (1.04MB , 1700x2229 , SSC_133.png )
I can't, though. Blizzard doesn't think I'm cool enough to join the beta.
>> No. 1784432
File 142514684824.gif - (352.22KB , 400x338 , ohoh.gif )
Ah, sorry!
I ate some cake, had some wine overall a nice and chill evening! I also got some games - awesome!!

Yeah Raynor certainly misses the right skills now, really.

g2a sells the beta keys for a few bucks if you really want to get into it.
But I dont think it will be beta much longer.

I know I have to pay my insurances, student fees and all as well. But still it is nice to be able to buy a something you want sometimes.
>> No. 1784434
thankies ♥
>> No. 1784435
File 142514690012.png - (113.25KB , 785x700 , Greylacorn Wat.png )
I don't think I understand the Q build. Wouldn't shooting that multiple times just knock enemies out of your range?

I don't like either Hammer or her tank. Every Hammer game I've been in involves protecting the tank or losing terribly.

Zeratul is a lurking support-killing scumbag filly. Tychus, though, I'm tempted to get. He's pretty cheap. If he has a free week and I like him I'm going for it.

Nobody said YOU had to play him :p
>> No. 1784436
>apologizing for having things to do
>on your birthday
chill brah, it's coo'
but that sounds fun
>> No. 1784437
until it gets to a point where you have more video games then time you will ever be able catch up and play.

I could probably use some more storage totes or something.
>> No. 1784438
File 142514703015.png - (842.38KB , 814x982 , SSC_31.png )
This is Blizzard we're talking about. They don't release a game until they're good and ready.

Worth $7, I think.
>> No. 1784440
File 142514707626.jpg - (813.85KB , 948x1000 , Love~.jpg )

I'm decent, just fooling around here while jumping from game to game looking for something to catch my interesting.


No damage on Inspire and no Searing Attacks really hurts his right click potential, I do most of my damage through skills and use AAs as pokes more or less.


Hammer is pretty cool, she is a girl with attitude.


Yes, you want them to stay below the Hyperion's shadow, locked against the terrain or just away from you and your team's backline, controlling the enemy positioning can be pretty strong plus it gives you 3 interrupts with decent damage!
>> No. 1784441
Hots now, brb
>> No. 1784445
Should I actually play HotS at some point? What I've heard from Mondo sounds terrible, but I'm pretty sure that's just because he's awful at selling things. And arguing. And convincing people of things in general.

But DOOK, blazing, DOOK.
>> No. 1784448
File 142514729029.jpg - (830.14KB , 2615x1307 , That hurts.jpg )

Edmund Duke belongs inside a Battlecruiser if you ask me, I wouldn't mind him being in the game trying to get all these weirdos to learn some good old fashioned DISCIPLINE!
>> No. 1784449
File 142514743421.png - (74.62KB , 500x572 , Greylight Wut Template.png )
He's also terrible at HotS


Yeah I recommend it. Hey, it's free. Don't pay your way in, but sign up for the beta and check it out. It's a lot more pick up and go, with less worrying about last hits and gold per minute and more about some pretty frantic sieges and teamfights.

Hyperion seems to be like Starfall - less about raw damage, more about moderate damage to a lot of targets that breaks enemy lines and pushes you forward. Sure, you want it to get in as many good hits as possible, but I'm not sure I'd *build* into that.

Though, on the other hand, I guess Raynor has exactly 1 other attack move, so options are kind of limited.
>> No. 1784451
File 142514744990.png - (682.15KB , 1200x780 , Capture.png )
ids habenig
>> No. 1784453
it will be a free game? or it's just free right now cause it's in beta?
>> No. 1784455
I remember him in a tank most, since he was the one siege tank operator special character. So in any custom scenario that required two forms of tank, he was always there, helping out the map creators.

Alright, I'll look into it. Don't know what I have to lose.
>> No. 1784456
File 142514764325.png - (55.13KB , 910x700 , Greylight Sword of a Thousand Tangys.png )
It'll be free, like Dota and League. And it will try to take your every nickel from your unwilling clenched fists too. Skins and stuff are INSULTINGLY expensive, as are heroes if you choose to unlock them with real cash instead of the slow grind of ingame gold. I'm vowing not to spend a dime on it if that's how its going to be and I'm not having too much issue here.
>> No. 1784460
I haven't played dota, I should try it since it's installed.

*checks launcher* requires monies for founders pack... webpage doesn't resolve... guess it's broke!
>> No. 1784462
File 142514799038.png - (269.73KB , 569x480 , oh hey.png )
Indeed, I've already made enough to cover this month's expenses for student loan repayment.

I've not played much of Starcraft II, but I really like Tychus as a character. I'd play as him on that alone. :3

>until it gets to a point where you have more video games then time you will ever be able catch up and play
Hahahaha, I've reached that point a few years ago, and it only gets worse as time goes on. Although, I've not been buying as much as time went on, but I still have a lot to work through. My backlog is going to take a few decades to really work through.

Ah okay, hope you find something to play!
>> No. 1784469
yeah, starting last year, I've made it a goal to play through games that I already own without getting too many more. last year I played through 10 games. I was excited.
>> No. 1784471
File 142514832063.jpg - (8.02KB , 143x149 , the glory.jpg )
These dirty balls are amazing
>> No. 1784479
File 142514857923.jpg - (57.81KB , 565x709 , srs bsnss.jpg )

With the loss of his Right Click damage, it's the only option to actually do damage as Assassins are meant to do to, more or less.


I know right, it's a shame they allowed worst character to kill him.


I'd love to be able to spend into it, but credit card and cash conversion make it quite hard to do so.


Most like I'll try my luck at HotS pvp and it that goes wrong, there is alwyas Neptunia to bring a smile to my face.
>> No. 1784480
File 142514860469.png - (199.40KB , 569x480 , are you serious.png )
Oh, that's a good goal!

>> No. 1784484
I still fully expect it to take many... many years to get through it.
>> No. 1784491
File 142514910484.png - (177.33KB , 363x452 , Thousand_yard_stare.png )
>grind to unlock heroes
Why is LoL the default MOBA again? Why has this been allowed to continue?

Probably because it makes more money. Ech.

Kerrigan's a good character. In SC and Brood War, at least. Can't speak for SC2.
>> No. 1784493
Don't give them a dime :3

Yeah... sadly, the model seems to be a lot more like LoL's than DOTAs, as far as I know. Which is unfortunate and awful.
>> No. 1784494
At least there aren't things like runes and player levels... right?
>> No. 1784498
Because if no one pays the coders to continue coding, they will not continue coding
>melts quickly back into lurk
>> No. 1784500
File 142514951942.png - (78.54KB , 500x572 , Wat.png )
I don't know what those terms are in LoL. In HOTS, you have a player level, but it only unlocks some additional in-game monies and modes, and its pretty easy to get high enough level where you have that unlocked. Each individual hero has a level 1-10, with 2, 3, and 4 unlocking a few abilities that are very much game essential. Its pretty easy to get a hero to 4 to unlock everything, but does take a few games, and I find this decision baffling. Getting them to 5 gives you a bit of extra gold. After level 5 you only unlock cosmetic type stuff.

There are ways to do this model that work. I've spent money on DOTA because I felt DOTA wasn't trying to screw me at every turn.
>> No. 1784501
File 142514965364.png - (372.52KB , 800x871 , 139874498378.png )
I believe that they have that model because they want you to try the different characters for beta feedback. That's literally the only justification I feel they can give to that model.
>> No. 1784502
I have a giant rubber band, who wants it?
>> No. 1784503
File 142514970256.png - (12.57KB , 100x100 , raidcall.png )
There are player levels, no runes, or masteries tho.
You can level champs at 4 you unlock everything with them, after that only costmetics like skins and stuff are done, you get to level 4 in like 2-3 games.
>> No. 1784504
Anonofilly, is that you?

I'm happy to try the different characters. I just don't like knowing I'm going to be dragging the team down at first because half the good stuff is locked.
>> No. 1784505
Oh, neat. LoL has these things called runes that you buy before the game that give stat boosts in game. It also has player levels that unlock even more stat boosts.

Is bad.

And that's really weird. I wonder why they'd do that. Seems like you sort of have to have a stable consisting of a few characters that are "your characters" that you play, instead of being able to just hit the random button or play to suit your team's needs precisely.
>> No. 1784506
File 142514986276.png - (141.01KB , 1018x1304 , 139940861521.png )
That's implying that the better skills are the ones that are locked, which I don't think is always the case, however, they do that kind of crap to stop people like me from playing one and only one character.
>> No. 1784507
File 142514991272.jpg - (147.15KB , 1280x720 , Classy~.jpg )

Let me get this perfectly straight with you, my dear friend, I give them as much as can when I feel like it, or did you forget that I still play WoW.
Besides it's not my money but from my parents :P most of the time.


I heard she became Elsa from Frozen, that can't be good at all.
>> No. 1784509
File 142515001237.png - (22.10KB , 275x300 , Saiduck.png )
Pretty much!

... but it doesn't stop you! You still only one character.

MMOs are different. I can respect a monthly subscription a lot more than I can respect a $20 unicorn mount.
>> No. 1784510
File 142515009092.png - (675.06KB , 900x1200 , bamboodog - shattered glint.png )
How often do I play the game now that I got Valla to 10 and have to grind for 10k gold?
>> No. 1784511
File 142515012746.png - (234.14KB , 922x700 , Greylight Ehh Skeptical.png )
Don't remind me. I'm not happy that this didn't turn out to be a fun Storypadtimes game.
>> No. 1784512
File 142515015587.png - (51.72KB , 363x280 , awayout.png )
>> No. 1784513
File 142515021971.png - (150.85KB , 1018x1304 , 139975465421.png )
I love playing with you Saikar, and if you want to play today, I'm totally down, but I won't play the game by myself anymore.

Also I took a brief break to do seasonal stuff in Diablo so I'm more down to play HotS again.
>> No. 1784514
File 142515031048.png - (88.67KB , 1468x720 , I'ma lurk in this cloud.png )
>> No. 1784515
File 142515033797.jpg - (1.37MB , 1502x1080 , You have my attention.jpg )

Is this about "respect" now?
Because I don't think you respect one of the most promiment interests that I have now, unless of course, you say that's just a shtick.


Vala's master skin is ugly though, even more so compared to her other paid skins.
>> No. 1784516
File 142515034695.png - (26.94KB , 1000x1500 , theceilinghasspies.png )
>> No. 1784517
File 142515038378.png - (115.36KB , 1366x768 , jealous of those wings.png )
>> No. 1784518
File 142515045031.png - (238.93KB , 1024x1236 , SS_384.png )
And I've spent a lot of money on LoL because I feel the designers earned the money they put into making the things that I bought.

I'm not saying it's a perfect system, and sure, they're going to focus on the "high-value" players and the LCS more than anything, but that doesn't mean that everything they make is bad or hasn't earned some money. Riot is doing what they love, and I enjoy the thing they've created, so I'm going to pay a part of their paychecks so they can continue doing it. I don't see a major problem here.
>> No. 1784519
File 142515045167.png - (372.52KB , 800x871 , 139874498378.png )
It's not whether it's ugly or not, it's the fact that I played a lot of Valla to get her to that point and I feel I deserve to be given it for my effort.
>> No. 1784520
File 142515049586.png - (102.14KB , 649x649 , hibye.png )
>> No. 1784522
File 142515055392.png - (87.74KB , 700x704 , Double entendre.png )
>> No. 1784524
File 142515062543.png - (826.71KB , 1280x920 , 141403055238.png )
Also, I think it's a misunderstanding of what he is respecting and what you interpreted it as.

He respects you and your interests, he doesn't have much respect for the business model.
>> No. 1784525
File 142515067412.png - (48.74KB , 479x433 , Hehe.png )

They do that so you learn at a decent rate rather than dropping it all on you at once.


Runes are pretty dumb, yeah. Never been a fan.

And I don't think they're a fan of full random, for the same reason talents are gated. And teams are selected after heroes, so if I want to play Ziggs, or Enigma, or Gazlowe, I get to. I don't have to hope it fits the team.
>> No. 1784526
File 142515072100.png - (43.09KB , 680x528 , ____what.png )
>> No. 1784527
File 142515076980.png - (87.74KB , 700x704 , Double entendre.png )
>> No. 1784528
File 142515082286.jpg - (195.38KB , 635x650 , tumblr_n0z4k8N9Ka1rcy28bo1_1280.jpg )

I spent shitloads on League. Only a little on DotA cause I just don't have people asking for it. Not much on HotS yet, either, but that could change.
>> No. 1784529
File 142515093741.png - (165.52KB , 900x650 , SS_406.png )
I haven't spent a penny on DotA because I'm not hardcore enough to enjoy that game. I did play it for a week or two, and it seemed okay, but more than my casual brain can handle.

HotS has an interesting system, but I feel like I'm getting the casual experience and once I go up against people (if I even manage to) I'll get the same experience I did in League.

Oh well, at least I recognize some of these characters.
>> No. 1784530
File 142515104606.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
I have spent nothing on any of these games because.
>> No. 1784532
File 142515109341.png - (33.66KB , 550x400 , huh_.png )
>> No. 1784534
File 142515112156.png - (535.72KB , 392x349 , the shoe is on the other hoof.png )
>> No. 1784537
File 142515126353.png - (103.87KB , 1366x768 , phat.png )
>> No. 1784539
File 142515128009.png - (1.02MB , 880x1170 , Chibi Purple Heart.png )

Yeah, right clicking is hard~
The only hard thing of gettign the Master Skins is the grind required for the level which should push you closer to the gold goal, as you could see with me and Uther, didn't took me long to get 10k gold after I got him to lvl 10.


Ur Fat~


I'm fairly sure he doesn't hold respect from one of my biggest current interests, but that's perfectly fine, I just don't want him to talk to me about "respect" because of that.
>> No. 1784541
File 142515130918.png - (32.86KB , 747x601 , hartenas is a doosh.png )

no i'm not shut up
>> No. 1784542
File 142515133250.png - (448.59KB , 913x718 , misato.png )
Blazy you misunderstood it.
>> No. 1784544
File 142515141714.png - (675.06KB , 900x1200 , bamboodog - shattered glint.png )
See >>1784542
>> No. 1784545
File 142515144304.gif - (143.38KB , 900x900 , HAR HAR HAR.gif )
>> No. 1784546
If that is what you think, and it must be if you're making this big of a scene about it, then you shall get your wish. I shall not talk to you about respect. I shall not talk to you at all.

This new year has been frustrating on many levels, but frustration is just the mind not wanting to come to terms with an unfortunate reality. And that reality is that you would prefer to fight and prefer to assume I think the worst of you in all circumstances. And I just don't need a friend like that.

Contact one of our mutual acquaintances if you have any new serious thoughts on the matter. I will not listen to your current drivel any longer. Filtering on.
>> No. 1784547
File 142515149872.jpg - (1.09MB , 1020x2088 , when the cake shop shuts and you have nothing to eat.jpg )
>> No. 1784548
File 142515157876.jpg - (399.26KB , 850x890 , That's Lewd.jpg )

If you say so.


I did?
What part of the whole thing?


I'm not removing you from my Space Hulk runs though, I'm sure you'd come along eventually, you guys always do.
>> No. 1784549
File 142515163557.png - (183.55KB , 1265x1503 , Crossbutt Horse.png )

>I'm sure you'd come along eventually, you guys always do
I only do it because outside of rages, I'm basically Private Pansy in arguments.

"I vote for calm."
>> No. 1784551
File 142515167761.png - (73.08KB , 768x841 , OH SH.png )
>> No. 1784552
File 142515169912.png - (147.62KB , 768x1100 , zeffie shut your mouth 2.png )
>> No. 1784553
File 142515198065.png - (545.11KB , 566x800 , Pudding.png )

I'm not even angry now, if anything I'm just confused, if anything I should just stop posting so others come out and play...
I'd rather not ruin the mood with my presence.
>> No. 1784554
File 142515200447.png - (262.41KB , 543x555 , g177.png )
>> No. 1784555
File 142515203296.png - (247.96KB , 1280x1368 , prrrrffftt.png )
>> No. 1784556
File 142515203483.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
I think if people were intimidated by you, they wouldn't come to the thread in the first place. You're fine.

>> No. 1784557
File 142515212439.png - (99.21KB , 323x238 , Nano_Nichijou_323_66.png )
this had nothing to do with you or your interests.
There was nothing put against you. How would you even read it like that?

He said he thinks that paying monthly for a game like World Of Warcraft is much more reasonable, than having to pay $20 for a virtual goodie like a mount in in a F2P game.
There is nothing in that discrediting you or your interests.

Why lash out?
>> No. 1784558
File 142515215449.gif - (92.91KB , 550x400 , intensity intensifies.gif )
Hey Sunny


post piercing bolts are no laughing matter
>> No. 1784559
File 142515219378.gif - (106.40KB , 360x427 , it's no lie misa in the crowd said meh any harm in CARAMELLDANSEN!.gif )
>> No. 1784560
File 142515222220.png - (202.95KB , 1280x1280 , drink.png )
>> No. 1784561
File 142515230177.png - (99.14KB , 800x800 , SS_410.png )
>the Hero I want is the most expensive Hero you can get
Oh, naturally. Should have known, really.
>> No. 1784562
File 142515240238.jpg - (63.97KB , 550x550 , Cirno.jpg )
Sunny, could probably explain it a little better than I can.

This is where I think the misunderstanding is:

>MMOs are different. I can respect a monthly subscription a lot more than I can respect a $20 unicorn mount.

This is referencing a business practice of charging money

Lets call the MMO subscription A and charging $20 for a mount B

His respect for the business practices follows this form A > B

Lets call his respect for you expressed in the statement C

In his statement C is not even included or implied, but you interpreted it in such a way that

A > B = ~C

Tilde means the negation of or basically ~C = He doesn't respect you.

And A > B = ~C is a false statement.
>> No. 1784564
File 142515254647.png - (252.39KB , 1366x768 , negapone.png )

but why?

Isn't that how it always goes?
>> No. 1784565
File 142515257226.png - (180.90KB , 893x895 , 21557845.png )

cos now you pay attention to me
>> No. 1784566
File 142515263103.png - (1.65MB , 963x898 , RIP.png )
>> No. 1784567
File 142515264050.png - (47.00KB , 500x504 , Greylight Wut.png )
The game throws piles of money at you early on, so even affording a 10k hero isn't hard. Who is it?

You managed to make this really complicated.
>> No. 1784568
File 142515286480.png - (275.08KB , 600x728 , Happy.png )

I don't even know what to think anymore, it's one of those moments I wish I could just leave for awhile and hope things are forgotten when I return!


All that happened was that he used a word that irked me in the way he used it and bad blood from past things he has done found it's way out of me, it's usually what happens when I let an issue fester within me for far too long.

I'm sorry.


Aren't the new ones always the most expensive ones?


I can't into Math bro, you know this, apart from basics and basic %.

Easiest way to explain it is that I don't want someone disrespectful to tell me about respect, that's it really, I don't really care about the topic at hand, I just lost my cool completely at that implication of his.
>> No. 1784569
File 142515307132.png - (217.51KB , 1024x763 , rarity_griffon_by_farewelldecency-d7q1590.png )
That's where your error truly lies Blazing, He literally implied nothing.
>> No. 1784570
File 142515313797.gif - (251.13KB , 700x400 , STTEEAAAAAMMM.gif )

>> No. 1784571
File 142515321659.jpg - (212.06KB , 424x600 , HALP!.jpg )

That's quite disheartening.
Does this mean I lashed out at him over past wrong doings over nothing?
>> No. 1784572
File 142515341138.jpg - (22.34KB , 249x313 , 142429_(1)1.jpg )
...Unfortunately, yes
>> No. 1784573
File 142515346968.png - (698.28KB , 964x877 , SSC_18.png )
Every time.

I've only got 1k so far. But I'm only lvl 2 so.
Nova, of course.

Well I dunno, I only just started HotS.
>> No. 1784577
File 142515370575.png - (558.80KB , 428x722 , SSC_171.png )
wait, it filters posts containing replies to people you've filtered, doesn't it?

When does the gold start piling in? Do I have to fight players for that?

Nova. I always start with the strong female ranged assassin who don't need no man in her life
>> No. 1784580
Coop is 10 gold; fighting players is 20 if you lose, 30 if you win. The big money comes from player level ups up to 10, getting heroes to level 5, and daily quests at level 6. The daily quests is the most reliable source - 200 to 800 a day. It takes time, but you do make good money like that in the long run.

Nova seems cool. She's really harassing. I haven't gotten to play her myself yet.
>> No. 1784581
File 142515398931.jpg - (344.44KB , 600x767 , Sad =c.jpg )

They follow the League Model closely on release gold prices that get reduces later on when they are a week old or something.


I can't ask him to forgive me like this, now can I?
This is why I always tell you that things would be far better off without me, I'll just go and do my thing for awhile somewhere else.

After all everyone likes Sai, it was a dumb idea to hold him down for things he has said that upset me before, I don't think he is even sorry because it was me who lashed out in the end.


Nova is a pub-stomper, it's fun until someone sits on you all game and you have no way to peel them off yourself.
>> No. 1784583
File 142515406336.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
>everyone likes Sai
Disclaimer I don't talk to Sai enough to have a concrete opinion of him.
>> No. 1784584
File 142515428995.jpg - (133.48KB , 1280x960 , BGM_Zl6JABM2.jpg )
I dunno Blazey, I don't really hold past actions against people, I like to move on from bad experiences so it doesn't hinder my relationship with people. I don't really hold grudges or demand retribution for things done wrong to me, sure it hurts a little and may start off as awkward but I always give the person more chances. I dunno man, that's just me, call me a pushover, a pansy, a pussy, I don't care. I find forgiving people a hell of a lot easier than spending energy being angry with them.
>> No. 1784585

He filtered me and is like, if you want to talk again get someone else involved that cares enough to pass your words to me, I'm sick of people doing that BS.
The last thing I enjoy doing is involving more people and lecturing about how I get myself on these kind of situations.
It's why I wish that I could just go, leave and NEVER look back, but I just can't do that.


Hah, that's more or less how I feel about Astra.
>> No. 1784586
File 142515462971.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
Same with Astra, Noble, Cabs...
>> No. 1784588
File 142515471730.png - (221.11KB , 900x1005 , gilda_baby_by_tim015-d5emva8.png )
Those are pretty easy people to have opinions on for me.
>> No. 1784589
File 142515475906.png - (450.89KB , 3264x2448 , 138739636746.png )
You've probably spent more time with them.
>> No. 1784590
File 142515480778.gif - (1.50MB , 640x360 , 137997364431.gif )
It's still fresh, it's only been like an hour, he probably is still upset. Reconciliation comes at a later time.

Also, that post wasn't just for you, I said that as a general statement for everyone to ponder.
>> No. 1784592
File 142515486366.png - (450.89KB , 3264x2448 , 138739636746.png )
I like forgiving and forgetting too. Not that I ever forgive myself.
>> No. 1784593

But I'm the only one that feels sorry after he screwes things up, it's always me who is apologizing and chasing after people to make up with them, I've never had someone else come and talk to me directly to settle things like friends.

Just speaking from personal experience here.
>> No. 1784594
File 142515501403.png - (1.31MB , 1200x712 , 142468153614.png )
Hey guys, back from FF14. Rainy and I hit level 19 in Lancer and Conjurer respectively. We did two dungeons and got a little bit of sweet loot.

Also, you are all fillies and I love each and every one of you but especially my hon.

>> No. 1784595
File 142515505137.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
People like to err on the side of caution with these things. I'd be kinda... unsure about making up with you for a while after one of your outbursts. Just in case you're not quite done with it, y'know?
>> No. 1784598
File 142515520436.jpg - (47.58KB , 635x461 , My feelings on the matter.jpg )

That's just because you're so judgemental, obviously.


>not immediately going for The Lost Vikings

So casual it hurts.
>> No. 1784600
File 142515532266.jpg - (842.39KB , 2400x3000 , Gettin high on Cocoa.jpg )
Did you ever think that maybe screw ups are partially your fault as well?

In this instance the fault is almost completely yours, so I agree with this >>1784595

We can talk about this some more at a later time, privately if you want. I gotta finish these recordings and SmartMusic won't stop crashing.
>> No. 1784602

It's k guys.
Just filter me too if you want, I'd be back in about a week if I feel like it, else I'll spend my birthday with other people, after all that statement is correct.
This is all my fault.
>> No. 1784604
File 142515544740.png - (191.33KB , 1366x768 , hug me brother.png )
>Hugs tight.

I've nothing against you.
>> No. 1784605
File 142515571826.png - (348.51KB , 466x496 , SSC_15.png )
Yeah, well, I like playing Garen, too, so fuq u.
>> No. 1784606
File 142515572376.jpg - (246.81KB , 931x676 , Vita tan.jpg )
Dragon went to bed so I should come here so I don't just spend a second day in a row doing nothing but playing FF14 and forgetting to eat.

If I disappear I started playing FF14 again anyway and am skinning animals so I can make some new pants.
>> No. 1784612
File 142515688109.jpg - (93.39KB , 600x800 , #PseudoWorldProblems.jpg )
Finally, Jesus, that took forever to get done.
>> No. 1784613
File 142515690414.png - (43.80KB , 550x400 , SS_398.png )
>suddenly it's 1600
Oh, I guess HotS is kinda fun.
>> No. 1784617
File 142515797839.png - (156.89KB , 500x693 , c6a8821d330c55b1556be88ab205f468.png )
Wow, you guys sure throw the wildest parties.
It's absurd how much fun I'm having here.
>> No. 1784619
File 142515810885.jpg - (106.91KB , 1280x720 , moe.jpg )
You just missed to cool parties the last two days~
>> No. 1784620
File 142515817769.png - (281.03KB , 1024x878 , SS_412.png )
We go ham.
>> No. 1784624
I guess so.
>> No. 1784625
File 142515867246.gif - (58.06KB , 406x385 , tumblr_mwdwfvYTBa1rwsqr7o1_500.gif )

Party in the women's bathroom, everyone's invited.
>> No. 1784628
File 142515908272.png - (208.14KB , 1200x1267 , Dressbow Horse.png )
For the purpose of this party, I am a women.
>> No. 1784629
..wouldn't we all be? I mean, how else are we going to get past the GenderForcefield?
>> No. 1784630
File 142515915962.png - (88.67KB , 1468x720 , I'ma lurk in this cloud.png )
do de impassibul see de invisibul

row row fite da powa
>> No. 1784631
>> No. 1784632
File 142515929326.png - (171.20KB , 716x947 , SS_319.png )
>> No. 1784633
File 142515933405.png - (677.82KB , 3000x1762 , Emfy's sharp and wet dream.png )
I don't know I wanna be a women okay.
>> No. 1784634
you can be anything you set your mind to!
i'm aiming for crocodile, myself.
>> No. 1784635
File 142515947489.png - (136.38KB , 1018x1304 , pondering the definition of a Noble cause.png )
They told me I could become anything I wanted.

So I became a bleh.
>> No. 1784636
what's a bleh? can I be a bleh too?
>> No. 1784637
File 142515965481.png - (128.79KB , 500x416 , i've done nothing productive all day.png )
It means I do nothing productive all day.

I don't know. My brain is weirdly out of focus right now.
>> No. 1784638
oh! is that what we're called?
>> No. 1784639
File 142515982698.png - (142.72KB , 1366x768 , yes or yes.png )
Yes. And we are ruled by the Ravelord NEET-o.

Only I'm in education.

And most people here have jobs.

I don't know.
>> No. 1784640
Ah, yes.. jobs. I've heard of those elusive little buggers.
>> No. 1784642
File 142516004723.png - (521.30KB , 1000x1000 , 1346746051631.png )
Ah yes, 'jobs'. The eternal strain of positions of paid labour supposedly lurking in the real world.

We have dismissed that claim.
>> No. 1784645
File 142516013502.jpg - (1.97MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20150228_223559.jpg )
I got a Chrysalis!

I wanted a Sunset Shimmer but there weren't any.
>> No. 1784646
File 142516022951.jpg - (1.81MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20150228_223611.jpg )
>> No. 1784647
File 142516026403.png - (142.72KB , 1366x768 , yes or yes.png )
Make sure not to overfeed your Chrysalis. I hear the plushie variety tend to suffer from the amount of love they get.

Now they can fly to the castle together!
>> No. 1784648
File 142516029308.jpg - (2.50MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20150228_223633.jpg )
Also I got best sleeping hat ever.
>> No. 1784649
File 142516033663.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
>> No. 1784650
File 142516041993.png - (174.39KB , 800x907 , Kitty Princess Tangy.png )

It's fun because it is actually a talking Celestia plushie.

And the first thing it said when I got her as a gift was "Are you a princess?" in brokenish Spanish.

And I just squealed "YES"

In the middle of a crowded street.


Sadly friends dragged me away before I got a Substitute plushie. I was planning to get it so any time the mother called me, I could just plop it in the floor and do something else.
>> No. 1784651
File 142516045233.png - (1.41MB , 2000x2000 , 1421770845959.png )
>> No. 1784652
File 142516048099.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , 140181525157.jpg )
D'aww, how cute.

Substitute plushie would be nice.
>> No. 1784653
File 142516049352.png - (259.90KB , 1200x1200 , Shirley's watching you post.png )

>> No. 1784654
File 142516054827.jpg - (71.81KB , 609x630 , 10.jpg )
Princess Tangy!
>> No. 1784655
File 142516058549.png - (244.41KB , 609x630 , Princess on the streets, princess in the sheets~.png )

There was also a Slowpoke plushie I wanted to get.


You called?
>> No. 1784656
File 142516058630.png - (376.39KB , 1273x1238 , Pinkie Pie Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls___.png )

Yes, me!

Hi, Tang!
>> No. 1784657
File 142516059062.png - (271.62KB , 609x630 , you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.png )
>> No. 1784658
with such a lack of hard evidence, I can hardly blame you
>> No. 1784659
File 142516064885.png - (65.74KB , 512x512 , Giggle Tangerine Cookie.png )

Also just noticed there are actual ships in the wall in my picture.

>> No. 1784660
File 142516098643.jpg - (1.37MB , 1502x1080 , You have my attention.jpg )

Is that a Barbie Girl reference?
>> No. 1784661
File 142516100314.png - (242.78KB , 609x630 , Fortuna - Kneel before me! I said KNEEL!!! In the place of a dark lord,,,.png )
I get butterflies because I'm vanilla and also because i-e-i-e-i I'm your little butterfly.
>> No. 1784662
File 142516104731.png - (107.89KB , 609x630 , life in plastic, it's fantastic.png )
Yes. The other one is named accordingly.

No, I don't listen to Barbie Girl. I just thought it fit the image. Shush.
>> No. 1784663
File 142516110273.png - (103.00KB , 612x600 , Sunnyhugs!.png )

I'm pretty sure you get butterflies because the wall actually had butterflies:


I need to hug Sunny harder for this.

>> No. 1784664
File 142516112855.png - (105.33KB , 609x630 , Fortuna - I feel cute today! Yay.png )
*Because it's Fluttershy's cottage.
>> No. 1784665
File 142516113007.png - (80.50KB , 500x500 , 9ffb9e25f921c216a623d0643511a2f9.png )
Nice plush.
>> No. 1784666
File 142516114738.jpg - (147.15KB , 1280x720 , Classy~.jpg )

I'm the guy with the vast insight, knowledge and mastery in references! You shouldn't put my skills to the test~


Hey Tangsten.
>> No. 1784668
File 142516127997.png - (230.21KB , 1300x790 , Completely innocent cosplay.png )

They had a shitton of these. All high-quality Chinese knockoffs.

It's fun the Chinese knockoffs actually cater to the nerds better than the official product.


Hi Blazey. Harsh afternoon, I see?
>> No. 1784669
File 142516128754.png - (107.69KB , 804x775 , Bowstring just found this thread the second.png )
I was joking.

He did others as well.

Okay. Try this one.

>> No. 1784670
File 142516134919.png - (263.65KB , 609x630 , mfw Tangy.png )

Sai's also has butterflies.
>> No. 1784671
File 142516139571.jpg - (649.04KB , 1920x1200 , c0WMLiB.jpg )
A similar thing is happening with Transformers too, people don't care too much for what Hasbro is putting out.
>> No. 1784672
File 142516145971.png - (164.61KB , 1017x1200 , SHIPS.png )

The day they make a crossover toy series with ponies transforming into robot action figures is the day they murder my wallet forever.
>> No. 1784673
File 142516150036.png - (221.21KB , 609x630 , 139947587085.png )
Yeah I know right I was joking I was joking J O K I N G Joe King y'know do you get it do you understand are you ready are you satisfied are you hangin' on the edge of your seats

Dun dun dun.

>> No. 1784675
File 142516162890.gif - (85.30KB , 512x512 , Tangerine could clap to that.gif )

Wait. Waiiiiit. The sky.

It's daytime on most of them, it's grey on Sai's and nighttime on Rainy's.
>> No. 1784676
File 142516172331.png - (217.70KB , 1200x1226 , 140032792680.png )
Yes. Sunnybunny is cleverever.
>> No. 1784677
File 142516178908.jpg - (356.50KB , 1600x1200 , Iohz5kj.jpg )
Oh I doubt that'll happen.
Too much conflict in target audiences, at least the target audience was the same when they did it with Marvel.
>> No. 1784680
File 142516200375.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
A key thing is the expression, too.
>> No. 1784681
File 142516203474.png - (122.11KB , 1018x1304 , Cocoa - A bandwagon so Noble that I put my hoof up.png )
How so?
>> No. 1784682
File 142516207880.png - (64.89KB , 388x420 , Fortuna - Scouting for Mares, I'm a one-roll wonder, BONK!.png )
Look at how each pony presents themselves, the colour of the sky, the paintings on the walls...
>> No. 1784683
File 142516209838.gif - (5.65MB , 700x394 , FABULOUS!.gif )

Just me being stupid, again, nothing out of the ordinary... But I think I've done and fixed worse.


That sounds strangely european, can't put my finger on it, sorry~
>> No. 1784684
File 142516218048.png - (251.71KB , 609x630 , princess sunny.png )
Because butterflies are rad!
>> No. 1784685
File 142516218099.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
You're the confident one and I'm the awkward nervous one.

With that in mind, we can't honestly say Sunny is blind.
>> No. 1784686
File 142516223195.png - (401.51KB , 1900x1916 , sunny is all warm and soft and cute.png )
Total War: SHOGUN 2: Fall of the Samurai.

>> No. 1784687
File 142516226235.png - (1.45MB , 1336x965 , SSC_330.png )

I totally forgot to wish you happy birthday yesterday.

Happy birthday!
>> No. 1784688
File 142516228227.png - (103.00KB , 612x600 , Sunnyhugs!.png )

They are coming out with an officially licensed Transformers X MLP crossover comic, though.

Also GI Joe X MLP and Dungeons & Dragons X MLP.


Also I told you the exact same thing months ago :3


>> No. 1784689
File 142516231108.png - (2.93MB , 2550x2200 , 1386901240181.png )

Hello, Sunny!
>> No. 1784690
Oh, it was Sunny's birthday?
Happy birthday, Sunny.
>> No. 1784691
File 142516235046.png - (131.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo4_1280.png )
Sorry, this spoiler stuff is just a bit of a rant but
So today at work, my co-worker decided that 15 minutes was just not enough for his break, and talking to another associate was much more important. So he took roughly 50 minutes for his break. Before that he was texting infront of the customers. His lunch was two hours as well.
What amazes me is that this is his part-time job, not his full one, and he has been here for 5 years, I am the third lowest on the chart who has sold phones, out of five people, he sold 1 in 28 days. I sold 7 in that same time. Granted that he does only work on Saturdays, but being as that is out busiest day and we get the most phones sold in that day, obviously he can't sell a phone.

And today is not the only time he has taken such long breaks, its all the time, everyone who works in my area knows that his excuse of "Stuck in electronics, had to sell a TV" just means "I clocked in after lunch and sat in the break room for an hour.

I just almost wish I was the boss, because I would wait for that such thing to happen so I could fire his lazy ass.

Okay rant done, sorry about that. Hello people
you can ignore the rant if you want
>> No. 1784692
File 142516240171.png - (18.17KB , 249x290 , Cornered.png )
>Dungeons & Dragons X MLP.

But they did that already.
>> No. 1784693
File 142516240525.png - (64.89KB , 388x420 , Fortuna - Scouting for Mares, I'm a one-roll wonder, BONK!.png )
Twilight's is the standard.
Tangy's is seductive when isn't he?. Has Ships for wallpaper.
Bowstring's is nervous. Very expressive.
Fortune's is rather bland.
Greylight looks a little high. Also, overcast.
Rainy's is boastful and confident. At night.
Sunny's is the most like the original, albeit with morning skies.
Hey Sunny. Sorry.
>> No. 1784694
File 142516248583.png - (83.63KB , 366x390 , Derperine Cookie.png )

I'm unsure that one is Hasbro approved. And I'm talking about a comic, apparently.
>> No. 1784695
File 142516248900.png - (146.96KB , 1366x768 , the die will only be cast after i cross the rubyshine.png )
You're not bland, Coco.

>> No. 1784696
File 142516250890.jpg - (27.89KB , 514x463 , Pinkie Pie All of My Wat.jpg )

>he sold 1 in 28 days. I sold 7 in that same time.

What in all fuck...

Sorry to hear that, Crim. You really should be the boss.
>> No. 1784697
File 142516251450.png - (29.32KB , 247x223 , Nervousness sets in.png )

Minor details.
>> No. 1784698
File 142516258315.png - (5.46KB , 552x552 , Okay, let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing.png )

Also, that shit sounds way lame, Crimmy Cram.
>> No. 1784699
File 142516258996.png - (82.83KB , 595x545 , come at me bro.png )
Good evening Emfie!

*hug* how are the tangies hanging today?

Hey Shoky! How are you doing?

Heyo Cocococo~!
Sorry if I always have troubles holding our convos lately!

I got nothing cute today, unless socks and pants are cute.

Aw, thanks Hats bro!
That's sweet! <3
it's very appreciated!
How are you doing mang?

Yesterday apparently!
Thanks Rainy ♥
Are you doing well?
>> No. 1784700
File 142516260724.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )
How's you?
>> No. 1784701
File 142516263254.jpg - (117.29KB , 555x785 , ca3792ac26ae8e8b9c7130cdcdac15db.jpg )
It's pretty hot tonight, but I'm okay.
>> No. 1784702
File 142516267031.png - (244.47KB , 609x630 , princess hartenas.png )
Aw, I already offered you to make it better!
But you declined last time, are you sure you are still happy with it? I feel like you arent!
>> No. 1784703
File 142516267267.png - (124.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo5_1280.png )
Well I do have more hours than him so my 7 is stretched over time, but I know my other associate can get about 2 contracts out on a saturday, so it should be rather easy to not be getting 1 out of the 4 weeks he worked.
but thanks
and no, I really don't want to be the boss, not for that store at least.
thing is, on the busiest day of the week, you just don't up and vanish for an hour. I only ever did that my self on super dead days and when I do it, its for training.
>> No. 1784704
File 142516268032.png - (186.17KB , 850x940 , 1413919569578.png )

I'm doing fine. I just got home for Spring break. Looking forward to a relaxing week away from schoolwork.

>> No. 1784705
File 142516273156.png - (116.96KB , 680x750 , SS_345.png )

I spent my afternoon playing HotS. Is fun.

Now I'm settling down with some tea and trying to study my drinks.
>> No. 1784706
File 142516276765.png - (251.67KB , 1280x1460 , tumblr_nfq3k598811re4zdbo2_1280.png )
now remember, while on Spring Break you can party, but don't go so far as to finding yourself in Mexico waking up next to a llama in a motel and are surrounded by clam shells.
>> No. 1784707
File 142516279120.png - (317.29KB , 1920x1163 , Tangerine juice in the morning.png )

Socks can be cute!

I'm good. I got a plushie and a hat!
>> No. 1784708
File 142516285388.png - (105.33KB , 609x630 , Fortuna - I feel cute today! Yay.png )
It's fine.
>Hugs tight

Nothing cute? Nothing at all?
Oh, and Summereve's was Harper~

Haven't you seen how much I post it? I love it! It's good. Not bad.
>> No. 1784709
File 142516290774.jpg - (575.16KB , 2550x3509 , Cool Sword.jpg )

Never played that one, I lost interest in the Total War series after the 1st Rome, which was a game that felt ahead of it's time.


What thing?
>> No. 1784710
File 142516293041.png - (162.24KB , 840x800 , 139797668785.png )

Meh, couldn't be any worse than the time I woke up in a motel in Miami covered in beer, next to a wolf, and with a dead prostitute under the bed.

No, that didn't actually happen~
>> No. 1784711
File 142516296281.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
They're all cool games. Aside from Rome 2, which had crappy A.I. And the new one, which I haven't played.
>> No. 1784712
File 142516297636.png - (140.53KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nji0nrDDcP1re4zdbo7_1280.png )
>> No. 1784713
File 142516309724.png - (739.17KB , 1721x1433 , long hair sunrise no HL.png )
Sunny is having a nice evening.
I played Heroes of the Storm with my brother and a good friend.
They always start to get very angry and frustrated. For some reason Sunny remains calm and tries to calm them down too~ Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
I don't really mind them getting mad about it <3

How is the Emfies?

Heh, doing hot things? Just kidding~
What class do you like most?

Oh right it's spring break now!
Do you have anything big planned for spring break? Like getting to weird spring break festivals and having fun?

I mean, relaxing home is awesome too else, sometimes exactly what one needs after months of school business.

I am doing quite fine, played some Heroes of the Storm!
Fun silly game. Else some KanColle and listening to nice music, and well chatting you guys c:

If only you would play.. on EU instead.. I mean.. no
If only Sunny was on US too.. why do they divide servers, argh. ;_;

Oh, what kind of Hat? And what plushie.
Well.. they are socks in all kinds of colours and I sometimes wear them mixed!

Well.. colourful socks maybe?
Because you said it's bland and I don't want you to feel like yours is less good or something like that. it was just like one of the first when I didn't edit much.
>> No. 1784714
File 142516313098.png - (409.57KB , 1080x802 , 1358005121009.png )
I don't know...
>> No. 1784715
File 142516316401.png - (170.85KB , 340x340 , I was shipping users before it was cool!.png )

What Sai told you.


Chrysalis plushie and Snorlax hat! See:

>> No. 1784716
File 142516324793.png - (179.82KB , 927x940 , SS_252.png )
Separated 5ever ;_;

It's okay, I'm terrible and you wouldn't want me on your team anyway~
>> No. 1784717
File 142516326215.gif - (296.83KB , 500x281 , 140064735990.gif )

Nah, I don't have any real plans for Spring break. Me and my friends aren't really the type to hop in a car and go down to Cancún to get plastered at some party~

What is KanColle?
>> No. 1784718
File 142516327629.png - (322.45KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nfdfipSuSN1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
awesome loot tangy
>> No. 1784719
File 142516332331.jpg - (125.77KB , 450x411 , Believe in me!.jpg )

That I'm someone that expects the worst of his friends? Yes, that's one of the reasons I keep pondering if I should just leave for good, I just can't bring myself to do that.


Joe's review about the second rome was hilarious, he even got to use a bug to play the Shai-Hulud air guitar from the Dune movie by David Lynch!
>> No. 1784720
File 142516343125.jpg - (486.36KB , 800x600 , Balcony.jpg )
In FF14 you mean?
I've only tried three combat classes so far, Lancer (level 18) Marauder (level 15) and Arcanist (level 4) so far I like Lancer and Marauder a lot, once I get Lancer upto level 30 I can combine it with Marauder to become a Dragoon, which ought to be lots of fun.
>> No. 1784721
File 142516347123.gif - (87.38KB , 643x504 , fwip.gif )

I would have gotten more, but I got dragged away.


You could also ponder improving on that, you know.
>> No. 1784722
File 142516351781.jpg - (356.50KB , 1600x1200 , Iohz5kj.jpg )
Well, I'd hope that if you were to leave I'd still be able to keep in contact with you, I'd like to get to know you better.
>> No. 1784723
File 142516371640.png - (376.54KB , 900x1044 , Chibish.png )

Improving that?
I'd love to but for me, my emotional unstability is something that runs really deep into me, much like your inability to speak English openly to others, to use a good example, it's not something I can change just because I want, like flipping a switch.


I'll be sure to keep that in mind, whenener S5 comes out might be a good date, I'll have more than enough time to get ready to find a new home online.
>> No. 1784724
File 142516381824.png - (78.09KB , 1939x1593 , stainbow3-ft-sundashcl.png )
You don't know?
Ah I guess sometimes it's just like that.
So staying up long tonight? Living the dream~?

Wow, they look awesome. I wasn't sure one could do a cool chrysalis plushie, but now I know.
Make sure to keep them well, and pat her every now and then! <3
Snorlax hat is cool too

But, I don't care about such things as much <3
Don't worry.. one day!

Aw.. but maybe you would like that if you tried? Who knows~
Ah it's a silly Browser game for silly weeabos like Sunny, don't mind it too much!

Well.. video night then! meet all up get a good or hilariously bad movie and pizza and have fun, that's cool right? I would join that. (If I could..)

Yeah FFXIV. I loved FFXI

Do things like Samurai still exist, and attack combo systems with certain classes?
Else go Red mage, red mage is cool.
not as awesome as BLU tho~

Aw Blazy~
You can't change it immediately, else you would. But you can go through the steady process on improving.
Work hard~ like all cool people!
>> No. 1784725
File 142516391252.png - (165.05KB , 448x742 , Fortuna - Hey there! How are you, friends.png )
You deserve cuter stuff. Get more stuff, okay?
It's impersonal. That's all, really. Nothing worth concern.
>> No. 1784726
File 142516391584.png - (1.09MB , 919x959 , SSC_168.png )
Just because it isn't simple and easy to change doesn't mean you need to give up on changing. You of all people should understand this. Just be patient with your friends, as they are with you, and over time you'll learn to be less aggressive.

One day. If nothing else, I have nothing on my account now, so I'd lose nothing by hopping onto EU servers now and again~
>> No. 1784727
File 142516395282.png - (126.48KB , 379x603 , courtesyofatomsplit.png )
I don't know. Maybe?
>> No. 1784728
File 142516399851.png - (37.03KB , 517x376 , Pinkie Pie Happy 37.png )

>Ah it's a silly Browser game for silly weeabos like Sunny, don't mind it too much!

Ah, I see! Must be fun!

>video night then!

I would totally do something like that if all my friends lived closer together...or if we were all still on campus~
>> No. 1784729
File 142516410955.png - (241.12KB , 800x1001 , Blazing!OCookie.png )

I am actually trying to overcome my speaking English issues, though. Trying goes a long way.


I'm gonna hug her daily! <3
>> No. 1784730
File 142516416743.png - (413.43KB , 500x561 , KmIB8JQ.png )
There's no Samurai, the closest to that would be either the Paladin job/Gladiator class, or the upcoming Dark Knight job.

No Red Mage, that would be either Black Mage or Thaumaturge.
>> No. 1784731
File 142516428254.png - (326.50KB , 750x797 , sunrisesheepsmallQTM.png )
Well, I have a cute sheep plushie, that gotta count for something!
Then I will just redo it some day and you can't stop me.

If anything I would hop into the US ones, that makes more sense. I have friends on both sides. If it was just for Sunny you shouldn't go through the troubles of EU'ishness!

Don't be so uncertain! Make it happen!

We should speak Spanish then!
I am sure Sunny is embarrassingly bad with dumb accents!

She is really very adorable. Having plushies to hug is the best.
I used to have a huge amount of them

Argh, no red mage, no blue mage..
all my favourite jobs. I hope they will be added soon. Else most old jobs seem present.
Did Dragoon exist?
>> No. 1784733
File 142516432849.jpg - (453.20KB , 800x1132 , Cyot.jpg )

I rarely got a friend that lasts me forever, I've had a lot of best friends over the years and I'm used to know that the longer I know a person, the harder it becomes to stay in good graces with them.

I'd rather move on that burden you guys for longer that I need to, I already feel like I have overstayed my welcome.


I will, but I promise that if I fail, you guys won't have to deal with my shenanigans ever again.


Indeed it does, but this isn't about overcoming an old fear, it's about realizing that I'm not a good person because of how I always end up screwing things up for no good reason.

That's why I'm going to see what I can do and if I fail, I'll find myself a new place to stay.
>> No. 1784734
File 142516436911.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
Cute stuff is good! Yay!
...I don't really deserve it to be redone. Sunny should do better things.
>> No. 1784736
File 142516441381.png - (756.38KB , 1220x609 , official-ace-attourney-anime 3.png )
What do you mean by "Did"?
Dragoon is in the game right now, I'm working towards becoming one.

What's the difference between the four mages?
White is the healy helpy stuff, Black is the evil killy stuff, seems like you'd only need the two.
>> No. 1784737
File 142516463653.png - (58.55KB , 512x512 , kuraiingu.png )

I still haven't heard Sunny!

My whole bed is covered in plushies. And a shelf. I have too many plushies and I love it.


If you think you aren't a good person, try to become one. Running away is shoving the problem under the carpet, and won't help you in the long run.

This isn't what a nanodesu paladin would do.
>> No. 1784739
File 142516466956.png - (51.97KB , 512x512 , Tangerine just left this thread.png )
Also brb cooking dinner for the mother.
>> No. 1784741
File 142516474832.png - (1.49MB , 1221x828 , SSC_313.png )
But playing with Sunny would be fun! It's no trouble if it's fun.

And clearly this is not something you like about yourself, so I can assume you want to change it. I can tell you for certain that you won't change in a vacuum. You need friends, however short-term they may be, to judge where you are and where you'd like to be. It may be hard to deal with the loss of good terms with a friend, but it is impossible to change into something you like if you don't know how you're changing.

Besides, people always come and go. Maybe the reason someone leaves your life isn't always you, but them. I know I, personally, am becoming used to your personality so it doesn't really bother me as much. It still does, but not like, to the point that I don't want to see you anymore. It stands to reason that someone can also simply grow to like you less, regardless of how you treated them. You shouldn't just do what I did and give up on making friends entirely because it's hard. Just keep trying, and keep learning, and keep growing. Always spiral upwards. Never stop.
>> No. 1784743
File 142516487381.png - (133.21KB , 1018x1304 , 139941211104.png )
Tricky wording!
Red is the hybrid, kind of. Was the best back then, due combining both in his own style in my opinion.
Sure white mage was important too, but red was like awesome, had access to armor and swords as well, the all around battle mage. Jack of all trades.

And Blue is hard to explain. It's an own school obviously. What made them fun is that are copy cat mages. Instead of using their own set of spells you were collecting spells from enemies, even enemy exclusive spells. That made them very special. Also they are decent fighters again armor weapon wise. The real pro char back then in the hands of capable people. And could be anything mostly dps tho.

It was the joker card back then, able to fit any role that was needed somehow and could fill pretty much all holes. But in ffxi partying and all was much more important, you couldn't really solo anymore at some level.
>> No. 1784744
File 142516494158.png - (25.72KB , 400x450 , FortunaCute.png )
>> No. 1784746
File 142516501738.jpg - (434.37KB , 710x1000 , 6ea58bf5e4e01ad51f35747a5888739d.jpg )
>Dragoon gets Gae Bolg in a class quest.
Well that explains why they aren't in the game then, since you can be any class you want, and swap between them at the push of a button, Red Mages are pointless, and also go against the whole pidgeonholing thing MMOs do anyway.

And Blue would be really hard to balance in PVE, and would all around be a lot of effort.
>> No. 1784747
File 142516502411.png - (129.97KB , 1018x1304 , 139941259638.png )
I mean I will make a new picture of enhance the old one.
Even slight changes might personalise it better.

But I need and US account still, because I want to play with other people too! So it would only make sense like that <3

maybe soon!
it's the best feeling, but sometimes I get slightly paranoid about neglecting some for too long.

take care!

>> No. 1784748
File 142516505084.png - (94.24KB , 589x800 , Greylight-Clap-Your-Hooves.png )
BLU was a hard one. There were so many scrubs and it was so easy to play badly that the job had a terrible reputation. I had all of the spells and a lot of merit points and I had a Morrigan's Robe (the ultra-expensive Salvage armor, if you remember that) and I *STILL* hard a hard time convincing people that I was among the good BLUs.

But, reputation aside, the job itself was amazing. It was so adapable, it was insane. I played healer, I played tank, I played DPS, I played support, it was all good.
>> No. 1784749
File 142516509317.png - (39.48KB , 550x400 , 134375750506.png )
>> No. 1784751
File 142516510289.png - (109.66KB , 517x496 , FortunaTrixie.png )
Do you mean like changing the butterflies to dice/cards?

>Hugs tighter
>> No. 1784752
File 142516513731.png - (97.49KB , 352x282 , SS_425.png )
If you insist!

I'd happily play some games on either server with Sunsun, if you didn't mind a gimped player~

>> No. 1784753
File 142516514375.png - (13.75KB , 345x382 , I feel the cosmos.png )

Man, I wish I could find people to play that with again. I never got all that far along in levels, but damn do I miss it.
>> No. 1784754
File 142516514368.png - (70.85KB , 1008x576 , full.png )
#NeverHaveIEver is trending on the U.K. twitter and I misread it as Havel and thought it was about Havel the rock.
Which would've been a lot cooler.
>> No. 1784755
File 142516523853.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
Never Havel. Ever.

Too much Poise.
>> No. 1784757
File 142516525128.png - (538.33KB , 2100x2100 , Pinkie Pie Just a Little Snack.png )

Why exactly is that particular hashtag trending anyway?
>> No. 1784758
File 142516525594.png - (136.80KB , 1101x726 , Greylight Siiiiip.png )
Mmm. I think the game belongs in the cherished past and nostaligic storytelling. The... thing... that's still online seems to bear little resemblance to the game I once played.
>> No. 1784759
File 142516528462.png - (26.70KB , 584x488 , I cry every time.png )

Well darn.
>> No. 1784761
File 142516545514.jpg - (1.00MB , 820x1204 , Emerald Herald.jpg )
Not familiar with "Never Have I Ever" Shock?
It's just a game you play, everyone holds up a hand, one person says they've never done something (in the format of "Never have I ever kissed a girl" or something like that)
Then anyone who has done the thing puts a finger down.
I dunno who's the winner or the loser, the person who's done everything or nothing.

For twitter though it's just a chance for people to feel good about themselves by saying they haven't done bad things, or just to mess around with friends.
>> No. 1784762
File 142516551771.png - (9.42KB , 256x256 , icon.png )
You shouldn't plan for you fail but work on success instead.

They did it in FFXI so why not in FFXIV? The job changing system is the same afaik.
It's about your skill set you bring into the group of course. Sometimes you don't want another White or a Black and just take the Red instead.

But yeah BLU is something else.

I always though they were the coolest..
Yeah sure it was the 75 Mage stuff!

Partying in FFXI was never really easy compared to other mmo's, and in retrospective kinda extreme.

Something like that~

I don't mind that. We all grow on our hurdles and such.
You know I still don't think you are thaaat gimped even if you insist its otherwise!
We can have good fun in that game despite losing anyway!
>> No. 1784763
File 142516556799.jpg - (33.72KB , 948x842 , 141451935526.jpg )

Oh, I'm familiar with the game itself. I've played it before. Just wondering why such a random thing was trending.

>For twitter though it's just a chance for people to feel good about themselves by saying they haven't done bad things, or just to mess around with friends.

Ah, okay. That explains it.
>> No. 1784764
File 142516562589.jpg - (137.62KB , 412x736 , tumblr_n5kbb65GpP1rzyhgzo1_500.jpg )
Well also wouldn't red be like cheating in a way?
Like everyone who doesn't care for red mages has to level each discipline individually, but red is basically levelling them all at once?
>> No. 1784766
File 142516574547.png - (194.33KB , 828x966 , SS_367.png )
You've never seen me play~
Hopefully by then I'll have unlocked Nova and maybe do something useful now and again.
>> No. 1784769
File 142516577673.gif - (62.83KB , 300x300 , 6409 - 1girl animated animated_gif exet greek_mythology idle_animation lowres medusa medusa_(mon.gif )
Actually, there is the Summoner Job and the Arcanist class, both of which summon pets, and they have several to pick from with multiple rolls.
In terms of adaptability, that's the closest to Red Mage.
>> No. 1784771
File 142516585341.png - (61.90KB , 400x548 , Greylight Twily Smile.png )
They were indeed the coolest. My first love was WHM, and my favorite screw-around job became DNC, but BLU always held a special place in my heart and when I became financially kind-of-not-horribly-poor it was the job that I decided to pour money in to become somewhat good at. Not sure if I eve really succeeded at it, but it was sure fun.

Jack of all trades, master of none kind of issue. In FFXI, each job had a skill rank that was capped by level. So, like, a level 30 BLM would have 100 elemental magic and maybe a RDM would have, I dunno, 65. Which meant a RDM's spells would never hit quite as hard as a BLMs. Being able to do a lot of things helped them, but since players would think "this battle is hard, we need as much magic power as possible" they would think getting BLMs and not RDMs. So they had a difficult nitche to fill.

You know, if you're on the America servers I could play with you.
>> No. 1784773
File 142516595113.png - (449.72KB , 1113x603 , SSC_11.png )
I am. If you're on later tonight, I might poke you, but I neeeeeeeeed to finish this studying.

Also I'm only lvl4.
>> No. 1784774
File 142516601952.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , Smile.png )
>> No. 1784776
File 142516606756.png - (1.46MB , 1151x1920 , Sunny frog waifu.png )
Yeah, I really don't think having Red Mages would be a good thing for this kinda game.
>> No. 1784779
I will be on. Greylight#1823

Already 14, geez. I'm like 22. Though player level doesn't really matter; hero level does. But even that doesn't matter too much if we're playing casually. I'd want to leve up some of the free heroes this weekend like Brightwing to level 5 so that I can get that 500 gold as well as get some more experience playing as them so I know how to fight them.

>> No. 1784780
File 142516612636.png - (194.86KB , 1024x1087 , curled up.png )

>> No. 1784781

I think it's time for me to stop pretending to be something I'm not.


Of course not!
But at times like this, I think it would better off that way, it would be a sucky way to live but I won't be able to hurt anybody that way.


I didn't plan to fail, iI already did, thus I'm just doing what's best for everyone else.
>> No. 1784786
File 142516656654.jpg - (263.07KB , 700x1000 , SS_407.jpg )
No, 4. But that's cool. I'm just focusing on leveling Raynor to 5 because he's who you start with and so I can get the bonus. Maybe by next weekend I'll be able to afford someone I actually want.

Look, Blazing. I know how it feels. I don't know the specifics of what you're going through, but I do know what it feels like to always think you're being a burden to your friends. To always think that things would be better if you just left, and left everyone else alone. To think that they'd be happier without you. But as someone who's done this - multiple times - let me ask you; where would you go? Who would you "settle" with? Because it's either going to be a group of people that you think you deserve (who you will inevitably end up hating), or another group like us (who will inevitably make you hate yourself again). This is because the problem is within you, and you know it. You can't run away from it. No matter where you go, it will follow you. That means your only option is to stand and fight - and do you want to do that with no friends by your side? Just because you think you've alienated everyone here doesn't mean it's true. You have friends here, such as they may be. Leaving in search of greener pastures only means you're leaving all the progress you've made here behind. Maybe you can't see the progress you've made because you're only looking at how far you have to go, but you've still made a lot. If you feel like you need some time alone to readjust and reconsider your life, don't let me stop you. But please, don't make the same mistakes I did and think that leaving to find something new will make things better. It never does, and it never will.
>> No. 1784789
File 142516673575.png - (131.46KB , 774x1032 , Greylight Filly DAWWW.png )
Ah, cool. Yeah you get gold a lot of gold bounties on the path to 10. Just play play play!

And I actually *like* Raynor, even though I guess everyone else doesn't.
>> No. 1784790
File 142516680893.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )
>Partying in FFXI was never really easy compared to other mmo's, and in retrospective kinda extreme.

It had a very old school approach. It was similar to Everquest. Partying usually didn't mean you went to the zone meant for a party, it usually just meant you could more safely take on stronger monsters. I think I really prefer that model compared to the WoW model.
>> No. 1784794
You give solid advice when you actually choose to care. Though whether you should be told such things, I'm unsure. But yeah, this.
>> No. 1784795
File 142516694399.png - (5.46KB , 552x552 , Okay, let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing.png )

RDM had some sweet unique buffs and stuff, too, though. That was really the niche they were supposed to fill. Worked okay for soloing, too, though not really the best.


I'll play with y'all, even if I'm just gonna hold us back because I suck so much.
>> No. 1784796
File 142516695438.png - (109.92KB , 589x651 , SS_399.png )
Raynor's cool, but still wouldn't have been my first pick. I wish they would have included pre-transformation Kerrigan... But he's simple and effective enough for me to use with some proficiency until I can manage something else. I'd like to use him probably a lot more than I'd like to use any of the Diablo characters, considering I don't even recognize any of them.

Yeah, and forcing myself to care is the hard part. I wish I could manage it more often than I do.
>> No. 1784797
File 142516698390.gif - (0.96MB , 350x197 , tumblr_inline_ndzks3DhL71r677cb.gif )
Well said, Hat.
>> No. 1784799
File 142516702839.png - (842.38KB , 814x982 , SSC_31.png )
You literally cannot possibly suck more than me. Unless one of your hands is mangled or you're missing an eye and depth perception, you're guaranteed not to be the worst on the team.

>> No. 1784800
File 142516705952.png - (30.07KB , 384x407 , Boy it sure is hot in here.png )
>you're missing an eye and depth perception

Close enough.
>> No. 1784803
File 142516719148.png - (299.13KB , 815x696 , Greylight Tongue 1.png )
I know, I was simplying the RDM situation to explain it to Rainy.

And I don't actually think you suck. I'm just ripping on the hero you like not being good at teamfights, which we both know. I'm just kidding around, but I can stop making jokes about it if its bothering you. I do want to play with you.

His simplicity is his duplicity - with so few options available, it can be hard to use him effectively against a hero with like 6 spells at all times. I'm starting to get semi-smart about how I do his talents and how I position him, but its a hard road. Maybe I'm just trying to make a not-so-great character viable, but I dunno, I like his style.
>> No. 1784804
File 142516720044.png - (794.47KB , 801x840 , SSC_158.png )
Well if nothing else, you and I can warm the bench together. That's what I got used to in my LoL-haydays.
>> No. 1784805
File 142516728124.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )

Nah, I'm just jokin', too. I've benched those guys for now, anyway. I've got my Jaina to rock if we're doing anything serious.
>> No. 1784810
File 142516754062.png - (715.12KB , 605x676 , SSC_199.png )
As far as I can tell, he is a very aim-dependent Hero. His Q is his bread and butter, and the amount that it knocks things back tells me that it's more useful as a repositioning tool than real damage. I always take Hamstring Shot to add the slow on top of it, and I've been practicing with shoving enemies into my allies with it. His kit actually seems very similar to a LoL champ, but I can't think of it right now.

I really do prefer the Hyperion ult instead of the banshees, though, the banshees just seem to be completely ineffectual when I use them. But his kit is very straightforward in its use so that you can focus on what it's doing rather than how to use it, if that makes sense. You can Inspire and then doubleshot a tower with a full minion wave and usually take each one down in a minute or so. But that probably only works against dumb AIs and players would be more aware of that.

I'll probably get a much better idea of his kit once I max him out and have everything available to me, though.

Once I find a Hero that lets me affect the tide of battle like I do in LoL matches, I'll probably be good.
>> No. 1784816
File 142516792954.png - (105.33KB , 719x700 , Twilacorn Smile 2.png )
Word, shake dat ice.

Yeah, his Q is a pretty deep ability. The damage isn't as bad as you're making it out to be; it's pretty typical damage, but Jimmy's issue is that, unlike other assassins, he doesn't really have other things to chain it to. So you gotta be clever about it.

I think one of his best tools is that adrenaline rush, which gives him a lot more staying power than you'd think he should have. Really great for keeping up the pressure and continuing to fight in a situation where other heroes would have to back off.

As I do to everyone, I recommend trying Tyrande. She's free for the next few days. Her kit is so, so skillshotty, but it's a lot of fun.
>> No. 1784817
File 142516793244.png - (128.11KB , 800x820 , Frickin Adorable Tangy.png )

> I wish they would have included pre-transformation Kerrigan

It's a Nova skin.

I wish they had included Primal Queen Kerrigan instead of that one, too.

Also back.
>> No. 1784821
File 142516813759.gif - (87.38KB , 643x504 , fwip.gif )
Also minor rant.

>Majora's Mask 3D
>Tons of drama about how the reworked zora Link swimming has made the beaver races harder and "Completely impossible"
>Get there
>Having controllable speed actually allows you to turn from ring to ring effectively and still boost through them
>3D actually allows you to see how far each ring is
>Complete both sets of races back to back in the first try
>Could never do the second race back in the N64.

Bunch of fillies. If anything, new swimming makes that part easier, less frustrating, and actually doable without spending months practising.
>> No. 1784822
File 142516816678.png - (765.64KB , 800x800 , 23128013aa95cfe096a9107e293eba3a.png )
But SC1 Kerrigan is way hotter.
>> No. 1784824
File 142516827943.png - (108.62KB , 894x894 , Greylight Just Lovely.png )
Just to make sure that four different people have four different opinions on Kerrigan, I prefer her early SC2 white ghost jumpsuit with the crazy hair version.

I remember this! Vaguely! It was fun in the N64 version. Though I really, really liked the zora form so I spent like all my time in it, even when that wasn't practical.
>> No. 1784826

Anywhere, just me, myself and I, that will do.
I do not think it's better to spend your life alone, with no friends, but then I think I'd rather have take that option than burden anyone else.

You have argued and got pissed at me in the past, why do you care now what I feel and what I do?
>> No. 1784828
File 142516842731.png - (18.98KB , 397x398 , Howl at the moon.png )

I never really got the zora form down. Weird as it sounds, I really liked the deku scrub.


And on that note, I kinda want to play Majora's Mask again. Is it worth it to get the 3DS version, though, or should I just download the WiiWare for like $5?
>> No. 1784829
File 142516844138.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
"If you get three humans in a room, you have six different opinions."
>> No. 1784833
File 142516850891.gif - (542.54KB , 132x230 , 1425071370604.gif )
> I think I'd rather have take that option than burden anyone else.
Do you think you could honestly pull it off?

Everyone's a burden. Seriously. I just got out of a two-year depression... thing... Event?
Point is, yeah, I felt like a burden to everyone. The important thing is realizing you're not.

I'd say stop trying to mentally put yourself down, because I 100% guarantee you that you're wrong.
Here, have some nice music to distract you.

This makes me want MM3D, but aside from not wanting to buy it, I have a test and two essays equaling 15 pages due this week. I think I'm a little too busy to be thinking about it.
>He says as he doesn't do any work.
>> No. 1784835
File 142516856519.png - (42.80KB , 761x700 , Greylight Just Watchin.png )
I don't think its weird. I heard a lot of people say they like the shrubbery.

Welcome back. Nice quote.
>> No. 1784836
File 142516860621.png - (116.70KB , 500x500 , Fortune Rolling Dice.png )
Love the series it comes from.
>> No. 1784837
File 142516866732.png - (123.59KB , 625x1000 , Greylight Tongue 3.png )
We know
>> No. 1784838
File 142516870450.jpg - (358.78KB , 900x857 , Arbok spelled backwards is snake.jpg )
Well, goodnight guys.
>> No. 1784839
File 142516872160.png - (242.78KB , 609x630 , Fortuna - Kneel before me! I said KNEEL!!! In the place of a dark lord,,,.png )
>Hugs tight
What's up?
>> No. 1784840
File 142516874752.jpg - (152.94KB , 900x900 , Pinkie Pie Happy 40.jpg )

Goodnight, Rainy.
>> No. 1784841
File 142516877622.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
Sleep well!
>Hugs tight

>> No. 1784842
File 142516881156.gif - (13.70KB , 250x232 , ERMAHGERD TANERGENE COKIIE.gif )

Non-specific Kerrigan spoilers:

Primal Queen Kerrigan is SC1 Zerg Kerrigan but purple and sleeker. And not a genocidal psycho, but pretty much human Kerrigan in her Zerg body.

SC2 Spoilers:

SC2-Terran ends with Raynor reversing the Zerg transformation. Except the hair.

In SC2-Zerg, Kerrigan believes Raynor gets killed on a bombing run, and turns to the Zerg to avenge his death. During the game you meet the Primal Zerg, the original pre-overmind race, and they transform Kerrigan into the Primal Queen. Raynor turns out to be alive, Kerrigan rescues him, Raynor friendzones her due to believing she's turned into a mass murderer again, Kerrigan decides to take on Mengsk's full army alone. Raynor sees that, rushes in for help, and both defeat him. And then make him explode.

Raynor and Kerrigan stay friends, Kerrigan vows to let the swarm be whatever they want to be in the future. Cue Warcraft Orcs.


That Kerrigan is pretty sexy, actually.

I remembered never being able to get that heart piece. I now remember the beaver's sad faces.


IMO, MM3D is a way better experience overall. Improvements make the game better in every possible way.

WiiWare one also runs at like 20fps with drops (15fps if you're European), while 3DS one runs at a smooth 30fps.


Night Rainy!
>> No. 1784845

> Do you think you could honestly pull it off

Yes, I think so.
Don't understimate me!
>> No. 1784849
File 142516908585.png - (246.91KB , 440x600 , SS_423.png )
I think that would be a lot easier to get used to if it weren't taking up an ability slot. It's balanced how it is, it's just... strange.

And I like skillshots. I'm not very skilled at them, but I like them.

Who has told you that you're a burden, though? Because I doubt that it's anyone but yourself.

Just because you've pissed me off doesn't make me hate you. Like any human being, I get frustrated when someone's opinion varies from mine so much that I have to argue about it. That just means we're different people. It's practically impossible to be a burden to anyone online due to all the ways of ignoring people here anyway. I give a damn because, even if all we do is argue and disagree on everything, you're still a friggin' human being and deserve friendship and respect. I give a damn because I don't want to watch someone actively make the same mistakes I have and suffer for it because they didn't know what they were doing to themselves. If you're set on leaving, then that's what you're gonna do and there's nothing I can do to stop you, but I can at least tell you that it's probably a bad decision and you're going to wind up regretting it.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I think I'd find a lot of agreement in saying that, as frustratingly aggressive as you may be sometimes, you're not, and never have been, a burden. You've shown a clear willingness to change, and an obvious desire to make and keep friends. Well, here we are, we're your friends. We're here to help you through this and show you how far you've come, when you're ready to look back and realize it. You're not perfect, and neither are we. It wouldn't be fair for us to judge you while ignoring our own flaws, and it's definitely unfair to yourself to assume that we all think you're a burden because of some miscommunications.
>> No. 1784850
File 142516909631.png - (632.83KB , 751x1063 , 1423921684326.png )
Well, better question. Could you pull it off and be okay?
Doesn't matter if you could do it, only matters if you could live with it. You'd be happier not doing it, that's the important part.

I have my original N64 version if I really want it.
Does MM3D have a master quest or something?
>> No. 1784851
File 142516912390.png - (96.12KB , 564x800 , Greylight Dreamworks.png )
Just updating some stuff on the 'pod. I think I'm going to go for a quick latenight run. Trying to get back into that again. Preferably NOT when its pitch black, but the days will be longer soon.

S'yeah it was.

I boned up on the cinematics of 2, figuring it'll be ages before I play that game, if at all, and there's not much point holding out. No idea how it plays, but the story... well, its not nearly as bad as everyone says it is. It seems lot more character driven than 1s, which I think isn't a bad thing really. Even if nearly every individual line is a cliche.
>> No. 1784853
File 142516917195.png - (334.24KB , 1600x900 , Fortuna - For my bounty challenge, I put up various items from the Trottingham vault.png )
Long days are good. Mostly. Except having to do garden work.
>Hugs again
>> No. 1784859
File 142516933766.png - (106.11KB , 464x499 , Greylight Portal 2.png )
You don't like gardening? I thought you did.

Off I go. Hug me in a bit when I get back. I'll need the warmup.
>> No. 1784860
File 142516941364.png - (146.71KB , 1018x1304 , Fortuna - Noble is the way of speaking no evil.png )
I half do. It's kinda boring and I have a game backlog, though.

Looking forward to it!
>> No. 1784865
File 142516955503.jpg - (27.69KB , 353x320 , I really must get some sleep.jpg )
I'm gonna take a nap, I think. Work was rough.
>> No. 1784868
File 142516964237.gif - (149.59KB , 480x480 , Shipando.gif )

No master quest. There is a new sidequest to get a new, seventh bottle, and all boss battles have gotten a few reworks. With Gyorg and Twinmold getting brand new second phases. I've heard you hulk out and just punch Twinmold out for the new phase.

Some stuff has also been changed around. Like, the soldier that gives you the Stone Mask is in the Pirate Fortress, some stray fairies are in different places, bank is in a more convenient location, and the save system isn't crazy. Also a new orchestrated song for the credits.

Also the Spanish translation isn't a fucking mess anymore, but I don't think that affects you at all.


Why didn't you tell me! I've been waiting to nerd out about that with someone for ages man!


Preemptive hugs!
>> No. 1784874

I don't think so, but I'm used to leaving myself and my happines aside, I just feel like I've done enough and I should stand aside before I do more.


I just feel like one.
>> No. 1784890
File 142517019241.jpg - (58.75KB , 411x600 , little one.jpg )
I think I wanna just be in here and have a normal conversation and not be awkward and talk for longer than 3 posts.
>> No. 1784899
File 142517033439.png - (234.14KB , 922x700 , Greylight Ehh Skeptical.png )
That was foolish. Clearly I waited too long; the snow that melted this afternoon has turned to black ice. Didn't fall, but twanged myself pretty hard keeping my balance. Ouch.

It was like yesterday, man! And I only saw the cinematics. But if that's enough, okay, we can nerd out.
>> No. 1784903
File 142517043120.jpg - (50.64KB , 600x375 , umbrella.jpg )
>black ice

That sounds like the flavor of an energy drink.
>> No. 1784904
File 142517043402.png - (124.62KB , 483x558 , SS_378.png )
And I feel inhuman, we can see how well that's working out for me.

I'm not trying to invalidate your feelings, usually a crack like this means the problem has come to a head recently and you're seeing how hard it is to deal with. Given what I saw earlier today, that makes sense. It doesn't make you a burden, it doesn't make us hate you, and it sure as hell doesn't mean you have to spend your life alone because you upset people. It sucks. A lot. God knows I struggle daily with just giving enough of a shit about people to click a link and write a few words. But I don't give up, because I know people would miss me, and even when they eventually got over me I'd never be able to reconcile having given up instead of giving everything I had to becoming a better human being. I don't feel like you could, either. I may not know you as well as I think I do, but if I have you pegged right, you'll probably feel fine for a few months or so, maybe even as long as a year. But eventually, the bitterness will fade away, and you'll just look back on leaving as an enormous, pulsing regret in your past.

Regret is the strongest human emotion, and it never really leaves. I want everyone I know, regardless of how I feel about them, to live with as little regret as they can. No matter how much you hate yourself, you will eventually work past that, and you will have friends by your side when you do and every moment before. But you can't go back and just not abandon people you've left behind. Out of all the people I have ever known, the people that I think about most are the ones I never talk to. I can't go back and fix those relationships. I can't just make that okay. I may be able to re-establish contact with those people, but things won't ever be the same after that long away. So instead, I suggest doing what I do. Force yourself to hate it now for as long as you have to until you figure out how to solve the problem, and allow your friends to be your friends even if you don't feel like you deserve them, rather than spending your whole life wishing you hadn't done what you'd done.
>> No. 1784905
File 142517045793.png - (0.96MB , 5000x5461 , Pinkie Pie Vector Photographic Adventure.png )

Hey, Blooga.

I'm literally not doing anything right now, so we can talk if you want.
>> No. 1784907
File 142517048106.gif - (149.59KB , 480x480 , Shipando.gif )

What were you even trying to do?

Cinematics are enough story-wise. The actual game is pretty fun to play, but I can fill in any gaps if needed.

Also, postemptive hugs!
>> No. 1784909
File 142517054676.png - (68.51KB , 554x519 , excited.png )
OOOOH, I almost forgot! Did you see the most recent episode of gravity falls? it was super super good!
>> No. 1784910
File 142517055263.png - (1.14MB , 700x800 , 1425149339773.png )
Just be selfish. Everyone's selfish, even those who are 'good'.
>> No. 1784912
File 142517065837.png - (305.05KB , 979x863 , Greylight Perfection.png )
You've never lived in a place where that's a thing? It's a real danger. Its a surface that looks dark like its just wet, but actually has a thin layer of ice on it so you slide and don't expect it. Every day its warmer in the afternoon and colder at night the melted snow turns to black ice, and every morning I hear of a few people that fell on it. Two people went to the hospital from work yesterday.


What's up with Nova? I hear she's a thing, but she only appeared in like one cinematic as an antagonist trying to kill Kerrigan.
>> No. 1784913
File 142517069705.png - (141.83KB , 900x624 , Pinkie Pie Vector Surprise, Mothafucka!.png )

Oh hell yeah! Great episode! Glad to see Pacifica coming around to be more than just a walking one dimensional bleach blonde valley girl stereotype~

Although, thanks to that episode, the Dipper/Pacifica shipping is off the charts!!!
>> No. 1784914
File 142517087366.jpg - (712.79KB , 768x1024 , 4294378d1ef640fe7a34f981da5a1bd0.jpg )
I knew Pacifica would get a redemption episode at some point but they did a really good job on it. I wouldn't say I like the idea of Dipper/ Pacifica being a ship but it is a pretty cute friendship in my opinion.

I've busted my kneecaps a fair few times on black ice, it's the price of evening walks in winter I suppose.
>> No. 1784915
File 142517089829.png - (56.22KB , 405x367 , Fortuna - Skyware Sketch.png )
>Hugs tight
>> No. 1784917
File 142517096126.png - (393.67KB , 634x711 , butterfly.png )
It is, but I didn't think it was an actually big problem, but I guess that because I live in Texas where that happens maybe one week a year.

and it's a good ship. who would've figured.

It's quite honestly my favorite episode of the show yet. The character development was so quick, yet effective.
>> No. 1784919
File 142517100480.png - (122.13KB , 641x800 , It tickles.png )

She does appear a bit in the Terran campaign.

Both Nova and a guy named Tosh (Which was actually Nova's boyfriend before both got brainwashed in the ghost academy, according to the comics) contact you at the same time, Tosh offering help in exchange for helping him roll out his outright illegal Spectre program (Like ghosts but with overdeveloped psy powers), Nova offering help in exchange for helping her murder Tosh.

Depending on who you help, Tosh gets murdered or not, and you get either Spectres or Ghosts for the rest of the game.
>> No. 1784921
File 142517112317.png - (136.89KB , 833x958 , Pinkie Pie Vector Dive Right In.png )

I'm not a shipper in the slightest, personally. I was just surprised by how quickly the whole Dipifica thing blew up after that episode, though I suppose I shouldn't have been that surprised.

But yeah, Dipper and Pacifica as friends is cute and opens the doors for some potentially cool moments/episodes.
>> No. 1784922
File 142517112404.png - (240.13KB , 1500x1068 , Greylight Cocohugs.png )
I did the same coming out of my dorm like ten years ago. Bang my knee real bad and it never did heal quite right. Thankfully, I have full motion and no pain except when walking up stairs of a certain low grade, and those aren't a common type of stairs. So I'm more or less okay.

I need more hug piles. I'll go with this one; Tangy gets enough love :3

Its generally only a problem in areas where it flirts with freezing temperature a lot. In the north, you don't get it much because the snow doesn't melt that often and, when it does, it stays melted. But on days where its above and below 32 a lot, it gets really nasty.

Illegal according to the asshole Emperor you're trying to kill, yeah? Not sure that's a legitimate authority.

Novawaifuing aside, which one is better?
>> No. 1784923
File 142517115725.png - (91.34KB , 800x796 , Greyplying.png )
>I'm not a shipper in the slightest, personally.
>> No. 1784924
File 142517120346.jpg - (399.26KB , 850x890 , That's Lewd.jpg )

Because you are as human as I am.
I'll keep all of that in mind and I won't leave, okay?


I will do that then!
Also dat pic.
>> No. 1784925
File 142517121244.png - (305.92KB , 600x1101 , Cocoa - I'm always on top.png )
>> No. 1784927
File 142517131387.png - (31.14KB , 554x515 , Greylight o_o 2.png )
What. Now did I not have this.

Man, I need, like, a pony hug pile generator.
>> No. 1784928
File 142517131939.png - (400.55KB , 900x900 , SS_395.png )
Good. Leaving because you have to is one thing, but leaving because you feel like you should just never ends well.

And I really am making an effort to understand you better, if it seems like I'm not, we just come from opposite ends of the spectrum so we're bound by fate to butt heads at almost every turn.
>> No. 1784929
File 142517136636.png - (154.46KB , 800x800 , Liar Pie Vector I Didn't Eat the Rest of Your Nutella.png )

What!? I'm not! I swear! I just let Tangy handle it!~
>> No. 1784930
File 142517138411.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
>> No. 1784931
File 142517142431.png - (84.71KB , 500x500 , SS_428.png )
Deep down, each and every one of us is a little bit Tangy. Tao Tang.

>> No. 1784932
File 142517143142.jpg - (1.13MB , 1200x1697 , 1424867640732.jpg )
To be selfish is human. Aren't you always on about the power of humanity?

The Spectres were forced into it anyway. They were pretty chill and didn't end up being as psychotic as Nova claimed.
>> No. 1784933
File 142517143579.jpg - (23.86KB , 500x390 , 1422308682222.jpg )
A character like that almost always get some development eventually, it was a great episode though.

I kinda am for the right series but it's mostly platonic fluff ships with me.

Everything of mine still works just fine thankfully,
>> No. 1784936
File 142517158778.png - (81.58KB , 527x751 , sad 4.png )
>I still don't deserve a Hi
Such mean
>> No. 1784937
File 142517158945.png - (190.61KB , 1000x700 , Future Greylight Blankness.png )
We all have an inner Tangy in our hearts.

Terran Dominion canon worst most evil space government, and that's saying a lot.

Its like my only physical damage in life so far, thankfully, and years go by where I don't remember it. I think I'm doing okay.
>> No. 1784938
File 142517165764.png - (89.85KB , 500x500 , Cocoa - Ich Sprech Nicht Sehr Gut Deutsch.png )
>Hugs tighter
How are you?
>> No. 1784939
File 142517169481.jpg - (83.46KB , 552x760 , SS_337.jpg )
Fine, then I'll continue to fail to acknowledge your existence.

and in other places
>> No. 1784940
File 142517173150.png - (17.75KB , 143x150 , Sad 2.png )
No stahp dun do that it makes me sad
>> No. 1784941
File 142517180766.png - (190.19KB , 569x480 , why hello there.png )
>> No. 1784942
File 142517186387.png - (619.54KB , 516x802 , SSC_56.png )
Well we've already established that I'm mean, what's a little more meanness gonna do?

Evening, Noble.
>> No. 1784943
File 142517190206.png - (53.63KB , 1045x700 , 132685969420.png )
Still cold :3 I should turn up the heat.

And seeing half a conversation that is making me think I shouldn't be here right now.

I was going to say the same thing, but I'm not drunk enough.

Thankfully my fridge has the answer to THAT little problem.
>> No. 1784944
File 142517191688.jpg - (387.23KB , 4000x4000 , rDsMzIC.jpg )

Heh, I suppose that's true~


Hey, Noble!
>> No. 1784945
File 142517193914.png - (81.58KB , 527x751 , sad 4.png )
Push you from just being mean to being an irredeemable asshole, and nobody wants that!
>> No. 1784947
File 142517196017.jpg - (613.90KB , 833x1000 , The Battle is on!.jpg )

It's alright, thanks for continue replying to me.


Now I want to watch TTGL with Neptune...
Every moment I live is agony.

Spectres > Ghosts.
Outside of gameplay of course~
>> No. 1784948
File 142517199314.jpg - (17.34KB , 640x480 , Cocoa - As this graph shows, there is a fault line in the middle of the page.jpg )
>Hugs tighter
Does this help?
>> No. 1784949
File 142517205308.png - (1.06MB , 3000x7804 , SS_188.png )
I'd join you but I recently spent about a week drinking daily, so I think it's appropriate to give the booze a little rest.

Let free your inner ship, Shoxy~

Pffsh, I was irredeemable before I ever got here.

No problem.
Now I just hope I'm right.
>> No. 1784950
File 142517209258.png - (150.38KB , 975x819 , Embarassed.png )
>> No. 1784951
File 142517213809.png - (228.20KB , 569x480 , huh.png )
Greetings Hat, how goes?

Hi Shok, how are you?
>> No. 1784952
File 142517219785.png - (141.34KB , 900x639 , Pinkie Pie Vector He DID Use a Condom, Right___.png )

B-but I'm scared of my inner ship!~


I'm doing just fine. Yourself?
>> No. 1784955
File 142517230460.png - (127.33KB , 934x608 , SS_312.png )
lol whatever dork

Desperately trying, and failing hilariously, to study.

I've got some mixology flash cards to burn through, and I haven't even made it halfway in about 3 hours.

Set it free! Sail those ship on the open seas of the Internet! You're unsinkable, baby!
>> No. 1784956
File 142517230705.jpg - (731.08KB , 1273x2042 , 1424971259460.jpg )
That'd be pretty fun, no lie.

It's depressing, but true. The Dominion a shit.
>> No. 1784958
File 142517237295.png - (70.88KB , 900x610 , Greylight Sea of Medocracy.png )
> sailing ships on the open seas

>> No. 1784959
File 142517237583.png - (150.66KB , 1191x670 , oh no i fell over and put my bum in the air whatever shall i do.png )
yy u do dis2 me
>> No. 1784960
File 142517250775.png - (104.41KB , 500x513 , SS_191.png )
Cuz, y'know, I have that whole massive bitch thing going for me.
>> No. 1784962
File 142517256929.png - (49.77KB , 348x320 , Durr.png )
And postin good pics of it too
>> No. 1784963
File 142517257105.png - (126.90KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nhvvbzElQ71re4zdbo2_1280.png )
And then crimson vanishes because he was tired and stuff. but hello
>> No. 1784964
File 142517257686.png - (150.63KB , 347x425 , Pinkie Pie lol i dunno.png )

Of course Haruhi is a total shipper.

Actually, given her powers, that's rather scary~
>> No. 1784967
File 142517265246.png - (422.68KB , 1024x1592 , SS_220.png )
I'm sexy and I know it.

I've never even seen that animu, I wouldn't know.
>> No. 1784968
File 142517276206.jpg - (661.36KB , 761x1077 , Good Pals.jpg )

Have faith!


Just doing anything geeky with these girls would be AWESOME!

The Dominion is pretty bad, but you should see what the UEF does in SupCom.
>> No. 1784969
>can't tell if departing or arriving but hello
>> No. 1784970
File 142517281579.png - (362.54KB , 1280x1411 , tumblr_ng3lkg1zJh1re4zdbo3_r1_1280.png )
Somewhere in between, like the void or oemthing.
im staying though
>> No. 1784972
File 142517288185.png - (285.96KB , 1024x1902 , Pinkie Pie Vector The Scream Imitation.png )

Dear God, he's leaving and coming at the same time...

...what manner of witchcraft be this!?~
>> No. 1784973
is it warm there?
>> No. 1784974
File 142517293305.png - (280.68KB , 1280x1415 , tumblr_ndxdkiEWUE1re4zdbo2_1280.png )
I believe you mortals called it bad grammar
I'm wearing a jacket so not really.
>> No. 1784975
File 142517304782.png - (106.63KB , 596x600 , he's holding me hostage help.png )
Yeah, if they do end up putting them together, I don't want it to be any time soon. I want them to develop as friends first, and then maybe have them hint at it at the very end.

well i did slip around on the sidewalks while walking my dog a lot today, so maybe it happens more than i think! but i honestly have a bunch of memories of having fun as a kid on that junk sliding around everywhere, so my brain sees it as fun.

But this was leaps and bounds above 95% of the other episodes like it, though. I'm not quite sure why.
>> No. 1784976
lolno, i'm just a nobody
>> No. 1784977
File 142517307425.gif - (327.62KB , 303x356 , Dizzy belle.gif )
Wait, what do you blow and for how much
>> No. 1784978
File 142517316676.gif - (2.95MB , 562x380 , 1425134869249.gif )
You're not a nobody. You have a name.
A true nobody would be anonymous. And not my sort of half-assed 'people know who I am anyway' anonymous.

Vidya would be great.
>> No. 1784980
File 142517322333.png - (809.15KB , 1772x1144 , sleepie belle 2.png )
Aaand to sleepies I go.
>> No. 1784982
nobody's with names are the worst kind of nobody's, though. they demand an identity even though they haven't earned one. anons are the modest shadow-dwellers in comparison. well sometimes.. heh
>> No. 1784984
File 142517350879.gif - (352.14KB , 500x507 , Pinkie Pie YES! YES! YES!.gif )
Yes! I finally got that email from the BronyCon staff! About time!
>> No. 1784985
File 142517359947.png - (162.47KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nhvvbzElQ71re4zdbo4_1280.png )
So today I got a fun letter. it was from a company that makes graduation announcement cards.

because I apparently was never removed from a list
>> No. 1784987
File 142517363145.jpg - (38.12KB , 303x291 , 1424763395297.jpg )
Well how else are you going to make a name?
>> No. 1784988
Well, see.. you click the box next to 'Name' and then you type letters until something that resembles a word or name comes up.

Is.. is this why you're an Anon? Have you just.. not figured it out yet? What a twist
>> No. 1784989
File 142517390651.jpg - (55.39KB , 413x700 , 332983__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_pinkie-pie_equestria-girls_ur-a-faget_519e72e7a4c72da368000.jpg )
>> No. 1784990
File 142517417217.png - (47.46KB , 291x245 , 1423800384114.png )
But that's not an identity, silly.

You make an identity by running around and demanding attention.

Popular niches include "The asshole", "The Cynic", "The nice guy", or "That guy who verbalizes his opinions in an overly severe manner".

Or you could be ambitious and do all four!
>> No. 1784992
File 142517430553.png - (126.90KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nhvvbzElQ71re4zdbo2_1280.png )
>Or you could be ambitious and do all four!
"That Cynical ass that is a pretty nice guy who also verbalizes his opinions in an overly severe manner"?
yeah, maybe anon is a bit shorter
>> No. 1784993
That's funny.. I am all four, yet I'm not ambitious..
I was just trying to have fun with my name though, not make a new identity. Apparently I've accidentally gone covert.. unless you're just humoring me for some reason. Who knows.
>> No. 1784994
File 142517431291.png - (359.65KB , 601x579 , Pinkie Pie Yes! I Made the Cut!.png )

Heh, that's pretty weird.

How long has it been since you graduated from high school/college?


Hey, that's exactly what the email said!~
>> No. 1784995
File 142517437086.png - (169.94KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_ngtghwq0sq1re4zdbo2_1280.png )
Oh, high school was a long time ago, like you were probably just starting high school by the time I was done.
no I never graduated college, they failed me
>> No. 1784996
File 142517441367.png - (874.26KB , 600x923 , 1424969818212.png )
I'm humoring myself more than anything.

But everyone knows pictures are the most important part of a good identity. Whoever you are, I'm sure your real identity is going to be quite the.. surprise...

Shorter isn't always better!
>> No. 1784997
File 142517442129.png - (131.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo4_1280.png )
>impusivelly buys rpg maker
>might regret this
>or going to build a damn near awesome game
>> No. 1784998
File 142517443418.png - (424.71KB , 1951x1484 , Pinkie Pie Vector Pinkie Handimare Pie is On the Job!.png )

Oh, so you were, like, class of 2008 or something?
>> No. 1785000
File 142517450865.png - (110.27KB , 362x368 , SS_426.png )
>the wrench has screws in it
>> No. 1785001
I'm okay with that, just thought you hated my guts. Unless I'm mistaking you for the other anon.

Heh.. oh you.
Pictures are too much effort. You have to click and move the mouse and click again and it's just so much unnecessary work, y'know?
>> No. 1785002
File 142517458940.png - (124.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo5_1280.png )
no, sooner. like three years more
>> No. 1785003
File 142517459933.jpg - (2.21MB , 1417x2008 , Cyot Megami.jpg )

As long as it's not Mario Party~
>> No. 1785006
File 142517467270.png - (392.13KB , 1100x1300 , Pinkie Pie Vector I Can Party With My Eyes Closed!.png )

So you can screw the wrench to the wall when you're finished with it, of course. That way, you don't lose it~
>> No. 1785007
File 142517474928.png - (140.53KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nji0nrDDcP1re4zdbo7_1280.png )
Why would I screw a wrench that sounds pain...
>> No. 1785008
File 142517486709.png - (114.97KB , 567x939 , c30873457c05a19f543fdeb4004f2fc5.png )
You're not mistaking me. I don't actually hate anyone, and that's genuine.

RPG Maker takes a lot of work, but it's honestly pretty fun to work with... When it works.

You only play Mario Party with people you hate. That's a fact.
>> No. 1785010
File 142517493660.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
good to know
>> No. 1785011
Fair enough. I guess that's comforting.
>I don't hate anyone
>Mario Kart with people you hate
Well I'm confus'd
>> No. 1785012
>depth perception mattering in a video game
>> No. 1785014
File 142517515951.png - (545.11KB , 566x800 , abb2d30421c753a48cbb316ee61f07b7.png )
There's a reason I don't play Mario Party.

Reminds me, I want to do some work on my own game now. I stopped because I was getting annoyed at a script, but I want to take another crack at it.
>> No. 1785015
>replying this late

yangalang pls
>> No. 1785016
Er.. right.. Mario Party. I said Kart, didn't I?
I think I've only ever played that game twice in my life.. 'twas fun when I did, though.

Well.. it was kind of fun.. not really..
>> No. 1785026
File 142517569938.png - (331.84KB , 1600x1505 , SS_262.png )
Fuck it, I'm not getting any more studying done tonight.

Back to destroying bots.
>> No. 1785027
File 142517574719.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
Back from my nap.
>> No. 1785029
File 142517583481.png - (205.55KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo2_1280.png )
I saw you had a rough day, I did to and also took a nap
>> No. 1785030
File 142517583742.jpg - (309.45KB , 600x800 , 8730d57ea02ac2e650f19c8527f91aa5.jpg )
It is fun at others' expense.

>Playing with some people at a game club
>I'm in dead last, 0 stars, 300+ coins though
>Everyone else has 2 stars, guy in front has 5
>Last turn nearly over, last person who's going to win steps on a stray space
>Now I have 2 stars.
>I get 3 bonus stars out of the 4 or 5 possible
>I win because I had the most coins
>I win in the most bullshit fashion possible
>Everyone is mad
>> No. 1785031
is sucks when taking a nice hot shower, washing my face off in the water in the middle of my shower then open my eyes and notice my hand is covered in blood. What did you think I was gonna say~? And the bathtub is covered in blood. And then I have stop the shower, get out, drip water everywhere, attempt to dry one hand off with a towel so I don't soak a tissue when I pick it up, while my other hand keeps more blood from gushing from my nose. Then stand there waiting for the bloody nose to stop. Then I can finally resume my shower. but now it's just ruined.
>> No. 1785032
Heh, case in point.
I won two out of three games but it felt so pointless, I mean the two I won I didn't do anything to deserve it and the one I lost I was totally on my game. I admire how Nintendo is willing to add elements to their games that make it so those in last place can still have a chance but sometimes it's a bit ridiculous.

But who am I kidding, I still wanted to pick up a copy - I just have no one to play with so I figured it'd be a waste.
>> No. 1785033
File 142517601346.jpg - (13.33KB , 335x335 , Despair.jpg )

I mostly just had nightmares again.
>> No. 1785034
Should you be calling 911?
>> No. 1785037
File 142517613735.png - (140.53KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nji0nrDDcP1re4zdbo7_1280.png )
I agree as that is worrisome
I dont know what I had dream wise, it was weird and I woke up feeling weird
>> No. 1785038

no. I'm good. Stupid winter sucking all the humidity out of the air. I get nosebleeds regularly.
>> No. 1785040
File 142517624601.png - (18.98KB , 397x398 , Howl at the moon.png )

I don't have a good summary. It all seemed so long, but I guess it only happened in the span of an hour or so. It was pretty much entirely about work or people from work, though.
>> No. 1785078
File 142517815344.gif - (196.21KB , 1818x934 , 142497792682.gif )
>> No. 1785099
File 142517918198.png - (104.26KB , 500x703 , tumblr_inline_ni3ccnyo3M1qg966v.png )
is that a fetish map?
>> No. 1785100
File 142517921094.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )


Yes it is.
>> No. 1785103
File 142517924543.png - (362.54KB , 1280x1411 , tumblr_ng3lkg1zJh1re4zdbo3_r1_1280.png )
Why am I not on it
(This is a joke)
>> No. 1785112
File 142517977197.png - (124.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo5_1280.png )
I made a map in RPG maker
>> No. 1785114
what kind of map?
>> No. 1785119
File 142517995320.png - (126.90KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nhvvbzElQ71re4zdbo2_1280.png )
nothing special. just a thing to test the maker out
>> No. 1785122
ahh a test map.
>> No. 1785128
File 142518024987.png - (372.69KB , 1280x1890 , tumblr_nea9kh3Pla1re4zdbo2_1280.png )
yeah, nothing big. just a "What am I doing" thing.
>> No. 1785131
so what kind of maps does rpg maker make?
>> No. 1785135
File 142518041003.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
the game calls anything your character moves around on a map. Sorry i was in the lingo mode. its just whatever is in the tileset you choose. I am hoping that I can get a means to mix things up a bit so I am not stuck with only forest for one map or something.
>> No. 1785139
ahhh. so is it 2d side scrolling or isometric or whatever?
>> No. 1785140
File 142518053635.png - (415.91KB , 1280x1469 , tumblr_nit34fgfio1re4zdbo2_r1_1280.png )
>> No. 1785142
neat, still messing with unity then yet?
>> No. 1785145
File 142518063343.png - (131.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo4_1280.png )
no, I am not at the skill level for unity
>> No. 1785162
File 142518173428.png - (193.54KB , 1168x700 , g2326.png )
>> No. 1785176
File 142518234202.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
>> No. 1785180
File 142518244494.jpg - (318.97KB , 850x1301 , sitting.jpg )
Looking at that, I seriously don't even recognize half of those fetishes.

I think the only thing there I could fall under is like, thigh-highs and stockings.
Otherwise I'm developing some affection for navels, which isn't on the chart.

>Orgasmic explosions
Made me laugh a lot harder than I should have.
>> No. 1785181
File 142518250519.png - (32.26KB , 539x593 , The Thinker.png )

There's a lot in there that even I don't recognize, and I thought I had pretty much seen it all, but... getting stuck in the mud?
>> No. 1785184
File 142518268372.png - (144.80KB , 512x512 , Today ain't shippy, I'ma sleepy.png )
>> No. 1785189
File 142518279614.png - (280.68KB , 1280x1415 , tumblr_ndxdkiEWUE1re4zdbo2_1280.png )
good night tangy
>> No. 1785199
File 142518313972.jpg - (218.76KB , 1522x1269 , 6dbfedef09023cfa843cd62e563f08f9.jpg )
>> No. 1785200
File 142518319334.png - (269.73KB , 569x480 , oh hey.png )
I feel pretty good
>> No. 1785201
File 142518325582.png - (279.68KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_nfj6mt5iwC1stqpcro9_1280.png )
>> No. 1785205
crimmmsson heelp
>> No. 1785207
File 142518349897.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
What do you need?
>> No. 1785210
goddamnit now that song's stuck in my head again
>> No. 1785211
iii ddon't knoowww
>> No. 1785215
File 142518375671.png - (251.67KB , 1280x1460 , tumblr_nfq3k598811re4zdbo2_1280.png )
Not had your daily dose of Crimson today?
>> No. 1785222
File 142518406828.jpg - (104.52KB , 717x700 , b0efe4df1fa9cea5a980834a2ed41f24.jpg )

Hey Hey Hey Hey.


Are you drunk?


Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
>> No. 1785224
File 142518411868.png - (107.29KB , 810x875 , Greylight Need More Sexy Greylight.png )
mmaybe that is it!
>> No. 1785225
It's one of those songs you want to hate because it's so obnoxious but you can't because it's so damn catchy and entertaining..
>> No. 1785228
File 142518422079.png - (124.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo5_1280.png )
>Crimson activities intensify
>> No. 1785229
File 142518430510.png - (228.20KB , 569x480 , huh.png )

A little
>> No. 1785230
File 142518433140.png - (79.48KB , 584x700 , Greylight Wink (2).png )
>> No. 1785231
File 142518435645.png - (122.42KB , 640x480 , ashley videogame warioware.png )

Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me.


Everyone could use more Crimson.


I could tell.
>> No. 1785232
I hate you and I hope you die and you suck and also I'm tired g'night Dragon
>> No. 1785233
File 142518448818.jpg - (440.25KB , 587x1188 , Purple Heart.jpg )

Bare your midriff bro!~
>> No. 1785235
File 142518450337.png - (126.90KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nhvvbzElQ71re4zdbo2_1280.png )
Isn't this rather expected on Saturday nights now? Someone is going to be drunk?
I guess you have been a bit short on getting enough Crimson in your system of late.
perhaps I should order some shipping from tangy and fix this problem
>Everyone could use more Crimson.
There is only one after all.
>> No. 1785236
File 142518450923.png - (223.25KB , 1200x1098 , Greylight Dragohugs.png )
>> No. 1785237
File 142518452825.png - (1.86MB , 1500x1900 , e5914c52cc619a4c97ca6b9cd956d560.png )

G'night Akhe. Sleep well.
>> No. 1785238
File 142518455106.png - (122.48KB , 640x480 , ashley smiling looks kinda wrong.png )
>> No. 1785241
File 142518462333.png - (299.43KB , 1280x1550 , tumblr_nh7hqvVjjB1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
You're next cutie
>> No. 1785244
File 142518484474.png - (104.26KB , 500x703 , tumblr_inline_ni3ccnyo3M1qg966v.png )
well I mean I am best overlord so obviously I will be shipped with everyone eventually or something
>> No. 1785245
File 142518489188.png - (189.77KB , 646x700 , Detective Greylight Unimpressed.png )
>> No. 1785247
File 142518496802.jpg - (74.92KB , 700x700 , eece3fa5dfa06e30ee92f68d534799b5.jpg )

Heehee, silly.


I don't think I've ever seen Ashley smile in fanart.
>> No. 1785250
File 142518505835.png - (264.57KB , 569x480 , you feeling alright.png )
You could?

I guess more so than ever
>> No. 1785251
File 142518506414.png - (362.54KB , 1280x1411 , tumblr_ng3lkg1zJh1re4zdbo3_r1_1280.png )
saicrim otp?
>> No. 1785253
File 142518514337.jpg - (126.38KB , 800x900 , a46ca8e5b0fb3087719455b9b25cbc40.jpg )

Nah, I'm bullshitting.

What's up, mate?


Works for me!
>> No. 1785255
File 142518522630.jpg - (326.66KB , 839x1100 , 38da1a9ac5abc562e01f42edfcd8c2e9.jpg )
>I don't think I've ever seen Ashley smile in fanart.
She's still cute though. Her song is definitely one of my favorites in smash.

Pfft, on girls only, that is.
>> No. 1785260
File 142518541624.jpg - (378.34KB , 800x800 , 83258bfd02f65ea88ebf04d2fe054d9a.jpg )

Suddenly Cabs!

Yeah, I love her song too. The stage it plays on in Smash 4's not so bad, either.
>> No. 1785266
File 142518553305.png - (47.46KB , 291x245 , 1423800384114.png )
Other than it being a complete pain in the ass sometimes.

That asshole comes from the TV!
>> No. 1785269
File 142518571678.gif - (5.26MB , 640x360 , SexyCute.gif )

Of course~
But that's good enough for me!
>> No. 1785271
File 142518576361.png - (333.86KB , 639x497 , fc25638161f887d1b8c16929b1916ecd.png )

Heheheh. Yeah, a few of the places that stage hazard shows up from are pretty awful.

>> No. 1785275
File 142518609084.png - (582.30KB , 720x1184 , 1424833211530.png )
I certainly do like girls. And swimsuits.
And girls in swimsuits.

It's just a pain, and something more to keep track of.
But I mostly just play Omega stages with my friends. It's not like we're competitive, but it's just fun to smack each other around normally.
>> No. 1785276
File 142518620218.png - (141.12KB , 617x1024 , SS_311.png )
>finish my first daily at 00:01
>don't get it because day changed
>> No. 1785277
yyoou caan store up to 3 aand do them al whenver. Thatt shoudln';t have happened.
>> No. 1785278
File 142518628892.jpg - (47.54KB , 540x600 , 4758cdaabaa2c8388ccd4f258b2f18ee.jpg )

I know what you mean, yeah. I thought the whole Omega stages thing was silly, but it's grown on me.

Plus it makes some stages a lot more fun. The Great Cave Offensive is too damn huge for my tastes, but the Omega version is pretty nice.
>> No. 1785283
File 142518667848.png - (275.08KB , 600x728 , d9fdc1a94be9f8f96c0085667042b2cf.png )
I don't even know how much I've done, but I think I've felt the same. Omega stages are really nice, and some of them are so much fun.

and of course, having whatever music you want while you play is 10/10.
>> No. 1785284
File 142518678622.jpg - (1.10MB , 980x1544 , This is my fetish.jpg )

Classic one piece, blue which is a great colour and a solid choice, not bad at all~


I like girls, with guns, doing gun kata stances.
>> No. 1785287
File 142518703248.png - (1.04MB , 1100x1200 , a92e419aea32fd22ecfb2d38c6c3ef13.png )

Yeah it is.

Hey, do you have the 3DS version, or the WiiU version? Epon and I have the WiiU version and we play together sometimes.


How's the Herostorming going?


You might like the Wild Arms series. They're a bunch of PS1-PS2 era JRPGs with wild west themes. Lots of cute girls and guns.
>> No. 1785288
>> No. 1785289
File 142518713383.png - (490.17KB , 900x506 , 1423949482234.png )
And because I was curious.
65 hours on the 3DS version alone.
832 battles, 709 victories. 85.2%

Hehe, so I found out.

Technically both, though I only have the 3DS version down at school since I don't have a TV down here.

I'd love to play with you guys sometime. And I'm fine with any rules, really.
I played recently with Egg and we did some hilarious things with custom builds.
>> No. 1785290
File 142518734434.png - (1.33MB , 788x911 , 4145046f80c7ef6b21f697c4bee9b437.png )

Having a bad run? Sorry mate. Keep at it, though!


Ah, I see.

Glad to hear Egg's still around, I miss that guy.
>> No. 1785291
File 142518748609.png - (192.53KB , 569x480 , jackets are overrated.png )
Well, I had a bit of an emotional moment not too long ago, and then I've been trying to talk to the best of my ability in voice.

It's had varying degrees of success.
>> No. 1785292
File 142518759197.png - (124.62KB , 483x558 , SS_378.png )
Is Mondo still here?
>> No. 1785295
File 142518799844.gif - (1.71MB , 400x225 , M_Z SKL Gun Kata.gif )

It takes guts to use guns when the Rule of Cool favours CQC, you know?


Gun Kata, the one thing that I just can't help but squeak in delight at, this gif explains it all perfectly~
>> No. 1785296
ahhh, i don't mmind winning or losing or any of that. its just the... other stuff goingg ing. Pepeples tuff.
>> No. 1785297
File 142518821570.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , Everything went better than expected.png )

>> No. 1785298
gimme ur lunch money hots account, nerd
>> No. 1785299
File 142518827497.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

>> No. 1785307
File 142518926446.png - (231.98KB , 569x480 , this is where i sleep.png )
>> No. 1785308
File 142518930012.png - (166.39KB , 888x899 , Pinkie Pie Vector Twilight is So Silly! It's TOTALLY Okay to Stare Straight At the Sun!.png )

Goodnight, Noble!
>> No. 1785309
File 142518972446.jpg - (1.78MB , 1090x1200 , ea37850566ea6a902a88e44f77d64304.jpg )

G'night Noble.


People are fillies. On the bright side, whatever problems are going on will probably be forgotten in the morning.


Hey Shok.
>> No. 1785310
File 142518986010.png - (171.15KB , 894x894 , Pinkie Pie Vector The Art of the Pie.png )

How are you this evening, Dragon?
>> No. 1785311
File 142518993261.jpg - (47.54KB , 540x600 , 4758cdaabaa2c8388ccd4f258b2f18ee.jpg )

Pretty good! Just logging some hours in FF14. How about you?
>> No. 1785312
File 142518998677.png - (191.90KB , 900x1096 , Pinkie Pie Vector What Are You Talking About, Rarity! My Mane Looks Fine!.png )

Also doing good! How's FF14 coming along?
>> No. 1785313
File 142518999275.jpg - (57.15KB , 698x600 , 10421282_790852361003685_4256330153834089233_n.jpg )
>> No. 1785314
File 142519005558.png - (285.86KB , 446x430 , 141407170170.png )

>> No. 1785315
File 142519021406.jpg - (104.52KB , 717x700 , b0efe4df1fa9cea5a980834a2ed41f24.jpg )

Kinda good. I made some clothes for my alt but it turns out I can't mail stuff to anyone outside my friend list for some reason. So until I figure out why I have to wait for Rainy to get that stuff.


Hey Raindrops.
>> No. 1785316
File 142519028172.gif - (762.12KB , 500x200 , 2.gif )
>> No. 1785317
File 142519029126.png - (133.71KB , 800x800 , Pinkie Pie Vector Her Countenance Whereupon Sour Candy.png )

>I can't mail stuff to anyone outside my friend list for some reason.

Rainy's not on your friends list? Can you add him?
>> No. 1785318
File 142519030590.png - (516.26KB , 1000x1000 , 133408442318.png )
Hi Guys

So this is basically the last internet connection I'll have for a long time. I just wanted to say hi to everyone one last time. and to ask someone to save my thread for me. Possibly ask the mods to archive it
>> No. 1785319
File 142519043343.png - (122.48KB , 640x480 , ashley smiling looks kinda wrong.png )

Nah, Rainy is. But my alt is not.


Ah, right...


>> No. 1785320
File 142519049968.png - (467.22KB , 1060x1003 , Pinkie Pie Vector Sippin' On Dat Party Cola.png )

Ah, I see.


Well, glad to have you here one last time. Here's hoping the mods will do you that kindness.
>> No. 1785322
File 142519062402.png - (1.18MB , 1233x980 , SSC_117.png )
>play Tyrande first time
>25 kill streak

So this is who Soraka was designed after.

...I think i like this version better.
>> No. 1785323
File 142519070720.png - (33.10KB , 250x245 , 257798__safe_pinkie-pie_vector_pinkamena-diane-pie_smile_happy_51198e2da4c72deae0000344_512ee408.png )

You posting Homestuck now?

>> No. 1785325
File 142519077248.jpg - (632.68KB , 600x600 , b87773dd34dabf9a1ecd7b86b7804bc3.jpg )

Homestuck posting is the best.


Do you want to play together, by chance?
>> No. 1785326
I just started one, but after this sure.
>> No. 1785327
File 142519083617.jpg - (71.81KB , 609x630 , 10.jpg )
Hey Dragon
>> No. 1785328
File 142519086516.png - (363.80KB , 1280x1024 , 40911 - artist echowolf800 pinkamena_diane_pie pinkie_pie.png )
but I always think it's Astra when I see that.
>> No. 1785330
File 142519090236.png - (466.42KB , 1024x1024 , 502e0afb88753f248b31b5e3076d42c7.png )

Er, no. This is Ashley, from Nintendo's Wario Ware series.


Riot nerfed Soraka into the pavement. But even if they hadn't, Tyrande would be better anyways.


How's Zeffy?
>> No. 1785334
File 142519103560.gif - (503.03KB , 515x636 , boop boop.gif )
I'm alright, how's Dragon?
>> No. 1785340
File 142519136501.jpg - (229.56KB , 879x821 , 7b90e23bf5c8a0c7a8a645fffa66ba36.jpg )

Dragon's a chilly dragon.
>> No. 1785342
File 142519146784.jpg - (760.31KB , 2548x1575 , 99969 - applejack artist solar-slash fluttershy hnnng pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity scarf twili.jpg )
Curl up in a blanket and have some hot chocolate
Which is what I'm doing
I recommend it.
>> No. 1785343
File 142519152917.jpg - (104.52KB , 717x700 , b0efe4df1fa9cea5a980834a2ed41f24.jpg )

I have no hot chocolate.
>> No. 1785344
File 142519158584.png - (105.00KB , 500x500 , 198517.png )
That is very unfortunate.
>> No. 1785345
File 142519160583.jpg - (56.42KB , 600x591 , 1424814875561.jpg )
Aren't you always cold?

>I miss that guy.
Delayed, but he's pretty busy usually. He's working as a trucker, I think. So contact is pretty sparse.
>> No. 1785347
File 142519177877.jpg - (40.93KB , 450x450 , 41cd2b81cb9d6174d14e7e8b0de34f16.jpg )

Quite so.