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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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File 135327146110.png - (66.21KB , 1294x890 , 1351378917632.png )
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blah blah blah
>> No. 152817
Malaysia is here for you Britain!
Malaysia Boleh!

File 135332175112.gif - (25.65KB , 350x254 , malay.gif )
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Boleh Buck
Merdeka Mare
Livery Lah

File 135267135796.png - (109.72KB , 313x243 , chessmaster.png )
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I'm reaching out to any German speakers here on /int/. I need help with a translation:

Composta per festeggiare il sovvenire di un grand Uomo

This is part of the famous dedication from Beethoven's Third Symphony, which I want to include as an epigraph to a fic I'm writing; however, I want it to instead say

Composed to celebrate the memory of a great character

...without being some kind of weird transliteration (thanks anyway, Google Translate).

The fic satirizes the transformation of Rainbow Dash from a sympathetic character to a Peter Griffin-level jerkass, as demonstrated in season two (and, so far, in season three).
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>> No. 151926
File 135267315372.gif - (457.01KB , 180x244 , 133928079571.gif )

Lol, we don't have very good language education here in the States (formally or otherwise); but I'm guessing you already knew that.

Thanks for the help. It might be difficult for me to 'check' something like that, though, as I am really interested in preserving the tone of the dedication, equally as much as the content.
>> No. 151934
I'd like to apologize to /int/ for my ignorance. It was certainly not my intention to offend.

Can this thread by deleted, please?
>> No. 152520
Italian here.
"Composta per celebrare la memoria d'un grande Personaggio"
should do

File 134441532497.jpg - (399.76KB , 715x1000 , LENSFLARE.jpg )
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Ultimo hilo: >>126208

Archivo de hilos anteriores:

Imageboard Hispano:

Canal de IRC:
#EqNet @

Temas de interes:
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>> No. 151860
File 135261299096.png - (193.74KB , 838x953 , zoe_trent_by_sn3akyfox-d5ippmu.png )
>> No. 152138
>En el otro cuarto estan pasando Disney Channel
>Oigo la cancion final de la 2da temporada, Love is Bloom... en LATINO.
>Asomo la cabeza al televisor.
>La propaganda estaba casi terminando. Era un juguete llamado 'La boda de gala' o algo asi, no recuerdo que.
>Terminan con Shining Armor y Cadence en un corazon.

Ya tienen los juguetes en promocion con canciones de la S2, y Discovery Kids aun no ha terminado de pasar toda la S1 en Latino?

PD: Hola a todos
>> No. 152368

Nuevo Hilo



File 135235089401.png - (1.58MB , 1600x1328 , equestrial_balance_by_blissbunny-d5373wm.png )
151550 No. 151550 [View]
Hello /int, first time posting here!
I've been thinking, what nationalities are people around here?

Not that it really matters to me, but I think it would be interesting to know :)

I am from Sweden myself :)
>> No. 151591
File 135239137631.png - (114.75KB , 700x626 , 131990505463.png )
/int/ is vastly dominated by Germans and Austrians, which together has at least twenty-five regulars at their threads at any given time, and, dare I say it, the only /int/ threads that would keep up the tempo if it were on /gala/.

The Spanish-speakers and the Polish threads seems to have 5-10 posters each, and the Russians and Brazilians also manage to keep it up decently. The Dutch threads are at peril since their old community migrated somewhere else, and the Scandinavians (which includes me, who is from Norway) unfortunately gave up recently after I had kept it alive near single-handedly (usually with only one other guy, but sometimes a few more) for eight months. And at the end, we have failed or near-failed attempts by other nationalities from all over the place to make some threads.

>> No. 151638
File 135247266444.png - (364.24KB , 693x584 , 134461100414.png )
I'm a spanish speaker from Argentina btw
>> No. 151655
Btw, here's a sad song
Laughing I go on with life
Trying to bear my sad pains (x2)


But they don't know that within me I carry
A sad story of deception and pain (x2)

File 133511089110.jpg - (246.64KB , 472x795 , gue3.jpg )
115159 No. 115159 [View] [Last 50 posts]
"Schau diese Sendung nicht!", sagten sie.
"Sie ist für kleine Mädchen!", sagten sie.

DEM kann ich entgegenwirken! Mit dieser Maschine haben wir die Chance die Welt aus anderen Augen zu sehen!
Dies ist eine Geschlechtsumwandlungsmaschine! Für die nächsten 1000 Posts ändert sie unseren genetischen Code und verwandelt uns in das gegenteilige Geschlecht.
Also steigt ein! Es tut nich weh! Es könnt nur kribbeln und brennen.

Fehlschläge sind nicht ausgeschlossen.
Für mögliche Nebenwirkungen fragen sie mich oder es ist bereits schon zu spät.

Was erwarten wir?
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>> No. 116929
>nicht Past Sins...

Ich sollte den Mist mal lesen
>> No. 116930
File 133566047517.png - (241.41KB , 515x675 , 131751619590.png )
da is die 100!
>> No. 134335
File 134196157959.jpg - (16.55KB , 614x422 , EinhauchvonTüll.jpg )
yay diesen faden mochte ich

ich hinterlasse aufgrund der falschen lauermaschine
trotzdem ein hauch von tüll statt miss finster bilder

File 135094581646.jpg - (2.92MB , 1772x1181 , herbst.jpg )
149763 No. 149763 [View] [Last 50 posts]

Die Jahreszeit, die uns stets an unsere Sterblichkeit erinnert. Und die bunten Blätter sind auch voll hübsch.
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>> No. 151158
File 135206450380.png - (106.94KB , 262x304 , §.png )
pferdammt. normalerweise erinnere ich mich an alle üblichen alten simpsons mems. es geht bergab ;_;
>> No. 151160
Selbes Spiel wie mit Spongebob und FOP. Mit Familyguy brauch ich gar nicht erst anzufangen.
>> No. 151161
So, damit ist der 1000er voll. Neue Edition reinkommend.

File 135181059447.png - (568.35KB , 787x521 , rainbow dash france.png )
150870 No. 150870 [View]
Salut, je cherche les épisodes de la saison 1 en français pour mes neveux, qui sont trop jeunes pour la v.o.

Je les ai trouvé seulement sur YT avec une qualité d'image exécrable. Partout ailleurs ils sont en anglais (torrents, streaming, direct download, tout).

Et si j'en crois il n'y a pas de DVD, en tout cas pas pour le moment.

Quelqu'un sait où trouver la version française avec une bonne qualité ?
>> No. 150932
File 135186576982.png - (126.07KB , 500x294 , tumblr_mcuktdUQwZ1rrc8jpo1_500.png )
Tu pense pas qu'ils pourrais etre un peu trop jeune pour my little pony?

File 135095604103.png - (297.51KB , 620x869 , vote_friendship_by_equestria_election-d3io4ck.png )
149776 No. 149776 [View]
Первое издание

Итак, русский мой любимый язык. Это свободный, красочный и запутанным, чтобы глупые люди. Давайте делиться, что комфорт для матушки-России и г-н Горбачев.
>> No. 150132
Google is bad for russian speeches.
>> No. 150392
There's Russian thread already:

File 134480128114.png - (1.13MB , 1600x960 , flatterball.png )
140415 No. 140415 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Dear /int/

I come to you with the question whether you'd like (I know I do) and help come up with a team in the ponyrelated Interchan Cup
see >>/meta/123389

It's basically shenanigans with an AI team we assign /int/related names, and handle the kits, tactics, goal horn, anthem, wiki-backstory and such.
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>> No. 143067
File 134617267662.png - (83.58KB , 400x346 , Happy-go-lucky Pinkie Luffy.png )
Just sent you an E-mail with the current lineup. Everything I have to say right now (which isn't much) stands in the E-mail.
>> No. 149671
/mlp/ took 7th in the last cup
>> No. 149675
File 135088710597.png - (128.45KB , 332x230 , You ain't seen my balls.png )
When you say that /mlp/ took seventh place, are we talking about the actual 4chan Cup, or are we talking about their secondary Babby Cup?

File 133583726098.png - (755.19KB , 1366x768 , pinkie-shoots-twilight.png )
117501 No. 117501 [View]
Vola e vai my little pony,
se nuovi amici vorrai incontrare!
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>> No. 117552
File 133586067992.jpg - (32.00KB , 569x576 , A not so gentle smile.jpg )
Den fölelsen når jag inte en gång behöver at bruka Google Translate för att blanda ihop svenska och norska.
>> No. 123993
Brony italiani?
I approve of this.
>> No. 149630
File 135076585078.gif - (1.05MB , 412x177 , say hello to my little pony.gif )

File 134955224486.jpg - (13.17KB , 248x208 , I just had to save this.jpg )
148042 No. 148042 [View]
After being a tad too much on Equestria Daily and some YouTube videos, it feels like everyone except me hates their local dubs beyond belief. So I'm making a thread here on /int/ about it, so that I'll at least be ensured that at least a small handful of bronies has more accepting opinions, though I should clarify that (as far as I can tell) every opinion is allowed in this thread.

The rules are simple: Post the dub from where you're from, and one or two words describing your opinion on its quality, for instance Horrible, Good, Very good, Terrible, Surprisingly good, etc. No further explanation is needed.
Example on how to do it: German - Acceptable

An exception to this if you don't like your own dub, but are following another dub that you consider to be better. Then, you can do a two-sentencer like this.
Example: Spain Spanish - Rather bad
Latino Spanish - Good

This is (most likely) not becoming a big survey, since it was primarily made to provide a new all-/int/ thread for the first time in a long while. Enjoy.
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>> No. 149117
File 135028459599.jpg - (24.07KB , 500x509 , Reac-pic 7, Wow, I'm feeling nice_.jpg )
How many words was that, a-hundred-and-fifty? But I guess that's the point...

Great speech.
>> No. 149480
File 135064887788.jpg - (3.61KB , 177x100 , mlfw426.jpg )
I'm Spanish and i'm embarassment of my country dub
>> No. 149502
File 135065883176.png - (293.59KB , 480x320 , 10.png )
Russian dub - horrible. And they are going to release second season, even after all that horrible responses.

File 130636285614.png - (338.56KB , 1110x720 , 130402702105.png )
1255 No. 1255 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
In this thread, we act like the stereotypes given to our country or state, y'all.
Yeehaw! Rodeo 'n blues! Bull ridin'! Fuck bulls!
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>> No. 171780
wegydqpozdibo, aetmeduqqx
>> No. 171781
ktnwyqpozdibo, ejmzykolib
>> No. 173444
hi past me

File 134873815410.jpg - (10.16KB , 249x202 , rittersport.jpg )
147007 No. 147007 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Quadratisch, praktisch, gut.

OP-Matrize gneeeee, beim nächsten mal wieder, gut?
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>> No. 148387
hm… in meinen Augen eine etwas fahrlässige Sichtweise, da ein halbwegs Geübter dir das Messer im nu aus der Hand schlägt/reißt bevor du es einsetzen kannst. Und ohne Training bist du schon von vornherein der schlechter gestellte, da man ja davon ausgehen muss, dass der Angreifer schon etwas Übung hat.

Wie gesagt, sobald der Angreifer sieht das du eine Waffe hast läuft er entweder weg oder will dich so schnell wie möglich ausschalten… hängt von der Gesamtsituation und seinem Drogenkonsum ab.
>> No. 148390
hm… okay. ich sprach aus meinen Kenntnissen heraus und da bin ich wohl diesen Fehlannahmen erlegen.
>> No. 148393
File 134971115961.jpg - (61.85KB , 550x544 , Death.jpg )

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