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File 142637015551.png - (168.32KB , 600x705 , 131465578685.png )
1803134 No. 1803134
Cos nothing says friendship better than a nice big slurrrrp or two!

So come on in and slobber.. err.. tell us about your day! Everyone's welcome! We won't bite.. just lick!
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>> No. 1808029
File 142666141667.jpg - (44.91KB , 500x750 , snow fox staring.jpg )

I figured as much, considering that Celsius was Swedish like you (and me, kinda).

Autos use computers, now? Bloody hell. Now mechanics have to master programming.

I thought that electronic windows were recent, but they probably just became more economic over time.

Holy Hell, extracting a whole bumper just to swap light bulbs?

There’re auto parts that aren’t still being manufactured?

What’s the problem with French automobiles?

What other vehicles did your parents possess?

Suicide doors‽

Y’ave worked on vehicles from the ’60s, correct?
>> No. 1808037
File 142666198187.jpg - (71.33KB , 625x627 , suicide doors.jpg )
or more like an metric type of measurement, ^^;
well, when i say computers is like an black box with circuits and what not, telling different things to do this and to do that.

again, almost today ish standard.
back it was some top models ( as in expensive ones )

but the ol volvo have the cranks, which i dig :3
yea, no joke. since the engine bay is sooo cramped so an common person is soon not allowed to fix his/her car. must to an proper repairman

yea, like obscure old models/car brands.
again supply and demand!

i mean there´s company that create fiberglass/metal bodies for old 30´s hot rods!

uegh, friench just thinks different, and don´t get me start with french italian mixes.
just... run, run to the hills my man!

Oh... i don´t have full database on that one.
i mean dad started when he was 16, and i know that mom had an old ambulance as her younger days.

no joke when i say from early 80´s to LATE 90´s it´s been well, over 25 cars.
if not more.
i should have an photo album with that fraction of cars that they have had.

>Suicide door/kidnapping doors
is like the rear door opens at the wrong way.

lessee, helped a friend with his 1962 2 door volvo amazon
>> No. 1808056
File 142666313957.jpg - (21.86KB , 500x333 , tumblr_mrxfh4LdDE1r38hk2o1_500.jpg )

Oh. That sounds like a real puzzle.

Ja. There’re also autos with television sets in them, and those’re probably still pretty expensive. Have you ever had to touch those?

I thought that people hated cranks since they require more physical energy to use.

>must to an proper repairman
Must be proper repairman.

I thought that most people just relied on others to fix their motorcars. I’ve never fixed one myself, since I have no prescience in that.

I thought that automobiles generally used the same parts depending on their era.

Wow, I didn’t know that people created stuff for vehicle that old!

>Oh... i don´t have full database on that one.

In a computer? Huh.

>i mean dad started when he was 16, and i know that mom had an old ambulance as her younger days.

I di’n’t know that they permitted people to own ambulances. I did see a squad car on somebody’s driveway, tho’. Have you worked on any police cars?

>no joke when i say from early 80´s to LATE 90´s it´s been well, over 25 cars.

Holy Hell, that’s quite a few. Your parents sound opulent.

>is like the rear door opens at the wrong way.

Ah, I see. Why would anybody desire that?

>lessee, helped a friend with his 1962 2 door volvo amazon

Do you have a picture of one of those?
>> No. 1808069
File 142666363750.jpg - (17.91KB , 480x360 , Starting the car.jpg )
Fuck, i can´t into english but it has gone 10 times worse now.
im sorry.

metric, and imperials, so many different systems around the world ^^;

some do, some don´t.
i can see benefits for those who can have an handicap!

well, there´s people who do, and some are kinda do it fixers, like oil swaps, brake pads, starters, sparkplugs, you more simple common stuffs.
nono, it´s what´s on the self on the assembly.

you have the assembly line, however they can order part from other manufacturers.

or in memories, it should be in photo albums.
Old cars that´s not in use can be owned by regular people.

no, i haven´t tinkered with any old cop car.
although was close to buy an volvo 944 FT ( FT = Full Trycks turbo = Full pressure turbo )

that was once a cop car.
but i did not had the money for that time.

they where amazing people, and both had the car interests, maybe that´s why ive had 13-14 cars these last 5 years

not sure if being honest :P

somewhere on phone, can send ya that one cya skype later on
and im sorry, but it´s past 8 am.
so i better getting ready for another day at the workshop.

so i wish you, anoni, and all the amazing lurkers
to DO take care, and you all now behave. ok?
you all amazing people!
>> No. 1808070
File 142666365673.png - (631.93KB , 4266x3041 , good_morning_pinkie_pie_by_ookami_95-d4vnjfe.png )
Hey. I'm awake for now, I'm up way too early but doggy woke me up he was having a bit of coughing fit. little dogs have small trachea's so we to rub his throat a bit. He's fine now. I then realized I was hungry so I had some cereal and here I am. :P
>> No. 1808079
File 142666500455.png - (827.31KB , 2391x2358 , 26151.png )
Welp...looks like I killed the thread...TO NETFLIX!
>> No. 1808081
File 142666547878.png - (98.29KB , 884x903 , tired - no bandaid.png )
>> No. 1808086
File 142668064434.png - (180.41KB , 922x866 , pinkie_pie_laughing_by_tygerbug-d5pr3ew.png )
Holy shit!
>> No. 1808087
The things that made the entire anime the best
>> No. 1808088
File 142668091254.gif - (274.22KB , 853x973 , 176080__safe_pinkie+pie_animated_blank+flank_jumping_bouncing_artist-colon-jacen47.gif )
^_^ Hi.
>> No. 1808089

What's up?
>> No. 1808090
File 142668115587.png - (195.70KB , 830x962 , post-4053-0-34764400-1394344710.png )
Not much, you?
>> No. 1808091
Same. Might sleep soon - been a boring enough night, heh.
>> No. 1808092
File 142668148409.png - (631.93KB , 4266x3041 , good_morning_pinkie_pie_by_ookami_95-d4vnjfe.png )
I woke up way too early so I may do the same. XD
>> No. 1808093
Heh... don't do that
>> No. 1808094
File 142668174817.png - (123.67KB , 848x941 , mlfw7842-goodnight_pinkie_by_darcowalways-d5be2gf.png )
>> No. 1808097
Because waking up early is terrible

It's what I have to do every morning and it's really terrible
>> No. 1808098
File 142668198684.png - (631.93KB , 4266x3041 , good_morning_pinkie_pie_by_ookami_95-d4vnjfe.png )
I did not mean to, my dog woke me up.
>> No. 1808099
File 142668214488.png - (311.46KB , 1600x1715 , pinkie_pie___pinkie10172012_by_alexpony-d5iq5ji.png )
So back to bed for me.
>> No. 1808100
File 142668219613.png - (69.59KB , 986x695 , sleeping.png )
Oh, good old pets.

'night, or morning rather

Time to follow suit.
>> No. 1808105
File 142668865259.png - (199.75KB , 661x800 , Bad brushie.png )
>> No. 1808106
File 142668889110.png - (102.11KB , 297x380 , Wave.png )
>> No. 1808107
File 142668909524.gif - (3.41MB , 610x830 , large (3).gif )
>> No. 1808108
File 142668933803.png - (47.17KB , 177x244 , Mistake'd.png )
What..? Is there something on my face..?
>> No. 1808109
File 142668940219.png - (137.45KB , 626x930 , 766749__safe_solo_vector_equestria+girls_cute_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_adorable.png )
''Course not.
>> No. 1808110
File 142668978592.png - (51.28KB , 241x287 , Sad.png )
>> No. 1808111
File 142668986603.gif - (55.96KB , 726x561 , 745409__safe_oc_animated_smile_chibi_eating_oc-colon-fluffle+puff_sonata+dusk_nom_taco.gif )
Si senor. Only thing wrong with your face is your face
>> No. 1808113
Oh, okay. So it's the usual!
I was worried I had like, a booger on my eyelid or something. What's up Boso?
>> No. 1808114
File 142669027826.png - (353.00KB , 1600x1997 , Sweetie Grin.png )
>> No. 1808115
File 142669036325.png - (64.11KB , 660x666 , 837833__safe_solo_monochrome_equestria+girls_sonata+dusk_paper_artist-colon-rileyav.png )
Ew, those are gross.

Thinking of what to do. Might binge more Korra or something later. You?

[Airhorns intensify]
>> No. 1808116
It's only rekage if it was unknown beforehand

I've just woken up so, absolutely nothing. Probably going to fire up the DAW and get to work on these basslines. Debating on whether I want to program them or actually record them.
>> No. 1808117
File 142669073385.png - (129.01KB , 424x571 , Sweetie grin 2.png )
Shiiit sooooon

That's just what someone who just got rekt would say.
>> No. 1808118
It's true. My reasoning faculties have been demolished
>> No. 1808119
File 142669094614.gif - (1.83MB , 464x344 , 760872__safe_solo_animated_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_faic_fire_sonata+dusk_pure+unfiltered+e.gif )
I'd say try and record them.

>> No. 1808120

Dun burn
>> No. 1808121
File 142669103001.png - (77.04KB , 720x534 , 759409__safe_equestria+girls_parody_team+fortress+2_sonata+dusk_pyro_artist-colon-thesontendo.png )
>> No. 1808122
1.) I'm not a great bassist
2.) My bass is tuned a full step above what this song is composed in and isn't set-up to be tuned down, so if I record the bass I'd need a pitch-shifter and I worry that might make the bass sound worse

So what's up?
>> No. 1808123
File 142669141567.png - (124.54KB , 900x648 , Sweetie scared 2.png )
spsecially dun burn me
>> No. 1808124
File 142669153939.png - (175.05KB , 890x886 , 810567__safe_solo_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_-colon-3_artist-colon-rileyav.png )
Hmm, alright. Music woes, eh?

>> No. 1808125
File 142669167990.png - (364.16KB , 2560x1440 , 130085122551.png )
Not muh. Saw a review screening of Home, writing for a new top ten video (well, top twenty)


>> No. 1808126
File 142669194225.png - (702.59KB , 1280x1809 , 839810__safe_solo_clothes_equestria+girls_belly+button_looking+at+you_tongue+out_armpits_skirt_w.png )
>> No. 1808127
Yeah, so programming is probably the route to go with this one. I need another bass methinks. Heh.

Shweet, nothing here either. Browsing Youtube and tryin' to wake up. As I said before gonna work on some more tunes today but I'll save that 'til after lunch.
>> No. 1808128
God that pic. I dunno why, byt the mouth ruins it for me EVERY time

Somthing spcific on 'Tube?
>> No. 1808129
File 142669205102.png - (1.65MB , 1587x1238 , Coffee time_.png )
>> No. 1808130
File 142669207262.png - (478.02KB , 586x774 , 141859658561.png )
Another bass to tune right?

She's sticking her tongue out. Come on.
>> No. 1808131
File 142669212058.png - (194.52KB , 455x1024 , large (16).png )
Good morning
>> No. 1808132
I know what sh's doing, I just think it looks really, really off and it distracts me

>> No. 1808134
Tuning isn't tricky, it's just whenever I get a guitar (and bass, obviously) I take it to get professionally set-up in the tuning I had planned for it. I asked for this one to be set up a full step down, in D Standard but they set it up to standard anyway and since it's a two hour drive from here I couldn't exactly go back and have them do it again (even though they offered)

I decided since it's a five string, it's better to keep it in standard anyway but since it's set up for standard I can't really tune it down without the strings picking up too much slack to play.

So a second bass in D standard would be ideal, but of course.. money.

Not really, just randomly browsing. Right now it's Pokemon stuff. I was actually maybe going to check out one of your vids next since I've never actually watched 'em.

>> No. 1808135
File 142669231641.png - (229.77KB , 999x1024 , You did what.png )
Morning. How's it going?
>> No. 1808136

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