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>> No. 1827184
Do you have a Youtube or Twitch channel?
>> No. 1827185
File 142777038045.jpg - (166.97KB , 568x771 , Blush.jpg )

Oh? Well, okay. Good luck, Crimmy!


Yes, but I don't stream and the videos I've been uploading are unlisted.
>> No. 1827186
Ah, right.
>> No. 1827188
File 142777061562.png - (104.26KB , 500x703 , tumblr_inline_ni3ccnyo3M1qg966v.png )
because you know, they made dark souls
>> No. 1827189
File 142777069743.jpg - (122.29KB , 440x670 , 903eee63dae865be9b627dc1e1706254a4a0197f.jpg )

Yeah, I figured that's why.
>> No. 1827190
After you killed the last one due to copyright complains!
>> No. 1827191
File 142777076668.jpg - (65.07KB , 614x768 , b8c0d48f0807c0c55b1f482e9135f1d0.jpg )
You'd be better expecting Demons than Dark.
>> No. 1827192
File 142777081054.png - (140.53KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_nji0nrDDcP1re4zdbo7_1280.png )
there are demons in the game?
>> No. 1827193
File 142777087231.jpg - (157.27KB , 850x1183 , sample-0ab9866e56963db5b2c762577edbe763.jpg )
Nobody remembers Demon Souls...
>> No. 1827194
File 142777091813.png - (169.94KB , 1280x918 , tumblr_ngtghwq0sq1re4zdbo2_1280.png )
i have heard of it
>> No. 1827195
File 142777136634.png - (634.56KB , 1280x1280 , Octavia - Time to go to bed.png )
>> No. 1827201
File 142777220684.png - (135.69KB , 512x512 , Party Hard, Tangerine is finally going to sleep.png )
>> No. 1827202
File 142777235770.jpg - (115.01KB , 380x540 , Really Happy Orphan.jpg )

G'night Aura, Best Tangy.
>> No. 1827203
File 142777247373.png - (256.40KB , 1280x1581 , tumblr_nf1rczymHZ1re4zdbo1_1280.png )
good night
>> No. 1827207
File 142777287296.png - (49.05KB , 512x512 , SleepingGears.png )
>> No. 1827208
File 142777290235.jpg - (101.24KB , 565x800 , Kid Rydia.jpg )

G'night Simple.
>> No. 1827221
File 142777365419.png - (49.75KB , 599x600 , 114897__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )
>> No. 1827224
File 142777369112.png - (264.83KB , 1200x782 , 142724329142.png )
>> No. 1827231
File 142777440058.png - (36.16KB , 593x580 , The best part of waking up.png )
>> No. 1827245
File 142777697777.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , Everything went better than expected.png )
>> No. 1827246
>> No. 1827252
File 142777809808.png - (58.47KB , 622x189 , All done.png )
>> No. 1827272
File 142778242730.gif - (596.92KB , 300x300 , 1385155172375.gif )
>> No. 1827273
File 142778246128.jpg - (27.59KB , 124x285 , you're out of time.jpg )
>> No. 1827274
Good morning, Sunny.
How're you?
>> No. 1827277
File 142778253985.gif - (547.62KB , 640x480 , 144420-20animated_gif20hirasawa_yui20imoutoroll20k-on.gif )
~ always good when there is Rainy!
Good morning!
How is the rainies?

magsymus prime!
>> No. 1827278
File 142778258365.jpg - (90.59KB , 580x500 , 2538a1fc34f766f130e7a9044876c1c1.jpg )
I'm alright, how is Sunny?
>> No. 1827279
File 142778268092.png - (180.90KB , 893x895 , 21557845.png )
>that dude is capable of constructing time machines and literally bending spacetime
>still gets beaten up by a marsupial who is slightly too dumb to speak
>> No. 1827287
File 142778408955.png - (284.15KB , 512x900 , tumblr_n2nix6UMNT1rogb8xo1_1280.png )
Sunny is doing okay.
Kinda unhappy at media's and people's reactions to recent aeroplane casualties in my country.

What's planned for today?

I have never really seen transformers, outside of the spinoff beast wars that is.
>> No. 1827288
File 142778421059.jpg - (232.77KB , 1165x826 , r6rzpwv.jpg )
Oh, I heard a little about that, what are they saying exactly?

Might play some video games today, otherwise just have a practice interview tomorrow, so I can assess what I'm doing wrong in job interviews, so I have to prepare for that.
>> No. 1827293
File 142778584975.png - (247.96KB , 1280x1368 , prrrrffftt.png )

That's not transformers
>> No. 1827295
File 142778596711.png - (299.35KB , 620x1168 , but I will get ankha someday.png )
They are always just trying to be all American news like and to get "the latest information" fastest.
So they go head over heels with their claims what might be the cause and all.

They are like he had scrapped medical attests in his room. They were about major depressions and he wanted to suicide!
And everyone went like "oh my gosh!"
Yet the hospital kicked in and said, no that's not true, they were for something else.

But as things always go, the seed of this information has already been planted into the grey matter of people and they are too overchallenged already to think of something else.

So they are like "Latest news show suggesting evidence that before he started his career in flight business he successfully received therapy for depression!!"
And everyone being like "We knew it!!"

Disregarding it says successfully. In the end all this is just endless claims and zero evidence and if you look at the facts you see that they don't know more than they did in the beginning. This is an accident they won't be able to clear up probably.

Yet they try to make it happen the way they want to.
I don't say it is impossible that he did suicide himself and everyone into the Alps.
But there is no evidence. Nothing to proof that claim. So people shouldn't jump the hype train and firmly take those claims from media as truths. What if it was a technical defect for example? What if the Lufthansa isn't interested in having such a thing published in fear people would fly less frequently because?
We wouldn't know.
I don't like that media does a bad job at what they do and fake the possibilities as proven truths when they aren't.

And it really makes me unhappy that people let themselves being diverted by what they wish to believe instead of looking at what the facts are and what truth they bear.

So in the end, I am kinda disgruntled by the case as a whole since I get confronted with it by people on a daily basis by now, who just forgot to think for themselves for one and then I either may ignore it or go through the problem once again for the n-th time.
>> No. 1827297
File 142778618385.png - (93.23KB , 299x397 , tumblr_nj4h4nUr2J1sqeayuo1_400.png )
This kind of thing happens when news networks advertise and get more money for saying what's interesting than what's true, unfortunately.

Like when Fox News was saying that England and France are "Muslim police states" and such.

But that's the brave new world we live in, I suppose.
>> No. 1827298
File 142778642079.png - (421.17KB , 3000x2463 , roll.png )

Noticed a same trend when foreign media reports about my country or about our western neighbors.

We're all either liberal-socialist uberrich utopias or European Syria's overrun with muslims and collapsing communist systems...
>> No. 1827299
File 142778705525.jpg - (189.07KB , 600x661 , layton will never have ankha.jpg )
But that's the problem!
Our two biggest channels are governed by public law and paid by taxes. They don't advertise anything nor do they have to. (or are allowed to)
They can talk about the things how they are and won't receive any less money. So they don't have to worry about public attention or quotas like private channels would.
So it makes no sense for them to behave like this.

To be honest, for some weird reason you never really hear anything about Finland. Like Sweden and Norway and such, sure. Russia too. But Finland is kinda left blank and I guess most people aren't sure if they want to lump it together with Sweden and Norway or rather with it's eastern neighbour.

I guess I personally don't really know terribly much about it either. Only that it was in war a few times with both parties. That it has the same (unique) language group as Estonia and Hungary that else nobody really shares.
And yeah, nothing much else really!
>> No. 1827300
File 142778714923.jpg - (37.86KB , 610x578 , tumblr_n72z2zISeV1tcbzjyo1_1280.jpg )
Oh, like the BBC.
Hmm, I don't really know then.
>> No. 1827302
File 142778728257.gif - (429.31KB , 500x500 , spaaaaace.gif )

Usually we're lumped together with the other nordics, usually in "Scandinavia" (Which is incorrect but nobody seems to care about that detail anymore...) in US and British media.

>Only that it was in war a few times with both parties

Which parties? We fought the USSR in ww2, the latter two time as part of the Axis
>> No. 1827308
File 142778772948.jpg - (110.79KB , 540x540 , tumblr_nkl6yteUv11qla6e4o1_540.jpg )
>both parties
I meant that in connection to what I said before as in "what people lump it together with.

As far as I know Finland was always conquered and re-conquered by either forth and back in its history.
But I might be wrong, as I said my knowledge about it isn't huge, unfortunately.

Maybe I should read British news about it, if there are any.

But actually I don't want to mind the matter right now and get some breakfast and all!
>> No. 1827309
File 142778779112.jpg - (73.54KB , 400x486 , 92782549ac1e01ba1cb0c3aab9f09368.jpg )
Try the BBC website if you feel like you want to try then.

What's for breakfast?
>> No. 1827310
File 142778796901.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )

Mmm not really.

Only once tbh, in 1809 when Russia took us from Sweden, we went independent in 1918 so Sweden never "took" us back.

And before that, there was no "Finland", we fought every battle and every war as a full part of the Swedish Empire.
>> No. 1827313
File 142778887518.jpg - (117.47KB , 600x600 , 18 Mako.jpg )
I have.. no idea!
I wonder what I should eat.

Ah, I see!
Like I said, I have no big idea about it either!
But I guess I learned a bit now.
>> No. 1827314
File 142778909909.png - (60.39KB , 256x256 , heyo.png )

Did you know that Germany helped us in our independence and civil war? :P
>> No. 1827316
File 142778919122.png - (123.34KB , 540x304 , tumblr_nl31zk3W1p1sie6mso5_540.png )
Bacon sandwich!
>> No. 1827318
File 142778944029.png - (375.18KB , 655x735 , great whale.png )
Heh~ I think I am not Englishmen enough for that!

I think I will just eat some sourdough rye-bread and yoghurt instead.

Well... I do know now!
>> No. 1827321
File 142778990260.jpg - (21.54KB , 600x450 , nom.jpg )

Yup. Our first proper military unit was trained by German light infantry during ww1 and fought in the baltic for Germany for a bit before coming back. Their presence was pretty instrumental in curbing the initial "red wave" in the civil war, as well as making sure no Russian troops tried to stay forcefully.

Then the civil war was practically decided when Germany sided with the White forces and the Imperial Army landed on the Southern coast, effectively leaving the red forces in a giant salient.

We were also one of the conditions in the peace treaty between the Bolsheviks and Germany, although iirc Lenin had already signed our "secession" from Russia.
>> No. 1827335
What is it with civil wars and being colour coded between white and red?
>> No. 1827346

T'was a socialist vs nonsocialist civil war, hence why.

Not to mention the sides literally called themselves "Red Guard" and "White Guard"
>> No. 1827377
File 142780070084.jpg - (380.31KB , 800x600 , UNSCHEDULED OFFWORLD TANGCTIVATION.jpg )

We coded ours blue and red.

Spanish Civil War was pokemon gen 1.
>> No. 1827378
Heh, standard RTS colouring, gotta love it.
Hey Tangy.
>> No. 1827380
File 142780087221.gif - (13.70KB , 250x232 , ERMAHGERD TANERGENE COKIIE.gif )

Hi Rainy!

I did a thread!
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