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/oat/Chuck Finley !XTed1IkIxs
I'm scared!

One of the few places I lost points in the mental health column is because I don't feel happy most of the time. (I don't feel anything most of the time.) I lost points for not being euphoric. lol

/gala/Bloopsy !ZokoBloops

Naa, just watching stuff.. Mmm, well hopefully you are relaxrd for now!

Wasn't that Macil?

I thought it was pretty cool +1 would vote for president.

/rp/「Actually The Foundation」
Raccoon is nibbling on Mandy's ears.

I heard he got some bronies to DDOS the FBI.

Do we really want that sort of DANGEROUS CRIMINAL at the helm of our fandom?

/ooc/Umami !Stale1v7yE

gay juice water

/pony/Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)
On that note, Rainbow dash's method Describing the fight reminds me of the marine Todd Meme.

/int/Clarity !EGL9GiOd9k
A wild Ebrona appeared!

/pony/Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)
one of her daily flight routes ended up being over where a bunch of history professors were having a convention.

How can I contact the site owner? #

What's the bare minimum I need to know to post? #

How can I register?
You don't need to! Just jump in and start posting wherever you want.
How do I post?
See the form at the top of every page? Just type a message and click submit. If you want, you can also choose a name and image to go along with your post.
How can I stop someone from stealing my name?
Type your name as ‹name›#‹code›. The code will change into random characters after your name. As long as noone can guess the code, your name will be safe.
How do I reply to a specific post?
Either type >> and then the post number, or click the post number you want to reply to. In other words, in the header:
No. 12345
test post
click on the number "12345".
What third-party addons are available for the site?
  • PonychanX – A script alternative to PonyUpZ based on 4chanX and its workings. Similar in function to the above with some differences, the project is headed by milky. It is also now an intergrated part of the site that can be found under our expanded settings section. Please note that the integrated site version and the standalone version of Ponychan X may be different. The linked thread will be updated with this information. (More information on PonychanX can be found below in the Settings section.)
  • PonyUpz – A ponychan based userscript that adds a variety of features, including automatic thread reloading, reply tracking and a moveable reply window. Originally written by Arcs, the project is currently headed by Zashy. It hasn't been updated in a long time, however.
  • Ponychan Notifier – A Windows tray icon app that saves/restores watched threads between IP addresses. Ponychan X has a similar feature, so keep that in mind if you're already using that.
Anything else I need to know?
Only the most important thing — have fun! If you want all the nitty gritty details of how things work behind the scenes, you can keep reading below.

Someone infringed my copyright! What can I do? #

There are countless legal provisions and protections for online service providers, intended for preserving the health and intellectual prosperity of an open Internet. One of these is the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act, which is a widely-recognized, well-established mechanism to allow Internet web sites to host user-generated content, while preserving the rights of copyright holders. Under subsection (c) of 17 U.S.C. § 512, Ponychan (the Service) is protected from the actions of its users under the colloquially-known Safe Harbor provision for online service providers (OSPs). However, we still make every effort to ensure the legal integrity of our Service, as well as respect the rights of all copyright holders. If you believe that your copyright has been violated, please send a Notification of Claimed Infringement (informally, a DMCA takedown notice), containing the information enumerated in 17 U.S.C. § 512(c)(3)(A), to [email protected], to ensure a timely response. If all information contained therein is deemed legitimate and complete and the notice is believed to be in good faith, then within 72 hours either the content will be removed, or we will reply with a Counter Notification (informally, a DMCA counter-claim) as described in 17 U.S.C. § 512(g)(2)(B).

Privacy Policy #

When your computer connects to a website, it sends technical information about itself, such as its IP address and user-agent string, so the server knows where and how to send the response. This information is analogous to the return address on an envelope. When a post is submitted, this site stores that information in an anonymous fashion, to assist the moderators in keeping the site clean, and to track abuses of our software. This information is not shared or sold, and this site does not have third-party advertising.

An imageboard primer — [1] The basics #


There are blue ? buttons near some of the fields of the post form. Remember you can click on them to get some basic help.


Anyway, let's take care of some of the basic terminology first (this will be very basic):
  • OP - depending on the context it means either "original post" (the first post in the thread) or "original poster" (its author).
  • tripcode - a code for identifying the posters. More about them in (2).
  • board - a specific subsection of ponychan meant for making posts of a certain type. Different boards have a different focus and some features are board specific (like permanent editing on /collab/, /rp/, /fic/, /ooc/, /meta/, /dis/, /oat/ and /merch/). /meta/ for example deals with the way the site itself works, while /Show/ is where all the general pony themed/related talk happens. /chat/ is for general talk that's not necessarily pony related, /pic/ is where you can find lots of pony pictures and /arch/ is where really good or remarkable threads get moved (typically without being locked, so people can still post in there). There's also other boards, make sure you are at least aware of their existence when posting or looking for threads.
  • secret board - some boards are secret which means they are not listed. If you know the name of a secret board you can get to it through a link like this: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/BOARD_NAME/ (replace "/BOARD_NAME/" with the name of the board). Example: /test/
  • NSFW - "not safe for work". This is typically used to indicate that a picture is risqué, gorey or not exactly safe for your mind. The site has pretty strict rules about posting those (particularily from the first category), more in (4).
  • locked - when a thread gets locked, people can no longer reply to it. Locked threads are indicated with a padlock next to the post number in the OP.
  • bump - the act of sending the thread to an earlier position on the list, just below the stickies.
  • sticky - A thread that always stays on top of the list of threads in a board. Mods have the power to "sticky" a thread. Stickied threads are indicated with a pin next to the post number in the OP.
  • mods - moderators, people with various powers allowing them to manage the boards / keep them clean, and second only to the admin who has full controll over the site.
  • saging - replying to a thread without bumping it. You can read more about it in (3).
  • autosage - a thread on autosage is a thread which isn't bumped by replies. As with the above, more info is available in (3).
  • bbcode - special codes allowing to change the way your message is displayed. Read more about them in (4).
  • wordfilter - a substitution filter replacing certain words in messages with other predefined words. Example: "everybo­dy" wordfilters to "everypony"
  • wordfilter evasion - doing certain technical tricks to ensure a word won't get wordfiltered, as seen in the example above. It's possible, but it will not be covered here.
  • dubs/doubles, trips/triples, quads/quadruples etc. - the number of times the last digit in the post number repeats itself at the end. Dubs if two times, trips if three, quads if four etc. There's no special significance to these from the technical side.
  • greentext - changing the color of text by starting the line with a '>'. The name comes from the color assigned to such text in the Futaba theme.


And now a typical post form. Later on I will focus on particular fields of this form. Remember that you don't actually have to fill out any of them except for the message or file fields (or both, particularily when creating a new thread).

  • Name - Your username goes here. If you're using a tripcode, it should be instantly followed by # and a password to generate it. More about this field in (2). The information you put in here will stick, which means the board will remember the last thing you used here and you won't have to retype it every time.
  • Email - This is where either your email code should go. Actually putting in an email may not be a good idea. The information here will also stick, except if you use the "sage" code. If you don't plan to use this field for anything other than saging things sometimes then keeping it filled with "noko" may be a good idea. More about these two codes and this field in (3).
  • Subject - The things you put into this this field will precede your username in the post with big bolded letters.
  • Message - Your actual message. The usage is obvious, but there are still some things to keep in mind. You can read about them in (5).
  • File - This field is for choosing the file to be uploaded, and if it should be hidden under a generic thumbnail. More in (4).
  • Password - This one is used to allow you to delete posts. It starts filled automatically and the information here will stick, so it's possible that you might never actually have to touch this field even if you do want to be able to delete things. Read more about it in (5).

There are more fields possible, but they're typically board specific and will not be covered.


Now let's have a look at a typical post. While typically the most interesting part is the actual message/picture, there may still be some other interesting info in its header, so let's take this one from the top (left):
  • a checkbox - these are used in reporting and deleting posts, more in (6).
  • big bold letters preceding the username (optional) - this is where the things written in the "Subject" field appear.
  • bolded text - this is the publically visible part of whatever the poster put into their name field
  • NOT bolded text, preceded with a '!' - this is the tripcode part. When two posts have the same tripcode it typically proves that they were written by the same person. More about the names and tripcodes in (2).
  • an underline under the name!trip combo (optional) - if this appears, that means the poster put in something in the email field, and you can hover over their name to see what. 'noko' is an exception here and won't cause the underline to appear.
  • the timestamp - the time when the post was made, according to the timezone chosen in the settings menu. You can look at these to ensure that you aren't replying to threads too long after your reply could be relevant, as sometimes ancient threads get bumped for one reason or the other long after the actual discussion in them ended.
  • "No." - this is short for "number", but also a link. If you click on this refreshing the page will bring you back to this post. This link could also be useful if you ever wanted to link to a specific post from somewhere off-site.
  • post number - the number of this specific post (useful in linking), and also a link that will add a reference to this post to your message field. This is particularily useful if replying to multiple posts.
  • file data (optional) - if a poster uploaded a file, the data describing it goes here in this manner: File filename_assigned_by_ponychan - (file_size , file_dimensions , original_file_name )

    And after that, there's the actual file and/or the message.

  • An imageboard primer — [2] Names and tripcodes #

    As you might have noticed, this site allows for posting without registering or anything like that - just write your message, click "reply" and it will appear, credited to "Anonymous" (or whatever the default name on your current board is). This kind of anonymous posting is pretty much the default mode of posting on chan boards, but ponychan spefically has an extremely large percentage of people who post with names. It's easy to give yourself a name, just put it in the "Name" field in your post and it will stay there until you change it to something else, but how do you then protect yourself from other people impersonating you through the magic of ctrl+c/ctrl+v? This is where the tripcodes come in.

    A tripcode is a non-bolded series of symbols starting with a '!' that follow the username. It's generated using a password as a base, which is then evaluated by an algorithm and transformed into this series of symbols and appended to the name. Since the user never actually touches the tripcode, only feeds the password into the algorithm, the only real way to have a post with the same tripcode is to feed it the same password, which is kept secret from everypony else. And thus you can prove your identity by proving that you know this password. And it can't be faked by copypasting the evaluated tripcode into the "Name" field either, as then either a new tripcode would get evaluated using the pasted one as the secret password (as it would have to include a '!') or if somehow that reevaluation were to be avoided, the tripcode part would get bolded with the rest of the name.

    To use a tripcode instead of just writing your name in the "Name" field, write your_name#your_code - the #your_code part will be automatically replaced by !tripcode. Instead of '#' you can also use a '!' for the same results.

    The standard tripcodes are gibberish, but you might have noticed that not all of them are like that. Some have words in them, or actually look like a part of the name of the user or things like that. These are called custom tripcodes, and they work exactly the same as regular tripcodes. Typically to get a custom tripcode one simply checks millions (per second) possible passwords and the tripcodes they yield, and chooses one out of those. One of the ways to do that is to use a program like Tripcode Explorer:

    Basically, to use it, write the possible words you're interested in and press the green symbol to run it. The program will then start testing different passwords at random and report back with an ever increasing list of passwords that contain the words you're looking for as a substring. Since this search is random, the length matters a lot - a single additional character in a word will make it many, MANY times less likely that any given tripcode will contain the desired substring. 6 characters or less should be pretty quick, 7 characters is as many as you can expect to find given a "reasonable" amount of time, 8 characters is ridiculous-but-still-possible-I-guess, 9 is basically impossible, 10 is a complete joke, and 11 or more is impossible for the simple reason that there are only 10 characters in a tripcode. Remember to set this program to ASCII only in the options. (It's possible to search without this setting, but involves a few extra steps to use your tripcode. Using ASCII makes things much easier.)

    A tripcode CAN be cracked. It's very unlikely that anypony would ever bother, but it can be cracked, especially if the secret password is something simple like "banana" or something. If anypony wanted to try to do that, they could use some software similar to Tripcode Explorer to brute-force check many different possibilities (particularily using a dictionary) on their own machine until they finally stumble upon something that generates the same tripcode as yours (it most likely would simply be your password). If you're worried about that possibility use a secure tripcode - instead of name#code, write name##code. Secure tripcodes display with "!!" instead of "!" and are generated using your password and an additional secret component on the server, so brute forcing them on a local machine gets basically impossible. If you do so, it will make it basically impossible for you to have a custom tripcode for obvious reasons, though.

    An imageboard primer — [3] The email field and email field codes #

    The "Email" field may have been intended by the authors of the board software to be the place where a user could put in their email for easy contact. This is not the only possible use for it, though - another, possibly more crucial use, is the email codes.

    There are two of those:

    • noko (alternatively: noko50) - this code is extremely useful. Typically when you click "reply" you're redirected outside of the thread and onto page 0 of the board you're on. This can be annoying if you're trying to still follow that thread, as now you have to find it again, which can be hard on a fast moving board. noko is special in that using it won't be visible to other posters - the post will appear as if the "Email" field were empty. It's possible to have both your email and noko in the email field, just first write the email, input the '#' character and then input noko: [email protected]#noko
    • sage - the use of this one is more situational. If you input "sage" into your email field, your post won't cause the thread to be bumped. This can be useful if you wish to voice your disapproval of a thread without bringing it back into the spotlight of page 0, though it can also be useful in other cases in which you'd like to make a post without necessarily dragging the thread all the way to the top. If it isn't the "this thread is bad and you should feel bad" usage of sage, it's considered good form to make sure it's understood that it's not. Sage will show up as the used email, but it will NOT stay in the field afterwards.

    "Autosage" is a term related to "sage". A thread being on autosage means that no replies of any kind will bump it. Going on autosage can be automatic after a thread reaches a certain number of responses. It can also be imposed by a mod by hand - conversely, mods also have the power to remove autosage from a thread, even the automatically imposed kind.

    An imageboard primer — [4] The message and file fields: the obvious and the less so #

    Making a basic post is easy - just choose a picture in the "File" field, write something in the "Message" field, or both, and you're done. Yet, there are still things that are good to know here.


    First, there's the reference system:

    • If you begin a line with a '>' symbol, it will change color. This is typically used for quoting specific fragments of other posts
    • To link to another post on the same board, use >>POST_NUMBER. It's typically used to refer to other posts within one thread, but it can also be used to link elsewhere on the same board.
      Example: >>3554
    • To link to another post on a specific board, use >>/board/POST_NUMBER. This is typically used to link to posts on other boards, but technically speaking you could even use it to link to other posts within the same thread. Still, for linking within one board (and one thread especially) it's better to simply use >>POST_NUMBER.
      Example: >>/chat/48
    • If you start a line with two '>' symbols and make those into a link, the line won't change color. Otherwise it will change color no matter how many '>' you put in there:
      >>180 Example
      >>>180 Example
    • Related to the above, the '>' symbol has to actually be the first one for the line to change color. Certain characters you can put in there (like spaces) won't be shown, but they will technically make it be NOT the first character in the line, and will stop the color change.
      >Without a space
      >With a space

    You don't actually have to type in the post number by hand if you wish to reference it in the same thread. Just click on its number and a reference will be added to your "Message" field. Like I mentioned back in (1), this can be useful when replying to multiple posts at the same time.

    If you wish to make a clickable link to another site, just paste the address starting with "http://" and a clickable link will be made out of that automatically.

    Example: http://www.equestriadaily.com/

    Video Embedding

    Certain boards on Ponychan have a way of embedding Youtube videos beside your post. While using this system, remember that it's not the entire link that you paste into the box, but the video ID. For instance, if the URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfJR6sAo0CU, all you paste into the box is the LfJR6sAo0CU part of the URL.

    Dice Rolling

    Ponychan has an integrated system that allows people to roll dice inside of their posts, like so: d10 = 1 In order to use it, you follow the following template. [d]. You can omit the number of dice if you're only rolling one die. So, you'd end up with [$1d10$], for example (just remove the dollar signs)Basically, it follows a system of [XdY] where X represents the number of dice rolled and Y represents the number of sides on each die.


    Then we have the bbcodes. To use these place a [bbcode] before the text, and [/bbcode] right after it. For example, [u]THIS[/u] would get shown as THIS. Multiple codes can be used at the same time: EXAMPLE. There's 5 documented tags, and you can see them all after clicking the ? next to the message field:

    • [b] is for bolding text: TEXT
    • [i] is for writing with italics/cursive: TEXT
    • [u] is for underlining the text: TEXT (alternate code: [_])
    • [s] is for putting a strikethrough on the text: TEXT (alternate code: [-])
    • [?] is for hiding the text, to be read only upon selecting it or mousing over it (useful to discuss spoilery things): TEXT (alternate code: [spoiler])
    • [hide] is for hiding sections of text so people have to click the show button to see it.
    • [rcv] is for speaking in the Royal Canterlot Voice: TEXT
    • [shy] Used for speaking with Fluttershy (small) text
    • [Sar] Used to show Sarcasm.

    There are also some codes not documented in the ? section of the post form.

    • [­code] is for writing things in a monospaced font (special characters can still break it):
      	this for
    • [aa] is for using a non anti-aliasing font:
    • [<3] produces a heart symbol: ♥ (closing tag not required)


    The usage of the "File" field is obvious. The interesting part here is the checkboxes. If you select the "spoiler" one for your file, its thumbnail will be replaced with a generic "spoiler" picture, which is useful for when you wish for only the people who click on it to actually see the content. This could be because it contains actual spoilers, or perhaps because you're trying to make a joke that won't work otherwise.

    An imageboard primer — [5] Passwords, deleting posts, the report system, and editing posts #


    The password fields are there to enable you to delete your own posts. When you send a post, Ponychan remembers the password that was used with it - that password can then be used for its deletion. These passwords are not related to tripcodes in any way. When arriving on Ponychan without having a previously used password in your browser's memory, one is automatically generated for you and put into the appropriate fields, so it's possible to take advantage of the post deletion system without ever explicitely selecting a password - though you are free to do so.

    To delete a post, select the checkbox near it and press the "Delete" button in the lower right corner of the page. You can select multiple posts at a time for that. If the passwords (the one used to create the posts and the one in the field next to the "Delete" button) match, the posts will get deleted. You can also elect to only delete the pictures appended to the posts - to do this select the "File Only" checkbox.

    Deleting the OP deletes the whole thread.


    If you ever see a post that you think should be brought to the mods' attention, select it by selecting the checkbox near it, go to the lower right corner of the page, write why you think so in the "Reason" field, and then click the "Report" button. Alternatively, you can simply click the "Report" button in the bottom right corner of the post itself and type in the reason for the report.


    If you have some need to edit a post after you've already posted, there's no need to delete it and type it again! Simply click the "Edit" button in the lower right corner of the post and you'll be able to edit your post. Once you've made the changes you wanted to make, click the "Save" button, and your changes will be put into the post. Please note that you will only be able to edit a post if the password in the password field matches the password of the post. Also note that if you are using an auto-update script, such as PonyUpZ or PonychanX, then you may have to refresh the page for the edit button to appear.

    Ponychan's Settings #

    Ponychan has expanded its settings and moved them to an entirely different page as opposed to using the drop down menu it used to have. There's a bit more to look at in there, so this section will help you navigate it and customize your Ponychan experience a bit more easily. (Please note that some features shown in the Settings page are inactive. Those inactive features are not listed here, and will be added once they're implemented.)

    General Settings Tab

    • Enable Watched Threads: Checking this box will add Watched Threads to the top right of your nav bar. Every thread on the site has a button in the original post that allows you to Watch the thread. Once you're watching a thread, the Watched Threads list will alert you to every new post made in that thread. In order to remove a thread from your Watched Threads list, simply open the Watched Threads tab and click the X box next to the thread you wish to remove. Please note that the Watched Threads tab must be enabled through the Settings Page in order to do this.
    • Enable Twitter Feed: Checking this box will add a Twitter Feed to the nav bar. This will let you keep up to date with Ponychan's Twitter posts while you're on the site. (It is recommended that you also follow them for updates, as this feature will obviously be unavailable during site outages.)
    • Enable Duo View: Checking this box will activate the site's Duo View feature, which will display two pages of threads while browsing the various boards. It is recommended that you only use this if you have a large display, as two pages will obviously take up more space than one. (20 inches or so should be fine.)
    • Time Zone (GMT): Use this box to tell the site what time zone you're in. You'll need to put in how many hours ahead of or behind GMT. For example, EST users would put in -5. (If you're unsure, then there are plenty of free time zone converters on the net.)
    • 12-Hour Time Format: Checking this box will use a 12-hour format for telling you what time posts were made. Leaving it unchecked will use a 24-hour format instead. (3:00 PM vs 15:00)
    • Ponychan X: Checking this box will activate Ponychan X while using Ponychan. Ponychan X is an addon for the site that gives users several extra features. More details on Ponychan X and its features will be placed below.

    User Settings Tab

    • Name: If you wish to use a default name while posting on Ponychan, put it in this box. It'll be saved and used in your post box if you don't have some other means of keeping it there.
    • Email: Just like with the Name field, this will keep your e-mail in the e-mail field between posts.
    • Password: Passwords are applied automatically to your posts to ensure that only you are able to edit and delete them. They're randomly generated by default in order to keep it secure, but you can put in your own if you wish to keep your editing and deleting across multiple devices.

    Preferences Tab

    • Scroll Navigation Bar With Page: Checking this box will cause the navigation bar to remain at the top of your browser window and available at all times, even if you scroll down the page. If you have a small display, it might be best to leave this option turned off.
    • Embed External Media Links: Checking this box does exactly what it says: External media links will be embedded within the posts, allowing easier access to the linked content.
    • Zoom Images On Hover: Checking this box will cause thumbnails on the sides of posts that include images to be expanded when you hover your mouse cursor over them.
    • Favorite Pony: Choose wisely, Ponychan users.
    • Load Thread After Posting: Checking this box will cause your browser to refresh the thread after you make a post, allowing you to see both your post and any new posts made during the time you spent typing it up. This option is unnecessary if you use an addon that supports auto-refresh. (Auto-refresh generally does not show edits or delete posts, however. That's something to keep in mind.)
    • Show Spoilered Text: Checking this box will cause spoilered text to be shown without the need to hover your mouse cursor over it. This will not affect other users. (Please note that this can possibly reveal spoilers about the show or other topics within the thread.)
    • Show Spoilered Threads: Checking this box will cause spoilered threads to be shown in full when browsing a board. This will not affect other users. (Please note that this can possibly reveal spoilers about the show or other topics within the thread.)
    • Hide Poster Names: Checking this box will cause poster names to be hidden, forcing everyone (on your screen) to remain anonymous. This will not affect other users.
    • Show Names On Hover: If you have poster names hidden, then checking this box will cause the names to be revealed if you hover over where the name would normally be. This will not affect other users.
    • Warn About External Links: This will let you choose how the site warns you about links that lead to other domains on the internet if you click them. "Warning Page" will show a page before you leave the site, warning you of where you're going. "Show domain next to link" will tell you what domain the link directs you to next to the link, but will not show a warning page. "No warning" will turn off the warnings, and leave the links as they are. (Since this is the internet, please be careful with links, especially if you have the warnings turned off. Better safe than sorry.)
    • Hide Name Field: Checking this box will cause the name field on your post box to become hidden, ensuring that nobody looking at your screen, whether it be through a screen share, looking over your shoulder, or seeing a screencap, will see your username and/or tripcode. Your name will still be visible on posts you make.
    • Hide Email Field: Checking this box will cause the e-mail field on your post box to become hidden, ensuring that nobody looking at your screen will see your e-mail. Your e-mail will still be visible on posts you make.
    • Hide Password Field: Checking this box will cause the password field on your post box to become hidden.

    Please remember to hit the Save button at the bottom of the page if you make any changes to your settings. Also note that, on some screens, the Save button might be visible, yet not work correctly. If this happens to you, try scrolling down and clicking again before attempting to ask for help. If a monitor is just the right height, then the Save button might be visible but inactive.

    Ponychan X #

    PonychanX is an addon built into the site that enables users to have access to many extra features for more efficient browsing and posting. The use of PonychanX is certainly recommended, but it is by no means required. If you wish to toggle PonychanX on or off, you may find it in the General Settings tab on Ponychan's Settings page.

    When you turn PonychanX on, the site will undergo a few visual changes, the most noticeable of which will be the condensed version of the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. The links to the different boards will be condensed and will move over to make room for other features, explained in a moment, to fit in the top left corner of the page.

    At the top right of the screen, clicking the symbol that has appeared there will open a new drop-down menu. This menu will allow you to access Ponychan's Settings page, the PonychanX Settings Tab, and a small menu to change your Ponychan theme and font. When you click on the PonychanX Settings, you'll be given a window, which will contain the following settings:



    • Enable Thread Autoupdate: Turning on this feature will cause PonychanX to periodically check for new posts in a thread you have open and automatically add them to the end of the page when they're made. This removes the need for refreshing the page when you want to keep up to date with a thread. While this is turned on, a timer will appear at the top left corner of the screen, indicating how long there is before the thread is checked again. If you wish to manually check, there is a button next to the timer you may click. In order to reduce the strain on Ponychan's servers, however, the timer will automatically extend itself when no posts are found several times in a row. Once a new post is found, the timer will go back down to keep you up to date.
    • Find Deleted Posts: If you have Autoupdate enabled, and a post is deleted while you are in the thread, a small message will be placed at the bottom right corner of a post to inform you that the post has been deleted. This does not affect posts that were deleted while you did not have the thread opened, and refreshing the page will remove the post entirely from the thread.
    • Scroll On New Post: If this setting is turned on, along with Autoupdate, new posts will automatically scroll the page to the bottom of the thread when it updates.


    • Show Spoilered Images: If this setting is turned on, images marked as Spoilers by the poster will not be hidden. Use this feature at your own risk, as users hide images for various reasons. Images hidden by spoilers can still be viewed by clicking on them.
    • Animate gif Thumbnails: If this setting is turned on, then the thumbnails of animated gifs will also be animated. This option can be stressful on older/less powerful computers and in large threads that contain many gif posts. If your pages seem to be slowing down, try turning this option off. While the option is off, the animation can still be viewed by clicking on the gif in question.


    • Enable Backlinks: When this setting is enabled, posts will show any replies that they have in the top right corner. This will allow you to easily see who replied to a post in a busy thread, or to simply have an organized view of replies to a specific post.
    • Enable Inline Replies: While this feature is enabled, clicking on a post that was linked in another post, usually as a reply, the linked post will be embedded underneath the link. This allows for you to easily trace a conversation backwards without having to scroll up or search the thread.
    • Enable Menu: This setting, when activated, will condense many of the options put onto posts into a single, dropdown menu that can be accessed by clicking the arrow found next to the post number. Disabling this option simply removes the menu from posts. For information on the features within the menu, please see below.
    • Enable Quote Annotation: When this feature is enabled, links to posts will display a note if they are the original post of the thread (OP), a post made by you (You), or a post in a separate thread (x-thread).


    • Enable Favicons: When this option is turned on, special images will be displayed at the left side of your tabs at the top of the screen. These images will change if there is a new post in the thread.
    • Show Thread Information In Title: Enabling this option will change the text displayed on your tab at the top of the page to better give an idea of which thread is which. It will also display the number of new posts since you last looked at the thread. Please note that the features regarding new posts will only work if you have the Autoupdate feature enabled.


    • Force Time Correction: Enabling this option will help to ensure that the times displayed on posts will be correct. It's not necessary, but it certainly helps if the times displayed are incorrect.
    • Use Organized Tagging: If this option is on while you are browsing a board that uses tags for threads, you will be able to browse threads by their specific tags by clicking on the tags you want to see at the top of the board.
    • Autoupdate Watched Threads: Turning on this feature will automatically update the threads placed in your Watched Threads list.
    • Catalog Deep Search: When this option is enabled, searching for threads on a board will allow you to search for keywords within replies to posts, and not just the original post. It takes longer to search, but will be more thorough.
    • Automatically +50 Catalog Result Links: With this option on, you will be given a +50 link to threads that contain over 50 posts when you search for them. This can be helpful when you wish to open a particularly large thread.


    • Automatic: If you select this option, your browser will automatically load new pages as you reach the bottom of a board. It will continue to do so until you refresh the page or turn off this option.
    • Semi-Automatic: If you select this option, your browser will automatically load one new page when you reach the bottom of a board, then stop unless you manually load another page.
    • Manual: If you select this option, you will be able to click a button that will load a new page on a board without refreshing. It will not load pages automatically.
    • No Pagination: If you select this option, you will have to load a new page every time you wish to look at a new page on a board.



    • Enable Keybinds: This option will allow you to use special keybinds to format text in a post as opposed to manually typing out the BBCode.
    • Hide Name Fields: This option will cause the name field on your reply box to be grayed out, ensuring that anybody viewing a stream of your screen, a screenshot of your screen, or simply looking over your shoulder will be unable to see your username and/or tripcode.
    • Automatically Watch Your Threads: If this option is enabled, any threads that you create will automatically be added to your Watched Threads list to help keep track of it. Please note that this feature will only work if you have enabled your Watched Threads list in the Ponychan settings page.
    • Enable Quick Reply: This option will allow you to use Ponychan X's Quick Reply box for typing posts instead of the default reply box at the top of the page. This box has fields for your username, e-mail, post subject, embedded URLs, post text, and files to upload with your post. This reply box may be taken with you anywhere in the thread for easier access to responses. If it is activated, then clicking on the post number of a post you wish to reply to will call up the reply box and allow you to respond to the post in question.
    • Use Full Width Persona Fields: By default, the reply box's name, e-mail, and subject fields are condensed, and will expand when you hover your mouse cursor over them. Enabling this option, however, will expand all three fields out on separate lines, giving you a full view of the text included there at all times.
    • Hide Quick Reply After Posting: If this option is enabled, the quick reply box will automatically hide itself after each post you make.
    • Quote Selected Text On Quick Reply: If this option is enabled, then highlighting text in a post before clicking on the post number will automatically copy the text into your reply so that you may directly quote the user on what they said.
    • Persistent Subject Field: If this option is enabled, the Subject field will not automatically clear itself after each post. This allows you to have the same subject for each post until you clear the field yourself.


    • Enable Desktop Notifications: This option will allow Ponychan X to alert you to new posts in a thread via sound and a desktop alert when you are looking elsewhere. This will ensure that you will be up to date on your threads as they happen while still using other programs or not watching your computer. Please note that this feature will only work correctly if Autoupdates are enabled. Also note that it does not work in all browsers. The Ponychan X Settings window should tell you if your browser is compatible.
    • Desktop Permissions: This allows Ponychan X to ensure it has permission to show an alert on your desktop. If you wish to use the Notifications feature, click this button and select that you wish to allow Ponychan X to have permission.
    • Sound: This will allow you to sample the different sounds to be used with the alert. Select the sound you wish to use from the dropdown menu, then press "Test sound" to hear what it sounds like. If you wish to have no sounds, simply select "[none]" from the menu.
    • Volume: This one is simple enough. Just use the slider to adjust the volume of the sound alerts, with the left being low volume and right being high volume.

    Cycling Names:

    • Cycle Names: This option will allow you to cycle through several different names between each of your posts automatically, should you wish to do so. Simply enable this option, and then enter the names and tripcodes that you wish to cycle through in the text field. Ensure that each name you wish to use is separated by a new line in order for it to work correctly.



    • Enable Filter: Turning on this feature will allow you to filter and block a variety of different things from appearing when you browse Ponychan. Simply enable the feature, then enter the content you wish to filter in the text boxes provided. You may filter by name, tripcode, e-mail, subjects, and filenames. Ensure that each entry is separated by a new line for the feature to work correctly. While the feature is turned on, any posts that appear with something you have filtered will be blocked, and you will not see them. This feature is especially useful if there is a user, group of users, or type of content, such as an image or thread subject, that doesn't quite break the site rules, yet you don't want to see.


    Spoiler Covers:

    • Use Custom Spoilers: This option will allow you to customize the spoiler and NSFW images displayed on the thumbnails of posts that have the images marked as either spoilers or NSFW. Simply enable the feature, and then upload the image(s) you wish to use in place of the default images. Then, copy/paste the URL of the images into the provided text fields. You will then see your custom images in place of the default thumbnails. Please note that this will only affect your view, and other users will only see either the default images or their own custom images. Please also note that you may still view the images behind the spoiler or NSFW tag by simply clicking on the thumbnail.

    Post Header:

    • Backlink: This allows you to choose which symbol to display before the post numbers that are backlinked on a post. By default, the symbol is the tilde. (~) Please note that this feature only works if you have Backlinks enabled in Ponychan X's settings.
    • Menu Head: This lets you customize the symbol used to mark the dropdown menu for options on posts. By default, the symbol is a downward facing arrow/triangle enclosed in brackets. ([▼]) Please note that this feature only works if you have the menu enabled in Ponychan X's settings.

    Overall Appearance:

    • Font: You may use this to change the default text font throughout Ponychan. Please note that this will only affect what you see. All other users will still see the font that they have selected.
    • Enable Custom Styling: Please only use this feature if you are certain that you know what you are doing. By using this feature, you'll be able to code in your own, custom styling for Ponychan. You could, theoretically, do whatever you want with this, but you'll have to do it yourself.

    And those are all of the features explained on a basic level. The Menu on posts has several extra features not directly connected to the settings page. They are as follows:

    • Hide Reply: This will allow you to hide a single, specific post. Use this if there's a post or two you don't want to see.
    • Google Image: This will allow you to use Google to search for the image included with the post. Use this if you want to discover the source of an image that somebody has posted, or simply look up the image.
    • Derpibooru: This will allow you to follow an image back to its source on Derpibooru. Obviously, this only works if the uploaded image shares the same filename as on Derpibooru.
    • Save File: This will allow you to quickly save an image that a user has uploaded.
    • Deepsearch: This will allow you to search the website for other posts by a user via their username or tripcode.
    • Filter: This will allow you to add the username, tripcode, or filename to your filter list if you no longer wish to see that user or content.
    • Delete: This will allow you to delete your post (or just the image on a post) that you wish to delete. This only works with posts that you have made.

    And that should pretty much cover it! If you feel like I've left something out in this quick guide, then please contact me! My information is at the bottom of the FAQ page and is on the Contact Us page. If, however, you have any questions, concerns, or issues with Ponychan X, then look through and/or make a post in the Ponychan X /meta/ thread.

    The Boards #

    Q: I'm still not sure what all the boards are specifically for, can I get more in depth descriptions of them?

    A: Why yes, you certainly can.

    /all/ - Overpony:

    This board shows threads from all the other boards (including some boards from other sites). You can click the check boxes at the top to choose which boards show up on your list.

    /meta/ - Suggestion Box:

    This is a serious board for site issues and questions about the site that you may not know or are curious about. Check to make sure there is not already a thread on your topic before starting one. Duplicate threads will be locked, and the posters will be directed to the first thread on the topic. If you post on this board, you are expected to remain civil and polite. Do not derail a thread that has not had its question answered. Do not ban evade to discuss your ban.

    /irc/ - IRC Channel:

    This board is dedicated to Ponychan's official irc channel. This channel has diffrent rules and a few extra mods to help out with it. Information on both of those, along with a browser client for chatting, can be found here

    /arch/ - The Archive:

    This is the “best of the best” board. This is where some of the greatest threads in Ponychan history go. They can be moved from any board, and I fully recommend checking it. You can see what great threads are made of here.

    /pony/ - Friendship is Magic

    This is the series MLP discussion board. This board is for discussing the canon of the show and its universe. It is also for "gushing over the brilliance of Team Faust."

    /pic/ - Pictures:

    Do you need pictures of ponies? Reaction pics of your favorite to post with? This is the board to find them at. Careful, though; some of those larger threads have been known to crash slow machines.

    /merch/ - Merchandise:

    Pony merchandise, be it official or not, goes here. This is the place to go to look for it, whether you’re looking to buy or sell.

    /oat/ - General:

    This is our board for general content, and it covers pretty much anything and everything that doesn't specifically belong on other boards. Want to chat about ponies? Go ahead! Want to toss around your silly head canons? Go for it! Want to just hang out and talk with others? Make yourself at home! Just as long as the content isn't specifically for another board (RPing on /rp/, artist threads on /art/, etc, etc) then feel free to post away!

    /rp/ - Roleplay:

    This is the place for role playing. Pony or not, this is where it goes. /rp/ uses a system of tags when creating a thread. For more information on that, go to The tag system created by TheBaffBrony. If you need help creating a character, a guide list for that has also been created: Original Character Guide made by Whelp

    A note on Roleplaying

    Some extra information that you might find useful is the FAQ for these two boards. If you aren't familiar with them, then give this a quick once over.

    /ooc/ - Roleplay Lounge

    This is the place to go for planning RPs. It’s a great board to hangout in and meet other people interested in /rp/. If you find yourself looking for a specific RP group or canon to join, check out the Canon Compendium

    /art/ - Art:

    Pretty self-explanatory. It’s for artwork, drawings done by hand or digitally. Have a good time, and maybe give people tips if you are an artist yourself. Some artists are known to do requests and commissions, but please don't be too forceful with it.

    /fic/ - Fanfics:

    Just as /art/ is for artists, /fic/ is for writers. Because we want you to get what you need, newcomers should read the /fic/ sticky to familiarize themselves with the board's rules.

    /collab/ - Projects:

    Check out the guidelines for this board here. This is the place to plan projects and seek out talent, create websites, or even look for programmers. We probably have what you’re looking for on this board.

    /good/ -

    Here's the place for getting together for charities, fund raisers, donations, volunteering, and overall being a good person! It's a great way to make steps towards making the world a better place.

    /vinyl/ - Music:

    Here is a board for non-pony related music, your source for hours of entertainment. The directory for the board is /Here/

    /g/ - Games:

    This board is all about games, computer, console, board, card, you name it. Discuss your favorites, air complaints about them, or tell what the developers did right or wrong. It's all about the games.

    /dis/ - Discussion:

    This board is all about serious topics, such as politics, religion, et cetera. Before posting here, make sure that you read up on how you are expected to behave here.

    /chat/ - Chat:

    This board is for threads with a specific topic of discussion. As long as it falls within site rules and doesn't belong elsewhere, you can talk about it here.

    /gala/ - Gala

    This is the board strictly for serial threads, join in and meet some new friends.

    /int/ - World:

    This is the international board for people around the world, and is also for non-English speakers.

    Banned? #

    If you find yourself banned or unable to post, and you would like to check the length, message, or appeal on your ban check here http://www.ponychan.net/chan/banned.php

    I have questions or suggestions for the FAQ. #

    The FAQ is currently being maintained by Nimble Wing. Please direct any questions, suggestions, or random bits of poetry to my Email

    Sweet Celestia, the font won't let me capitalize the letter "I" in the headers on this page!