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>> No. 1793604
File 142583125012.png - (1.41MB , 1366x768 , 39210_2015-03-04_00016.png )

Heh, alrighty.

I really need to get back to playing it sometime, heheh.
>> No. 1793606
File 142583133725.png - (76.17KB , 833x549 , Greylight Filly Nap.png )
It's a game I come and go on. Right now I'm on a foolish errand quest to beat the game with every ship layout, even if only on easy. Only got about a half dozen to go.

How's the sexy kitty doing? Still buried in butter?
>> No. 1793607
that reminds me that I don't think I've played FTL since that major update came a long while ago. I should try it maybe. But so many other games to play...hmm.

also hello everyone and good morning
>> No. 1793610
File 142583149477.png - (68.75KB , 594x838 , Necklight.png )
Advanced content adds a TON of stuff. Two new subsystems, cloning bay as a medbay alternative, new race, new sector, a new layout for every ship, TONS of a new weapons and drones, rebalancing for some weapons and drones that were too weak, various interface changes to make it easier to see what's going on and control your crew... its like a complete, free expansion. These devs are awesome.

What other games are you playing lately?

Also good morning.
>> No. 1793611
File 142583152925.png - (1.73MB , 1366x768 , 39210_2015-03-05_00002.png )

Good luck, mate! I'd count myself lucky if I managed it with even one, I'm not very good at the game.

This time I'm buried in bronze. Took up blacksmithing on account of it being too freezing here to have feeling in my fingers.

You wanna hear something weird? I was up since about 2 in the morning, and up until the sun came up it was pretty warm in our house. The heat wasn't even on, either. Once the sun came up it's like the temperature plummeted 20-30 degrees.


Hey Noble.

>> No. 1793613
File 142583162174.png - (115.63KB , 621x649 , USER HUGGING TIME!.png )
>> No. 1793614
File 142583162633.png - (363.49KB , 1244x700 , Future Greylight The Cold Light of Dawn.png )
Dat frickin dust cloth, man.

Also, this filename that never made any sense suddenly makes sense in your situation! Not that I understand why.
>> No. 1793616
File 142583176521.png - (1.37MB , 1366x768 , 39210_2015-03-04_00009.png )

No Reccy no!


I know, right? At this point I doubt this catgirl will ever stop being adorable.

It's probably got something to do with the material the house is made out of or something. Hell if I know.
>> No. 1793617
File 142583176588.png - (275.30KB , 1200x1080 , APPARENTLY VERY LEWD IMAGE.png )
>> No. 1793618
File 142583190097.png - (94.04KB , 286x349 , skippity skip.png )
Yes Dragon yes!

How are y'all?
>> No. 1793619
oh wow, that's a lot of additions actually. I wonder how much easier I can do a mostly drone run...

As far as other games are concerned, I've just been on a Hyrule Warriors kick all week. Anytime I think about playing other games, I cant really decide on anything without feeling regret on other games. It's weird.

sorry for the delayed response, kind of distracted.

Hi there Dragon

Hi Reccy
>> No. 1793620
File 142583227749.png - (136.80KB , 1101x726 , Greylight Siiiiip.png )
I just completed a mostly drone run, even if it doesn't look like it. Engi and stealth ships can carry 3 drones so they're best for it. Get that drone recovery arm and you can drone all over the place.

I think I'm waiting for that final DLC to get back into HW, but I admit I'm sort of burned out, and the last DLC being kind of lame (in my opinion, others may disagree) is turning me off it a bit.

I'm good, things are nice here. All good on the Reccy front?
>> No. 1793621
File 142583229694.png - (721.38KB , 1280x720 , me.png )
Hi Dragon!
How are you?

Personally I've been on a star trek kick lately, been playing a lot of Star Trek Online. Which I swear can function as space barbie with all the stuff you get to customize.
>> No. 1793622
Yeah, just working my paper a bit, almost finished now, just need to put in in text citations that I forgot to put in.
>> No. 1793624
File 142583287275.jpg - (813.85KB , 948x1000 , Love~.jpg )

These girls are pretty hot.
>> No. 1793625
I remember enjoying the Engi ship when I played last, cant remember if I won with the ship or not.

fair enough on waiting for the next DLC to drop. I think Tangy said its fun, the Ganon mode. i really havent even delved into the Twilight and Majora Adventure maps yet, so I cant comment much on how they are, I'm just hoping to complete the first one sometime this year, haha.

I guess I'm Dragon now? heh, Star Trek sounds fun, just not sure I can dedicate myself to an MMO at the time.
>> No. 1793628
File 142583303460.png - (114.80KB , 618x396 , Emberassed.png )

Also Hi Blazing! How are you?
oh god that typo why
Yes, you are Dragon now obviously.
Now post cat people.

Yeah, I'd say it is for the most part, though ground combat is a bit of a slog, but space combat is more interesting.
Though yeah, MMOs just seem to suck time away. it's probably a bad idea to play it if you have other things to do that day.
>> No. 1793629
File 142583311129.jpg - (291.20KB , 1280x720 , 2014-04-18_00001.jpg )
Just reference wikipedia and call it a day.


Sup Dragon!

Engi ship is cool, though I find its inability to command the drones to specific targets frustrating. But it does have the novelty of going "ahahaha dance puppets dance!" as you watch the enemy squirm.

As always, I keep my preference for gleaming battlecruisers. Nothing will ever top the Osprey for me.
>> No. 1793630
Doing just that. do you have that crazy crew on the Osprey?
>> No. 1793631
File 142583325816.png - (97.72KB , 365x450 , Greylight Considering.png )
What do you mean? That's what it starts with.
>> No. 1793632
I would have figured it'd be mostly human. that's a federation cruiser right?
>> No. 1793634
File 142583341234.gif - (292.74KB , 1024x576 , I don't think I understand you.gif )

I'm decent, thought me staying up too late costed me the life of 4 of my adventurers, stupid cannibal Hag.


Good Morning!
>> No. 1793635
File 142583341823.png - (145.34KB , 984x700 , Greylacorn Smile.png )
Yeah. The "human" ships are the Kestrel and its variants. The Federation ships all have a bunch of aliens as crew. Osprey's starting crew is easily the best in the game, since all of those dudes are good at something specific that you want.
>> No. 1793636
RIP party.
who's that your posting as?
Ah, okay then, guess I got too used to the idea of the federation ships basically being all humans all the time.
>> No. 1793637
I'd post the cat person from when I tried the FFXIV trial, but I dont remember where the screenshots of that game are stored.

I would hope that Star Trek has interesting space combat.

The Osprey is pretty good, I have to admit. What ship was it that started with the long cooldown artillery? i enjoyed that one as well.
>> No. 1793638
Yeah, it's interesting with the rerouting of power and it's always fun to just tractor beam someone. Also the Romulan starting ship is silly, you cloak, set all power to weapons, and then just blow up whatever you aim at in seconds. Way more fun than it should be.
>> No. 1793639
File 142583373776.jpg - (270.99KB , 1280x720 , 2014-04-14_00012.jpg )
I though all those Star Trek federation ships had a bunch of alien crews too?

>What ship was it that started with the long cooldown artillery?

Thaaaat's the Osprey. That beam is pretty much useless in early game with a 50-second cooldown, but it starts with a good basic weapon so you're okay in early game, and by the time that weapon isn't useful anymore you probably have the beam down to 30 or 20 seconds. Add a few more weapons on there and nothing will survive, or go full defense and let the beam win every fight sooner or later.
>> No. 1793640
Well they do generally, at least in the cartoon and books and games. But in the tv series you're going to find humans or aliens that look like humans, like Betazoids or Trill or Vulcans.
>> No. 1793641
File 142583393416.jpg - (830.14KB , 2615x1307 , That hurts.jpg )

I failed them, I was too greedy and confident after having beaten the Swine Prince and the Necromancer Apprentice.

This is IF, the big sister like character from the 3 starting girls on Neptunia.
>> No. 1793642
I sometimes wonder if I would really enjoy space combat sims and MMOs, I mean, they always look interesting, such as in EVE and Star Trek, but I feel like it would take such a commitment to get good at it. Is Star Trek at least free if I recall correctly?

I had a feeling I was confusing the Osprey with something else, which is why I asked. but no, seems that was the reason I liked it so much. I went the defensive route to let the beam do the dirty work for me
>> No. 1793643
Ah, okay!

To be fair I'd imagine after that you'd feel invincible
Yeah, STO is free to play.
>> No. 1793644
File 142583412473.png - (45.21KB , 278x390 , Greylight-Mrmrmrmmmrm.png )
Maybe we should join Reccycrew
>> No. 1793645
>inb4 I lose interest around the time you join
Sadly we cannot all be in the same ship, we all are captains.
Also the three factions are more fun than I thought.
Though the Klingon one at times makes me shake my head at the choices I'm given.
>> No. 1793646
File 142583437044.jpg - (143.36KB , 600x600 , Yes, this is Iffy.jpg )

I kinda did but that was a mistake, I might look up in the forums for help as for how I can beat this Puzzle Boss, I won't mind having to setup a party just for it since half my rooster is ready to start lvl3 missions if I can get the funds to upgrade them as required.
>> No. 1793647
Ah, good luck with the cannibal hags then!
>> No. 1793648
File 142583448172.png - (256.05KB , 1278x719 , Greylight How Could This Happen To Me.png )
> tfw never getting to be Reccy's engineer

Some day, some day
>> No. 1793649
I did name the engineer you. Though I'm sad I can't customize your character more, like changing species and stuff.
>> No. 1793650
File 142583457101.png - (68.64KB , 695x612 , Filly Greylight Worried.png )
Don't change my species!!!
>> No. 1793651
But changing species is fun! Especially when it's not your choice!
>> No. 1793652
File 142583468047.png - (45.82KB , 626x700 , Greylight Shocked.png )

Is this another Reccy fetish?
>> No. 1793653
File 142583475228.png - (115.42KB , 641x937 , Screenshot (87).png )
good enough?
>> No. 1793654
IF is a cutie.
>> No. 1793655
File 142583481254.gif - (1.01MB , 500x285 , MWA HAHA.gif )
Mwa ha ha ha ha!
>> No. 1793656
it is mine though
>> No. 1793657
File 142583492263.jpg - (203.98KB , 600x600 , Chocolate.jpg )

That's just 4 more souls that will be avenged when I destroy the Beast.


Now it only needs colours~


I know right, specially when her friends poke fun at her.
>> No. 1793658
File 142583495093.png - (467.84KB , 1244x700 , Greylight Magic Takedown.png )
I'm going to need a personal shield here.

>> No. 1793660
File 142583513066.gif - (1.88MB , 300x169 , OH GAWD!!!.gif )
Destroy the darkness!
It won't protect you from my technobabble
>> No. 1793661
>> No. 1793671
File 142583569135.png - (60.76KB , 658x586 , Screenshot (89).png )
um... n-nuh-uh... I have other, less l-lewd cats to draw...
>> No. 1794002
File 142585103882.gif - (357.49KB , 821x684 , 407539.gif )
>How's the sexy kitty doing? Still buried in butter?

It's just like my fanfics.

Afternoon, 'stroy.
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