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>> No. 1814984
File 142707253052.jpg - (171.85KB , 580x385 , l-A-fox-having-a-stretch.jpg )

Boa noite.


Are you studying psychology?


Well of course. If I don’t want thousands of friends, the most logical course of action is to become a pop star.



Comment ça va ?
>> No. 1814985
File 142707253262.png - (15.62KB , 152x284 , 213412.png )
Jesus, did someone let a backhoe run loose on your local infrastructure? That sounds awful, especially the no water.

Artistic license obliterated it from this Earth.
>> No. 1814986
File 142707282406.png - (14.95KB , 207x152 , 4212.png )
No, no, that dream wasn't an omen warning against having too many friends, it was practice for when you become famous and have to fight off the endless hoards of groupies, coattail riders, and bandwagoners.
>> No. 1814987
File 142707284738.png - (909.78KB , 1280x720 , Truly Amusing.png )

Shit Happens, bro.
Better now than when we get the next Big Earthquake anyway...
>> No. 1814988
you made me think of this immediately:
>> No. 1814990
File 142707296800.jpg - (62.71KB , 500x383 , mo’ black foxies.jpg )

Ah, that makes sense.

I’m actually more‐or‐less anti‐popularity. It’s difficult for me to explain why, but frequently I find popularity undeserved.
>> No. 1814996
File 142707365746.png - (19.01KB , 165x237 , inc.png )
That is one of the most insane things I have ever seen a human being do on tape. Wow, just wow.

That's true and yeah, tell me about it. Washington is so under prepared for the next earthquake it's not even funny. We're probably going to lose at least a few bridges when the Cascadia fault line finally goes.

I think popularity is usually deserved, but often there are more people deserving of popularity than there are actually popular people.
>> No. 1814999
File 142707389474.jpg - (393.25KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot2015-03-22 20_30_53.jpg )
Enemy team can fuck right off.
>> No. 1815001
File 142707400182.jpg - (283.94KB , 1280x720 , Sigh, another Pentakill.jpg )
Got dat file name for ya
>> No. 1815002
File 142707403859.jpg - (41.79KB , 524x468 , 6ca.jpg )
Yes and no. Not professionally or for any monetary gain. Just a hobby.
>> No. 1815004
File 142707412758.png - (136.80KB , 1101x726 , Greylight Siiiiip.png )
Fish in a barrel, man.
>> No. 1815006
File 142707418651.gif - (2.84KB , 210x210 , Smug Smile.gif )
Da bots be like >:(

And we like >
>> No. 1815007
Destroy in Seconds was a great show. And human made disasters are pretty interesting.
>> No. 1815010
File 142707441268.jpg - (359.69KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot2015-03-22 20_34_22.jpg )
Thus to the enemies of the sentinels.

I love Tyrande's quotes. She's so serious and hardcore and focused and surprisingly uncheesy. I like to think I'd be like this, if I was a blue-skinned fantasy elf chick warrior priestess, anyway.
>> No. 1815013
File 142707481837.png - (325.34KB , 853x480 , what's my next move.png )
Knowing full well that the next paycheck I get will be pretty good because of the hours I put in this week, I am tempted to go buy a New 3DS sometime this week. I am debating whether I should also get a large MicroSDHC card for it, considering I'd prefer digital download of my games. I'd also want to buy at least Monster Hunter, and maybe even Animal Crossing, but of course this whole hypothetical is bringing me a little over $300 in spending. When I think about that, I wonder if it's worth it right now. Maybe I'm just thinking on impulse, some desire to have something I really want without thinking about if it's smart to have right now. I just don't know really.

...There are a lot of things I want, only some of which can be bought with money. I need to figure out what I can realistically achieve.
>> No. 1815016
File 142707513536.png - (224.83KB , 600x600 , kid_icarus_by_rockwoo-d4zkexa.png )
I love that screenshot. Makes it look like I'm leading you into battle, commanding you to fire.

I'd say that if you're spending on luxuries paycheck by paycheck, you're getting in a pretty bad habit. Avoid that. However, I think when you do get that, a larger MicroSD would be worth it, but probably best to keep to a sweet-spot where size meets a practical price. Anything more than 32GB seems extravagant.
>> No. 1815017
At the very least, I can agree with Daybreak on the card. I bought myself a 64 GB card, and it feels like it was more than what I needed for my phone.

Just try to budget your paycheck, prepare yourself for any real emergencies before setting aside for something special.
>> No. 1815018
don't buy it. Wait a while, see how you feel then, and definitely don't buy it before you get your check. that's just bad habits right there.

I donno.. sometimes 32gb in my phone doesn't feel like enough....
>> No. 1815021
File 142707553106.png - (97.11KB , 512x512 , Tangerine is about to rape you with cuteness.png )

3DS and New3DS don't support SD/MicroSD cards bigger than 32GB, at least oficially. You can force them to use a bigger one apparently without issues, but I wouldn't risk it. Few games actually go over 2 GB.
>> No. 1815022
Yeah, but 32gb on a phone where companies are constantly throwing free stuff around is different than 32gb on a 3ds where most things you're filling it with are full price games, virtual console, and occassionally demos you will only need a short while.
>> No. 1815023
File 142707564366.png - (15.53KB , 565x512 , This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh_.png )

I love that screenshot, too, because I'm not in it.
>> No. 1815024
Of course you're in it! There's a big bright dot showing where you are on the mini-map doing other important things!
>> No. 1815025
...I buy lunches. I buy my gas. I pay my student loan, even part of my parent's portion. I don't buy luxury anything at this point, I've only saved up whatever money I can in the bank. I don't know how I gave the impression that I'm blowing my weekly paychecks on things, but if that's how I appear, I'll just not bring it up again. This was just possibly the one thing I could feel like I can buy now that I have enough money of my own.

...Whatever, it's not like I actually need the system anyways, would just be nice to have. That's what I was at odds with, if it would be worth having, and what to do in that case. I've waited a long time already, what's another few months? I'll get around to it eventually, like everything else I have yet to do...

Even a 32GB card seems a little costly...I'm not even sure it's necessary until I need to buy multiple games then.
>> No. 1815026
File 142707614037.png - (33.92KB , 291x399 , Greylight Arms Crossed.png )
>doing other important things
> Mondo in HotS
>> No. 1815027
oohh, maybe it was just the way you phrased it then. I donno. But, are you wanting to buy it just for *one* game? or do you see yourself using it a lot for many games?

I must pack all my lunches, cause buying lunch is expensive :<

Last edited at Sun, Mar 22nd, 2015 19:02

>> No. 1815028
File 142707651010.png - (29.32KB , 247x223 , Nervousness sets in.png )

The starter card is enough for Monster Hunter, I can say that much. I can't put much else on it at the moment, but then, I always play one game at a time, so I can just delete one when I'm done and download my new ones.


I actually couldn't find myself even then, but I think I might be in that bottom lane blob. If I have the time right, I was pushing with three siege golems, but then a bunch of them showed up and wasted the golems and me, so I ran off.
>> No. 1815029
File 142707658100.png - (6.34KB , 130x130 , Octavia - Am I doing this properly.png )
What Simple said. To me, the word "paycheck" has bad connotations, such as "living paycheck to paycheck." If you're doing just fine financially, who am I to dissuade you from getting it?
>> No. 1815030
File 142707662489.png - (219.81KB , 356x400 , PitKidIcarus.png )
Forts gotta get rekt too.

I'm not accusing you of being irresponsible with money. I'm just considering the possibility that getting hyped about buying things because of an influx of cash can become a bad habit. That was a tragically mis-phrased statement on my part.

That said, you clearly know what you're doing with money far better than I do, and if you know what you're doing with time just as well, I see no good reason to deny you something you deserve.
>> No. 1815031
File 142707671049.jpg - (1.16MB , 850x1840 , tumblr_ndnwftETfu1rcs9gvo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 1815032
Animal crossing will drain your soul and your day... You will be it's addictied slave
>> No. 1815033
Pretty much
>> No. 1815034
is there another way to play?
>> No. 1815035
Referring to FF VII, or a genre of games?
>> No. 1815036
Yes and yes
>> No. 1815037
File 142707723138.jpg - (288.35KB , 1200x900 , tumblr_nkoeakateV1rcs9gvo6_1280.jpg )
If there is, I haven't found it yet.
FFVII specifically I think.
>> No. 1815038
Not just one game, it's just Monster Hunter is a primary motivating factor. Animal Crossing always was, but I for some reason held on some thought a console version would be announced at some point. There are other games, like Legend of Zelda games, and other 3DS exclusive titles I would like at some point. I held off getting the system for so long, and now that there's the new one, it feels like good timing, especially with Monster Hunter.

I read that the starter card is 4GB. So that's enough for MonHun and its save data?

>>1815029 is a paycheck that I get, so I'm not sure what else I would call it. I work by the hour, and get paid each week for it. This whole working thing is still new to me, so it's probably my fault if I phrased things wrong...

Ah, well, I've technically been hyped about it for a long while, the only reason I can even say that I could justify buying something like this now, is because I have enough reserve saved up to make I can make my next couple of payments, and...well, I don't have to justify anything here, I'm sorry for my reaction, I might have worded things wrong.

I know it will, there's something to that I want to experience again. I feel like MonHun will be more of a timesink actually.
>> No. 1815039
File 142707728794.png - (86.98KB , 512x512 , Tangerine Computer Yay.png )
I'ma stream Bayonetta.

If anyone is interested:
>> No. 1815040
File 142707738905.png - (422.28KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_nfj6mt5iwC1stqpcro2_1280.png )
I dont know why I am enjoying animal crossing. I am doing chores and its fun.
if my internet doesnt die, sure
>> No. 1815041

I'm not aware of another way to play that game either.

I've only seen a 3ds once so......
But as long as you know you would play more then one game on it, that's good. I think I had a ds for like.. one or two games... and it just wasn't worth it.
>> No. 1815042
File 142707744465.jpg - (110.61KB , 1400x785 , 0001 (10).jpg )
I'll try watching. May have to abandon if my brother is playing LoL or something.
>> No. 1815043
File 142707747752.png - (618.61KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_nfj6mt5iwC1stqpcro5_1280.png )
>> No. 1815044
File 142707751119.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
I cant comment on twitch
>> No. 1815045
File 142707768385.png - (13.75KB , 345x382 , I feel the cosmos.png )

Yeah, I haven't upgraded anything yet.
>> No. 1815046
File 142707789400.png - (412.87KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nji0nrDDcP1re4zdbo6_1280.png )
So that pharmacy thing isnt working out.. again
>> No. 1815047
File 142707790173.png - (31.71KB , 300x400 , feelin_down.png )
Thank you, but I have become increasingly aware that using an example from my personal experience to explain my opinion on something frequent skips a few steps in getting my meaning across. It's not the first time, and at least for now, it seems to be simply integrated in how I communicate.

I guess the short version explanation of that is I'm so adamant of keeping people from making mistakes I have made, I sometimes forget what it feels like to be told not to make them outright.
>> No. 1815048
File 142707808636.png - (785.82KB , 1322x1717 , 0001 (282).png )
Gonna quit the job at some point?
>> No. 1815049
File 142707819541.png - (131.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo4_1280.png )
No, I was going to get a transfer. but have to wait, then the pharmacy manager said he just gave away the position to someone else (which is odd being as there were two).
So back at the start and not sure what to do.
>> No. 1815050
Ah, that's right, I always wanted a capture card...I should think about money for that as well, I always wanted to record video games. I'll watch for a bit.

It's one of those games that is just addicting like that.

That's a shame, there are a lot of DS games out there.

Good to know.

Well shit.

Well, I appreciate the sentiment at least, I know I wouldn't want to make mistakes and all, it's just I somehow gave the impression I was in a situation I wasn't, I suppose.
>> No. 1815051
I think it was also, i didn't want to be staring down at tiny screens for a long time, this being before I got a smartphone, but even now, I don't like playing games on the smartphone.
>> No. 1815054
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