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1849933 No. 1849933
Hello, and welcome to How Are You? "HAY" for short. Whether you're new to the thread, or have been around for a while, we welcome everyone. So come on in, have a chat, talk about your problems, ask for advice, whatever you feel like.

Just don't try to take my coffee away.

Old thread:
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>> No. 1855660
To listen to German Metal whatever without looking up translated lyrics?
>> No. 1855662
German pop is actually more my thing. I fucking love Juli and Glasperlenspiel.
>> No. 1855663

But I don't think I will be taking much more after this semester. Aside from if an elective requires programming
>> No. 1855664
Some good sound in that realm?

And holy balls, is Gravity Blaster amazing with this

Not going for programming?
>> No. 1855665
If I weren't so hung up on salaries then nope, programming doesn't seem like my kind of thing, even though I could have the perfect character for it

I dunno what I'm going for, I guess I'm just there to figure it all out
>> No. 1855666
Mhm. German has a beautiful flow to it, and the pronunciation lends itself well to musical expression and subtle vocal phrasing. Even though people write it off as the 'angry' language, it's far from it.

I'm especially fond of this one.

...but I have many more that better demonstrate the flow of the language.

I just like pop as a style, so it only made sense I'd find some artists in that language I liked. and it's a good excuse to practice, at least my understanding. I like to avoid translated lyrics and just keep reading the lyrics until I can put them together.

Figured a few out, but... yeah.

.....i think I should go now.....
take care, boso.
>> No. 1855667
That's a smart plan. Immersion and all that.

Peace, man.

Fair enough. It's pretty much based on commision a lot of times.

That's probably the point of college, to get a feel of what you wnt to do.
>> No. 1855671
Take care

That too. Oh clueless future

I guess so. Then reskill somewhere down the line

Anywho, gonna go shopping
>> No. 1855672
In the end, all up to you.

>> No. 1855701
File 142984997688.gif - (1.57MB , 400x266 , f5b.gif )
>Paid mods for Skyrim
>> No. 1855708
Good morning!
>> No. 1855711
File 142985153232.png - (261.48KB , 680x680 , 5ab.png )

>> No. 1855712
What's up?
>> No. 1855714
File 142985160100.png - (468.53KB , 470x750 , 674.png )

Just working on an essay. You?
>> No. 1855715
I'm just gonna leave this here and see what happens.
>> No. 1855716
Oh. What is it about?
I just woke up myself not so long ago.

Listening to some music!
>> No. 1855718
File 142985176046.png - (169.12KB , 500x632 , 6e0.png )



It's to outline why I want to apply for a particular course for college.

Ah, sounds gud.
>> No. 1855720
Yeah. Mostly chill.
Also gonna grab something to eat soon.

I see. Good luck with it.
>> No. 1855724
File 142985193606.jpg - (27.28KB , 680x675 , 5b4.jpg )


Thanks. There was no criteria provided for it, so I'm only going to make it about four or five paragraphs long. Shouldn't take me long.
>> No. 1855727
>> No. 1855784
File 142985588537.jpg - (40.29KB , 609x640 , mlfw5563_medium.jpg )
Looks like it's about dead o'clock in here
*spooky ghost noises*
>> No. 1855789
File 142985624701.gif - (879.85KB , 480x360 , Passing-by.gif )
>8:05 Am
SHIT ! IM GONNA GO BE LATE ( not really )
*Offer quick hugs*
do take care and be the most awesome people that you all are!
>> No. 1855793
File 142985635300.png - (45.55KB , 656x708 , 668056__safe_solo_cute_queen+chrysalis_love+heart_chibi_cutealis_artist-colon-zutcha.png )
Quickhug accepted!
Have a nice day Ponns
*slinks away*
>> No. 1855805
File 142985734627.jpg - (44.63KB , 567x821 , covering shame.jpg )
>> No. 1855808
>> No. 1855825
File 142985879524.png - (466.91KB , 1000x1000 , 692967__safe_solo_monochrome_smile_queen+chrysalis_happy_artist-colon-ryuredwings.png )
Ohei! <3

Back in my day, things were only this slow during server maintenance!
>> No. 1855828
That is a shame.
It would be nice to relive the fast times.
>> No. 1855831
File 142985923291.jpg - (105.08KB , 650x1000 , hahaaa.jpg )
>> No. 1855832
File 142985942472.png - (1.79MB , 900x1200 , 653781__safe_solo_monochrome_traditional+art_queen+chrysalis_artist-colon-kp-dash-shadowsquirrel.png )
Ah, but they were different times. More people were around to do the posting, as well as more people from more places (more differing time zones, that is).
I remember when people would actually have to drop from the thread when things got too fast.
Good times. Good times indeed.
Anyway, how are you doing?

How's the Bloop? :3
>> No. 1855833
That sounds cool!

Feeling good.
I'm just waiting for the breakfast and browsing the internet.
How about you?
>> No. 1855834
File 142985962446.png - (1.67MB , 1000x1161 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 1855837
File 142985978148.png - (566.83KB , 1500x1000 , 702600__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_artist-colon-mlpfimlover-s-dash-u.png )
It was! A wonderful place for sure.

>spoilering dank maymays
Also, the big macintosh balls autism cop is the best one that came from the thread
>> No. 1855838
File 142985980367.jpg - (28.90KB , 563x555 , 139122477189.jpg )
I missed the heart of the party.
>> No. 1855839
File 142985993841.png - (1.29MB , 900x1200 , sockymoon.png )
A bit tired.. Hows you?
>> No. 1855840
File 142986004471.png - (622.55KB , 800x692 , 4-(n1297662610300).png )
>> No. 1855841
File 142986025980.jpg - (100.15KB , 752x1063 , 701385__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_artist-colon-+ferretinstincts.jpg )
Hah, dat wordfilter

Well, think of it this way: you missed the heart but hit the brain. The posts back then weren't exactly 'deep' most of the time (mostly because they were centered around entertainment value, which is understandable), which is also understandable when you have ~5 posts a second.
Nowadays there's much more time to mull things over and think about things. Sort of reminiscent of Lunachan, really. Doesn't mean there necessarily will be deeper posts, but it gives more opportunity for them.

And... I didn't even respond to the bottom half of your post,I'm just now realizing, So much for extra time for thinking :P

But yeah, glad you're feeling good! What sorts of things do you browse?
I'm doing alright, I'd say.

Anything going on? I'm just trying to relax before tomorrow, nothing too special.

>> No. 1855842
File 142986040888.png - (82.99KB , 600x600 , 44c08c91_d2d9_94fd-(n1300958324985).png )

HAllos Muffin! How is? Sota poked you on Skype but I guess you was busy!
>> No. 1855843

Reading about art and my deviant art.
>> No. 1855844
File 142986046585.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Hey NoriNori! Howya doin?
>> No. 1855846
File 142986058518.png - (757.10KB , 800x1000 , 699060__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_aurora+borealis_artist-colon-robbergon.png )
Oh shoot, I totally forgot to respond to that! I read it and was like "oh, I'll get to that after my first exam" but...well I guess we both know how that turned out :x
Sorry!.. And I do love posies, even if they're considered 'boring' to others.

The making of art, yeah? How is that going for you so far? Learning a lot of things?
>> No. 1855847
Feeling good!
Thanks for asking.

How about you?

I'm new so yeah. I do learn a lot of things!
>> No. 1855848
File 142986088802.jpg - (394.86KB , 800x800 , 647254__safe_solo_anthro_queen+chrysalis_artist-colon-yuna0121.jpg )
That's great! Oh, speaking of, what sort of art are you looking to make? And sorry if I get annoying with the questions (feel free to tell me so)
>> No. 1855849
File 142986102658.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Oh bah.. it's okay.. I fortget everything.. so I dun mind. Too bad I can't forget to eat mroe often.. that would be helpful. How do you think you did on the exam?

No flowers are boring.. they're all pretty!

Still kidna curious about what experiemtns you wanted ot run on me..


I dunno yet. I just got up!
>> No. 1855850
File 142986108763.jpg - (28.90KB , 563x555 , 139122477189.jpg )
When I'll get my skills up I would draw ponies.
I'm interested in mechs and environments too.

Have you slept well?
>> No. 1855853
File 142986119808.png - (82.99KB , 600x600 , 44c08c91_d2d9_94fd-(n1300958324985).png )

Kinda! I think! Derp! You must be in europe..
>> No. 1855854
Yes. I am!
>> No. 1855855
File 142986128882.png - (47.23KB , 269x474 , 1zm1341-(n1298299245166).png )

Really? What country, if I may ask? Canada here!
>> No. 1855856
File 142986129495.jpg - (318.64KB , 810x1200 , 716428__safe_solo_smile_queen+chrysalis_magic_simple+background_floppy+ears_fangs_artist-colon-n.jpg )
You remembered that you posted a thing on Skype, so there's that! :D And uh...please don't starve yourself ^^'
The first one was great and the second one was pretty meh...Not too happy with that one.

But...I mean... There are so many more interesting flowers out there! Like my personal favorite physical one: the hibiscus! I mean, they smell good and everything!~

I just want to examine your psyche, but I'm afraid that's out of the question if I want, like, non-experiential data.
>> No. 1855857
Hungary but I am out of land now.
But same timezone.
>> No. 1855858
File 142986140963.jpg - (159.53KB , 1280x863 , robot.jpg )

Naa, just watching stuff.. Mmm, well hopefully you are relaxrd for now!
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