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After being a tad too much on Equestria Daily and some YouTube videos, it feels like everyone except me hates their local dubs beyond belief. So I'm making a thread here on /int/ about it, so that I'll at least be ensured that at least a small handful of bronies has more accepting opinions, though I should clarify that (as far as I can tell) every opinion is allowed in this thread.

The rules are simple: Post the dub from where you're from, and one or two words describing your opinion on its quality, for instance Horrible, Good, Very good, Terrible, Surprisingly good, etc. No further explanation is needed.
Example on how to do it: German - Acceptable

An exception to this if you don't like your own dub, but are following another dub that you consider to be better. Then, you can do a two-sentencer like this.
Example: Spain Spanish - Rather bad
Latino Spanish - Good

This is (most likely) not becoming a big survey, since it was primarily made to provide a new all-/int/ thread for the first time in a long while. Enjoy.
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Latino Spanish - Good could have been better though
>> No. 149048
File 135022184169.png - (41.58KB , 121x106 , 132665949900s.png )
>Latino spanish
It's...ok I guess.I wouldn't say it was "good" tho.
>> No. 149075
File 135023668956.png - (114.75KB , 700x626 , 131990505463.png )
Finally some posts. And I who really thought that this thread was stillborn until I saw this... Well, to celebrate, I can just as well play my own game as well.

Norwegian - Top class
>> No. 149083
File 135024299441.jpg - (109.40KB , 400x357 , deko.jpg )
German - downright horrible, since it manages to kill all the jokes and the whole atmosphere as well, thus really making it a 20 minute commercial appealing to little girls only. Also most of the voice actors sound like they were randomly casted straight from the street in like 2 and a half minutes, couldn't tell it from an amateur dub and a real shitty one for that matter if I tried. For example the voices simply don't match the characters, they aren't really that distinguishable from another, AJ doesn't have any dialect, whereas they could've easily used bavarian or whatever and so on. Fun fact: the guy voicing Spike also voices Steve in the German dub of American Dad. We used to watch it for masochistic trash fun reasons and that's really all it can be used for. But have a look for yourself:

To say something positive about dubs: I like Pinkie Pie in the dutch dub.
>> No. 149094
>voices simply don't match the characters, they aren't really that distinguishable from another,
I disagree. Sure, they're not as different as in the original, but it's clear as day which pony is talking. Besides, German Pinkie and Rarity do a fantastic job.
>AJ doesn't have any dialect, whereas they could've easily used bavarian or whatever and so on.
Oh god, no. Noone would be able to take her seriously with a bavarian accent. There is no equivalent for her southern accent, so I'm fine with her having none at all.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it just sounds weird to you because you're used to watching ponies in English and with the original voice actresses. Hearing it in your native language makes the phrases automatically sound less "cool".

If you were Dutch, you'd probably hate Pinkie's voice in the dub too, just like most Dutch people hate their dub.

Every country hates its own dub, but doesn't go that hard on other dubs, because they don't understand it the way the do their native language (and I'm not talking about understanding all of the words - it's about how you hear them. It's completely different for a language that you learned and the one you speak since you can think).

The German dub is absolutely okay. Doubtlessly it has its flaws. Twilight and Applejack have horrible actresses, a few songs have been ruined big time (mainly Winter Wrap Up and the Intro) and naturally every episode has a few translation mistake.
Still, the majority of it is okay. Especially German "Hush Now, Quiet Now" by Sweetie Belle is really damn good, and so is "Art of the Dress" and "Singing Telegram".
I'm not saying it's amazing, but it's surely not bad. And certainly not as bad as some people make it out to be.
>> No. 149117
File 135028459599.jpg - (24.07KB , 500x509 , Reac-pic 7, Wow, I'm feeling nice_.jpg )
How many words was that, a-hundred-and-fifty? But I guess that's the point...

Great speech.
>> No. 149480
File 135064887788.jpg - (3.61KB , 177x100 , mlfw426.jpg )
I'm Spanish and i'm embarassment of my country dub
>> No. 149502
File 135065883176.png - (293.59KB , 480x320 , 10.png )
Russian dub - horrible. And they are going to release second season, even after all that horrible responses.
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