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File 139318414920.jpg - (41.95KB , 640x360 , 1347983968956.jpg )
132040 No. 132040 [View]
Hello Ponychan! I've got a quick question. Has anyone seen, or have an .stl file of the ponies found in this mod? I'm very interested in printing off some of my own of these ponies on my 3d printer.

Mod in question ^

Any info would be great!

File 139277593861.jpg - (193.59KB , 734x1024 , DrHoovesCard.jpg )
131997 No. 131997 [View]
So... Has anyone else found that they accumulate doubles REALLY quickly? And that booster packets have almost identical contents? As in, I got more than one double from my first two booster packs.

Am I just unlucky? Didn't have this problem with the other set of trading cards...
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>> No. 132000
A lot of people have doubles because this is the initial set. They aren't printing this set anymore, so any place that has cards has the first set, which yes is very limited.

Next set will be coming in March/April and will have Celestia/Luna starter decks, and feature more cards.
>> No. 132017
File 139294873949.jpg - (35.12KB , 512x288 , 1392936732118.jpg )
Fluttershy is my least favorite of the mane 6 and the UR's I've gotten has pretty much forced me to build a deck around her at this point.
>> No. 132038
File 139311509192.png - (32.11KB , 186x187 , Uhhh.png )
That sounds... Like a very poor tactic? As with >>131998 , I'm considering not bothering with this set at this point. I have enough trouble finding people to trade with without it being even harder to collect.

Plus the Problem cards having the majority of their sideways text one way and the logo on the back the other way up does not make my OCD happy when I arrange them in my card folders, haha...

Unlucky! At least I don't have that problem I suppose.

File 139294313063.jpg - (2.48MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_1632.jpg )
132013 No. 132013 [View]
I'm selling a ton of things, including an unboxed Fashion Style Dərpy from SDCC. Yes, unboxed. Yes, I know it killed her value.

It makes me sad to part with her, but I'm in dire need of money. My tax refund was garnished, which I wasn't expecting, and as I work on fixing that, I need additional money for my livestock.

I also have a shitload of blind bag figures, mainly the earlier waves. Photos will follow. I also have McDonalds toys, unpictured, though I can get pictures of them if you want. And a ton of MLP cards, though not TCG.

I'm not really sure what these things are worth, so if you want something, post a reasonable offer.
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>> No. 132024

Would $75 (shipping included) be fair? I have no idea what to ask for her, since ebay varies so much with her, both in and out of box!

I'd always displayed my ponies out of box, too. I thought they looked so much happier that way! ;)
>> No. 132034
I'm not sure if it's fair or not ... but I know I definitely can't afford that :( Good luck with your sale! I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
>> No. 132036

Darn. :( Well, let me know if you become rich, heh. xD

File 139249333023.jpg - (125.28KB , 640x640 , 553041__safe_equestria+girls_vinyl+scratch_toy_dj+pon-dash-3_car_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rai.jpg )
131947 No. 131947 [View]
So Toy Fair have started and stuff.

so, can we have pictures of what ever is showing up on the displays and stuff?
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>> No. 132015

Want!!! ...not fond of the spots, though a little paint thinner can take those off easy.
>> No. 132019
I can't help but feel this is a pun. Something with measles and strawberry?
>> No. 132023
I dont see where is the pun.

File 139293378059.jpg - (49.77KB , 720x576 , luna tin.jpg )
132010 No. 132010 [View]
Three new tins coming out from Enterplay soon.
Post here when you spot them on the shelves/which store you found them in.

Princess Twilight Sparkle
Princess Luna
>> No. 132011
Suppose I should put this here as well.

Links are provided to the details of the contents of the tin. Promo-CCG cards, posters, stickers, promo trading cards etc.

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>> No. 131930
Relisted all of them besides Pinkie, who sold.
>> No. 131939
File 139232249013.png - (1.06MB , 1600x900 , rarityomg.png )
What are they calling this Rarity? I have a blind bag custom of her, but I don't know what to call her that would be right.
>> No. 131996
File 139277457564.jpg - (49.86KB , 500x605 , 140204-194551.jpg )
1 hour left on the relist, only Applejack and Fluttershy have yet to be bought


File 139249133344.jpg - (185.96KB , 960x960 , zeldashoes.jpg )
131945 No. 131945 [View]
I made some Legend of Zelda themed shoes for a friend a while back, and I started seeing some pony shoes floating around, and I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in commissioning me for some pony ones? Or any kind really. I don't have a base price yet, but if people show interest, I'll be happy to figure one out.
You can message me on DA
or email me if interested

File 138965482137.png - (171.17KB , 843x491 , big rarara.png )
131714 No. 131714 [View]
Anyone spotted these anywhere yet? I'd love a Rarity and Pinkie Pie, but I don't even know which retailers/online would be selling them.
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>> No. 131732

Yup! I got mine a week or so ago, so they're out there.
>> No. 131733
Which brings me to a followup:
Does anyone have the "Value card puzzle" they'd be willing to part with? I only need Value #1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9

Thanks to the boxes, I now have a new completionist task.
>> No. 131944
Any word on these things? Do they have a special name?
Anyone actually happen to spot these larger-than-fashion-style brushables in the wild yet?

File 139182479860.jpg - (2.04MB , 3264x2448 , DSCN2895.jpg )
131891 No. 131891 [View]
Hi guys!

I'm trying to get rid of the last of my pony items, so here's your chance to get some older and rare stuff!.

Mostly everything is in Brand New or in Mint Condition (Will note what isn't new)

I try to make shipping as affordable as possible, but bigger items and sets might be a little costly.

I do ship international, but heavier and more expensive items will have to be shipped with tracking and insurance.

I'm open to offers, so please feel free to haggle!
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>> No. 131896
File 139182546065.jpg - (373.89KB , 1161x490 , 88.jpg )

Playhouse Puzzle Twilight $25

Playhouse Puzzle Pinkie Pie $25
>> No. 131897
File 139182550146.jpg - (330.38KB , 979x487 , Auction teaser.jpg )

Here are the auctions!
>> No. 131941
Auctions End Today! Bid before they're gone!

File 139226372742.jpg - (1.63MB , 3072x1728 , Derpy card 1.jpg )
131935 No. 131935 [View]
Alright, everypony! I got this trading card at Fiesta Equestria last year and while I definitely like it, I don't see myself keeping it for any reason. I was told it was only given out at Fiesta Equestria, therefore making it possibly rare by this time, so I would like to make something off of it. Not really sure how much it's supposed to be worth, So I'm willing to take offers monetary or otherwise. If anyone seeing this would like the card, e-mail me at [email protected] and if I like the offer, we'll see if I can find a way to get it to you!
>> No. 131936
Tempting, but I really should start saving my money.
Plus- what people are asking for a shiny piece of cardstock, no matter how "rare" it is, is ridiculous.

File 139223270759.jpg - (2.40MB , 3264x2448 , 2014-02-12 19_38_26.jpg )
131929 No. 131929 [View]
Greetings fellow Bronies and Pegasisters,

I am kinda in a pinch at the moment.

I have created some Pony ID cards as seen in the pictures (front and back printed) and want to sell them.
Now the question to you would be, how much I could charge for them without being too greedy.
I thought of 5-7$ each. Would that be an okay price?
In theory I could even make custom cards for Pony OCs if people want those.

If someone would be interested or give me suggestions, please mail me at [email protected]

File 139197586801.png - (57.44KB , 183x275 , untitled.png )
131902 No. 131902 [View]
Hellow fellows! Anypony knows where to buy pony merchandise in norway ?
>> No. 131909
i am like you. I am also in search

No. 131908 [View]
Unopened, of course. I've been trying to unload them on eBay but it's been a no go.

File 139005629602.jpg - (68.17KB , 1000x562 , build-a-bear-workshop-my-little-pony-fluttershy-large-3.jpg )
131741 No. 131741 [View]
So uh yea, I guess Build-A-Bear is now selling ponies.
Anyone seen one in person? I'm wondering about the quality for $50.
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>> No. 131867

I'm so psyched about the princesses, I know they probably wont be out till late 2015 at the earliest though.

> "I intend to have a set of Pony-Avengers." :)

They DO fit? damn, I'm gonna hafta make an "Iron Rarity" now. D:
>> No. 131892
I really hope they get Rarity and the CMC ones to come out! I think I might get a Fluttershy BAB for myself once I get the money :)
>> No. 131904
File 139198476723.jpg - (5.69KB , 150x150 , King_Graham_of_Daventry_by_maxwelgrl999.jpg )
I hope a Trixie one comes out soon. Complete with her hat and cape.

File 139195862348.jpg - (185.05KB , 1160x737 , powerponies01.jpg )
131900 No. 131900 [View]
Hey, here to revive my thread, it's been awhile since I've been here.

I'm working on mostly original sculpts at this point but I will do customs on commission.

Etsy -
Deviantart -

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