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File 140589405839.jpg - (1.80MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
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What is your opinion on this?
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>> No. 132736
File 141152913565.png - (133.47KB , 429x429 , Suuure.png )
I got one last week, mostly because I've been curious since I first saw photos and figured just 1 might grow on me.
+ The pony halves popped out neater than I thought they would.
- The hair's style is just as unpleasant in person
- Those silly hearts on the torso add nothing, either, they just look ugly.
- I found a piece was missing (the packaging can make it hard to tell at a glance if that's the case).

Conclusion: Though it has hints of quality, I wish I hadn't spent money on that ugly, overpriced, figure.

(Not sure what to do with my Zecora, either. Took the packaging apart into recycling and non- and I'm not sure how return-able it is now. Might just find her something to use as a scarf and save myself the hassle of returning the figure.)
>> No. 132739
i saw it in the stores (i put the picture)

but i didnt liked the heart molded on the body, and the white thing of the eyes being heart shaped.

i mean, yes is for girls, so im not going to denny pretty hearts at all. but come on, let it be a choise. that is the point of this line isnt it?

give stickers with hearts, rainbow lightnings, and stuff.
sure you dont have to go full hardcore with the sticker of a skull (specially because that is more of a MH thing), but let the girl choose to put hearts like crazy on the pony, instead of the pony already having hearts all over it.
>> No. 132742
>i mean, yes is for girls, so im not going to denny pretty hearts at all. but come on, let it be a choise. that is the point of this line isnt it?
This is a good point. They cover it in tacky hearts before it ever gets to the tacky stickers stage... Rude. Heart-free moulds would look so much more appealing too. Those ear-hearts don't exactly fit in, either...

[Nevermind, it's gone now.]

Last edited at Fri, Sep 26th, 2014 05:50

File 141075426036.jpg - (20.46KB , 225x400 , $_1.jpg )
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>> No. 132728
mmm, i guess buying one on ebay for $15 still a decent deal.
>> No. 132729

I was just at 2 different Wallgreens in the past week (I was looking for those paintable hardmold pony figures) and neither had this *accidentally* yet...However, both stores were in the middle of resetting their toy isles, and other new pony stuff was showing up already.
Things like:
-10-pack Equestria Girls lipgloss set,
- a kids pony jewelry set,
- some of the basic "rainbow power" noodle-mane plushes
- A pony-themed kids marker and stencils Tattoo making kit.

These all looked like things that would be good Stocking-stuffers for Christmas, and if those are already out, I'm sure the Nurse store-exclusives are soon to follow.
>> No. 132734

Sounds like Walgreens is pulling a Toys R Us. Remember how TRU was putting the Nightmare Moon brushable set on store shelves weeks before they began filling preorders?

File 141133778331.jpg - (1.19MB , 1722x2298 , DSC02176.jpg )
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Hey everyone. I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I have this sketch by Tony Fleecs that I would like to part ways with. I've had it for about a year or two now, and I think it's about time somebody else had this cute little sketch. I'm going to put it up for auction on Friday starting at $0.99. Anybody interested?
Again, sorry if this isn't the place to post this.
>> No. 132732
Make sure to submit to EQD!
>> No. 132733
Yea, I'm going to be doing that next. I want to see if people would be interested before setting it up for auction.

File 141012028880.jpg - (96.53KB , 864x645 , fluttershy3.jpg )
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I'm testing out a new idea of mine to see if it gathers any interest before I put any time in for all the other ponies.

They are pony wall mounts that have a reflective surface. They look akin to crystal. It's mirror like so they shine beautifully when light hits them and you can see your happy self when you walk past.

I merely started out with the cost of materials alone so she's a steal right now. She can be found here:
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>> No. 132712

It didn't dawn on me to do that. I believe for the remaining time, it might be too late. Thanks for the idea though! I'll remember in the future.
>> No. 132713
Never too late! You could send it in right now, and might just have enough time to make it onto the Nightly Roundup, or maybe the next day in a Artisan Crafts Compilation. You could also wait it out, relist it, then send it in. They would definitely post it somewhere though!
>> No. 132718


File 140780451073.jpg - (482.11KB , 620x858 , My-Little-Pony-Friendship-Is-Magic-Spooktacular-Pony-Tales-post.jpg )
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>> No. 132707
File 141021882578.png - (495.70KB , 1280x613 , ponymania.png )
She got delayed because she had to go to the piercing parlor.
>> No. 132716
Rarity finally made it to Nightmare Night.
>> No. 132717

I guess that explains why sleepless, castle, and bats were so bad - Hasbro forced the writers to make them so they could market this

File 140927895850.jpg - (57.45KB , 752x564 , ENP10002.jpg )
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BigBad toystore have some clearence.

and this pony product is on it.

Half price. if you was intrested on som cards
>> No. 132698
hey thanks i was looking for cards and the half price thing makes it alot easier
>> No. 132705
Tempting, Flutters and Pink are the only V1 manes I don't have

File 141015635676.png - (901.51KB , 2400x3200 , Untitled.png )
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Check out my shirts

File 140855703634.jpg - (1.42MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
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I've got an idea. How about I take requests for abominations made out of these things? Requests are simple. Say you want me to post a picture of Twilight Sparkle meshed with Rarity without wings, and give her Applejacks mane and Pinkies tail, just request it with details on where you want each part to go. And PLEASE, post one at a time, and slowly at that. I can only upload one pic at a time, and Apple products are slow. So with that out of the way, let's play Frankenstein and have a ball!
>> No. 132699
File 140973612516.png - (110.90KB , 584x528 , A_imanexpert.png )
make a super pony with twilight's head (and wings, ughn) or RDs if you have one, Applejack's legs, rarity's hair and pinkie's tail. It will thus have all the their powers.

File 136794010039.jpg - (115.66KB , 1171x683 , image.jpg )
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Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 08:43

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>> No. 132588
File 140574370856.jpg - (940.98KB , 1730x1910 , image.jpg )
For sale:
>> No. 132667
Glow in the dark Dj and Twilight toys for sale :)
>> No. 132697
Doctor whooves t shirt

File 140851615425.jpg - (1.09MB , 3264x2448 , tinyponyville.jpg )
132672 No. 132672 [View]
I'm collecting blind bag ponies to build a mini ponyville in a cardboard box. I know this is a slow board with not many posters, but I figured I'd put a thread here just to cover all my bases.

Here are the ponies I am looking for and the wave they came in:
Cherry Berry (wave 3)
Lemon Hearts (wave 1)
Golden Harvest (wave 3)
Twinkleshine (wave 2)
Blossomforth (wave 2)
Minuette (wave 6)
Amethyst Star (wave 6)
Minty (wave 1)
Sweetcream Scoops (wave 1)
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>> No. 132680
OP here. I am actually avoiding waves 4, 7, 8 and 10 because they are all transparent and/or glittery and they don't really fit in to the mini Ponyville.

I would like the Sunny Rays, though. Do you see anything you want to trade for?

Last edited at Wed, Aug 20th, 2014 15:30

>> No. 132681
OP here. Just to let everyone know, I have these McDonalds toys to trade for blind bags from my list:

2011 Rarity NiB
2012 Lily Blossom NiB
2012 Cheerilee NiB
2012 Rainbow Dash NiB
2012 Twilight Sparkle NiB
2012 Pinkie Pie NiB
>> No. 132696
Updating the list as of 8/29/14:

I have these ponies to trade away:
Twilight Sparkle (wave 6, 3D cutie mark)
Rarity (wave 9 "Rainbow Power" variant)
Rainbow Dash (wave 8, transparent w/card)
Mosely Orange (wave 8, transparent)
Ribbon Wishes (wave 5 w/card)
Mr. Cake (wave 9)
Snipsy Snap (wave 10)
Lotus Blossom (wave 10 w/card)

File 139326868051.png - (602.08KB , 487x596 , tinyl.png )
132045 No. 132045 [View]
Any news on these? It looks like a McDonald's toy, and we didn't get any in 2013.
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>> No. 132383
Would anyone be interested in a trade? I have a complete set of the 2012 McDonald's ponies, still in the bags, that I would like to trade for a complete set of the 2014 ones.
>> No. 132646
>> No. 132678
Oh man, Cherry Spices was my favorite blind bag back in the day. I lost her while I was in Oregon, at a family wedding. Any idea where I can find it cheap?

File 140781242779.png - (1.51MB , 1000x765 , painting.png )
132665 No. 132665 [View]
Sent out an e-mail to Nightmare Nights earlier. I plan on painting something for the Charity auction and having it shipped there in time for the con. (If it's not obvious, I can't attend)

This is a massive painting. The canvas alone is 24x36, and I'll be shipping the painting with the frame. I'm not sure what I want to subject to be right now, so my question is:

What should the painting be? I want something tasteful and (perferably) relatively subtle. Or we can have a massive Royalty portrait. I know Luna seems to be one of the fandom's favorites, but my personal favorite is Celestia.

All in all, I want something people will REALLY want and fight for. What would you fight for?

>Pic related, I'll be painting over this painting in my home since I'm a poor pony who can't afford her own canvas even though it's gonna cost 100-300 just to ship this thing ONE state over.
>> No. 132666

Hmmm, I like your idea of the "Royal family" thing, perhaps something parodying a famous iconic painting from like the renaissance-era maybe?
>> No. 132668
For a moment I thought you'd be selling the painting in your pic cause that's a really nice one IMO. I like landscape art.

Maybe you can make a landscape painting of Canterlot and the mountains. Royalty sounds good too though.

File 140753845672.jpg - (44.26KB , 600x480 , ffsds.jpg )
132660 No. 132660 [View]
I have a few new items if anyone is interested:

- SDCC Mane-iac
- Discord and Rairity Funkos(2 of each)
- TRU Photo Finish pony (2)
- TaoBao Sweetie Drops (2)
- TaoBao snow globe Cadance
- TRU sock pony favorites set (2)
-Talking Chrysalis
- Wild Rainbow Scootaloo, Sweetie bell & Applebloom pony each box(2 of each pony)
- Promo Luna unopened tin
- MLP CCG binder
>> No. 132661
Which is your price for 1 photo finish, 1 funko rarity and 1 discord?
>> No. 132662
Prices for those I was hoping for:

Photo Finish $8
Rarity Funko MIB - $14
Discord Funko MIB- $15

I added email also whoever is interested :3

File 140041880497.jpg - (73.61KB , 1024x394 , discord___full_color_3d_print_by_uncommented-d5y4xe2.jpg )
132425 No. 132425 [View]
With Discord playing a prominent role in season 4, when will we see an official Discord figure?
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>> No. 132644
Image not to scale.
>> No. 132645
File 140672520134.jpg - (76.10KB , 651x1344 , Funko_Discord_1.jpg )
maybe not only for the "image not scale" but mostly because is a totally different sculpt, instead of being just a rescale of the bigger figure like the rest of the ponies.

in the small ones it is standing in a S shape which make him whider. compared to the big one which is slimmer
>> No. 132659
File 140738651243.png - (588.61KB , 700x626 , 87f0ce12359ca7e26328e70d0a536228.png )
he's discord, he can change his size if he wants

File 140718010884.jpg - (3.33MB , 3264x2448 , 20140804_130603.jpg )
132651 No. 132651 [View]
So i found a new set of blind bags today. Toys R Us exclusuve it seems. The Luna is exclusive to this set, and the dr whooves and dj pon3 are finally without rainbow accents, but the rest are all from othet sets. Why does Hasbro keep doing that? I dont need another Pinkie!
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>> No. 132655
And to answer your question, yes, there was a Luna before this one. In Wave 5 of the blind bags. But It was just a recolor of Celestia, as was the Cadance of that set.
I was really hoping for a unique Luna mold. This one looks too much like her first appearance in season 1, which Season 4 has already retconed away.
>> No. 132656
well, it is hasbro, luna isnt on his list of priorities, she will always get retools of something else.
>> No. 132657
File 140720233172.jpg - (183.46KB , 508x600 , A_normal.jpg )
They haven't even released Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo in this size either! And they could have made more of an effort to make her look like Luna. She is a princess like they love so much.

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