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Hello /int, first time posting here!
I've been thinking, what nationalities are people around here?

Not that it really matters to me, but I think it would be interesting to know :)

I am from Sweden myself :)
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/int/ is vastly dominated by Germans and Austrians, which together has at least twenty-five regulars at their threads at any given time, and, dare I say it, the only /int/ threads that would keep up the tempo if it were on /gala/.

The Spanish-speakers and the Polish threads seems to have 5-10 posters each, and the Russians and Brazilians also manage to keep it up decently. The Dutch threads are at peril since their old community migrated somewhere else, and the Scandinavians (which includes me, who is from Norway) unfortunately gave up recently after I had kept it alive near single-handedly (usually with only one other guy, but sometimes a few more) for eight months. And at the end, we have failed or near-failed attempts by other nationalities from all over the place to make some threads.

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File 135247266444.png - (364.24KB , 693x584 , 134461100414.png )
I'm a spanish speaker from Argentina btw
>> No. 151655
Btw, here's a sad song
Laughing I go on with life
Trying to bear my sad pains (x2)


But they don't know that within me I carry
A sad story of deception and pain (x2)


To laugh and laugh is my destiny
Maybe I sing so I won't cry

And I laugh just like a clown
Who tries to bear this torture (x2)
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