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No. 231
#Ponychan - Official Channel for http://www.ponychan.net/. This channel has a PG-13 rating; make sure you know what you are thinking before you share. Be friendly, and have fun!
Admins: StarlightIronhoof, Astra Bolt
Operators: SparklingLimeade, TheNoblePirate, Storm Vision, Mondo

Operators Contact Information
If you have any questions for any of our operators email them here, or /query (operator name) on irc, Thank you.
  • Starlight Ironhoof - [email protected]
  • Storm Vision - [email protected]
  • SparklingLimeade - [email protected]
  • Mondo - [email protected]

  • The site Staff can be contacted through their staff emails under the Contact Us section of the site.
    Connection info
    • Use our web client (Full screen)
    • For MIRC/IRC clients:
      /server irc.canternet.org
      Canternet is listening on 6666-6669, and 6660-6665 for SSL.
    We are graciously hosted by Canternet. For more information, visit http://canternet.org/. If you have questions about the channel, stop by our friendly neighborhood >>>/meta/ and we'll do what we can.


    Make sure you read them! They are similar to the site rules – the main difference is a 24-hour spoiler embargo from the time an episode airs. The rules are there to maximize enjoyment for all.
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