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/oat/Chuck Finley !XTed1IkIxs
I'm scared!

One of the few places I lost points in the mental health column is because I don't feel happy most of the time. (I don't feel anything most of the time.) I lost points for not being euphoric. lol

/gala/Bloopsy !ZokoBloops

Naa, just watching stuff.. Mmm, well hopefully you are relaxrd for now!

Wasn't that Macil?

I thought it was pretty cool +1 would vote for president.

/rp/「Actually The Foundation」
Raccoon is nibbling on Mandy's ears.

I heard he got some bronies to DDOS the FBI.

Do we really want that sort of DANGEROUS CRIMINAL at the helm of our fandom?

/ooc/Umami !Stale1v7yE

gay juice water

/pony/Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)
On that note, Rainbow dash's method Describing the fight reminds me of the marine Todd Meme.

/int/Clarity !EGL9GiOd9k
A wild Ebrona appeared!

/pony/Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)
one of her daily flight routes ended up being over where a bunch of history professors were having a convention.

/good/ # 09/15/13 04:08

Hi everypony! Today, we're pleased to announce the official grand opening of /good/, a board for charitable acts and sharing kindness!

/good/ has been in the works for many months now, and is Ponychan's collaboritve effort with Bronies For Good to bring together the charity community under one roof. Please read the sticky in /good/ to learn more and don't forget, sharing kindness is an easy feat!

Ponychan management reorganization # 08/27/13 03:49

Ponychan is switching to a new management model: from now on, it will always be run by two co-owners, known as !!Celestia and !!Luna. Inkwell, the current !!BigMac mod, is assuming responsibility for the sites finances, and becoming the first !!Luna co-owner. Orange will remain as !!Celestia. Details and discussion on /meta/.

New Settings # 04/10/13 16:41

Development has just finished for the new settings page, and so without further ado, here we are! http://www.ponychan.net/chan/index.php?app=settings

After quite a bit of wrestling with unwilling lines of code, the revamped Settings page is complete! We won't be replacing the current Settings area with a link quite yet though, as there are still a few tiny details left!

We understand and can sympathize with the disappointment of the Settings no longer being a dropdown, which truly was a lot more convenient and comfortable—however as we've foreseen some users with lower resolutions were complaining about the bottom Themes being outside their view due to the enormity of the Settings area, and should we continue to implement new features the problem would unfortunately only grow in size!

Besides that, it seems that after their ungracious defeat at the hands of the Apple Family, the Flim Flam Brothers have decided to dabble in programming languages, and have made a bid for the takeover of Sweet Apple Settings! Their cunning and abilities are sure to earn them the spot of favorite pony for everybody, half for each!

Twitter Icon! # 03/30/13 10:09

We now have a Twitter Icon, which is off by default. It's available in the Settings area, and we've lots more features waiting release! We will also have an autosage icon for threads which have entered that point not long after this is posted.

The winners! # 03/10/13 20:46

The theme contest is now over! Thanks to everybody who participated. At first we'd feared that 3 main cast characters and 3 side cast characters were too much, but in the final decision most of us were happy with them! Now, to the actual winners...

Main Cast
Main Six, CMC (AB, SB, SL), supporting (Spike), and recurring characters (SA, Cad, Celestia...)
Big Mac, Scootaloo and Crystal Rarity!

Side Cast
Including background ponies, episode-specific characters (Sombra, Discord, Trixie, Babs, Nightmare Moon...), or otherwise a concept or position
Gilda, Royal Guard and Discord!

A lot of work has been put into loads of themes, and the best part about some are their little easter eggs, things you find out after a bit of use and have a happy smile from finding! We will integrate the themes in the next couple of days after reworking the Settings area - we are quickly running out of room unfortunately, both for new themes and for future settings we'd like to implement!

Theme Contest! # 02/23/13 09:31

The second Ponychan Theme Contest is now live! Regardless if you're a veteran at CSS, or a complete newbie who wants to try their hand at CSS, you all have a chance to win a spot at Ponychan's Themes! Check it out on /themecontest/!

/all/ now includes EqD and DHN # 11/13/12 11:11

Following talks with both sites, our >>>/all/ board now syndicates renowned fandom news sites Equestria Daily and Derpy Hooves News. You can now keep up with the latest news and comments, while also keeping up with the boards on Ponychan and our sister sites. Among /all/’s options you’ll find both sites under the “News” header. Enjoy!

/phoenix/ # 09/27/12 12:53

The new topic for /phoenix/ is Space and Science-Fiction.

/phoenix/ # 09/07/12 22:04

The new topic for /phoenix/ is Sports and Exercise.

/all/ now includes other sites # 08/27/12 22:23

The message of My Little Pony has always revolved around the spirit of friendship and the Elements of Harmony, and we have always striven to embody those values. To help promote harmony and unity within the widespread pony community, we've upgraded >>>/all/ to include threads from our neighbor sites efchan and Lunachan. We want to make it easy to keep in touch with your friends, no matter where they post.

Keep in mind that efchan and Lunachan are independent sites, and that you will have to follow their rules and respect their staff when you are posting there.

/phoenix/ # 08/24/12 11:57

The new topic for /phoenix/ is Technology and Computers.

/phoenix/ # 08/03/12 21:12

The new topic for /phoenix/ is Cartoons and Comics.

/phoenix/ # 07/21/12 00:12

The new topic for /phoenix/ is Paranormal.

/phoenix/ # 03/10/12 03:38

The new topic for /phoenix/ is TV and Movies.

Looking for a stream? # 01/14/12 14:16

We have a new board, /now/, for streams and live events. It will probably get the most traffic on episode days, but you can browse around anytime if you're bored, or feel free to post your own thread if you're running a stream/event.

/phoenix/ # 12/07/11 20:23

The new topic for /phoenix/ is music.

From The Ashes # 11/20/11 13:41

We've got a new board, /phoenix/. It's a board with a rolling topic, which will change every few weeks or so. The first topic is cooking, so go post recipes or make me dinner or something.

Error screens # 09/23/11 21:22

We had a few hours of downtime recently. If you're still having trouble accessing parts of the site, try hard refreshing (Ctrl+F5) or clearing your cache. The caching on WebFaction's error pages is set to be far too aggressive.

Settings page # 06/03/11 14:50

I added a quick settings page. It's not very exciting yet. Until I find a decent place to add it into the UI, I'll just link it from here.


/pony/ now exists! # 04/20/11 04:59

Since a few people were asking about the new board setup,

  • /oat/ is for pony-related craziness
  • /pony/ is for high-class pony-related discussions, including episode discussion
  • /chat/ is for non-pony discussion

I'll write up a more detailed list of the boards when I have the time.

We have winners! # 04/14/11 07:02

As you might have noticed, the theme contest is over, and winners have been chosen! We had some amazing entries, and it wasn't easy to narrow down the choices. I've been implementing and tweaking the themes over the past few days, and since everything seems to be in order, it's time to make it official.

Here are the winners, in no particular order:

  • Twilight Tackle, by actxyn
  • Rainbow Dash, by rossy
  • Fluttershy, by SpeccySY
  • Applejack, by Grit
  • Rarity, by Sirtaptap
  • Cheerilee, by Spittie
  • Derpy, by Anonymous
  • Timelord, by Dark Gubi
  • Luna, by Matthew Gold
  • Scratch, by SilverSky

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks everyone for participating!

Ponychan Theme Contest # 03/23/11 04:43

We're looking to improve the quality of the themes already present on Ponychan and to expand the number of themes so that the entire main cast as well as a few of the secondary characters are represented. We think everyone can agree that the Pinkie Pie theme is great, but most of the other themes just pale in comparison. We want to get all the themes up to that same level of quality, and we'd like to enlist your help to do that.

This is your opportunity to be recognized for your design skills as well as a chance for your name to be posted on the front page and in the theme menu for everyone to see! We're accepting submissions from anyone and everyone! If you think you've got what it takes to create an awesome theme, then come to /themes/ to discuss the contest and read more. And even if you don't, stop by anyway to see works in progress and give feedback to the designers.

Good luck, everyone!

Site upgrade # 03/22/11 16:13

I'm currently upgrading the site's software. Things might be screwy for a few minutes while I'm transferring things over, but it'll be back to normal soon.

Application errors # 03/17/11 19:01

A few users are getting “no application mounted” errors when browsing some of the boards. Our host is looking into the issue right now.

The issue is being discussed in >>/meta/1260. As always, I'll post updates to the status blog.

Everything seems to be back to normal.

Archive # 03/02/11 02:46

Old site archive

A kind anonpony managed to grab a dump of the site last night before it went down. I'm uploading a copy as we speak, and the upload should be finished in about an hour. You'll be seeing threads and images randomly fizzle into existence during this time. I haven't added back the full-size images, but many of those are saved as well, and I should get to merging them with the rest of the archive sometime soon.

We're back! # 03/01/11 18:18

Whew, we're back!

It seems some cyberscum managed to get the site taken down last night, but that didn't stop us... we're back up, and on a brand-new host, too!

It's all thanks to your generous donations... we can't thank you enough. It's a great feeling not having to choose between ponies and groceries.

In case the site ever goes down again, I set up an off-site blog at ponychan-status.tumblr.com.