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Server-wide rules
  1. No spamming/flooding.
  2. No abusive bots. An abusive bot is any bot that attempts to take over channels, mass messages users outside of their channel, or attempts to disrupt the network.
  3. Do not send malware to other users.
  4. You may not use the network in an attempt to gain access to another user's system.
  5. No anti-pony hate spam.
If clarification is needed on any rule, /join #Help

#ponychan IRC channel rules
  1. Please remember that this is a PG-13 and Safe For Work channel.
  2. If a chat moderators asks you to do something do not argue about it, instead send them a private message if you have a question about why.
  3. Act like an adult, and use common sense – there are plenty of other sites/chats where you can let your immaturity flail.
  4. Keep the porn and racy stuff out – there are plenty of other places to find it.
  5. Do not discuss engaging in activity on any site which violates that respective site's rules. This includes "spamming" and "raiding".
  6. Spamming, flooding, and advertising are not allowed under any circumstances.
  7. Behavior is expected to be civil and polite at all times. This doesn't mean that you can't disagree with or question anyone, but it does mean that you should do so in a civil manner.
  8. All new pony content is to be kept out of the chat until 24 hours after it airs.
  9. There are no rules concerning roleplay, however if it becomes a problem a new channel will be made for it.
  10. Usernames are expected to be channel appropriate. Users with inappropriate names will be asked to change.
We operate under different rules than the rest of the channels under EquestriaDaily’s channel group, and our operators are not responsible for any other channel you visit. If you have complaints outside of the #ponychan channel, then that is between you and that channel’s operators. We can’t work with you outside of our own channel.

We hope that everypony here enjoys their time and finds the IRC to be a great addition to the Ponychan experience! If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to go ahead and discuss them with us.

Our network

Ponychan's IRC channel is hosted on Canternet, an IRC server owned and operated exclusively by bronies. It is also home to EquestriaDaily’s and EverfreeRadio’s IRC channels.

In addition to being on the Canternet server, We are a part of EquestriaDaily’s channel group. Information on the channel group can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/ponychats

Starting Out

When first joining, you’ll want to register a nickname. You can change your name at anytime by typing /nick newname . To register a nickname, you can type /msg NickServ REGISTER password e-mail where password is the password you wish to login under and e-mail is the e-mail address you want to register your nickname to. Please note you will not be receiving e-mails by registering a nickname. You can also group nicknames your account for multiple nicknames. To do this, while registered, change your nickname using the /nick newname command and type /msg NickServ GROUP .

Whenever you join Canternet under your registered nickname, you will have to identify yourself within 30 seconds of connecting before the server renames you. To do this, use the command /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password .

Please note that because this is an existing server, many names from the show are already taken.

Introduction to IRC

First, you will need an IRC client. Once you have a client, you will need to connect to the server, and join a channel. Different clients have different ways to do this. Our server is irc.canternet.org, and our channel is #Ponychan. Most chat clients let you join a channel the same time as you connect to a server. If yours does not, or you can't figure out how, there's a command for that down below.

Once you manage to connect, you only need a few commands to get started. Commands start with a /, and often have parameters. These parameters appear in [ ], but the brackets aren't necessary when you actually type in the command.

Getting Started:
/nick [nickname] This will change your name to [nickname], whatever you want that to be. If a nickname has been registered, you won't be able to use it, and have to pick another one (more on registering later).

/msg [nickname]
This will send a message to the nickname specified, for when you want talk to someone aside. This can also be used to send commands to NickServ... more on that later.

/join #[channel]
This lets you join a channel, which is basically like a chatroom. All channel names start with a #, and ours is #Ponychan.

That, basically, is all you need to jump in and start chatting with the rest of us. If you intend to pop in on a regular basis, you will probably want to register your nickname. This will let you recover you nickname if someone else starts using it.

NickServ is a system that handles features involving nicknames. There are three ways to contact it:
  • /msg NickServ This will send a message to NickServ, just like sending one to any other user.
  • /ns This is a command that does the exact same thing as above. /ns is not standard to all IRC servers, however
  • /query ChanServ This open a separate conversation between ChanServ and yourself
If you use /msg or /ns, you will have to use them for every command you want to send something to the NickServ. Here on out, I'll be using /ns in the examples, but not all irc servers have this function. If you /query the NickServ you won't need /msg or /ns, and you won't need to start any of the following commands with a /.

/ns register [password] [e-mail]
This will register your current nickname as your username, using a password of your choice, creating an account. The email address is necessary for password recovery.

/ns identify [password]
The next time you log in, NickServ will ask you to identify by sending your password. This is basically how you sign in. It only gives you thirty seconds, but don’t panic.

/ns group
Once you have your username, you can register other nicknames to it as well. These nicknames will all share the same password, and be part of the same account. Simply choose a new nickname using the /nick command, and /ns group will register you name to the account you are currently signed in with.

/ns ghost [nickname] [password]
If someone is using your nickname, the ghost command can be used to get it back. Include the nickname you want to recover, and the password for that nickname. The NickServ will then ask whoever is using the nickname to identify. If they fail to, NickServ gives them a different, random, nick, allowing you to regain yours.

/ns help
NickServ has a fairly extensive help section, covering far more commands than those above.
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