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File 132809616378.png - (131.54KB , 600x400 , pinkie party attack.png )
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Pony on!

De tijd van ijs en vrieskou en heel veel ijsplezier!
De hele middag ponies kijken zorgt voor veel vertier.
De voorraadkast vol diepvriespizza, kom maar met die kou!
Warme kleding, warme dekens, 'k verveel me niet zo gauw.

Sorry fillies and gentlecolts, zelfs ik kan er niet iets goed van maken als ik met het Nederlands moet werken.

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File 138384233617.jpg - (44.66KB , 600x450 , 131064725170.jpg )

Zolang het thread bestaat is het een ding.
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File 139048259138.png - (253.54KB , 456x461 , finish ringing the schoolbell party.png )
Ik was geïnformeerd dat Iedereen Beroemd een brony heeft bespreken. Bleek dat ook echt zo te zijn. Dit is toevallig niemand van hier?
>> No. 172794
Helemaal vergeten dat dit bestond. Zo te zien ben ik niet de enige. Fluttershy nog steeds best pony.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014 03:34

File 140638695576.gif - (73.57KB , 392x314 , 969786_3.gif )
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Have you seen this? What is being done to the country?
The current power Putin has made this database where you can find detailed information about every resident in the territory of Russia. I checked, and found their data removed, and all that I do that. And then you never know who is out there looking for ...
>> No. 172730
>> No. 172743
Putin kicked once the ground.
And the Earth hasn´t stopped spinning ever since.
>> No. 172744
This thread would fit /dis/ better.

File 140874344564.jpg - (93.23KB , 854x936 , 27682.jpg )
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cmon in y'all

File 140296697555.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
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Oh say does that star bangeled banner yet waaave ~
O're the land of the freeeeeee! ♫ ~
And the hooooome of the braaaave ~

Go USA!! We beat Ghana tonight! How is your country doing in the world cup? Let's have fun together!
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>> No. 172342
File 140485258654.jpg - (42.38KB , 634x359 , brazilgurling.jpg )
what the everloving fuck
worst defense ever
>> No. 172346
File 140486445267.png - (238.87KB , 726x478 , sad shy.png )
...on the bright side, after today's game England won't feel so sad :c
>> No. 172347
File 140486499155.gif - (0.97MB , 450x310 , 1404003480190.gif )
Theeere we go. The first serious opponent that Brazil encounters in this tournament wipes the floor with them.

Chile and Colombia were just as overrated as Brazil - with or without Neymar.

Now let's hope for the Netherlands to win tomorrow. Argentina is too full of itself.

File 140112593684.png - (202.39KB , 437x730 , 230.png )
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File 140296774975.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
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File 140299013221.png - (33.89KB , 139x173 , CaptureItPlus635316836477176663.png )
me gusta
>> No. 172126
File 140306555824.png - (198.14KB , 474x332 , oh heh.png )

File 140123737453.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , Thinking Fluttershy.png )
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i am an American, and i rather love my country! But, at the same time, i know there are a few things that make other countries uncomfortable.

i wanted to share a few things with you, and ask you what your thoughts were. i will also make another thread in /oat/, to compare results with, if that's okay!
This is called the Pledge of Allegiance. Most children in school are required to say the Pledge of Allegiance before the school day starts, and also at every assembly.

Growing up, every morning, our school would also see My Country Tis of Thee, which is the British National Anthem "God Save the Queen," but with lyrics such as these:
>> No. 171951
File 140126115226.gif - (392.69KB , 342x342 , Freedom hambourine.gif )
Austria, I only watched the last clip, and this is my personal view.

In elementary school we also sang a funny little song for school start, so whatever.

I would really like to know how long this whole ceremony takes, and how long the actually game takes.

Funnily just the other day a colleague of mine who spent an exchange semester in LA enlightened us about the sheer necessity of blown-up college football for mere financial reasons. Mercenary structures even in educational facilities, if you wish. Maybe you have to put on a big show to lure more people in.

Combine that with the (as I sometimes see it) patriotism of "Other countries might have had random history, but we fought for freedom and won and then shaped the country according to our very own will, truly this must be the greatest country in the world", and you get rituals like that.

I think I'd have to witness it myself to actually feel something about it, like Fry

File 140100583541.png - (22.57KB , 122x147 , buton-icon.png )
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Ĉar kial ne.
>> No. 171924
Ni bump
>> No. 172481
No bumpo

File 140011453712.jpg - (244.03KB , 700x1043 , 1398446489393.jpg )
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Hola :D
>> No. 171804
File 140003428118.jpg - (141.71KB , 800x800 , ryuuko 266.jpg )

File 139346061228.png - (238.57KB , 479x358 , spoiler.png )
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Ну что вы, пониёбы?
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>> No. 170464
File 139467789322.png - (595.59KB , 900x900 , happy birthday to you.png )
...oh anon... thank you for sharing that with me. The world... can be such a different place, depending on where we look. It still ... makes me really wonder, sometimes, just how wonderful other people can really be.

It is hard to not be cynical, when things always seem so tough... work is tough, money is short, and life is stressful. Yet... there is a certain joy, just in seeing the joy of others... just in those elements of harmony that makes everything feel alright c:

i feel like... we all help each other, to be the best that we can be. c:
>> No. 170921
File 139595015802.jpg - (168.49KB , 1280x908 , 1364554982976.jpg )
Пощел ннннннааахууууу-уууууй
>> No. 171240
File 139685917807.jpg - (17.89KB , 205x246 , image.jpg )

File 139190117713.jpg - (22.00KB , 400x258 , sotschi.jpg )
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Olympische Winterspiele Edition.

Der Soundtrack zum Faden:

Kanada hat Österreich im ewigen Medaillenspiegel an den Eiern. Heuer könnten sie uns überholen.

Und wer keinen Spocht mag: S4 Edition.

Aktive im Faden:
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>> No. 171070
Also die Schlechte-Witze-Einfaches-Deutsch-Nostalgie-Keine-Ahnung-Ziegen-Dämlicher-Flanders Edition.
>> No. 171071
Bernd wird jetzt Pokemonmeister.
>> No. 171076
Damit endlich ein neuer Faden offen ist.


Poster sind jetzt nach Aktivität in diesem Faden sortiert und Dashing wurde gelistet.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 1st, 2014 11:17

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Yakchimash! My name Borat! I love you! I love sex!
Come on Atmosphere of gloom, cheerful communication with social phobia as well as funny pictures - it's all here! Friendly administration and anonymous looking forward to you!

File 137547883644.jpg - (52.11KB , 403x403 , 136701507471.jpg )
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Precisamos de uma segunda thread brasileira, mas vamos tentar deixar ela mais atíva.
1-Não deixarás de postar toda semana, pelo menos uma vez
2-Não trollarás o próximo
3-Não desobedecerás os moderadores, nem que eles ajam feito merdinhas
4-Não irás cometer blasfémas, Chrysalis é a unica que deve ser adorada
5-Não levarás o quarto mandamento à sério
6-Não séis um macaco.
7-Irás opinar em todas as discussões por aqui
8-Não irás ficar putinha e parecer um baitola, feito o Chocolate Pi
9-Déves manter contato com todos os seu amigos brasileiros
10-Não ousas dizer que Rei Sombrero tens um papel picaroso
>> No. 166770
File 137574279819.jpg - (76.21KB , 396x691 , 137530457691.jpg )
>"Não séis um macaco."
>escreve como um

Jesus, que horrificante.

Aliás, a segunda thread "oficial" brasileira é a outra mesmo.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 5th, 2013 15:48

>> No. 169936
>> No. 170062
File 139267234383.jpg - (122.62KB , 1920x1080 , MLP FiM 4x09 - Pinkie Apple Pie - TVRip(1)_mkv_snapshot_14_45_[2014_02_04_20_01_09].jpg )
Deus te ama.

File 139100026291.png - (1.91KB , 360x216 , SVR_flag.png )
169701 No. 169701 [View]
What are some things you take for granted that everyone in your culture is familiar with, but is unheard of away from home?

Taking American culture for instance, all around the world people know Metallica and Elvis and Eminem and John Wayne and Seinfield and Gilligan's Island and cheeseburgers and cowboys and Monopoly and Frank Sinatra.

But how many non-Americans know about The Andy Griffith Show, those television donation drives for public television, how liquour is sold in grocery stores (or if you're in the South, at drive-through liquour stores), Smarties being little sugary fruit flavoured candies with no chocolate, Captain Crunch cereal, Yankee Doodle, Mary Had a Little Lamb (the American version is different to the British version), Johnny Bravo, CatDog, Fels Naptha soap, that people from Massachusetts are terrible drivers who go ridiculously fast and Vermont is the Land of Icecream, and yet pretty near everybody recognises when someone's whistling the Andy Griffith theme song.

Same with Japanese culture, everyone knows about Naruto and miso soup and bowing and samurai and sitting on the floor, but sorts of stuff do Japanese people take for granted that's general knowledge there but nowhere else? Children's songs and games, old sitcoms and singers, common foods that aren't exotic enough to be known far away but they don't make elsewhere, popular candy brands, those sorts of things. What reminds Swedish people of home? Thai? Polish? Phillipino? Brazilian people?
>> No. 169702
Samurai saus and saus andalouse. It is spiced mayonaise available in the borderlands of the nederlands, belgique and germany. Took it for granted, missing it now.
>> No. 169703
File 139100133642.png - (114.75KB , 700x626 , Twilight Sparkle i bunad.png )
Okay, Norway. Let's see what we've got here that nopony else has got...

A brand named Toro, which deals with tenfolds of soups and stews in powder form, is a very vital part of living here. Folk-country-rock-pop in various variations is much more popular than our famed black metal community. Old British dramas like Heartbeat are still found on telly. The Norwegian cuisine is exhaustive, and you can still find sourcream porridge, lobscouse, frikadelle-style meatcakes and fårikål on ordinary dinner tables. Advent calendar programmes every Christmas (Jul i Blåfjell, Jul i Skomakergata, Julekongen) are serious business.

That's about all I could come up with.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 29th, 2014 06:15

>> No. 169725
Let me see... Italy.

Pop music isn't really liked, you are more likely to hear songs by author-singers like Francesco Guccini, Fabrizio de Andrè and the like. The younger people tend to like national rap, however.

Pasta is basically a must at dinner and launch, however, it's not uncommon to see rice-based dishes like arancini (balls of fried rice). Also, in Friday, most of the times the meat is replaced by fish. Also, words cannot express how much I love the brasato, a roast cooked in wine and herbs.

Leone Candies are considered something that only the hipsters or nostalgic, since they are the only italian brand of sweets that never changed its formula and variety of tastes. Perugina produces chocolate and the (in)famous "Baci."
Notable the fact that, depending on your zone of Italy, the brand of pasta also changes: Voiello and De Cecco are common in Central Italy, in Southern Italy Paoloni is incredibly common, and, in Northen Italy, Barilla and Garofano is a common sight.

The television has long lost its status of "Language Teacher" and now it's chocke full of sitcoms like RIS and Un Medico in Famiglia by the RAI. Foreigner sitcoms are a rarity on national television. Also, the Mass is always on all the channels during Sunday morning.

File 134971104967.jpg - (33.98KB , 300x350 , youcame.jpg )
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To-Do: Poste mindestens einen Comic, der dir bekannt ist und/oder den du gut findest.

Bei Nicht-Lieferung wird gepaddelt!
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>> No. 149761
Also doch. Gut, hätte mich auch gewundert.
>> No. 149762
Oke, dann bin ich mal so frei und mach ne Herbst Edition.
>> No. 149772
hat nur 3 tage max. gedauert.

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