Remember remember the 5th of November, are the words that flash through my mind. atop of his tower laughing at me, is the one eye'd bastard George Soros. pulling the strings and steering up chaos, his minions follow his bidding. from catholic hypocrisy to pigs in blue, all have come to his aid! But alas pore soros your evil ends here, for hope has restored faith! "where is this hope then?" you begin to laugh as your taunting words come spewing. as I pull from my sleeve the books of 3, you learn that death for you is near. but despite it all hope is delayed for the ponies of chan do laugh, taken seriously I am not and shunned as a nut, my efforts are for not. But heed my words dark lord george Soros, Tolkien's plan will unfold!
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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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It's the fucking best board.

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It's the fucking best board.

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