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151917 No. 151917
I'm reaching out to any German speakers here on /int/. I need help with a translation:

Composta per festeggiare il sovvenire di un grand Uomo

This is part of the famous dedication from Beethoven's Third Symphony, which I want to include as an epigraph to a fic I'm writing; however, I want it to instead say

Composed to celebrate the memory of a great character

...without being some kind of weird transliteration (thanks anyway, Google Translate).

The fic satirizes the transformation of Rainbow Dash from a sympathetic character to a Peter Griffin-level jerkass, as demonstrated in season two (and, so far, in season three).

Any help is much appreciated.
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>> No. 151918
>German speakers
>Italian quote
>strange request
eeyup. Sure fits the subject. So, which do you desire?

English -> German
English -> Italian
>> No. 151921

Lol! Is it in Italian? What a putz I am.

English to Italian, please!
>> No. 151923
File 135267222339.png - (403.96KB , 3000x3628 , illusorischesicherheit.png )
>roughly word-by-word
Verfasst, um die Erinnerung an einen großartigen Charakter hochleben zu lassen.

best I can do so far, still sounds a bit odd... how about
In feierlichem Gedenken an einen großartigen Charakter verfasst
"composed in solemn memory of a great character"

For future, I personally like to use, though there are some shit results in there too.
>> No. 151924
In that case I'd delete and reopen the thread, pal.
>> No. 151925
I'd expect something along the lines of
[...] di un grande personaggio
but I'm going on sparse knowledge of romanic languages in general here, and you should maybe re-check that.

I'm not sure what to make of your confusion of the language though. Is it all europeanese to you? :-D
>> No. 151926
File 135267315372.gif - (457.01KB , 180x244 , 133928079571.gif )

Lol, we don't have very good language education here in the States (formally or otherwise); but I'm guessing you already knew that.

Thanks for the help. It might be difficult for me to 'check' something like that, though, as I am really interested in preserving the tone of the dedication, equally as much as the content.
>> No. 151934
I'd like to apologize to /int/ for my ignorance. It was certainly not my intention to offend.

Can this thread by deleted, please?
>> No. 152520
Italian here.
"Composta per celebrare la memoria d'un grande Personaggio"
should do
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