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File 142564985029.gif - (679.86KB , 800x450 , t5e4868_174132__UNOPT__twilight-sparkle_animated.gif )
1790806 No. 1790806
Season 5 of MLP: FiM goes out on 4th of april!
Hiatus is almost near the end, everypony hyped about it or is it just me?

Season 5 hype train :

Season 5 trailer :

Oh, also this is How are you thread...feel free to jump in and just talk about your day or w/e topic you want to, everypony is welcome!

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>> No. 1795362
File 142592524503.jpg - (11.02KB , 200x142 , lounge_squirrel.jpg )
Sleep all day, do whatever, get food, go for a walk, sleep all night.

Poodles, chihuahuas... Deep down, they're all assholes.

Also, hold on your horses, buddy. Ain't no time for >0°C until I'm done with spring skiing.
Give me another two or three weeks of -5° - 0° with light snow, then it's all good.
>> No. 1795364
File 142592527735.png - (738.73KB , 1280x718 , oh, im sorry.png )
somwhere, however im kinda starting to getting to be burned out even with driving :/
im just not feeling the happy times as i once did behind the wheel
>> No. 1795365
File 142592530782.jpg - (19.82KB , 310x200 , randy-savage-310-200-05-19-11-b.jpg )
>>1795357 I'd say I need to have my eyes checked but I already know they are shit, because for a second there, I almost thought your picture was a cartoon version of this dude. XD

I'm not into to wrestling either just grew up with uncles and my dad being into it.
>> No. 1795367
File 142592543905.png - (1.57MB , 1280x718 , AAAAND im back.png )
It´s DUUUKE of detroit from the short disney cartoon motorcity1
sadly only one season.
but when you know saying it.
the duuke could have been inspiration of that wrestler
>> No. 1795369
The doctor prescribes a radical method that involves handlebars instead of a steering wheel: Motorcycles
You never see someone wearing a frown on a bike. Never.
>> No. 1795370
File 142592550455.jpg - (1.61MB , 2048x1536 , S6307225.jpg )
>>1795362 Aw hey my dog is not an asshole...well at least not all the time, he has his moments though. XD

Dis my baby!
>> No. 1795371
Oh, you menat dog-life.
No can do mate, I need to know what it's like to be outside again. Some biking weather would be nice, have a new bike and in the two and a half months I've had it, she's just been collecting dust

Sadly it hardly seems like the kind of thing you can just take a break from..
>> No. 1795373
File 142592559665.jpg - (93.57KB , 800x702 , the darker the better.jpg )

that wrestler was around long before the duke and i believe he passed away before it too.
>> No. 1795378
File 142592572887.png - (201.75KB , 1024x1101 , pinkie_pie_by_atomicgreymon-d3djczt.png )
>>1795367 Ah, I remember Esh talking about that in one of his videos. I've never watched it myself, it's just not my type of show.
>> No. 1795379
File 142592575022.png - (914.65KB , 1280x718 , Group hugs.png )
Tru as that may be. im sadly in no money for an 50-60´s bike nor license... wish i could havbe

when i had the tumble dryer ( 1986 Toyota starlet ) i was sick for an week ( strong flu) and when i sat behind that wheel again! oh holy BUCK it was fun to drive.

Dáaaw that cute music and picture
i know nothing when it comes to wrestling.
i maybe derpred.
i meant that when they CREATED DUKE they maybe used that wrestker as an formal picture.. no... ROLE MODEL!
yes, rolemodel
i can be wrong though
>squeeze huggles
>> No. 1795381
File 142592583992.png - (718.17KB , 1280x718 , myyyeeeeeeeees.png )
Ah, yes, yes^^
okies we all have our likes.
im far to much of an car junkie so when got the scoop i had to see it :3
>> No. 1795383
File 142592591015.jpg - (47.69KB , 550x389 , i_love_this_ground_squirrel.jpg )
I think he's due for a nail clipping.

You can bike when it's 0. Just wear ski goggles and gloves.
Lots of people bike year-long here.

You need a dual-sport. Café racers may look good, but they'll wreck on dirt roads.
Or even just gravel. They don't take too kindly to dust.
>> No. 1795385
>>1795373 November 15, 1952, Died: May 20, 2011. Also it's so weird he turned into Santa Claus before he died. XD

Last edited at Mon, Mar 9th, 2015 11:33

>> No. 1795386
File 142592599620.jpg - (29.14KB , 640x480 , hugs out of fucking nowhere!.jpg )
toaster always puts me in a good mood if even for just a little bit.

oooh. i thought you meant that you thought the wrestler was based off the duke. my bad. x.x

i guess i could see a few similarities between the two of them physically.

mmhm. i knew that. i just don't know when the duke was conceived.
>> No. 1795387
You fail to understand just how much I hate the snow.
>> No. 1795388
File 142592607551.png - (270.77KB , 2297x2819 , Canterlot_Castle_Pinkie_Pie_6.png )
>>1795383 That's an old photo. We did that not too long ago but will probably need to do it again soon.
>> No. 1795390
File 142592611383.png - (684.51KB , 682x932 , 1421306685544.png )
even though I LOVE cafe racers. you have old puchs, and what not from the 5-60´s that can be fun on gravel as well... and frankly they can be more cheaper then nwewr ones.

you have no idea how glads that makes me to read. that there are great music, movies, people that can cheer you up!
you rock wo-hoo~
nono you silly fil... silly.
i durped it bad, cuz i english no do guud.
>> No. 1795394
File 142592627146.png - (270.77KB , 2297x2819 , Canterlot_Castle_Pinkie_Pie_6.png )
>>1795381 My nephew may like it, he likes cars but he's really into Mario, Sonic and Pokemon right now. He's five by the way. My dad likes cars too but he's not into cartoons.
>> No. 1795398
File 142592638686.png - (701.16KB , 1280x718 , This is where my next passion is going to be.png )
*High fives*
well, there´s some for all audiences :3
aaw, but cartoons... xD
i have to admit that the show hav many action/fighting scenes. but most shows have that soooo.
>> No. 1795399
File 142592643633.jpg - (27.68KB , 640x480 , 61baf5d3.jpg )
ive said it before and ill say it again. your english is a lot better than mine. and i only speak english and gaelic.
>> No. 1795400
File 142592645379.jpg - (8.53KB , 275x183 , eating_go_away_squirrel.jpg )
Yes, and you fail to understand how much I love the snow. I'm pretty sure half the white in my backyard is from me constantly jerking off on the stuff.

How often do you get him groomed?

Lucky you, then. Out here, a good tank-bike (like... *sob*... my DR650... *sniff* I miss her already) from around the year 2000 can easily go for 1200$ (or less, depending on the size of the engine).
Older than 70's, then you're either asking for trouble if it's cheap, or you'd pay a touch more because 'vintage and in great condition' and stuff.
>> No. 1795402
Nah, I understand plenty. Well understand that it exists, I can't understand the how or why.. heh
>> No. 1795404
File 142592664259.png - (732.73KB , 1280x718 , Shhhh, listen to her purrrr.png )
Bah humbug... and so ish christmas!.... sowwie >.<
bah, your english ish great!
although how does one speak gelic... don´t you roast ith with OR! dirp garlick. my bads again >.<

yea almost same rules here. but you know mopes? ( 50 cc engines that does MAX 30 KM/H are most expensive) then older motorbikes with like 120cc>
>> No. 1795406
File 142592678539.jpg - (29.38KB , 405x363 , i_see_what_you_fucking_did_there_bird_super.jpg )
>> No. 1795407
File 142592681951.jpg - (84.32KB , 1280x718 , It is not what it looks like.jpg )
...... uhm. mjau?
>> No. 1795408
File 142592688490.png - (171.87KB , 737x963 , ChibiJack.png )
>> No. 1795409
File 142592691814.jpg - (8.36KB , 213x236 , images.jpg )
>>1795398 Yeah,I think he will be fine, if he decides he wants to watch it. My dad is a bit of a grump but I love him anyway.
>> No. 1795410
Yo dude, did you ever transfer your game over and whatnot?
>> No. 1795411
File 142592699004.png - (236.32KB , 1280x898 , adorable huggles.png )
Dàaaw you

siblings are siblings.
and parents are parents.
>> No. 1795412
File 142592700121.jpg - (34.10KB , 500x375 , decent_meal_squirrel.jpg )
You just have to find a reason. Pick up your hockey stick and puck, or something.

I don't know if I'd trust anything smaller than a 250cc if you want to go more than 60km/h for a while. 120cc will turn so fast I could see it melting right from under you.
>> No. 1795413
Nope, hockey ain't for me either
>> No. 1795415
File 142592714241.jpg - (38.40KB , 640x480 , cmmere you!.jpg )
not yet. not sure when or even if ill get it. if anything ill likely just download the program again and make a new account because it just occured to me i dont remember my login info. x.x

>> No. 1795416
File 142592719444.png - (312.07KB , 2000x1839 , artworks-000018617878-71relo-original.png )
>>1795411 Heh true. :3
>> No. 1795417
File 142592724517.png - (119.91KB , 480x360 , Here have a Strawberry smoothie with extra love.png )
well you get an mopeds licens from the age of 15( only 50cc engines). and at 16 you can take an light Mc license which allows you to drive UP to 120cc and at 19 you take to 160cc i think. and at 21 you can take to infinity>

that sounds scary fast.

*Squeeze huggles*
>want an internet smoothie?

>> No. 1795418
I think the login information is only necessary for the ranked duels, you can change your name and/or make a new account while still using all the files from the original program
>> No. 1795426
File 142592743483.jpg - (163.61KB , 440x293 , come_at_me_squirrel.jpg )
I don't understand what you mean.

Scary fast? Are you guys in mph? Because then that's like... Uhhh... 35mph or so?
I mean, my 650cc could only go up to 145km/h. That's fast, but not crazy fast if you're on the highway (just dumb).
>> No. 1795431
Could never get into it, either as a participant or an observer.
>> No. 1795439
File 142592765895.jpg - (1.07MB , 2560x1920 , 20150104_152658.jpg )
>nono we firmly in metric.
like mostly imported american muscles are like in Mph on the odometers

say, seen any of the ghost rider vids on youtube?
( NOT THE MARVEL ONE!) but the real one
Stockholm to Uppsala
( 68 Km ( 42.6 miles) done in under 15 minutes
>> No. 1795442
File 142592792807.png - (366.03KB , 850x600 , big_family_squirrel.png )
Plain skating, then? Lacrosse? Curling? Cross-country skiing? Wrestling beavers!? Anything!
You're already so close to the US, I'd hate to see you lose your Canadian soul, you know...

Right, so how is 60 fast? What speed do you drive if you're on roads? 40?
>> No. 1795445
I do like lacrosse..
I don't play it, but it was the one sport I loved and was genuinely good at in high school. Shame we only played it like once or twice a month though.
>> No. 1795449
File 142592816738.jpg - (1.74MB , 2560x1920 , THE_Office.jpg )
for an person with bad balance. 60 can feel fasT! IN corners ish even more scary fast!
like the old 1980´s pontiac grandprix with the slow v6.
drive it in 70km/h it feels like an snail
drive an toyota starlet at 70km/h and it feels crazy fast!

>schools 30km/h
>villages 50km/h
>on the regular roads 70km/h
>highways 90/100/110km/h
depends on the with, lanes, secure nets in the middle
>> No. 1795460
Phew... That was close.

It's surprisingly easy to stay on, honestly. Any faster than 20km/h and you have to try really hard to bring the bike down. The only times I dropped mine were taking off at a stop sign, choking the engine, then having it kick back that I couldn't keep the weight straight. Never while I was going.
Yea, it's pretty much exactly the same. Except we don't get 110 zones (or not according to signs, anyway).
>> No. 1795466
>Steve Vai's 'The Audience is Listening'
I forgot how well this song balances humor with top notch composition. Not sure where my Vai kick came from, but I'm diggin' it.

Yeah but I think I need to disown my Canadianity since I don't see this whole winter thing disappearing any time soon.
>> No. 1795468
File 142592873918.gif - (641.16KB , 720x540 , mlfw1895-101286_-_animated_grin_pinkie_pie_smile_squee.gif )
>> No. 1795471
File 142592884803.jpg - (3.12MB , 4608x3072 , CIMG0317.jpg )
it´s all about the balance. and how heavy the bike is.
but i do understand the points.
oh you sly thing~
well it´s mosthly the "highly long distance/secure ones" that have the 110 but mostly it´s 90/100 km/h

Okies. Do take acre
>> No. 1795479
And then what? Move to the US?
Psh... Yeah, that'll be an upgrade...

Dude, on a track like this, you'd be having the time of your life even at 70km/h. It's all about having the right tires.

Anyway, it's getting late. Better get running for a bit.
>> No. 1795481
Australia, actually.
Seems to be essentially 'Warmer Canada' heh
>> No. 1795482
File 142592940128.jpg - (2.86MB , 4608x3072 , CIMG0318.jpg )
True, true, true.
all about tires and balance.
okies. you Do take care. thank you for the chit chats!
>> No. 1795502
File 142593021873.png - (117.89KB , 900x852 , 32263.png )
>> No. 1795597
File 142593254079.jpg - (72.09KB , 903x884 , 142472799630.jpg )
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