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File 134480128114.png - (1.13MB , 1600x960 , flatterball.png )
140415 No. 140415
Dear /int/

I come to you with the question whether you'd like (I know I do) and help come up with a team in the ponyrelated Interchan Cup
see >>/meta/123389

It's basically shenanigans with an AI team we assign /int/related names, and handle the kits, tactics, goal horn, anthem, wiki-backstory and such.
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>> No. 141681
File 134548662272.jpg - (27.26KB , 502x477 , Reac-pic 10, Do Want.jpg )
>> No. 141719
File 134550313943.jpg - (765.79KB , 1331x3911 , 21th of August past midnight furthermore planned lineup.jpg )
Here's the late night list update.

I decided to include the reserves list (>>141384) from now on. If you (AustroSpike) ever did any more work on the reserves you have full control over, or have something to add, just tell me that you want that or that thing on the list.
>> No. 141764
File 134554185877.gif - (250.58KB , 619x750 , hmja.gif )
looking good, I can do that (at least tomorrow, I'll soon be on my way again), still some things to go. Might not the easiest way be sharing and passing the file? Check my email field.
>> No. 141774
File 134554477877.jpg - (311.30KB , 800x1069 , Life On Mars #1, Sam Tyler.jpg )
Okay, I've sent the Excel document to your E-mail address, I think.
>> No. 142023
File 134565458212.jpg - (0.98MB , 1377x4871 , Int Team 22th of August 18_50 CEST.jpg )
OK, the two of us has done our stuff internally for the last day, and I finally figured out of the card system, but here's another update. We're getting close now.

And to everyone: We need three more pictures for Foreign Greetings, Dub Complaining and Combined Thread; in what is most likely to be a late (or maybe last) call for contributing.
>> No. 142025
File 134565515830.jpg - (41.95KB , 400x357 , dekodimension.jpg )
Got plenty to choose from fitting pics for Dub Complaining. Which are basically captions with funny gerdub lines. Kalas suggested this iirc.
The server with the OP pic of the German and Polish thread seems to be down. Anybody got it saved?
>> No. 142028
File 134565685901.jpg - (248.50KB , 1007x983 , Armour and Cadence's failed movie career.jpg )
Okay, I can use that pic. I'll add it my list.

By the way, I found something rather... strange... in the description for Dub Complaining. I don't think the part with "praising (...) dub studios" fit well with a player that is representing complaints against dubs.

...Or maybe it was about the original English dubbing/voicing studio? In the latter case, I still think we need to phrase it better.

>The server with the OP pic of the German and Polish thread seems to be down. Anybody got it saved?
Sorry. I cannot find it on Derpibooru, and there's no countrypony threads on /pic/ or /art/.
>> No. 142029
That's not really a significant translation screw up. I'd go with "Winter Ade Tag". Its failure is way more popular.
>> No. 142031
File 134565934934.jpg - (72.46KB , 1312x439 , Ponychan Int attempted addition to 22nd of August update.jpg )
Here's my attempt at straightening things up a bit. It was sort of capped before >>142029, but still.

The songs do have a tendency to ditch translation accuracy in favour of making it sound good, I'll admit that. And Winter Ade Tag's low quality stays in sharp contrast to the brilliant renditions of At The Gala (Auf der Gala?) and Art Of The Dress.

But if you really want to show translation mistakes... you could try with the Swedish dub's "Ont i tummen/Thumb Ache" occurence, possibly the single-biggest translation error in the history of FiM and one so big that even I am complaining. Alternately "Kram med tomtebloss/Hugs with New Years' sparkles" from the same dub, or the time that the Russian dub translated Ursa Major into something along the lines of "the big Ursa-something".

But I would prefer to keep it in good nature, and I'm always been more of a Dub Praise kind of guy.
>> No. 142034
>The songs do have a tendency to ditch translation accuracy in favour of making it sound good, I'll admit that.
If they changed it to something pointless to get the correct number of syllables, that would've been okay, but the syllables are still wrong, despite the complete mess of a translation that sounds worse than a more direct translation.
Also, At the Gala and Art of the Dress are both terrible in german. Every song is. But no more derailing.

I think Winter Ade Tag would've been understood by more people and would've fit better, but it's your decision.
>> No. 142035
File 134566082791.png - (269.05KB , 504x475 , Reac-pic 4, Happily smiling_.png )
Hmm... sounds like Dub Complaining is going to be your favourite of the two forwarder players on the team.

I think I'll keep stick to the picture I'm already using. At least for now.
>> No. 142056
File 134566592552.png - (174.03KB , 441x359 , probemmitnacktenhintern.png )
How about
Didn't you write it to begin with? It was strange for me, too. How about something dramatical dystopian like "Only the dead can know peace from this evil... MLPFiM dubs"
>> No. 142062
File 134566682427.jpg - (27.23KB , 614x480 , This pic needs no title.jpg )
>Didn't you write it to begin with? It was strange for me, too.
Straaange. In such confusing cases, there is only one thing to do: change it to something better (which has already been done), and then pretend the strangeness never happened.

>How about [pic]

>How about something dramatical dystopian like "Only the dead can know peace from this evil... MLPFiM dubs"
I don't think it would fit well with something dramatical. I thought I explained it well already, since there are lots of people on Ponychan that loves the English version and despises their dubs.
>> No. 142064
File 134566739578.png - (206.16KB , 600x600 , ernsteunterredung.png )
so what now?
"Unfortunately no dub could possibly get close to the god-level tier of the English version. But sometimes they just love to strand too far away from that goal." ?
>> No. 142067
File 134566790857.jpg - (13.17KB , 248x208 , I just had to save this.jpg )
I think that description would heavily contradict the entire reason for Dub Praise's existense. I'm trying to keep the descriptions of the two Dubs neutral, so that a man can pick his favourite of the two without automatically disliking the other alternative.

My brain is starting to feel slow now since it's so late in the evening, so it's not the best time for me to write new descriptions or to discuss important matters. I'll still be awake for at least another hour, though.
>> No. 142135
File 134571394332.jpg - (84.61KB , 1294x459 , Ponychan Int 23th of August morning attempt at explaining the Dub brothers.jpg )
Here's my morning attempt at doing the Dub brothers. The plan is to describe them, so that people can identify (and possibly recognise themselves) with at least one of them, without claiming that any opinion is an undeniable fact.

If this doesn't work, then nothing will.
>> No. 142146
File 134572108985.png - (225.44KB , 891x1200 , PP#1.png )
it's beautiful and on point imo.
>> No. 142154
File 134572288957.jpg - (183.09KB , 1500x1000 , The only D'aww I've ever liked.jpg )
So fantastic that you liked it! I saved the day.

Just two pictures and maybe some tactics left before completion.
>> No. 142216
File 134574860146.jpg - (39.77KB , 506x734 , You're a nice fella.jpg )
As for the tactics you (AustroSpike) sent me on E-mail, it appears to be good. What I'm imagining as a tactic, relies on a strong defense that is helped by the midfield, a midfield that can be of good use around the field, and good forwarders (plus Poland) that can strike up good attacks with a twist or two.

I've made a thread on /pic/ (>>/pic/872669) requesting the last two pictures, so I may or may not need someone to look over it while I take a break from Ponychan for at least an hour.
>> No. 142221
File 134575419933.png - (177.01KB , 775x1031 , beäug_blmn564.png )
I sincerely hope a Polish got the pic. Any random greeting image won'T be that much of a problem, though.
And afaik, the tactics settings I sent got everything we still needed covered up, I never encountered something like "overall defensive - " or " - offensive style."
>> No. 142223
File 134575531390.png - (5.72KB , 50x45 , 131481481615c.png )
welp i managed to get the thumbnail but that's it
>> No. 142224
File 134575563078.png - (204.31KB , 1894x2052 , V3_5.png )
and updated the logo thingy
>> No. 142230
look into the Polish thread, mang.
>> No. 142234
File 134575654458.gif - (0.96MB , 406x100 , 1344811511647.gif )
>implying activity in /int/ exists
life on mars is more likely than life on /int/ except us
>> No. 142235
File 134575670807.png - (346.19KB , 1024x903 , Ponychan Int player picture Combined Thread.png )
OK, I'll add the Combined picture to my roster tomorrow morning, and with some luck, we can actually complete and submit the team before dinner tomorrow.

I'll go to bed now. See ya'.

I'm not sure on whether or not we actually needed an update for the logo, to be honest...
>> No. 142236
File 134575697178.png - (213.09KB , 361x361 , IMG_0538.png )
all complaints go to
because he asked
>> No. 142237
File 134575703360.png - (275.50KB , 900x900 , schick.png )
goodnight then. please mail me then.
my suggestion for Foreign Greetings, or Pinkie saying hi! on Fluttershy.
The logo is due to us.
oh I see what you did there.
>> No. 142274
File 134579839175.png - (206.00KB , 538x650 , Seapony #5, Sea Lyra riding on land.png )
Oh! I had no idea he requested it. I'll add it to the list with a smile, it's just that I also liked the previous logo very much.

OK. Your pic has been added to the list. I'll send you a mail with the current roster soon (maybe an half-hour or an hour), as requested, and also if you have any last minute changes to do.

I fail to see what you did there.
>> No. 142278
File 134580257599.jpg - (1.03MB , 1319x5057 , 24th of August morning most of the almost-completed lineup.jpg )
Here's the current list, although with most of the tactics edited out so that our opponents won't know what we are up to.
>> No. 142286
File 134580952336.png - (30.50KB , 187x185 , achja.png )
-As for the talent and skillcard thing I left that out for the reason that I'm not sure whether it'll occur like that in the Interchan Cup.
If it does I'll give my opinions and ideas. Except for that /germany/ outta get gold and we can assign the position following, though Defensive Midfield seems good for it.
-What exactly does the /int/ only image refer to?
>> No. 142291
File 134581086604.png - (286.66KB , 779x248 , ernsthafter3schritt.png )
you could just have told me so and delete the post.
>> No. 142292
OK. So, (soon) if >>142289 cannot be found, that means I deleted the post properly, and that our fantastic strategy is still a mystery.
>> No. 142318
Is there really a point in creating a team for this tournament if it only represents 3 people of /int/?
>> No. 142335
File 134582548195.png - (505.11KB , 620x1000 , Seapony #1, I've wound up lost_.png )
First off, there were only three people on /int/ who was interested in this in the first place.

Second of, we did our damned best trying to pick players from all around the board.

And third off, while this has absolutely nothing to do with this thread in any way: I should never read fanfics from Equestria Daily, because they make me so damn depressed.
>> No. 142338
File 134582594903.jpg - (1.75MB , 3072x2304 , dominobloom.jpg )
Is there really a point in anything fun? Wait a second...
>> No. 142339
>First off, there were only three people on /int/ who was interested in this in the first place.
That's exactly my point.

>Second of, we did our damned best trying to pick players from all around the board.
So? If noone except for three people was interested, how does that matter?
>> No. 142344
Eh... what? You can have that fun just as easily if you're doing this for a board that actually cares about this thing.
>> No. 142345
File 134582665081.jpg - (27.61KB , 644x325 , milchbarspike.jpg )
I personally think 3 people are enough for anything like that that doesn't require shittons of work.
And why should I go for it for any other board in first instance but my primary board?
>> No. 142350
>And why should I go for it for any other board in first instance but my primary board?
Because there may be more people interested on another board. Also, because of that, the team could represent a bigger part of the board.
>> No. 142352
File 134582885979.png - (971.03KB , 750x640 , wurst.png )
last thing for me to say, more teams ~ more suspense and matches to watch.

Not like any of this discussion had any point since we're almost done with the setup, it is up to the organizer now, we could easily retreat any given time, and I dont think the other boards with teams or without teams would be better off if these 3 people didn't do jack on the /int/team.
>> No. 142353
Easy there, filly. I wasn't trying to offend you, I merely thought you'd like your team to actually represent a board and its regulars.
>> No. 142356
File 134583261972.png - (353.76KB , 533x640 , angenehm.png )
Okay. I'm less offended then was getting on my nerves because it seems very purposeless asking these things unless you intend to do something about it.
So dear Anon, would you like to make some contribution or have any advice on how to get more?
>> No. 142973
File 134614710333.png - (852.59KB , 863x1095 , Seapony #2, Sea Applejack.png )
There's some new information now over in the /meta/ thread. NBD said that it's at the moment best to stick to the 4chan Cup tactics system, and that Lilly didn't have any time to write a coherent message to the boards yet. Just felt like mentioning it here.

Also, that means that we can (most likely) move along with the tactics, if you (AustroSpike) have anything to say about it.
>> No. 143002
File 134615499580.png - (818.51KB , 913x851 , Ponychan Int first attempt at small-scale logo.png )
I tried to use Minecraft to make a first draft of the 50x50 logo that's also required.

Anything to say? And if there is agreement about this already, we need someone to turn it into an actual small-logo. I'm primarily hinting at Kalas here, but that shouldn't exclude other people from trying.

Following up later on today, is me trying to give the players correct positions.
>> No. 143023
I learnt my description change for Dubs Get is nonsense. Let's change back to "getting is hard" or whatever it was.

I'm fine with the icon stuff given we ever need it.

So after consideration why not come up with a setup accroding to implyingrigged rules? We can still keep our basic line-up as back up (to maybe work on in a different way required)
Looking at it atm.
>> No. 143043
File 134616539996.jpg - (61.52KB , 500x375 , Mega Vinyl Versus Giant Octavia.jpg )
>me trying to give the players correct positions
>Let's change back to "getting is hard" or whatever it was.

>I'm fine with the icon stuff given we ever need it.
Sounds good. But as I said, we still need someone to turn into an actual 50x50 (or 52x52 if we're including the black border) pixel picture; and I have no idea how to do it.

>So after consideration why not come up with a setup accroding to implyingrigged rules?
Almost every setup I've done so far was meant to match with the Implying Rigged requirements. The Gold-Silver-Bronze thing, the cards, the strategy, all of it.
>> No. 143058
File 134616949451.jpg - (8.32KB , 258x195 , ichwilldenpreis.jpg )
I know. I'm just now more inclined than before to think it may actually be like this.
So it has become worth taking into consideration for me as well.
So you're talking bringing out start eleven and exchangers into this
>Goalkeeper (GK), Defenders (SWP, CB, LB, RB), Midfielders (DMF, CMF, LMF, RMF, AMF), Forwards (LWF, RWF, SS, CF)
Flicking skills seems a rather player- not AI-fitted skill. I'd go for one more S01 instead. The Playstyles come across good to me, I guess I see what you're doing there.

My alternative idea

:{D without S11 but with P06
DMF gets either P08 or S01 (S-card would increase overall abilities). If P08, CMF gets S01, but loses P15, If S01, CMF can keep P15.
>> No. 143067
File 134617267662.png - (83.58KB , 400x346 , Happy-go-lucky Pinkie Luffy.png )
Just sent you an E-mail with the current lineup. Everything I have to say right now (which isn't much) stands in the E-mail.
>> No. 149671
/mlp/ took 7th in the last cup
>> No. 149675
File 135088710597.png - (128.45KB , 332x230 , You ain't seen my balls.png )
When you say that /mlp/ took seventh place, are we talking about the actual 4chan Cup, or are we talking about their secondary Babby Cup?
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