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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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>copied from /g/

Good day /g/. Having followed the 4chan Cup intently, I thought it might be fun to do a version of our own. However, I don't own PES and I'd like a bit more realism than that, so I propose something different. Every board puts forward a team of 22 soccer players and I put them into a modded Football Manager 2012 save to have the first ever Ponychan Premier Division - a collection of 18 teams battling out for the Championship. I'd be in charge of making each of the teams, and the running the simulation every Saturday and posting the updated results. The winners, by the end of the season, will be crowned Ponychan Champions, and if it picks up enough steam we could even make a lower division.

Post ideas if you would like this see this.
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>> No. 167556
File 137806662588.gif - (288.50KB , 500x419 , 137638644252.gif )
Nice trips, by the way.

As long as people post names, I'll keep it open for a week as of today.
>> No. 167561
File 137807099737.jpg - (75.00KB , 800x600 , West-Ham-v-Fulham-Dimitar-Berbatov_2821317.jpg )

Thread has been moved here due to inter-chan competition.
>> No. 167564
File 137807885773.png - (64.97KB , 1000x1000 , 137807770965.png )
Guys, anyone involved or who wants to get involved needs to get their backsides over to the /meta/ thread for name choosing and such

File 137280494982.jpg - (32.09KB , 392x455 , image.jpg )
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First of all, I BELIEVE that this is the correct board for this, but please correct me/move this if I am wrong, but it is very /int/ related.

My question here is, as follows.

How do you like to learn a language? Do you use books, the Internet, or something completely different? What do you find to be the fastest/most efficient way?

Also, what language have you had the most fun learning?

Your replies would really help me out here, whilst also providing some fun points for discussion.
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>> No. 167231
I have a couple of French groups that I listen to, and I know a few Russian groups thanks to GTA IV. With Japanese...well animu and all that is easy.

I've thought of getting translating books starting to read Russian literature in Cyrillic. And with French just getting Proust and diving right in there with it.

But you know, just switching up my language settings seems waaaaaay easier.

I'll take those to heart.
>> No. 167234
File 137658777955.jpg - (143.01KB , 600x945 , gangzeichen.jpg )
How'd you wind up with ASL? How on a fluent level even?
Another fun fact: American and French sign language are more closely related, while British sign language is more distantly.
>> No. 167457
I got fluent because I took 4 years in high school and took part in Deaf community events during that time. Plus my ASL teacher is Deaf so there's that too. I even participated in a Deaf poetry slam at the local Deaf Club once. The Deaf community is really cool, they were totally welcoming.

So yeah, total cultural immersion.

Also that doesn't surprise me much, since FSL and ASL come from the same place really. I don't remember the French guy who brought a structure to some ASL, but is interesting how that happened.

American Deaf history is pretty fascinating, all things considered.

File 137720887405.jpg - (41.78KB , 576x543 , 463571996.jpg )
167366 No. 167366 Locked [View]
>> No. 167701
I guess no weird site advertisement without cleaing it with the mods?

Or give some information at least as "This is a fun thing because..."

Just found out about it somewhat late.

File 136528316489.png - (20.07KB , 1176x783 , israel_14.png )
163134 No. 163134 [View]
All right, Im going to test something
Are israeli threads allowed?
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>> No. 163755
So there ARE other israely bronies...
חבל שאין לנו כהילת מעריצים מסודרת בארץ
אולי כדאי לנסות לפתוח אתר או להפגין נוכחות באזה כנס?
>> No. 164041
דברים כבר מתארגנים לעצמם בעמוד הפייסבוק הישראלי לברונים, אני אישית לא מת על תחפושות ובולשיט מהסוג הזה אז לא תודה.
>> No. 167241
File 137665428756.png - (169.56KB , 873x915 , 132134226659.png )
שלום לכל הברונים מקו עזה :3
?סקייפ, מישהוא

File 137142078609.jpg - (35.50KB , 551x467 , Nigra1.jpg )
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IDF: Wir besprechen die Großartigkeit von Ben Gunn, unseren Überherrscher, dem König Russlands.

Schade daß Crade es nicht miterleben darf, ihn hätte das sicher gefreut.

Ein schönes Lied dazu:

Last edited at Sun, Jun 16th, 2013 15:16

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>> No. 166791
File 137585364775.gif - (3.70MB , 1080x720 , mlfw4058-text-huge.gif )
>> No. 166793
Neuer Thread
>> No. 166975
Perfcet answer! That really gets to the heart of it!

File 137598623921.jpg - (13.61KB , 304x166 , camino.jpg )
166935 No. 166935 [View]
Has anyone here ever done the Camino De Santiago in the north of Spain?

I'm planning on doing it at the very end of this month and was thinking of doing the last 100k-ish with a few friends. I haven't really done proper, multiple day hiking before but my friends have. Got any advice on hiking or the Camino itself, point of interest, prices, tips etc?


File 137580675677.png - (293.48KB , 526x464 , NCxQDGI.png )
166779 No. 166779 [View]

File 137527109689.jpg - (23.94KB , 363x319 , The three guys hanging out.jpg )
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/int/ just seems to get slower and slower for every passing day. As I've had a long history with /int/, I remember back when the German threads could fill up a thread in three days; now they've used almost one and a half month. And it doesn't appear to go well with most other threads either. I figured that I should ask the p/int/s about what they think about the situation before doing something hasty on /meta/, so here I am.

To everypony here: What do you think of /int/'s current situation, is it dead or not, are there ways to resurrect it, is it on its way to all-out collapse, or is everything perfectly well? You don't need to answer every question, just those you'd like to.
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>> No. 166543
File 137528153945.png - (960.96KB , 648x1440 , Black Dynamite #6, The barrier breaker.png )
I wouldn't blame everything on the show's quality problems, but there are indeed far fewer newcomers just peeking in on Ponychan than it used to. I used to be on the Scandinavian threads, which I kept alive for almost a year pretty much by myself, plus a resurrection in March, but now it seems dead and buried.

>All things considered, /int/ had a very long active life. I doubt there's anything you can do to save it now.
I know. I've tried a few things earlier this year in an attempt to save this place, including a "Fun on /int/" random thread (Started well and quickly diminished), and a sticky directory (Had a very tiny effect, but not non-existent). And I'm contemplating either giving up the directory, or sticking to it until the board meets its grave.

>It is my big hope that someday another show will reach the popularity and awesomeness that MLP FiM used to have
I remember thinking during the spring of 2012 that Black Dynamite would be bound to become the new FiM. It ultimately didn't, in part due to Adult Swim being very restrictive on fan videos of it.

Though, I consider FiM Series 3 to be a step up from Series 2, which I consider the worst season by far.
>> No. 166545
I think it's well enough, no need for hundreds of posts a day. It's convenient. If you need a thread on your language, it's here.

>Though, I consider FiM Series 3 to be a step up from Series 2, which I consider the worst season by far.
Not to bash, but I think you might be the minority at that. Besides, hadn't you said you skipped several episodes or something?

>I'd say that the declining show quality made a lot of people lose interest in pony
I'd go with declining fandom quality, too. Also short season and LONGEST. HIATUS. EVER.
>> No. 166546
File 137528677071.jpg - (39.08KB , 471x548 , Let's go for a ride, Pinkie.jpg )
>It's convenient. If you need a thread on your language, it's here.
It's simple and peaceful, but perhaps a bit too peaceful even for me. Having threads for many countries and languages does have its limitations when most of them are used by very few or none.

And I acknowledge that I'm in a small majority there. I had some bad experiences with Series 2 during its initial run, but I gave it a more real shot when most of it ran in Norway recently. But by then, I had gotten so used to Series 1 (and a few Series 3 episodes), that Series 2 felt like a completely different show to me.

File 137527943309.gif - (917.55KB , 260x173 , 8XuPUuL.gif )
166542 No. 166542 [View]
Yep, after the rousing success of the first PCAU in April, what with lots of music, limited amounts of spaghetti spilling, and pic related, the money-grubbing team has a Kickstarter thing happening, but an Aussie one, so it has a stupider name and more beer I guess.

They've hit their target, but they want more, for the simple reason that at 21k they'll kidnap Peter New and force him to say the only line anyone cares about.

We're a convict island colony, we get what we can.

>Not in any way supported by the PCAU team

File 136193462669.png - (735.53KB , 1304x737 , pinkie pie.png )
161594 No. 161594 [View]
Is anyone here from Slovenia ?
>> No. 166499

File 137224014051.png - (89.69KB , 400x348 , Pinkie and Megatron singing.png )
165738 No. 165738 [View]
In this thread, we make a list of where to find dubs of FiM on the internet, primarily YouTube, Dailymotion and other streaming sites, so that bronies around the net can use the list to find the various dubs.

A set-up example can be:
Language/dub - Link to user and/or playlist (Episodes available, video quality, other notes)

If an uploader is taken down, we attempt to find another source for those dubs, and so on.

(I really hope this is a good thread idea...)

File 136723562491.png - (1.05MB , 1920x1080 , small squirrel.png )
163828 No. 163828 [View] [Last 50 posts]
>das Jahr des Herrn 2013
>schaut immernoch MLP
>nicht MSS
Ich hoffe doch sehr, daß ihr mit der Zeit geht.
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>> No. 165526
Gibts diesen Verkehrsunfall schon im Netz zu bewundern ?
>> No. 165527
File 137142168950.jpg - (1.50MB , 5059x3529 , moe-159185-gokou_ruri-kousaka_kirino-ore_no_imouto_ga_konnani_kawaii_wake_ga_nai-seifuku.jpg )
Muss wohl? Austro, strömen Sie?
>> No. 165533
File 137146432412.gif - (1.80MB , 960x540 , komb_is_jut.gif )

File 137119224390.png - (632.39KB , 1101x619 , Ser guy.png )
165441 No. 165441 [View]
Could you please help a bro?
Just watch this video:
>> No. 165470
wrong board pal

File 136974870304.jpg - (88.08KB , 800x704 , image.jpg )
164975 No. 164975 [View]
Ich weiß, dieses board ist nicht für Hausaufgaben helfen, aber ich müss einige Übersetzungen haben.

Wie sagt man-
'The Turn' (zum beispiel, in ein Spiel)
'Discard', mit karten
Viel danke if du kannst ein Wort geben.
>> No. 164976
File 136974930564.png - (121.62KB , 259x268 , 1368981464001.png )
the Turn – Der (Spiel-)Zug
it's my turn – ich bin am Zug
it's your turn – du bist am Zug
"Zug" is the substantive of "ziehen", which means "pulling (a card from the deck)", it's used for all kinds of games.

discard – abwerfen
"werfen" stands for "trowing", "abwerfen" would mean "throwing aside".
>> No. 164977
File 136974940801.jpg - (13.95KB , 197x190 , image.jpg )
Thanks a buttload.

File 136875175249.jpg - (23.54KB , 244x295 , euphoric bear.jpg )
164677 No. 164677 [View]
>not euphoric

nigga pls
>> No. 164967
File 136969859167.gif - (1.50MB , 230x172 , euphoric.gif )

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